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Final Fantasy XV X Kingdom Hearts Anthology Part III: Lost Among the Stars.

Kingdom Hearts Anthology Kingdom Hearts III Final Fantasy XV

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#1 Iamkingdomhearts1000


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Posted 27 February 2018 - 03:49 AM



...Coming your way Noct!




...Leaving this all up to you Noct!




...Don't get careless Noct!




...Yeah, i know guys, i know...








...Guys, i'm...i'm sorry...






suddenly, like a fly on a windshield, something crashes into the Gummi Ship on its way towards Olympus Coliseum, Sora, Donald and Goofy are both befuddled and dumbfounded, as to what appeared on the front window of the Gummi Ship and WHAT do they find? ...a black haired young man sticking his tongue on the windscreen whilst in agony, Sora says upon this sort of predicament the words:


"...Uh...well, that's new, huh guys?"


said Sora with both Donald and Goofy nodding their heads in union.


suddenly, the following words appear in Caps Lock onscreen:






...Numen Astrum Quaero...


in turn followed by a message in smaller letters:


"The Divine Star Search...begins."


afterwards, a trailer plays that says:


"Noctis, Lucis, Caelum, the true king of kings, has entered our World and during his time here, must he find his way back to his own, aiding him are Sora, Donald and Goofy, upon meeting each other do they team up with one another after hearing Noctis' story, Sora and co, not finding it within themselves to simply abandon their new friend, decide to help the one true king get back to his own World and not too far away from the Gummi Ship, do they spot an entirely new World, seemingly populated with life, hoping that this is the World Noctis comes from, the four travel there with vim and vigor, as Noctis is all to eager to return back to his friends, his family, his...but then, upon arriving..."


game-play bits are then shown of Sora, Donald and Goofy fighting alongside Noct on his home-world of Eos against Heartless that resemble the local variety of the monsters that live in Noct's World that he normally combats against during his adventure in Final Fantasy XV, cutscenes are then shown with Sora and the others meeting Noct's companions, however...


Prompto: "Huh? who's Noct? i don't know anyone by that name."


Noctis: "H-Huh!? your joking, right Prompto? if so, this isn't funny! come on man, don't you remember me-"


Gladiolus: "Hey, ease up on the kid, otherwise, i might have to get ruff with you."


Noctis: "Gladio not you too! oi! Iggy! say something!"


Ignis: "Iggy? i sure hope you are not referring to me of all people."


Noctis: "Why wouldn't why!? your Iggy! Ignis Stupeo Scientia!"


Ignis: "!? Where did you hear that name from!? are you--"


???: "Come, come now, calm down young Ignis, its clear to me that the boy has heard of you and has done his research, he is merely, an enthusiastic fan, is all, hehe."


Noctis: "...!?!? YOU! YOU'RE--"


just then, appearing out of the Regalia, the royal car for the royal bloodline of Lucis and those belonging to it is none other...then Ardyn Izunia! who Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis all bow down to, with the latter lastly saying the words:


"Of course, your majesty..."


said Ignis, greatly shocking and especially horrifying Noctis, as Sora, Donald and Goofy look on, dumbfounded by the turn of events, more game-play bits are shown, including a two man combo involving both Sora and Noctis working together, fighting against all of the Heartless surrounding them, they are then seen running through the giant wild-lands of Eos surrounding the barren area located near the garage pit stop Hammerhead, as another cutscene is shown:


Noctis: "Let me guess, Cindy, you don't remember me either..."


Cindy: "Hmm...nope, can't say that i do, although, you look real cute for a handsome cutie pie like yourself."


Noctis blushes a bit with Sora playfully elbowing him in the rib, as Noct tries to get Sora to knock it off, leaving both Donald and Goofy to simply laugh happily at the turn of events, Cindy next replies with the following words, offering Noctis a bit of advice:


"I wouldn't worry too much though, things that usually get lost always come running back in the end, am i right? or am i right?"


said Cindy, as she gives a playful wink, Noctis looking bashful, as Sora listens on before beating on his chest with his fist, saying in reply towards Cindy's comment:


Sora: "Uh-huh! you got it! even when we lose some of our most precious and cherished Memories, in the end, they will always come back, so long, as we remember them, right Noct?"


said Sora, Noctis was surprised by Sora's comment before pausing for a moment and then nodding his head in agreement, saying towards Sora:


"...Yeah, your right, Sora, thanks..."


the last few bits of game-play are shown, showing Sora wielding a Keyblade based on the shape of Noctis' Engine Blade with the Regalia, as its Keychain, using this Keyblade, Sora performs attacks similar and identical to that of Noctis' teleportation techniques until finally, he transforms his Keyblade into a invisible like crystal clear sword surrounded by 12 other weapons of different kinds that he ultimately unleashes devastating combos upon a giant Heartless with modeled after the FFXV version of Leviathan, having flooded the entire area in surrounding water, the last cutscene is shown with Sora being confronted by Ardyn, saying to the former:


Ardyn: "So, you wish to help the hapless king return to his dirtied throne of emptiness? you are best finding yourself a new friend, my dear boy."


Sora: "Shut up! Noct's my friend! i'll never abandon him! he would never abandon and forget us so why would we forget him? your a liar and a phony! give Noct's friends their Hearts back!"


???: "...But what if they don't want their Hearts back? what if, they are simply, better off?"


Sora turns around to see a man in a Black Coat, the trailer ends there with the title:


Final Fantasy XV X Kingdom Hearts III Prologus: Numen Astrum Quaero.


followed by a tagline:


"Hunting for Memories...is never easy."


a last bit of footage shows Sora, Donald and Goofy driving alongside Noct in his Regalia around the wastelands surrounding Hammerhead with the king of kings at the helm of his proud and mighty majestic vehicle's steering wheel.


Sora lastly says onscreen:


"Hey hey! Noct! can i drive yet!?"


said Sora with Noctis lastly replying with the words:


"Umm...you don't have a license yet, do you?"


the trailer ends.


(What does everyone think of the premise? is it hopefully good :]?).

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#2 Salve-SiS

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Posted 27 February 2018 - 05:36 PM

It's interesting. Sora and Noctis friendship is always a good thing.

#3 Iamkingdomhearts1000


    Reconnect. ReMIX.

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Posted 01 March 2018 - 05:08 PM

It's interesting. Sora and Noctis friendship is always a good thing.


:], Now following is the actual story, hope you enjoy reading :], right then, ahem:


"...Olympus Coliseum, here we come!"


said Sora, Donald and Goofy, as they started headed out on their third and seemingly possible final journey across the Worlds in order to find both VII Guardians of Light and the Key to Return Hearts, all the while in the attempt to finally stop the evil Master Xehanort and his XIII Seekers of Darkness from bringing about the apocalypse and starting a 2nd Keyblade War...




"...Unharmed by the Light. The Chosen King indeed..."


said a mysterious yet manipulative sinister voice, as it spoke to someone, someone of great importance, saying the words:


"Allow me, to regale you, with a tale..."


"In an age, long past...an incurable scourge ravaged mankind..."


"A tiny menace...that twisted men, into monsters...The likes of which, you've seen."


"In...Lucis...lived a saviour, that could, cure, the afflicted..."


"His body, would come to host myriad daemons...that countless lives, be spared..."


"...But...a jealous king one not yet chosen by the Crystal...ostracized and demonized this healer of the people..."


"...Making...a true, monster of him."


"...I gave you my name earlier but you should know that it was not the name given to me at birth-"














"That, is my proper name: Ardyn, Lucis, Caelum...heretic pretender king to the throne and...your ancestor, dear Noct."


"You should know the truth by now, deep within your very blood, your very bones, your very, Heart...come, dear prince Noctis of the kingdom of Lucis, remember...remember, ME!!!!"


"ARDYN!!!! GAH!!!!"


suddenly, appearing on the screen of the Gummi Ship with his tongue sticking out was a very unfamiliar young man to both Sora and friends, as Sora lastly says upon seeing this man the words:


"WHOA! ...uh...well...that's new, huh guys?"


said Sora, as nodding their heads together both in agreement were Donald and Goofy with the three looking on at the young man, still hurting from having bashed straight into the Gummi Ship.


Chapter I: Lost Among the Stars.


After helping the stranger inside the Gummi, everyone started introducing themselves with the young man starting off:


NOCTIS: "...Thanks, you guys...i really owe you one."


said Noctis, Sora replied:


SORA: "Aw its no biggie, sorry about crashing into you...uh, Noctis was it?"


said Sora, Noctis replied himself in turn, saying the words:


NOCTIS: "Yeah, that's right, Noctis Lucis Caelum, at your humble service, so, who are you thr--OH MY GOD!"


suddenly, Noctis was shocked, Sora quickly replied:


SORA: "GEH! WHAT! what is it!? is something wrong!?!?"


said Sora, Noctis proceeded to reply:


NOCTIS: "There's...a giant duck, right in front of me, wearing clothes, also a giant...whatever it is, also in clothes..."


said Noctis, Donald took this, as an insult and angrily replied saying:


DONALD: "Hey! what do you mean by that!?!?"


said Donald, Noctis gasped, saying:






said Donald angrily, getting his feathers ruffled in a bunch, Goofy stopped him from getting angry towards Noctis who, understanding that he has never seen the likes of both Donald and Goofy himself before, says to the young man:


GOOFY: "Aw don't take Donald too seriously, he knows you don't mean anything by it, anyways, nice to meet you Noctis, i'm Goofy! please to meet ya!"


said Goofy cheerfully, Noctis replied awkwardly towards Goofy:


NOCTIS: "R-right..."


said Noctis before thinking to himself inside of his head:


NOCTIS: "Great, now a great big huge talking mascot is...uh, well, "talking", to me, seriously...who are these guys?"


said Noctis, getting lost in the confusion of everything, Sora brings him back out of it by asking Noctis a question:


SORA: "So Noctis, how did you wind up in the Lanes Between? we don't see anyone normally do that...!? wait! could it be, that you had a run in with Organization XIII!?"


said Sora, Noctis replied:


NOCTIS: "Organization...XIII? what's that? some kind of rock band or something?"


said Noctis, Sora was a bit taken aback by Noctis' comment before proceeding to tell Noctis the whole backstory of Organization XIII, the Nobodies, the Heartless and basically Sora's overall adventures across the Worlds with both Donald and Goofy, after hearing their huge tale, Noctis replies:


NOCTIS: "W-wow...that's...some huge tale there alright, other Worlds? seriously? i thought that was just a made up fairy tale my dad used to tell me when i was kid, he said that out there, in the cosmos, there were other Worlds and on those other Worlds were there full of different kinds of beings, cultures, you name it, unlike us, that have our culture of the Crystal legend of Lucis, the culture surrounding those other Worlds was that of a legendary untold war, said to be kept secret so that those in pursuit of knowledge would never learn about it, less they were to get power mad, ! wait! i take it? ..."


said Noctis, Sora proceeded to sternly summon the Keyblade and reveal that part of the story, as well, upon hearing more of Sora's explanation, Noctis replied by saying:


NOCTIS: "...So...basically you guys are trying to recruit more people to your cause in stopping this old loony named Xehanort before he can cause doomsday on your side of the galaxy?"


said Noctis, Sora replied:


SORA: "...Yeah, that's pretty much it, we need to find VII Guardians of Light and a so called Key to Return Hearts if we want to bring our friends back and stop Xehanort before he can make all of us out here and there sad."


said Sora, looking down towards the ground in depression, as Donald and Goofy place their hands on his shoulders, feeling the depth and weight of how Sora feels about everything...Noctis upon seeing Sora's expression also looks down towards the ground in depression, clutching a fist and saying to the three of them:


NOCTIS: "...Wanting, to help your friends, huh? that's...exactly how i feel..."


said Noctis, recalling visual images of the last times he saw his closest friends: Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus, the last time Noctis saw them were they all fighting for his sake so that he could obtain the Crystal so that in turn he could help them for their sake, Noctis, feeling that he and Sora relate to one another almost says to the fellow young man the words:


NOCTIS: "...Hey, don't worry kid, if anyone can save everyone, i believe that YOU can, Sora, trust me, you seem like the dependable guy of sorts that will never let anybody down, if you ever need help on your quest, i'm here to help, you have the royal blade of Lucis on your side, Sora..."


upon hearing Noctis' words, Sora is surprised but then shows his iconic smile towards Noctis and shakes his hand, saying to him lastly the words:


SORA: "...Heh, thanks, Noctis...hey! wait a minute! what do you mean "dependable guy of sorts"!? ...! wait, did you just say "royal blade of Lucis"? ...huh? oh man, i feel like my head is going to explode..."


said Sora, comically getting dizzy all of a sudden, as Noctis lastly says towards Sora the words:


NOCTIS: "...Uh, hey, are you...alright? it looks like you got brain freeze or something."


said Noctis, noting Sora's unique character, namely his..."certain perchance" to keep up with everything, as both Donald and Goofy merely laughed at Sora and even Noctis, noticing that the two are kind of similar.


(To be continued.).


(What does everyone think so far :]?).

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#4 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 10:29 PM

Nice, nice, another anthology, eh? I have to say, you are on fire, man! I am loving these stories that you're dishing out! This one seems like an intriguing premise, and it takes place smack dab in the middle of KHIII's prologue! This should be very interesting! Love how you melded together the characters of XV into KHIII like that, pretty epic stuff! :D

Edited by The Transcendent Key, 08 March 2018 - 10:29 PM.