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RE Kingdom Hearts: Dark Desires RP

Roleplay Kingdom Hearts Action Original Adventure

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#161 Cyber_Spider YT

Cyber_Spider YT
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Posted 25 February 2018 - 09:10 PM

        Stephen took Saros hand and got up. Stephen groaned as he felt all kinds of pains in his back. "thanks man" Stephen said to Saros. "We need to see if the others are ok." Stephen stumbled but then regained his balance. Stephen felt something bit him in the neck. Stephen suddenly saw a flash of yellow eyes say in a raspy voice " I can see your thoughts and mind you can't run." Stephen saw what bit him it was a yellow scarab. Saros looked at him concernedly. Stephen replied to the glance saying "Its alright I'm okay."   


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#162 Scrapmaster



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Posted 26 February 2018 - 12:42 AM

- Alin - Lalotai "Realm of Monsters" - 


All Alin could remember before waking up ashore of the island, with the waves beating on her back and clothes as she laid there. During the storm she was in the same boat as Saros, things went smoothly at first, at least somewhat until the heartlesses showed up, she did her best holding back the heartless from destroying the boat but she was caught by surprise from the storm.


All she remember is that she was knocked out of the boat and onto the raging waters, possibly blindsided by a heartless, whatever happened, she was hurt, as she slowly rose to a standing position as she heard Saros and Susan and Stephen's voices, she slowly made herself to them, clutching her left arm, as a large gash was very visible from it, it was bleeding somewhat, but nothing too major yet. She also had a small gash in her forehead as well, bleeding somewhat, this hurt like hell. 


"Oh come on, am I the only one that got hurt in that?" Alin complained with a sour tone. As she heard Spectre speak, "Well...that mountain's a good place as any" She spoke, rubbing her hand on her forehead and frowning.

#163 Stardustblade358



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Posted 26 February 2018 - 01:20 AM

"I'm glad." Saros said to Spirit and Ghost as he helped Stephen. He was quick to smack the scarab away from Stephen, watching it wriggle on the sand as it struggled to get back on it's feet. "You ok?" He asked, glancing down at the scarab. "Odd. I'd figure a bug like that would live in some place more...alive." Saros hummed. Maybe Stephen brought it with him accidentally within his clothes. Wouldn't be the first time it happened to anyone. He heard Alin, quickly turning to see her. She got pretty banged up in the storm, it seemed. "Maybe you're just unlucky. Could be genetic." Saros joked, walking over to her. He summoned his keyblade to his side, pointing it at Alin. "Stay still. This should help a bit. Curaga." Saros said, his keyblade glowing a familiar tint of green. A green aura surrounded Alin momentarily, helping to heal the wounds up and provide energy. It wasn't alot compared to the Cura spell, but it would be enough, he figured. "Better?" He asked. He glanced up at the mountain, glaring it. "Here I was hoping air support could give us a lift to the top." Saros suggested, looking down at his keyblade. "(My corridors won't work this time. I don't know what's up there, nor I've ever been there. Can't visualize where it'll lead.)" Saros thought. Not to mention it was a danger on it's own to those unstrained. "So...I guess we're climbing."

#164 Endless Thundaga

Endless Thundaga

    The Electric Powerhouse

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Posted 06 March 2018 - 07:02 PM

As Alin suggested everyone does climb, and Saros balks at the idea, Susan is curious as to why it's something worth exploring. "Suspicious indeed, but may I ask why we should investigate a mountain?" Jynn walks closer to the base of the formation. "Mountains don't form this erect. Usually they are shorter, or accompanied by a series of lesser formations. Judging from the looks of Moana, it's safe to say that this is not something the locals can achieve. There must be a supernatural force involved. Not only that......" He notices what appears to be claw marks going up the mountain. He pokes his finger on the mark and takes a whiff. It had a foul stench, darkness. "........... Heartless." Susan soon understands what Jynn is getting at. But how will they climb the mountain? It's too steep. "So how will we climb it?" The prince turns to the group. "Not to worry. Yen Sid has also taught me the ways of summoning." He pulls a crystal from his pocket. "Everyone group up."

#165 rikunobodyxiii


    Scholar of Random Information.

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Posted 11 March 2018 - 12:31 AM

Ina gave a whoop as she dove for the gunner seat Spirit indicated. She took a moment to study how Shadow was using the controls before beginning to provide fire support herself. Taking Spirit's warnings to heart, Ina primarily kept her shots away from the boats, firing on further out Heartless sightings. As she followed Saros' call to protect Moana, but still created mini-portals to divert a second or two bursts from her guns to Heartless still heading for her friends.
"I'm up to 12!" She called out. "How many do you have, Sha-"
Cut off by the alerts and the call to cease fire, Ina followed orders and strapped herself in. Despite the danger and the weather throwing the gummi ship around, she couldn't help but laugh. Now this was fun! As Spirit fought to regain control of the Vigilant, Ina was jerked about in her seat and harness, but she was use to sudden gravity shifts. She let out a final chuckle as the Vigilant leveled out.
"I'm good!" Ina answered Shadow, giving him a thumbs up and grin. "That was quite a ride."
Her grin faded as she looked down and saw the wreckage of her friends' boats. She began to desperately look for signs of them, but Shadow beat her to it. She let out a breath and slumped back in her seat with relief.
"Yo!" The apprentice responded to her name, then listened to Spirit's plan.
"You got it!" She said after he was done. "Stay safe!"
Without unbuckling herself, Ina warped out of the gunner seat she was in, reappearing in the sky over the island. She was in free fall for a few seconds as she looked for where to land. She spotted the ground team and warped to them, landing among them in a pop.
"How are we doing?" She said, talking fast. "Everyone okay?"

#166 Stardustblade358



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Posted 11 March 2018 - 03:53 AM

Saros waved at Ina. "We're all alright, I think." He said, rubbing his head as he walked over to Jynn, looking at the crystal in his hands. "Those are hard to control. Your affinity with magic must be really something." Saros hummed, glancing at it. Unable to control one of these properly was a death sentence on its own. You could teleport somewhere safe, sure, but there was also the possibility that you could end up teleporting somewhere unsafe, and boom! You're dead. Each person had their own ways of traveling. Saros would stick to his portals, his keyblade glider, and any Gummi Ship that would have him. "You'll be ok being able to teleport all of us to the top?" Saros asked, quickly clearing his throat. "N-Not that I doubt your abilities, not at all. Just...don't want you collapsing on us after surviving that storm, is all." Saros said, quickly glancing back at the mountain. Something of it was definitely off, besides its height, of course. "Be careful with that thing. We don't want to teleport right off the edge or something."

#167 Cyber_Spider YT

Cyber_Spider YT
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Posted 11 March 2018 - 03:08 PM

             "You can teleport us up there?" Stephen said sadly as he put down his hiking gear. When you do teleport us make sure we don't fall off that damn ledge. Stephen felt electricity coursing through his veins. His eyes widened as he felt how hot it was on this mountain. "Did everyone make it on top?" Stephen inquired. Stephen started to count the individuals on top of the mountain.

#168 Javelin434


    Kairi's Nocturnal Guardian No. IV & LaG Vindicator

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Posted 12 March 2018 - 11:42 PM



[Te fiti Island]

Seeing Ina warp in, Ghost stiffened up a little as he started looking somewhere else to keep himself from being any more distracted now that she's back with the group.

"How are we doing?" they heard her ask, "Everyone okay?"

Spectre smiled as he shook out the last bit of seawater from his ears. "Well aren't you just a happy little ball of sunshine. And judging by the looks of the group, I'd say that we're relatively ok. I hope Spirit and Shadow weren't making you feel uncomfortable while you were with them."

"We're all alright, I think." They heard Saros reply.


After confirming that everyone was back on their feet, Ghost and Spectre regrouped and managed to overhear the conversation between Susan, Jynn and Saros about climbing, then apparently finding a lazier way to get up the mountain. "Everyone group up" Jynn requested, making Spectre and Ghost stand closer together. obvious that they were already a group. "Anyone else wanna group with us?" Spectre politely asked, "the more the merrier as the saying goes!" Ghost meanwhile followed Jynn's gaze and upon seeing the claw marks, realized that climbing the mountain wasn't such an odd idea after all. "We'll follow you then, Jynn."




[Meanwhile, back on the gummi ship...]

After watching Ina warp away, Shadow was trying his best to keep watch of the students on the distant island, but even with the highest powered optics of the ship engaged, the students were at best two or three pixels high. The scout grumbled in annoyance, then decided that he should be doing something else than complaining as switched a nearby monitor to mirror his buddy's screen. Spirit was doing his best to remember what his pal Ghost did when it came to repairing the gummi ship. He couldn't remember exactly the steps that the keyblader did, and he definitely didn't want to radio him in to ask; there was no way he was gonna admit to not being smart enough to handle the ship. Shadow sat there quietly amused as he watched the spectacle of Spirit stumbling through and occasionally backing out of several interfaces and menus. After a few minutes, a wire silhouette of the ship with various sections in colors of red, yellow or green came into view with some really serious sounding words on the side.

"Saw you struggling there, man." Shadow teased.

"It's been a while, ok?" Spirit defended, "and the interface isn't that friendly. Anyways, I'm gonna try repairs on this ship and fix the red areas. You keep a lookout around the ship, and yell if anything happens."


Spirit got out of the captain's seat and started making his way to a footlocker in the main area of the ship. "by the way, Ina said she counted 12 heartless. What's your score?"

"I'm gonna go with zero?"

"What?! You're meaning to tell me that a girl with no training on this ship bagged more heartless than a guy who is?!"

"In my defense, I was targeting something big under the waves. And I'm pretty sure it's still out there."

There was a long, uneasy pause between the two as the implications sank in. Spirit nodded slowly while pursing his lips. "Yeah. Definitely keep a lookout then..."

#169 Scrapmaster



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Posted 18 March 2018 - 10:00 PM

- Alin - The Punchy Girl - Island -


"Wait so we're teleporting?" Alin asked, as she saw Jynn taking out a crystal in his hands, Saros's healing just having taken its effects as she felt somewhat better, she looked at the group, and saw Ina landing among them smoothly, "Oh hey." Alin greeted her as she folded her arms.


Alin walked over to Jynn, who was noticeably taller than her, and tugged on his clothes to catch his attention. "You teleport us somewhere dangerous im punching you in the groin." Alin stated, serious and with very clear conviction in her voice.


She waited for whatever was to happen next to happen, whether Jynn teleported them or not. Alin waited with folded arms. 

#170 rikunobodyxiii


    Scholar of Random Information.

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Posted 20 March 2018 - 08:51 PM

"Naw." Ina replied to Spectre. "Had a blast there for a bit."
She cracked her her fingers and was preparing to make a portal for the group before she realized they were asking her to teleport them. She whirled around and saw Jynn with his crystal. She looked annoyed for a moment, but then burst out laughing at Alin's threat for a bad landing.
"I mean, I could do it, but if you're willing to risk your privates." The apprentice told Jynn, still laughing a little.

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