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[10-13-17] Luxord's XIII Event, Bonus Jewels CP, HD Drive Forms Deal


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#1 faemarch

  • Kingdom Hearts χ Team Leader (+)
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Posted 13 October 2017 - 02:37 AM

This month's Organization XIII Event, held until October 23rd at 23:59 PT, features No.X, the Gambler of Fate, Luxord! Clear these thirteen quests for Luxord B medals, his hairstyle, and a title!

Luxord B: Reverse/Magic // Tier 3 Guilt // Random-target // 1 SP Cost // 3 hits, has a 50% chance of dealing a critical hit


Until October 17th at 23:59 PT, Jewel purchasers can receive an extra bonus on top of their purchases:

Jewel Package // Campaign Bonus Jewels // Campaign Bonus Skip Tickets (Normal Amount ⇛ Campaign Amount)

100 Jewels // +10 Jewels // 0 ⇛ 0

540 Jewels // +10 Jewels // 2 ⇛ 4

1,700 Jewels // +50 Jewels // 7 ⇛ 14

2,400 Jewels // +100 Jewels // 10 ⇛ 20

6,600 Jewels // +400 Jewels // 25 ⇛ 50

14,700 Jewels // +1,300 Jewels // 50 ⇛ 100


Lastly for today, until October 26th at 23:59 PT, the HD Drive Forms medal draw will be open. This draw features the new Tier 6 Guilt HD Antiform Sora, as well as the returning Sora Art EX medal along with other medals featuring Sora's drive forms. Each draw guarantees one of the Drive Form medals (Valor, Master, or Limit Form) or a Sora Art EX medal. HD Antiform Sora is guaranteed within 5 pulls, but note that Sora Art EX is not guaranteed within any number of pulls. Both these medals will arrive with 3 ability dots filled if they are pulled, while the other three HD Drive Form medals will arrive with 1-3 ability dots filled.

HD Antiform Sora: Upright/Speed // Tier 6 Guilt // Single-target // 0 SP Cost // copies the ability of the next medal

HD Valor Form Sora: Upright/Power // Tier 5 Guilt // AoE // 3 SP Cost // P atk+3 for 2 turns, stronger the bigger your party, 5 hits

HD Master Form Sora: Upright/Speed // Tier 5 Guilt // AoE // 3 SP Cost // S atk+3 for 2 turns, stronger the bigger your party, 5 hits

HD Limit Form Sora: Upright/Magic // Tier 5 Guilt // AoE // 3 SP Cost // M atk+3 for 2 turns, stronger the bigger your party, 5 hits

Sora Art EX (includes artwork): Upright/Magic // Tier 5 Guilt // AoE // 2 SP Cost // M atk+3 and enemy M def-3 for one turn, stronger with more HP, 3 hits


Images from this update can be viewed below. Will you pull from the Drive Forms Deal?

Luxord EV Luxord B HD Drive Forms Deal banner Sora Art EX hddfm


#2 -Justin-


    Unknown from M.E.M.E.

  • Archives Team
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Posted 13 October 2017 - 02:48 AM

Awesome! Luxord's a pretty cool dude, so I'm definitely excited for this event!

Attached File  i'd rather we just skip the formalities.png   826.17KB   1 downloads Only some peeps here will get this ;)

#3 BlankShell


    Amazing Cyber Sleuth

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Posted 13 October 2017 - 12:39 PM

I pulled from the banner once because I like guaranteed medals. I got Master Form HD, which honestly is the one I need the absolute least =P. So I stopped there.

Finished the Luxord event, super easy (no surprises). Looking forward to next month's big one.

#4 Strider

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Posted 15 October 2017 - 11:33 PM

Hi everyone, quick question here before I attempt at this pull. The guaranteed medal you get from the deal "HD Antiform Sora" is a mimic character like Xion for power. I am still confused if it matters what color the mimic character is when put into a keyblade line up as they will just mimic the following medal right? Now I tried to test this with putting my Power Xion before one of my stronger speed type medals and when it mimicked the medal it did near no damage even though my Xion is equipped with a Attack Boost 4 Max and has increased strength. 

So my question is does it matter what type ie (Power, Speed, Magic) the medal type is when it is one that mimics the following or before medal like Xion or this new Sora?? Just trying to consider if trying to get this new Sora would help my green line up or if it is not really worth it.

Thank you for your help and wisdom! :)