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Traverse Town Boss Battles (1st visit)

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Posted 12 August 2017 - 11:44 AM

Komory Swarm+Bolt Towers (mid-boss): This fight is relatively simple. All you have to do is defeat as many enemies as possible before time runs out. All of the Komory Bats are taken out in one hit, so feel free to go trigger happy with magic that hits multiple enemies at once. Occasionally, use Bolt Reversal from a Bolt Tower to kill higher amount of Bats.

Kariya 1st battle(mid-boss): Kariya doesn't do much in his base form. His only attacks, aside from punching and kicking, are ice pillars and Noise waves. When he's about summon Noise waves, use the 2-second long Situation Command "Noise Interruption" to stun him for a bit while.

No-Sound Barrier (Main Emblem Heartless Boss): A giant vulture Heartless fused with the Noises. It can screech great sound-waves from out of its mouth to stun Sora and Joshua, so be ready by guarding, then use Counter Slash the moment the Heartless stops screeching. Its other attacks include raining down thunderbolts all over the area, which is nearly impossible to dodge, whipping its tail to poison its enemies, and flapping its wings to create wind gusts that blow its enemies away. Its signature attack, Noise Explosion, is where it flies into the air, chagres up an energy laser, and fires it, which can only be dodged by pulling a 5-second Situation Command called Sound Barrier, which creates a forcefield protecting Sora and Joshua from the laser.

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