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Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake to be launched in "the next three years or so"


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#41 Zeldablade7



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Posted 28 May 2017 - 03:37 PM

Remember, the unnamed Marvel IP Project is also listed as a game that will be released in the next three years or so, bringing the total number of games up to three.  Because there are three games listed to be released in the next three years or so, we may get one game released each year.  So, based on everything we have heard so far, if I were to make a guess, I would say that Kingdom Hearts III will be released in 2018, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released in 2019, and the currently unnamed Marvel IP Project will be released in 2020.

I agree with you.


If they confirm a 2018 release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 at e3 2017, it will make sense at this point 

#42 Kenneth Choo

Kenneth Choo
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Posted 02 June 2017 - 12:20 PM

And fans are happy with this?


Happy that the game will launch in 2020?


I can never wrap my head on how stupid this is cuz if this confirms anything I said before is that Nomura is an incompetent director who can never stick to a deadline


And I won't take the bullshit fanboys defense of "Let them take their time so the game won't be rushed" because guess what?Duke Nukem Forever was 10 years in the making and that was shit


Final Fantasy 15 was announced in 2006 and got through a hellish development cycle before the name+director change that guaranteed it a stable three year second dev cycle and the result was an unfinished game





Mighty No.9 got delayed so many times and the result was shit


Heck even Yooka Layle who got pushed to 2017 came out as meh at best




If a development cycle exceeds anymore than 4 or 5 years then there is a big problem going on with the development studio either with the engine the game is made on(firetruck the Luminous Engine),lack of experienced staff especially with some of them leaving mid-development or worse an incompetent director who doesn't have any clear direction for his project and can't stick to a single deadline


And the whole "Fans rushed the game and ruined it" is bullshit too cuz there are investors and higher ups up there who demands satisfying result for their investment especially when the game's budget is as astronomical as a big mainline FF game can be





He should never direct the VII remake and if he went any further with it as a director beyond 2017 then I expect the results to turn out worse than FFXV


......ughh I just wanna know what type of Elixir of immortality that Nomura and his fans drink that can make them endure a bullshit development cycle of an eternity cuz that's.....that's some godly patience right there

Sadly,the chances of the next trailer saying Now In Development this E3 are higher than 95% for me


And no matter how much fans try to convince me otherwise. 2.9 is gonna be a thing and I'm gonna hate myself for it if my prediction turned out to be true

I know this is a very late response to this. But I just have to make this comment because there are things you said which are misconceptions and are just based on rumours or opinions and such.


First, saying that Nomura is an "incompetent director" is a very false statement. Let's list out his works as a director.

  1. Final Fantasy VI (1994) — Graphic director. I know this is not the role of a video game director but at least he's being in charge in leading something. His job turns out great, right?
  2. Kingdom Hearts / Final Mix (2002) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). His first role as a video game director and the beginning of his own amazing video game series (as well as other merchandises like figurines, OSTs, books, manga, light novels, etc). It was superb and you cannot deny that. Also one of the best PS2 titles.
  3. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (2004) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). The GBA title. One of the best GBA titles, actually.
  4. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children / Complete (2005, 2009) — As the director (and designer). A CGI film. Not a video game, yes, but still part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and it was a very good job done.
  5. Last Order: Final Fantasy VII (2005) — As the supervising director. Concept drawings and images were under his right to accept or reject. The production was said to be in "jeopardy" as many had to be redrawn. Nonetheless, the OVA was positively received, only that some fans were displeased with certain changes made in the OVA. Note that Nomura was not the director.
  6. Kingdom Hearts II (2005) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). It was undeniably one of the best PS2 titles alongside the first game.
  7. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ (2007) — A package that contains both Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. A good remake of the GBA title and the best Final Mix title with a lot of additions.
  8. Kingdom Hearts coded (2008) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). A bit of a lackluster since it was Japan-exclusive and only on mobile phones (not smartphones) but it was critically praised.
  9. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (2009) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). Again, easily and undeniably one of the best DS titles if not the best. The top criticism from critical reviews is "confusing plot" and of course that's what going to happen to new players when you didn't even touch any of the previous games to even try to understand the story.
  10. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep / Final Mix (2010, 2011) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). Need I repeat myself again? One of the best PSP titles.
  11. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (2010) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). A great remake and perhaps weaker than the previous DS title but still one of the best DS titles.
  12. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (2006 – 2012) — As the ex-director (and designer and other stuff) and scrapped into Final Fantasy XV. Based on trailers and concept designs, it was very good and promising. Another sign of him being a great director. Now, we don't know what actually happened that the production never ended up completed so don't assume. It was said that Nomura worked with Tabata as a co-director until 2013 "so the project could remain as true to the original vision as possible," until he was assigned to other projects. Laughable. FFXV retained almost nothing other than characters and locations and other stuff. Even character designs by Nomura were changed. Yes, ALL of them.
  13. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (2012) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). One of the best 3DS titles, again.
  14. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX (2013) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). A great HD remaster collection  for both fans and newcomers.
  15. Kingdom Hearts χ / Unchained χ / Union χ (2013 – ) — As a co-director alongside Tatsuya Kando. A great PC browser / smartphone title also for both fans and newcomers. The story is accessible by everyone without having to pay a single cent. Yes, you don't have to pay just for the story. Heck, even I, as a F2P player gets access to things and features more than the story and I'm loving it. My only complain is the same as everyone else: better management of the game for the international version. It was also well received by critics, actually. To me, it's one of the best if not the best smartphone title. The other smartphone titles bore me easily after a certain amount of time. But this, this stays with me ever since its launch until now. That's more than a year already.
  16. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX (2014) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). A great HD remaster collection  for both fans and newcomers.
  17. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (2017) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). It's the first title (or collection) in the series to have the release date delayed and also the first to have a worldwide release month. An amazing collection with an HD remaster of a previous title alongside two other new titles. This time I won't say that it's one of the best PS4 titles since PS4 has a bunch of outstanding video game titles. But to me, it is.
  18. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX (2017) — As the director (and designer and other stuff). A port of the previous two ReMIXes and the perfect collection for both fans and newcomers alongside KH2.8. Due to this, all current KH titles except for the smartphone title exist in one single platform which brings extremely easy access to every player.
  19. Kingdom Hearts III (TBA) — As the director (and designer and other stuff), simultaneously with FF7R. Looking VERY promising.
  20. Final Fantasy VII Remake (TBA) — As the director (and designer), simultaneously with KH3. Looking VERY promising.

That took quite a while. Anyhow, I've proven how Nomura is not an "incompetent director". Every single video game title (as well as the CGI film) directed by him did not turn out bad (not a single one of them) and contrarily, they all turned out either amazing or at least decent. Just because your "beloved" KH3 and FF7R took way longer than YOU expected (and in fact, KHIII and FF7R took around 4 years and 2 years only, respectively, as of now), that doesn't show even the slightest bit that Nomura is an "incompetent director". That's just all your assumptions and opinions. No facts. Zero.


Oh and by the way, no one has said that KH3, FF7R, and the Marvel collaboration are going to be launched until at least 2020. It says "in the next three years or so." Read. Not a single one of them is given a release year and let's just leave it on that note.


FFXV resulting in a game not achieving the standard of any previous main FF title is totally not the fault of Nomura. To be fair, it had 4 years of development (around 3 years without Nomura doing any work). Almost everything in FFV13 was scrapped. Every single significant thing was changed: game engine, platform (from PS3 to PS4), development team, director, etc. Those changes would result in a project being either totally restarted or totally scrapped. They chose the path of restart, and it got worse.


Long development cycles don't always guarantee a good game. That's true. However, long development cycles don't always guarantee a bad game either. I don't have time right now to find proofs and I am very sure that there are such games out there.


Nomura directing two of the biggest AAA titles of the company which are also two of the highest anticipated titles around the whole world which also means the extremely heavy burden carried by Nomura, is NOT his fault. Nomura didn't even know that the's the director of FF7R until an internal company video was shown. I actually agree with you that Nomura shouldn't direct the game and that the original Kitase should do the job, but I disagree that it'll turn out worse than FFXV. Nomura's projects would never turn out bad with his past projects and proofs listed above. He's a perfectionist, as shown by one example in Last Order.


One of the most important things that I want to talk about here, is about Nomura's busy schedule. Look up on all his contributions and works. You'll find a long list of it. He's a major asset to the company as a character designer, concept designer, artist, etc. He's always being used in a project every second. That sort of explains the development of FFV13 but of course I'm not confirming it. Right now, it's much worse. Both KH3 and FF7R in his hands. His hands are now definitely full. You still wanna say that he's an "incompetent director?"


Last but not least, KH2.9 is never going to be a thing because it has ALREADY been released. This shows how ignorant you are by basing things off opinions without proper and simple research and knowledge. You're being ignorant and stubborn, seriously. I've given facts and proofs. You, on the other hand, only give opinions.




This does not serve as a response to just Dio Brando. This is a response to every single person out there, KH fan or not, who are giving needless and unnecessary hate on Nomura. I hope this actually clears up any misconception because misconceptions are everywhere now, especially when we're talking about the KH community.

#43 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

    "The Fox Sin Of Greed"

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Posted 02 June 2017 - 07:52 PM

Well guys, E3 is getting closer with each passing day, so here's hoping that we get some new info on Kingdom Hearts III, and at the very least, a release window!

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