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KH 2018 Live Orchestra Tour Soundtrack?

KH Kingdom Hearts Yoko Shimomura Orchestra Music Utada Hikaru 2018 Soundtrack

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#1 Damnedsam666

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Posted 22 June 2018 - 02:39 PM

Hey folks!
So this is going to be a longish post regarding the music of BOTH KH and moreso KH3.

So first thing is about the KH 2018 orchestra world tour going on currently. I've been hearing about a beautiful arrangement for Oath being performed at the current run of the tour...And although I have found live videos, I am dying to hear a real deal recorded version..So I'm curious if anyone knows if they are planning on doing a "second breath" CD or something?? I would love for it to also feature some stuff I was really sad that didn't make it onto the first soundtrack (Ventus' theme, Sanctuary/Passion, Organization 13 theme, 100 Acre Wood, Working Together, Mysterious Tower theme, One Winged Angel - maybe melding both the classic version and the Advent Children metal version?, etc. - feel free to chime in with any suggestions you may have too!!).

Now the second thing was regarding Nomura's comments about FF characters being in KH3....Since a majority of them are FF7 characters as it's the most popular entry (my favorite too) - I would personally LOVE to hear Aerith's theme in KH3. If nothing else just to add onto the whirlpool of emotions already attached at the hip to KH3 (plus, can you imagine if it was also a beautifully composed, UPDATED piece for this day and age?? Ugh the feels.) But would any one else enjoy that?

Thirdly, the anticipated would be "new" version of the iconic Simple and Clean...What would you guys and gals like to see happen for that? Personally I'm low-key expecting either a dubstep or rap version of it lmao (75% kidding)...Honestly I'd be fine with an even more slowed down version like that of Hikari but with singing....

And lastly - While on the subject, how would you like the final fight with Xehanort to be handled musically? I have this image in my head (which I'll go into at a later date in a video) of it being a very intense polarizing (and prolly long) fight with a darker more intense Hikari playing with like choral singing in the back (like that of the aforementioned One Winged Angel)?

TL;DR - 4 things. 1 - Do you think we'll receive a second KH orchestra tour soundtrack (esp with some KH3 music and new additions from past entries)? Has there been any talk of that? I wanna hear this orchestrated Oath. 2 - Would anyone else besides yours enjoy hearing an updated version of Aerith's theme (FF7) somehow in KH3? 3 - If there is a new one...What do you anticipate the "new" version of Simple and Clean will sound like? 4 - Musically, how do you envision the final confrontation with Xehanort? I picture a more darker version of S&C with choral background singers.

Feel free to let me.know what y'all think!! Let's get some good discussions going!!

#2 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

    "The Lethal Protector"

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Posted 22 June 2018 - 11:12 PM

I'm pretty sure that we'll get a soundtrack CD for the second wave of concerts, it's a great way to promote Kingdom Hearts in general, and that way, we fans can have a cherished way of keeping the concert music alive long after it's ended! AND OMG, AN ORCHESTRAL VERSION OF OATH!? Lord, I've been counting on this to happen! Simple And Clean and Sanctuary both have orchestral versions, so it only makes sense that Oath follows suit! :')


Oh, as someone who just recently finished FFVII, I can tell you that I'd love to hear Aerith's theme in Kingdom Hearts III...but maybe that'll come at the cost of her dying! D':


A new version of Simple And Clean? Hmmm, I don't know, honestly. I dig orchestral epicness, so a new spin on the orchestrated version would be cool!


As for the final confrontation with Xehanort, I think that Yoko Shimomura will roll up her sleeves and deliver us what will probably be the most insanely badass final boss music of all time! I think we'll definitely get something dark, like an organ playing grimly in the background, along with violas and violins and the piano, and it blazes into an epic battle, kind of like melding Star Wars with Lord Of The Rings! If any of the final boss tracks from the KH series are to go by...we're in for something amazing for when we face down Xehanort! :'D