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Rebirth of Legends [Sign Ups & OOC]

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#1 TheKeyofRose


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Posted 19 June 2017 - 03:54 AM


"For it is foretold an age in which Legends of Ol' all of which have passed into history or myth are reborn..."

In a time long since past... In an Age of Darkness when vile creatures of myth and fantasy roamed the earth and many were powerless to stop them.. Humanity's hope lived in heroes and even in somecases villians, with spirits unlike any others and abilties that were legendary... These Legendary people eradicated this age of darkness and herald an age of new order and revolution one not ruled by the ancient mages of before and the destruction of old...


Truth became History... History became Legend and Legend became Myth... While truly never forgotten the belief in these Legendary Souls faded has history went on and faded with the darkness they destroyed...


However in recent years the enroaching darkness has awoken and humanity now once again without even knowing stands on the brink of annihilation once again, in order to stop the enroaching darkness upon the world Legendary Heroes have been reborn into modern day children just born into this world...


At day they are merely the everyday person... At night however they become the protectors of humanity that fight an unseen war in the shadows, a war that is slowly but surely truly about to begin.



Welcome to Rebirth of Legends, this is a mythlogical based roleplay based upon mythlogical and ancient figures of the past people like 'King Arthur' 'Heracules' 'The Four Horseman' and many many more... These Legendary Souls have been reborn in order to protect humanity from the threat of an enroaching darkness one that once clouded the world...

This War in the shadows is fought during the night and during the day these 'Legendary Souls' adjust and live an everyday life in the modern era most as Students at the local highschool and some people with jobs. Regardless while the war has been going on a storm is coming one that will truly begin this war against the shadow however... Before we go over what mythlogical being you are let us go over the rules.

1. No Metagaming/Godmodding

2. Proper Spelling is to be expected.

3. 2 Characters per person


4. No Rudeness 


5. Romance is allowed but keep it PG-13


6. Violance is duh obviously allowed keep it PG-13 


7. No Crossover characters meaning don't app someone like Saber from Fate/stay night (Feel Free to use art from the series or other corresponding series if need be though as reference art but blatant copy and pastes are not allowed.)

8. Expand on a Legend or Myth if you must.


10. Have Fun

11. Add "I Agree to these terms." at the end of your sign up.
This is a Fantasy based in reality?

You must agree to these rules before we can continue on... Do you agree and understand that is nothing but a Fantasy?
I see so we may continue on...


True Idenity:

Ultimate Ability:
EN VA(Optional):
JA VA(Optional):


Name: Shi Tenshi

True Idenity: The Angel of Death or Grim Reaper

Titles: Governor of the Condemned, Mal'akh ha-Mavet, Samael, Sariel, Gabriel, Azra’il, Abaddon, Malach Ahzari, The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Judge of the Living and the Dead.

Appearance: http://imgur.com/CWH8EGa http://imgur.com/a/fSc6o

Personality: Shi generally is to himself type of person perhaps that is because he is the 'Angel of Death' Incarnate or perhaps because he is an avid reader and student of numerous cultures as a student despite his look he prefers digging himself into reading and more reading... To say the least beyond this his loner attiude comes from the fact of how many view him far more a 'villian' and 'evil' just due to his nature.




Scroll of Deeds: 
Shi usually carries around a scroll with him, documenting all of the good and evil acts that every sentient being on Earth has carried out while they were alive. This skill somewhat of a useful tool for discerning the identity of someone or trying to theorise on their varying strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, this list does not extend to the Pure Darkness enemies

Scythe/Sickle Creation:
As the name implies he can create Scythe's and Sickles with merely a snap of his fingers. 

Chains of Fate: 
Shi can summon magical chains out of thin air that literally bind a target in place and neutralize their abilities and


Summon Horse: A pure charcoal mane horse that has crimson red eyes.

Ultimate Ability: 

Alqadi, Lajnat Almuhallafin Walmunaffidha: Ruthless Angel of Death
A dozen ghostly, glowing hands will materialize out of the ground and drag their target into the ground like a bag of screaming meat. When the ground sink up to the victim’s throat, the hands will simply hold them in place to ensure that they will not attempt to escape, as Shi conjures up no more than 12 scythes that will hover some twenty feet above their target and he hoists his own scythe above his left shoulder in preparation to deliver a lethal strike. And then, Death and all 12 scythes will converge upon the target’s throat at once in the hopes of dealing multiple slashes that sever the victim's head completely from their neck and end their life in an instant…


Edited by TheKeyofRose, 19 June 2017 - 03:56 AM.