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Kingdom Hearts Anthology Part IV: Darkness of the XIII.

Kingdom Hearts Anthology Organization XIII

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Posted 05 March 2018 - 02:26 AM



"...Once there was a man...a man with no Memories...his name...was..."Ansem"...Ansem became two beings...a Heartless that went by the same name, "The Seeker of Darkness" and finally...another being...one who stood in the Twilight of both Light and Darkness...instead of adopting his original name Ansem, he decided to choose a different name altogether...he became known, as...Xemnas, X-E-M-N-A-S, the Superior...of Organization XIII...leaders of the Nobodies...this, is their story...their Darkness told in the "Light"."


I-The Superior-Xemnas-Wields the power of Nothingness and Ethereal Blades-Commands the Sorcerer Nobodies-"Warriors of the Keyblade, go forth! and bring me more Hearts!".


II-The Freeshooter-Xigbar-Wields the power of Space and Arrowguns-Commands the Sniper Nobodies-"Ha ha ha! that's right! HE used to give me that same exact look!".


III-The Whirlwind Lancer-Xaldin-Wields the power of Wind and Six Lances-Commands the Dragoon Nobodies-"Kingdom Hearts, when Kingdom Hearts is ours, we can exist fully and completely.".


IV-The Chilly Academic-Vexen-Wields the power of Ice and a Shield-Commands the Snowman Nobodies-"Disappoint you? you go too far! in this Organization your number 11, i'm number 4 and i will not have you-!".


V-The Silent Hero-Lexaeus-Wields the power of Earth and a Tomahawk-Commands the Titan Nobodies-"When Light loses sight of its path, we may find use for the Dark, what we must do is obtain the Darkness.".


VI-The Cloaked Schemer-Zexion-Wields the power of Illusions and a Lexicon-Commands the Enigma Nobodies-"It's such a shame, the Organization used to be the rope that bound us together.".


"The original six, apprentices to THAT man...".


VII-The Luna Diviner-Saix-Wields the power of the Moon and a Claymore-Commands the Berserker Nobodies-"Kingdom Hearts, where, is MY Heart?".


VIII-The Flurry of Dancing Flames-Axel-Wields the power of Fire and Chakrams-Commands the Assassin Nobodies-"Got it Memorized?".


"The first recruits...".


IX-The Melodious Nocturne-Demyx-Wields the power of Water and a Sitar-Commands the Dancer Nobodies-"Hey you guys are looking lively.".


X-The Gambler of Fate-Luxord-Wields the power of Time and Playing Cards-Commands the Gambler Nobodies-"Maybe he'd like a hand to determine his fate.".


"Members of the Organization...".


XI-The Graceful Assassin-Marluxia-Wields the power of Nature and a Scythe-Commands the Grim Reaper Nobodies-"I've been entrusted this castle and Namine by our leader.".


XII-The Savage Nymph-Larxene-Wields the power of Lightning and Thunder and Throwing Knives-Commands the Ninja Nobodies-"I should tell you that i'm in an EXTREMELY foul mood.".


"Traitors to the Organization...".




XIII-The Key of Destiny-Roxas-Wields the power of Light and Darkness and Two Keyblades-Commands the Samurai Nobodies-"...Roxas...".




"...This...is their story...told...within the Darkness, of the Unknown."


Report XIII, Log I: The Formation.


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-Where Nothing Gathers:


Xemnas: "..."


Xigbar: "Yo there big man!"


Xemnas: "?"


Xigbar appears.


Xigbar: "What'cha up to?"


Xemnas: "...Thinking."


Xigbar: "...Thinking? about what?"


Xemnas: "...How this new Organization of ours will turn out."


Xigbar: "...Whoa! whoa! whooaaa! isn't it a bit too early to think about stuff like that? i mean, we barely just got started and all!"


Xemnas: "...You act, as though you are worried, Xigbar, almost like, that you had a Heart..."


Xigbar: "Who me? acting worried? have a Heart? As If! i'm just saying, LORD Xemnas that if we start to panic now about how our new groupie will play out from here onward then we won't succeed in our plans, know what i mean?"


Xemnas: "...I guess, that you are right."


Xigbar: "BESIDES, look at all the things we've got to look forward to huh! i mean, look at our new shindigs! with a place like this and the servants we've got lolling about everywhere and i do mean EVERYWHERE, we're bound to succeed! are we not?"


Xemnas: "That may be, however, we must never forget one thing."


Xigbar: "...That being?"


Xemnas: "...The element, of surprise..."


Xigbar: "...Heh."


The World That Never Was-The Dark City-Memory's Skyscraper:


???: "..."


??? opens a Corridor of Darkness and walks into it after looking up towards The Castle That Never Was whilst the eternal night sky started to rain, he closes it soon after walking into it.


"...It had been seven days, only a mere seven days since the Organization was first formed, the Organization had only consisted back then of six members, they were lord Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus and myself, Zexion...however, that was soon all about to change, on the eighth day that the Organization was formed..."-Zexion.


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-Where Nothing Gathers:


Xemnas: "...Xigbar."


Xigbar: "Yo!"


Xemnas: "...Xaldin."


Xaldin: "Here."


Xemnas: "...Vexen."


Vexen: "Lord Xemnas."


Xemnas: "...Lexaeus."


Lexaeus: "Yes."


Xemnas: "...And Zexion."


Zexion: "...Yes? what is it? my lord Xemnas?"


Xemnas: "...Today, we shall celebrate, for it is the marking...of a brand new era..."


Xaldin: "...Era? what on earth are you talking about?"


Vexen: "Mind your tongue! Xaldin! you are number 3! you are speaking to the Superior himself!"


Xaldin: "Is that so? then you should mind YOUR tongue when speaking to me, Vexen, remember, who is above you?"


Vexen: "! Geh-Grrr!"


Xigbar: "HA HA HAAA! oh i just love it! the way you two bicker about ranks, seriously though, does ranks mean anything in this Organization? i mean, anything, at all?"




Lexaeus: "...Vexen, shut up."




Xemnas: "GENTLEMEN."


Xaldin, Vexen and Lexaeus: "!?"


Xigbar: "Hehe."


Zexion: "..."


Xemnas: "...Ahem, as i was saying before, today makes the beginning of an new era for the Organization..."


Zexion: "...How so...lord Xemnas? ..."


Vexen: "...Gulp..."


Xemnas: "...Thanks to Xigbar's help, we have finally recruited new members for the Organization..."


Xaldin: "...New members? i thought we were only going on ahead with the numbers that we already have..."


Xemnas: "...True Xaldin, it would be best that we would remain inconspicuous with only the six of us that we have currently all here, however...that would mean lacking in manpower without, as many people needed to carry out the multiple tasks that we must in order to complete our future addendum and that we absolutely cannot have..."


Xigbar: "So basically what the big man is saying is that we need at least enough members to cover our manpower shortage, just enough that we can go on ahead with our master plan, fortunately, thanks to MY brilliant genius, we've managed to recruit not one but TWO new members to the Organization, trust me, they may seem like a right handful but given the right amount of time, i'm sure that they will prove pretty useful for our goals, the Organization's goals, heh heh."


Xaldin: "...Give yourself a pat on the back why don't you? Xigbar..."


Lexaeus: "...But lord Superior, how will we even know that these new members to the Organization are even up to the job of joining our ranks and proving themselves?"


Xemnas: "...That has already been taken care of, Lexaeus...come! you may show yourselves now..."


appearing through a Corridor of Darkness were two unknown figures, one with blue hair and one with red hair, all of the Organization gazed down upon them with different reactions, as Xemnas presented the new members with both their names and their ranks:


Xemnas: "...I am pleased to announce that these two will take up arms, as our new fellow comrades, they are Saix, number 7 and Axel, number 8, come...introduce yourselves."


Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus and Zexion: "...?"


Saix: "...My lords."


Axel: "Yo! how's it hangin?"


Xaldin: "...! Ah! no! not you two! lord Xemnas! they are! -"


Xemnas: "...Pause your concern for the moment, Xaldin, as i am sure that you all here are aware, these two are actually from our former World of Radiant Garden, they are the Nobodies of the former beings known, as Isa and Lea, even if you have had trouble in the past with them-"


Xigbar: "Just try to get along, okay? Xaldin? Lexaeus?"


Xaldin and Lexaeus: "...Grr..."


Saix: "...Hmph."


Axel: "Whoa, whoa, whoa! let's cool the flames down a bit here everyone, okay? sheesh, its like a sauna the way tensions are rising here..."


Zexion: "...Hmm...Axel is right, we should accept our newest members with the highest of gratitude for their services..."


Saix: "..."


Axel: "See Isa? why did i tell ya? i knew that we would get accepted so easily-"


Xemnas: "...Stop."


Axel: "H-huh?"


Xemnas: "...From now on, refrain yourself from dare speaking that name, that name belongs to another person entirely, not the person you see now standing in front of you, he is no longer Isa, you are no longer Lea, you are both Saix and Axel, do i make myself clear?"


Axel: "C-crystal..."


Saix: "...Hmm..."


Xemnas: "...Now that the induction ceremony is over, you will all be handed your individual tasks..."


Axel: "W-work right off the bat? oh man, gimme a break..."


-1 Hour Later-


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-Nothing's Call:


Axel: "So, our first mission is to go to someplace called Twilight Town, correct? easy! come on Is-i mean, Saix! let's go-"


Saix: "Lea..."


Axel: "Huh?"


Saix: "You haven't already forgotten, have you? why we joined up with this group in the first place."


Axel: "Sigh, no, i haven't forgotten but still, if we want to play our cards right, we should at least play by their rules for the time being shouldn't we? no point trying to cause friction with the other members when there's only the two of us for now, right Isa?"


Saix: "...I suppose not but remember, if we don't find other members that will eventually join to team up with us, it will just have to be the two of us, same, as it has always been, right? "Axel"?"


Axel: "! ...Heh, but of course, mister "Saix"!"


overlooking the conversation between both Axel and Saix not too far away was Zexion, however, he could not make out exactly what it was the two were discussing, or planning, for that matter...:


Zexion: "...Hmm...what are they up to?"


"Thus it came to be that the Organization now had eight members with the inclusions of both Saix and Axel, for a whole year, we went with just us eight before we gained yet another member to our cause..."-Zexion.


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-Where Nothing Gathers:


(To be continued.).

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Posted 05 March 2018 - 08:45 AM

Xemnas: "...Friends, i have gathered us here once more, for the arrival of a new member."


Vexen: "...Lord Xemnas, with all due respect, surely we don't need more members then we do us current eight now do we? i mean, anymore would just be dead-weight at this point-"


Xemnas summons a ball made of pure energy and directs it towards Vexen.


"!?!? D-Duly noted, my lord..."


Xemnas dis-summons the energy orb before resuming talking:


"...As i was saying before i was so rudely interrupted, in celebration of their work over the past year, i had assigned both Saix and Axel to find a new member for us and fortunately, they did not disappoint."


Xigbar: "So? who is it? who is the new lucky golden duckling that we have amidst our ranks? not some wannabe i hope."


Xaldin: "If he is not strong enough to serve the Organization then he is of no use to us, might, as well turn this newcomer into a Dusk, just like we had the previous potential recruits for the Organization that whose names i will not mention had recruited back in the past half a year ago, believing them to be of worth."


Vexen: "G-grrr..."


Lexaeus: "..."


Zexion: "Now, now Xaldin, there's no need to vent being unconvinced upon others, let's just see who this new member is that both Saix and Axel recruited, sounds fair enough?"


Xaldin: "...Hmph."


Xemnas: "Now then, Saix, make the introductions."


Saix: "...Actually, lord Xemnas, about that..."


Xemnas: "?"


Axel: "Ah heh, heh, well you see, since it was our first time recruiting and all, we didn't exactly know how to do the naming process ceremony so...yeah...the guy's name is a blank."


Vexen: "...WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU! and you call yourselves members of the Organization! the shame of it! why i-"


Xigbar summons one of his Arrowguns and aims it at Vexen's forehead.


Xigbar: "Yo Vex, next time you interrupt, it won't be Xemnas that will turn you into a Dusk or outright completely erase you, it will either be me or Xaldin, get the gist of it? snow-cone?"


Vexen: "!? ..."


Xigbar: "Right, that's good, enough talking from the peanut gallery."


Xigbar dis-summons his Arrowgun, as Xemnas resumes speaking:


Xemnas: "That's quite all right, Saix, Axel, it is your first time recruiting, i did not expect the naming ceremony process to come naturally to you, come, summon the new member and i shall grant him his new name."


Axel rubs his head.


Axel: "Well, if you say so lord Xemnas, hey! nerve-wreck! your up!"


just then, appearing through a Corridor of Darkness was a blonde haired youth, all anxious and silent, completely nervous with all eyes starring down upon him, Xemnas, Xigbar and Zexion looked on with curiosity whilst Xaldin, Vexen and Lexaeus remained unconvinced of the youth, the latter saying the words:


Lexaeus: "...This? this is what you recruited? he's nothing but a bag of flesh in Human form, hardly fit to be either Human or Nobody, to me, he just looks like Heartless and Darkness fodder, food for the strong to chew on and leave the bones to dry out in the ash, why would we-"


Xaldin: "...Now hold on, dear Lexaeus."


Lexaeus: "! Xaldin?"


Xaldin: "...True, he may look like a weakling but i sense something from him and that something is...completely nothing, devoid, entirely devoid of a Heart, he has the makings of a true and fine Nobody, wouldn't you agree? Vexen?"


Vexen: "...Hmm...i would clearly need more data on this specimen's progress to see if he is truly worthy of joining our Organization but all in all, what does lord Xemnas think of this Nobody?"


Xemnas: "...Tell me, what is your former name? Nobody?"


???: "...I-its-its Meyd, sir-i mean, lord Xemnas..."


Xemnas: "...Meyd, huh? watch closely, especially both you, Saix, Axel..."


just then, Xemnas began performing the naming ceremony process, he summoned Meyd's name in front of him before then rearranging the letters, creating an anagram and lastly adding an X to the anagram, Meyd said his new name for all to hear:


Demyx: "...D-Demyx? ..."


Xemnas: "That is right, the new you, from now on, you are no longer your former shell that was once known by the name of Meyd but now you bare an entirely new name, an entirely new existence, one to differentiate you from your both former and weak shell, you are Demyx, number IX among our ranks, welcome...to your new family."


Demyx: "...I-I-I am honored, lord Xemnas..."


Saix: "..."


-1 Hour Later-


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-The Grey Area:


Saix: "...He's useless."


said Saix starring out towards the glass window, as Axel was shocked by Saix's remark, replying with the words:


Axel: "Whoa! where did that come from?"


Saix: "You know what i'm talking about, that new recruit, he's useless, absolutely useless, he'll serve no part in our plan."


Axel: "...Hmm...i guess i can see where your coming from but come on, aren't you being a little too hard on the guy? i mean, he was only just inducted an hour ago, plus, they sent him to the World that we started out in when we first joined the Organization, Twilight Town, got it memorized Isa?"


Saix: "...Sigh...Lea, you just don't get it, unless we recruit more members to our cause, we'll just end up recruiting more members for the Organization that will serve it to the bitter end, in other-words, more enemies, don't you want to take control of this group and find out what its secretly plotting?"


Axel: "...Look, why don't we just grab some sea salt ice cream to eat and watch the sunset from Twilight Town's clock tower? you know, like we normally do on missions?"


Saix: "Sigh...is that all you ever think about? relaxing and eating ice cream, plus, that flavor has gone horrible in my mouth."


Axel: "HA HA! you don't say! oh man! that is priceless! since its coming from you! ha ha ha!"


Saix: "...I'm glad you find yourself amused...for one who has no Heart..."


Saix whispered that last part of the sentence to himself.


"The days, weeks, months and years had gone by very quickly, as we soon learned that our World of Radiant Garden had fallen into the hands of an evil fairy who was somehow able to both control and command the Heartless, her name...was Maleficent."-Zexion.


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-Where Nothing Gathers:


(To be continued.).

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 09:35 AM

Xemnas: "...Malvagio Fata."


Demyx: "...Mal...who?"


Xaldin: "Silence, Demyx, lord Xemnas, as you were..."


Xemnas: "...The evil fairy known, as Maleficent has taken over our old residence that was Radiant Garden and has made it her own private sanctuary."


Xigbar: "Hmph, no doubt to keep all sorts of dwellers of the Light and other kinds of people from entering whilst she makes her own private plans."


Saix: "...What are her plans, if i boldly may so ask?"


Xemnas: "...KINGDOM HEARTS."


Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus and Zexion: "!?!?"


Saix: "...Kingdom...Hearts?"


Axel: "What's that? your eminence."


Xigbar: "Kingdom Hearts, the Heart of all Worlds, what? surely you were all told about it by now, right?"


Axel: "In this case, this is where you would normally say "As If!", sorry Xigbar but me, Saix and Demyx don't know a thing, care to share with us maybe?"


Vexen: "Hmph, if it will get you to shut up then so be it, I will be the one to personally tell you about-"


Zexion: "As you know, there are three types of beings..."


Vexen: "HEY!"


Zexion: "There are the Humans who stand in the Light, the Heartless who stand in the Darkness and us, the Nobodies, who stand, within the Twilight, you see, Heartless tend to go after Humans who have Hearts, out of both jealously and especially hunger for Hearts that the Heartless themselves do not have, upon creation of a Heartless after a Human gives into the Darkness of their Heart and transforms into a Heartless, the very essence of Darkness itself...they leave behind an empty shell, the empty shell that was once their body, if that empty shell is strong enough to possess a will, a soul if you prefer on its own then that empty shell will start acting according to its own desires, what's more, if the empty shell possesses a particularly strong sense of will or a especially strong soul then their empty shell's form will transform from that of resembling a monster to that of resembling a Human body, i guess you could say that its what we Nobodies have been searching for all along, however, digressing before i could finish, if the empty shell does indeed turn into both Human form and shape, they will be most certainly different then normal Humans, as they will lack what Humans carry vital within their Hearts the most and that is-"


Xaldin: "Emotions, we Nobodies do not possess emotions unlike the Humans so although we may look Human and act like we're Human, even "feeling", as though we were Humans themselves, we are not, we are just empty shells, left to be cast out into oblivion, swallowed completely by whole the Darkness from which we are born, taking at last back what it believes to be it's and it's alone...we are not Humans, nor are we Heartless, you may, as well call us-"


Lexaeus: "Nobodies, that is where the term originates, we have no homes, no families, no friends, no loved ones, all we have, is an empty existence and nothing more and to remind us of our accursed existences, we look, as though we are Human and both act and "feel", as though we are them precisely, it is only thanks to the Memories that our strong souls possess upon altering our empty shells to those of Human bodies that we can express the faking that we are Human to other Humans, thus we are, thus it is meant to be..."


Xigbar: "HA! As If Lexaeus! those are the words of a loser right there, you seem to be forgetting that because we have no homes and no loved ones, as such that our benevolent leader Xeha-i mean Xemnas here created the Organization in the first place, a home for all those weeping and wailing Nobodies without places to call homes both for and of their very own, in return, all we "ask" of them is that they simply do our bidding and we can get them to do all of our dirty work for us without us having to lend a hand unless needed."


Vexen: "Blunt but truthful, not to mention useful, as well, hehe."


Axel: "...You know, its kind of sad when you think of it like that..."


Xaldin: "Sad? what would YOU know about being sad? sad is an emotion, an emotion only Humans feel, what would YOU, a "Nobody", know anything at all about being sad? its pathetic...and "sad" to even think about, let alone put an act on of being "sad"..."


Xigbar: "Whoa! how many times did you press the sad button there Xaldin?"


Xemnas: "ENOUGH."


Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Saix, Axel and Demyx: "!?!?"


Xemnas: "...Unlike Heartless who can devour the Hearts of Humans, we Nobodies, born of the Twilight who also stand in it cannot, thus is one of, the "Heart's" folly, instead, we have directed to take a new approach, one that will help us unite us all, as one and finally rid us of the cursed shells that is our emptiness and instead replace them with that which is filled with emotion and will finally bring us the long searched for happiness that we have been looking for since the beginnings of our existences...our means to an end being, Kingdom Hearts, the Heart, of ALL Worlds..."


Demyx: "...But, lord Xemnas, what IS Kingdom Hearts exactly?"


Xemnas: "...I do not know, young Demyx, it could be a Heart itself, a collection of Hearts the size of a kingdom, or maybe even...a person, none really know the truth about the Heart of all Worlds, only that for Kingdom Hearts to exist, you must first, have, a Heart..."


Demyx: "...Bummer."


Xigbar: "Hey, chill, its okay, that's why instead of searching for Kingdom Hearts, we're going to make, our very own, isn't that right? lord Xemnas?"


Saix, Axel and Demyx: "!?"


Xemnas: "...Indeed."


Vexen: "You see, with the help of the witch, or rather, the witch's usefulness, Maleficent we'll gather up the Hearts needed for "our" Kingdom Hearts using the Heartless and both whoever and whatever across the Worlds, using any and all means necessary she can get her stupidly long fingers on and then, once her usefulness has run its course and is at an end-"


Xigbar: "BAM! we swoop in, take Kingdom Hearts for ourselves and finally become Human, easy? no?"


Axel: "...Question: what makes you think that this evil witch is simply going to give us Kingdom Hearts if she is all intent on using it for herself?"


Xemnas: "Do not worry, we have, a "someone" amidst their ranks..."


Saix: "A "someone"? who?"


Xigbar: "Sorry, can't tell, trade secret only for the Superior himself to know."


Saix: "...Tch!"


Xigbar: "Hehe."


Xemnas: "...Maleficent and her Heartless...us and our Nobodies...we will do all that we can to assure that the making of Kingdom Hearts...goes smoothly...without any interruptions at all, whatsoever..."


-1 Hour Later-


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-Where Nothing Gathers:


Everyone has left, all except for both Xemnas and Xaldin.


Xemnas: "You wanted to speak? Xaldin..."


Xaldin: "Yes, my lord, it is of no consequence to our greater plan but, it intrigues me and i wish to share it with you..."


Xemnas: "...Proceed."


Xaldin: "...Thank you my lord, now then, it concerns the prince of a kingdom of a World i frequently visit on my travels fulfilling missions, during my travels there, i have discovered that this prince is emitting a fierce Darkness and if used correctly, we could use that Darkness to fulfill our overall endgame agenda to bring about Kingdom Hearts."


Xemnas: "...This prince, what is his name?"


Xaldin: "Adam i do believe sire."


Xemnas: "Hmm...i do believe, that i can see his future..."


Xaldin: "Lord?"


Xemnas: "Blinded by arrogance of the supreme and pride of the most blinded, this prince will one day lose his name and when he does, he shall become...something else, something far more useful to our plans, you were right, to trust your intuitions about this prince Xaldin, keep an eye on him and let us see if he shall become something worthy of joining the Organization..."


Xaldin: "Yes lord Xemnas, i take my leave."


Xaldin disappears, leaving Xemnas in Where Nothing Gathers all by himself.


Xemnas: "...Hopefully, only 4 more to go, whether Xaldin's new recruit is worthy or not, is of no consequence, to me..."


(To be continued.).

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 11:39 AM

"2 years after we learned of Maleficent's conquering of our World, another new member had joined the ranks of the Organization, he was found by Lexaeus and was given the name Luxord, i still remember the day of his induction, he was...unique, to say the least."-Zexion.


The World That Never Was-The Dark City-Memory's Skyscraper:


Luxord was seen sitting atop of the Memory's Skyscraper, throwing in his hand two dice up and down back and forth, approaching him from behind was Saix.


Luxord: "...Did the good gents from higher up send you to bring me in? number 7."


Saix: "You missed your inauguration ceremony, why?"


Luxord: "Just didn't feel like joining the party, it was a tad boring to be honest, what with all the people with no Hearts and such."


Saix: "Did i miss something or did you entirely forget the fact that you yourself possess no Heart, hence why you are here in the first place."


Luxord: "Oh i know fully well that i have no Heart mister Saix but still, that doesn't mean i can't play to the folly of pretending that i have one, no?"


Saix: "...How foolish."


Luxord: "Foolish it may be yet fun, as well, why don't you try it sometime? i bet you'd get a real kick out of it."


said Luxord, as he threw his two dice down on the ground right below, both dice ending up a pair of six.


Luxord: "Ah! a twelve! magnificent! how about we say that was thanks to your arrival and presence of being here? go on, the win is on you, i won't complain."


Saix: "...Whether i win or not, does not mean that i receive something in return, why would i? Nobodies...do not win things."


Saix disappears the same way he appeared to Luxord in the first place, through a Corridor of Darkness, leaving Luxord to ponder on Saix's attitude.


Luxord: "...Hmph, it appears that he was a sore loser in the end, even despite winning..."


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-Where Nothing Gathers:


Vexen: "BAH! why do we need the likes of him!? he is nothing but a gambler! a person who does nothing but plays with cards and dices all the time!"


Zexion: "True, but he is also a trickster, he can use his emptiness of the Heart to fool enemies into playing games of chance that are actually games of fate, whoever wins or loses, he comes out on-top with a winning hand, thus is the game rigged, win or lose, in truth, it is actually he that wins in the end and by Luxord winning for himself, does he win for the Organization in return, a worthy inclusion to the Organization i believe, don't you Xaldin?"


Xaldin: "...Hmph, he may have skill with checkered dice but whether or not he plays cards during battle and ends up with a joker is his fate sealed and we will have wasted a slot for the Organization's new recruits, if he is truly to prove himself among our rank, i believe that a test is in order."


Vexen: "...A test? hmm...this intrigues me, what sort of test do you have in mind?"


Xaldin: "...It is true that whilst the new recruits before Luxord have proven themselves over the years, i cannot shake the feeling that their alignments are to something else, either that, or they are weak willed and are not serving the Organization like they should, thus-"


Xigbar: "Thus you want to see if they have true potential and merit by pitting them against Heartless, correct?"


Xigbar appears.


Xaldin: "...Yes...its almost, as though, that you read my mind...Xigbar..."


Xigbar: "Heh."


Lexaeus: "...Sigh, very well, how would you propose we go about this test involving Heartless? if we give them too much of a task to handle, we'll end up losing all of our new recruits."


Xaldin: "So what? if they are to die just like that then so be it, we can always find others with strong wills that possess Human bodies to take their places within the Organization."


Zexion: "True, all too true, but, let us not forget that they have proven themselves far more superior then any other new recruits we have found thus far, why, we have turned the other recruits found after them into Dusks simply because they didn't measure up to the standards that Saix, Axel, Demyx and Luxord have presented."


Xigbar: "Kid's got a point, we don't want just any members joining our Organization, if we want to fulfill our mission of creating Kingdom Hearts then what we got to do is-"


Xemnas: "...Keep the balance, let us test our new recruits and see if they are truly worthy of retaining their Human forms and not be turned into Dusks..."


Xemnas appears.


Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus and Zexion: "!? lord Xemnas ! ..."


Xigbar: "So does that mean your up for Xaldin's little endurance test? oh great lord Xemnas?"


Xemnas: "...Our plans for the future must go unhinged, if we are to be anchored by dead-weight then they are of no use to us, Xaldin, prepare them for "that World", i want to see...how they will measure up there."


Xaldin: "!? of course my lord but, is it wise? of all Worlds, THAT one?"


Xemnas: "..."


Xaldin: "...At once my lord, i shall summon them immediately."


Xigbar: "Heh, this going to be good."


Vexen: "Whether they die or not is of no consequence to me, i am more interested in the data that they will provide, heh heh heh..."


Lexaeus: "...Zexion, be sure to record everything from faults to progress, not to mention how many Purebloods and Emblems were slain..."


Zexion: "Of course, that goes without saying, Lexaeus, hopefully, this will prove once and for all whether our Organization should have remained a six at the beginning or not but i wonder, what World could lord Xemnas and Xaldin be talking about? ..."


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-The Grey Area:


(To be continued.).

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 10:48 PM

Wow, what an interesting read! Yet another awesome work from your brilliant mind, man! I just love how you're giving this gargantuan character development to the Organization and its members, something we didn't get in Days! True, Days was focused more on Roxas, Axel and Xion, but there was a huge missed opportunity in developing the other Organization members more, ya know? So I applaud you for filling in the blanks! I'll be looking forward to more! :D

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Posted 09 March 2018 - 05:13 PM



Demyx was seen playing on his Sitar whilst singing out loudly, standing on-top of one of the Grey Area's relaxation tables, of which Luxord was trying to neatly place a stack of playing cards on-top of one another, however, due to the noise Demyx is making, his interference causes Luxord to accidentally break his concentration, annoyed, Luxord says to Demyx the following:


Luxord: "...Sigh, must you play so loud? honestly, those that play music have no taste whatsoever for the art itself."


Demyx: "HUUUH? what was that? you saying my music is bad or something? HUH!?"


Luxord: "...That's precisely what i had just said, moron."


Demyx: "That's it! me and you, right here, right now! come on! bring it! you know just because your older then me, your still rank 10 and i'm still rank 9, that means i've got tons more experience then you do pal! i can take you down in an instant!"


Luxord: "Oh really? says one whose bite is not, as sharp, as his barking, you may have been recruited before me, however, that does not mean that you are stronger, it only proves that you are a weakling, given that you only go on reconnaissance missions for this group whilst i go on real missions, catch the memo my dear sir?"


Demyx: "HEY! that was SO uncalled for!"


Luxord: "Only "The Fool" would pick a fight and claim that he would win it, wouldn't you agree? number 8?"


Demyx: "W-WHAT THE!? you, your calling me-A FOOL!?!?"


Axel: "Sigh, no Demyx, he's referring to "THE Fool"..."


Demyx: "...Huh?"


Axel: "Its a Tarot Card in playing cards, it represents the number 0, just like 0 itself, everything is both possible and neither possible, all paths are limitless, they have no boundaries and yet at the very same time some do, everything goes half in half, know what i mean? got it memorized?"


Demyx: "...I don't get it."


Luxord: "And that is why you remain on the half that is impossible, in other-words, it is impossible for you to achieve an even higher status then the already low one that you have, no matter how much you try to succeed, no matter how much you try to gain favor, in the end, all is naught and we all still remain Nobodies...you may play "The Fool" and act the part of having a Heart but those that can truly see with eyes unclouded can see you for what you truly are, a "Nobody", one who has no Heart at all."


Demyx: "! ..."


Saix: "Enough bickering."


Axel, Demyx and Luxord: "!?"


Axel: "Saix, something up?"


Saix: "...Yes, apparently, Xaldin has summoned us, all four, to undertake a mission of sorts to an unknown World each of us has never been to before, if we succeed, we are to be rewarded upon returning but if we fail-"


Luxord: "Till Dawn till Dusk, is it?"


Saix: "..."


Demyx: "Oh man, come on! that's not fair! we'll get turned into Dusks just because we fail once? that's just low..."


Axel: "Low in pitch maybe but not in Key, all we gotta do is figure out what it is needed to be done on this whole new World and then like fire, we'll be sizzling, got it memorized?"


Demyx: "Stop saying that! it brings bad luck!"


Luxord: "...Ever "The Fool"..."


Luxord whispered to himself lastly.


-13 Minutes Later-


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-Nothing's Call:


Xaldin: "...I see that you are all ready, number 7, Saix, number 8, Axel, number 9, Demyx and number 10, Luxord."


Saix: "..."


Axel: "All present and accounted for."


Demyx: "...Ugh, suddenly i feel like i got the willies, perhaps i should just sit this one out, you know, in case the other lord higher ups need me on more recon missions."


Luxord: "No man can escape his fate, it is the fate of the cards..."


Xaldin: "...Silence! that's enough, Demyx, Luxord...all together, you two and both Saix and Axel will be journeying to a new World to test your merits, as true members of this Organization, succeed and you shall be gifted, fail...and you shall turn into Dusks, each and every single one of you, to give you all an even chance at succeeding, your weapons will all be reverted back to Zero Gear, i will hear no arguments from anyone, understand Demyx?"


Demyx: "! ...Gulp! ..."


Xaldin: "Now then, this World is crawling with Heartless, it is where a huge number of them gather in Darkness and steal Hearts from Humans, we call this World "The Crow's Nest", here, you will find a Heartless unlike any other called a "Xzu", you must find the Xzu and eliminate it, after destroying it, you are to immediately report back here through RTC, understood?"


Demyx: "...R...TC?"


Xaldin: "Return To Castle, we will not allow any detours of any kind whilst you travel to the Crow's Nest, eliminate the Xzu and any other Heartless of worthy inclusion, be they either Pureblood or Emblem and RTC here at this exact spot, there will be no exceptions, understand?"


Saix: "..."


Axel: "I'll be speaking for both myself and Saix when i say gotcha."


Luxord: "...Fuu fuu, sounds like a challenge, very well, i accept."


Demyx: "...Not like we had a choice in the first place anyways, sigh..."


Xaldin: "...Hmph, let's see how eager you'll be upon completing your task."


Xaldin opens a Corridor of Darkness.


Xaldin: "Now go and do not disappoint the Organization."


Saix: "...Let's go Axel."


Axel: "Right."


Saix and Axel enter the Corridor.


Luxord: "A winner's luck is decided by placing his hands in the "Heart" of the cards."


Luxord follows.


Demyx: "...Oh man, this is going to be a real bummer..."


Demyx is the last one to follow, as Xaldin closes the Corridor behind the blonde haired youth, with Xaldin lastly saying to himself the words:


"...Now then, prove your mettle to us and show if you are truly worthy of being among our rank."


said Xaldin lastly before opening another Corridor of Darkness and walking through it, closing it behind him, as soon, as he enters it.


"The Crow's Nest"-???:


(To be continued.).

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Posted 09 March 2018 - 09:07 PM

Dang, I am seriously loving the dialogue that you implement into the Organization members! It makes their interactions all the more believable, ya know? And you manage to portray their personalities perfectly! I think that my favorite part of this chapter was the bickering between Luxord and Demyx! I also loved the part where Axel explained what a Fool card is! Great chapter, man!

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Posted 10 March 2018 - 12:27 PM

Dang, I am seriously loving the dialogue that you implement into the Organization members! It makes their interactions all the more believable, ya know? And you manage to portray their personalities perfectly! I think that my favorite part of this chapter was the bickering between Luxord and Demyx! I also loved the part where Axel explained what a Fool card is! Great chapter, man!


Just to be sure, i was right about explaining The Fool card, right? its limitless potential i mean.


Axel: "Huh? where am i? its all way too Dark here, no pun intended, anyways, guys, where are you? Isa? Demyx? Luxord? anyone? ...sigh, looks like, i'm on my own from this point forward, meh, i wouldn't worry too much about both Saix and Luxord, Demyx...maybe a little cause for concern but still, it looks like we've made it to the World that Xaldin sent us to and i guess that our test must mean we have to start off separately from one another, blegh, sounds like and looks to be a Icky Job if you ask me, man oh man, why do i always get stuck with the Icky Jobs? sigh...anyways, moving on."


said Axel, just then, a stranger in a Black Coat with his hood up reveals himself to Axel.


Axel: "Huh? who are you? are you-"


???: "...This World...has been disconnected..."


Axel: "Huh?"


???: "No longer tied to either Light, nor Darkness..."


Axel: "..."


Axel summons his Chakrams, perceiving the man with his hood up, as an enemy, saying to him the words:


Axel: "Hey look pal, either you reveal yourself or-"


???: "...Be careful of those that you are aligned with."


Axel: "...What?"


???: "Eventually, even your closest friend may very well become your greatest enemy..."


the man disappears through a Corridor of Darkness.


Axel: "HEY! WAIT!"


Axel throws one of his Chakrams where the man once stood, only to fail short of stopping him from leaving.


Axel: "...What was...all THAT about?"


Axel proceeds to pick up his Chakram.




Demyx: "GYAHHA!?!?"


Demyx was seen being chased by two giant bird like Emblem Heartless, Demyx says to himself:


Demyx: "Run, run away! i don't want to be Dark chowder! oh man! guys! where the heck are you all!? gyahhh!!!!"


said Demyx, comically balling his eyes out.




Luxord: "Whispers in the Dark, hmm...not a very calming atmosphere to say the least, perhaps the enemy plans to get the jump on me?"


said Luxord, just then, multiple Pureblood Shadow Heartless appear before Luxord, gathering in a huge group, intending to attack him all at once, Luxord however merely smiles, saying to the enemies planning their attack:


Luxord: "Heh, a challenge is it? very well then, here, pick a card, any card, your move is the first move, so then...your move."


the Shadows, aggravated by Luxord all lunge at him, as he is lastly seen smirking against them whilst holding his playing cards.




Saix is seen summoning and wielding his claymore against the both strange and mysterious hooded figure Axel met before, Saix charges at the hooded figure, only for his claymore to fly straight out of his hands and land nearby him, as he is left greatly injured by the hooded figure saying to Saix:


???: "You, you who are so full of pride and yet do not possess a Heart, you who truly stand within emptiness inside of emptiness, let your body sink any further and you will truly end up being "empty", more so then you already are..."


Saix: "Ha...ha...ha...ha...who...just WHO are you!?!?"


???: "...Me? i am-"


the hooded figure proceeded to reveal his face off-screen, shocking Saix.


The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-Where Nothing Gathers:


Xemnas: "...!"


Xigbar appears.


Xigbar: "...Heh, looks like you were right, element of surprise indeed."


Xemnas: "...So...he survived after all..."


Xigbar: "Man, can't believe THAT walking corpse is still around after all this time, especially since after all the work we did on him before we became who we are now, right? XEHANORT?"


Xemnas: "...How long has it been since i abandoned that name...no matter, it is, as you say, Xigbar...the past is the past and everything since then has been written in stone according to "our" designs."


Xigbar: "Still, talk about one heck of a surprise, i mean, who knew that HE was still alive? a man who was swallowed by the Darkness whole and thus became neither a Heartless, nor a Nobody like us, because he was swallowed whole, the Dark could not produce a Heartless like it usually does and because of that, as expected, no Nobody was born, man oh man, one could say that he was one of the early Organization's greatest accomplishments ever...the man that was designated with the number, 0...number 0 of the Organization: ..."Xeyfer"."


Xemnas: "...Indeed, Xeyfer, funny, i had almost...forgotten, completely forgotten his name."


Xigbar: "Not surprising, considering that he was the first test subject that we worked on after banishing our ever oh so wise lord and master Ansem "The Wise"."


Xemnas: "...Xeyfer...i would very much, like to see him again, perhaps, through our new recruits' test, may we see Xeyfer in person once more, number 0...Xeyfer, the only member of the Organization that is not, a Nobody, nor a Heartless for that matter, just...a denizen of Darkness, a TRUE, denizen of Darkness..."


Xigbar: "Heh, wonder how the recruits will fare if they actually encounter Xeyfer at the Crow's Nest, i mean, that is the reason for the choice of World, right? you knew, you knew that if by any chance, Xeyfer were to have survived the experiments that we did on him would he end up there of all places, a World mostly covered in Darkness and a World almost completely devoid of Human life, in other-words, its a true haven for him, taking into account the fact that he might want to be left alone and all...oh well, nap time is over, its time for number 0, to awaken, we need him after all..."


Xemnas: "...Correct, to weed out those that are of no benefit to the Organization, he is the Organization's judge, jury and executioner...HE will decide whether or not, Saix, Axel, Demyx and Luxord have "the true makings" within them, after all, Xeyfer himself failed to become "one of the Organization" and yet he still carries a numbered rank within it, do you know, what that implies? Xigbar?"


Xigbar: "...Heh, that the guy still has some use left for us, he's neither living, nor dead, he just...exists, as a form of Darkness incarnate, same, as us Nobodies, still, the guy's unique i'll give him that."


Xemnas: "Yes, for without being unique, he could not have survived our initial experimental procedures and would have been lost to Darkness indefinitely, no Human shape or even monster form to take up with, as his shell, his Heart, eternally lost to the Darkness, it would have been a pity, in a sense but also, enlightening, reminding us never to dabble too much with Dark, otherwise-"


Xigbar: "Otherwise the Dark consumes soul and all, consuming that which gives us Nobodies breath to breathe without having Hearts in our bodies like Humans do, in that sense, the guy has already served his purpose to the Organization, now all that's left is to get rid of the cannon fodder and make way for the real stars of the show, know what i mean?"


Xemnas: ..."As If", Xigbar..."


Xigbar: "OHHH! playing the "whatever do you mean by that" act are we? fine, let's keep up appearances, after all, that's the long-term plan and also, as a matter of fact, that's the true face of the Organization...its a blank, nothing...but pure white itself, heh heh."


The Crow's Nest-???:


Saix: "Y-Y-YOU!? YOU'RE!?!?"


Xeyfer pulls his hood down after revealing his face towards Saix, as just then, Axel arrives, throwing a Chakram straight at Xeyfer who narrowly dodges, Axel says to Saix:


Axel: "ISA! you alright!?"


Saix: "Y-yes, i'm-i'm fine, Lea, but!?"


Xeyfer: "...Careful not to lose your individuality, even, as a Nobody for even then, that's all that you have, once you have succumbed completely...to Darkness."


said Xeyfer, Axel tries to attack Xeyfer with his other Chakram but once again, Xeyfer avoids it and escapes into Darkness, leaving both Axel and Saix behind to ponder just who was the mystery person that is Xeyfer and what did he want with the two of them?


Axel: "Man, guy is, as slippery, as they come...hey? Isa? what's wrong? your face, its gone, all pale white, are you okay?"


Saix: "...I'm fine...Axel..."


said Saix, as he began wandering off on his own, as Axel lastly pondered to himself what Saix had just said to Axel:


"..."Axel"? ..."


(To be continued.).

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Saix thought to himself about Xeyfer and his true identity:


Saix: "...Was that...was that really..."Fryee"?"


thought Saix, apparently knowing Xeyfer's true identity to be known, as that of Fryee, meanwhile, Axel tries to get Saix's attention:


Axel: "...A...Sa...HEY! ISA!"


Saix: "GEH! WHAT!? oh...Lea..."


Axel: "Well that's strange."


Saix: "...Huh? what is?"


Axel: "Earlier you referred to me, as "Axel", you rarely ever do that, why? tell me the truth, who was that guy wearing our coat?"


Saix: "...Would you believe me, if i told you, it was...Fryee?"


Axel: !? !?!? F-FRYEE!?!? no way! nuh uh! that's...impossible! Fryee he...he...he died, remember? during that accident, years ago, at Radiant Garden..."


Saix: "...You know, i'm starting to wonder..."


Axel: "Huh? wonder what Isa?"


Saix: "...You know what? never mind, forget about it, let's just find that Xzu Heartless and kill it, get this test over and done with, this place, its Dark, even, for me..."


Axel: "Yeah, same here, first, i think we should reunite with both Demyx and Luxord."


Saix: "...Why?"


Axel: "Why? why why? because, they are our comrades, don't you remember Isa? or, is it you haven't gotten that part memorized?"


Saix: "...Sigh, your going to go find them, even if i say no, aren't you Lea?"


Axel: "Of course! what do you expect Isa? now come on! let's get going and find our fellow Nobodies before the Heartless get them, knowing Luxord, he can handle himself at the moment, knowing Demyx..."


Saix: "...He's doomed."




Demyx: "...I'm SOOO not comfortable, being sat here like this."


Demyx was found in a giant bird like nest, surrounding him with himself in the middle were four giant eggs embedded with the insignia of the Emblem Heartless on them, apparently Demyx was captured by the two giant bird like Heartless from before and is now being kept captive to be used, as live food later on for when the Heartless hatch-lings are born and need to be fed, Demyx says to himself lastly:


"...Saix...Axel...Luxord...please...oh pretty, pretty, PRETTY please...HELP-ME!!!!"


shouted out Demyx, hoping that the others elsewhere could hear him nearby.


(To be continued.).

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Posted 10 March 2018 - 07:34 PM

Yes, you explained the card very well, so don't worry about that. :)


Oh wow, so there's a number 0 in your story, eh? Xeyfer...he sounds intriguing, and it looks as though he'll be testing Axel, Saix and the others psychologically and physically, per Xemnas's plans! That's just crazy! Keep up the great work!

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Posted 11 March 2018 - 08:28 AM

Yes, you explained the card very well, so don't worry about that. :)


Oh wow, so there's a number 0 in your story, eh? Xeyfer...he sounds intriguing, and it looks as though he'll be testing Axel, Saix and the others psychologically and physically, per Xemnas's plans! That's just crazy! Keep up the great work!


Like Xion who was the center of 358/2 Days, Xeyfer is the center of Darkness of the XIII.

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Posted 11 March 2018 - 07:13 PM

Luxord: "...Ha...ha...ha...haaa, ahhh, that was a good fight, i nearly broke a sweat there."


said Luxord after having defeated the multiple groups of Pureblood Shadow Heartless that were previously trying to attack him, only to have failed in the end with some of them crawling back into the Darkness whence they came, emerging from that very same Darkness, as the Shadows appeared Xeyfer with his hood up, appearing before Luxord.


Luxord: "Oh? a new comrade is it? or...a new enemy, pray tell?"


Xeyfer: "...You, a Gambler of Fate, you, are dangerous...i wonder, should you be eliminated here and now and be spared the Darkness that would consume you later on?"


Luxord: "...Huh? what drivel-!"


suddenly, Luxord sensed Xeyfer trying to attack him with his bare fist and manages to narrowly dodge the attack, Xeyfer says to Luxord:


Xeyfer: "Very good, your reflexes are commendable, all the more reason...you should fade back into Darkness..."


Luxord: "You, your not...a Nobody, are you?"


Xeyfer had summoned armor like attachments on both his wrists and his knees, taking up a kung fu like fighting style position before saying towards Luxord:


Xeyfer: "...No, i am not."


Luxord: "...Heh, THIS should be fun."


Luxord proceeded to battle the hooded Xeyfer, elsewhere, Axel and Saix were seen roaming a Dark forest full of ruins, trying to look for both Demyx and Luxord.


Axel: "...Sigh, where are they? we're turning this place upside down."


Saix: "Quit griping, if anything, they are bound to be around here somewhere, if not..."


Axel: "You think, that they faded back into Darkness?"


Saix: "...It is the fate of all us Nobodies Lea, unless we achieve this Kingdom Hearts that Xemnas spoke of, we will never be complete again and if that happens, we are destined, doomed to fall into Darkness and forever stay in its Realm until the end of time itself, our existences won't be completely erased but just like birds in cages, you get the rest, do you not?"


Axel: Sheesh, when you put it like that, we better find both those two and fast, otherwise WE'LL be the ones ending up fading into Darkness or being turned into Dusks."


Saix: "...Being turned into a Dusk sounds more better then being a prisoner of the Dark, wait, i sense something, someone's presence..."


Axel: "...Hey yeah! i sense it too, could it be Demyx or Luxord? maybe even both?"


Saix: "Let's find out, come on."


Axel: "Right-o!"


meanwhile, back where both Luxord and Xeyfer were fighting.


Luxord: "GA!"


Luxord was seen kneeling on the ground, tending to his shoulder, having been defeated by Xeyfer, who proceeds to dis-summon his gauntlets and grieves and approach Luxord very slowly, Luxord tries to throw one last playing card right at Xeyfer, only to fail, instead, Xeyfer's mere presence causes the card to shatter in two right behind him, he stands in front of Luxord above him, saying to him the words:


Xeyfer: "...You are their newest pet guinea pig, aren't you?"


Luxord: "!? What did you call me!? geh!"


Luxord's shoulder was aching from where he was damaged, Xeyfer proceeded to continue speaking:


Xeyfer: "...Lose sight of the truth and you remain blind to the Twilight."


Luxord: "...What are you, talking, about!?"


Xeyfer: "...Just like i was, farewell, till we meet again, i have decided to spare you, to see what becomes of your fate, gambler..."


Xeyfer opens a Corridor of Darkness and proceeds to walk through it, closing it behind him, as he leaves Luxord with one final message:


Xeyfer: "You, your friends, your comrades...beware, of the Twilight you stand in, you never know, if you are actually, being engulfed by the Dark..."


Xeyfer reveals that he possesses a Joker playing card that belongs to Luxord and he throws it next to the latter before then finally disappearing altogether, Luxord, wounded sees the Joker next to him but scoffs at it and proceeds to stand up, saying to himself:


Luxord: "Tch, it appears i was the one, who lost the gamble this time...what a bad joke."


Luxord decided to move onward, intending to still find the Xzu Heartless and eliminate it despite being injured, returning to both Axel and Saix, they comically find Demyx among the Heartless bird nest full of eggs, Axel can't help himself, as he starts to giggle at Demyx's predicament whilst Saix just looks on with a deadpan look, Demyx quietly whispers:


"Not funny Axel! come on guys, get-me-out-of-here! come on! i don't want to be Heartless food!"


said Demyx, during the sentence he was using hand signals.


Saix: "Sigh...Axel, care for some scrambled eggs?"


Axel: "You got it!"


said Axel, summoning his Chakrams and setting them ablaze, Demyx replies:


"Oh thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I PROMISE YOU, YOU WON'T REGRET THIS! YOU WON'T-! r-regret...this...heh, heh heh...nice birdies."


just then, Demyx had noticed behind him the two giant bird like Heartless from before that were chasing him, because he raised his voice, the two Heartless came rushing back to their nest and to make matters worse, the eggs with the Emblem Heartless insignia on them were starting to hatch, meaning only one thing for Demyx...it was chow time for the newborn baby bird Heartless.


Demyx: "OHHH-NOOO!"


shouted out Demyx comically.


Saix: "...Lea, you save Demyx, i'll take care of the birds."


Axel: "Seriously? you know i wanted to have some fun too Isa."


Saix: "Just do it, don't make me repeat myself."


Axel: "All right, all right, i got it memorized, sheesh."


the two proceeded to summon their respective weapons, as Axel went to fight the newborn baby bird Heartless from eating Demyx whilst Saix drove off the parents in a different direction, giving Axel a chance to try and save Demyx, Xeyfer watched not too far away from within the shadows, wondering how things would play out.


Axel: "HEY! over here you big turkeys!"


Axel had drawn the attention of the four hatch-lings.


Axel: "Demyx go, now!"


Demyx: "R-right!"


Axel: "...Now then, anyone up for some spicy chicken wings?"


said Axel, setting his Chakrams on fire, deciding to fight the four giant newborn bird like Heartless in front of him, as Demyx literally flew the coop, Xeyfer commented upon this action:


Xeyfer: "...Camaraderie...from, a Nobody?"


said Xeyfer, Saix not too far away proceeded to battle the parents.


Saix: "...You may have overpowered our number 9 but tell me, do you know, what MY rank is? ...oh, that's right, your Heartless, of course you don't know, you only act on mindless instinct, well then, allow me, to show you in person, just which number, that, I have!"


said Saix, getting serious against his opponents, as one of the parent bird Heartless tries to attack Saix, suddenly, spheres made of water appeared above it and dropped directly below upon its back damaging it, this was revealed to be the work of Demyx, having come to lend Saix a hand.


Demyx: "Okay you overgrown gooses! its payback time! no more running away! I'LL DROWN THE AIR RIGHT OUT OF YOU!"


Demyx, in Saix's eyes for the very first time seemed to be showing both initiative and promise in battle, taking on Heartless bigger then him despite his previous disappoints in the past, Demyx however thought to himself:


Demyx: "Good! now if i do this and show that i'm lending a helping hand, i won't get turned into a Dusk!"


thought Demyx to himself his true reason for helping Saix, the two proceed to work together to fight the parents whilst not too far away back at the nest Axel fights by himself their babies, having already eliminated one of them and moving on to destroy the other three, Xeyfer sees all of the fighting going on and lastly wonders to himself:


Xeyfer: "...Hmm...perhaps, they are not, as weak, as i previously thought."


thought Xeyfer, as Luxord was seen slowly but surely approaching the scene where Axel was fighting, Axel says to the enemies in front of him lastly the words:


Axel: "Let's finish this! we've got a mission to fulfill! all four of us! got it memorized?"


(To be continued.).

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Posted 11 March 2018 - 09:42 PM

Ah, so Xeyfer will be the central focus of this story, huh? Interesting!


Also, all the battles in this chapter have been awesome! I've enjoyed them greatly, and I especially loved the part when Axel and Saix stumbled upon Demyx in the nest! xD That part with Xeyfer and Luxord was intense, too! Excellent work! :D

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Posted 12 March 2018 - 09:26 AM

Xeyfer was originally meant to be a Xehanort vessel candidate but had failed to fill up one of the positions, due to certain reasons that will be revealed within the story.


Luxord: "...I hear fighting nearby, could it be, them?" 


said Luxord, making his way over to where the fighting is currently going on.


Saix and Demyx work together to take on the giant bird Heartless with Saix tapping into his inner strength, using it to perform magic, despite the limitations that have been placed on both him and the other members sent to the Crow's Nest in the form of their Zero Gear, even though Demyx and Axel have been able to use their respective water and fire magic, it is causing them great strain and now Saix, trying to do the same but to a more higher level is struggling to contain the magic power without it backfiring on him, Saix is trying to cast fire magic but has trouble doing so, saying to himself the words:


Saix: "...GAAAA! this...won't stop...me! ...BURN!"


shouted out Saix, he shoots a fireball from the tip of his claymore directly at one of the Heartless only to miss and hit a giant tree instead, Saix again says to himself:


Saix: "...BAH! these limiters...if they continue to get in the way, they will drain our magic completely."


said Saix looking at Demyx, almost completely fatigued from using too much water magic previously in his attack against the two bird Heartless, Demyx says to Saix:


Demyx: "Huff...puff...Saix, let's run! at this rate, we'll be chicken feed for these flamingos!"


Saix: "FOOL! you can run but i will not yield, i have my pride, i will not...fall, down!"


said Saix, preparing to continue fighting the bird Heartless.


(To be continued.).


Did i repeat myself with the sentence about Saix trying to use magic?

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Posted 12 March 2018 - 08:54 PM

No, you're good. This post is clean! :3


Ah, so that's the purpose Xeyfer was originally intended for, eh? Interesting!


Ah, so it looks like Saix may end up unleashing his Berserker mode! How exciting!

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Yeah, he was the first Human test subject by both Xehanort and Braig after Ansem was banished and they tried to fill up one of the seats with Fryee, Xeyfer's original being before being swallowed by Darkness, however they failed and he was instead banished to a World almost completely populated by Heartless that they called the Crow's Nest, they originally intended for him to die there, however, should he have lived and survived the experience, they also had plans for if he survived or not, Fryee is the only person in existence to have given into Darkness and not produce both a Heartless and a Nobody, if he could be compared to anyone, its Vanitas.

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Posted 14 March 2018 - 08:34 PM

Yeah, he was the first Human test subject by both Xehanort and Braig after Ansem was banished and they tried to fill up one of the seats with Fryee, Xeyfer's original being before being swallowed by Darkness, however they failed and he was instead banished to a World almost completely populated by Heartless that they called the Crow's Nest, they originally intended for him to die there, however, should he have lived and survived the experience, they also had plans for if he survived or not, Fryee is the only person in existence to have given into Darkness and not produce both a Heartless and a Nobody, if he could be compared to anyone, its Vanitas.


Oh dang, that's some pretty insightful details into Fryee's origins! That's pretty awesome! How did you come upon the idea for the character? Were you thinking of Vanitas, since you compared him to Vanitas in your last sentence? It's pretty awesome how you managed to create a character that fits seamlessly into the narrative! :D

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Posted 15 March 2018 - 04:19 PM

I was thinking that i wanted to create a Character that would shape-shift into Roxas/Ventus later on but would not be met by Axel, otherwise that would affect Axel's future relationship with Roxas and Axel then remembering Ventus from the past, realizing that there is a connection between the two.


Xeyfer is a special being, like Vanitas was basically the sole "Unversed", Xeyfer is the sole "Doppelganger", he can pass on his traits to others or take on the traits of the other people, when you think about it like that, i just realized just now that the story is heavily based on both Before Crisis and Crisis Core, Xeyfer's character backstory is more or less similar to Angeal Hewley's from the latter FFVII title.

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The World That Never Was-The Castle That Never Was-Twilight's View:


Xaldin: "..."


Xaldin is seen walking up the stairs of Twilight's View until from above, seen speaking to him is a hooded Xigbar, saying to Xaldin the words:


Xigbar: "...Worried for the young'uns? that's so uncharacteristic of a Nobody like yourself, eh Dilan?"


Xaldin: "...Hmph, Xigbar, you speak, as though Nobodies have characteristics to begin with, also, don't dare refer to me with that weakling's name again, that was my former shell, who didn't know what to do with his life, only carry out the orders of old fools like THAT man."


Xigbar: "...Whoa, whoa, whoa! are you sure you want to be disrespecting the old wise man like that? i mean, knowing karma, you could just ended up getting cast back into Darkness for that."


said Xigbar before jumping down and taking off his hood.


Xigbar: "Also, as for the comment about characteristics? why wouldn't we have them? i mean, without them, we wouldn't be able to tell us "Human" Nobodies apart and i for one am grateful that i have got devilishly good looks, unlike either both Vexen or Lexaeus."


Xaldin looks with a deadpan look.


Xaldin: "Have you come to gloat in my face Xigbar or have you actually got something to tell me among all of your mindless nonsense?"


Xigbar: "...Heh heh, do you remember that old experiment both me and Xehanort worked on? you know, the really private one?"


Xaldin: "...What? you mean "The Dume Initiative"? the very first of the official projects that the early Organization started working on? what about it?"


Xigbar: "Its resurfaced."


Xaldin: "What?"


Xigbar: "Come on! you know what i mean! Dume Initiative experimental guinea pig number 0: Fryee, or, the name we gave for him back then: Xeyfer, Xeyfer "The Unsuccessful One"."


Xaldin: "!?!? The Unsuccessful One!?!? that is who!? -"


Xigbar: "That's riiight! see? BINGO! knew you'd catch on quickly! he's the one whose making mince meat out of Saix, Axel, Demyx and Luxord at the Crow's Nest, number 0 himself."


Xaldin: "Why didn't you inform me!?"


Xigbar: "The Superior told me not to, only to relay to you just who is wearing the black coat other then us, i mean after all, back when you were a somebody, you WERE snooping around into the Dume Initiative when you shouldn't have been."


Xaldin: "...Tch!"


Xigbar: "What's that? wait, oh ho ho, don't tell me, is that, why, yes-it-is! its a FROWN! you've got an emotional FROWN upon your face! oh the "shame"! oh the "humanity"! ...ciao!"


Xigbar disappears, Xaldin is left behind saying to himself:


Xaldin: "...Damn you Xigbar, you-you set this all up!"


(To be continued.).

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Posted 15 March 2018 - 10:50 PM

Oh wow, that's very interesting! I'm intrigued by how you came upon the idea of Fryee. He sounds like a character with potential, and I can see why you'd want him to have shape-shited into Ventus, but as you said, it would've conflicted with Axel and retconned what would happen later on, ya know?  But that's interesting, though, about him being able to pass and obtain traits from others! That's a pretty dang awesome power! :D


Also, as for this chapter, it was awesome, and I just love how you nailed Xigbar's sarcastic personality and Xaldin's uncaring attitude! You managed to put them in conversation in a way that was believable to fans of the series and the Organization! Impressive work, man!


Also, Dume Initiative. Did you get Dume from Star Wars Rebels, perchance? ;)