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Various Kingdom Hearts Feats (Power, Speed, Durability, etc.)

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Posted 11 October 2017 - 08:47 PM

Hello, KH13. I am here to talk about the various feats portrayed throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. Before I begin, however, here is a video explaining how power tiers are handled in fiction, for future reference.




This is how strength feats from the series will be measured. Considering Kingdom Hearts has some varying feats, I will try my best with what I know from the series and explain how these are measured, and power scaling will be involved. Also, I will be taking gameplay feats into account, such as the Mirage Arena and secret bosses.


First off, here are the more blatant feats of strength and speed shown here. For this part, I will be talking about the final world and bosses of Kingdom Hearts II. In the first phase of the final battle, Sora is seen cutting through six buildings in the span of one second.




These buildings are roughly three stories tall and approximately 5 meters in width. With that, we can determine Sora's speed at that point was 30 m/s. The average weight of a one story building is about 80,000 pounds, or 40 tons. With that, we can see that each building shown in that section is most likely three times that size. First we will multiply the amount of tons by 3. So 40 x 3 = 120 (basic math, but bare with me, here). 120 tons would be the amount of weight that each building has. Seeing as there are six of them, the total weight would be 720 tons between the buildings. For the sake of this calculation, we have to convert the mass of the buildings into kilograms to find out the kinetic energy that Sora displays at this point. In case you're wondering, the calculation of kinetic energy is 0.5 x mv^2. Converting the building's weight to kilograms, the total weight would be 653,173 kilograms. Since we know both the mass and the speed, we can calculate the kinetic energy that Sora gives off. KE is determined by joules of force, so that will be how much power the feat will yield. So 0.5 x 653,173kg (30 m/s)^2 = 293,927,850J. This would measure in at Small Building Level. Not a bad feat, but nowhere near Sora's true potential. 


Next, we go into the second Armored Xemnas battle. At one point, Sora hits one of those same buildings in order to break Xemnas' barrier. Since the total weight from the last feat has gone down significantly, you would think that it is not as strong a feat. You would be wrong, as even though the mass may not be as big, there is a massive speed difference to compensate. By the calculation, it would appear that the building is going at the speed of 1,223.8 m/s. To put into perspective, the speed of sound is 340 m/s, so Sora hit the building at about three and a half times the speed of sound. To save time, the calculation would be KE = 0.5 x 108,862kg (1,223.8 m/s)^2 = 81,517,406,439J. This is equivalent to 19.48 tons of TNT, so Sora is now at Regular Building Level. I will save the final phase of the battle later, due to it having a major speed feat for both Sora and Riku.


For now, we will be moving on to Birth by Sleep feats, specifically during the trio's visit to the Keyblade Graveyard, as one of BbS' best feats reside here. I will be ignoring the power of the X-blade and the true Kingdom Hearts showcased here, as we don't truly know how powerful the actual Kingdom Hearts is, as it sits anywhere between Solar System Level to potentially Universe Level. At one point, Master Xehanort creates several large pillars of earth throughout his battle with Terra, Ven, and Aqua.




Keep in mind, the area was mostly flat before Xehanort had done this. Not to mention Xehanort is way past his prime by this point, so this scales to basically anyone who has fought any version of him. At one point in the video, there are eleven pillars shown from this battle (6:35). The one where Terra is smacked by one of those pillars clocks in at around 3 gigatons worth of force, and the rest of the pillars are at a similar size, except the one where Terra fought Vanitas and Xehanort, which is the biggest one.Considering how much terrain has been shifted from this fight,Xehanort has done it rather casually, and how high up the terrain has been lifted, the total amount of force exerted by Xehanort would be at least 35 gigatons worth of force, meaning that Xehanort is at least Island Level. Considering that Terra essentially tanked one of the pillars from Xehanort and defeated him, that would make his strength and durability definitively Island Level. Ventus and Aqua naturally scale to this as well. Moreso Aqua, due to the Final Episode. 


Now we will be moving on to the series' best feats. The next major feat in BbS, specifically in Final Mix, is TAV fighting Monstro. Normally, this wouldn't be that much of a feat, since giant enemies are nothing new to Kingdom Hearts. However, Monstro is an exception. In the original Kingdom Hearts, Monstro was seen outpacing the Gummi Ship as Sora, Donald, and Goofy try to get to Atlantica/ Halloween Town.




Considering the high possibility that the worlds in Kingdom Hearts are in different solar systems, as a lot of them take place on some version of Earth, and it takes the Gummi Ship an average of 130 seconds to get from world to world, this would mean that Monstro's casual speed is at least 1 million times the speed of light (far higher if Multiverse Theory is applied). With TAV taking on a pissed off (read: serious) Monstro in the Mirage Arena, that would make TAV far beyond the speed of light, as well. 


Next, we return to Kingdom Hearts II with the Fake Kingdom Hearts created from the Heartless. At the end of the game, Xemnas becomes one with the Fake Kingdom Hearts. At first, it does not seem like much. However, this leads into what is essentially a duplicate World That Never Was. This feat was listed at about 1.374 Foe worth of force, as it is comparable to the Kingdom Hearts in the first game, which had restored several planets at the end of the first game. As Xemnas has absorbed the still extremely powerful Fake Kingdom Hearts, he has become Star Level. This culminates into Xemnas' final form: Twilight Xemnas. This is where Sora and Riku's major speed feat comes into play. As Xemnas covers the screen in darkness, he summons hundreds, if not, thousands of lasers at Sora and Riku. Since lasers are essentially condensed segments of light, that would mean both Sora and Riku are both faster than light due to these lasers, and Star Level via scaling to Twilight Xemnas. However, this is not their current max potential, as they all scale to what is the series' best feat displayed by this point in Kingdom Hearts.


Who here remembers Zeus from Hercules?




Yeah, Zeus did that. Zeus has created constellations based off of Sora, Donald, and Goofy as a sign that they are true heroes. Since the first Kingdom Hearts, worlds have been in potentially different solar systems, and have been represented as stars. There are 614 stars total that are combined to make the constellation, and each star is moving faster than light.Since these are fairly far apart, and Zeus has done this casually, it would appear that the amount of force used to make this was 4.22 Foe, meaning it would be just below Solar System Level. However, since this many stars are here, and remembering that worlds are represented with stars, and most of these worlds have suns and moons, it is very likely that this is indeed a Solar System Level feat, potentially Multi-Solar System Level. Now, you may be asking, "How does anyone scale to this?" Simple. The Kingdom Hearts in KH1 is fully capable of restoring worlds, and the Kingdom Hearts in KHII has a similar power output, meaning that Zeus' constellation feat is not an outlier. 


Also, one last tidbit: Sora scales to Monstro's speed via the Lingering Will, a more powerful version of Terra who was already capable of defeating Monstro, who Sora stalemated.


TL;DR: Kingdom Hearts, as a series, is Solar System Level, with the potential of Universe Level if Xehanort wanting to recreate the universe in darkness is believed, and Massively Faster Than Light. Sora, via scaling, can solo the HST (Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece), would make it far into Dragon Ball Z, and solos just about every Square Enix IP that isn't Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.


I'll update this thread if more feats that catch my eye pop up, and it will definitely be updated when Kingdom Hearts III comes out.

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