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The Haven (Sign-ups and OOC Chat Thread)

Info | Sign ups roleplay RP adventure untitled

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#1 Vaude

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Posted 13 September 2018 - 06:28 PM

[[PA:  Now this thread has a name!  The previous title to this thread was "Untitled Adventure RP".]]


Hi, everyone.  Vaude here with a new roleplay that I hope everyone will enjoy.  There will be action.  There will be romance.  But, chiefly, there will be cooperation.


This roleplay takes place as two parts:  within a safe haven where you can discuss things with your fellows and test your unique strengths in arena matches, and within the multi-universal worlds where you combat creatures both sentient and animal with your fellows.  Your purpose is unknown, but staying inside the safe haven without doing anything for too long (three weeks) causes you to disappear.  With every disappearance, however, there is a new appearance.  Another unlucky, or lucky, person is brought to this safe haven, again with unique abilities that can help his or her comrades.

You must fight or at the very least assist to survive.  You are given food, shelter, robotic assistants that rebuild themselves, and ample amounts of time to improve yourselves and others, but you must prove useful to your community or risk being removed.  Three weeks is your allotted time before you must visit the many worlds that lay outside the gate to this sanctuary.


A job board will be provided in this RP to give people adventures and, thus, fun.  They are rated along the following tier system from lowest and least difficult to highest and most difficult:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Alexandrium.  Go as a group for the more difficult tiers, unless you like a challenge.  Your imagination is the only limit when fighting enemies.  Be as powerful as you'd like.

The rules are:


0.)  Have fun.
1.)  No godmodding allowed.
2.)  No auto-hitting or killing each other.  The only exception there is to this rule is in the arena, where you may fight to the death without repercussion.  Dead characters inside the arena, or even in the sanctuary will be resurrected.  Characters who die in the many worlds will stay dead unless certain exemptions are made.  Phoenix feathers and elixirs of life are two such exemptions.
3.)  You are welcome to be powerful but not overpowered when fighting other roleplayers.
4.)  Keep what you post PG-13 and stick to the site's rules.
5.)  You are recommended and welcome to participate in the main plot.  However, if you decide against it, you may take on missions small and large and not worry about following the main plot.

6.)  You are able to have two characters at the most.  If you want another, one of your existing characters has to go.
7.)  Keep your characters original.  In other words, no official characters from any piece of fiction or non-fiction except of your own imagination.  You can, however, stick to a certain fictional universe.  Kingdom Hearts or Yu Yu Hakusho! or American Dragon -- any show, anime, game, or TV series is fine and dandy.
8.)  Please post regularly, if not semi-regularly.  Posting within two weeks is recommended to keep things flowing, and within three days for arena fights.  Take too long and I will send a private message to either ask you to continue posting, or take control of your character, or remove them temporarily or in whole from the roleplay.


Active Powers (interesting powers you may accept, otherwise you can create your own within reason) (choose 4):
Elemental control of magic: (dark, light, fire, ice/water, earth, lightning, and air);

Non-elemental control of magic: [void (physical non-elemental magic), gravity, healing, shield (physical red energy that blocks attacks to a degree), slow burn (continuous damage to a target lasting up to a minute), and death/unhealing (purely injurious magic)];

Physical enhancing: [strength up, dexterity/maneuverability up, magic aura (10% increase to all magic output), damage resistance (magic and strength), debuff resistance, regeneration (restores 10% per hour, but does not cure status ailments), piercing weapon (pierces defenses), shattering weapon (shatters weak defenses at first, then stronger ones after each use)];

Status ailments and debuffs: (strength down, magic deprivation (10% decrease to all magic output to others), lower defense, lower regeneration (-25% regeneration per casting of hex)

Passive Powers (latent abilities of your character, otherwise you can create your own within reason) (choose 2):
Mind reading (invading other people's minds to find out attacks or thoughts after two seconds of lag time; can be prevented), status debuff immunity, invisibility, damage resistance+ (25% decrease to physical damage), magic resistance+ (25% decrease to magic damage), double speed, flying, self-cloning (up to three), and heightened sense (your choice of sight, hearing, touch, or smell)

Weapons (you know you want something to defend yourself with) (choose 2; can be switched at the sanctuary):
Bladed:  Sword, axe, mace, spear, scythe;

Non-bladed:  Club, quarterstaff, padded gloves (for hand-to-hand combat);

Archery (infinite ammo):  bow and arrows, crossbow and bolts, ninja stars, darts, and throwing knives (can be used as regular knives).



Please use the following template for creating characters.  You may tweak it if some information blends together, like a character's biography, personality, and/or appearance.


Character Sheet:

Name: Put the character's name here.

Age (optional):  Put thy celestial revolutions ye have witnessed as thy age.

Race (optional):  Put thy species on this glorified white space.
Appearance:  You can post a picture of your character here, or write out what he or she looks like.
Personality:  What makes your character interesting?
Biography: Tell at least something about the character. Maybe include their history before or during their visit to this place. This can include things like age, height, weight, and so on, if you want.
Attributes: Pick two passive powers from the list above that your character will have.
Abilities: Pick four active powers from the list above that your character will have.
Weapon: Pick two weapons from the list above that your character will use.  Please change your profile if you change your mind and use another weapon.
Signature Move: A signature move can only be performed by your character. It is a move that you think up using your abilities or weapon(s) in a creative way. Signature moves are optional, but can be added to your character at any time.


Characters to Date:




[[Edit on 9/14/18:  Added age and race to the character sheet as optional possibilities.  Made tweaks to powers and weapons.  Added the rule of having two characters at most.  Added a directory to existing characters.

Edit on 9/15/18:  Finalised name for the RP.  This will be mentioned in the PA at the top of the front page, and the title will be changed on 9/18/18.]]

Edited by Vaude, 19 September 2018 - 02:59 PM.

#2 Cam1949

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Posted 13 September 2018 - 07:16 PM

Does I have to human or any race?

#3 Vaude

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Posted 13 September 2018 - 07:20 PM

Any race would apply, my man.  You can have an elf, or a human, or a vicious humanoid canine, as long as they are realistic enough.  I cannot think of a 2D character doing well against 3D opponents, so please keep your characters as real-seeming as possible.

#4 Nero Kunivas

Nero Kunivas

    Lord of the Castle

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Posted 13 September 2018 - 10:06 PM

- Character Sheet -


Name: Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest


Age: 26


Race: Human


Appearance: Standing at a rare 6 feet tall yet light for her weight, Lucia bears light blue eyes, a slightly stronger facial structure than average, below ear-length styled hair, red as the setting sun, a small nose and a toned, lightly muscular body built for agility. Her clothing consists of a combat outfit, lightly armoured, with the heaviest centered around her torso, flexible to allow for full movement, colours consisting of a mix of blue highlights, predominantly white for the rest of the armour plating, the flexible material is grey and black and she usually wears an environmentally sealed helmet of the same colours as her armoured sections, which is a little angular, pointed at the front for instance, with a small 'visor' of a similar shade of blue as before. Lucia also wears a cloak, going down to just above her feet and with a hood, the entire cloak is a very dark blue in colour, with an abstract tree pattern, leaves included, superimposed along the entire cloak, ending before the hood, in white.


Personality: Even outside of combat, Lucia prefers to remain focused, succinct and ever-ready, though she is not unwelcoming to those wishing to talk, as Lucia is always polite, attentive and as compassionate as she can. Some lessons she teaches are harsh, yet never is she cruel to those undeserving. With friends, she will loosen up just a little, but noticeably enough to enjoy their company and speak to them more casually. When fighting, Lucia is entirely focused on the fight, be it a 1v1 or one against many, she rarely speaks and never taunts, preferring to keep her guard up as much as she can, often switching between defensive and aggressive styles to keep her opponent, or opponents, guessing and on the fence.


Confidence follows her in abundance, for she strives to be the best in her field and has proved herself to be time and again, seeking any and all ways to perfect her technique and even increase her power and its potency to secure this position. This can both be a boon and a failing, for she straddles the line of healthy belief in her own abilities and overconfidence bordering on arrogance. This has yet to cost her a battle or anything more serious, but there is always a chance. Her general personality and approach to most situations means that Lucia rarely gets angry and has tempered most of her emotions, only leaving her pride unchecked in the pursuit of perfection.


History/Bio: Hailing from a distant, Mediterranean world, Lucia was initially raised by a loving family; Her mother, father and an older sister named Abigail Quinn. Their family was one of discipline, for their long-standing tradition was to teach their children combat skills, to provide the world with warriors and wise teachers for the future, be it for their children or others that come their way. It had been like this for five generations of the Quinn family and for Abigail and Lucia, it was no different, with Lucia studying the Staff of the Warrior and Abigail taking up the Maul of Ruin, the former mastering Arc-based Lightning and Abigail forging her own Maul in the Solar Flames. Both of them performed well in their duels against one another and in duties to their world once proven, yet even they could not stop what was to come.


In the night, an assassin from a rival family, the Flynn's, jealous of the Quinn's status for many years holding a grudge that had not diminished, broke into their home with the sole intent on murdering every single one of them, in order to make way for the Flynn's to take their "rightful" place in history. The sisters woke upon the sound of floorboard's creaking and engaged the assassin in combat, who bore mastery over the Void, as most Flynn's did, though which one he was they couldn't say, for he was masked. The Flynn's had attempted to make the Quinn's lives miserable for so long, yet no one anticipated such a rash, vile action. This didn't matter to Abigail or Lucia, who fended off the assassin rather well at first, but when the parents woke from the commotion, the Flynn Assassin hurled a dart at the mother, coated in a potent poison, sending the father into an irrational spiral of rage, which the assassin was quick to exploit, distracting the Sisters with an explosion and turning the father's weight against him, hurling him through a window via his own enraged charge.


This left the sisters alone with the experienced Flynn, who, in the middle of bragging, had his mask broken by Abigail's hammer, in an attempt to silence his taunts. All this resulted in was an angered Flynn unleashing his full power over the void in a massive explosion, obliterating their home, but the sisters were left with superficial wounds; Abigail had shielded Lucia and suffered more damage as a result, yet they were still alive. Taking advantage of the assassin's subsequent exhaustion, both sisters utterly brutalized him, mainly Abigail, but now they were left without a home and the rest of the Flynn family to contend with. Abigail swore revenge on the Flynn's, wanting to take the fight to them and kill them all, no matter the cost. Lucia's opposition to the plan came as a great surprise to her elder sister, who while initially angry, simply told Lucia to take her own path in that case and to never forget her, before disappearing into the night, her whereabouts still unknown to Lucia to this day.


In the years that followed, Lucia sought to perfect her skills, as to not allow such dirty play by the Flynn's to ever happen again and made her long way toward the Safe Haven she had heard much about in her travels as a Nomad, dispensing justice where it was needed, just as she was taught. Part of the reason why she wanted to go there was because she secretly hoped that Abigail had come to her senses and gone there at some point as well...but Lucia's hopes were in vain, yet her purpose still stood in her mind: Focus. Fight. Win.


Attribute: Double Speed and Heightened Senses as a result of her intense, lengthy training.


Abilities: Arc Lightning, Piercing Weapon, Regeneration and Magic Aura.


Weapons: Arc-Striding Staff - A bladed-staff forged from Arc Lightning itself, given a solid, physical form and imbued with the Arc, typically summoned in a flourishing twirl, flash of lightning and the sound of its power activating with an electrostatic buzz.


The "Bengal-BNGL" Stalker - A robust, sturdy, 15-round DMR custom-built by Lucia herself, loaded with Arc-enhanced rounds that hit hard but fire slow.


Weapon Appearances:


Signature Move: Whirlwind Guard - While her Staff is summoned, Lucia can spin it in front of her, projecting a translucent field from the spinning force that can reflect projectiles thrown her way back at her opponent. This reflection is limited, as the strength of the field is depleted after many small projectiles like bullets, several medium projectiles like elemental orbs or a couple of powerful projectiles like someone's strongest move. She also cannot attack while spinning the staff and moves slowly as to keep focus.


(And here is my first character. If Whirlwind Guard is too strong, I have another lined up to replace it. :P)

#5 HeartOfFerria

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Posted 13 September 2018 - 10:23 PM

what do you mean real if i may ask. also Strength or Dexterity. ?

Edited by HeartOfFerria, 13 September 2018 - 10:25 PM.

#6 Cam1949

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 01:10 AM

Name: Lukkel Vancin

Age: 19 (Looks 30)


Race: Human


Appearance: 5' 8" medium build with short spiked white hair, green eyes with soft facial features. Wearing a shoulder backpack which carries a spare set of clothes, long sleeve shirt with a sleeve missing, a jacket vest with an X on the back and a necklace with a small jar with powder in the jar, black jeans with a white stripe on each leg, and tennis shoes that are red with white strips.


Personality:  Has a kind heart willing to help with anything he can, he communicates with his team, rarely going on his own. He looks for adventure wherever he can find it, while also sticking with what he knows in the world, he likes to teach what he knows during adventures, but he wants to learn what he can about new things.


Biography: Lukkel was born with a younger sister and an older brother, and his parents were geniuses and decided to do genetic tests on their kids to show off their genius. At the age of 8 his parents started to do the genetic tests on him, after speeding his growth and adding his special abilities. The only person that was not tested on was his younger sister, he made sure his parents wouldn't touch her. After 3 years on testing they did one more test to his brother, before showing him off to the science and development, but the test went south and Lukkels' brother was ripped apart for the inside out. So, after the test failed they took Lukkel to science and development without doing any further testing. When the science and development team saw what the parents did, the team had the parents arrested and took Lukkel and his younger sister to an orphanage to have them find a better family. Lukkel and his younger sister got separated and he lost connection with his younger sister after 3 year. Lukkel got picked up at the age of 16 and learned as much as he could with his new family and learned that there are so much more he missed out on for 13 years and wanted to leave for an adventure. Before he left his family gave him a small jar of dust as a necklace and told him that it was something that was in him and his brother's room, thinking it was his. He remembered his brother showed him his ability of fire and burned some wood from the desk. Lukkel thanked the family and went off with what was given to him. 3 years later he got to the safe haven with money and training looking for a new life. 


Attribute: Heightened senses, and Mind reading


Abilities: Water/Ice, Air, Healing, and Shield


Weapon: Scythe, Padded Gloves

Scythe: https://dumielauxepi...559-3459826.jpg

Padded Gloves: http://ecx.images-am...ZcL._SX300_.jpg


Signature Move: Air Cutter - When Lukkel uses his Padded Gloves, he can add some range with the help of the wind, gather wind around his fists he can use the wind to add an extra 3 inches in a direction that is controlled by Lukkel making his punches as sharp as a knife.


(Hopefully this works if you want me to change anything let me know.)

Edited by Cam1949, 14 September 2018 - 01:19 AM.

#7 Mystics Apprentice

Mystics Apprentice

    Colorfully ecstatic Time Mage

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 10:40 AM

Name: Kolm Haranwy

Appearance:  Kolm features short dark hair with bangs that often fall from his side part and into his aqua-blue eyes.  His skin is fiercely pale, almost sickly so, though he does not appear gaunt or sickly in any manner.  Of average height and build, Kolm often clads himself in black trenchcoats, with an array of garments underneath.  His left arm is frequently bandaged, though no one quite knows why.
Personality:  Unfriendliness is probably Kolm's most noteworthy trait.  He is distrusting and oftentimes prefers to work alone.  Kolm is honest and just, however, and strives to work with the law than against it.  He would never do anyone an injustice if they were not deserving of it.  There are few, however, that can crack the cold exterior and meet the softer version of him, though if anyone still alive can do this remains to be seen.
Biography: None : P

In his mid twenties, Kolm has lived in at least three different countries, learned two languages fluently, and watched several clans die.  He had been sold by his family at a young age, thinking that he were possessed due to his magical talents, to a shady operation that thieved, pilfered, and killed, and utilized his magic to do so.  Kolm escaped when he was seventeen, and has been trying to make his own way into the world.  While partially successful, the bandits still claim him as their slave, and thus he must remain on the run in hopes that they never reclaim him.

Attribute: Invisibility and flight
Abilities: ice elemental magic, healing, magic aura, and regeneration
Weapon: mace and quarterstaff (will edit with images in a bit)
Signature Move: Deep freeze – the ability to conjure ice in great intensity, temporarily freezing your opponents in place while, simultaneously, doing damage to them.  While frozen, Kolm has the ability to heal himself in full (or nearly; I will defer to your judgment here).

#8 HeartOfFerria

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 11:08 AM

Name: Ceres Silverblood.
Personality: Ceres is very…sure of how she likes to do things. once set on a path very few things will drive her off it. But this does not mean that she won’t listen to reason. Just that she is sure in her skill as a knight and swordswoman. Her entire existence before being brought to this world revolved around protecting others thus she has a strong sense of justice and a need to save people even if it means becoming a martyr. she is not partial to fighting and likes to inflict as little damage as possible but if it comes to it she will strike down her foe. Out of combat she is kind, protective, soft spoken, and almost completely different when it comes to confidence levels.

Biography: Ceres is a woman at the age of 25. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5inches. (Sorry i dont know how tall that is in the other measurement system). She hailed from a land of magic and steel during a time of war. She didnt want to spill blood but was pulled into the fighting without a choice. Due to her upbringing and her families lifestyle she knew primarily defensive magic. during the war she served her country as a shield to the defenseless. Protecting those who were under attack wether they could defend themselves or not. She used her powers to heal those who were injured essentially serving as an in field combat medic. She was praised for her actions… but she didn’t feel she deserved it. She saw so many lost. So many she could have saved. She eventually left her land to travel. To learn more, to experience the world. Eventually she found herself in the Safe Haven. Surrounded by new people.

Damage Resistance+ and Magic Resistance+ For living in a time of war, constantly using her own body to protect others as well as being raised in a house of mages.

Healing and Sheilding- as she was raised learning just defencive magics
Debuff Resistance

Weapon: A Silver Runed Longsword named Arentha
A large Mithryl layered shield named Gaia.

Signature Move: Sanctuary
Ceres pushes her healing and shielding magic to the limit and creates a protective zone for her allies to heal up in. Only 3 others can heal up at a time

Attached Files

Edited by HeartOfFerria, 14 September 2018 - 09:35 PM.

#9 Vaude

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 11:14 AM

Name: Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest


Lucia is accepted! I was a little worried about bringing actual guns to the fray, but as they are limited in use and just about as bulky as medieval weapons I feel comfortable with this. Also, someone has incorporated Destiny weaponry, it seems. =P

what do you mean real if i may ask. also Strength or Dexterity. ?

Wow, I was rather mentally drained last night, it seems. When I meant "real," I intended that characters should be three-dimensional and, well, make sense. No invisible vectors/arms that tear apart anybody close by, no people as flat as paper, no people that turn into air and are impossible to kill, amd so on. I have seen all of these and frowned, and I don't like frowning. As for dexterity and strength, feel free to add those to your character. I will add this to the original post shortly, and maybe quantify things if people like numbers to understand limits of abilities.

Name: Lukkel Vancin


No worries, Cam. This looks good in my book! I especially like the fist knives made of air magic. That kind of creativity is what I love about this roleplaying community, so you did great there!

I will create a character or two as well, one likely a supportive/healing character, and by then we can get this started. Sign-ups are still open, of course.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. You can create up to two characters per person. An exception to this is twin characters or a master and servant or trained creature, but with twins I will try to limit their abilities to better maintain RP balance. I will edit this in once I have access to a personal computer again.

Edit: Lastly, sorry for missing some character sheets. I will get to these shortly after work, as my break is over.

Edited by Vaude, 14 September 2018 - 05:07 PM.

#10 HeartOfFerria

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 02:21 PM

I will add the picture i found when i get home

The dex and strength thing was what i was asking for a character but i just decided to build a supportive tank instead

Edited by HeartOfFerria, 14 September 2018 - 04:02 PM.

#11 Endless Thundaga

Endless Thundaga

    The Electric Powerhouse

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 03:34 PM

Name: Serene Miles

Appearance: Blue eyes, wears a black coat with a hood and blue lining.

Personality: Energetic, kind, bold, careful, fearless, and observant.

Biography: (Need time to think of a bio)

Attribute: Heightened senses (Hearing) and status debuff immunity.

Abilities: Aura manipulation, strength physical enhancing, and shield.


Signature Move: Aura Storm Serene emits two powerful beams from her palms, slowly spinning 360 degrees. She will stop and attack with three illusions of herself in an “X” formation (this will be the only time she “clones” herself). (This attack is similar to Data Larxene’s most powerful move in KH2FM.)

#12 Vaude

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 05:06 PM

Name: Kolm Haranwy



I see what you did there.  =P


Kolm is happily accepted, and I like the backstory.  I'm curious about the land that he came from and of his personality once you break through his mental and emotional bulwark.  Hopefully in time I would be able to see what he is like!


Name: Ceres Silverblood.



Accepted again.  Ceres seems like a very likeable character from the get-go, and funnily enough I too was thinking of a character inclined towards the medicinal arts.  She also seems like a paragon among paladins, and I'm curious how far she will go in her pursuits.  Furthermore, healing behind shielding?  That will be a very great defensive strategy, so she will be very useful when in the field.  Good choices all around. 


Name: Serene Miles



Accepted!  Interesting choice of weapons, and I am getting an Org. XIII feel from this character which can complement the personality and backstory when the time comes.  Aura storm is accepted as well but is a little confusing to me, as I haven't seen Data Larxene, so if you don't mind fleshing that out as well as your bio when you get the chance I'd greatly appreciate it.

#13 Vaude

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 11:51 PM

Name: Pang Inranel.

Age:  29.

Race:  Zouyu.
Appearance:  Essentially a giant cat that decided to walk on its hind legs, Pang is a white tiger.  His digitigrade hind feet are meant for walking stealthily, and he typically does so.  Pang is clothed in a monk's outfit, fabric cut loosely and elegantly to allow maximum freedom of movement.  Burly, spotted, and menacing in appearance, he is about as popular as Sheogorath at parties, and Sheogorath is NOT popular at parties.  A pendant of the White Tiger, made of fine ivory dangles from his neck.  It was a trinket of his mother's, who he misses dearly.
Personality:  Pacifistic in practice, Pang tries to maintain his calm and dedicate himself to training the mind as well as the body.  Aggressive in nature, Pang often slips into moments of anger, raising his voice upon agitation and sometimes laying a hand on someone who spited him or people he cares about.  He develops strong attachments to those he meets and befriends, but more often than not they die or disappear, leaving Pang discontented with his situation.
Biography:  Born to a simple family in a simple village bordering a swampland, it is surprising even to Pang that he was happy growing up.  While food was scarce, he was loved, had friends, and learned much from his mother and father about the joys of farming and the serenity of martial arts.  When he was six, he was taken from his home and raised in a monastery, with only the pendant as a symbol of home.  He never even had the chance to say goodbye.  Over time, he grew more trained mentally and physically, but he also grew more and more restless, and eager to leave the monastery to see his family.  When he was of age, he left immediately to his household, but his father, bitter and drunk and angry, was all he had left, as his mother died of swamp-related illness a few years beforehand.  After some amount of disagreement, he left his household and went back to the monastery where he honed his training for several more years.  At the age of 26, he travelled the lands around him.  At 27, he disappeared, plucked from existence to arrive here.  Whether he was chosen out of necessity or out of lack of luck, he quickly learned the ways of the sanctuary and of the fight for survival.  Most of his fellows, equally snatched away folks, are now gone, and after two years he is now one of the grizzled veterans.
Attributes: Double speed, heightened touch.
Abilities: Supercharge magic (improves the effectiveness of others' abilities by 100% and his regeneration by 50%; can be used to supercharge itself so that he can project magic from his palms and fists), regeneration, piercing weapon, shattering weapon
Weapon: Balanced metal quarterstaff, fire-enhanced padded gloves.
Signature Move: Supercharge Double Speed attribute.  Allows him to run 400% faster than normal and attack 50% faster with hand-to-hand and quarterstaves after supercharging his own abilities.  Limited to two times per fight and has a cooldown of three posts.

Edited by Vaude, 15 September 2018 - 08:34 AM.

#14 HeartOfFerria

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Posted 15 September 2018 - 08:51 PM

Name: Galla Northcrest
Age (optional) 26
Race (optional): Human

Personality: very calm, often cold. Views death as a part of the cycle and corpses as matter and materials. It is what it is, not anything special. She fears larger folk as she knows they could crush her. She has a fear of being alone. But views her skulls as companions. She can be found speaking to them. She also suffers from Athrophobia and Claustrophobia. This does not apply to things that are already dead.

Biography: born into poverty and war, Galla found herself begging on the street for coin as a child. While others fought and protected on the frontlines it was a losing battle. One day while begging a cloaked and hooded man stopped and looked down at her. “Are you comfortable where you are?” He asked as he felt her head.


“You are sick. Come with me. I will make you better”

Galla immediatly accepted, what could be worse them being on the streets like this? She was taken to a carriage where she left the town she grew up in with the man. He gave her medicine and food, warm clothes and even tried to teach her to read. It was a strange form of writing but it stated to make sense soon. Eventually after a month of travel they arrived at a dark colored tower surrounded by tomb stones. She was led in by the hand and gently brought up the stairs. The man had made an offer to Galla. If she helped him and took care of him when he grew too feeble, then he would teach her everything he knew. She agreed and was pulled out of her horrid life on the street. She was taught herbology, magic, and even more life skills. However the magic she was taught was dark and tainted. It was death magic. But she didnt seem to mind. It was more than she could ever ask for. Soon she turned from caretaker to apprentice and her master turned ill soon after, urging her to push on and continue learning all she could from the tomes in his study. He didnt seem to want to get better as if he knew the end had come. Galla still tried to help him, eventually turning to the tomes for help but none of thr spells were made for healing. Eventually her master died. His last words being another set of urgings to continue in her studies. She agreed and as was tradition, raised her master as a flaming skull one capable of powerful poison miasma and limited fire magic. She decided to keep it around as she did with he others and continued through her masters books in his study. Raising zombies and skeletons, opening death portals and even using her own life force to raise the power of her magic. She continued on until she decided she should begin to travel and hone her potential through experience. A year passed and eventually she found herself in the safe haven.

Attributes: Life Burn: As Galla casts spells she slowly burns her life force at the cost of her spells being stronger. This life force can be regained over a long period of time (say 2-4 pages maybe more. So damage is increased at the cost of health)
Magic Resistance+

Abilities: Death Magic x3
Strength Down

Weapons: Dagger, Staff

Signature Move: King of Skeletons
Galla calls forth her necrotic powers and creates half of a giant skeleton. Its rib cage surrounding her. She and it cannot move but the skeleton itself and sacrifice its body to create minions for a limited amount of time, thr bigger the minion the more of its body it loses. If it is used aggressivly its physical strength is more then enough to match that of a giant. Afterwards Galla is left helpless for 8-10 posts.

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#15 Vaude

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 08:36 AM

Galla is accepted!  A necromancer would be very useful in certain situations, and the stacking of abilities would empower certain abilities at the cost of diversity and defenses, though the signature move would help diminish that weakness rather well.  Too bad it is limited, but that's what when undead thralls and necromantic magicks would be handy, and there's always the chance of reducing the healing time through extra regeneration or other characters aiding her restoration efforts through shared regeneration.


All right, folks.  The sign-ups are still open, but seven characters should be more than sufficient for a boot-up, and I am eager to start up the roleplay.  Thank you all for your interest in this roleplay, and I hope to engage your interest further as we progress through it.

#16 Vaude

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 10:49 AM

The roleplay is now up and can be seen here:  http://kh13.com/foru...9-the-haven-rp/  Please feel free to insert your characters as the newcomer or as someone going to help out one of the newcomers.  I'd choose the latter if you don't want your character(s) vomiting on the floorboards, but a strong introduction is tempting too, right?  I'll take over for anyone who does not want to claim an NPC (non-playable character) who is new or helping the new.

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Mystics Apprentice

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 07:58 PM


Ah, we posted at nearly the same moment, and we both chose to be in the same room. :P. Hmm . . . .  

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 08:05 PM

[quote name="Mystics Apprentice" post="1991420" timestamp="1537145904"]
Ah, we posted at nearly the same moment, and we both chose to be in the same room. :P. Hmm . . . .

Your fine, I saw that too, I was doing bit by bit while I listened to a lesson during church but I changed after seeing your post. You're fine. (Using my phone to post sorry.)

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Mystics Apprentice

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 08:07 PM

[quote name="Mystics Apprentice" post="1991420" timestamp="1537145904"]
Ah, we posted at nearly the same moment, and we both chose to be in the same room. :P. Hmm . . . . /quote]

Your fine, I saw that too, I was doing bit by bit while I listened to a lesson during church but I changed after seeing your post. You're fine.

My thanks for the edit.  I was fearing the possibility of having to change my post around, as it heavily relied on being in that room.

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Posted 16 September 2018 - 08:15 PM

O-o? Who changed what now?

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