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Ventus's Dreams are the Gateway to the Xchi Timeline (Theory)

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#1 Finn and vigor

Finn and vigor

    Blacky and the Brain

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Posted 04 October 2017 - 10:52 PM

​Ok I've come up with something insane (and this is coming from my other post "Brain is Braig" Theory so please read that if you can in order to get a small grasp of what I'm about to say). So ok, Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Lauriam, and Brain are the Union Leaders correct? Well it is my assumption that this was NOT the original order of Leaders. (of course that's recently been obvious) but let me just state what I believe the "Original" leaders were supposed to be. It is Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Strelitzia and 1 "Unknown" person. I'm suggesting that there was someone "else" that was planned to become a Union Leader but was killed off or taken instead. Now of course I wouldn't Know who this person would be (and I do realize how Far-fetched that sounded) but lets think here for a sec. What if the events we are witnessing in Union Cross are events of the past generated from "Ventus's Dream's"? Now I'm pretty sure that Ventus was actually around in that timeline but what can we say about anyone "else"? What if Lauriam and Brain/Blaine were these persons? So let's just assume that in KH3, Lauriam (after becoming human) as well as Braig or Xigbar found Ventus before Sora and Co. did. Maybe both Braig and Lauriam entered Ventus's dream thus granting them access to Ventus's past memories of his time in the Keyblade War? And one point I should point out is that Brain and Lauriam has NOT been mentioned at all by either the Foretellers or anyone else in Xchi so far so it almost seems like they just "Showed up out of nowhere" which could lead to the possibility that they were NOT from that timeline. Although within saying that, I DO believe that at least one of the 2 is from that Era. Because if were assuming that both Braig and Lauriam are inside Ventus's dreams right now (meddling with the events within) one of them must have had knowledge of the Union Leaders to even know Ventus was living during that Era. So maybe 1 of them somehow ended up in the current timeline (just as Ventus did) and from the knowledge of his interaction of the ancient times he ended up journeying to Ventus's dreams (along with the "partner") so that they can learn more about the creation of the X-Blade (or some other reason we wouldn't know about). It could be vise versa but from my logic I'll just say Braig is from that timeline but Lauriam wasn't. (because I'm pretty sure Braig has met Ventus before, even before the events of BBS). Here's a better explanation of what I just said in case you were confused: Sometime during KH3 Braig meets with his old "friend" Lauriam once he became a somebody again. They both tried to find Ventus during the events of KH2 and CoM (with Xigbar asking Zexion about the "Chamber of Repose" to find his location which eventually leads to Marluxia capturing Sora, most likely to obtain Ventus's Heart) but with the plan ending up failing. They then decide to bring back their partnership again to capture Ventus in order to "Enter his Dreams". (lets assume that was the motive for finding Ventus in CoM). They find Ventus inside Castle Oblivion (before Sora does) and enter his dreams and then the events we saw in Union Cross happens which they then disguise themselves as Union Leaders. But because there were already 5 leaders assigned they decided to kill off one of them (that being Strelitzia) and as well kill off the other unknown leader which then makes them all set without seeming suspicious.  (Like I said though, I do realize how Far-Fetched this is so I'm going to need more info to support it). 2 more things I must point out too. Maybe this is how Maleficent ended up in the Xchi era as well? She found Ventus, entered his dreams, thus granting her access to the Keyblade War through the eyes of Ventus's hidden memories (they were most likely hidden deep inside him just as Xion's memories are inside Sora). And the other point is that Maleficent isn't the "Only one" ending up in the Realm of Sleep. In fact, Ursula did as well. Let me explain: Remember this quote in DDD (the VERY beginning of DDD) "Oh he was right, these wretched Guppies are here! Well it's about time we settled the Score!!!" "He" was right? Did Braig (or someone else) grant Ursula access to the Realm of Sleep through Ventus's dreams? (as to how Ursula would be alive to do so, insert Time Travel Bullcrap here lol). But remember, Ventus's heart is inside Sora's so since they are both "connected" they would most likely share each others memories deep inside of themselves thus explaining how Ventus's dreams would grant access to Sora's memories of Destiny Islands. But what do you think about this theory? I know it is a LOT to take in but like I said before I am almost POSITIVE that Xigbar and Marluxia were in cahoots at some point (and their somebodies could be currently) and this segment of it just slowly began drifting in my head. I feel like that part with Ursula should be considered as well. If not for this then for other things.

Edited by Finn and vigor, 05 October 2017 - 06:37 AM.