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Yoko Shimomura interviewed about BBS & 358/2 Days soundtrack

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Posted 16 February 2011 - 07:55 AM

Famitsu.com have interviewed Yoko Shimomura, the composer of the Kingdom Hearts series, in response to the recently released album Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack. Although the interview is not yet translated, a rough automated translation can be read below.

The concept of each title

- I have been released long-awaited soundtrack.

Shimomura Youko (hereinafter Shimomura ) and have a lot of inquiries from the views of the user's, I also "put out" I thought, I just could not do anything ... power. From Square Enix's "will be put out" of the story that you were happy surprise for me.

- Ask the concept of the song titles. First, [ BbS ] Please tell me these.

Shimomura?'s most historical narrative series, Sora had no hero also was talking to a lot put a new song. The music is dark ... I'm in general (laughs). Department's (Mr. Nomura Tetsuya ?. [ KH ] series director) and it may be sad love songs, but I get the impression that the scenario has a tragic side.

- It is also sad melody of each hero's theme.

Shimomura,?Terra and Aqua, see II Final Mix ] song is based on the Shikurettomubi. Shikurettomubi they make a song, see BbS ] and lead to something but did not know, the theme song of the sad phrase Aqua, Terra phrase after a strong theme of the series I thought that the relationship represented. Ven is a song I had written a completely different beginning, at the request of the Department's "Please to Sora and Roxas theme plus" and. Finally, the melody was Roxas, like songs with melodies become imperceptibly Sora, I have yet to hear new songs as well, I had a big (laughs).

- [ BbS ] has remained stronger than his impressive series of traditional strings.

Shimomura?[ KH ] The series has fared much built-in sound (the sound made within the scope of the game with a performance that sounded ? BGM), Playstation 2 Re: Chain of Memories is the only stream] (? BGM prerecorded music as it flows. not much affected by the performance of the game, rich tone can be reproduced), it was. But [ Re: Chain of Memories remake] was made, but mostly because it was also a remake of a song title of the new streaming specification [ BbS ] I'll be a first. "PSP (PlayStation Portable) to stream if you want" to ask, and I have been able to actually, I was wondering if?Ritai the sound of live music too. Select the tone of the violin as raw shine So I'm trying to use what had been recorded actually played. The violin playing is impressive, perhaps because people are so many people "are a lot of violin music with" I was told.

- All right. By the way, [ Dearly Beloved ] is [ KH ] has been used in all the works, it's not a lot in every arrangement?

Shimomura,?every change that has started to say was that from him, I have become very gradually. [ KH X (10) ] in trouble I went through much (laughs).

- [ BbS Guide [ Dearly Beloved ] is an arrangement like?

Shimomura?[ KHII ] of [ Dearly Beloved , by comparison, [ KH ] I remember getting a melody quoted a phrase used in the ending of the first work flows in the film series since [ Dearly Beloved ] were using the melody as well It is tan. But [ BbS ] is earlier than the first work tells the story, the melody is to avoid it. However, since nothing and miss, but I put a melody to another. ... While he said, in ending flow [ Dearly Beloved , by comparison, [ KHII ] uses the melody later was used (laughs).

- [ BbS Guide provides Ishimoto's has also composed and Sekido's. Isolate the charge will go like?

Shimomura?likely to write songs to go with me (laughs). Songs such as mini-games and boss, I had written many songs, "Oh, come this way," and there are songs that I think of. There is change, and I thought very good.

- To extend the range of songs inspired by what it is there?

Shimomura?[ BbS ] because there was no time in listening to music made after the duo did not. Vanitas songs, but [ Enter the Darkness ] when you are listening to, "Oh, these songs [ KH ] It is a world of "I thought. So, we might be affected in the future.

- [ BbS made in during the song, was particularly hard time available?

Shimomura?I wonder if the whole struggle is ... (laughs). Was hard, especially Stitch featuring "Deep Space" It is the world. [ Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian], but is speaking, this stage of the universe. "Is the Universe? A Hawaii? Which one?" And got confused (laughs). Satoshi's first order from a "spacey atmosphere" and there, and Hawaiian-style songs really fit the screen, so at first I wrote the song space-conscious. However, [ KHII ] appeared in "Space Paranoid" (? movie [ Tron ] world) It would be similar, and the Department's "I want to feel more Sutitchirashii" is said to be gone. So the thought, "Supeshihawaian" that genres do not know myself. Hear this, I'd be angry and I think the concept of an alien people in Hawaii (laughs). But I finished the song interesting, I like that fine. Musically, at all, "Hawaiian" is I'd have to find that what was intended Iketa, and more.

---- After the song was submitted to staff development, "says Hawaiian spacey" impression that for? (Laughs)

Shimomura?said it is not, that it came out okay, in the Department's "Supeshihawaian" might be similar to (laughs). Oh, and later, this time the enemy "Anvasu", so that was something new, "I want to change the tune so far," that I had ordered. So is writing songs before I saw, and became a master wheel spinning wheel motif, was fighting the battle with the master controlling the instrument symphony. To see their boss battles, "but the story is sad and serious, I wish the boss cute" under the impression that. Then I thought of the song, but cool comic. I said, "Komikakkoii" I'd call that (laughs).

- To do so, but I was born and we have an original song. Following [ 358 / 2 Days ] I hear about. Here is a sound like the Nintendo DS's built.

Shimomura?this synthesizer operator (composed by Mr. Shimomura ?, the song arrangements, working arrangements continue to take advantage of built-in sound like the original song), you really gave your best Noda. It will be gone too reckless, and finally I had to apologize from me. "I'm sorry. But reckless swing Satoshi's Hayo Kono said," (laughs). But, really it amazing that the Department's order. War songs of Zion [ Vector to the Heavens ] the "I want to full-scale piano concerto," I have to say. "It is the Nintendo DS's built-in sound? Do not make it?" I have returned and I, "I want to do it" and .... So I make up my luck you Noda. But to pay a visit to great response from the user's thanks a lot, I was happy.

- [ 358 / 2 Days ], see BbS ] I felt like a lot more sad songs.

Shimomura [ BbS ] The story is too heavy, this is really sad ending to the story than that. At least, just to save the music, I thought .... [I mentioned earlier the Vector to the Heavens ], that "music alone for salvation," is put in the song I thought that you put the title phrase of the song with great hope at the end. Zion became the basis of race track is made for a theme of Zion [ Musique pour la tristesse de Xion ] a song called this "the sorrow of Zion Tribute to Music" I mean that. At first I wondered what to the English title, in straight English, it is "Sadness" becomes. With it, They're "not feeling" that the setting, since they represent a direct emotional thing, and I deserve so much. Originally [ KH ] though, as was also the song with another Italian, was then we decided this time to French, a title in French.

- I'm French. [ 358 / 2 Days ], the [ KHII ] Maybe I felt kind of sad songs to make it fit like a Twilight?

Shimomura?and a song Twilight, there was a steady image of Ge in the painful transience. "My summer vacation, I was over," There was a famous speech, the impression I. [ 358 / 2 Days ] because Roxas is the main character was an underlying sense of place music.

- One [ Re: Coded Guide provides Garatsu with the melody changed, it got brighter.

Shimomura?, "chiptune (music made with instruments such as dating game 1980 ?) Ppoku" In order that the song I got, this is so?Remashita loves it. I said, "and Totsutotsu song" I call it, the impression that the sound bounces off, [ KH ] close to the tune of the song Gumishippu. Chiptune order that was found, but it sounds interesting even as it is just like the NES, NES dumping based on a song and went looking for a ride that would fit the sound.

- More than a series of work, but I was less trouble.

Shimomura,?"do" than to worry about, "I think sound is more interesting done this?" I went and made Arekore twist while, I really did not have much difficulty. Staff development "[ Re: Coded ] the new songs added it is less "is said," It might be more to say so ... "but I thought, you can surprise less (really lol.) But, instead, "[ BbS Final Mix ] (the [ BbS FM ]) is Good luck "and said Remashi. [ Re: coded ] and your comfort, [ BbS FM ] Shindo of the gap when saying ... (laughs).

- In the [ Final Mix BbS Please tell us] concept.

Shimomura?I got a clear concept of world music and bosses in the dark, dark and heavy just been writing songs, and say how much I become dark (laughs).

- [ Master, Tell Me the Truth ] comes with a jerk just by reading the title.

Shimomura?I know it makes sense in the song Cha. So, to change to a different title, of the way [ Truth of This Way ] I was working with Nde had changed the title. But they stuck in my mind ever since, last-minute "Song back after all!" And asked for.

- [ Forze dell'Oscurita ] is a song called I'm Italian?

Shimomura,?"[ KH ] first work songs and anthems, the song I want to put the phrase "and the song is ordered to pretend like the song crazy Ventus (laughs). The song in Italian, is a mixed one song was in English, Italian to fit into it. The mixed song, you'll find people to take if you listen to the fans.

- By the way, when you write a song in the world of darkness, what I feel like it's a dark Shimomura? To fit the melody, so that will be there with my feelings?

Shimomura,?might also change your mood to write a song, I dragged myself sometimes called the song While writing songs. So, with that sad song just to concentrate on writing, but it is down and I'm gone and my natural Modo yo. But "it is drawn into the song, write a sad song maybe more," and I think positive. But the state has been writing dark songs, and I'm suddenly feeling I usually irreversible. So even gotten lazy when it comes to cooking a meal have to do, "at almost all the rice and ..., but ..., Uu Well ..., I go to the barbecue right!" That is often (laughs). Turn forced to feel the mood change?

- It is very or rather, I mean fun (laughs).

Shimomura?Well, living in a stimulating, fun and I say no, how tough (laughs). But even Shindoku, [ BbS add song] So, who of you to expect "good old songs better," I wanted to not disappoint this. [ BbS Ganbarimashita be filled eyes], I will make it more luck.

- When I saw the soundtrack liner notes, "but I feel tired. It is completely masochist" is written on that (laughs).

Shimomura?first "de-M" What I wrote is, I think it would be bad indeed written (laughs). But I thought that I removed, it was still listed in tea (laughs). But I really tough, I think because I think the joy of doing raised after write.

- Finally, thank you message to fans.

Shimomura,?many people, "Do you have any soundtrack?" I had views of a voice that is nice to finally be delivered. The last few years [ KH ] music because it is the culmination of one piece of your mind ... Well no, because the three disc set, three pieces please!

Generally, Shimomura has simply shared her thoughts on the album, including those on the songs from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Sekido Takeshi and Takeharu Ishimoto were also questioned about the album, giving similar insight. Their responses, again for the moment in broken English, can be read below.

Sekido Takeshi Interview ?!

[ Final Fantasy VII Advent Children ], [ The Last Remnant ], [ Dissidia Final Fantasy ], [ birthday Za?Sado ], including Mr. Sekido Takeshi has worked a variety of composition, arrangement of the title. [ BbS ] He has also participated in, Puchiintabyu dared!

Mr. Shimomura, working with the stimulus ?

- [ KH ] Please tell us how she became a maker of music for the series.

Sekido Takashi (hereinafter Sekido ) has not yet created a song when the deadline approached, it was run as a support. Submit a demonstration in the afternoon, the answer came back in the morning, fix lunch finished, submit the documents to create new songs and demos. ... Like that's unique tension deadline I enjoyed very much (laughs).

- [ KH ] When the maker of music or composer concept has been like? In your own, what kind of rules there?

Sekido?get thicker rather than his personality, while holding firm on the point of production, devised to disturb the existing balance between the songs.

- Memorable songs, please tell me why.

Sekido?make your own song, like much [ Fresh Fruits Bowl ] is impressive. "Why do this? I guess they do this?" Was composed of various ideas and while I like the atmosphere better in?Seta minigames. Please listen to it once in a while to stop the hand.

- Shimomura's to say, thank you if you and me.

Sekido?- Well, you will be surprised to the size of Shimomura's usual style. [ Birthday Za?Sado ] very exciting to now be able to work well together again, they should be multiplied by a voice?at any time and do something ... (laughs)

- Finally, we thank you message to the fans.

Sekido?in the game songs as well do this - songs and ah that tend to be paying no attention, this [ Original Soundtrack ] The batch if you have! "Huh? what was inside a sound like this?" new like You may also find it? I hope you enjoy the game together.

Takeharu Ishimoto said the message from ?!

Then, like Mr. [Sekido BbS charge composer], [ KHII ] and The Chain of Memories ] Manyupireto in (work using software to program a sequence of music ?) Mr. Takeharu Ishimoto was also involved in I talk to. Mr. Ishimoto, see the Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII- [and] Final Fantasy Dissidia ], [ It's a Wonderful composer] It has won many fans and music.

Miss Nightingale called ?!?

- [ KH ] Please tell us how she became a maker of music for the series.

Takeharu Ishimoto (hereinafter, Ishimoto ) I was not involved at all, one day, through Nomura's staff from "Do you help out?" I was asked this. I was watching the game in the bleachers, Uguisu suddenly, so it was called (laughs).

- [ KH ] When the maker of music or composer concept has been like? In your own, what kind of rules there?

Ishimoto?I mean the concept, the first [ KH ] and to fit the world view, I heard another song from Nomura and ideas. The rule is not a dislike. I get lost too caught in that sort of thing.

- Memorable songs, please tell me why.

Ishimoto?[ Enter the Darkness ]. Because they contain many ideas.

- Shimomura's to say, thank you if you and me.

Ishimoto?Hey position to say that not a great player. But take the beans back (laughs).

- Finally, we thank you message to the fans.

Ishimoto?[soiled himself KH ] I hesitated whether to produce a song (laughs). But myself and think it is good to do. I'm thankful to hear me that you enjoy the game soundtrack.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack is a three disc compilation that released on February 2, 2011, containing tracks from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Please vote in the poll and let us know if you own the album.

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Posted 16 February 2011 - 11:51 PM

Images from the interview can be viewed at our Gallery.