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RE Kingdom Hearts: Dark Desires RP

Roleplay Kingdom Hearts Action Original Adventure

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#1 Endless Thundaga

Endless Thundaga

    The Electric Powerhouse

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Posted 06 December 2017 - 02:41 PM

This is the RP thread for RE: Kingdom Hearts: Dark Desires. If you have not signed up yet and you are interested in participating, please go to the sign ups so you can take part in this RP.

Twelve years after Xehanort's defeat, the worlds were at peace. Sora, Riku, Aqua, and Mickey all started to take apprentices of their own to continue the next generation of Keyblade wielders. However, Sora's pupil, Xavier, studied the history of the world of fairy tales, and became obsessed with reuniting all worlds to create one. However, as he acted, he unlocked many of the worlds' keyholes, letting darkness leak from each of them. Some were quickly devoured, and became sleeping worlds. Feeling responsible, Sora went into hiding without any trace of his whereabouts, the only way to find him was by Roxas and Xion. Unfortunately, Xavier caught up on this, knowing that if Sora was found and persuaded, he would stop at nothing to halt the apprentice, so Xavier took after Xehanort and transferred his heart into Roxas, making him an ally. As for Xion, Maleficent and Pete still remain at large as they too are aware of the risks of finding Sora, so the evil fairy kidnaps Xion, using her heart to fuel Maleficent's dark powers. In desperation, three friends were sent by their masters to find Sora, Roxas and Xion, stop Xavier, and restore the worlds.

Susan-Traverse Town

A portal of light appears on the rooftop of the Gizmo Shop in Traverse Town. A young Keyblade Master appears from the portal, Susan. She is here to spend some time with friends and prepare for her mission.

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#2 Machi

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Posted 06 December 2017 - 10:09 PM

Kalm ~~ Traverse Town (2nd District)
Kalm was sit somewhere near the second district's hotel, playing with his keyblade. He had this bored expression on his face, it's not like he had somewhere to go or something to do. The young boy found himself at Traverse Town without any memory about himself or about what happened before. Although he was slowly remembering things, everything was still really confusing.
The only thing he really did on the past few days was kill some heartless that would pop up around. For some reason, he would feel really nervous when next to darkness creatures, and only think of getting rid of them quickly. But now the boy was tired of just sit down and wait for something to happen. He wanted to go in an adventure, something exciting! Maybe that would help him to get rid of his memory loss! But... How could he do that?
Kalm was really distracted playing with his keyblade and didn't noticed when Susan came from the portal... He only realized that another person was actually there when he decided to look to the sky and ended up seeing that lady on the rooftop. Yeah, that definetly caught his attention.
"Whoa! How did she got up there...?" The young boy mumbled to himself while his keyblade vanished from his hand. He decided to approach the Gizmo Shop and try to talk a little with that strange girl. What could go wrong? "Uh... You want help to get down, ma'am?"


#3 rikunobodyxiii


    Scholar of Random Information.

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 05:13 PM

{Ina: Traverse Town; 1st district}
Ina banged open the big doors from the landing area to the 1st district. She wasn't really sure where she was going, but that hadn't really stopped her before. Plus, it seemed like from the stories Master Riku and Lea told her about the whole Keyblade War thing a while back, sometimes just wandering around led to answers too. After walking out to the middle of the main courtyard, the young keyblade wielder put her hands on her hips and looked around. Sooo, there was suppose to be others to meet up with, including some friends. Finding them first was probably the way to go. That's when she caught the scent of cinnamon on the air coming from the cafe.
"Well, maybe after a roll and coco." She thought, altering her course.
Before she could reach the cafe, she saw a flash of light somewhere on the roof tops. Curious, she glanced up at the roof of the Jewelry Shop and smirked. An instant later, Ina warped up to roof and looked around, seeing Kalm and Susan.
"Oh, hey!" She called out, waving to Susan. "You already made it."
Ina gave Kalm a puzzled look for a moment, then flashed him a friendly smile.
"And who do we have here?"

#4 Stardustblade358


    Banana Fish

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 08:32 PM

- Saros - Traverse Town (2nd District) -


"You mean you don't know him either?" Saros' voice echoed momentarily, sounding around the group. From behind Kalm, a shadow twirled into a circle, and from it, Saros jumped right into existence, the shadow retreating to his own the moment his feet touched the ground. His hood was up, a handheld game in his hands as he began to make his way around Kalm, glancing at him in suspicion. "He's been around this area since before I got here. He has a keyblade but...I've never seen him before. I was hoping he was a friend of yours or something." Saros said, his voice barely loud enough to be heard. It wasn't odd for Saros to do this. He rather hide and stay in the shadows quietly until someone he knew showed up rather than to allow himself to be an open target. He may be lazy, but he knew better. Yet this kid, his keyblade at least, caught his interest no less. He leaned against the shop wall, his eyes returning down to the game, but his attention at two places at once. "So? Who's your master? Who sent you?" Saros asked. Even if he wasn't looking at him, his shadow was, two distinct eyes staring right at Kalm.



#5 Endless Thundaga

Endless Thundaga

    The Electric Powerhouse

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Posted 08 December 2017 - 02:05 PM

Susan-Traverse Town

Susan noticed a boy asking if she needed help getting down from the roof. She was quick to reply. "No thanks, I'm fine." But then Ina appears nearby and greets Susan. "Hey Ina!" She grabs a bag from her coat with three sticks of ice cream she bought from Twilight Town. Ina asks about the newcomer, but Susan did not have an answer. She looks back to Kalm. "I'm not sure..... Young man, what's your name?" But before Kalm could say anything, a mysterious voice calls out, with a shadowy figure approaching Kalm. It appears to be one of the many shadow forms that her third friend, Saros creates. She could confirm this, and she uses her voice to lure him out. "Come now Saros, I don't think this kid is here to cause trouble."

#6 Machi

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Posted 08 December 2017 - 04:29 PM

Kalm stepped back to get away from Saros, all that shadow thing ended up scaring the boy, who tried to answer all those questions despite his nervousism.
"Uh… No… i… i mean...”
But what could he say if he didn’t remember anything? The boy stuttered a little, he definitely wasn’t expecting to receive all those questions from these people, he thought only Susan would be there. He didn’t know how to react or what to do. One of them seemed to be suspicious of him already! He just got silence for a minute and faced the ground. How would they react if he said that he doesn’t remember anything? Maybe lying was a better solution? No, no, what a stupid idea! Run away? It could work… But from what that guy said, it was safe to assume that they were also keyblade wielders, maybe stick with them would help him discovering something...? The boy stayed silent, thinking for a minute and then shook his head. 
“My name is Kalm and… I’m on my own. That’s it.” His keyblade materialized in his hand. “It's just me and my key.”
Well, it wasn’t a lie. He didn't felt confident enough to tell those guys what really was going on or to give more details, but he couldn’t get himself to just lie, maybe because of his pure light heart. But even with this lack of trust, Kalm wanted to stay with them… It's the boy’s best chance to find something about at least who he is, but he didn’t know if they were willing to just take a kid along with them. Well, it was time to get as much information as possible.
“So… You guys have a keyblade too? Why are you all gathered here for, is there something going on?” 

#7 Scrapmaster



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Posted 09 December 2017 - 10:26 PM

- Alin Cruz - Traverse Town - 


It hadn't been long since Alin had landed on Traverse town, considering the loss of her worlds. She wandered aimlessly through the city as she thought on what to do next, she had no way to travel between worlds, and she did not want to live in Traverse town...Was her world truly lost forever? She didn't know...didn't think much about it,really.


She was still coming to grips with her newly found power...and the sensations of other magic readings near her every time there was one. Like this time. She felt a varied ammount of auras in the near districts, so she decided to head there.


She arrived in time just to overhear the word "Keyblade". she had heard of it before, though she never knew anyone who had one. She simply walked onto the district, but before the engaged the group, who was now engaging in conversation between themselves. She had to think...and she thought the best way to draw attention was to just say something.


"Keyblades...huh? Something is definitely going on if there is a keybladers gathering here." She spoke walking into the scene, with a serious face. "How did you all end up here in the first place?" Alin asked. Crossing her arms.

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#8 Javelin434


    Kairi's Nocturnal Guardian No. IV & LaG Vindicator

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 02:08 AM

>>>Incoming Transmission<<<

>Location: Traverse Town

>IFF: Active. Gummi Ship Vigilant

>Current Status: Armed, unharmed.

>Report: Spectre, routine. No sign of Sora. Continuing aerial/foot patrols and search. Will report if objective is met. Out.

>>>End Transmission<<<


Letting off a frustrated sigh, Spectre firmly and begrudgingly pressed the enter key on the keyboard and waited for the screen in front of him to confirm that the message was sent. After the word "COMPLETE" flickered on screen, he swiveled his bolted down seat around. "You think they're just wasting our time?"

"Nonsense!" said the white haired, blue eyed pilot sitting not too far from him, "According to the books, Sora ended up here the first time he went missing from his homeworld. It only makes sense to start the search here if he ends up being missing again."

"Yeah, but it's different this time, Spirit. This time he chose to go missing."

"Does it really matter, Spectre? Besides, usually when people run away, they are usually found in places they are familiar with."

"I suppose you're right. Shadow? You see anything on cameras?"

Sitting across from the pilot's seat, his blue eyes darted between three different screens scattered in front of him. "I see nothing, but there seems to be a gathering of people in the first district."

"That sounds worth checking out." 


Flying about one thousand feet above ground level in a lazy circle was an aggressively triangular looking gummi ship. It's engines were at the lowest safe power to minimize noise and maximize loiter time; perfect for the gunship role their ship was more than equipped for. Spectre turned his seat around and pressed a few buttons, then the same view Shadow could see came into view. "Yep. Definitely worth checking out." He reached for a nearby radio mic, and keyed in their friend...


[Meanwhile, on the ground in first district]

Ghost ran a hand through his short white hair as he rounded a corner. "This bites," he sighed, "being a keyblade wielder sure has its ups and downs. I'd rather be flying than doing foot patrols." As he drew in a deep breath for a sigh, the sweet smell of cinnamon from the cafe in the area made the keyblade wielder smile. "I guess this isn't too bad. Gotta appreciate the little thin-" 

The triple beeps from his radio earpiece caused him to immediately fall silent. "Spectre to Ghost," he heard, "Head to the gizmo shop. We're seeing odd activity up here."

He placed a finger just under his ear. "Understood. Moving now." After a brisk walk, he arrived at the front of the gizmo shop, and it didn't take him long to hear some commotion going on nearby.

"-think this kid is here to cause trouble."

Well this escalated quickly... he thought, peeking over to where the voice was coming from.

"Uh... No... I... I mean... My name is Kalm and... I'm on my own. It's just me and my key." Ghost felt his heart sink a little. Announcing that you have a keyblade is gonna make you a bigger target.

“So… You guys have a keyblade too?" he heard the boy named Kalm ask, "Why are you all gathered here for, is there something going on?” At this point, Ghost's heart was racing. Did he just stumbled into a bad guy get-together! Dear light, please let me be wrong!

"Keyblades...huh?" He heard another voice started to say, "Something is definitely going on if there is a keybladers gathering here. How did you all end up here in the first place?" 

Quietly letting off a sigh of relief that this wasn't gonna end up in a confrontation, Ghost finally decided to reveal himself to the group of people that had gathered, for better or for worse. "Hey there," he announced to the group, "I heard all this commotion and the word 'keyblade,' so... what's going on here?"

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#9 rikunobodyxiii


    Scholar of Random Information.

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 03:43 PM

{Ina: Traverse Town; First District}
"Haha! I knew you'd be lurking somewhere!" Ina called out to Saros. "Glad to see you made it."
Dropping down to street level, the Keyblade Apprentice leaned up against a wall as Kalm introduced himself. The kid seemed a little...odd, some how. But it wasn't exactly like normal people became Keyblade Wielders.
"Nice to meet you, Kalm." She said with a smile. "I certainly have my Keyblade."
The smile turned into a laugh with Alin's arrival and question. Ina pushed away from the wall and shrugged at the Brawler.
"When it comes to Keyblades, it never rains, it pours." She Sid jovially. "Must be like magnets. And what it your na-"
Her question was cut off with the arrival of Ghost, which triggered a crackle from Ina.
"Looks like we stumbled on a great place to meet up!" She said between bouts of laughter. "So, the big question is who's here on a manhunt?"

#10 Stardustblade358


    Banana Fish

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 05:37 PM

Saros watched as more and more people suddenly began to join in on the conversation, appearing almost out of nowhere like he did. He gripped his handheld console closer, pursing his lips as he glanced around at the strangers, gently pulling his hoodie over his head as he stepped a bit closer to Ina. Too many people. He was already not very comfortable with one stranger. Now there were up to 3, all wanting to get involved. The word keyblade seemed to be bringing them like moth to a flame...then again...the worlds were falling to despair, something that hasn't happened in decades. So the word keyblade, the only thing that could actually fight back, was more than likely to bring some attention. His shadow was twitching as it was. "Did all of you follow us or something?" Saros asked, not meaning to sound rude, but simply cautious. First he looked at Kalm. "Yes, you have a keyblade. That's a thing. An important thing, actually..." Saros hummed, narrowing his eyes. "Well...something's going on but..." He paused. Could he even trust these people? Darn it. They didn't even have a place to start...maybe this could be the start. He looked up from his game. "We're looking into some...odd occurrences. Were your worlds attacked by the darkness too?"

#11 Scrapmaster



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Posted 11 December 2017 - 09:05 PM

- Alin Cruz - Traverse Town - First District -


Alin didn't chaneg much at the arrival of Ghost, her atention was on Ina who was the first to speek up after her introduction, Alin didn't exactly give back a smile, she continued with a frown and a serious face, she was somewhat wary at the strangers in front of her. 


"Manhunt?" Alin spoke, raising an eyebrow as she showed interest. "Color me interested, who're you hunting?" Alin replied back, as she couldn't continue further as another boy began speaking. This one was shy and mistrustful of others, she could read him like an open book.


"Well to answer you question, no, I did not." Alin answered direclty. Without mincing words, although what the boy spoke about odd occurences happening and if their worlds were attacked. this caused a visible reaction on Alin, who simply looked to the side before looking back at the group.


"Yes..." Alin replied with a low tone. "Something like that, its how I ended up here." Alin looked visibly distressed saying it. Though she recovered quickly. "Odd...occurences? Buddy worlds being attacked by darkness is a bit worse than odd..." Alin quickly snarked back at Saros's statement. good thing her dry wit managed to remain.

#12 Endless Thundaga

Endless Thundaga

    The Electric Powerhouse

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 09:25 PM

Susan was taken by surprise when more and more people began showing up and introducing themselves. "Well, I guess everyone is on the same page here. I'm Susan, Master Aqua's pupil. Should........." She was interrupted when she spotted a large group Shadow Heartless crawling on top of a building nearby. "Heartless! There's so many of them!" She quickly runs up to the bell nearby and grabs the rope that would ring it. "No, no, no......" Master Aqua told Susan that ringing the bell three times would unveil Traverse Town's keyhole. She rings it three times and the mural in front of the district changes. But once she rings it the third time, the last mural reveals a giant keyhole with purple aura glowing around it. "The keyhole! It's....... it's unlocked!" She makes haste and jumps from the roof of the Gizmo Shop to the keyhole. She summons her Keyblade and attempts to lock it, but was suddenly interrupted. Heartless spawned around her. "Great."

#13 Machi

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 09:55 PM

Kalm silently decided to ignore most of the questions that those people made, simply because he didn’t had an idea about how he ended up on Traverse Town, let alone if his world was attacked by darkness… And saying that he didn’t know could sound really odd and he would look suspicious, Kalm wanted those guys to trust him. He decided to take advantage of the number of questions and people there to not answer them, hoping that it would go unnoticed.
“I don’t know anything about this manhunt thing… But i can help with that. The more people the better, isn’t it?” He shrugged and opened a timid smile.
But… Something else was on his mind. He started questioning himself… What happens when a world is attacked by darkness? That didn’t sound like something good… What if he’s from a world that suffered that fate? Alin said that her world got attacked and she ended up on Traverse Town. He couldn’t remember well what happened, but he also woke up on Traverse Town… It was a real possibility that his world was also attacked.
But he couldn’t ask about it. Even before he tried to speak, he had this strange feeling that something was wrong… Darkness. Before Kalm could even notice, a second keyblade appeared in his left hand. “Great, if this thing showed up, there’s trouble here.” - He thought. And he wasn’t wrong. A lot of heartless started to show up as the girl named Susan said a lot of things that the boy didn’t understood, but he noticed that Susan probably needed to be left alone to do her thing and stop this heartless invasion.
“Hang on, i’m going to help…!” He shouted to Susan and quickly started to run to her aid, trying to fight the heartless that would show up in the way with his two keyblades. Honestly, it wasn’t a really smart move, it was somewhat reckless… After all, he wasn’t the most experienced keyblade wielder, specially with his lack of memories. But on that moment Kalm only thought about helping Susan.

#14 Stardustblade358


    Banana Fish

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 11:05 PM

Saros surely didn't expect the snark comeback, but he didn't repel it either. Instead, he was about to come back with a snarky comeback himself...until the Heartless decided to make an appearance. "(The keyhole is unlocked...crap.)" Saros thought, feeling his shadow twitched as he shoved away his handheld game. This world was supposed to be marked safe. "(We don't have control anymore, master. We've long lost it.)" Saros thought, gripping his whip handle as he pulled it out. As one Heartless jumped from the shadows, Saros swung his handle, the whip forming and expanding before wrapping itself around the Heartless. Saros used the whip to pull the Heartless towards him, as it reached him, he summoned his keyblade right at the Heartless, ripping right through the Heartless as it materialized. He jumped back against the wall behind him and used it to push himself at the upcoming Heartless, flying above Alin to slash one jumping Shadow and landing behind her. "We were sent by our masters to find a solution to these problems. Think you can keep up?" Saros said, never turning to look, his eyes focused on the Heartless that rose from the ground. He swung his whip, grabbing one Heartless before swinging it around and throwing it across, sending it flying and crashing into another one. "I thought this world was marked locked! When did this happen?!"

#15 Javelin434


    Kairi's Nocturnal Guardian No. IV & LaG Vindicator

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 03:45 AM

"Looks like we stumbled on a great place to meet up! So, the big question is who's here on a manhunt?" 

"Manhunt? Color me interested, who're you hunting?" 

“I don’t know anything about this manhunt thing… But i can help with that. The more people the better, isn’t it?”


Ghost let off a coy giggle after hearing Ina's ominously worded question along with Alin and Kalm's rather quick acceptance of it. "I'd prefer the term 'search and rescue,' but that works too!" 

"Did all of you follow us or something?" he heard a boy ask. 

"Negative," he answered sharply, "I was just walking by and couldn't help but overheard your conversation, that's all."

 "We're looking into some...odd occurrences. Were your worlds attacked by the darkness too?" Ghost stayed quiet at the question, but was unsettled at the idea that multiple worlds were being attacked by the heartless. Maybe we actually got the important job instead of being shipped to the front lines. 

"Yes... Something like that, its how I ended up here. Odd...occurrences? Buddy worlds being attacked by darkness is a bit worse than odd..."


"Well, I guess everyone is on the same page here. I'm Susan, Master Aqua's pupil. Should........." Ghost was about to introduce himself to the group when Susan stayed oddly quiet, causing his senses to spike. Sensing danger, he quickly followed her gaze, and saw the large group of shadows. As the group of keyblade wielding strangers leaped into action, Ghost took several steps back away from the battle, and paused for a moment.


[Meanwhile, up above him...]


Spectre, Spirit and Shadow were all monitoring Ghost's mic the moment he approached the group. It was normal and within their capabilities for the group to be hot mic'd at will by any one of them at any time, and was standard practice whenever the group splits up. "Manhunt?" Spectre snickered, "I like this person already." 

"I mean the difference between a manhunt and a SAR op is your intentions." Spirit giggled.

Shadow had lost it the moment he heard it; he was clapping slowly while laughing silently, wiping tears as it streamed down his face. His moment of enjoyment was cut off however when the group of shadows started filling his screen.

"Look sharp boys, we got contact!" Spectre barked, and the team went into total serious mode. "That's a lot of them."

"Several of them are engaging," Shadow stated matter-of-fact, "one identified as a pupil of Master Aqua. They're too close for us to engage from up here." 

"Then we continue as eyes in the sky for Ghost. Spirit, continue the course."

"You got it."

The leader reached for the radio, and hailed his friend on the ground. "Ghost, you are cleared to engage at will. We can't assist; they're too close for our cannons. Secure the keyhole."


[Back on the ground...]

"Roger." Ghost whispered, and quickly made a break around a corner to break line of sight of the other strangers. He couldn't tell for certain that all of them were on the same side, and erred on the side of safety as he summoned his keyblade away from prying eyes. Spotting the keyhole, Ghost started the keyblade specific routine needed to lock it. 

#16 Scrapmaster



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Posted 12 December 2017 - 11:00 AM

- Alin Cruz - Traverse town - Heartless Combat - 


Element: Kinetic (Neutral).


Alin was not surprised at the arrival of the heartless, not by the sheer ammount either, she was somewhat expecting it, really. Alin scoffed as Saros showed off by propelling from a wall and slashing a heartless as he landed behind her, she simply smirked. "Easily" Alin spoke, as she focused for a bit, as a small shockwave of power was released around her as she swung her firsts down midway. As she entered her fighting stance.


In a fraction of a second she had dashed forward towards a Heartless, wich a quick punch at the end of the dash she sent it flying away as it vanished as it hit a wall, another lunged at her but she sidestepped and punched it while it was still in the air, destroying it as well.


"Well you guys better do something about that keyhole then." Alin snarked at Saros, who was still nearby. 


She quickly saw Kalm running for Susan, possibly to help her, but she could see the boy was only gonna get himself hurt. "Yo Whippy, that guy is gonna get himself killed, lets help." Alin spoke, giving Saros a nickname while she was at it.


She moved her left leg backwards as she crouched down with her right hand touching the ground in front. She was focusing energy for a quick sprint. "After me." Alin ordered Saros as she launched into a massively fast sprint, faster than any human could hope to be, she closed the distance in about three or so seconds, delivering a flying kick to a heartless that was lunging at Kalm's blindside.


"If you're gonna run, don't leave your back exposed." She lectured him. Before motioning to Susan. "Can you do something about the keyhole?" Alin asked her.

#17 Sabre Lily

Sabre Lily

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 12:27 PM

Amidst the eternal waves of time
From a ripple of change shall the dawn rise
Out of the sky appears a point of light
Behold the goddess, her wings of white sheath


"First Seal of the Goddess." A voice rang out, and above the battle a flash of light illuminated the sky. Her snow-white wings thrown out, feathers flared as dozens of points of light coalesced around her. "Albion's Atonement!"

From the sky Light rain down, slaughtering the Heartless. The girl dived with the Light, appearing behind Ghost. Four Keyblades orbited around her, her wings keeping her aloft mere feet from the ground. What little Heartless there initially was, had been annihilated. Her hair swirled from the wind, and she stayed aloft, a wall upon which the Darkness broke.

"Ghost. Finish locking the Keyhole. Normal pattern indicates three waves at most, possibly a massive Heartless." She seemed...almost monotone. She was...intense...and seriously seemed pissed. "Is everyone ok? Tell me now before more come, and I'll heal." Staying aloft, the girl's radiance was as if an angel had descended upon Traverse Town.

#18 rikunobodyxiii


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Posted 12 December 2017 - 06:26 PM

{Ina: Traverse Town; 1st District}
Ina was smirking as she watched the new comers. She had been taught to suspect coincidences, but that random stuff will happen. Yeah, there was fate involved, but it was usually a tangled mess when you tried to understand it in the moment that the term coincidence had some merit. Still...everyone here. Some with quests, others looking for them. This seemed a little to down pat. Which probably meant that...
"Heartless!" Susan cried out.
"Bingo." Ina muttered to herself.
Whether this was luck or a plan would have to wait. Now was monster hunting time. She reached behind her and pulled her chakram out. She twirled it on a finger as she summoned her Keyblade in her right hand.
"Well, we have a rogue Keyblade Wielder around, maybe more." She called out, answering Saros. "This was bound to happen sooner or later."
After taking a couple quick breaths, Ina went into a spin, releasing her chakram to sail towards a duo of Shadows. As the disc Weapon soared through the air, its master warped to another Heartless, completing her spin with a slash of her Keyblade. By the time the chakram hit the first target, Ina had warped to a second Shadow and brought her Keyblade down on it. The chakram went through its first Heartless, but the second one jerked aside, causing it to bounce off a wall. Ina warped in its path and caught it and she finished off the formally lucky Heartless with a quick slash of her blade.
"So, got a plan, soldier boy?" Ina called out to Ghost.
In a brilliant flash, Zion's arrival dazzled The Keyblade apprentice, causing her to squint.
"And is she part of it?" She called out, gesturing to the glowing lady.

#19 Stardustblade358


    Banana Fish

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 06:45 PM

Saros looked over at Alin with a growl. He turned to her, his arms quickly pressed against each side of his body as he stomped the ground, his cheeks puffing slightly. "Whippy is not my name! My name is Saros!" Saros said, not amused by the nickname. Heartless went flying as Alin dashed right through, making a pathway towards Kalm. Saros followed, swinging his keyblade as he slashed through the falling Heartless that fell right behind Alin's wrath. He growled at Kalm, almost getting to his face. "Seriously?! You wield a keyblade! That's like a target permanently painted on your back! One mistake and you're one of them!" Saros hissed at Kalm. The situation had escalated beyond of what he expected, or was used to control...it was ticking him off in an annoying way. Like a scratch you couldn't itch. Frustration. He pulled his keyblade back. "I'm summoning my shadows-!" Saros hummed, but before he could do it, a blinding light shone over the town like a sun. Saros hissed, raising his arm over his face to protect himself from the extreme light, his own shadow retreating behind him. His eyes darted around, his eyes landed on the Keyhole, to which Ghost was concentrating on sealing. He extended his keyblade, pointing at the Keyhole as the beam shot from his keyblade to the Keyhole. "I got your back." Saros said, figuring that maybe using two keyblades to seal it would be faster than one...to be honest he wouldn't really know. He hadn't sealed one before.

#20 Endless Thundaga

Endless Thundaga

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 07:53 PM

Susan managed to eliminate two Heartless before the others came to her aid. Alin asks if there is something that Susan can do about the keyhole. Before she could say or do anything, Saros and Ghost lock it swiftly. "Well, it looks like I'm a little late on that........" She turns and lets the group know her intentions. "The keyhole is locked, but we need to eliminate this group of Heartless before they hurt people!" She hurls her Keyblade up into the air, with it transforming (btw, Keyblade Transformations are welcome in this RP, so have fun) into a large glaive. Susan recovers her weapon and shoots an orb of light at several Heartless.

Suddenly, Susan is almost blinded by a flash of light. The last couple of Heartless vanish. A woman seems to descend to the ground, asking if everyone is alright. "Yes, but did you say that there are three more waves of Heartless coming?" As soon as she asked, several more Heartless spawn around the group.