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[11-27-17] VIP Quests, Ariel HSC, Union Cross, Weekly Gem Quest


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#1 faemarch

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Posted 27 November 2017 - 03:31 AM

VIP this week offers four Key Art #12 medals (along with 1400 Jewels), another Illustrated Marluxia EX medal, and seven brooms. Another four Key Art #12 medals will be available in next week's VIP Quests. 

Key Art #12: Upright/Power // Tier 6 Guilt // AoE // 3 SP Cost // for 2 turns: atk+3, def+1, PSM atk & def+1. Removes target's enhancements, stronger if set in a smaller slot number, 8 hits.


Until December 4th at 23:59 PT, a High Score Challenge Event offers the Ariel medal to top rankers! Top 1000 rankers will receive an Ariel medal with a Status Bonus. Equip as many Bonus Medals as you can for a higher score!

Ariel: Upright/Magic // Tier 6 Guilt // Single-target // 0 SP Cost // atk+6 and enemy def-1 for one turn, 5 SP recovery


This week's Union Cross update features strong bosses. Enemy attributes will change daily: Power (today) > Speed > Magic > Power > Speed > Magic > Power (Dec 3rd). 30-minute bonus times are at 4:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM, and 11:00 PM PT. There are a total of four Cross Boards available this time, of which two (Magic Broom Set #1 and Magic Mirror Set #1) will be available from the start.


Lastly, this week's Weekly Gem Quest offers a Power Gem.


Images from this update can be viewed below.

VIP Key Art 12 banner Key Art 12 VIP Illust Marluxia EX banner VIP Broom 1127 HSC Ariel Ariel HSC Ariel bonus Union Cross 1127 Weekly Gem Quest