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My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War


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#101 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 07 February 2018 - 05:27 PM

Chapter 45: The Imperial Regalia
      My friends and I and the emperor are rather curious about this Matthew we see standing before us. He seems trustworthy as he did save us from the thugs of Luxu's. However, I just want to know more about him and I think it would be wise we do not do anything until he opens up to us.
      "Before we go anywhere, tell us who you are exactly," I said. "How also can you get to the regalia?"
      "I am a descendant of a Dandelion," he said. "A faction of Dandelions took a different path of escaping the Keyblade War. They came to Earth all scattered and blended in with the people of the world. My ancestor came and settled down as well. After Erabareshimo became Keyblade Emperor, Nintoku turned to another boy servant and told him he will be the one to guard the imperial regalia and everyone after him will be successors to this."
      "So you are the guardian of the imperial regalia?" Invictus asked.
      "Yes I am," he replied. "Now who are you guys?"
      "I'm Ben."
      "I'm Shane."
      "Name's Jack."
      "Hey you four are the Supreme Elite aren't you?" Matthew said. "Yeah I have seen your images or likenesses so many times. Not only is it my duty to protect the regalia, but also lead the Supreme Elite to it so the prophecy about Earth's keyhole can be fulfilled."
      "Yeah we also go by those names too," I said. Matthew then looked at Invictus.
      "And who are you?" he asked.
      "I am Invictus, the Keyblade Emperor," he replied. Matthew froze with shock on his face. This is his king, his emperor, his ruler he answers to. The Keyblade Emperor is the ruler over all Keyblade wielders and now he meets his emperor. He then went on one knee and bowed to Invictus.
      "Your majesty, my emperor," Matthew said with reverence.
      "Rise," Invictus said and Matthew stood up. "I am pleased that we know you are one of our own and on our side. Unfortunately, we cannot tell friend from foe."
      "Those guys that attacked you had been trying to get to the regalia for a while," Matthew said. "I have had to keep an eye on them. They have tried multiple times to get the regalia through different means with some becoming violent. I needed to intercede when necessary and merely beat them back. I couldn't kill them in public so you happened to be exactly what the doctor ordered."
      "So tell us, where are the regalia and how do we get them?" I asked straight to the point.
      "That is where it gets tricky," Matthew replied. "Unfortunately, as sacred as the regalia are, getting them will not be easy. The sword is located at Atsuta Shrine, the mirror at the Ise Grand Shrine, and the jewel at the Three Palaces Sanctuary in Tokyo, which is also known as the imperial palace in Tokyo."
      "Whoa wait, one of these is at the imperial palace?" Shane asked.
      "Yes one is," Matthew said.
      "And explain how we could possibly get it," I said slightly condescendingly. "If you have an idea on how to get it along with the rest of the regalia, please share. We are all ears."
      "Uh... yeah..." Matthew said unsure and put his hand behind his head in nervous thought. I thought so. I knew it the moment he mentioned the imperial palace.
      "So we are facing possible imprisonment if go after these," Jack said. Matthew kept quiet.
      "Okay then, so let me ask you this, how do we know you are not setting us up?" I asked. Matthew remained silent, but then spoke.
      "I am supposed to help you get the regalia," Matthew said sternly. "Whether the officials that protect the emperor and his family believe us, I will get that sword and the mirror and jewel too. I swore when I took up the mantle to fulfill the duty. I will make sure it happens, I promise you that."
      "Alright, but if this fails, the fate of the universe is in the balance and you will be held responsible, by royal command you will be," Invictus said.
      "Yes your majesty," Matthew replied. "First, we will try the easier part of this: getting the sword. That is at the Atsuta Shrine which is about a couple hours from here. We will take a look around and scout the ins and outs. Second, will be heading to the Ise Grand Shrine where the mirror is stored and do the same there. The final step of getting the sword will be the hardest part of it all. We may have to use our magic to get in and out of the imperial palace." I sighed and shook my head.
      "You don't know how much I would prefer not to do things this way," I said, "but if you insist, we will do it. I just hope it doesn't go wrong."
      "Well if it does, we will have to find a way to convince them to allow us to see the emperor," Matthew replied. We went into a corridor and came out in Nagoya near the shrine. We my friends and I changed into our normal forms and Invictus changed out of his armor. We walk a bit and see to our left the shrine itself. It is amazing to come to such a place as it is pretty spread out. We head to the treasures building called the bunkaden and walk inside looking like regular tourists. We look around and come across an exhibit like a sanctuary with two lights inside. There doesn't appear to be much inside, but Matthew bumped me and nodded to the sanctuary.
      "It's there," he said. "Can you feel it?" I closed my eyes for a second to feel it. I felt an energy like it is calling out to me. I open my eyes and look in the exhibit.
      "I feel it," I said. My friends concurred with my sentiment.
      "I can too," Invictus said.
      "We come back after closing," Matthew said. "The entrance closes 4:10 pm and close the entire Treasure Hall closes at 4:30. We arrive at 4 pm, stick around past the entrance closing, obtain the sword, then we get out." We all nod and then leave. It was about noon Japan time when we left the hall. We came back at around quarter til four in the afternoon and hung around until after the entrance closing. After the entrance closed leaving only people who have not finished walking through the hall, we went to the exhibit again this time in our Elite form and the emperor with his armor. We stood in front of the exhibit looking in at it.
      "Now in order to obtain the sword, it needs to be awakened," Matthew said. "For it to come to you through the glass, you need to have your heart reach out to it."
      "Is there anything we should say to get it to come to us?" I asked.
      "Your heart will speak to it and if your heart can successfully do that," Matthew explained, "it will come to you."
      "Before you do so," Invictus interjected, "it may not decide to answer to you at first since it is the imperial regalia of Japan and would answer to royalty. If it indeed is not obeying your call, by command of the emperor, I order it to obey your call. It will know it is the Keyblade Emperor it must obey." I nodded in understanding at the instruction. I then closed my eyes and raised my right hand palm facing the exhibit. I then used my mindfulness I learned from my martial arts master to get in the moment and block out all around me.
      Sword of legend, sword of the emperor, I call upon thee, I said using my heart. I felt the pulse like it awakened. Awaken sword of legend and come to me. I sensed it refused my call. I am kind of not surprised.
      Sword of legend, by order of the Keyblade Emperor, come to me and fulfill your purpose, I said with my heart again.
      Who are you that you know my emperor? the sword asked.
      I am Polemistis, Supreme Elite of yore and one of four that live, I responded. It became more cooperative.
      You who are foretold to open the keyhole, take my power and fulfill my first master's quest, the sword responded. I open my eyes and from above the altar that was in the middle of the sanctuary, the sword appeared in a glow of light. It was just as the images that have been assumed to be what the sword looks like. It floated through the glass and I grabbed the handle of the sword.
      Suddenly, visions appeared before me. I saw a man slay a multi headed monster and that monster disappeared. I learned from the sword that this man was named Susanoo, a god in Japanese mythology, and the monster was orochi. I realized that Susanoo and orochi were not what the legends say they were. After the monster disappeared, a sword was left behind, which is the very one that I am holding. Then the vision shifts to Susanoo handing me the sword. He is smiling at me warmly and holding the sword in two hands as he hands it to me. I reach out and grab it and hold it. I then look at him.
      "This sword was produced by the Earth's heart and sent to me through orochi," he told me. "Go and unite kusanagi with her counterparts and open the keyhole." Then the vision disappeared and I am standing with my friends, Invictus, and Matthew.
      "I see you got the sword," Invictus said. "However, what happened? All of a sudden, you froze." I continued staring at the kusanagi in my hand with awe.
      "I saw Susanoo," I said. "The myths misunderstood him. Susanoo was a Keyblade wielder and was given this sword by the Earth's heart. He defeated a heartless named orochi and obtained the sword. Susanoo told me that and told me to unite it with its counterparts."
      "The mirror yata no kagami and the jewel yasakani no magatama," Matthew said.
      "When touching the sword, I also learned so many other things," I said. "I learned that the regalia have had different copies exist before them, but every time the originals were lost, the power transferred. This is the true sword and the other counterparts are in the places where Matthew has described."
      "So it has responded to your call and now we know the real story behind it," Matthew said. "We have two more to go. Let's find the mirror." We knew that a void would be noticed in time. It depends on when. For now, we covered up the sword within our clothing and went out of the hall quickly. We enter a corridor and head to the Ise Grand Shrine. There was still day light, but the sun was toward the west, though not just yet to set. We head to the steps that lead up to the shrine while staying on the sides out of respect for those that believe the middle of the stairs is for the goddess Amaterasu. We get up to the fence and Matthew stops us.
      "The mirror is inside, but it is forbidden for people to take pictures and the security is extremely tight," Matthew said. "We will have to do this at night." We nod in reply and then bide our time by staying at the bottom of the stairs. When the place closed and it was dark, we sneaked in by jumping over the fence without being caught by the guards. Inside, we head to the main shrine, go inside, and find the compartment that had the mirror. We saw it displayed this time in the midst of a shrine dedicated to Amaterasu and see the mirror in a compartment. I use the kusanagi to call out to the mirror and it glowed with light and came to me and I hold it in my hand. I just smile and nod at my friends.
      As we turn around, we see guards telling us to freeze in Japanese. We were caught. Great, just great. The sword and mirror disappeared subtly. We put our hands up in surrender and they arrest us.
      "Wait! We need to see the emperor!" I shout in Japanese. Since all languages of Earth come from Atlantean and Atlantean is a sibling of the Keyblade wielder language, I am able to speak it.
      "You will see mere images of him in jail!" they reply in Japanese.
      "If you don't, we will destroy the regalia!" Matthew threatened in Japanese. The guards paused at the threat, though we did not mean it. Quick thinking made me realize that we can see Akihito and find a way to get the jewel.
       "You will see him tomorrow then," the guards acquiesced and then led us away into detention. We also used our leverage to force them to put us under house arrest and keep this between us and the emperor and police agency. We were in detention for the night and then the next morning the National Police Agency came to our quarters and escorted us to the imperial palace in Tokyo. We were led through different places and halls. We couldn't keep track of where we were and what we went through. They just led us quickly throughout the palace and pushed us along strictly if we tried to look around. We were eventually brought to the office of the emperor and there was the emperor Akihito. He was sitting at his desk with hands folded. My friends, Invictus, and Matthew and I all were lined up like kids in the principal's office. The emperor motioned for the guards to leave not allowing them to say a word.
      "Welcome to my office," Akihito said in the Keyblade wielder language. We all had our mouths open wide with shock written on our faces. But... how? How could he know any of the language? He just smiled and laughed some.
      "I know a little bit of the language," he said with a smile. That's right, he knows English fluently too.
      "Welcome Supreme Elite," he said to my friends and I. "I believe you have the mirror and the sword." I bowed my head in resignation and with my magic, made the sword and mirror appear and placed them on his desk.
      "Your majesty, my friends and I have-" I began to explain before the emperor cut me off.
      "I know what you seek," he said. "Believe me, the stories of Nintoku and his discovery have been passed down from my ancient ancestor to me and I have passed them down to my son, heir to the throne. It is the duty of emperor of Japan to pass down the tale to their heir so that one day, the prophecy may be fulfilled."
      "Your majesty, I am Invictus, Keyblade Emperor of the Pillar built by my first ancestor, Erabareshimo," Invictus said introducing himself. Akihito's eyes widened when he heard this and so he stood up and bowed to Invictus the way the Japanese bow.
      "I am Matthew, guardian of the imperial regalia," Matthew followed. Akihito bowed the same way again to Matthew.
      "The destiny is coming together," Akihito said to himself. "I would like to know first how you obtained the sword and mirror."
      "Well your majesty, I told them all where the regalia were," Matthew said.
      "We found the sword first," I said. "I felt it in the Atsuta Shrine and then I called out to it. It awoke, but did not heed my call to it, but when I told it who I was, it answered me and came to me. When I grabbed it, I had a vision where I saw Susanoo and how the sword came to be."
      "You saw the god?" Akihito asked excitedly.
      "Yes, but he was not a god," I replied. "He was a Keyblade wielder that lived in ancient times and the story about how he obtained the sword is true, but the orochi he fought was a heartless. However, when the heartless was destroyed and defeated, the sword was left behind. The heart of Earth formed it and gave it to him hoping it can be used to one day help unlock the Keyhole in some way. Then I saw Susanoo hand me the sword and told me to unite it with its counterparts. Then the vision disappeared."
      "And what about the mirror?" he asked.
      "We had to... take it..." Matthew said uncomfortably. "I suggested the idea because we figured no one would have believe us with our stories."
      "And you would have been right because the stories are unknown to the world," Akihito said.
      "We assume the mirror was forged by the Earth's heart and given to an ancient Keyblade wielder as well," Adrian said.
      "Ninigi-no-Mikoto, or Ninigi as you would call him," the emperor said.
      "That leaves only one left, the jewel magatama," Shane said.
      "And you will need that," Akihito said looking rather concerned. We all just nodded.
      "Your majesty, we have darkness approaching and an Apocalyptic War is coming," Jack reasoned. "I know it will be hard to do such a thing to such sacred objects, but there is a prophecy that a predecessor of Invictus's that speaks of them."
      "Uranaishi foresaw what would happen," Invictus said.
      "Plus, it has been foretold that one of us Elite will sacrifice himself to save the light and universe," I said. There was silence for a bit. It felt like forever, but Akihito spoke up at last.
      "I understand that the time has come," Akihito said. "With that said, let the regalia unite together and may the seal be opened." He then motioned us to follow him and we followed him through different corridors to the outside and he led us through a courtyard and we walk into a nearby shrine and there, the emperor went inside the shrine leaving us to wait for him outside. After a couple of minutes, he comes back out with the jewel in hand. It is exactly as an artist rendition showed it to appear. I had the sword and mirror in hand and gave the mirror to Matthew while I held the sword. Akihito, Matthew, and I all had the regalia touch each other and a white glow from each of them appeared on them for a few moments before it disappeared.
      "The regalia are one now," Akihito said. "I shall have the national police guide you to the Daisen Kofun. Go and unlock Earth's Keyhole and save the world."

#102 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

    "Knock Knock, Daddy DP Is Back!"

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Posted 07 February 2018 - 08:14 PM

Gahhh, the Earth's Keyhole is about to be unlocked! Big things are coming, I can feel it! The hype is real!!! :D


I just love how you blended in Japanese culture and history within the story of yours, it really adds depth to the situation and the plot! Great work man, I look forward to the next chapter, as always! :D

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    In the final chapter...

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Posted 17 February 2018 - 09:19 PM

Chapter 46: The Keyhole
      We immediately left the imperial palace with the sword, mirror, and jewel in hand. We traveled with the emperor and his escort while keeping the regalia hidden from public eyes. Should anyone see these, it will become a worldwide covered incident and for sure we will place a target on our backs if not get attacked with the emperor. The emperor, Invictus, Matthew, and us Elite first traveled by plane to Osaka airport from Tokyo. Then, we were all in a limo being driven to the Daisen Kofun from the airport. It was a large limo and there were seats along the side of the interior allowing us to all sit across from each other and next to each other. The royal escort picked up from the airport as the escort in Tokyo communicated with the escort in Osaka. Akihito spoke to us as we traveled to our destination.
      "My ancestor longed to see the keyhole opened," he said. "Alas he never saw it for the time had not come. It is a privilege to see it happen. Now I must tell you something you must know as you open the keyhole. You will unlock Earth's power, but that is not the only thing you will do. You will also summon the seven lights of Earth. They are seven Keyblade wielder that have been chosen by pure will of the Earth. It is not not something that is passed down like the dynasties of seven lights of yore. These seven are the ones that reside with one on each continent of Earth. Yes, every light lives on each of the continents. Unlocking the keyhole will summon these seven and they will see and sense the summoning. They will be under your command and will fight by your side."
      "Your majesty," I said "who exactly are these people though?"
      "There is nothing about them," he replied. "Once one of them passes on, Earth chooses the successor. It can be any Keyblade wielder, but only one per continent. Their duty is to protect Earth and the light. Just as there are seven lights from the kingdoms and from the heart of the founder of the kingdoms, so there are seven lights." We understood what was to be expected and were ready. Approaching the entrance to the kofun, we took the wrapped up sword, mirror, and jewel and got out of the limo.
      "Thank you your majesty," Invictus said and bowing a Japanese bow. The emperor smiled and bowed as well.
      "I have all the confidence in the world you can save us all," Akihito said. He bade us farewell, went back into the limo, and was taken back to the airport leaving us Elite, Matthew, and the Keyblade emperor. We went to the public relations firm for the park and asked for the guide that helped us last time. He came out from an office, saw us, and nodded knowing where we wanted to go and what to do. We went to the dock and hopped into the boat with him and crossed to the other side landing at the same spot as last time. There we got off and trekked through the woods coming upon the entrance to the tomb.
      "You have the regalia?" Jack asked. I merely showed them all together. I gave the mirror to Jack, the sword to Shane and kept the jewel on hand.
      "So now all that is left is to put the regalia in their respective places," Invictus said. I put in the jewel first in the slot in the doors and Jack put the mirror in the stone with the the circular hole in its side. Shane was the last one with the sword ready to put it in the slot meant for it. We all took a deep breath in as we were about ready to unlock the door and then come face to face with the keyhole of Earth.
      "You guys ready for this?" Shane asked.
      "Let's do it," Adrian replied determined. Jack and I nodded as did Matthew.
      "Unlock the door," Invictus said. Shane raised the sword pointing down at the slot and then put it in the slot. Suddenly, a light beam came from the bottom of the same stone that hit the top left corner of the door frame. It then was directed to the left column of adamantite, reflected to the right column, directed to the adamantite piece above the center of the doors, reflected to the mirror and then the light from the mirror traveled to the jewel causing it to glow. The jewel glowed its bright green hue and then the light beam disappeared leaving the jewel glowing on its own. The writing on the doors glowed as well in the same hue and then the doors themselves opened up. I felt chills go up and down my body and could tell my friends feel the same way. The six of us then proceeded to enter through the entrance and enter a pitch black hallway that quickly turned that way as we walked on. Invictus summoned his Keyblade and had it glow just so we could see. There were torches on the walls so he waved his hand and they caught fire lighting up the hall. Invictus waved his hand again so as to make sure every time we came across more torches, they lit up automatically.
      The hallway slightly declined as we walked on. It was obvious why it was so as the tomb was farther up ahead and surely had to be ground level as this was an artificial mound made by men in Nintoku's time. It eventually became level and we walked on. When the hallway no longer declined, we saw on the walls some writing all in Japanese. There were no pictures at all which we found a little strange. The writing was referring to the emperor buried here in this tomb and about his life as known by historians of this modern day and of details that have been lost to time that have been forgotten. We keep walking and come across the Keyblade wielder writing all over the walls. This speaks about the emperor, his connections to the keyhole, the Keyblade Emperor, the purpose of the imperial regalia, and the guardian of the regalia. Even the seven lights that Akihito spoke of were written about on here. Eventually I came across one line that grabbed my attention and it went as follows: For in saving the light, sacrifice must be made. The bearer of the Key shall become one with the Light in saving the light. Only then can the darkness be dispelled. The words 'key' and 'light' had the first letters capitalized. It clear was referring to the χ-blade as the Key and Kingdom Hearts as the Light. And becoming one with the light meant that whomever among the four of us bears the χ-blade will have to become one with Kingdom Hearts and then they can save the universe from darkness. It was interesting to see what exactly must happen in order to defeat the darkness. I am just curious as to what exactly 'becoming one' means. That might not be something we will ever learn until it happens.
      We walk into a room that is circular with a diameter of fifteen feet across. Torches along the wall light up as we stepped into the room. Looking straight in front of us is none other than the keyhole of Earth. It was like the keyhole found in Agrabah, but much smaller. Along the wall are seven different symbols carved into the wall with ancient Keyblade wielder writing below the symbols as captions. They were the names of the different continents. North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica were all written below each symbol clearly describing which symbol symbolized their respective continent. These can't really be described as they are things I have never seen before nor can make similarities with anything I have seen before.
      "Wow..." was all I could say. We have found Earth's keyhole. The shape of the tomb was no coincidence. Nintoku is buried here. It is just a matter of where the sarcophagus.
      "So Matthew where is the-" I said before realizing as I look around the room that he isn't there. "Oh great. Where on earth could he be?" My friends and Invictus also looked around and saw he isn't there.
      "Great, he's gone," Adrian said. "Invictus, give me a reason I shouldn't be looking for him or thinking he set us up."
      "I do not think you should nor is it the case," he replied. "I kept quiet on my thoughts about him, but in the time we have spent with him, I have had a feeling there was something about him he did not tell us."
      "What do you mean? He basically opened himself up to us by telling us about himself and his roots," Shane said.
      "Yes, but I may be suspicious in saying this, but I sense that there is something about him that he did not tell us that relates to what we see on the walls," Invictus said.
      "You mean you think he is one of the seven lights?" Jack asked. Invictus nodded.
      "Well, I probably am being a bit paranoid so I would not take my suspicion with my value," he said. "Now, the time has come to unlock the Earth. Supreme Elite, you have obtained the Mark of Kye and are the ones foretold to awaken the power of Earth. Go and fulfill your destiny." Us Elite nodded and so we stood side by side in a line in this order: me, Shane, Jack, and Adrian. Invictus was just off to the left side with his armor on. We raised our hands toward the keyhole and gathered our power together. The keyhole was clearly not active when we showed up so we have to awaken it. The Mark of Kye then appeared on ourselves and glowed in the Kingdom Hearts blue hue. Just then, the keyhole itself glowed in the same hue. We looked at each other with excitement as we awakened the keyhole. We summoned our Keyblades and pointed them at the keyhole. Light beams then erupted from the tips and traveled to the keyhole. The keyhole glowed brighter as the beams hit it. We unsummoned our Keyblades and waited. Nothing really happened for a second, but then the symbols on the walls glowed in the same hue as the Mark and keyhole. Four streams of light came out of the keyhole and floated around for a bit before rushing towards the Mark on our chests and entered into us. It felt like we had a rush going through us. It was like we got hit by a truck, but we still are getting hit. It was an indescribable feeling as all the power of Earth was unlocked and flowed right into me. My friends were feeling the same thing as I can sense also their mentality. We soon got used to it and closed our eyes and controlled ourselves. The feeling we embraced and the power we made our own.
      Once the power finished entering into ourselves, we had auras like flames around us that were the blue color like before. We opened our eyes and they glowed the same blue. Invictus took off his mask and awe was written all over it. The flame auras disappeared after a few moments and our eyes turned back to their normal colors. We then exhaled and took our breaths deliberately. It would take some getting used to feeling like you just got a shot in the arm of stimulus. It kind of was like when Noctis obtained the royal arms from his predecessors' tombs. Now, we have the power of Earth.
      "Now that you have Earth's power," Invictus said, "the seven must be summoned here."
      "How do we do that?" Jack asked.
      "Remember the way in which I summoned the seven lights composing of Sora and company?" he said. "That is how you will do it. You will line up facing the symbols of the seven continents. You will say the incantation and then in the motions I did at the pillar in summoning the seven guardians of light, you will do the same with the seven lights on Earth."
      "What do we say though? We can't just make up stuff," Adrian reasoned.
      "Your heart will know and when it does, then you will speak the right words," Invictus said. We looked at each other unsure of this, but we took his word for that face value. We stood side by side like before, but each of us facing the symbols. The shape was a curve to be precise. We closed our eyes and opened our hearts. Then it came to us.
      "Seven lights, guardians of Earth," we said in unison, the sigils started glowing and acted up as we spoke, "the Earth has awakened. Fulfill your duty and save the world. By command of the Supreme Elite..." we open our eyes "come to us!" Then like Noctis in Final Fantasy XV and Invictus at the pillar, we snapped our right hands out summoning our Keyblades, raised them over our heads, and then stab them into the floor. Like meteors coming to earth, seven Keyblades came through the ground above our heads and landed in front of the symbols of the continents. Corridors then opened up and out of them came seven Keyblade wielders: four males and three females. They had their eyes closed and heads bowed as they came out of the corridors, but then after a few moments, they opened their eyes and looked at us. My friends and I unsummoned our Keyblades as we saw them. There was silence between us Elite and the seven for a while. I look around at them and then notice one of them.
      "What?! Matthew?!" I exclaimed shocked. He was standing in front of one of the sigils. He smiled a little bit.
      "Surprise," he said slightly sheepishly. Invictus then stepped forward.
      "Welcome seven lights of Earth," he said.

#104 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

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Posted 18 February 2018 - 07:53 PM

Wait, what!? Seven Guardians of the Earth? That's just crazy! Just when I thought that this story couldn't get any more exciting, and you throw this into the mix! Gahhh, all the pieces are lining up together perfectly! Wow, this was an awesome chapter, keep it up, man! :D

#105 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 11 March 2018 - 10:05 PM

Chapter 47: The Pieces Begin to Align
      Even though Invictus seemed fine greeting the seven, I needed a little time getting used to this. It was a sight to see. The seven still looked at Invictus and bowed to him.
      "Your majesty," they all replied. As strong as they are, they still are subjects to the Keyblade Emperor. They stood back up fully and then looked at us.
      "You must be the Supreme Elite who summoned us," a male Keyblade wielder in front of the North American sigil said. We just nodded.
      "I might as well introduce the rest of us," Matthew said. He then introduced the all of the lights. Since he was the farthest left, he went from left to right in order. "As you know, I'm Matthew, guardian of Asia; this is Alena, guardian of Antarctica; Jesse, guardian of North America; Brendon, guardian of South America; Brianna, guardian of Africa; Chloe, guardian of Australia; Alexander, guardian of Europe. We are all the seven guardians of Earth, the other seven lights."
      "What an honor to be in your presence Supreme Elite," Alexander said. If you were to see the gathering of the Dandelions in χ Back Cover, it looks like seven of them were taken from that gathering and plopped right here on Earth.
      "Seven lights," I addressed them, "I'm afraid that you are destined to fight your counterparts, the thirteen darknesses. Luxu has gathered together six lights from the kingdoms and a light from a man called Walt Disney left behind in a lamp and his thirteen darknesses as well."
      "The Writer you mean," Jesse said. I was a bit confused, but then it made sense to me. "Walt Disney was called The Writer because he wrote it all down through his animations and his parks, or rather, his kingdoms. He knew it all was real, but no one here really knew. He was known well to all Keyblade wielders and remains an honored figured to us. He has been called The Writer since his animations first came to be. We also knew he put his light within the lamp before he died."
      "Now that light is in Luxu's possession, yes?" Alexander asked. I nodded in the affirmative.
      "Yeah and now a war that will spread everywhere and affect everyone is coming," Shane said. "It's called the Apocalyptic War and not just Earth, but all worlds will have this war come to them."
      "Luxu is after the χ-blade and he wants seven lights and thirteen darknesses to fight," Jack said.
      "If that is the case, then he means us and not the fifth generation," Chloe said. "He surely told you that the seven lights would fight the thirteen darknesses again, but it isn't the seven you are used to that will fight them. It's us and once those thirteen are defeated, they will be united with the seven lights he obtained."
      "He will obtain the χ-blade in the end," Brendon said.
      "Then how do we possibly beat him?" Adrian asked.
      "That is what you must do," Brendon replied.
      "You now have Earth's power," Brianna said. "You four are the strongest Keyblade wielders that live right now. You now fully able to stand up to him completely and defeat him."
      "What about the kingdoms?" I asked. "How did they become beacons of light? How do they have a consciousness?"
      "Don't children visit every year?" Matthew asked rhetorically. "You understand how the Realm of Light was rebuilt. Is it not the same for the kingdoms? Even adults have the light of children within them. Some understand and see it and some do not. Every time a family decides to visit one of these kingdoms, the light is built up. It becomes more than just parks, it becomes alive like living beings. The kingdoms have in a way become one with Kingdom Hearts and the light. They feel and think the same way and as you saw not that long ago, fight against the darkness the same way... with light." Now all the dots have been connected from the beginning of history to today. Everything about Earth and the Realm of Light and Kingdom Hearts has been connected together. From the prehistoric times of Atlantis and the beginnings of the Realm of Light to the ancient times of ancient Egypt and Daybreak Town and to the modern times of today. Now it all has come together.
      "So now that you guys have gathered together, now what?" Jack asked them.
      "Follow us," Matthew replied. We walked with them down the hall again and out of the kofun, but then we were walking around to the other side of the tomb.
      "You know this is a tomb right?" Matthew said. "We must find where the emperor is buried. Where he is buried is also a very important location." We walk around to the round side of the kofun. This is directly across from the entrance to the keyhole we found. Here on the other side, the round part of the mound, we come across an entrance. This one is not like the other one. It has a mere keyhole on the front of two large doors. There is no need for any regalia or special item(s) to open it. However, I can tell only these seven are the only ones able to enter. They summon their Keyblades and point them at the keyhole. Each one of their Keyblades is shaped and designed differently and it is clearly based on the different continents and their main features. All seven of them fire beams of light that enter the keyhole, which glows with light. Then the doors slide open parting like the Red Sea did with Moses and the Israelites. Once again, another dark passage and Matthew leads us in.
      This time, the walk was not as long and soon we entered a round room. The torches on the walls lit up on fire once we stepped into this room. Looking all around, we see seven bricks with letters seen in the Book of Prophecies inscribed on them circled around the room. I could tell these represented places where the seven lights here are supposed to stand. Behind these are statues that appear to be the first seven guardians of Earth. They reminded me of the Lucian kings of yore that Noctis saw surround him when he began his sacrifice as these statues were all of armored figures. In the center of the room is what looks like a statue standing on a sarcophagus.
      "Is that what I think it is?" I asked the seven.
      "Yes, that is the sarcophagus of Emperor Nintoku," Alexander replied. The sarcophagus had writing along the sides in ancient Japanese along the top and standing on it was a statue. It clearly was the emperor as he is holding a Keyblade, the Royal Radiance, but with ancient Japanese influences in style. We have seen his Keyblade, but of course artists even of then make sure to depict everything they have seen as ideal according to them. The statue has the Keyblade pointing up.
      "Yes Nintoku wanted to make where the keyhole was his burial place and so was buried on the other side of it," Jesse said. "The reason we are here is to awaken all awareness to our gathering. With this, the Apocalyptic War will truly be unavoidable and everyone will know that we have gathered." The seven lights of Earth stood in front of their respective statues and summoned their Keyblades. They are facing the sarcophagus and statue that sit in the middle of the room. The statue stands on a wide cylinder that has keyholes around it facing the very places the seven are standing at right now. The seven closed their eyes, breathed in, and pointed their Keyblades up while having the handles in front of their faces. The torches went out and this time, all in the room that had writing glowed with light and all things with lines and corners were glowing with light. The sarcophagus and statues were glowing with light as well. The seven then stabbed their Keyblades into the floor and light started pouring into them. It clearly is the power from the seven continents, or lands if you will, entering into them. Then the seven pull their Keyblades from the floor and point them at the keyholes and fire light beams into them. At that moment, all glowing light traveled its way up into the statue of the emperor and into the Keyblade. From the top of that, a powerful burst of light energy shot up into the roof of the room. We knew it went high into the sky.
      Just then, we felt it. It was a strange sensation, but we knew very well that this was the awareness awakened within us and surely will be felt throughout all worlds. We know that the seven guardians of light, the Foretellers, the Lucians, the Keyblade Emperor's warriors, everyone knows that the seven guardians of Earth have gathered together. We also know that Luxu and all of his allies know that the seven guardians of Earth have gathered. A breeze swept through the room for a few moments. It was no ordinary breeze. It can be described like an inaudible whisper that only the heart hears. And surely, that whisper has reached all corners of the Earth and beyond our world.
      Luxu gasped a bit. He felt it and he knew it. It was what he was waiting for all this time. He longed to feel this sensation, he longed to feel such awareness awakened. Now, it happened and he is not the only one that knows. He was still in the Keyblade Graveyard when he felt it. He had no need to go out to find allies. He knew what he needed to do and knew what was to come.
      "The seven have awakened and gathered," a voice said to him. It was Nikitis.
      "Yes, at last they have," Luxu replied.
      "So when will the war begin and how will both the light and dark gather?" Nikitis asked.
      "Remember how the Keyblade War began?" Luxu asked. Nikitis swallowed hard at the question. How could he possibly ever forget?
      All light disappeared and the torches lit up again. Meanwhile, my friends, Invictus, and I are in silence amazed with what we saw.
      "How incredible..." Invictus said. I second him in that regard. That's all I can think of right now. I got my senses together and moved passed it.
      "So now what happens?" I asked the seven.
      "The entire Earth, all of the Realm of Light, and all of Eos knows that we have awakened and gathered," Chloe explained. "Now we enter the final stage before the war."
      "How will we know it will begin?" Adrian asked.
      "And with that one strike, a bell that tolls for the end will sound and the war shall begin," Matthew replied. "Does that sound familiar to you?" It was a line from the Book of Prophecies. This was how the Apocalyptic War will begin: a bell's toll. I got chills just thinking about it. As the first Keyblade War began with a bell toll, so will the Apocalyptic War.
      "But there are bells all over the world, how will we know which one?" I asked.
      "A bell silent since birth shall ring and all will hear its sound," Brianna said. "Then will everyone know that the time has come." A bell silent since birth? What does that mean?
      "What does that mean?" Shane asked.
      "A bell that has never been rung will ring and its sound will be heard throughout the Earth, Eos, and the Realm of Light," Brendon replied. "A bell that has never been rung before is the Tsar Bell in Russia. It is the heaviest bell in existence, but it was destroyed and damaged beyond repair before it could be rung. Some at a university in America gave an impression of what it could sound like, but none have ever heard it truly. Only when the war comes will it ring and all will hear it and know it is no ordinary bell."
      "So then there is only one thing we can do isn't there?" Jack asked rhetorically. The seven nodded.
      "What?" I asked not picking it up. I'm assuming there is something more. Jack looked at me.
      "Ben, we prepare for the war," he replied. "We're going to have to face this head on and in order for us to face it completely, we have to ready ourselves." I nodded in understanding.
      "So what will you do?" I asked addressing the seven.
      "We will be gathering our allies together," Matthew replied. "We will of course meet with Yen Sid and the seven lights. If I may suggest your majesty and Supreme Elite, I would go and prepare yourselves in any way possible. It would be best if you lived your lives as you have before until the time comes. To quote a verse, 'therefore, stay awake. For you do not know the hour'." That was a quote from one of the Gospels from the Bible. I nodded and we all left the room walking out back into the outdoors. The seven bowed to us and went on their way into a light corridor leaving my friends and I with Invictus.
      "While they go gather allies from the Realm of Light, I will be going to gather my soldiers and subjects together," Invictus said. "You know that now all Keyblade wielders of Earth have been connected again and so I will need the ability to gather them." The four of us raised our hands like a blessing and Invictus emitted an aura for a moment.
      "Thank you Supreme Elite," he said. "I suggest you four go and do whatever you need to do to fully prepare yourselves for this coming apocalypse. I will see you all again soon." We bowed to the emperor in response. He then disappeared into a light corridor and went on his way preparing for the war.
      "I think we need to go home first to the school and then to our families," I said.
      "Good idea," Shane replied. "The guys back at the school have been without us for a while. We need to see them." The rest of us nodded in agreement and so opened a light corridor and went on our way back to the academy. After a few minutes walk, we come out of the corridor standing at the front of the school. We sighed, opened up the doors, and walked in. There was no one in the hall, but we made our way to the throne room and there, we see the students training and socializing together along with our comrades Soraxan, Derron, Braxon, and Axeron. The latter turned around and saw us and shock and joy came upon their faces.
      "Oh my goodness! The Supreme Elite have returned!" Axeron exclaimed jubilantly. The students all turned and saw us. Gasps came from them and they all began clapping and cheering for our return. I was choked up hearing this. I missed home as I think about it and my friends and I have been away from them for so long. The students clapped and cheered loudly and we just smiled and looked out at them all. I turned and addressed our four comrades.
      "Thank you so much for caring for them," I said.
      "It was an honor to serve you and the Supreme Elite, Master Polemistis," Axeron replied and he bowed. I nodded in return. The students then gathered around us, but not like a mob. They were mingling with my friends, but I was not so much. I wanted to find someone and so was looking around. A female student then spoke to me.
      "Oh master! We are so happy you're back!" Kate said.
      "Thank you, it's good to be back," I replied. "Have you seen Wyatt?"
      "Oh yeah, he's outside training," she said.
      "Thank you," I replied and was about to go when she grabbed my wrist.
      "Wait master, you need to know something," she said. I immediately grew curious and also concerned. "Wyatt has become like a lone wolf. He has changed too. Ever since that time when he found you after you separated from your ancestor, he hasn't been the same. We usually finding him doing all sorts of training alone. Plus, we think his power has taken on new form and new life."
      "How has he behaved?" I asked.
      "Well an example is long after the sessions end and we all are up in our rooms, he is still outside," she explained. "I have once gone out to tell him to call it quits until tomorrow. He told me 'I have to be the best and be ready. Resting now will not help me.' Master, his personality has changed somehow." I nodded and thanked her for the heads up. I walked to the doors leading to the outside, pause for a second to take a breath, and then open them and walk outside. There I see in the courtyard is Wyatt training. He never turned around or anything; he just trained. I smiled slightly and walked closer to him and stood about five steps away from him and watched him for a few seconds.
      "Hello Wyatt," I said. He froze like he was trapped in ice. He turned around and faced me. He then stood straight up and bowed to me. I bowed my head to him as he bowed to me. He then stood upright.
      "Hello master, it's good to see you come back," he said. He did not smile nor change expression. It was the same one with a frown as before. I continued to smile gently.
      "I have just heard you lately have been training alone," I said. Wyatt nodded affirming.
      "Yes master," he said, "I have been training alone and for a while."
      "Why after you found me in New York City?" I asked. There was a pause and then he answered.
      "I was so hoping to find you," he said. "I was concerned and knew you were in danger. I find you only to find an everyday Keyblade wielder and someone who tossed aside who he was. I felt angry at seeing it because it made me feel like all that I saw in you and valued was separated and put into someone else like you decided not to be my master anymore. I decided to take my anger out on my training and trained alone. I also convinced myself that you would come back as the master I know and had to be ready for your return." He paused, took a deep breath, and then spoke again.
      "Master... you have always been a role model," he continued. "To watch my role model throw away everything I hoped to be like hurt me and undercut me. I figured I would have to become what I looked up to myself. That's why I have gone solo." I was slightly choked up and didn't know how to react at that moment. It meant a lot to me. I put a hand on his shoulder and smiled warmly.
      "I am flattered Wyatt that you have viewed me as a role model," I said. "I also apologize if I somehow undercut everything you felt. However, when becoming a Keyblade master, you become your own person with your own characteristics. I don't you to be me, I want you to be you. I want you to be your own master. I merely provide an example and teach you what you need to know to become one. The rest is up to you. You have potential and have capabilities that not many have. You sense things the common Keyblade wielder would not sense. That makes you unique in your own way. That is the path you should go." Wyatt smiled and nodded. We then grabbed each others hands and gave them a shake. Then we went inside the building where everyone was and socialized for a while.
      Later on, us Elite and our apprentices met when the students were in their rooms. We had to tell them what was coming before we tell the students. This was after we told them of our journey after we left the academy.
      "Guys, we had one hell of a journey," I summarized after my friends and I told them our journey. "It was a rather stressful one."
      "I'll say you did," Axeron said. "So what is it that we need to know?"
      "There is a prophecy about us foreseen by a Keyblade wielder called the Keyblade Emperor," I said. "This wielder is the ruler over all Keyblade wielders on Earth and now in the universe. Because of us four obtaining the Mark of Kye, we gathered them all together and connected them all. Now the Keyblade Emperor foresaw that the four of us would fight Luxu and his allies in a war surpassing the Keyblade War, the Apocalyptic War."
      "You mean the descendant of the sixth apprentice himself?" Soraxan asked stunned. We nodded.
      "So who was that Ronnie and Polemos that Wyatt ran into?" Derron asked. Wait, what? I'm confused and my friends looked confused too. The apprentices summarized what Wyatt did and who they ran into while the four of us were gone.
      "They are the two of the thirteen darknesses," Adrian said. Underneath, we were very concerned because that incident hit way too close to home and it unsettled us that it happened while we were away.
      "Luxu has the lights of the Disney Parks and the light from Walt Disney's lamp," Jack said. "He has thirteen darknesses that need to face the seven lights of Earth. When the thirteen are beaten, they will be joined with the seven lights and Luxu will forge the χ-blade."
      "What?! Isn't that exactly what we are trying to keep from happening?!" Derron exclaimed.
      "Yeah, but we can't keep it from happening," Shane replied. "He will get it."
      "So how do you fight him then if he has the counterpart to Kingdom Hearts?" Soraxan asked.
      "We were in Japan at the tomb of a Japanese emperor," Shane said. "The Earth's keyhole was there and there are prophecies that people who have the Mark of Kye would unlock it and Earth's power."
      "We did precisely that and obtained Earth's power," I followed. "Now we are on the same playing field as Luxu."
      "And... what about the seven guardians of Earth?" Braxon asked. "It was not that long ago that we sensed that they gathered and knew who they are even though we never knew the latter nor that such seven existed. Plus, the students asked about it not knowing who or what it was."
      "They are seven Keyblade wielders that protect Earth," I said. "Each one resides on one of the continents and is the guardian of that continent. Together, they protect the Earth. Earth chooses whomever it wills to be their respective successors. After we summoned them to the tomb of Nintoku, they then awoke that sensation within you. They basically used their power to tell the who universe that the seven lights of Earth have gathered together. Now, the stage has been set for the Apocalyptic War."
      "...and when will that begin and how will we know?" Axeron asked after a few moments of thought.
      "A bell will ring and when it does, the war will start," Adrian replied.
      "What bell? There are countless in the world," Axeron asked in response.
      "Do you know how the Keyblade War began?" I asked rhetorically. They nodded. "The seven told us that too is how the Keyblade War will begin. 'And with that strike, a bell that tolls for the end will sound and then will the war begin.' The bell they said would ring would be 'a bell silent since birth will sound and all will hear and know the time has come.' To be precise, the largest bell in the world is the Tsar bell in Russia. It is the largest non working bell in the world. It was meant to go in a cathedral, but a fire severely damaged it beyond repair and it became a museum. It will ring with no assistance and when it does, its sound will be heard throughout the Earth and throughout the universe. Eos and the Realm of Light will not be exempt from hearing its ring."
      "So what do you wish to do Supreme Elite?" Soraxan asked.
      "We prepare for the war," I told them all. "We prepare for the end."

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Oh snap, we are finally about to approach the final stage of this thrilling trilogy! Everything has been leading to this, and now, everyone in the worlds and the universe knows that the Apocalyptic War is gonna go down! It's going to be something to see, I'll say that much! Excellent work on this chapter, man! Amazing work as always! :D

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Chapter 48: Prepare for the Bell Part 1
      "What about the students? What will be done about them?" Axeron asked. "Some of them will not be anywhere close to ready and we have yet to test some for the Mark of Mastery." That was a good question and a good point. We haven't had the academy open for long and here we are months later with an apocalypse coming. It took the four of us a while to determine what to do with them.
      "Supreme Elite, will any of them fight at all?" Soraxan asked. We looked at each other and just shook our heads.
      "They can't fight at all," Adrian said. "None of them are ready yet. I am sure that you agree that even though it has been a while since we were last here, none of them look ready to test for master's right?" The four nodded with some somberness. They may not be Keyblade Masters, but they don't need to be ones to see the students are not ready.
      "They stay here and just... brace themselves," I said. Darkness was bound to cover all worlds and snuff out all light. I can't imagine what hideous scene would play out on Earth with the dark cover over the Earth. It happened once and things started going down hill quickly. I can only guess what is in store for when the war comes and darkness spreads.
      "Then it's settled then," Shane said. "We just keep them here and batten down the hatches here."
      "What will you four do to prepare though?" Derron asked. We just looked back and forth between each other.
      "Um... well..." I said unsure what to say.
      "I think we will be doing our own things," Jack said. I was a little surprised at his answer.
      "We are?" I asked.
      "Well you remember what Matthew said to us," Jack reasoned. "We should live out our lives until the bell rings." I nodded and we ended the meeting there and returned back to the students.
      Yen Sid was in his office thinking. He felt it and was sure he felt it. He knew about them and yet never heard nor spoke of them. Yet why does he all of a sudden know of them? The seven lights came into his office all at once with Sora leading the way.
      "Master Yen Sid, we came to you now because we just felt something strange," he said. Yen Sid nodded in reply.
      "I too felt it. It is unlike anything I have sensed before," Yen Sid said. "I fail to comprehend what this is... or rather, who they are."
      "Maybe we can help explain," a male voice said. Behind the seven, a light corridor opened up and out came seven Keyblade wielders of four males and three females came out of the corridor.
      "Who are you guys?" Sora asked.
      "Hello Master Yen Sid, seven lights," Matthew said, "it is a pleasure and honor to meet you all. We are the seven guardians of Earth. Or if you will, we are the seven lights of Earth."
      "Seven lights?" Sora wondered.
      "Indeed. You may wonder what that strange sensation is and why you felt it," Matthew said. "Allow us to explain who we are." He and the rest of the seven of Earth then told their story and their interactions with the Supreme Elite.
      Later that day after the sun went down and everyone went to their rooms, we went to our rooms there at the school and hit the hay. I tried to get some sleep, but I couldn't and I saw it was about midnight. I huffed and decided to get up, get my clothes on. The reason why I couldn't sleep is because of all the thoughts going on in my head. The war, the chaos and ruin coming, and the prophecy that one of us Elite will be chosen by Kingdom Hearts and its counterpart to use the ?-blade and defeat Luxu while becoming one with Kingdom Hearts. The latter really was on my mind and I decided to head outside and just think about it. Luckily there was a full moon and it was bright enough for me and the trees to cast shadows. I walked out and just looked around and just slowly walked toward the edge of the pavement and sat on the stone with my feet on grass looking out over the hill. It is dark out, but there is some light out over the valley before me. I just sat and let myself get lost in my thoughts. I needed to enter reflection over what is coming. Not just that, but everything else that comes with it and all the people that will be affected. After being with Bahamut and being able to request his and the astrals assistance, he told me to enter into reflection. I never did that until now and why not now when it is peaceful and quiet? It may not be like this again.
      "Master?" I heard someone behind me call out. I look behind me and see Wyatt walking towards me. The moon is so bright I can see his face and body in the moonlight.
      "Wyatt? What are you doing here? Why are you up?" I asked. We were both speaking in soft voices in order to not disturb the peace.
      "I just couldn't sleep and I was awake when I saw you get up and walk out here," he replied. "I watched you come out here, but kept my distance not wanting to bother you." I merely nodded and turned back around to my original position my elbows on my knees and facing towards the darkness of the night. Wyatt came up and sat next to me which didn't bother me at all.
      "Master, I know there is something that is bothering you," he said. "Could you please tell me what exactly happened during your journey away?" I didn't exactly want to talk about it, especially since us Elite have not told the students just yet, which we said we would do the next day, but my heart told me it would be best especially for the future. I merely turned my gaze toward his half lit face and breathed in and out of my nose.
      "Wyatt, there is a conflict coming called the Apocalyptic War," I explained. "The Apocalyptic War is a conflict that will dwarf the Keyblade War from ancient times and the second one that happened a few years ago. Luxu, the descendant of the apprentice Luxu has seven lights from the Disney Parks and has the thirteen darknesses ready to fight the seven lights of Earth. The seven lights of Earth are seven Keyblade wielders that protect this world and live on each continent. They will fight the thirteen darknesses, defeat them, and with those darknesses, Luxu will unite them with the seven lights and forge the ?-blade. This will all happen during the Apocalyptic War. In order to stand against him, we Supreme Elite have obtained the power of Earth by finding Earth's keyhole and unlocking it. However, there is a prophecy that one of us will be the one with ?-blade in hand will defeat Luxu and purge the darkness from the universe. In doing so, we must become one with Kingdom Hearts and the light. That means that one of us sacrifices themselves in defeating the darkness and will never be seen nor heard from again." Wyatt was silent as the only thing I now heard were the sounds of the night.
      "Oh... I see..." was all he replied. "I guess I should have left you to your thoughts and to some privacy." He was about to get up, but then I immediately grabbed his wrist.
      "Please stay," I said. He sat back down with no protest nor with any inclination to object. We just sat together in silence listening to the sounds around us.
      "So... what will you and Masters Aiton, Kyrios, and Kidemonas do now?" Wyatt asked.
      "We prepare ourselves to fight," I replied.
      "...who exactly will be fighting in this war?"
      "Anyone from non-Keyblade wielders to Keyblade wielders and from all worlds."
      "Will we be fighting master?"
      "No, you will not be fighting. Myself and the other Supreme Elite along with the apprentices Axeron and company will be fighting." I then look at him with meaning and heart and emotion in my gaze. "Wyatt, I want you to do something for me. I want you to lead the students here. One of us will be gone and the rest of us will have grown older and retired the label and mantle. With that said, I want you to lead the rest of the students. Be the shepherd for this flock of sheep. They will need one and you are the right person to lead them. They will need you and rely upon you to guide them to being Keyblade masters." Wyatt did not really show much emotion when I told him my desire for him. I could sense though he was overwhelmed when he heard it and is now processing it. He looked back at me with a more concrete look in his eyes.
      "I will lead them master," he replied. "I am not a Keyblade Master yet though. How can I lead them if I am not a Keyblade Master?" I got up from my spot and walked to the middle of the courtyard.
      "Come on," I said. He looked confused as he stood up and walked to the middle of the courtyard too standing some fifteen feet away from me.
      "Master Polemistis, what are you doing?" he asked.
      "We are going to solve your problem right now," I replied. He still looked confused. I summoned my Keyblade and took stance. "You will fight me and this will be your Mark of Mastery exam. In order for me to determine if you can attain the Mark, I need to test your strength and see if that extra training you put in by yourself will pay off." Wyatt nodded ready to get going and so he summoned his Keyblade and took stance too. We then clashed and fought each other. He was strong and he was impressive. I was slightly surprised how strong he is and how good he is. I used spells and attacks that are standard for a Keyblade master to learn and know and Wyatt handled it all. He even got me a few times with his counters when he blocked. As I fought him, there was no hesitation about what he should do or where to strike. He fought naturally and powerfully and even used some attacks and spells only Keyblade masters that have been masters for a while would know. He must have looked at some books and practiced. By the end of our fight, we were half bent over and looking across from each other in our stances.
      "I'm amazed Wyatt," I said and stood up fully. "You were strong, powerful, and natural in your fighting. You are very advanced and clearly should have been made a master a while ago. Now, I correct that error."
      "'Correct the error'?" he asked. I nodded.
      "Congratulations Master Wyatt, you have shown me you have attained the Mark of Mastery," I said. "I am very pleased to make you a new Keyblade Master." I unsummoned my Keyblade and bowed to now Master Wyatt. He nodded and smiled. I then walk up to him and we shake each other's hand before we embraced each other.
      "I promise Master Polemistis, I will lead them and protect them," he said referring to the students.
      "I know you will," I replied. We then went back inside and this time we were able to fall asleep and this time stay asleep after being very tired from the Mark of Mastery exam.
      The next day came and we started up everything, but this time I had everyone gather together.
      "Everyone, I want you all to line up in formation please," I said. My friends were confused so I took them off to the side and spoke in a low voice to them.
      "Ben, what are you doing?" Adrian asked.
      "Last night I couldn't sleep," I began, "and so I went outside to the courtyard. While I was sitting there, Wyatt came out and sat with me. I had to explain it all to him that night. After I explained what is coming to him, I made him a Keyblade master." My friends were rather shocked over what I did.
      "What?! You made him a Keyblade master?!" Adrian said in as low of a voice as possible.
      "You know we didn't even have our first Mark of Mastery test yet, right?" Shane asked.
      "Yes I know," I replied. "As I was explaining things to him, it got me thinking about what is coming. If we and our apprentices are fighting and these students aren't, who is to say none of us will survive this war? Then who will lead them and care for them? They would be sheep with no shepherd so I told Wyatt to lead them and take care of them. I had to make him Keyblade master."
      "Are you sure you should have made him a master?" Jack asked.
      "Yes I am sure," I said with no second thought. "Wyatt knew that when our ancestors came back to here, they were not us even though they looked like us. He did not sense our hearts and he tried to go out on his own to find us or at least me. He stood against Ronnie and Polemos. Wyatt even did so much training by himself after finding me in New York as a regular person. He is growing so much and he was ready to be a Keyblade master. I had to test him then. We fought and at the end of it, I knew he showed his mark of mastery and I called him Master Wyatt. We should give him that respect he is due as it does take a Keyblade master to oversee the Mark of Mastery exam and there is nothing that outlines what an exam contains." My friends were silent and looking at each other waiting to see if the other has any objections. None were brought up after all.
      "You're right Ben," Shane said. "There isn't anything that says how a test should go and you are a Keyblade master and since you basically had an exam and decided he passed, we will call him Master Wyatt." I smiled and nodded and we returned back to the students and our apprentices. Just beforehand though, we discussed who should be the one to break it to them and I made myself the one because I asked them to get lined up in formation so I should be the one to tell them. It immediately grew silent when they saw us return back from our private discussion.
      "As you guys know, us Supreme Elite have been away for a while," I said. "It has been a journey with ups and downs and everything in between. We have learned the dark truths of our masters, the Foretellers and how they were their ancestors were responsible for the Keyblade War and kept it secret until today. We split from our ancestors and lived normal lives only to reunite them again. We met a powerful Keyblade wielder called the Keyblade Emperor. He is the ruler over all Keyblade wielders including you all and he showed us history of the interaction between the Realm of Light and Earth. We then found the Earth's keyhole and unlocked its power while meeting the seven guardians of Earth, or seven lights of Earth if you will. We learned also there is a prophecy that a past Keyblade Emperor named Uranaishi foresaw. Basically, a war called the Apocalyptic War will begin and all of the light and all of the dark will fight on a great battlefield and in that war, one of the four of us Elite will sacrifice ourselves to save all of the light and all of the universe from the darkness that will cover this world and others." There were some slight gasps from the students and surprise was clear on some while others had more determined expressions.
      "There is no guarantee that the rest of us will come back alive," I continued. "All us Elite could perish during the war along with the apprentices that have been with you for all the time we were gone. With that as the worst case scenario, I made Wyatt our newest Keyblade master." There were more gasps and some chatter among them. They then looked at Wyatt who did not bother with the attention and continued to keep his expression the same.
      "Wyatt, please come forward," I said motioning to him. He nodded and walked up next to my right side and faced the students. "Last night, I had insomnia because of what was coming and so went out to the courtyard and sat at the edge of the stone. Wyatt came out and sat with me and we talked about the future. I thought much about how Wyatt here had changed and what he did to grow; you all surely saw it as Kate told me how you all have noticed the change in his personality. I told Wyatt that should none of us Elite and none of your teachers come back, Wyatt must lead you all. In order for him to do so, I tested him for the Mark of Mastery and fought him. He proved to me that he is worthy of the mark and has shown me that he can lead you all. So now, he is to be called Master Wyatt and is to be treated with the respect a Keyblade master deserves. He will remain your friend though and he will lead you all like a shepherd with his flock."
      Everyone was silent and they looked at Wyatt who just looked out at them all. I could sense he was a little nervous wondering if they will accept him. Everyone, faced Wyatt and bowed to him. He breathed out of his nose trying to keep his relief as little noticeable as possible. It doesn't get passed me or my friends though. Standing upright after a second, the students summoned their Keyblades, flipped their grip to reverse grip, and then made a handing over gesture to Wyatt.
      "Master Wyatt," Mark said, "whatever you do, we'll support you always. Lead us so we can become our own masters one day and continue the legacy the Supreme Elite have created." They all then unsummoned their Keyblades and applauded for Wyatt for his success in his Mark of Mastery exam. Then they gathered around him and they all socialized with all smiles. My friends and I and our apprentices stood back and watched with pleasure feeling the hope amidst this dark time. Axeron then spoke up.
      "Master Polemistis," he said, "you know the war is coming and all of us have to be ready for it. With the students here under the care of Master Wyatt, might I suggest you go and prepare yourselves?"
      "How could we do that?" Jack asked.
      "Maybe go off and practice your skills," Axeron replied. "Maybe get your spirit ready since destiny is not something to be taken lightly and those not ready for it are the ones who do not bode well at all." I nodded in understanding. He is right. I haven't practiced my skills or magic and I have not done anything to prepare my soul for this. I look at my friends and I nod.
      "I think we split up guys," I said. "This is something that we individually need to do so when the bell tolls, we are ready to lead the light."
      "So, this is goodbye?" Shane asked.
      "For now," Adrian said. "We'll meet up again and we'll be ready when we do." There was a moment of silence between us before Jack spoke up.
      "See you all soon," Jack said.
      "See you soon," I said and we grabbed each other's hands and gave each other an embrace. Then we turned to the apprentices and they bowed to us.
      "We are ready to fight with you, Supreme Elite," Axeron said on behalf of him and his companions. They then stood upright and nodded. We then opened our own light corridors, one for each of us, and my friends and apprentices went through first. I was about to go through mine before I heard someone call after me.
      "Master Polemistis!" the voice said. I turn and see Wyatt approaching me. "Thank you for being there for me. I will lead them and protect them and I swear I won't disappoint you." I nodded and smiled warmly.
      "It has been a great pleasure... Master Wyatt," I replied. The last part surprised him a bit and I bowed to him. He smiled and we grabbed hands. Then we pulled each other into a hug knowing this could be the last time we see each other.

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Wow...the tension is high in the air right now! The final battle is close at hand, and the final preparations are being set! Great job, as always!


Also, I loved how this chapter was about Ben passing on the torch to Wyatt. He always seemed like a worthy Keyblade Wielder, always loyal to the Supreme Elite and always showing that he had potential to be something more! And now he'll carry the legacy of the Elite as a Keyblade Master to lead the students! Emotional stuff man, powerful, just powerful! :')

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Chapter 49: Prepare for the Bell Part 2
      Leaving the academy and walking alone allowed me to think some. How could I prepare for the final battle? Yes I do need to enhance my own skills and my own power both in spirit and in physicality. Then would I enhance my own power of the Keyblade. It surely would help enhance the power of the Mark of Kye and the power of Earth that I possess. Where though could I practice without any distractions? It then hit me; I knew exactly where to go - to the place where I became who I am today. I walk out of the corridor and find myself at the entrance to Shaolin Temple.
      "This would be a perfect place to practice," I said to myself. I walked up the stairs into the temple and there, the master that my friends and I saw before was there. He noticed me and a big smile came across his face. He then faced me and bowed. I bowed to as it is respect between two martial artists and yes I still am a martial artist. Standing upright, he nodded at me.
      "It is good that you have returned," he said in the tongue of the Keyblade wielder. I was a little surprised.
      "It is good to see you too. You know the tongue of the Keyblade wielder?" I replied in the same language.
      "Yes and I do speak English," he replied.
      "Well that's good," I just replied in English. "You didn't speak when my friends and I were here last time."
      "I had no need to sifu," he said. Sifu (see-FOO) means "master" in Chinese. "I knew you would understand what needed to be done. I merely needed to be the guide by action alone and point you where your destiny tells you to go." I nodded in understanding.
      "Sifu, I am here because a great apocalypse is coming," I said. "I have attained the power of Earth and the Mark of Kye. I now need to strengthen my body and spirit and came here so I won't be distracted in doing so."
      "I know the very place you must go," he said and he took me into the temple where the monks has the mural of the Supreme Elite. No one was in the room, but he took me behind the mural and outside where there was a deck. I knew immediately what he was getting to.
      "Wait, you are leading me back to where we became our ancestors aren't you?" I said.
      "Those were sanctuaries left alone ever since the beginning," the master said. "However, after you became your forebearers, these became something more." I walked up the same staircase as the first time where my ancestor was when his heart was put to sleep. Yes I remember it was a long flight of stairs, but it didn't bother me as much as it used to. Reaching the top, there was some sort of Buddhist sanctuary set up with a statue of a figure in the middle that looked like me. It was adorned with an altar in front of it that had all these incenses and offerings. I could smell the incense as it was pretty strong. There were multiple monks already here praying in front of the sanctuary. I was amazed.
      "After you all took in your forebearers," the master said, "these places were made into sanctuaries. You know of the legend of the Four Heavenly Kings, do you not?"
      "I was told that legend came from my ancestors," I said.
      "Indeed," the master said. "It was from your ancestors that the legend came to be." Once the ceremony ended, all the monks stood up and faced me and the master. I looked at them all and the monks remembered that I am one of the four that they have prayed to before. I walked forward and they moved to make room for me to pass. I walked through the midst of them and up to the sanctuary. I looked at it up and down and saw the incense smoldering. I love the smell of incense and breathing it in really settles my spirit. I turn to face the monks and they all still face me. They then get on their knees and bow to me. I am not a god nor am to be worshiped as one. It goes against my beliefs as a Catholic because I am human and there is no god, but God alone and alone should he be worshiped. However, these men here are not Catholic let alone Christian, they are Buddhist and my ancestors and the ancestors of my friends are considered four deities in Buddhism, the Four Heavenly Kings, and I can't offend them. I have to put this gently.
      "Fellow sifus," I said and they looked up at me, "consider me one among you as an equal. Do not treat me with special favors or incense, but consider me an equal among you just as human as you are." They all stand up and bow the Asian bow and I return it. Then they all go down the hill in procession leaving me alone with the master.
      "They will continue to treat you as one of the four kings," he said. "I already told them to treat you with such respect as one gives to one of the deities; in this case, one of the four kings." I nodded and accepted it. Just as long as I am not worshiped, I am okay with it.
      "Sifu, help me with my spirit," I said. "Help me increase my spiritual power." The master nodded. I quickly said a prayer to God asking him to also help me strengthen my spirit. Although the sifu spoke in Chinese, I understood what he commanded me to do. I first stood in the middle of the sanctuary and breathed slowly with my eyes closed. He then commanded me to summon Ultimate Apocalypse my Keyblade and I did so. Then using natural instinct, I did tai chi with Keyblade in hand. The central theme was, since I already have the power of Earth, I need to become one with the light of Earth, the Earth and its heart, and the elements. Then can I enhance my spirit. I reminded myself that becoming one with the light meant also getting closer to God. He will be someone I rely on a lot to ease my spirit and accept the fact that one of us four will never see each other again and won't until the Last Judgment. I did tai chi with my Keyblade and let my heart tell me what to do. It all came naturally to me as I did what the master told me to do. We did this for about twenty minutes to half an hour. It went by quickly and I couldn't tell the time. I didn't need to since me enhancing my spirit was necessary.
      At the end, the master was about to depart and head back down the stairs.
      "Sifu, I now take my leave," he said and bowed to me. "I will leave you to your peace and will assure those below not to disturb you. If anyone wills to see you, I will only allow few to do so."
      "It's okay sifu," I replied. "Thank you anyway." He then went back down the hill and I was all alone to the silence of nature. All I heard was any birds and any wind that blew. I practice the martial arts techniques and forms I learned from back home with my Keyblade in hand integrated the art of the Keyblade with martial arts that I know. After about fifteen minutes, I see a woman walk up the stairs and approach the sanctuary.
      "Sifu," she said in greeting and bowed to me. She was beautiful and wore elegant clothing and her hair was up in a bun behind her head. She appeared to be in her thirties and was serene and gentle in appearance. She held in her hands an instrument. I realized it was a guzheng, a Chinese string instrument that came to be in ancient times. I nodded to her and she stood upright. She clearly must be one of the residents of the Shaolin Temple as a Buddhist nun.
      "Sifu, may I satisfy you and play for you as you practice?" she asked.
      "Of course," I replied warmly. She placed her guzheng down on the pavement and sat down and started to play. I stood and controlled my breathing becoming one with the feeling of the music being played. I just stood with closed eyes and controlled breathing and listened to what she was playing. Then after a minute or so, I started practicing again flowing with the music. When it was slow, I moved slowly and the same with when it was fast. Whatever speed she played, I moved at the same speed. This went on for half an hour to forty five minutes. I did not know it felt that long; it felt like only fifteen or twenty. She apparently did not seem to notice either for the times my glance fell on her during my practice, she smiled and looked at peace and happy. It felt very nice.
      Then she stopped playing and got up with her instrument, looked at me, and bowed to me. I bowed back to her.
      "Thank you. I needed that and you played wonderfully," I said to her.
      "Maybe we can do this again one day," she said and I nodded. She then went back down the hill. I went down the stairs ten minutes later too and went into the room with the mural of the Supreme Elite. I was about to look for the sifu when a bell starting tolling. It was not a deep bell and wasn't the one that was foretold to signal the beginning of the war, but it was a lighter bell. I looked around and saw the sifu and approached him.
      "Sifu, what is happening?" I asked him.
      "The prayers to the Four Heavenly Kings are about to begin," he replied. "I am afraid you must go back up the mountain to the sanctuary." It's obvious that my ancestors have been worshiped as the Four Heavenly Kings and since I am my own ancestor and am here... well it's obvious where this is going.
      "Sifu, I am a mere mortal," I pleaded gently. "As a Christian, I am not to be worshiped for I am a mere human. I may go by two identities and have two hearts as one, but I am not to be worshiped as that belongs to God."
      "According to the teachings of the Buddha, you are one of the Four Kings," he replied. "I may understand your desire, but the rest will insist and will indeed the ceremony will go forth. You may ask your God to take the prayers and offer them to him and not to you." I felt like I should just plain not do it, but I didn't want to offend these good people. It would harm them in multiple ways particularly in spirit. I nodded in understanding and just before the monks started showing up to walk up the stairs, I went back up the staircase.
      "Lord, these people do not know You," I prayed out loud to God looking up to the sky as I walked. "They pray to me acting as if I am a god coming to visit them. I do not want it Lord and You have commanded that there be no god but you Almighty and True, but I cannot insult or slight them. Take these prayers they chant to me and take them to yourself that instead of honoring me, they honor you, my Lord and God. I will take these prayers of theirs and intercede for them to You that they may come to know You and love you as I love You." I sighed and continued walking up to the sanctuary. I looked at the altar with ornaments and the statue of me that is ornamented and sighed. I hear subtly the bell used for the signal of prayers and I stand in front of the altar and bow my head and close my eyes praying to God with my soul the whole time.
      I hear them approach and continue to pray for them to God with head still bowed and eyes still closed. They approached in silence and then once all took their places, one rang the bell and they chanted again to a drum. I sensed one of them approach to just in front of me and place something down. It had a scent to it: incense. I looked up and opened my eyes and they all fell silent and bowed. Then they stand upright and chant more and I wave my hand and a flame goes to the little dish that has the offering of incense and lights in a flame. The prayers last for about ten minutes and I continuously send their prayers to God or deflecting them rather to God.
     After the prayers, the monks went back down the mountain leaving me and the master alone.
     "Thank you sifu," I said. "I must take my leave now." He nodded and smiled warmly.
     "Go forth and defend the light," he said. "May your heart be your guiding key." I put a fist to my heart and nodded. Then I open a light corridor and leave Shaolin Temple and head on my way to a different place. What the master said to me got me thinking about what is coming and I think I knew where I needed to go. I come out of the corridor and find myself in Insomnia, the royal capital of Lucis. I look up and I am standing in front of the gate of the Citadel. I open the gate and walk towards the Citadel. It is a bright beautiful day in Insomnia with the sun making the Citadel a bright marble white. I pause and look up at the Citadel for a while and sigh. I then nod, take a step forward, but then pause and sigh.
      "Something troubling you handsome?" a female voice asked me. I looked behind me and saw Aranea.
      "Aranea," I said. "Yeah actually. It's just that one of the four of us Supreme Elite will have to sacrifice ourselves to save the universe from darkness. That means one of us won't see the rest of us again."
      "Well that sounds like what his majesty pretty boy up there did," she said. "I'm afraid I am not one to get all deep and that, but all I can say is I got your back and will be fighting with you in this." I smiled at her and nodded.
      "Thanks Aranea," I said. I look toward the Citadel and there are some attendants that approach me. I cover myself in light to change my clothes to my Lucian outfit as they approached.
      "Master Polemistis," a male butler said, "what a pleasure it is to see you return."
      "The same to you too," I replied.
      "I am afraid his majesty is a little busy at the moment," the attendant said.
      "Doesn't matter. Just get him out of whatever the hell he is doing as soon as possible," Aranea sharply said. "The mrs will also have to show up too."
      "Yes commodore," he replied to her and then addressed me. "Shall we tend to any need?"
      "No thank you," I replied. "I'll just be taken inside please." The attendants bowed and led me inside. I bade farewell to Aranea and went inside.
      "Please take me to the room of the prophecy," I said to them. They appeared stunned for a bit, but then nodded and we went into an elevator and went up to that very floor. Coming out of it, I stepped out of the elevator and without turning to face them, I spoke to them.
      "Please inform his majesty I am here," I said.
      "As you wish," they replied and left in the elevator. I walked forward through the halls and went into the room. I look up at the paintings along the wall alone just losing myself to my thoughts while thinking about the prophecy of the True King. I hear voices after a few minutes and then walking into the room are Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis. They all notice me and stop talking apparently surprised to see me.
      "Oh Polemistis," Prompto said.
      "We weren't aware you would be visiting," Ignis said.
      "Or was the point not to tell us?" Gladio asked.
      "Hello guys," I said not looking at them.
      "Something the matter?" Ignis asked. I didn't answer immediately and they approached me as I looked at the painting depicting the True King with his three friends.
      "I have a lot on my mind in regards to what's coming," I replied.
      "It's about the prophecy about you guys right?" Gladio asked. I merely nodded. The three of them then stand next to me and look at the painting I am looking at.
      "You know, even then they knew about the rest of you," I said talking about the three other figures. "Sure they knew about the True King, but they also knew about that True King having three other friends with one of them being blind, another helping him who had facial hair, and a third on the other side with lighter hair."
      "Heh, yeah now that you mention it, they did know about the rest of us," Prompto said.
      "Indeed, but because of what the god of the underworld did for his majesty, we are now back to our selves from before we left," Ignis said.
      "It's nice having a few years taken off," Gladio said. I just smirked and chuckled once.
      "Hey, I think you should know that speaking on our behalf," Prompto said, "we will fight with you guys until the end."
      "We're right behind you now and always bud," Gladio followed.
      "You four will not be alone going into this fight," Iggy said. "We will support you until fate takes place. With that, we will leave you to your thoughts. I assume his and her majesties will arrive shortly." I looked at them all with emotion.
      "Thank you all," I said and gave them all a hug. They didn't expect it, but gave me a hug in return. Then they left the room leaving me to myself until Luna and Noctis arrive. Luna did arrive, but I was still looking at the paintings. I knew she was with me though.
      "Hello Polemistis," she said.
      "Your majesty," I replied.
      "What troubles you?" she asked.
      "You understand what," I replied. She nodded. She did know of the prophecy about us Elite.
      "Luna, can you please tell me the prophecy of the True King?" I asked. "Can you recite what the prophecy says please?" She nodded and we walked around the room to each of the images in the room and looked at each of the related images as she recited the prophecy.
      "O'er rotted Soil, under blighted sky," she recited, "A dread Plague the Wicked hath wrought. In the Light of the Gods, Sword-Sworn at his Side 'Gainst the Dark the King's Battle is fought. From the Heavens high, to the Blessed below, Shines the Beam of a Peace long besought. Long live thy Line, and this Stone divine, For the Night when All comes to Naught." We came back to the image with the king and his comrades as she finished the recitation. I sensed Noctis approach us and stand next to me. He put his hand on my shoulder and I sighed.
      "How did you accept it?" I asked him looking down into space. "How did you understand and accept the sacrifice you were destined to make? What gave you the grace to do such a thing?"
      "I was asleep for ten years," he replied. "I had the crystal's power and then was I ready to make the sacrifice. You guys don't have ten years to do that, but I think once the time comes, you will accept it and fulfill your duty whichever among you is the chosen." He put now his arm over my shoulders.
      "No matter what," he continued, "I have your backs... always."
      "Thank you," I said and we looked at the painting in silence again.
      "Hey, why don't I help you train?" he suggested after a while.
      "I would like that," I said. I then turned to Luna. "Luna- thank you." She took my head and kissed my forehead.
      "I will fight alongside you all to save our star and all stars from darkness blight," she said. I then hugged her for a bit with heart heavy with somberness.
      Noctis and I then left the room and went down into the lower floors of the citadel and into the training room. There, Noctis and I stood across from each other.
      "I might as well tell you what I have been doing," Noct said. "I got the Crownsguard and Kingsglaive ready to fight and actually have talked to your president and Mickey about what is coming. I told your president there is not much he can do, but anyone who wants to fight can, but does so at their risk. Mickey has his soldiers ready and will be working with the Crownsguard and Kingsglaive."
      "You all have been training in the meantime right?" I asked him.
      "Yeah since that is also the only other thing we can do," he replied. "The guys and I have been training with each other all in the meantime."
      "Noct, why did you show up in my world?" I asked him switching gears.
      "I had to," he replied. "I heard about the whole floor falling out from under you because of the Foretellers and then I heard about you guys splitting with your ancestors. I wanted to see myself at least one of you guys just as regular guys. It was a little troubling to be honest. I put so much faith in you guys actually and to hear you changing who you were and then seeing it myself, it kind of made me question the people I put faith in. That's why I told you I liked how you were before and thought it was the best."
      "I'm sorry Noctis," I apologized.
      "Hey, don't be," he replied. "You were going through a lot. I should be apologizing for thinking about myself and how your change affected me. So, should we get started?" He then summoned his Sword of the Father and not the Engine Blade.
      "Yeah, let's get to it," I replied summoning Ultimate Apocalypse and we both took stances. We then charge toward each other and start fighting each other. The skills of the Lucian against the skills of the Keyblade wielder; one could argue that could be pay-per-view for people on Earth in the United States. Neither one of us gave an inch, but Noctis ramped it up and turned up the heat from previous matchups. I had to get more aggressive myself and start going offense when I would typically go defense. Then after managing to just get enough of a chance to strike him across the abdomen, we paused for a second as Noct was bent over breathing some.
      "Nice," he said and slowly stood up fully and turned his gaze to me with a rather dark look, "but you know what I do best and I don't back down." He then unsummoned his Sword of the Father and summoned the Blade of the Mystic. I could tell he is about to bring out some of the heavy duty stuff and that most likely includes Armiger Unleashed. I had to be careful because he could unleash anything on me. We clash again and this time a pulse is felt from our clash and Noctis fought harder and was warping around now. I had to use my aerials, cartwheels, flips, and other gymnastic moves along with teleporting just to move around. Noctis did start using his powers of Armiger Unleashed and used the armiger chains and their finishers. I could not keep up and the pressure he was putting on me with the consecutive use of the combos and finishers opened me up some to taking hits. After those, he started using the techniques from the least powerful to the strongest. I managed to dodge the Royal Cleave, but the Apocalypsis caused the barrier I used to protect myself to vanish. Then he used Dynasty Stance and the barrage of his attack and the attack of the incoming glaives forced me to fight two on one and with tons of speed. It unfortunately started wearing me down. That was where he wanted me and then he pulled out his big gun, Legacy of the Lucii. Here I took all the damage he could deliver as I was at my end of energy reserves. I could not do much as he performed his barrage against me, but when he was about to strike the final blow, like lightning, a great surge of energy erupted within me and I high blocked his strike and held it. Noct looked confused and shocked. I had a light aura of light blue surround me and the Mark of Kye glowing too. I then parry Noctis's sword and then attacked him. I used my Keyblade to not only strike him, but also like when Noctis summons his glaives to surround him, Keyblades of a glass like appearance appeared out of nowhere and attacked him similar to Sora in his battle against Roxas in KH2. In fact, I started using powers and attacked him in ways I cannot explain nor relate to. Finally, I gave him one final swing across his body and ended the battle.
      I stood in my stance with aura surrounding me and Noctis hit the wall hard and fell to the ground and was breathing heavily. He then managed to find the strength to get himself off the ground.
      "I guess you proved why messing with you is a mistake," he said as he slowly stood back up. The aura around me disappeared and immediately I grew weak in the knees and collapsed to the ground. I caught myself though and did not spraul out on the floor.
      "Polemist!" Noctis exclaimed using my nickname of my other name and rushed over to me. "Hey, you alright?!"
      "I'm fine," I said and managed to slowly stand back up. Noctis helped me as I did so. "Just will take some time to get used to the power of Earth."
      "Hey, it will come to you in no time," Noct said. "I had to sleep for a decade just so I can use the crystals power the right way and you showed you are stronger than me. That power will become your own and you'll soon make a fight against me child's play."
      "Thanks Noct," I said with a smile and we bumped fists the way he does with Gladio.
      "I just want to look at something here in the room for a bit," I told him. "You go on ahead." He nodded and left the training room. I turned my attention to the full on-canvas painting of the prophecy, walked up to it, and stood in front of it and just looked at each aspect of the painting carefully. It was silent as the tomb in the room as I observed the painting. Then I sense someone walk up next to me.
      "Wherefore does the Elite One ponder?" a female voice asked. I look and see Gentiana, or Shiva as she actually is.
      "Greetings Gentiana," I said. "I'm just thinking about what is coming. It's so similar if not the same as to the True King."
      "The Elite One chosen by the Light will go forth and save all stars from the darkness," she said. "With the key, he will save our star from darkness blight. To purge this scourge, the gods will be with you." I nodded in thought.
      "Gentiana, how did the Keyblade make it to Eos?" I asked.
      "A war among the keys raged in a time of fairy tales," she explained. "Some who wished to escape the darkness left the Realm of Light in all entirety and fled to other worlds. They came to our star and became one with it living among the mortals in peace. Yet the key the key they kept hidden for the sake of balance. However, the scourge that swallowed Solheim and this star came from the darkness of that war between the keys. While those who possess the key devised a way to restore the light, the Bladekeeper chose the first king and oracle to purge the darkness. Since that time, the keybearers vowed to only protect the balance in subtlety and from the forces of darkness. For when the Elite Ones come and the end is nigh, then shall they arise and make known to all mortals of this star that it is they who defend them and safeguarded the light for generations and it is with the Elite Ones that the light and the dark shall fight again." it was much to take in, but I understood it all.
      "I understand," I replied. "I am not a King of Lucis, but I do wish to plead with all the astrals and plead with them to fight with my friends and I." Gentiana then opened her eyes and looked at me and I at her.
      "If the Elite One desires to plead for the aid of the gods," she said, "he must come to the center of the star."
      "Angelgard," I said. That island is only for housing criminals until Ramuh determines their worthiness of penitence and repentance. "Gentiana, I cannot go there. Not even the royal family can go there."
      "Those whom the gods favor may approach sacred ground," she replied. "The True King has the favor of the gods as do the Elite Ones. Come to the center of the star and plead before the gods for aid." She then disappeared. I looked at the painting some more and took a breath. I need to go to Angelgard... and need to explain this to Noctis and company. So I left the training room and went back into the Citadel and returned back to the Throne Room where Noctis was along with his friends and Luna. They all noticed me as I walked in and were about to say something when they paused as they saw my expression.
      "Your majesties," I said, "Prompto, Gladio, Ignis, I have to leave for now."
      "Why must you leave?" Luna asked.
      "When I was observing the painting of the prophecy in the training room," I explained, "Gentiana approached me and we spoke." This grabbed everyone's attention now. Noctis came down from his throne to join us.
      "You spoke with the messenger?" Ignis asked.
      "Didn't expect her to show up here," Prompto said.
      "Neither did I," Gladio followed. "I mean no offense, but you aren't a Lucian by blood nor do you have any sort of royal privilege."
      "I am the 'Elite One'," I replied using her words.
      "What?" Noctis asked.
      "What did you speak about?" Luna asked.
      "First she comforted me about what's to come," I said. "Then I asked her to explain to me how the Keyblade made its way to Lucis and she explained to me that some of the Dandelions that left the Realm of Light completely went to Eos. You know how they divided into two camps with some leaving the Realm of Light completely and everything related to it and some went to the Realm of Sleep. The camp that completely left the Realm of Light split into camps heading to Earth and Eos. This happened during the Keyblade War. It was the darkness from that war that spread to Eos and became the Starscourge." It then hit me once again the effects of the first Foretellers.
      "Noctis," I said, "the first Foretellers were the reason why everything that happened to Lucis and all of Eos happened. They are the reason that the prophecy came to be and they are the reason you had to sacrifice your life. I will apologize to you for them. I am sorry they were the cause of so much pain and suffering you and the ones you loved endured."
      "Hey, it's no big deal," he said. "I think it all turned out okay in the end."
      "She told me that if I am to get the help necessary to save the light, I need to go to Angelgard," I said. There was dead silence. I could feel the shock from them.
      "A-a-angelgard?" Prompto struggled to say.
      "That island is forbidden to everyone, but to those whom the gods favor," Luna said.
      "Gentiana told me the True King and Elite Ones have the favor of the gods," I countered.
      "So you mean to tell me you have to go over there?" Gladio asked. I nodded. They all looked at each other.
      "He said that Gentiana said the gods favor me," Noct said. "If anyone then must go, I will go with him."
      "Noctis, your majesty," I said, "if you are to come with me, I ask that you only bring me there, but when I converse with the astrals, keep back and if things take a downward turn, I ask you to be my intercessor."
      "Uh... sure, no problem," he said. Noctis and I then bade Luna and friends farewell and we went to the new Regalia. It is a lot better now that it had been completely rebuilt and fixed. It had the Type F aspects of flight too and that is what Noctis activated after leaving the vicinity of Insomnia and entered countryside. It took some time before we started getting close to Cape Caem and as we did so, Noctis landed the Regalia on the road and drove the rest of the way there to the lighthouse. We park the car and go to the underground dock to find the Royal Vessel at the harbor. At this time, the sun had set and the moon was big and bright to where it actually was bright enough to light up the environment. Noctis and I get on the vessel and Noct takes the wheel and we sail off to Angelgard. I just stood looking forward at the destination. The two winged shaped rock formations of the island were visible in the moonlight. In fact, most of the island is visible in the moonlight. We approach after about twenty minutes or so and slow the boat down out of extreme caution. Nothing happens so we pull up to the dock where the Glaive once parked the vessel and park it there. We get off and head over to the place where the staves are. I know for sure I will have to be there in order to speak with the astrals.
      The entrance had been opened before when one of the Glaives proved their worth and redeemed themselves from their betrayal of the King of Lucis so I just walked through that. I motion to Noctis to stay back and he nodded. Walking to the middle of the area, I look around at my surroundings and see swords stick out of the ground like the Keyblades of the Keyblade Graveyard and see the large staves surround the field. Nothing happens, but then the astrals appear just like they did in Final Fantasy XV Comrades, but this time, Bahamut does not fight me. In fact, he floats down and stands a distance from me with arms folded.
      "Tell me Elite One, why have you come and set foot on hallowed soil?" Bahamut asked. I look at all the astrals and address them all.
      "I am here to speak with all of you," I said to them. I then proceeded to say something in the tongue of the Keyblade wielder.
      "Astrals of Eos, I Polemistis come here to plead for your aid," I said. "While I do not speak your tongue, I know fully you understand what I say now and will heed my plea." Then I switched back to English.
      "Astrals," I continued, "a great war beyond the one where you fought the Infernian is coming. A man Luxu wants to have all light and all darkness fight. He is after the counterpart to Kingdom Hearts and seeks to obtain the power the counterpart promises to give. With that, all will fall into darkness. Astrals, if this darkness is not defeated, all including you five, will fall to darkness. A prophecy foretells of the sacrifice one of the Supreme Elite will make in destroying the darkness. I plead for you to please offer your aid in defeating this darkness."
      "Elite One, may your request be satisfied," Bahamut replied. "May the gods bless you and all wielders of the key with the aid we bestow upon you and in the name of the True King. Come forth True King!" This startled me a bit, but I look behind and Noctis walks forward toward me and stands with me looking at Bahamut.
      "True King of Lucis," Bahamut continued, "your desire to sacrifice for Lucis and this star again has earned the aid of the the gods. Let it be decreed that on this day, the gods shall grant their power to the True King and the Elite Ones of the key." Bahamut then flew into the sky and disappeared. The other four disappeared as well returning back to where they came from. Noctis and I look at each other and smiled with excitement.
      "Thank you Noctis," I said.
      "It's my pleasure," he replied.
      "I think I will go home back to Earth now," I said. "I will see you again soon."
      "Yeah, see you again," he said and we bumped wrists. I then open a light corridor and return back home to my place. Light covers me and changes me into regular earthly clothing. I then walk inside the house, greet my folks, and talk about the new things I have learned and did. They were engaged and were happy I have accomplished so much. However, sorrow overtook them as the reality I may not come back came up in the conversation. I did not weep this time as I ran out of tears for that, but I did comfort them as best as I could and they eventually wiped away the tears.
      Right now, it is the afternoon around four as the days are different between Earth and Eos. There is a thin layer of clouds in the sky making the sun hazy like. I sit outside on the front porch on the lowest step looking down into space continuing to reflect on what is to come. I sat on the first step and my feet were on the brick walkway. I sensed someone was standing, but did not look in their direction.
      "Well well, look who decided to return back to mommy and daddy," a familiar voice said. I did not turn my head nor change emotion.
      "So Vanitas, it appears the Devil came back from hell," I responded. "Or did the Devil find you too evil and have hell spit you back out?"
      "Hmph," he merely replied. "So you think one of you guys will actually save the light huh?"
      "It has to happen," I said. "Like the True King of Lucis sacrificing for Eos, one of us will have to sacrifice for all the universe."
      "Heh, sounds like a waste of time," Vanitas countered. "Why bother? You know once Luxu gets what he wants it's over."
      "I will not let you tempt me Satan," I replied calmly, but with a bit of force. "I will see to it that one of us fulfills the prophecy whether it is me or one of my friends."
      "Oh really?" he asked sarcastically. "So you're going to be the hero? Well if you're the hero, I'm the villain, and villains make sure to win." He then summoned Void Gear and pointed it at me. I kept still and still did not look at him.
      "And yet it is the villains that lose in the end no matter their efforts," I countered. "If you fight me now, then you are surely going to lose and then how will Luxu get what he wants? You aren't going to fight me; you will be fighting the seven guardians of Earth."
      "Alright, you win," Vanitas acquiesced with a sneer and he unsummoned Void Gear. "Then I look forward to watching you fail in the end. You better be ready for the storm coming." I then look up with now renewed vigor and confidence, but still did not look at him.
      "Oh I am," I said. "We all are. The question is-" I then look at him sharply at his masked face, "-are you ready?" Vanitas did not answer and he merely disappeared into a dark corridor leaving me alone.
      Later that evening, I went to karate class. I figured it was best to do that since it will probably help in the long run. I don't know how, but I believe it will and I will probably figure it out. It was nice going back though and seeing the students, seeing my masters, and seeing friends. I saw Adrian there and we just nodded at each other and with that glance, we knew that this could be the last time so treat this occasion special. It was the black belt kids that had class and I instructed them. Yes they knew who I was and all that stuff. My master though told them all not to ask about that as it would be a distraction. One kid though named Nick was someone I mentored for a while. I have known him ever since he started training and have mentored him as he grew. During the class where both myself and him are attending, I am watching him practice as I was instructing and it hit me right then and there.
      At the end of class, I went up to Nick. Note: I am about 20-21, he is 13-14 years of age and about the height up to just above my shoulders.
      "Nick, can I talk with you?" I asked him.
      "Yeah of course," he replied. We went to the boys changing room and closed the door.
      "Nick, you know about me and who I am right?" I asked.
      "Yes sir," Nick said. We learned saying "yes sir/ma'am" is a display of respect of authority.
      "You know that my friends and I have to save the universe right?" I asked again.
      "Yes sir," Nick said. I then change into my Elite form right there in front of him. Nick's eyes widen with amazement as he clearly did not expect this. I then summon my Keyblade and like Terra in BbS with Riku, present the hilt to Nick except standing up.
      "In your hand, take this Key," I said. "So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking, its wielder you shall one day be. And you will find me, friend—no ocean will contain you then. No more borders around, or below, or above, so long as you champion the ones you love. Nick, I may not come back from what is coming. I prayed and thought about this a lot. Even if I come back, I will grow older and no longer be able to do what I once did. Nick, I want you to succeed me as the next Supreme Elite and defend the world and the light. Darkness will always continue to threaten the universe and I believe that not only do you have the power of the Keyblade sleeping inside you, I believe you are the right one to succeed myself and become a Supreme Elite. Will you do it?" Nick was in awe and just looked at the Keyblade in my hand. He then nodded with determination in his face and with his right hand, he reached out and grabbed the hilt of my Keyblade and held it for a second or two. Then he let go and I unsummoned my Keyblade.
      "This has to be a secret okay? The magic will wear off if you tell anyone," I warned. He nodded and I rubbed his head making him giggle a bit. Then I hugged him and he hugged me.
      "Goodbye Ben, I hope you come back," he said. I choked up right there and then.
      "I hope so too," I said.
      That night after I got home, I was trying to get some sleep. It was nice being in my own bed, but I had insomnia unfortunately. A full moon was out and it was pretty bright. I was laying in my bed wide awake when suddenly, a shadow passed over the moon making me snap my head toward the windows. Then a yellow light zipped around some stopping in front of my windows and then went off. I got up out of bed and looked outside. I see the shadow and yellow orb again and look closer. Wait, is that who I think it is?" I am in my pajamas so I cover myself in light and change to my Elite outfit and quietly head outside of the house. I looked around in the sky for a second and then the dark figure approaches me while flying in the air.
      "Heya Polemist," the person said.
      "Peter Pan?" I said. "What are you doing here?"
      "Well a little birdy told me about how what's coming is getting ya down," Peter Pan replied. So clearly the news is spreading. Well it isn't surprising now as I think about it.
      "I decided to leave Neverland for a bit and talk for a while," Pan continued. I nodded.
      "Sometime Peter Pan I wish I could escape this," I said. "I just wish I didn't have to lose one of my friends or even all of them."
      "Well come on!" Pan exclaimed and he floated down and grabbed my wrist. "Come fly with me to Neverland!"
      "Neverland?" I said.
      "Yeah, you'll never have to worry about any of that stuff," he said. "You and the rest of you guys will never have to grow up or even lose each other." I pulled out from his grip gently, but firmly and smirked a little.
      "But Peter, I have a family that I have here," I said. "I can't leave them behind."
      "You can join our family!" Pan responded in his classic childlike demeanor. I chuckled.
      "No Peter I can't," I said.
      "Awwww..." he complained. Tinker Bell was flying right near my face and looking all angry.
      "Tinker Bell, I can't and won't," I said. "I have a sister by the way." I said that on purpose and it worked. Tink froze, turned away like she huffed "hmph!" and flew up to Pan's side. Pan scowled at her as she flew to his side.
      "You sure Polemist?" Pan asked.
      "I thank you for the offering," I said, "but if neither myself nor my friends do this as foretold, everything will be gone including you and me. I must do this, we must do this."
      "Well it sounds like adventure and danger," Peter said giddily.
      "Peter this is universe wide and an apocalypse," I said. "This isn't an adventure."
      "It is when you can save the world," Pan quipped. "If I can save the world with you, I'm in and so is Tink. Right Tink?" Tink was still in a snit. Pan gave her a dark look and she acquiesced. He then nodded with a smile at me.
      "Thank you Peter," I said. Peter Pan then flew off into the sky and went back to Neverland. I went back inside, changed back into my regular form with my pajamas on and managed to go to sleep.
      The morning came and I woke up peacefully. I for some reason felt uneasy. It couldn't be could it? No I don't know the hour nor day so it can't be. I got ready for the day and had breakfast with my folks. I decided that I should meet with my friends. I said goodbye to my family and tightly hugged them all. I then left the house and went into a corridor and met with them. Luckily I found my friends together and found them just outside a diner we went to before.
      "Hey guys," I said. They greeted me in reply.
      "Hey Ben, what were you and Nick doing in the changing room last night?" Adrian asked.
      "Adrian, Shane, Jack, I passed down the Keyblade to Nick," I said. They froze in silence. "I also told Nick that he will be my successor as one of the Supreme Elite." They stayed quiet for a few more seconds and then they talked.
      "You know, I actually have to share this," Shane said. "I actually did the same thing."
      "Yeah and I did with a neighbor I have mentored actually," Jack followed.
      "I actually did so just before I got here," Adrian said. "He was actually one of the kids from karate and I passed it down to him."
      "Heh, seems we are pretty prepared for everything," I said and my friends nod. Then suddenly we hear a sound and we gasped. Ding...... Ding...... DIIIIIIIIIING......... DIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNG........

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The Transcendent Key

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Oh wow...things are really going to get crazy from here on out! What an exhilarating chapter! It was heartbreaking and at the same time epic seeing Ben train, preparing himself mentally for what's to come! 


I can't believe the final battle is almost here! This is the moment we've all been waiting for! I'm so hyped! :D

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Chapter 50: The Apocalyptic War Part 1

      It was so recognizable. It literally took my breath away hearing it. The bell, the Tsar bell to be precise, has rung and rings now. It's ring echoes throughout everywhere. We know its sound is very much audible around the world and outside of this world. We know for sure that everyone in the Realm of Light and Eos hears it. Then, we look into the sky and far above, we see what was stars look bigger and not as bright anymore. Those aren't stars, they are planets. Actually, not just planets, they are worlds... and we recognize them. Then some wormhole colored magenta purple and sapphire blue opened up in the sky distorting the views of the worlds. Everyone that was driving or was walking stopped and looked at the hole in awe. It became clear to us then and there: there are no borders between worlds anymore. We looked at each other with calmness and nodded gently. Then light covered us changing us into our Elite forms. We then took a step forward toward the direction of the hole and stepped on an invisible plain like Roxas fighting Xion in 358/2 Days. We walked forward towards the hole knowing what we will be facing on the other side.


      The Keyblade Emperor had some of his soldiers and his close companions of Ephemer, Skuld, Blaine, and Strelitzia with him. By now, Invictus had all Keyblade wielders of Earth and anyone willing to fight allied and waiting for the time to gather. Some of the Keyblade wielder soldiers were with Invictus and his companions at the Emperor's Pillar. As of now, Invictus summoned the predecessors of his to appear. The Keyblade Emperor spoke to them and while he could speak in the ancient tongue, he spoke in English. The many emperors of yore have appeared like the Lucian Kings of Yore: in light shaped as their statues.

      "My predecessors," Invictus said to them, "the time is nigh and as I asked for your power, I ask for strength given to me and all Keyblade wielders including the Supreme Elite." They all remained silent and waved their right hands over all sending their strength to everyone there, the Supreme Elite, and all Keyblade wielders. The emperors then returned back to Invictus giving him back the power he initially requested from them. Then, ding.... diiiiiiiinnnnnnnng... diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng.... The four companions and soldiers all gasped where Invictus turned his masked face and looked into space just above all.

      "Is that...?" Skuld asked. No one answered immediately. Invictus did though after a few moments of listening.

      "The time... has come..." he said. Then they look off to the north and into the sky and see a wormhole open. Then, other stars grew brighter and appeared bigger and more clear.

      "That's the entrance isn't it?" Blaine asked.

      "Indeed," Invictus replied.

      "How will everyone gather there?" Strelitzia asked.

      "Everyone will see and know that it is there the war will be fought," Invictus replied.

      "It won't be confined to just there whatever is on the other is won't it?" Ephemer asked.

      "It will spread like the Keyblade War," Invictus said. "Darkness as foretold will cover all worlds and all of the universe. There are no more borders between worlds and universes to stop it. One of the Supreme Elite will take up the counterpart and free us all from the dark scourge when the time comes. We must go forth and gather together with all." And they walked up a plain to the wormhole to join with their comrades.


      Noctis gasped and immediately ran outside. He hears the deep dinging of the bell and knew he needed to get outside the Citadel to see what is happening. He took the stairs and just about jumped down them from the upper floors of the Citedel to the first floor, ran out through the entrance, and ran down the steps. At the bottom, he looked up and around. The dinging was still very clear and echoing throughout. Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto ran out next to his side from the Citadel soon after.

      "The hell is that?!" Gladio asked.

      "Is that what I think it is?" Prompto asked with fear.

      "It may be," Ignis replied. Luna then came out from the Citadel and saw her husband and friends at the bottom of the stairs.

      "Noctis!" she shouted making them all turn around. She then rushed down the steps to her beloved. "Noctis, I fear that this toll is what we have been told of by Polemistis." Gentiana then appeared next to them walking a few steps.

      "The bell that tolls for the end has rung," she said. "The war is nigh. All shall gather where no borders between exist.

      "Gentiana, where could that possibly be?" Noctis asked with worry. Gentiana opened her eyes and looked up into the sky. Everyone else did the same and gasped as a large wormhole has opened up in the sky.

      "What the hell is that?!" Noctis shouted.

      "That is where all from all worlds will gather," Gentiana replied. "We must go forth and gather with the Elite Ones. Go forth Chosen King with the Lady and companions and join the side of the Elite Ones and the seven ones of light and of the Earth. The gods shall be with you at all times." She then changed into Shiva after glowing bright white light. Then Ramuh appeared above them, Titan came from the distance and landed in the city of Insomnia, and Leviathan rose up from the waters surrounding the crown city. Noctis looked at his friends and his wife and all of them nodded at him and they all summoned their weapons. Noctis nodded in reply, turned toward the wormhole, and summoned his armiger.

      "We're right behind you guys," he said referring to the Supreme Elite. Then they walk up an invisible plain and walk towards the wormhole with the astrals following behind them.


      The seven lights of Earth met with their counterparts of the Realm of Light in Yen Sid's office and explained everything to them the first time. This time was a second meeting to discuss the coming conflict.

      "So we have gathered as many allies from Earth as we could," Matthew said. "We went into the streets to those willing to fight. In other words, non Keyblade wielders have agreed to join the fight."

      "So this will be bigger than the Keyblade War?" Sora asked.

      "Unfortunately yes," Matthew replied. "All worlds from the Realm of Light and the worlds of Eos and Earth will be a part of this. Everything will be affected." Then they hear deep loud ringing making them gasp.

      "And with that strike, a bell that tolls for the end shall ring and the final battle will begin at the destined time," Yen Sid said. He clearly was repeating the Book of Prophecies fateful line of the final passage. They all got up and went out of Yen Sid's office and went down the staircase to head outside. Sora led the way the whole time. When he opened the doors, he gasped again. The Foretellers were standing there backs turned toward them. They appeared to be looking into the starry sky above them. Sora and company went down the steps to approach them.

      "Foretellers," Sora said. The Foretellers did not turn around, but turned their heads to acknowledge the approaching of the allies.

      "Seven guardians, Master Yen Sid," Gula said. Matthew and the others from Earth stepped forward.

      "Foretellers," Matthew said, "I am Matthew and my companions and I are the seven guardians of Earth. The Foretellers immediately turned around with mouths slightly agap.

      "You are the ones that we mysteriously knew of," Invi said. Matthew nodded.

      "Yes we are," he replied. "We are the ones that were summoned to gather by the will of the Supreme Elite and are the ones that will fight the thirteen darknesses." Ira was about to say something, when suddenly, a wormhole opened in the sky cutting off the formalities abruptly. Everyone turned toward it will some gasping at the sight. Stars grew brighter and then looked like worlds nearby

      "Are we going there?" Sora asked.

      "Indeed," Matthew said.

      "What is it?" Ira asked. "What is happening?"

      "The walls that divided us from other worlds have disappeared," Yen Sid said. "Darkness will spread unceasingly with no borders to contain it and like the wind blowing the war will go everywhere its whim takes it."

      "Only when one of the Supreme Elite takes up the χ-blade will the war end and the darkness dispelled," Matthew said. "All who will be fighting will be gathering there."

      "Surely, the Supreme Elite are there as well," Aced pointed out.

      "Indeed," replied Matthew.

      "Then we have to go now," Sora said. "We can't sit here. Our friends now need us and no matter what we need to be by their side." Everyone nodded in reply. Even Yen Sid decided to take up his Keyblade and leave the Mysterious Tower, unlike before when he and the Foretellers did not fight in the Keyblade War. Everyone summoned their Keyblades and walked up an invisible plain to the wormhole with Sora again leading the way.

      "Don't worry guys, we're coming," Sora said and they marched forward ready to meet their friends and fellow Keyblade and non Keyblade wielding allies.


      Luxu was in the Keyblade Graveyard when he heard it. His head snapped up to look around and he grinned. The dinging was deep and recognizable and echoed throughout the Keyblade Graveyard giving him the chills and exciting him with anticipation. A dark corridor opened up behind him and Nikitis and all thirteen darknesses came out of it. Nikitis approached Luxu and stood behind him.

      "Can you hear it?" Luxu asked with excitement. "Hear its deep ring. Hear how it echoes everywhere. The time has come." All of them then looked up and saw a wormhole open and stars glow brighter and become the shape of planets and worlds.

      "There! Do you see it?" Luxu asked. "It is the entrance to the Cross Between Worlds. That is where all our allies will gather and face all the warriors of the light. The Cross Between Worlds: where the borders between worlds disappear and all becomes one. The Realm of Light will become complete again and Earth and Eos will once again return home. Come, we must go there and gather with all of them." Nikitis and the thirteen nodded and they proceeded to walk up an invisible plain to the wormhole and gather with their allies to face the forces of light led by the Supreme Elite.


      My friends and I were standing in what we realized was called the Cross Between Worlds. This is where all worlds and their realms intersect each other. Here anyone could access any world they so desire. It was an expansive plain and space was clear. There was some different colors around the plain. Far behind my friends and I was planet Earth in its splendor. Around, we see Eos and every world in the Realm of Light that exists and we have yet to visit. It became clear that Earth has finally "returned home" since all the worlds have gathered together again just like before the first Keyblade War thousands of years ago. Everyone that was here had weapons on hand at the ready including us four. Off to my immediate left and right are my friends with Adrian next to my left side and Shane and Jack on my right side. To our left, the seven guardians of light stood side by side with the seven guardians of Earth behind them and the Foretellers and Yen Sid behind the seven of Earth. The former members of Organization XIII, Donald, and Goofy were also standing behind the Foretellers and Yen Sid with the latter two standing next to Mickey. Behind my friends and I were Strelitzia, Ephemer, Blaine, Skuld, and the Keyblade Emperor Invictus Verum; the emperor stood behind me directly. Off to our right were the Lucians. Noctis and Luna stood with each other and Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis standing by next to the former mentioned.

      Now there were masses of people that stretched as far as the eye could see. It must have numbered in the tens of millions if not more. Behind the two groups of seven, Foretellers, former Organization members, Donald, and Goofy were soldiers of Disney Town along with all of Mickey's friends from the Disney Castle. Even Maleficent and Pete were there too. It was clear that Maleficent saw this the same way as she saw the Dark Elite: threats to her quest for power. Therefore, here she is fighting on our side. Now there were many soldiers from Disney Town. They were not the brooms that took Pete away for his defiant behavior against Minnie. These were soldiers that were of human stature. Basically, they were the Royal Knights that answered to Goofy. There were also Keyblade wielders from the Realm of Light as well and they must have numbered in the millions as well. Behind us Supreme Elite, the emperor, and his companions were Keyblade wielders from Earth that also numbered in the millions and anyone from Earth that had a weapon and wanted to fight. There were army forces from different nations with weapons in hand too that decided to fight or were sent forth as ordered from their nations' leaders. Every kind of person from Earth from just about all walks of life were in the masses as well. Behind all the Lucians were Crownsguard, Kingsglaive and armies from Lucis and Tenebrae. Although Lucis disbanded the army a long time ago and only had a defensive force, Noctis clearly rebuilt and recreated the army of Lucis and Tenebrae also had an army rebuilt and restored. There were also masses Keyblade wielders from Eos that stood along side the armies. They were particularly from Lucis and just like the numbers of the armies in the millions, so did the number of Keyblade wielders from Eos. The astrals were all together off to the side as well among the masses of forces from Eos. As this is the light, the dark was not much different. Luxu and the thirteen were front and center straight across from us Elite and as every world has its light, so they also have their darkness. On the side of darkness were dark Keyblade wielders and people from Earth that became traitors and joined the darkness. The same with those from Eos. In fact, the remnant of Niflheim gathered together again and now side with Luxu. That side too numbered in the tens of millions as well.

      Both sides were still staring each other down. No one moved an inch and no one a sound. The only sound made was from the environment around everyone. I look to my left and Adrian nods at me. I look to my right and Shane and Jack nod at me. Then, it all happened like in slow motion and with no sound. I charge forward not really feeling the steps I am taking. I have my Keyblade in hand and ready to strike. Luxu points his No Name forward as an order of attack and all his forces charge forward. Then I swing at the first opponent that reaches me and a great white flash erupts. The Apocalyptic War has begun.

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Wow, I got chills reading this, especially with the music playing! And I love the concept of the Cross Between Worlds! I think it's a cool concept, and one that I hadn't thought of before, so well done on your part!


The sheer scale of this war...dang, this is gonna be something to see! I'm so happy to be with you here, in the end, to witness the conclusion of this amazing trilogy of yours! :D

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Chapter 51: The Apocalyptic War Part 2

      I charged forward preparing to swing my Keyblade. Luxu pointed his forward directing his own to charge forward. Dark Keyblade wielders were the ones that led the charge and all other kinds of their allies followed. My friends and all our allies followed our lead and charged forward as I did. I was basically gliding forward; my feet were not touching the ground. I was gliding with my Keyblade ready to swing and sure enough the first opponent that I was charging towards was a Keyblade wielder. Then we clashed and a big flash of white light erupted and war began. The Keyblade wielders on both sides led the charge and clashed first and then the non Keyblade bearing populace clashed with each other. Soon it was a mix of Keyblade wielder vs Keyblade wielder, Keyblade wielder vs non Keyblade wielder, and non vs non wielder. It all happened around me like the Keyblade War in the Magic Kingdom. I my enemy for a bit clashing with him a few times and then swiping across his stomach killing him. I then move on to the next guy that attacks me and it's the same thing except a bit longer. My friends Adrian, Shane, and Jack all stayed close to me. We will not lose each other again. No this time, we are not subjected to dark fate where darkness will attempt to destroy us again. We will not let the war separate us again and leave each of us to fend for ourselves waiting until traps catch us like unsuspecting animals in the wild. We knew feeling off of each other that we will stay together and this time, fight to the end together.

      "This remind you of anything?" I called to my friends as I fought another Keyblade wielder.

      "Yeah like we have been here and done this before," Shane replied while locked in a block with a Keyblade wielder.

      "This time we don't have to worry about darkness destroying us and separating us," Jack said finishing off his opponent slitting his throat.

      "We won't be separated from each other this time," Adrian said while fighting his opponent. "We will keep a promise for a change that we made for each other."

      "You said it bud," I replied back to him stabbing my next opponent through the stomach and luckily grabbing a breather. I turn to look at Adrian who also managed a breather. Shane and Jack just in time finished off their opponents and had breathers too and faced Adrian and I.

      "We promised to stay by each other's sides when war came," I said. "We failed the first time thousands of years ago in the Keyblade Graveyard and we failed a few years back in Walt Disney World. We will not do it again. We have a promise and until the end, we keep that promise. I will keep that promise too because Adrian, Shane, Jack, I love you all." They looked a little surprised by what I said as I looked at all of them, but they knew immediately what I meant and took it to heart.

      "I love you too little brother," Adrian said with a grin.

      "Love you too bro," Shane said.

      "Love you too," Jack said. I then looked at Adrian.

      "So Adrian with that said," I said. "As I love you and look out for you, forgive me for this." I took my Keyblade and threw it in his direction. He ducked and my Keyblade went into the throat of an armored opponent. He looked behind at the dead opponent and then at me.

      "You can do that at any time," he replied. I then gave an elbow behind me striking another enemy and fought him. Now I am fighting someone who is not wielding a Keyblade, but rather someone from Eos. It was a dark Keyblade wielder from Eos to be exact. I couldn't tell what nation, but it didn't matter. It appeared to be Niflheim, or at least was part of the underground Niflheim, but I never gave a decent look. Rather hard to do so when he is swinging at your head. I blocked every single one of his swings and even was aggressive in countering. After a couple of clashes, we lock in a stalemate.

      "So you and the rest of you Niflheim worms decide to rise back from the dead," I said to him.

      "Niflheim was never dead," he replied. "Niflheim went dormant after the Long Night came to be. After the purging of the scourge and return of Noctis, Niflheim began to take back what belongs to the empire. Niflheim will rise again and we will take over not just Eos, but all the Realm of Light and your pathetic world you call home. You will bow to the empire!" He breaks the stalemate and we begin fighting again and starts his aggression again. I had to end it because I cannot spend all my time fighting one enemy. I parry his swing, spin kick him across the face and knock him to the ground. Then I fight him as he is on the ground, expose him again by disarming him and then like a sledgehammer, I swing down onto his stomach. He screams in a blood chilling way and then dies because of how deep my blade is in his body. I pull out my blade and then look to see where my friends are. I catch them not that far away and then go to them. They finish off their opponents and then we look at each other, nod to each other and then charge forward into the chaos around us.


      The seven lights followed the lead of the Supreme Elite and clashed with Keyblade wielders themselves. Ventus, Terra, and Aqua put their armor a while back so they were ready for this. The Foretellers, Keyblade Emperor and his retinue, and allies from Radiant Garden Lea and company followed the charge of the seven guardians of light. Yen Sid did his thing and while not running, he did use his magic as the rest were charging. Sora was the first to clash with a Keyblade wielder and everyone else clashed with Keyblade wielders. They too along with with the countless number of Keyblade wielders of light from all unions clashed with their enemies like from the Keyblade Wars before. The seven lights found themselves fighting in a war once again, but now they have to defeat an opponent that is not after them, but after their counterparts of Earth that are bound to face the thirteen darknesses.

      "We have to defeat these guys!" Sora called to the rest as he fought. "They can't fight the seven guardians from Earth! Then Luxu will have the χ-blade for sure."

      "Sora, you don't mean you seven should fight them do you?" Ira asked as he fought.

      "It makes sense!" Ventus called back. "Luxu is after the guardians from Earth. He wants them to fight those guys. If we defeat them, then he won't get the χ-blade!"

      "No! That isn't right! You can't fight them!" Ava shouted as she struck down her opponent.

      "Luxu has made it clear that if the thirteen can't fight the seven guardians of Earth, he wants you seven to fight them instead!" Gula shouted as he fought.

      "You will be walking into Luxu's snares if you fight the thirteen!" Aced followed up after Gula as he killed his enemy. "You cannot go near them and get in their way or you will give Luxu what he is after."

      "So what do we do?! Just let things happen?!" Riku shouted. "We just let them eventually make their way to Luxu's minions?!"

      "I'm afraid we cannot do much!" Invi replied as she was locked in a stalemate. "We just have to figure out something. Maybe we have no choice but to let fate take its course."

      "Invi! What are you saying?!" Ava shouted back at her. "You mean we let darkness come?! We let Luxu get his way?!"

      "Ava, do you not remember the last time the inevitable was attempted to be delayed?" Invi asked. She stabs her opponent killing them and turns to look at Ava.

      "When our ancestors attempted to delay the inevitable the first time," Invi said, "they only created more division and were the main reason as to why the first Keyblade War began. Fighting fate only expedited the process and the Keyblade War came sooner than desired." Ira then finished his opponent by slashing across their throat.

      "Ava, she is right," he said. "We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past again. Luxu may be able to get what he wants or he may not. If we get involved again, we could only make things worse."

      "We need to be comrades for the Supreme Elite," Aced said just after he kills his enemy. "They are the ones who are leading us all and the entire side of light."

      "We have to be more than comrades Aced," Gula said. "We have to be their friends. Polemistis called me a friend and has always referred to me as one even when they learned the truth. We weren't master and apprentice or student, we were equals. They have always considered us equals. It would behoove us to be their friends." Ava thought about it for a second and then came to a conclusion.

      "You're right," she replied to it all. "Our ancestors made the mistake once. We cannot and will not repeat it again." Then more enemies attacked them and they fought once again.

      "Isn't that prophecy about them though?" Terra asked as he fought a Keyblade wielder now from Eos. "The prophecy is supposed to be about one of them finishing off Luxu if I remember."

      "Yes it is," Ava replied calling back.

      "Don't lose hope," Kairi said as she fought. "Ben, Shane, Jack, and Adrian won't let us down. I know they won't! We can't let them down either!"

      "They have always remained one," Aqua said as she killed her enemy. "Even when they weren't the Supreme Elite, they always were together and never let go of each other. We have to believe that they will always be one. I believe they will come through for us and for everyone. I know it." Now all seven lights and Foretellers have managed to catch a breather and now can speak with each other and faced each other for a change.

      "So what do ya say gang?" Mickey asked them all. "Want to fight with our pals?" Everyone nodded and raised their Keyblades up as like a toast at a gathering. Then they look forward and then charge forward towards the chaos and once again fight the darkness.


      The Lucians were all fighting the forces of Niflheim all over again. It was a mix of human soldiers and magitek as well. It was also Keyblade wielders from Niflheim that have helped and given aid to the Niflheimian forces.

      "Man, just when we thought it was over with the Nifs and here they are," Noctis said while fighting what appeared to be a general of the magitek army using the engine blade.

      "Clearly they were given a second chance at life," Gladio said as he blocked attacks from a magitek robot.

      "Couldn't they just have given up and go get a hobby?" Prompto complained as he was firing his gun at humans.

      "Darkness is never ever going to be truly defeated," Ignis called out to them as he fought. "It will always continue to lurk behind certain corners waiting to strike. We cannot be complacent and idle and expect this threat to be truly vanquished." Luna just finished off her opponent by disarming them and then stabbing them with her trident.

      "We have a duty to always be vigil," she said as she took the liberty to catch her breath. "Darkness blight will not come because of the Starscourge that once plagued our star, but it will be darkness from the Realm of Light that will come. We also must honor an oath to the Supreme Elite that we will stand with them in this effort to save our star and all the light in existence." Noctis finished off the general and looked at Luna and noticed an enemy behind her she did not notice. He warped behind her and put his blade through the enemy killing him. Luna turned around abruptly when she saw Noctis warp behind her and gasped when she saw the enemy.

      "Yeah, I know," he said to Luna, "and I will make sure that I will protect our home, our world, you, and the next heir to the throne." He looked down at Luna's waist and clearly was referring to them having a son one day. She looked where his eyes were looking and knew immediately what he meant. She smiled and grabbed his hand.

      "Sorry to interrupt, but we need some help!" Gladio shouted to them. This snapped Luna and Noct out of their moment and they saw them in some trouble. Noct and Luna ran to them and got involved. Cor also jumped in and helped them all like when they fought Ardyn's "pet" Cerberus.

      "Help me mama Ignis!" Prompto yelled. Ignis just sighed making Prompto laugh some as they fought now a mix of Nifs, Keyblade wielders, and even some enemies from Earth. Noctis used his warp strikes to hit one target after another. Luna also used her power with Noctis's to strike down many opponents as well. Then for a brief moment, everyone looked at each other, nodded to each other and charged forward into the chaos.

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Good lord, the epicness of this final battle is just too much! Chaos, disorder, triumph, camaraderie, love, togetherness, darkness, light, all merging together for the final canvas on which you will paint glorious battle! Great work, man, I'm getting even more excited to see how this story ends! :D