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Kingdom Destiny

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1 reply to this topic

#1 Riku Watashi

Riku Watashi
  • Member
  • 8 posts

Posted 10 October 2018 - 02:33 PM

So,uh, hey! Who wants to sign up for some good old Kingdom Hearts RP?
If you do, please leave a response.
Looking for 3 people, possibly more, but I'm not good at keeping track of a lot of people.
Please come up with a character and specifics such as appearance, general personality,
and age.
If I think its inappropriate, the player will be banned and reported, so please avoid sexual references and things of that sort.
So, like, three to five people is good. Lemme know. :)

Story:Some friends hear of other worlds and magic and stuff like that and are preparing to go see for themselves. Preparations are being made.

Like our own version of KH.
Hopefully it'll be as fun. ;)
Sign ups end Oct18 or when I get enough people before then.

#2 lolitacosplayer


    Honorary Lost Girl

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  • 226 posts

Posted 12 October 2018 - 10:55 AM

Sounds fun! I'm kinda rusty at roleplaying but I'd be more than happy to leave a character here :)


Name: Odette Amelia-Lux Korlov

Age: 17 (let me know if I need to change her age please :)

Personality and brief backstory: Odette is a kind-hearted introvert who would rather lock herself away in the library than try and attempt to socialize. The few friends she does have she holds dear to her and appreciates them daily. She longs for an adventure like the characters in her books and can often be found lost in her daydreams. 

 Odette never knew her parents as they left her in her aunts care when she was a baby. She despises the fact that they just left her without so much as a note and though she tries to leave the past in the past her aunt makes a point to remind her daily. Over the years Odette found that she could travel to the world's books had to offer and can now usually be found with her nose in a book. 

Appearance: She's a natural redhead with fair skin, bright blue eyes, and a freckled face. Odette's thin and is only 5'3. Her go-to outfit is jean shorts, a light cropped top and black hightops.