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What are your favorite Weapons in Games?

#kingdom hearts #Final Fantasy #Video Games #weapons #God of War #portal #Assassins Creed

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10 replies to this topic

What are your favorite Weapons in Games?(48 members have cast votes)

  1. Buster Sword (FF7) (12 votes [9.60%])

    Percentage of vote: 9.60%

  2. Keyblade, duh (35 votes [28.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 28.00%

  3. Shovel (Shovel Knight) (1 votes [0.80%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.80%

  4. Leviathan (God of War) (3 votes [2.40%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.40%

  5. Whip (Castlevania) (4 votes [3.20%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.20%

  6. Hidden Blade (Assassin's Creed) (11 votes [8.80%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.80%

  7. Master Sword (Zelda) (15 votes [12.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.00%

  8. Blades of Chaos (God of War) (6 votes [4.80%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.80%

  9. Sly's Cane (Sly Cooper) (7 votes [5.60%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.60%

  10. Bouncer (Ratchet & Clank) (1 votes [0.80%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.80%

  11. Engine Blade (FF15) (10 votes [8.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.00%

  12. Plasma Cutter(Dead Space) (1 votes [0.80%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.80%

  13. Portal Gun(Portal) (8 votes [6.40%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.40%

  14. Soul Edge(Soul Calibur) (6 votes [4.80%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.80%

  15. Another one? Share below! (5 votes [4.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.00%


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#1 !4misettie


    Fastest Thing Alive

  • Social Media Team
  • 210 posts

Posted 21 July 2018 - 06:39 PM

What are your favorite Weapons in Games?

#2 Mykaila Shakespeare

Mykaila Shakespeare


  • Member
  • 231 posts

Posted 21 July 2018 - 07:03 PM

Saying that loving a Keyblade the best is obvious, but the Keyblade is my favorite. Mainly you know exactly where it is from. It is strange concept of a weapon, even for Swuare Enix standards. But what I love about the Keyblade is that there are many kinds out there. It is probably the most creative weapon I've seen. All the different types of Keybalde you can think of that resonate one self. I even created my own Keyblade. I love the Keybalde so much, I even bought myself a couple of them (Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D). Someday, I will have Aqua's Keyblade.

However, I give shoutout as to a few weapons I know: The Master Sword from Legend of Zelda (particularly Ocarina of Time). That was a weapon I remembered seeing growing up. Anytime I come across that blade, it brings me heavy nostalgia.

Another weapon is the Buster sword from FFVII. I'll be quite honest, it took to play Kingdom Hearts from me to realize Final Fantasy existed. If anything, it's all thanks to my mom for unconsciously introducing me to FFVII. Since then, I grew up knowing about FFVII, even though I actually never played the games. I am trying to play FFVII on my PS4 due to the Remake coming eventually. I want to fully understand other characters in the story. That being said, I know Cloud is on screen when I see his Buster Sword.

The last one is not listed, but I did love Sword of the Father from FFXV. This was my first ever final fantasy title that I ever completed on my own (ironically,mot helped that it wasn't turn based LOL sorry hard core fans, I did finish FFIX though LOL). I call this a minor shout out mainly because I felt like most weapons are not given enough significant importance (because overall his entire arsenal of weapons is important). Weird reasoning, I know.

#3 SoraDaxjer28


    The Backdrop Keyblader!!

  • Member
  • 411 posts

Posted 21 July 2018 - 07:04 PM

Pepper Roni's Skateboard from "'LEGO ISLAND 2'".
Technically, he does not hurt or kill anyone with it.
Yet, he is extremely talented with it!!



    Dragon Sin of Wrath

  • Member
  • 1,566 posts

Posted 21 July 2018 - 11:16 PM

Every weapon from Bloodborne

#5 Eternalsleep

  • Member
  • 344 posts

Posted 22 July 2018 - 12:36 AM

Homerun bat from super smash

#6 Stuck

  • Member
  • 4 posts

Posted 22 July 2018 - 03:12 AM

Mooblight greatsword from dark souls.

#7 ocean's rage

ocean's rage

    spirit dream eater

  • Member
  • 407 posts

Posted 22 July 2018 - 03:54 AM

master sword, the blade of evil's bane

#8 Mysterious Figure

Mysterious Figure
  • Member
  • 553 posts

Posted 22 July 2018 - 06:57 AM

Gunblade, always and forever, even though it how it actually works makes absolutely no sense to me

#9 Dave


    Mr. Money in the Bank

  • Moderator
  • 3,044 posts

Posted 22 July 2018 - 05:00 PM

Smacking down people with Smough's Hammer in Dark Souls is one of my favorite past times.

#10 chronomagister93

  • Member
  • 2 posts

Posted 23 July 2018 - 02:20 AM

Witchers' silver and steel swords

#11 Allwil13

  • Member
  • 218 posts

Posted 23 July 2018 - 08:45 AM

I would say the Portal Gun. It's just so fun to use. I also love the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2; it\s almost as much fun to use as the portal gun.