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Where the Apple Falls: ReMix (Roleplay)

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#1 Aqua7KH


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Posted 10 January 2018 - 01:46 PM

(firetruck I can’t think tonight. Anyhow, we’re gonna start with all the Badlands kids leaving the Badlands, but in order to not make this last like two months real time like last time we’re just gonna sorta rush it.)

The day started off just like any normal day in town: the fog cleared up, the morning dew dried on the leaves. It was winter vacation, so students were enjoying being on break from studies. The town decided this was a perfect time to move the Badlands kids over instead of waiting for Summer. Everything was prepared, so there was no time to loose.
“All aboard!” Shouted an almost incoherent gurgling voice as a duck only known as Donald Duck sat at a boat docked on the Badlands. He out of all people were sent to pick up the kids. It’s not that he didn’t want to, well he didn’t, but the main reason was that he wanted to take the day to relax. He already had enough of teaching the spoiled brats back at the academy, but now he had to herd new ones too.
“Blaise- hurry it up I don’t want to be late!” Grumbled the duck.
A young adult with red hair smiled softly as she finished tying the rope down to the docks. The child of Axel had volunteer to help with the arrival of the new students- she wanted to give everyone a warm welcome after all. It took a while to convince her father to go, but she did it nonetheless. Muffling a cough in her sleeve, Blaise nodded and stood at the entrance to great the newcomers and their parents alike. She held up a sign, happily waiting for the students to arrive.
“Donald we have to wait for them to arrive either way. Just relax before you ruffle your feathers.” She replied with a chuckle. The duck only screamed in frustration, blowing a gasket at the steering wheel.
“You kids are so disrespectful- what is wrong with this generation!? Walking around like you all own the place with your new gadgets and fancy haircuts- when I was a duckling if I acted even a tiny bit the way you kids acted...” he kept on and on in his rant, causing Blaise to shake her head as she leaned against a beam of wood while she waited.


Meanwhile, a young girl named Marina giggled as she slowly snuck into the room of her parents; Aqua and Terra. It was a Sunday, so most adults that morning were sleeping in a few hours later than usual. Crawling on all fours, she snuck up to the foot of her parent’s bed before suddenly throwing herself ontop of her father.
“Daddy daddy it’s morning and mommy said to wake up!” She chimed, latching her arms and legs around her father like a koala. “Wake up Daddy!”


A groan echoed throughout his room as a young man by the name of Dexter woke up to the sound of his phone going off. With a grumble he looked over to his clock: seven in the morning. What kind of human being is up at seven in the morning on a Sunday? Checking his phone, Dexter sighed in aggravation to see some dumb notifications from his games. Like he really needed to be reminded that he got all his AP back. His Union probably got last place in the rankings anyway.
With a grumble, Dexter turned in his bed and attempted to go back to sleep.

#2 Stardustblade358



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Posted 10 January 2018 - 02:49 PM

- Vita & Maverik -

"All this time and you're still annoying." A voice spoke. Walking towards the dock, was Vanitas, now a grown man of his own right as he held a suitcase. By his side, his one and only daughter, Vita, carrying a backpack as her staff was holstered on her hip as she looked up at the boat. The sand of the Badlands contrasted the sands of the mainlands, though being just as soft, being a much darker, almost black color, making the clear water seem just as dark. Any sea shells that managed to arrive were rare and colorful, and didn't last long as locals were quick to pick something so pretty found in a place considered so barren. "That boat doesn't seem too safe." Vita whispered, holding her father's hand. Vanitas looked down at her. "Looks can be deceiving." He said, turning back to Blaise and Donald as he stepped up. "I came to volunteer in handling the children." Vanitas offered, his sharp eyes glancing down at Donald and then at Blaise. With the years came maturity, and for the moment, even when his gaze could kill, he seemed calm and nonthreatening for the moment. He turned to his daughter, gently gesturing Vita forward. "This is my daughter, Vita." Vanitas said. Vita waved at Donald and Blaise. "Nice to meet you." She said, smiling as she gave a small bow to the two. Vita smiled at Blaise, happy to see someone around her age from the mainland, before walking off and deciding to take one of the empty seats. Vanitas watched Vita for a few moments, before turning to the two, specifically, Donald. "Is it alright with you for me to volunteer? Unless, of course, you are sure of your abilities in handling a bunch of teenagers. Seems like you have experience with that so far." He asked, a tad bit a sass in his question, but other than that, no threat. Suddenly, from behind, another voice. A rather loud one. "I'M HERE!" In came running Maverik, smiling as he carried a backpack on his shoulders while dragging a suitcase behind him. Vanitas pursed his lips, looking rather annoyed at the loud child, but didn't say anything, instead just glared at him. Maverik didn't seem to notice, or even care about Vanitas and his gaze, as he ran up right onto the boat, waving. "Hello! I'm Maverik. This is the boat for the program, right?" He asked, reaching out his hand to shake hands with Donald, and then with Blaise. "I should be on the list. Is there even a list? Well, whatever." Maverik said with a slight shrug. "You are Maleficent's child, are you not?" Vanitas asked. Maverik nodded. "Yup, that's me. Though she didn't want to come. That's fine, though! She's boring anyways!" Maverik said as he pushed his suitcase in the baggage area before beginning to explore around, deciding to take a seat right in the front of the ship, where he could see the ocean. "Charming." Vanitas said, turning to Donald. "As I was asking."

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#3 rikunobodyxiii


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Posted 10 January 2018 - 10:47 PM

{Azra, Annistha & Zather}
As Maverik exploded onto the scene, Azra lurked in his wake, a back pack and duffle on his shoulders. He eyed Blaise closely, but said nothing. His father had spoken several times about his former friend Axel. Was this his offspring? Odd that he would volunteer to come here. Azra paused a moment to take stock of the other two denizens of the Badlands that were shipping off with him. Maverik made sense. He was a troublemaker and doubtless his mother was sending him as part of a plan, the scheming witch. Vita was a surprise, though. Azra knew she and her father were very close. That he would agree to let her go was not what the teenager expected.
With the moment reflection on his fellow travelers over, The Moon Wolf started for Donald Duck, but saw he was preoccupied with Vanitas. Azra' face tightened briefly, then he turned to Blaise.
"Are you one of the people to report to on this vessel?" He asked the red headed youth, his voice level and calm.

Just up the pier, another two passengers arrived escorted by their parents.
"I see they spared no expense." Zather commented sourly, looking at the boat with obvious distaste.
"What did you expect, grumpy face?" Annistha responded, playfully punching her brother on the arm. "They'd have a cruise liner to pick us up?"
"At least y'all got Donald." The Twin's mother, Oni, said encouragingly. "His nephews are old enough to make this trip."
A tap on each of their shoulders got the twins to turn around, where they were met by their father kneeling down. Kuri smiled at them, but they could see traces of sadness in his eyes.
"Y'all got everything?" He asked. "Packed your tooth brushes? And who's got my package?"
"I got mine!" Annistha answered promptly. "Even made sure Zather got his."
The Dark Twin have his sister a "gee thanks" look before answering their father.
"I've got the package, Dad." He replied, tapping a pocket. "And I'll turn it over when I see him. Think he'll really show?"
Kuri smiled broadened.
"Oh, I guarantee it." He said. "I know how his mind works."
Oni knelt down beside Kuri, she too smiled at her children, but there were a few tears in her eyes.
"I'm gonna miss you two." She said softly, hunting her kids close. "What are y'all suppose to do?"
"Watch each other's back." The twins said in unison as the hugged their mother back. A few tears trickled down Annistha's checks.
"You two got this." Kuri added in, joining the family hug. "Stick together and you got nothing to worry about. We love you so much."
The hug broke up with three/fourths of the family whipping away tears. Zather had his jaw tightened, glaring at nothing. When his father placed a hand on his shoulder, he stiffened.
"Zather, I know you don't like this, and frankly your mother and me don't blame you." Kuri began.
"But we are here for a reason." Oni continued. "We made our choices and found our place. But you two aren't bound to the same fate."
"You both have a lot of potential." The twins' father picked back up. "You should be free to explore all your options. Just remember, no matter where you end up, even if you come back here, that we are proud of you and love you."
Zather's body relaxed though he still looked angry. He nodded his understanding. Kuri and Oni shared a look, both of them hoping that one day their son would forgive them for this. Annistha, feeling the emotional turmoil from the rest of her family, placed a hand on her brother's shoulder.
"Chin up, Zath." The Light Twin said, trying to inject some happiness into the situation. "This is the beginning of an adventure, just like the stories Mom and Dad told us about."
"Okay, okay!" Zather exclaimed, rolling his eyes. "I get it. Can we move past this touchy feely stuff? I'm gonna have to be around the people watching this."
Kuri, Oni, and Annistha laughed. With kisses all around, the Twins marched shoulder to shoulder to the boat as their parents watched as they held hands.
When the twins were about to board the boat, Annistha leapt onto the deck and struck a pose.
"Avast! Who capt'ns this fine vessel?" She asked in a bad pirate impression.
Zather faceplamed. This had to be a new record.
"We already know who it is, Annistha." He said as his hand slid down his face. "Just talk to the Duck."

The morning found the oldest Villiers child finishing a work out routine. She was pummeling a punching back to work out the anger she still felt at missing the boat to go get those kids from the Badlands. It would have been fun and she could get a head start at getting to know the new guys. She was excited about helping them become the good people she was sure they were at their core. At least Blaise went.
After a few more punches, Val stopped and closed her eyes. She had to let this go and just get ready for the arrival. What she really needed right now was breakfast. Yeah, that would make her feel better. After post workout stretching, she wandered into the house, hoping Mom was cooking pancakes.

#4 Mystics Apprentice

Mystics Apprentice

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 12:29 PM



The morning was unusually quiet with Dad out of the house.  Fiona tiptoed down the hall in stocking feet and pajamas, the only faint sounds being water running in the kitchen and music blasting from the other room.


Probably Val, Fiona thought to herself as she entered the kitchen.  She thought that she was silent, but apparently not silent enough to not be detected by her mom's ears.


"Why, good morning, sunshine," Serah, her mom, piped, rinsing dishes under the sink as something sizzled in the waffle maker--most presumably waffles.


"G'morning," Fiona mumbled, strolling over to the waffle iron to inspect it.  "Are they blueberry?"


"Hmm?" Curiously Serah turned her head, as though confused by Fiona's question.  Her eyes then shifted to the waffle maker and caused her to laugh.  "Oh, no, no.  Danny is allergic and I don't like keeping things he can't eat in the house.  They're just plain."




Fiona sat at the kitchen table, studying the pile of mail that sat atop it.  On the top was a newspaper.  Normally these wouldn't catch Fiona's interest, but the headline news was about the children arriving from the Badlands that day.  She scooped it up and began studying it.


She was doing this until Val entered the kitchen, to which she turned her head and offered her a wide smile and big wave.  "Did you beat 'em up?" she asked enthusiastically.




It was Sunday, and any normal person would still be sleeping at this hour.  Not Nora, however.  Her mind was far too preoccupied to sleep.  She lied on her stomach, fully dressed, trying to read a novel when in truth her mind was on other things.  Chiefly the children from the Badlands.  She thought it was indeed a good decision to give them a second chance.  After all, what had the done wrong, been born?  It didn't seem fair at all to judge children based off the wrongdoings of their parents whatsoever.  In fact, she was slightly appalled that they had been doing so until the new law that had been passed.


What would it have been like if she were one of them?  The thought ate at her a lot, especially since both her parents didn't have the most clean of pasts.  They were not always heroes, whether by choice or not, and had things gone differently she could've been the child desperate for a second chance and not live in the shadow of her parents' ill actions.  This thought plagued her, perhaps more than it should've.


She heard the sound of Dex's phone coming from the neighboring room, which caused her to frown and glance at the clock.  It was way to early for him to be up; what in the world was he doing?  Nora rolled off the bed and strolled down the hall to rap her knuckles softly on Dex's door, in case their parents were still sleeping.


"Hey, Dex?" she said softly through the crack.  "You're up, right?"

#5 Sabre Lily

Sabre Lily

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Posted 14 January 2018 - 10:35 AM


The shout would have woken her, if she hadn't been body-slammed. She yelped as a familiar body pinned her down briefly, before rolling off. She groaned. "Ciiiiid." She complained, sitting up. Her covers crumpled around her hips, and she looked at the blonde that was sitting cross-legged at the foot of her bed. She groaned and rubbed her eyes, before yelping and hugging herself. "H-HEY!"


Cid rolled her eyes. "Lux. We're girls."


Sighing, she hopped off the bed, before turning to ruffle her hair. "Your mom had to go early to the docks. She asked me to come early."


Cid adjusted her trademark hat, and headed for the door. "I brought breakfast."


Downstairs, she had brought some pancakes and was reheating them on the stove. Lux, in some fresh clothes, was now trudging downstairs. Kicking her shoes a bit to get them to fit better, she tugged the front of her skirt down as she stepped, then sat down at the kitchen table. Still sleepy, it took her a bit to register the food and began eating. "Please tell me you are using the car."

"I'd rather not advertise your panty style."


Cid rolled her eyes. "No, I just know you'll blush." She stabbed her stack of pancakes, ripping apart the buttery goodness. "Those new kids are coming." She said softly. "You going to be okay?" She looked up at her friend. Lux was a meek, easily scared girl...and Cid knew it would be hard.

"I...I know." She whispered. Luxanna had known, especially since her mother was currently the security.


Cid didn't press. Letting her finish, Cid did the dishes as Lux got her things, and soon the door was locked and they were off. Cid's sports car was pretty cool, and she had put it together herself...and Lux had to admit, Cid was pretty cool.

She looked out at the sea...soon.

Things might get crazy.



Meanwhile at the docks, Lightning was leaning against her Patrol SUV, waiting. Mayor Moogle liked making her waste time and wait. The little jerk and his condescending kupos...

#6 TheKeyofRose


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Posted 14 January 2018 - 04:45 PM

(I felt inspired by VN's so I wrote this as if I was reading one, I'll admit though this is sorta just an opening post of his far more interaction will obviously happen in my next one.)

Perhaps it was because he had to wake up early in the morning? Perhaps because he felt a semi debt to that one time when he was far younger and had caused issues? Well, no matter it didn't matter the boy was rather content currently, he had volunteered to help for this little outing and task something he found himself doing a lot often 'Volunteering to help' that is. That didn't mean he wasn't for when he had the time put his nose into a book or two.

Something he certainly got from his mother, today was 'Loveless' last week it had been something written by an Edgar Allen Poe? Usually, he'd be studying or practicing magic but neither was exactly going to be done soon what with the transfer of people to the Islands from the Badlands. He had no issue or qualms with it something his father beat into his head so he didn't end up making the same mistakes he supposed.

Who was the boy though? Well who other than the offspring of Terra and Aqua 'Zauber' the eldest the other being her sister, who he'd usually at this time be making sure wasn't causing absolute havoc but he imagined his mom could handle it, for the most part, he let out an audible chuckle in amusement at the thought if only because it semi-amused him.

Probably an indication of his age, in all honesty, he was far more mature and honestly if you asked him who he was more sociable with, his parents would usually be the answer not to say he didn't feed his little sister any attention he certainly did practically made sure of it had he been older he would have probably spoiled her more and more.

Not to say she wasn't a troublemaker but what kid wasn't these days? His senses went off rather fast  interrupting his thought, people were arriving which meant he needed to be focused honestly he had volunteered to keep people out of trouble and today could be extremely important for him he had been striving to be a peacekeeper of sorts for a while and today could prove to be a good day that he was ready.

Just don't let any fights or trouble happen and today will go without a hitch he thought to himself, closing his book as he looked up watching the people interact for the most remaining quiet, he noted the faces of what could easily be familiar 'Vanitas' was certainly one it disgruntled him a bit to be in a presence of someone that had caused issues for his parents in the olden days, but as was beaten into his head don't judge people for the past judge them for what they are in the present.

Thus he remained perfectly calm, watching the inhabitants but making no moves to interact with anyone he wasn't social anyone that knew him knew that it was only at least a few months ago that he started to be far more active in the social arena, truth was he was just shy he found more solace in the familiar or books but things he didn't know or people he didn't know nerved him.

That was just human through the unknown will always be unnerving until it's known.

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#7 rikunobodyxiii


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Posted 15 January 2018 - 04:56 PM

"That punching bag will never threaten us again!" Val replied to her younger sister in a mock serous tone before breaking into a chuckle.
She plopped down in a chair and took a big gulp of water from a bottle. She really needed a shower, but the smell of food was reminding her how hungry she was.
"Smells great, Mom." She said in an appreciative tone.
To distract herself from the time difference between her and future her who was eating, Val looked over at what Fiona was reading.
"Oh, is that about the Badlands kids?" She asked. "Any new word?"

#8 Stardustblade358



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Posted 15 January 2018 - 08:57 PM

- Vita & Maverik -

Months ago...


"Second Change Teenager Program?" Vanitas read the paper out loud, before looking up at his daughter, Vita. "Yeah. They came to school to talk to us about it today." Vita explained, watching anxiously as she saw her parents read over the given brochure. Apparently, the mainland had decided to give a chance to the children of the Bad Lands. Offering a program for them to live and study in the mainland, and gain new experiences. What were they playing at? "Is it safe?" Vita's mother asked. "Yeah! I mean, it should be, and it's sponsored by the officials of the island, so..." Vita explained, playing with a string of her hair. Vanitas glanced back down at the brochure, and then back at his wife, and then back at Vita. "Think we can talk about it, your mother and I?" "Go ahead and wash up for dinner, alright dear?" Vita nodded, hurrying off to her room up the stairs. Vanitas sighed, looking down at the brochure. The two stood in silence for a few moments, before Vanitas spoke up. "I think we should allow it." Vita's mother looked over. "It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, isn't it? But...will she be able to fit in?" She asked. Vanitas huffed at the thought. Vita was considered to be normal here. But in mainland standards? It was a complete guess. Not only that, but her powers would stand out as well. The bullying concern was definitely there. "I...I think she'll be alright." Vanitas looked up. "She's growing up. The world won't coddle her, and she has to learn to stand up for herself. No training that I can give her can teach her that lesson. She has to learn it herself. Besides...this is something worth the try. Xehanort screwed me up big time, and I've done many things that I cannot reverse or fix. Vita has a new start. She deserves better." Vanitas insisted, staring down at the brochure. Maybe with this, she'll get the chance of a life free of the stigma of the Bad Lands. New beginning.


"A program from the mainland?" Maleficent stared down at the brochure handed to her by her son, Maverik. "Yeah. They're going to accept students to go study abroad at the mainland! It looks really fun. I really want to go." Maverik insisted, smiling at his mother. Maleficent looked down at the brochure with distain. "Sounds like nonsense to me." "It's not! Come on, mom! I really want to go! I can learn so much!" Maverik insisted, crossing his arms. "You can study here. You need to also focus on your training. You have to move onto the next level of your training." "Well, too bad! Cause I already signed up!" "You what?!" Maleficent stood up, menacingly looking down at Maverik, who didn't back down. "I signed up. They're already going to send the paperwork!" Maverik said. "What are you thinking?! Attending school in the mainland! That is-That is-!" Maleficent suddenly paused, her eyes widening momentarily before slowly smirking. "...brilliant." "What?" "It's brilliant! We are forbidden from stepping foot onto the island, but you-" Maleficent grabbed Maverik's shoulders. "You can! You can enter the mainland and create the paths that we can't-" Maverik suddenly shook his mother's hands off him. "No." Maverik said, looking away. "We're not doing this! You're not ruining this for me!" Maverik hissed, walking away. "Maverik darling-!" "I really want this mom!" Maverik turned to his mother, saddened. "This could be my one and only chance to go to the mainland. I don't want to waste it. Please, mom." Maverik asked. Maleficent paused, before gently rubbing his cheeks. "Very well. I can see this means a lot to you...I'm sorry my dear." She said, her tone soft and welcoming. She opened her arms for a hug, and though hesitant, Maverik hugged her. "Thanks mom." "Of course. As long as you're happy."


Maverik ran back, seeing the twins walk up. He waved at them, hurrying over. "Anni! Zather!" Maverik said, waving at the two as he approached. "Are you guys ready? I'm so excited!" Maverik asked, looking up at Vanitas and then at Vita. "What about you, Vita?!" Maverik asked. "I'm excited." Vita said, holding to her dad's hand still. Vanitas stared down at Maverik, staring at him for a moment. "Did you eat sugar before coming here?" "Yeah! How did you know?!" "Lucky guess."

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#9 Aqua7KH


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Posted 16 January 2018 - 12:43 PM

-Donald and Blaise-
Blaise was excited to see all of the kids arrive. She wanted to make th best first impression to welcome them into the mainlands. Her father had drilled into her head to be weary, but Blaise wanted to give her new potential friends a chance. What their parents did was in the past... it was time for everyone to make their own future as the next generation.
“Hey Vita, I’m Blaise.” She said with a smile, reaching out a hand to shake hers. “It’s really cool to meet you. You’re going to have a lot of fun on the Mainlands.”
Vanitas had stepped forward to volunteer to help, which Donald immediately started quacking in frustration.
“Absolutely not!” He quacked, causing Blaise to turn around and hold his beak together.
“Donald is just a bit stressed out this morning... having you on board would be a lot of help!” Blaise said with a nervous chuckle.
Donald smacked Blaise’s had away with his wing, grumbling as he looked over to the now older Vanitas.
“Fine! Only because you seem like you can handle these kids.” Donald huffed. He looked around the boat, and began to squawk upon not seeing the other volunteer that was to help with the ship.
“Zauber! Get up here and help!”
Some more children began to arrive, causing Blaise to to excuse herself to welcome the other children aboard. She had a clipboard in her hands, to which she already crossed Vita on the list.
“Hey guys! I’m Blaise, please go in line in front of me so I can check everyone in. Make sure you have everything that you need!” Azra approached her first, to which Blaise happily nodded and looked down at her clipboard.
“Yeah.” She flipped through some papers on the board, nodding at Azra. “Are you Azra? It’s cool to meet you. You’re all checked in so you can get right on the ship and find a seat. Also... just ignore the angry quacking coming from the front of the boat.”

Dexter pressed his face into his pillow, sighing softly when he heard a knock on his door. He presumed it was his father bothering him.
“Ughhhh what, dad-“ he paused, chuckling when he saw Nora’s concerned face. It was so like her to check up on him. Dexter absolutely loved his older sister. They were very close, and Dexter couldn’t ask for a better older sister. He could talk to her about anything.
“Yeah, I’m up. My stupid phone kept buzzing. You’re always awake this early though.” Dexter rolled out of bed and opened his door to let his sister in.
“All of the new kids are coming today... I think mom and dad are really nervous about it.”

#10 TheKeyofRose


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Posted 16 January 2018 - 01:35 PM

The boy smiled softly, at the quacking "Calm down Donald, I hardly doubt anyone is going to be causing trouble a few deep breaths in and out could do you some good." He said his tone of voice was soft as water yet still as hard as the earth itself, his looks were a dead give way to whose child he was blue hair was not common after all. "Ah, welcome all of you I'm Zauber just take a seat and enjoy the ride, it's fine if you don't though what with Donald driving our boat." The last part was a joke small attempt to make people feel comfortable.

Assuredly to annoy the duck no doubt though, credit where credit was due he'd put the whole blame on Uncle Ventus for that if need be, he took his position leaning against the boat as he looked over the kids hearing names remembering them. It was a good idea these were the people he'd be interacting with once the break was over for the most part which meant getting to know them.

First impressions were the best, they had things stacked against them and if they seemed friendly enough he'd help in stacking the deck in their favor while on the mainland, after all, other people weren't as kind he knew that much.

#11 Stardustblade358



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Posted 16 January 2018 - 05:54 PM

Vita shook Blaise's hand, smiling. "Nice to meet you." Vita looked up at Zauber, laughing at his statement of Donald. She slowly let go of her father's hand, deciding to go ahead and find a seat in the boat. Vanitas didn't really respond to Donald's outrage very much, just raising his eyebrow slightly as he watched the young kid having to hold his beak shut to convince him otherwise. He frowned slightly, but then again, he didn't blame him. "I mean no harm or trouble. I just want to make sure that the boat arrives to the mainland safe...and in one piece." Vanitas assured, glancing over as he watched the kids board the ship, his gaze falling on Maverik for a few moments before turning back to Blaise, and the other child, Zauber. His blue hair was a dead giveaway of who's child he was from, Vanitas tensing momentarily before sighing. No grudges, no fights, none of that crap. Not today. He was too tired for any of it. Years of coming to terms with many, many things, learning to control his emotions, he didn't need to have it all fall because of a very annoying duck. "I'm Vanitas. It's nice to meet you two." Vanitas said, giving them a smile in hopes to ease the tension. Truth be told, he was glad he was allowed to at the very least join the first trip. Leaving Vita alone in the mainland was worrying enough, even when he had full confidence in her. At least seeing her arrive in one piece could put him at ease for the day. "Right. I can help with anything heavy, if needed." Vanitas said, looking over at Maverik, who was already taking pictures for his own amusement. "Maverik. Sign in." Vanitas called, familiar with Maleficent's child. Quite the cheerful that one. Troublemaker too. But undoubtedly talented. Maverik looked back, waving. "Right!" He said, jumping back down. Though instead of getting in line, like an actual responsible human being, he just walked around Blaise and Zauber, hanging by their general area. "Am I on the list? I should be on the list! The name's Maverik!"

#12 Mystics Apprentice

Mystics Apprentice

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Posted 16 January 2018 - 07:28 PM



The pink-haired girl merely shrugged, shoving her newspaper aside and jumping up.  She wrapped her arms tightly around her older sister, a wide grin on her face as she looked up to meet Val's gaze.  "I don't know.  I've heard that punching bag comes back with a vengeance, or at least that's what Dad says."


When Val sat down Fiona returned to her seat as well, getting ready to resume her read of her newspaper when her sister inquired about it.


"Oh, yeah, here ya go," she said, sliding it across the table for her to see.  "It's talking about their arrival today and discussing some of the participants who will be coming over.  I guess some of the island's most notorious villains are having their kids come over here or something?  It's kind of freaky, what with the way they break it up."


And it was indeed alarming.  A large paragraph discussing the villains' crimes made up the front page, while discussing their children being brought to the island and being uncertain of what to expect from them.  While Fiona desired to see the good in people, she could only wonder what good was in a child when their parents--or role models, rather--did all of that.




"Oh, so that's why I heard your phone!" Nora said with a slight laugh, entering Dex's room upon his granting entry.  She didn't come in very often, and it always seemed to change every time she entered.  Whether this was her imagination or not, she didn't know.


Nora sat on the edge of the bed, throwing back a lock of silky black hair over her shoulder, hair so very much like her mother's except in length.


"I think the entire town is worried about the new kids coming," Nora admitted.  "Though to be honest I do not really see why.  It's not like we're letting a band of criminals come in, you know?  If anything, I would think they are anxious to prove that they are not their parents, or at least that's what I would do."


Was she equating herself to these Badlands kids too much?  She hoped that Dex hadn't picked up on it, or, if he had, that he wouldn't pry about it.

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{Azra, Annistha & Zather}
Annistha waved enthusiastically at Maverik while Zather responded with a curt nod.
"I'm definitely excited!" She called back, then turned to her brother. "And Zather is-"
It took only an instant for the Light Twin to look back at her brother and see him looking back with a grim look of resignation at her antics.
"Working on it." Annistha finished, turning back to the other on the boat.
Wanting to get things over with, Zather steered his sister towards to the line that was forming to check in with Blaise. As she passed, Annistha gave Vita a wave and big smile.
Azra merely nodded to Blaise, not saying a word. He turned to head back to the seats, but paused by Zather.
"Didn't expect to see you here, Moon boy." The Dark Twin commented, eyeing Azra.
"I cannot say the same for you." The blue haired bi-morph replied. "Considering your parents, your being on this vessel was an assurance."
Both boys locked eyes, the tension between them almost tangible. Annistha stepped between them, sending soothing messages to Zather through their bond.
"Cool the jets, boys." She said. "We got a long boat ride ahead."
Zather's jaw tightened, but he nodded and turned away and headed for Blaise. Azra eyed Annistha for a moment, his face unreadable.
"As ever, Annistha, the voice of reason." He commented. "Your brother is lucky he has you."
With that, Azra headed back to store his luggage, leaving Annistha to wonder if he had been sincere or threatening. Zather, as per Annistha's mental suggestion, stopped in front of Blaise.
"I'm Zather and that's my sister Annistha." The Dark Twin reported, jerking his thumb over his shoulder at his sister. "We on the list?"
He somewhat hoped they weren't.
Annistha walked over to join her twin, but paused to give Zauber a wave and smile.
"Nice to meet you!" She said, though sounded a little distracted.

Val took the offered paper and read it as she half listened to her young sister. There were certainly some nasty parentage for the kids coming over, but that was the whole point.
"Well, they need a chance to find their own path, not be stuck with the life their parents have ended up with." Val replied, still looking at the article. "I've heard a couple of adults talk about how they want to get Riku's Replica out of the Badlands, but he apparently refuses. At least his kids are making it here."

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-Blaise and Donald-

Blaise chuckled softly at the enthusiasm of Maverick, holding her hands in front of her to calm the teen down. Flipping through a page, Blaise nodded with a smile.
“Yes, you’re on the list. Welcome aboard!”
Donald began to quack at the other students, grumbling at the fact that Vanitas was staying aboard.
“Alright alright fine! Just make sure these kids don’t start doing anything funny!” Honestly Donald wasn’t even complaining because it was the kids from the Badlands; he had horror stories from the field trips he had to host with the Mainland kids.
Blaise sighed softly at Donald’s constant nagging and quacking, wishing they had sent someone else to mand the boat. Sure, Donald’s magic would help in the event someone fell overboard, but someone else with more patience would’ve been nicer.
The twins approached, not before one of them visibly getting into a tense gaze with Azra. If looks could kill, the twin would’ve been terrifying. Luckily it was defused quickly by the sister.
“Hi there, Zather and Annistha. I’m Blaise... and you’re both checked in! Take a seat and we’ll be departing shortly.” Suddenly Blaise went into a fit of wheezing and coughing, grunting slightly as she hid her coughs in her arm sleeve.
Donald shook his head as he prepped the boat for departure, glancing over to Blaise and then to Zauber.
“Zauber, start preparing the boat for takeoff! Blaise, sit down.”
Blaise sighed softly, taking a seat to catch up with her breathing. She felt embarrassed, hoping no one was paying attention to her.

Dexter smiled as Nora entered the room, more than happy to move over so that his sister may sit down on his bed. He went through his phone to see if anything happened so far, to get any updates of what was going on. He frowned as he heard his sister voiced her concerns. He himself understood everyone’s worry for the newcomers, but it was unfair to judge them based on their parents.
“I...I don’t think it’s fair... I keep thinking about our parents, you know? Mom, Dad, even Uncle Lea did bad things before... maybe... maybe we could’ve just as easily ended up in the Badlands too.” He didn’t really like thinking about it, the past of his parents. Some kids liked to bully him about it, saying his mother and father were villains. Being a former member of Organization XIII wasn’t a good thing, whatever that even was. Sliding his hands behind his head, Dexter glanced up idyly to the ceiling.
“I don’t want anyone to bully them.”

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- Vita & Maverik -


Blaise was not going to have luck with Maverik on board. Maverik's head quickly turned to look at Blaise, hearing her cough. He didn't even give a warning, suddenly disappearing from the spot where he stood before re-appearing sitting down next to her. "Are you ok?" Maverik asked, tilting his head as he watched her catch her breath. "That cough doesn't sound good. Should you even be coming all the way out here while you're sick?" Blaise asked, leaning in close as he looked concerned. He gasped, an idea quickly sparking in his head. "Oh! Maybe I can make you a potion so you feel better! Mom taught me to do all kind of potions! I don't have any ingredients here, though." Maverik hummed, reaching to his back as he pulled on his staff. "But maybe I can make a spell to make you feel better instead-!" "No." Vanitas quickly spoke, scolding at Maverik as he glared slightly. "None of your experimental spells on this ship. I hope for us to arrive to the Mainlands in one piece." Vanitas warned. He'd seen the explosions this kid's experiments caused. He definitely didn't want that on this ship. Maverik groaned in annoyance, but complied, retreating his staff back to its place. "Fine~ You adults are really boring, you know that?" Maverik asked, crossing his arms, turning to look at Blaise as he decided to wave off Vanitas' scolding. "Tell me about the Mainlands? Like, is it really that different from the Badlands?" Maverik asked, now somewhat calmer as his attention was on Blaise and the conversation he hoped to have. Vanitas sighed, gently rubbing his temples. Maverik didn't need to fit in some sort of evil plan of his mother; he was a hazard all on his own. Vita sat down, looking up as she waved at Azra. "Hey, Azra. Want to sit with me?" She asked, smiling as she waved at him, turning to look out to the sea. It was...exciting. This would be the first time she would ever leave the Badlands, and depending on how it all went, maybe the last.

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The pink-haired girl scrunched up her nose at her sister's response.  "Why would he refuse?  How could anyone actually want to stay in that horrible place?"


Not that Fiona had any evidence that the Badlands were horrible; she could only envision the place to be an island that was always dark and cloudy, with reapers at every corner ready to strike the villains with their scythes if they tried to escape.  She also pictured the residents to all wear black and white-striped jailbond clothing, though in reality she figured this part was more fictitious than anything.


Fiona's mom broke her train of thought as she arrived with a plate of waffles and a fruit bowl.  Almost as quickly as the plate hit the table she stabbed her fork into a fluffy waffle and placed it before her.


"Will you try to make friends with any of them?" Fiona asked her sister.




A smile crossed Nora's face as she listened to her brother.  Good ol' Dex, she thought to herself, admiring that he too considered the possibility that it could've been them on the island just as easily.  She liked that he was so open-minded.


"No one deserves to be bullied," Nora agreed, hands clutching the sides of the bed.  "I really want them to feel welcomed here, though I do fear that the kids here won't give them a chance.  I guess that's where we come in, huh?"


Sometimes, though, she did indeed wonder why their parents hadn't been sent off to the Badlands.  Despite correcting their ways, they still had been members of Organization XIII, and all the rest of them had been shipped off.  There was also the nagging question that continuously presented itself to her time and time again: would she have been better off if she grew up in the Badlands?  Would she fit in better?

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{Azra, Annistha & Zather}

"Thanks" Annistha and Zather said in unison, the former sounding excited and the latter sounding glum.

The twins headed to the back of the ship to stow their gear, leading to another glaring moment between Zather and Azra. The blue haired bi-morph walked to the side of the boat and looked out at the water. The path to a new life. He already had plans for it, though he would need to be ready to adapt. And the twins would be of unwitting help in that.

Azra was still in thought when Vita called out to him. He turned and gave her a faint quizzical look. VIta was someone he didn't feel like he had a good handle on. She seemed rather innocent and sweet, but on an island of villains, one learned not to go on just what was outwardly apparent. 

"...Very well." he answered, heading over to Vita's side. "Though I am sure others would be better company."

With their bags put away, the Twins moved back to the main part of the ship. Zather immediately took a seat while Annistha ran to a rail and nearly leaned out over it.

"How long does the trip take, Mr. Duck?" the Light Twin asked as she looked out at the horizon.



Val shrugged to Fiona's question about Riku's Replica.

"No idea." She said. "But they stay out there anyway. Maybe he's dealing with guilt?"

Going back to the paper, the oldest Villiers sibling started reading a story on a hikers being saved by a hermit. The hikers were out of towners, so she didn't know them. But she did have theories about the hermit. Someone staying away out of guilt. Like replica like original?

"Wait, what?" Val said, realizing Fiona had still been talking.

She replayed the last few moments in her head to get the question.

"Oh, well, yeah." She answered. "These kids need all the positive reinforcement they can get. That means good role models and friends. I can help with one of those."

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Vita smiled at Azra. "Well, you seemed lonely. We're all on this trip together, we might as well chat with each other. The twins are being themselves and Maverik doing...whatever Maverik does." Vita said, glancing over at Maverik as he seemed to be having a conversation with Blaise, all while waving off any scolding her father gave to him. She glanced up as their island got smaller and smaller the further they traveled off into the mainlands. have they always been this close? Or was it this far? She turned back to Azra, hoping to make some small conversation while on the trip. "If I may ask, Azra, what are you looking forward to in the mainlands? I personally want to spend a day at their beaches. Their sand always looks so golden and pretty on TV. What about you, though?" Vita asked. Maverik stood on his feet, watching Vanitas while he watched over him like a hawk. "You can leave, you know?" Maverik asked, crossing his arms as he glared at Vanitas. "No boring adults allowed in this trip! Shoo! Shoo!" Maverik said, waving his hand at him. Vanitas didn't react, simply staring down at him. "I am just making sure you all arrive in one piece." Vanitas said. "Don't you trust the adults of the mainland?" "It's not that I don't trust them...I just don't trust their...emotional judgement." Vanitas said, carefully choosing his words as he glanced over at Doland. "I don't get it." "Then ask your mother to explain it to you." "You're mean." "I am not." "Meanie!" "Ugh!"

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Azra raised an eyebrow at Vita saying he looked lonely. He supposed it looked like it. He actually liked being alone, but it was sadly a dangerous thing to be. Particularly where they were now going.

"I suppose it is the education possibilities." He answered Vita's question. "Then, a wide open world afterward."

For a moment, he imagined running and hunting through new forests and glades. He pushed the thought down hard, not having time to indulge his more primal half. Still...

"Some of the scenery might be nice." Azra added a little reluctantly.

He looked back at the black haired girl, wondering how she managed to maintain hope in the Badlands.

"Tell me," he began in a lower tone, "Are you worried about how we will be received at the Academy?" 

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(With Aqua's permission I will have us land in the maindland so the mainland characters can finally post, lol)


Vita listened to him. Once the more serious question arose, she took a deep breath as her fingers slightly scrapped the wood beneath her. "...yeah." Vita admitted, looking back at her father as he continued to scold Maverik, then back at the sea ahead. "I'm worried to the point of anxious. I barely slept at all last night. Dad warned me to be cautious. He even went ahead and went through some training techniques just before the date arrived. As much as we are told that we are going to be given another chance, that isn't assured, ya know? Some people might be willing to try and accept us, but others might not react the same way. They might end up reacting rather volatile towards us, or worse." Though the tone of her voice seemed relatively calm and composed, the hint of wavering in it was still there, hidden within the vocals. "But, we have to try, right? If we don't try, then we won't know what paths are open to us. We should be allowed to forge our own paths, even if its scary. If they fight, maybe we should fight back. We deserve a chance." Vita said, giving a soft smile, though by this point it was obvious any fear or nervous feelings were all being swallowed up with a much more calmer front. It's always been this way. Swallow and hide, waiting until it goes down until it eventually bursts, and usually never for the better. She turned to look at the horizon again.


Maverik began to jump up and down. "I think I see the mainland!" Maverik yelled. "Settle down!" Donald yelled, waving his fist at a hyperactive Maverik. Vanitas glanced up, seemingly in awe of the place he hadn't seen in decades. "Still as busy as ever." Vanitas hummed under his breath. Vita stood up, hoping to get a better look as they approached the dock. People were there already, waiting for them. Curious passbyers, security, representatives, so on and so on as all had the same goal in mind; to see the children of the Badlands arrive. "We're here." Vita looked over at Azra. "If we weren't ready then...we should be ready now, right?" Vita asked, barely able to contain herself from shaking. It was time. Donald gently steered the boat into the pier, dropping anchor once they parked at the right spot. He hurried over to the gate, pushing out the ramp for them to disembark. "Alright!" Maverik didn't even wait for long. He quickly picked up his stuff, dragging his suitcase behind him as he skipped off the ramp, his eyes gleaming as he waved at the people at the port. Vita was a bit more apprehensive, playing with a strand of her hair as Vanitas stepped over. "Come on. Time to go." He said. Vita looked up. "You don't have to escort me off." "I just want to meet the mayor, and give regards from the Badlands." Vanitas assured, glancing over at Donald, who glared at him. "I don't plan on staying. I'll leave." Vanitas assured. "I'm watching you." Donald growled, causing Vanitas to roll his eyes. He helped Vita with her suitcase, holding her hand as he led her down the ramp and onto the pear. Vita's eyes gleamed at the sight of the clear water of the beach, but was quick to be bashful once she saw all of the people that had come to see them arrive. Vanitas sighed. "Let the show begin."

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