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Mini HSC, 2-Sided Daily Illustrated Deal, 60k Pre-Registrations Reached (3/24)


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#1 faemarch

  • Kingdom Hearts χ Team Leader (+)
  • 76 posts

Posted 24 March 2017 - 02:30 AM

Today's update in the global version of Unchained χ--soon to be rebranded Union χ--brings a mini-High Score Challenge and a daily draw for two illustrated medals! It was also announced earlier today that the Pre-Registration Campaign for the upcoming Union χ update has reached 60,000 pre-registrations, so all players were gifted a Fantasia Mickey B medal and will be gifted 6,000 Jewels, along with seven Sora&Roxas medals, at a later date. Players can still pre-register here!


The Mini High Score Challenge held 3/24/17~3/28/17 11:59pm (PT) offers the Chip & Dale medal. Score bonus medals, along with their bonus values, can be viewed in the gallery below.

*Chip & Dale: Tier 3 Guilt // Speed // Upright // Single-Target // 0 SP cost // recovers 4 SP


The 2-Sided Daily Illustrated Deal, available 3/24/17~4/3/17 11:59pm (PT), offers two deals--pulling from the Illustrated Sora A Deal guarantees at least one Illustrated Sora A, and pulling from the Illustrated Riku A Deal guarantees at least one Illustrated Riku B medal. Each deal can only be drawn from once a day.

*Illustrated Sora A: Tier 4 Guilt // Power // Upright // AoE // 2 SP cost // P Atk+2 for one turn, 11 hits 
*Illustrated Riku A: Tier 4 Guilt // Speed // Upright // AoE // 2 SP cost // S Atk+2 for one turn, 11 hits
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#2 hawk222

  • Member
  • 402 posts

Posted 24 March 2017 - 08:59 AM

To those who like the idea of these banners: wait. There will hopefully be better deals during the anniversary. Unless you need one more to guilt, just wait.


Also, to everyone: maybe hold off on guilting tier 4/5 medals until the Union X update. Or at least hold onto a couple of reroll medals until then, if you can't wait to guilt.

#3 BlankShell


    Amazing Cyber Sleuth

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Posted 24 March 2017 - 12:59 PM

At the full 3000 Jewels it's probably a bit much, but I've found iRiku to be extraordinarily helpful, even unguilted, in the Proud Mode quests for meeting various requirements. I also kind of want to pull iSora just to round out my album a bit more, but we'll see.

Also, done with the HSC and got all the rewards. This one was cute and fun.