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My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War


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#81 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

    "Kazekage Of The Sand"

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 10:14 PM

Holy crud...I think this may be one of my favorite chapters so far! It was executed so perfectly, and I loved the twist with the Keyblade Emperor! I honestly thought he was a shady guy, but it actually turns out that he's just been someone that's been observing everything from the sidelines! And I just loved how you touched upon his history! It was just way too badass! The whole thing about some of the Dandelions making their way to Earth was really awesome, and it added that immersive expanse and detail in lore! Great job, man! :D


I can't wait for the next chapter! :D


Also, congrats on over 2000 views for your story! Well deserved, old friend!

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#82 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 11:05 PM

Chapter 34: Ancient Times

      Bright light emanated all around from the tip of Invictus's Keyblade and we covered our eyes from the glow. After a few seconds, it died down and we found ourselves standing in sand with a sandstorm blowing. We had to keep our faces covered and struggled to see.

      "What?! Hey! Invictus!" I shouted out. My friends were still next to me thank God.

      "Follow me this way!" the Keyblade Emperor shouted back. We could see his silhouette and so we followed it. After a good five minutes of walking through sand and sandstorm, it finally disappears and we see ourselves in the middle of a great desert. The four of us gasped at the sight.

      "Huh?!" I gasped. "Where did you...?" I wasn't able to finish. I was too stunned at the sight.

      "Follow me," he replied. We followed him for a while. It felt like forever. Luckily, just as I was about to say something, we come up on top of a dune and we all gasp again.

      "No way..." I say softly.

      "Welcome to Ancient Egypt," Invictus introduces. We see before us the pyramids. It looked like nothing more than a half an hour trek.

      "H-how are we here?" Adrian asks stunned.

      "There are many powers I possess that no one must know until the proper time," the emperor replied. "This is one power I reveal to you. Yes, we have gone back in time to ancient times. We are in Ancient Egypt around 2000 B.C. By now, Keyblade wielders have had contact with Earth, though ever so slightly, for about a millennia to a millennia and a half. Come, let's get closer to the people." He waved his hand and we teleported and found ourselves in Memphis, the ancient capitol.

      "Why are we here?" Shane asked.

      "The reason why is because it was here where Keyblade wielders first arrived," he explained. "Memphis, the capitol of Ancient Egypt and the birthplace of the legend." He brought us up to a group of Egyptians who were talking to each other. One was elderly and the rest were younger adults and some children.

      "Do you understand them?" Invictus asked us. We listened in and shockingly, we were able to make out much of what they were saying even though we never spoke the language.

      "How?" I asked.

      "You know that Atlantis was an actual land, yes?" Invictus said. "All languages come from Atlantean. Ancient Egyptian is no exception to this. The same holds true to the ancient language Keyblade wielders speak. Atlanteans were sailors and they sailed beyond what they thought was possible. The Realm of Light had been in existence as long as this world. Atlanteans traveled where their hearts told them to and they discovered the Realm of Light through unknown and mysterious circumstances. Some stayed in the Realm of Light while others went back to Earth. In the Realm of Light, they formed a different language and learned of the mysterious light and called it Kingdom Hearts. They would in time discover Kingdom Hearts's counterpart and create weapons in said counterpart's image. In the meantime, the Realm of Light and Earth grew separately, but still remained connected. The language Keyblade wielders speak is its own, but it is very connected to Atlantean and all languages that came after it." We were blow away by this information and needed a minute to soak it in. We decided to listen in on the conversation by the group of Egyptians. We recognized what they were talking about!

      "Hey! Their talking about the Keyblade!" Jack exclaimed.

      "Yes Aiton, they are," Invictus replied. "The stories were passed down throughout history. Although Keyblade wielders became their own race of people set apart from Earth, they still hung on to the spirit of following where their heart leads them. That is how the saying 'may your heart be your guiding key' came to be. The Master of the Foretellers came up with it because of that spirit that remains in every Keyblade wielders' DNA." Invictus teleported us again and this time to the pharaoh's palace. We were inside and looked around. Everything had color and artwork on it; it was amazing. Invictus led us to the pharaoh's throne room and there sitting on the throne was the pharaoh himself. We was sitting speaking with some personal assistants. We walked up beside the throne and took a look at the papyrus scroll he was holding. The four of our mouths opened in shock and our eyes widened.

      "This picture... It has a person on it... And that sword... It's a Keyblade!" Shane exclaimed.

      "This pharaoh you see is Mentuhotep III," Invictus explained. "He was one of a hand full of pharaohs who knew well the legends of the Keyblade. What you see is what an artist drew based on the stories of what a Keyblade would look like." The depiction was not far off from what a Keyblade looked like then if you asked me. I was amazed along with my friends. Invictus then took us to a different location outside of the city. There we see an Egyptian in the midst of the desert appearing to sneak away. We follow him over a dune and watch him stop and then light surrounds his hand and a Keyblade is summoned!

      "Few Egyptians became Keyblade wielders, but it was all in secret," the emperor said. "Few Keyblade wielders gave the Keyblade to people of Earth. As time went on, they became more numerous, but it was still done in secret." We teleport again, but this time, he brings us forward in time. We were in a different part of the palace of the pharaoh, but this time, we see a different pharaoh come into the room. He looked like a teenager and looked familiar.

      "Hey, isn't that-?" I asked before Invictus finished for me.

      "King Tutankhamun, yes it is," he replied. "By now, at around 1330 B.C, the Keyblade War had been well underway and Earth was at risk from the darkness. However, some still wielded a Keyblade." I mouth the word wow and watch him carefully. This room is bare and lit by torch alone. He has the doors close and guards on them and then, he closes his eyes, raises his hand, and summons a Keyblade.

      "Yes, he was a Keyblade wielder," Invictus said. "He ordered all the priests that it shall never be made known he was a Keyblade wielder. His name means living image of Amun and that is also the name of his Keyblade. At age thirteen, he was chosen by the Keyblade and became a wielder. The power he possessed was gone when he died and he had scrolls depicting him as a Keyblade wielder hidden away where no one could ever find them and remain lost. However, remember the scroll you saw Mentuhotep hold? They were preserved and so were some pottery and clay tablets. Now they are in the possession of Bob Iger in a secret room at Walt Disney Archives." So now it's all coming together now. All these artifacts Mr. Iger had were preserved and he now watches over them.

      Invictus summoned his Keyblade again and pointed it up and light lit everything. All became white and then it died down.

      "Where are we now?" Adrian asked.

      "Ancient China," Invictus said. "It is 750 B.C and we are in the Zhou dynasty." We were standing in the middle of a forest and mountains. It was a grand sight. We see before us a person walking through the forest looking like he was brand new.

      "Who is that exactly?" I asked Invictus.

      "Oh I know who that is, but let Polemistis tell you," Invictus replied. I look to my left and Polemistis is standing there.

      "Ben, that's Areti," he said. "He was the one who put me to sleep. He is also the one that I made a descendant of mine." We watch and looking up, we see an orb of light come down from the sky and land in Areti's hands.

      "Areti," a voice said to him. It came from the heart. Areti gasped since he knew who's voice it was.

      "Master Polemistis!" Areti exclaimed. "How can it be? I thought you were all doomed from fate?"
      "We made sure to avoid fate," Polemistis replied. "The others have spread out. Areti, take me up a mountain and lock me away so I can sleep."
      "Huh? But why?" Areti asked.
      "I will be awakened one day long after you are gone and dead," Polemistis explained. "I want the one to awaken me to be a Keyblade wielder and not any person. Do you remember the oath taken?"
      "Our oath master?" Areti asked.
      "No, your oath," Polemistis replied. "I came across you one day a few months after I became the Supreme Elite and I asked you to cut your palm with your Keyblade so it would draw blood. I did the same with mine and we grabbed each others hands. My blood is within yours running in your veins. I asked you to take an oath to be a conduit that will pass my blood down from you to the next generation and on so that my descendant will be in my image."
      "What about awaking you?" Areti asked.
      "You took an oath to assimilate to wherever world you enter," the voice replied. "The Keyblade chooses those with a complete piece of their heart that deems them worthy. You will become like the rest of the world, start a family, and through that way, pass down the piece to my descendant. It will split up, but it will unite itself once again and the descendant in my image will inherit it and become a Keyblade wielder. That is how he can unlock me and then will I awaken and return uniting myself with his heart. The others did the same thing with other Dandelions that have shown up in this world. Lock me away on a mountain near the mountains they will each be locked away on."
      "I understand master," Areti said. Then he looked up into the mountains and went off.

      "Wow..." I said in awe. "So that was how you and the rest of you guys became our ancestors and how you planned on returning." I felt awestruck seeing my origins. Areti was a Keyblade wielder and through him, I am a descendant of Polemistis just as my friends are descendants of their ancestors.

      "A faction of the Foretellers came to Earth after the war began," Invictus said. "Areti is one of them as are the rest." Invictus then took us to the Forbidden City where the emperor was. There we see soldiers fighting in practice.

      "See how they fight?" Invictus asked. "The art of fighting with a Keyblade inspired this. One soldier discovered a Keyblade wielder one time practicing his fight moves on his own. The soldier hid from sight and took note of what he saw. He shared it with the army and with the emperor. The emperor decreed that such style is how his army is to fight in war and it is to be taught to every new soldier that serves in the military." We did indeed see that the way in which the soldiers fought was very similar to how Keyblade wielders fought. It was not perfect, but the similarities were noticed.

      "In Egypt, it was the heart that the Egyptians were concerned about," Invictus continued. "Here in East Asia hundreds of years later, it is the sword. Egyptians believed very much in hearts of light leading souls to beyond the Nile in the afterlife. However, here in East Asia, the sword is what matters most to defend honor and protect the homeland."

      He teleported us again in time hundreds of years later now to another land.

      "We now stand in Ancient Japan hundreds of years later to 450 A.D," he said. We were in a garden just outside of the imperial palace. No one was around, but it wasn't long before Invictus teleported us to the emperor's palace itself. We were standing in his quarters and saw the emperor looking out a window in thought.

      "Who's he Invictus?" Shane asked.

      "Emperor Nintoku," Invictus replied. "You'll see why I brought you here." We stood watching waiting for what happens next. A messenger bursts into the room.

      "Your majesty, we found it," he said. The emperor ordered to be taken to whatever this thing is. Invictus teleports us and we find ourselves standing outside of a massive dig site. There we see the emperor walk off of a carriage of some sort and walk inside the dig and there, all four of us gasp at what we see.

      "It can't be..." Jack said.

      "Earth's keyhole," Invictus said. We continue to watch what happens with the emperor Nintoku.

      "Bring me my apprentice immediately!" The emperor ordered. The subjects all bowed and went off to find the apprentice to the emperor. Then they came back with the boy who is the apprentice. He gasped when he saw the keyhole.

      "Earth's keyhole," he said. "Many will want to look for it and unleash the power this world could possess. For centuries, Keyblade wielders have increased and contributed to the power this planet possesses. The Mark of Kye that still remains hidden to this day will unite all Keyblade bearers as one. The four masters that will bear that sigil will become worthy to unlock the power of Earth and make it their own." Nintoku then turns to his apprentice and summons his Keyblade, Royal Radiance.

      "Take this key and become the emperor of all Keyblade bearers," he said. "They are not united as one, but your empire stretches over all the Earth. You are the guardian of the keyhole. You will be the one to protect the power of Earth against the darkness that will want it for itself. Protect it with your life and pass down the power to your successor until the day he meets the four masters that bearer the Mark." The apprentice then nods in confidence ready to accept the duty and he takes the Keyblade.
      "Go forth... Keyblade emperor," Nintoku concluded. All of us were blown away. I sensed Invictus smiling at our reactions.
      "Ever since, the Keyblade Emperor has ruled over this world as ruler of all Keyblade wielders. Nintoku knew the stories of the Supreme Elite and knew you would obtain that power." He took us then to the same island with the pillar.
      "The first Keyblade Emperor was brought here to this little island," Invictus continued. "Here, a pillar was built by Keyblade wielders he specifically chose. Ever since, the Keyblade Emperor resides here. I too reside here as per my duty." It was absolutely stunning and we tried to grasp all of this stuff at once. There was too much information and we needed time to process.
      "I know you all wish to process all that you have seen," he said, "but we must move forward in time." He did the same thing again with his Keyblade and once again, we moved forward in time.

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#83 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

    "Kazekage Of The Sand"

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 11:28 PM

Holy crud, my mind is numb from all this amazing awesomeness! The Keyblade Emperor is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in this story! The sheer power he has, and the fact that he can travel through time to explain to the Supreme Elite about Earth's history with Keyblade Wielders is just beyond amazing! Also, that bit about the Earth's keyhole, that's just amazing! Gahhh, so much hype!


I cannot wait for the next chapter! Great job! :D

#84 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 24 August 2017 - 10:47 PM

Chapter 35: Medieval Times

      After seeing the beginnings of the Emperor's Pillar, Invictus had us move forward in time. It was the same thing that he did before and once the light receded, we found ourselves in woods. We looked around and wondered where we are.

      "Invictus, time period please," I said.

      "We are in Medieval Europe," he replied.

      "Oh I have always imagined what Medieval Europe was like!" I exclaimed. As a devout Catholic, I have imagined what Europe was like in the Middle Ages when just about everyone in Europe was Roman Catholic. This was when the Church was in charge because with the Roman Empire long gone and life becoming more difficult, everyone turned to the Church to guide them. I have had a slight yearning to see what that was like. Now that we are here in the Medieval Times, I can now.

      "So where exactly in Medieval Europe are we?" Shane asked.

      "We are in the most southern part of the Holy Roman Empire around 1200," Invictus said. "By this point in time, the Realm of Light and Darkness have been split from each other and have been bordered off for some years now. We are not that far from a town you know." He motioned us to follow him and we did walking on a dirt path on the way to a nearby village. We arrive there and see plenty of stone homes and pathways throughout the village. People pushed carts to and fro and other people walked conversing with each other.

      "Wow..." we all said in unison.

      "Come," Invictus said. We followed him and he took us into the village and we found a group of people together listening to an old man tell a story. We listen to him and he is telling a story.

      "What is he saying?" Invictus asked us. The elderly man is speaking in a dialect of Italian. We still understood him and what he said.

      "He is telling the story," Jack replied. "He is talking about a magical key-shaped sword that a race of people once wielded and that some people in the world wield now."

      "As years went on, the story of the Keyblade became more obscure with terminology becoming lost to the common man," Invictus said. "The term 'Keyblade' was slipping away from the minds of the common man. They were referred to as key-shaped swords by now. It was in this time the Keyblade itself was thought to have been real, but you'll see that in a short period of time, it will become quiet the opposite and after that, a forgotten tale." We heard music coming from down a street. It sounded familiar. We walk down the street a ways and there we see a group of people dancing to music. I recognized immediately what it was.

      "Hey, that's the Estampie," I said. "It's a dance that started here in the Italian peninsula."

      "Yes, that is right," Invictus said and then teleported us to just outside of the village where a group of people with Keyblades in hand were dancing the same thing.

      "Remember, Keyblade wielders blended in with the people of Earth," the Keyblade emperor said. "They too were Christians, Muslims, Jews, English, French, Spanish, Italian, everything the people of Earth were, they were as well. In this case, they too were Catholics and as you can see, they danced to everything people of Earth danced to. However, they did so in secret and created their own style while also dancing to the original. What these Keyblade wielders are dancing is their own version of the Estampie." We took a look back at them and watched the group of Keyblade wielders dance their Estampie with Keyblades in hand to a group of musicians. It was interesting to see.

      "This just came to mind, but it looks like they dance in honor of something," I said.

      "Yes actually, they are," Invictus replied. "They are dancing in honor of the true Kingdom Hearts. They haven't forgotten the true light was sent to darkness and so they honor it by dancing to it. As you well know, Christians believe light was God's creation and so when the universe came to be, so did the true Kingdom Hearts. The true Kingdom Hearts kept the Realm of Light together and now with it divided with worlds separated from each other, they dance in honor and in hope one day the worlds all become one and the true light returns."

      "Did the Roman Catholic Church know about the Keyblade at all?" Adrian asked.

      "The Catholic Church dismissed it as a legend passed down from times before Christ," Invictus replied. "Such dismissal sped up the decay of the tale and disappearance from the common mind." Invictus then created a brief flash of light around us and when it disappeared, we found ourselves in woods again, but it's a different terrain.

      "Where are we now?" I asked.

      "We are in Medieval England in 1320," Invictus said. "Now before we go on, there is one thing I must tell you. The different cultures we have visited have placed emphasis on certain things. In Ancient Egypt, the heart was the focus of the afterlife to determine one's fate. In Ancient China and Japan, it was the weapon that determined one's fate whether it was used in success and honor or to be used as punishment in failure. In Ancient India and Nepal, the body was considered to endure suffering and rebirth. Here in Medieval Europe, the soul is given emphasis; all will have their souls judged by God to see if they are pure of light because of good deeds done selflessly for the glory of God or if they are stained with darkness because of sin and refusal to repent. Now why do I say this? It is because Keyblade wielders have influenced the cultures speaking of the heart, body, soul, and sword depending on where they went." He then motioned us to follow him as we walked through forest and into a plain and in a few minutes, we reach an English village. It was much different than the Italian on in the Holy Roman Empire over a century ago.

      "This is a village in Medieval England," Invictus said. He then led us through the village and we watched people walk with their carts and some sweeping just outside in the crops. Meanwhile, we see a couple women sing along with a male fiddler. I knew the song; it's called Miri It Is While Sumer Ilast. In modern times, only one verse survived, but after they sang the first, they started singing more verses which I found cool.

      Invictus then took us outside of the village into a plain over the crest of a hill and we see what looks like a camp. We see the tents and behind them we see people scattered some with most of them in two groups. We head down to the camp and take a look for ourselves. We see Keyblade wielders in a group dancing with Keyblade in hand to the beat of the music and having them clash to the beat of the music and to the speed of the singing. The rest are standing around the group clapping to the beat. The song was Tempus Est Iocundum.

      "As you can probably understand by now, Keyblade wielders lived two lives," Invictus said. "They danced and entertained with each other in secret while doing the same with non Keyblade wielders. However, they also fought each other just like classic kingdom against kingdom." He then teleported us to a different plain where an army of Keyblade wielders were marching to music to a battlefield. The song being played as a call for arms is Stella Splendens.

      "Medieval warfare consisted of two armies on a battlefield, but also siege warfare as well," Invictus explained. "Keyblade wielders often fought in the former to avoid exposing the Keyblade." The music ended and we see two armies opposing each other on the plain and then they charge and clash. Immediately, flashes of the Keyblade War come before my eyes. My friends tended to me as I was bent over all anxious and having an attack. Invictus was still like stone.

      "Yes, not all Keyblade wielders learned from the Keyblade War," he said. "Even here they repeated those mistakes." He then took us to another location and moved us forward in time. This time, we were in Medieval France just outside Paris.

      "We are in the year 1482," Invictus told us.

      "Why this specific year?" Adrian asked.

      "In this year in La Cité des Cloches, the events seen in the Disney film Hunchback of Notre Dame took place," he replied.

      "That's right, events like these actually happened," Jack said.

      "Watch carefully," Invictus said. We then saw a Keyblade wielder in armor stand not that far from us and then summon his Keyblade. He raised it up and opened his palm towards the city. A clear magic barrier forms around the city and then it appears the city has a copy created. Then, the Keyblade wielder sends that barrier-covered city into the sky and disappear. He then sends a mist into the city that can't be seen by normal humans.

      "Nothing that dares hint of anything of the Realm of Light shall exist on Earth," the Keyblade wielder said in Middle French. He then leaves and disappears into the nearby woods. The four of us have mouths open in stunned silence.

      "That... was..." I managed to say.

      "Yes, that was a Keyblade wielder creating one of the worlds," Invictus said. "This was another thing Keyblade wielders made sure to keep hidden: anything that gave a hint of the Realm of Light."

      "Mr. Iger told us that exact thing," Shane said.

      "And he was correct," Invictus said. Once again, he summoned his Keyblade and created bright light and sent us forward in time once again leaving us to digest all that we have learned.

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#85 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

    "Kazekage Of The Sand"

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Posted 25 August 2017 - 09:27 PM

Dang, I am loving these chapters giving such focus to the history of the world, and the legend of the Keyblade and Keyblade Wielders having such influence over the cultures of the world! I just find it awesome how you've managed to meld history with fantasy. It really is something amazing! I'm loving how Invictus explains everything, he sounds very wise! Great chapter! :D

#86 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 01 September 2017 - 11:05 PM

Chapter 36: Renaissance and Modern Times

      After the light dissipated, we found ourselves in the middle of a city. It is clearly different from a medieval city. In fact, everything about it feels and looks bigger than a medieval city.

      "Invictus, where are we now?" I asked him.

      "Can you not tell?" he replied. I looked around and I managed to see the top of the coliseum.

      "Rome?" I said.

      "Yes. We are in Rome in the middle of the Renaissance in 1550," Invictus said. "By this time in the Realm of Light, the World had been rebuilt and the Realms of Light and Darkness separated and ties with Kingdom Hearts restored. However, the arts of fighting with the Keyblade never were reformed or even revived. The fighting we saw briefly in the Middle Ages was insignificant. Those Keyblade wielders knew very little, if any, of the arts of combat. It is like the arts and sciences of Europe in the Middle Ages; they withered away with time or great ancient works were never revived. Now, just as those are revived here in Renaissance Europe, so are the arts of fighting with the Keyblade revived as well. The Keyblade wielders under the fourth dynasty of seven lights revived and reformed the ancient arts of combat from the pre-Keyblade War era. They reformed the old attacks and spells so as not to be as destructive as they were in that war. What Master Eraqus taught Ventus, Terra, and Aqua and what he and Master Xehanort were taught by their master comes from these Keyblade masters."

      "Wait, did you say fourth dynasty of seven lights?" I asked.

      "Yes I did," he replied.

      "Invictus, I have done my own research on the history of the Kingdom Hearts universe," I explained. "I have a notebook with all my thoughts and conclusions written in it. I have written there were four generations, or dynasties according to you, that have rebuilt the Realm of Light." Waving my hand, my notebook appeared in my hand. I showed this to Yen Sid back when we were learning ourselves and the events of KH3 were happening. Invictus took the book, opened it, and started reading it. It took only a few minutes before he spoke again.

      "Did Yen Sid see this?" he asked.

      "Yes," I replied.

      "What did he say?" Invictus was still looking at my notebook as he asked these questions.

      "He said I was right and appeared to know more than him."

      "It is more than that," he said while going through my notebook. "All your writings and edits that you made as you realized any errors are in line completely with the history of the Realm of Light. No one alive could possibly know everything with such detail especially since you have not been exposed to it before." He then handed me back my notebook.

      "The history may be recorded by one individual," he continued, I knew he was talking about Tetsuya Nomura, "however, you spoke about it all with such clarity and detail that is precisely in line. Such knowledge is not granted by any human." All of us had our eyes wide open in stunned silence. You mean to tell me that my thoughts and conclusions were knowledge I have had? But how could I have even obtained this and if not who, then what gave it to me? We all put it aside for now as it is just another road that will lead us down a twisty path. He led us through the streets of Rome while we heard a song (referred as a frottola [froh-toh-LAH]) sung by a group of people. It was called L'Amor Dona Ch'Io Te Porto and right near them were a group of people dancing. The dancers were in front of the group singing the frottola.

      "At this time, Keyblade wielders blended in with the people of Earth," the Keyblade emperor said. "They danced, drank, worshiped, and were merry along with everyone else. If they needed to summon their Keyblade, they did so in secret alone or, if they had children, they passed it down to them. As you can see, there are Keyblade wielders among those dancing to this frottola written by Giacomo Fogliano." He took us to a certain house and there we see a couple of what look like professors from the University of Rome looking at drawings of a weapon.

      "What is that picture of?" Invictus asked us. We take a look and see it looks familiar.

      "Is that a Keyblade?" Shane asked.

      "Yes it is," the emperor replied. "Although Keyblade wielders kept their weapons in secret and stories of the Keyblade were by now dead to the public mind, few still remembered. As you can see, these professors are a couple of examples of the few who still know of the Keyblade's stories."

      "But that Keyblade doesn't look familiar at all," Jack reasoned. "It doesn't even look like one that exists."

      "Such interpretations are based off of the stories and their own assumptions," Invictus replied.

      Invictus then led us outside, summoned his Keyblade, raised it, and created light at the end that expanded and covered us all. We once again were moving forward in time to who knows when now. Once the light receded, we found ourselves in... a corporation building?

      "What? Uh... explanation please," Shane said.

      "Don't recognize it?" Invictus said. "We are at the Walt Disney Studio headquarters. The reason why is very simple." He then motioned us and led us through the halls. Soon, we found ourselves in an office. On the wall, a calendar hangs.

      "July 18th, 1955?!" I asked stunned. Then I looked at the pictures. "Wait a minute, you brought us to Walt Disney's office!"

      "Yes I did. Watch and listen," he said. We look and see the man himself walking into his office. He had a frown on his face and he looked as though he had been thinking for a while. He sat into his chair and just stared into space. Then, a few minutes later, his brother comes walking in looking concerned.

      "Walt, is something wrong?" Roy asked.

      "Close the door," Walt replied and Roy did so.

      "These places are real," Walt said. "These places, events, times, people, they are all real. Mickey is real Roy."

      "Walt, I think you are-" Roy said before he was cut off by Walt, who gave him a sharp glare.

      "What? Taking my creations too literally?" he finished. Roy didn't finished and so moved on.

      "How could this all be based off of real worlds and people?" Roy asked.

      "I know in my heart it is," Walt replied. "I have seen texts, scrolls, artifacts and so much more. I feel in my heart all these things have happened. Maybe many years from now, more of these worlds and these peoples will be discovered." Light then consumed us all and then we finally found ourselves back in our current time at the Emperor's Pillar. We have never felt this stunned before. What we just heard from Walt Disney was absolutely mind blowing.

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Aaaand the journey comes back full circle! What a marvelous journey through time this was! I loved how detailed and how in depth you went with this mini arc! It was definitely an interesting read, and I loved how Invictus explained everything! And that part with Walt at the end had me smiling! Great work with this chapter man, I can't wait to read more!

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Chapter 37: The Prophecy

      We just stood in silence as we tried to digest the human history we just saw. Invictus walked up to his throne and sat down. Even though it was only a few minutes, it felt like hours. Invictus then spoke up breaking the silence.

      "I am sure you have questions," Invictus said. "I will answer the ones I already know the answers to. The Book of Prophecies already foretold of their existence. That is indeed true. Remember though, when the universe came to be, all the worlds were one. Some did not exist yet. That is where the Dandelions and their descendants on Earth come in. Worlds like Halloween Town came to be in mysterious ways. It is not exactly clear how; some would say the celebration of All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween, as Samhain (SOW-in) by the Celtics in Ireland in ancient times help found the world and then Tim Burton's film gave it substance and being. Others have different ideas of course. A world like San Fransokyo was an experiment by Dandelion descendants. They took the city of San Francisco and the city of Tokyo and combined them and set the time many years ahead into the future when technology and science have greatly advanced. It is strange how they moved time forward for such a world. It probably is this: they went forward in time to their future selves and then created this world. That is why it now exists." The four of us remained silent. It was more of the same to us. More history that would blow away our minds. We remained silent for a little bit and then I spoke up.

      "Explain to us this pillar," I said.

      "What do you mean?" Invictus asked.

      "Explain to us the history of this pillar, the Keyblade Emperor, the writings on the walls, and the... tombs," Adrian said. Invictus nodded in thought and understanding. He then got up and teleported us to the entrance of the pillar.

      "If you want me to explain it, we must start from the beginning," Invictus said. We all swallowed hard and then followed him. We walk up the stairs to the first floor and walk a bit into the room. We are tense and a bit anxious with the rows of catacombs lined up.

      "This catacomb you see," Invictus said standing to our immediate left with a hand on the pentagonal prism tomb, "belongs to the very first Keyblade Emperor. That boy you saw was the very first Keyblade Emperor, Erabareshimo. His name is Japanese and means 'chosen one' since Nintoku told him to go forth and be the Keyblade emperor. The rest you see are his successors in that ancient time. These statues you see were created once they died. Their remains remain beneath the stone with their Keyblades in hand. The Keyblade Emperor's power took different shapes and has never repeated appearance until now as I hold the original Keyblade Erabareshimo first wielded. These Keyblade Emperors lived during the first dynasty of seven lights. On the walls is the story of the Supreme Elite and the rest of ancient history before the Keyblade War and leading up to it." We looked on the walls and indeed etched on them are images of our ancestors and the events of the ancient times before the Keyblade War. On the wall to our left, there were images depicting the two stories of creation (the first one of the Realm of Light and the second one of the Keyblade and civilization). On the wall to our right, there were images depicting the Supreme Elite and the rest of the ancient era before the Keyblade War. 

      Invictus led us forward and we walked up the spiral stairs to the second floor.

      "These Keyblade Emperors lived during the first half of the Middle Ages when the second dynasty of seven lights reigned," Invictus said. "On the wall to our right hand side the Keyblade War and the Supreme Elite's fates are depicted. To our left, the rebuilding of the Realm of Light is shown." Indeed we see to our right on the wall images of the Keyblade War. On the wall on the side near the third flight of stairs is the fighting itself showing the gore and horror of the fighting. On the side closer to us shows the Supreme Elite falling to fate in the midst of the war. On our left side shows the rebuilding of the Realm of Light.

      Invictus then led us forward again and took us up the third flight of stairs to the next floor.

      "These Keyblade Emperors lived during the third dynasty of seven lights," Invictus continued his narration. "They lived in the second half of the Middle Ages until the early Renaissance times and oversaw a world forgetting about the Keyblade and forgetting its closeness to the Realm of Light. They saw Earth become so disconnected from the Realm of Light in that time period. On the walls from this floor and upwards the history of the Kingdom Hearts universe as you know it from Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus onwards is shown. The history of Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus from their early years is to our left and the story of Ventus, Terra, and Aqua is to our right." Invictus was not done obviously. We looked at the pictures on the walls and then he brought us forward, up another spiral staircase, and onto the fourth floor.

      "These emperors lived in the renaissance and early modern times," Invictus said. "On these walls is the story of Sora and his journeys all the way up to the battle between the seven lights and thirteen darknesses." This was drawn on all the walls on all four sides starting to our left and going around in chronological order. Invictus was now moving with angst and quickness and he led us up another set of stairs to a fifth floor,

      "On these walls is the history of you four," he said. Our skin crawled and chills went up and down our spines. "It starts when you first discovered the Keyblade and then goes up until our meeting. These catacombs are of emperors who lived from around the time of the early modern period until now. They lived during the fourth dynasty of seven lights." He then brought us over to a particular catacomb.

      "This is my predecessor Uranaishi," he said. "His name means 'foreteller' in Japanese. There is a reason he was named that." He brought us up to the sixth floor. This floor was bare and had no catacombs, but the walls had pictures on them. Strangely, the wall to our left had images while the one to our right was bare.

      "My predecessor had his own eye to see the future," Invictus said. "These images were made by his command. It's a prophecy. While the prophecy is to be spoken in the ancient Keyblade wielder's tongue, and I know you understand, I will tell you what it is in English. When the four heroes of light reconcile with their masters, darkness shall cover the world. They will lead to restore the light and search to unlock the power of the world. When that seal is broken, then shall the darkness and light meet upon a field of battle. All Light and all Darkness from every world and every realm will clash. Then shall the apocalypse begin. The heroes will gather with the seven guardians of light and the dark one with the thirteen seekers of darkness and clash in that war. In the end, light will defeat darkness, but with a price."

      "What is this price?" Shane asked.

      "Uranaishi did not know," Invictus replied. "I would assume a sacrifice of someone, but the thing is Uranaishi did not know the specific details of what would happen. As you can see, he had the images of the what would come to pass before the war, but on the opposite wall, it is completely blank for he did not know what would exactly happen." The wall had images of massive gatherings of forces of light and darkness and then shifted to all out war between them. We look over to the other wall and stare at the blank space for a second in thought. Then Invictus took us up the seventh flight of spiral stairs and onto the roof, the seventh floor, where his throne is. He sat back down while we all stared into space some fifteen steps away from him.

      "So it seems we have a war coming," Jack said. "I thought the Keyblade War was it, but..."

      "I guess that was just a warm up," I finished for him.

      "It's a universal war," Shane said.

      "An apocalypse," Adrian followed.

      "It's the Apocalyptic War," Invictus said. Our heads snapped up in unison. "That is what this war will be called. The Keyblade Wars were only the beginning of it all. Now, all light and all darkness will fight."

      "Was it a mistake to bring Earth back into the Realm of Light?" I wondered out loud.

      "Master Xehanort already did that," Invictus said. "It was only a small piece of a larger scheme."

      "Luxu..." we all said at once. Invictus nodded.

      "You know, I think there is something else here," Adrian said. "I couldn't help, but notice the part where according to the prophecy, the four heroes reconcile with their masters."

      "Yes indeed," Invictus replied.

      "Is there something you want to say, your majesty?" I asked.

      "I think the time has come for you all to reconcile with the Foretellers," he said. We froze and were silent for a minute.

      "Do I need to go over it all for you?" I asked keeping myself in check and not showing any emotions of rage or hurt, even though I did not do a good job.

      "No," the emperor replied. "However, I will tell you something about them you need to know. Ever since they betrayed you, they went into hiding thinking about what they have done. In fact, the first Master Gula hoped and prayed Polemistis and the Supreme Elite could one day forgive them. After they went into hiding, they decided to go out and fix their wrongs. They went out and started beating back the darkness wherever they could. They realized they had to earn your forgiveness and reconciliation so ever since, they have tried to show they repent for the sins of their ancestors and their own. They truly feel sorry for what they have done. My hope is not only for the prophecy's sake, but for your own as well, you could forgive them and reconcile with them." We looked down in sorrow and felt guilt. A tear came rolling down my eye and I nodded in understanding. My heart has officially melted and this meeting with them will be tough emotionally.

      "If they open up more to you about their misdeeds, forgive those too," Invictus said. We all nodded and then looked back up at him.

      "So I'm curious, did Keyblade wielders ever visit other worlds or migrate to other worlds like Eos?" I asked.

      "Yes actually," Invictus replied. "Keyblade wielders have visited Eos particularly Lucis before. As you know, the Great War of Old in Eos was caused by Ifrit's betrayal of man. In fact, the darkness that became the Starscourge of Eos turned out to originate from the darkness of the Keyblade War. Ifrit and the astrals saw the war and while the other astrals did not want the darkness of the Keyblade War to inflict its wrath upon Eos, Ifrit had other ideas and since he was never truly mankind's friend, he betrayed them and allowed the darkness of the Keyblade War to afflict Eos. There it changed and became the Starscourge. That old darkness returned again in Noctis's time leading to the fulfillment of the prophecy of Genesis in the book Cosmogony." Invictus then changed tunes on us.

      "Now that I have told you everything, the time has come to summon them," Invictus said. We were about to ask who, but Invictus then continued. "You know how Noctis summoned the kings of Lucis? You'll see how that was taken from a medieval incantation the Keyblade Emperor can recite and has recited to summon them." Then he sat straight up in his throne and looked slightly upward.

      "Guardians of light..." he said. Light and mists of light started swirling around the pillar like a tornado. It happened for a few seconds or so. We were mentally shocked and wanted to say something, but couldn't because the wind was whipped up to much.

      "Come to me!" the emperor shouted. Then just like Noctis in Final Fantasy XV, he snapped his right hand out summoning Royal Radiance, lifted it up over his head, and then stabbed the stone. A moment later, seven Keyblades came straight down around us like meteors from the sky and stuck out of the floor like Keyblades in the Keyblade Graveyard. They had auras of light surrounding them. Behind them, light corridors opened with the seven lights coming out of them with eyes closed and looking peaceful. Once all light disappeared, the seven wake up and look around confused.

      "Huh? Where are we?" Sora asked and then noticed us and was taken aback. "Ben? Guys? You are... Where...?" No one could say anything. Everyone was so confused about where they were and how they got there.

      "Welcome, guardians of light," Invictus said. The seven look in his direction. "I am the Keyblade Emperor, Invictus Verum."

      "Wait a minute, are you the one Ephemer and Skuld have been answering to?" Sora asked.

      "Yes we have," two voices said at the same time. We look toward the stairs and there are Skuld and Ephemer.

      "We were ordered to not say anything," Ephemer said. Just then, Blaine came up from behind them and another girl I recognized.

      "Hey, you're Strelitzia right?" I said. She looked at me with an innocent smile and nodded.

      "Yes I am," she said. "I have wanted to talk to you for a while, but never had the courage to. That is until his majesty gave me it. I also have something else you need to know." She walked up to me and put her hand on my forehead. Immediately, images flashed before my eyes. It was Polemistis's journeys, but whenever he passed by in the images, Strelitzia, or rather her ancestor of her name, was there too. I saw all the times the first Strelitzia came across my ancestor and never talked to him and then I saw her end. Oh how sad it was! When the images passed, I found myself with watery eyes and shocked.

      "She couldn't do it then, but I finally accomplished what she longed for: to finally talk to you," Strelitzia said. I shed a fear tears after seeing those images and then I got myself together.

      "These four helped push things forward," Invictus said talking about Ephemer, Skuld, Blaine, and Strelitzia. "Now seven lights, I must tell you everything you need to know for the future."

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Oh goodness, this is building up to hype worthy material for the coming chapters! This was awesome! I especially loved how you used the plot of your story to be the cause of the Starscourge in Eos! That was well done, and Invictus showing them the history of the Keyblade and what's to come gave me a great deal of hype! I can't wait for what's next! Great job!

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Chapter 38: Reconciliation

      "What do we need to know? What's going on here?" Sora asked.

      "Look, we need to understand just a few things: who you are, why we are here, and what is to come," Aqua calmly said. "Can you please do that?"

      "Of course I can," Invictus replied. He then went in order describing who and what he is. He did so by temporarily removing his helmet and pointing out he met Jack while watching the four Elites behind the scenes. He then told them about the Keyblade Emperor and his purpose. After that, he told them everything he showed the Supreme Elite only in summary (why couldn't he do that is beyond me, but we probably wouldn't have understood fully if he did). He then told the seven lights about the prophecy the four of us saw on the walls.

      "Walt never allowed me to meet his brother," Mickey said. "I never met Roy until after Walt passed away. Before then, Roy knew me only by someone dressed as me in a costume."

      "By the way, Lillian Bounds coming up with the name Mickey was no coincidence either," Invictus said. "She knew the stories too."

      "So then we'll be fighting Master Xehanort again?" Terra asked.

      "Nay. It will not be just Master Xehanort," Invictus replied. "You will be fighting others as well. The Foreshadowers, the Dark Elite, Ronnie, Nick, Master Xehanort, and Vanitas; you'll be fighting those thirteen."

      "Wait a minute, those are thirteen darknesses," Riku said.

      "And Luxu will be having them fighting you seven," Invictus said. 

      "But then, that makes..." Kairi said before all seven of them chimed in.

      "...the χ-blade," they all said in unison.

      "Yes," Invictus replied. "If not, then he will find seven lights another way."

      "The Princesses of Heart," Ventus said.

      "But it can't be them, right?" Sora said. "I mean, we already had beaten these guys back from harming them."

      "I think Luxu has resorted to Earth," Invictus said. "He may try the kingdoms in this world."

      "Wait, Luxu may look in the Disney Parks? Well that's a beauty," I said.

      "What really has me worried is the lead up to this Apocalyptic War," Aqua said.

      "Yes, the first and second Keyblade Wars were the warm ups," Invictus said. "This is the main event. You must understand, as Keyblade Emperor, my duty is to choose Keyblade wielders as those that will be my eyes and ears wherever and whenever. I chose the descendants of Ephemer, Skuld, Blaine, and Strelitzia for obvious reasons. I told them to keep quiet until the time was right because the Keyblade Emperor is not a well known individual. He rules silently and always changes to circumstances. I didn't want to see you just yet anyway. A power the Keyblade Emperor has is to summon the seven lights. The way it is done is just like how the True King of Lucis can summon the Lucian Kings of yore. However, the spell to summon the seven lights came before the spell to summon the Lucian kings."

      "So a war is coming and there is nothing to keep it from happening," Shane said cutting to the quick.

      "Yes that is true," Invictus replied.

      "Well then you might be needed then," Jack said. Invictus was still like he was caught off guard.

      "I beg your pardon?" he said.

      "You know, that is a great idea Jack," I said giving him a pat on the shoulder. "Yes Invictus, we will need you."

      "But why? My duty is to protect this Earth," the emperor said.

      "True, but if war is coming here, then you will have to fight," Adrian said. "You can't sit by idle. If we are to unlock Earth's power, as the prophecy said we will, then you might need to help us find it." Invictus was nodded in thought and seemed to understand.

      "Very well," he acquiesced. "I will go along. For me to do so, I will have to do what Noctis did in saving Lucis: summon the power of the emperors of yore." We were confused at this. The emperors that came before him are dead so how can he summon the power? Invictus got up from his throne and summoned Royal Radiance.

      "I must speak in the ancient language in order to do this so please forgive me seven lights," Invictus said. The seven lights do not know nor understand the ancient tongue. He then waved his hand and Keyblade-wielding hand in an arc in front of him.

      "Kings of light," he said in the ancient tongue, "guardians of Earth, I call upon you." Just then, mists and streaks of light rose up from the stone below us. It became very clear to me that the light is coming from the multiple floors of catacombs below us. Wind was picking up very quickly like when the emperor summoned the seven lights.

      "The time has come for the duty to be fulfilled," Invictus continued. "Now, your power shall become one." The light mist and streaks of light moved faster and then they all took on dozens of forms of figures. The wind stopped when it happened. All of us looked up and around and saw dozens of armored figures. Clearly, these were all of the previous emperors before Invictus. None of the armored figures looked the same. The Keyblades were all different as well except one. I could tell the armored figure holding a second Royal Radiance was the first emperor, Erabareshimo. Invictus then spoke again.

      "The Supreme Elite call upon me to help them defend the world," Invictus said. The figures looked at the four of us. We all just nodded to them and the figures looked back at Invictus. "An Apocalyptic War is nigh and the darkness is near. I now order you, come to me... and give me your power!" Invictus then did some martial arts like moves with his hands and Keyblade and finished pointing the Keyblade to the sky. The figures then glowed and then all turned into streaks of light and flowed into Invictus's Royal Radiance as well as himself. A glow emanated from him as this was all happening; he remained still in the meantime. When all the light from the past emperors entered into Invictus's Keyblade and himself, light emanated from him for a little while and then it disappeared into himself. He then unsummoned his Keyblade.

      "Now all the power of my predecessors belongs to me," Invictus said. "I can now help you, but first, you must reconcile with the Foretellers." Once again, I showed my discomfort with the suggestion.

      "Master Polemistis, I am not suggesting this time," Invictus said. "That is a royal decree. If you want to win this fight, it starts with reconciliation. They already did their penance. Now you have to reconcile in order win this fight. They truly want to reconcile with you all. They know and understand they sinned horribly against you and want your forgiveness and reconciliation. Do this for your own sake if not theirs." I nodded in understanding.

      "Where can we find them?" I asked.

      "I think you should let them come to you instead," Invictus replied. "They will come to you." I nodded again and the four of us gave our farewells to everyone and left the Emperor's Pillar in a light corridor. We walk for a while saying nary a word to each other and then come out in Twilight Town just in front of the Usual Spot in the Back Alley. We looked around and nodded.

      "I guess our hearts led us here," I said and we walked to the Sandlot. There we saw off to the left side of ours the infamous Seifer with his friends Fuu and Rai. They were talking to each other unaware we were there. I remember these morons well and did not feel like getting annoyed by them. I was in no mood to tolerate their imbecility. We kept quiet trying to avoid their notice, but alas, Seifer noticed us.

      "Hey, no one is allowed on the streets now," Seifer said to us in that tone I cannot stand. "Committee rules." We all stopped and shot them a dark glare. I decided to say something because I didn't want to hear their bull crap.

      "Shut up you pathetic little fool," I said firmly to Seifer.

      "Oh is that how you want it?" he asked threateningly. He grabbed his Struggle bat as did Fuu and Rai.

      "Ooooh now you guys have done it!" Rai said.

      "Heh, pathetic," Fuu chimed in.

      "It seems we need to to remind these chumps who we are," Seifer said and then they started running toward us. I raised my left hand and emanated a pulse that sent them all flying backwards toward where they came from. Though I didn't use that much magic, to them it was like they got hit by cars. They landed roughly on the ground and only Seifer retains his grip on his Struggle bat. I took some steps toward them, summoned my Keyblade and pointed it toward them.

      "Any one of you idiots want to try that again?" I asked. They slowly get up with groaning. Seifer gets up the quickest, but is clearly feeling it.

      "No one knocks me down," he said getting up. "You'll regret it pal." He then took a swing at my head, but then I blocked with my Keyblade and front kicked him hard sending him against the wall with a thud and then he crumbled onto the ground.

      "Seifer!" Fuu and Rai shout and rush to him.

      "My, my, it looks like he isn't so tough after all," I mocked.

      "He's just not feeling well!" Rai protested.

      "Oh really?" I said and then I gritted my teeth in anger, put my hand in a grabbing position, and used my magic to choke Rai raising him from the ground. "Perhaps YOU then could take his place, am I right sonny?" Rai didn't respond he was under too much duress. I let go of him and let him fall to the ground where he is coughing and gasping for breath. He then rushes over to Fuu and a weak Seifer and helps Seifer stand up with Fuu.

      "You'll regret this one day," Fuu said.

      "Yeah right," I scoffed.

      "I'll get you back for this," Seifer managed to say.

      "Come back to me when you become a real man dearie," I mocked making Seifer growl.

      "You want to say something you'll regret son?" I said shooting a dark look at Rai. He keeps silent in fear and they slowly head off to the Back Alley in retreat.

      "Hmph," I snorted and then we went to the Tram Commons. There we walk around a bit until we get to the shopping area. There, standing some fifty feet away from us are the Foretellers. They happened to be talking to each other when we caught sight of them. We stand still and wait for them to notice us. They do and they freeze in total silence. We could hear the breeze it is that quiet.

      "Hello Foretellers," we said after some five minutes of quiet.

      "Hello Supreme Elite," they all replied. It was quiet again. Where do I start? What do I say? I didn't know what to say. However, Gula spoke up first.

      "We heard you all split from the Supreme Elite and reverted to your old selves," Gula said.

      "We did so because of you five," I replied. "However, we saw the response to what we did was unfavorable and our ancestors took matters into their own hands and here we are." Gula just nodded and then it was quiet again. Now it is getting awkward. That is, until Aced spoke up.

      "Alright, enough of this," he said. "Just tell them."

      "Right. Supreme Elite, we all talked about everything," Invi said.

      "We talked at length about what we did and how it affected you four and everyone else," Ira said.

      "We realized how wrong we were and how horrible we were to you and every Keyblade wielder dead or alive," Ava said.

      "I proposed telling you four everything else you don't know and we agreed to that," Aced said. He and the rest then went on to explain what exactly happened behind the scenes in ancient times before the Keyblade War. I realized that this is all in Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. The ancestors started fighting and quarreling with each other and those divisions started the Keyblade War and led to Keyblade wielder fighting Keyblade wielder. Gula tried to kill Aced, Aced nearly killed Gula, Invi and Aced once fought and then Ava and Gula ganged up on Aced with Invi, the list went on and on. It only aroused my anger and hurt once again towards them. I sensed my friends were very disturbed and troubled by these details.

      "We know you must have your anger and hurt inflamed again," Gula said. I then sighed and shook my head.

      "No, not anymore," I replied. The Foretellers gasped slightly. "Look, I'm tired of feeling this way. I can't do it anymore. We can't do it anymore."

      "There is something you need to know too," Gula said. I was expecting the worst. "My ancestor of my name, after meeting with your predecessors, prayed that they could forgive him and the others one day. I also hoped the same thing too and I still do." My heart melted and I almost lost it. My friends got misty as well.

      "I forgive you," I replied choked up. "We forgive all of you guys. And... we actually want to be your students again. Perhaps even your friends." The Foretellers became misty themselves. Even the cool headed Gula was slightly misty. They tried to rub away the tears, particularly the males, but they made it clear their emotions. The two sides walked towards each other and met up at the halfway point. Gula and I grabbed hands and then we embraced each other with emotion. I never felt so happy, so free in a very long time.

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Chapter 39: Revenge
      After the four of us embraced the Foretellers, we felt at ease again. It was like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. It feels great to decide to forgive and reconcile with them. They truly understand that they have carried on a sin from ancient times and realized it was a mistake to keep it secret. They realized just what they have done and have really repented for it. I was happy to see they understand that and am happy to reconcile with them. Looking back, because of our refusal to reconcile with them, we second guessed ourselves and split ourselves from our predecessors. I guess they were not truly happy being split from us and living their own lives. Circumstances were not favorable and they were initially opposed to the idea. I now realize how obvious it was that my friends and I made a mistake. The chorus grew in the number of voices telling us it was not a good idea. Six of seven lights showed up to my house and told me, I found Noctis at a Walmart and there he told me, and to top it all, Wyatt found me in New York City in Times Square after my family and I were attacked. It was clear we made a mistake, but we kept on turning our face away from the truth and turned our backs every time we were told to reunite with our ancestors. Well, they took matters into their hands and made it so. Then it was the reconciling with the Foretellers. Invictus told us things we did not know and it touched us. Not just that, but we really had no choice nor were in a position to say otherwise. To win this fight, we needed the Foretellers and we needed Invictus. Invictus even admitted it and said that for him to get on board, we had to reconcile with the Foretellers. Now, I do not regret one bit reconciling with my master, my friend.
      "Gula I am actually feeling free," I told him. "Beforehand, I had always felt like something was keeping me imprisoned. Now I haven't felt this free in a while. I think I speak for all four of us." I looked toward them and they nodded and endorsed my statement. The Foretellers had warm smiles on them now.
      "Shall we take a visit to the Mysterious Tower?" Gula asked.
      "I think that's a great idea," I said. A corridor was opened up and all nine of us walked through. We walked and talked for a little while about other things. My friends and I actually told the Foretellers everything about the history of Earth and how the Keyblade wielding race and human race on Earth are connected. It amazed them how really, even though it is two worlds, two universes, bordered off from each other for millennia, they started as one human race from Atlantis.
      "Tell me, who is this Invictus?" Gula asked. We went on to explain the Keyblade Emperor and its history. We even told them about the Emperor's Pillar and the images on the walls particularly about the prophecy. We summed up the prophecy Invictus told us.
      "Can you tell us what this means?" I asked.
      "I'm afraid we cannot," Ira said. "Nothing we possess could tell us or help us at all. This was foretold by someone else, not by the original Master. I'm afraid we are entering uncharted territory." Well, it was worth a shot. I didn't blame them because this comes from a Keyblade master of an unknown lineage. This was all undocumented stuff here and even the Foretellers never knew. Only those whom the Keyblade Emperor chooses would know so it isn't the Foretellers fault for their inability to help in this regard.
      We come out of the corridor in the front lawn of the Mysterious Tower. Together we went through the front doors, walked up the stairs, and entered into Yen Sid's office. He was there in his chair with head bowed and eyes closed in contemplation. All of us entered the room with the Supreme Elite on one side and the Foretellers on the other. Yen Sid opened his eyes and looked up at us all. The nine of us did not need to say anything, but smiles were on our faces.
      "I see amends have been made," he said.
      "Yes master," the four of us replied in unison. Yen Sid nodded.
      "I have kept watch over you four ever since we last met," Yen Sid said. "The stars told me you split from your predecessors and reunited. I also lost track of you four because a much more powerful magic interrupted my own. I never have felt such power before."
      "Sa bo nim, we have a tale to tell you," I said. "It's the tale of the Keyblade Emperor." I then went on to tell him everything Invictus Verum showed us and told us. There was so much, but I made it through it all I believe. Yen Sid sat unmoved in expression though I could sense his awe growing with every detail. When I finished, he closed his eyes and bowed his head again. After a minute or two, he opened them back up and looked up at us.
      "I once knew a Keyblade wielder," he started. "He introduced himself as Verum to me. I saw a young lad up and coming and sensed a great potential within him. It was after the second Keyblade War he introduced himself to me. He was a good Keyblade wielder and I got to know him well and him with me. I now see that boy was more than what met the eye and I sit here astonished."
      "You are not the only person who felt that way," Jack said. "I realized it was Verum when he took off his helmet and told us his real name. I couldn't believe that this kid, who I thought was suffering from darkness, was the strongest Keyblade wielder who lived and he was merely playing along watching from the sidelines." Yen Sid nodded in agreement.
      "I am pleased that peace and reconciliation has been made between the two sides here," Yen Sid said with a slight smile.
      "So where shall we go now?" I asked Yen Sid.
      "I think you should go to Eos," he replied, which surprised me. "I think a certain king and his friends would be pleased to see you four again." The four of us nodded. We then looked at the Foretellers in the eyes and bowed to them. It caught them off guard, but they smiled and nodded in acknowledgment. We then left the office, exited the tower, opened a corridor, and entered into it leaving Mysterious Tower.
      "You know Ben, I feel unchained," Adrian said to me. "Ever since we made up with the Foretellers, I have felt more free than ever before." Shane and Jack concurred with Adrian.
      "I feel that way too," I replied. "Thinking about it, I also realized another thing: we cannot run from what we are. Even with learning the truth, we are the Supreme Elite. They never truly were comfortable with being separated from us and no one really acknowledged us as anything but them. I feel okay accepting that, though I wish Polemistis was able to live a full life."
      "If I did, I would never be with you," I heard Polemistis say. I look to my side and he is walking next to me. "I appreciate the thought of yours. It means a lot, but see here, I was happy as a part of your heart. We all were happy to be parts of your hearts." This time, all our ancestors were walking next to us with the respective descendant. "We did not feel as strong on our own. We didn't even have the Mark of Kye. Those two facts alone show that you four are the ones that will save the Earth and Realm of Light. I think we also came to this conclusion: our time came to an end a long time ago. We are not the heroes anymore. When we fell to fate, our duties were done. It was a matter of staying alive. Now, you four have grown and have done more than we could ever do. You are stronger than we were and I could not be more honored to be one with my descendant."
      "Thank you bud," I replied with a nod and smile. They then returned back to ourselves and we stepped out of the corridor in front of the Citedel in Insomnia. It was a bright day and it was quiet.
      "Ah, it's great to be back," I said. "Well, I better get my clothes on." Light overcame me and now I am wearing Noctis's original outfit seen in Final Fantasy Versus 13. My friends did the same thing.
      "It feels nice getting back into these," Shane said. We all concurred and went up to the front doors and knocked. The guards opened the doors and let us in without really checking who we were. That's right, Noctis made our faces known to everyone so of course we could enter. We were guided by a soldier and we brought into the throne room.
      "Wait here masters," he said bowing and then he left. It was only a couple minutes before the doors behind us opened again and we turn and look and find Noctis there wearing a formal suit. It is clear he was busy with something.
      "Oh you guys are here," he said. "I'm glad you guys came back. I was just talking to advisers of mine. For some reason, elements of the Niflheim Empire have been rising up and causing attacks in some cities and towns. It has become more often and aggressive and I'm not sure who or what is causing it. Daemons have also been showing up more often too." The four us looked at each other at the same time.
      "Luxu..." we said in unison.
      "Who?" Noct replied.
      "Luxu is a descendant of the original Luxu," I explained. "He has been the cause of worlds fighting darkness. It's like Pinocchio; he is Geppetto and he is pulling Pinocchio's strings making him do whatever he pleases."
      "Pin-what?" he said.
      "Pinocchio is a puppet that came to life by a fairy," a voice with an accent said. We look by the doors and see Ignis there with Gladiolus and Prompto.
      "When he lied, his nose grew longer and eventually turned him into a jackamule," Ignis continued explaining. "Eventually, he becomes a real boy."
      "Got it. Thanks," Noctis said with sarcasm.
      "Clearly Yen Sid telling us to come here was not coincidence," Adrian said.
      "Well things appear for now to be calm," Ignis said. "It will be interesting to see what happens next especially with the festival coming up soon."
      "Festival?" Shane said.
      "Yeah, the Assassin's Festival," Prompto replied.
      "I so hope it doesn't get ruined," Noct followed.
      "Explain please," I said.
      "You see, Noct and Prompto are rather fond of the Assassin's Creed series," Ignis said. I froze right there. Assassin's Creed? Did I hear that right? You mean to tell me the game series I have constantly have heard about on Earth through Adrian (he's a big fan) and through commercials? I felt a twitch just below my left eye and it made my lower eye lid twitch too.
      "I'm sorry, did you just say 'Assassin's Creed series'?" I asked. Adrian gasped.
      "Oh my God! I love Assassin's Creed!" Adrian exclaimed showing his fanboy side.
      "I know right?!" Noctis said in excitement and he, Adrian, and Prompto started talking about the series. I was just left there wondering what just happened.
      "Nice," I said.
      "Clearly Adrian here is a big fan," Gladio said.
      "So it seems Lucis picked up something from my world," I said.
      "Not just that," Ignis said, "but long ago, there was said to be an assassin that helped from Lestallum from oppression. Ever since, they honor what that individual did for them with a festival. He is a figure of legend and it's uncertain if he ever lived, but the tradition lives on nonetheless."
      "Oh what are the odds..." I said sighing because of my fanboy best friend and Noctis and Prompto STILL talking about it.
      "Adrian!" I shouted at him.
      "Ey! What?!" he replied disturbed. "Can't you see I am talking here?"
      "Yeah, but it needs to be cut short," I replied. "I already have an idea of where this is going. Festival coming soon, Noctis, Prompto, and you love Assassin's Creed, this adds up to-."
      "We're all going to the festival!" Prompto cheered. I nodded knowing the math would add up to this.
      "Okay, but shouldn't we be careful though?" Jack suggested. "I mean, we could come across these elements of the empire or even some of Luxu's henchmen."
      "Don't worry, they have costumes there," Noctis said. "You can dress up as an assassin there. Anyway, I'm going to head there later today anyway. I don't want to miss anything. The festival starts tomorrow, but I'm staying at the Leville for the night. There should be cars to bring you guys along with the Regalia."
      "Uh... okay," I said. I am a little perplexed that the True King is acting this way with all this talk about Assassin's Creed. I have never seen this. Noctis bade us farewell and went out of the room to go on his way.
      "I recommend all of us left here make our way tomorrow," Ignis said. "I am not ready yet nor have the proper necessities. Would that be okay with you Supreme Elite?"
      "Sure," Adrian replied. We all went to our quarters and prepped ourselves for tomorrow. We ate in the dining hall and then turned it in for the night.
      The next day came and after we had breakfast, we went on our way to the festival. We had a couple cars taken with myself and Shane riding with Ignis and Gladio and Adrian and Jack riding with a driver and Prompto. It took time to get to Lestallum. It was a multi hour drive actually, but we eventually made it by around late afternoon to early evening. After we park, we walk up the stairs and see the crowd.
      "Wow..." I said in awe.
      "This is awesome!" Adrian exclaimed.
      "This is the festival for ya," Prompto said. We look to our right and up at a tall wood tower with a platform and there someone is standing with a costume on.
      "What is this?" I asked.
      "The leap of faith," Adrian replied. "Assassins always did that."
      "I should ask you the questions about this stuff," I said. We walk forward into the crowd. Most of the people are wearing the costume of the assassin of legend. We see Cindy and Holly standing in the midst of the crowd talking. We head in their direction and they catch us.
      "Howdy y'all!" Cindy called to us.
      "Hey Cindy!" Prompto replied.
      "Now are these the Elite fellers you've been telling me about?" Cindy asked looking at the four of us.
      "Yeah, Ben, Shane, Jack, and Adrian," Prompto replied pointing to each one of us respectively. "These are the Supreme Elite."
      "Now looks like we got some heavy duty fighters here," Holly said.
      "Hey! I got an idea! We should put the costumes on!" Prompto suggested. "You guys would look great as assassins!"
      "Uh no, I'll pass," I said sharply.
      "Hell I'm wearing one then!" Adrian said and Holly gave him an assassin costume for him to wear. He went off to put it on. Jack and Shane kindly rejected the idea, but thanked for the offer.
      "Oh come on, you sure?" Prompto said.
      "Seems like someone wants to wear one of his own," Gladio tauntingly said.
      "Look, you guys do as you please," I said. "We won't hold you back." In fifteen minutes, the three Lucians and Adrian all came back wearing the costumes.
      "Man this is so cool!" Adrian said all giddy.
      "I know! These are just like the real thing," Prompto replied.
      "I wish these weren't so revealing," Ignis said.
      "It seems someone is shy," Gladio mocked.
      "No of course not," Ignis quickly replied with some embarrassment. "It's only a new sensation."
      "Whatever," I said shaking my head. "Where is Noctis?"
      "He was given his own quarters at the Leville given to him as per royal privilage," Ignis said. "We will be using two rooms. I believe Noct already asked for two rooms for us."
      "Alright, let's punch it out for the night," I said. "The sun's down and surely Noct is there."
      "Good idea," Prompto replied. "I'm tired anyway from the driving."
      "Says the guy that only talked about the festival for half of the trip," Shane said.
      "I did not! I talked about-!" Prompto said in protest before he was cut off.
      "Relax Prompto. Keep your hood on," Shane said. "I was only joking."
      "Shall we?" Ignis asked and we all headed off to the hotel and punched it in for the night. I slept like a baby that night and woke up feeling refreshed. We all met up in the hotel lobby and went to the festival.
      "I have a feeling that trouble could show up today," I said to my friends and the Lucians.
      "If that's the case, we should split up," Adrian said. I decided to go on my own.
      "I'm going to head off first to look around," I said. "I'll meet you guys up later back here." I turn to leave, but Gladio called after me.
      "Oh um Ben," he said. I turn my head around. "You know this is an Assassin's Festival right?"
      "Yeah? What about it?" I replied. Gladio had a slight smirk on his face. He glanced at Prompto and then back at me.
      "I'm saying an assassin could be around watching you from the shadows," Gladio said. "You might want to be careful."
      "Psh, please," I scoffed. "As a Keyblade master and one of the Supreme Elite, I can handle an assassin. In fact, you can say I have done some assassinating myself." Gladio nodded as if to ask "oh really" in a playful way. I don't know why, but I merely dismissed it and went off into the town. I passed under a balancing act and then the number of people became sparse. I looked around keeping an eye for any undesirables. As I walked, I stopped cold in my tracks. I felt a presence here. I looked up and around, but saw nothing. I kept going keeping in mind that even though I see no one on the streets here, I am not alone. As I am about to go down a street, I heard something behind me and I summon my Keyblade, turn around and block an attack. The attacker is wearing one of the assassin costumes. I push him off making him land about ten feet away from me. I am in fighting stance now heavily breathing because of my adrenaline.
      "Who are you supposed to be?" I demanded.
      "You might as well consider me a friendly neighborhood assassin," the assassin hooded figure replied.
      "You don't want to test me," I said ominously. "I have done assassinating myself only a few years ago and I will not hesitate to do it again."
      "Now you're sounding like an assassin," the person replied. He looked up at me and I see Noctis under the hood. He is wearing his assassin costume.
      "Oh geez, Noctis!" I said relieved. "I'm thinking you're an enemy or something."
      "After you guys went to your rooms, I caught up with Iggy, Gladio, and Prompto," he said. "I told them I wanted to act like an assassin and do it on you guys, or rather you in this case."
      "So that playfulness of Gladio's was just an act," I said. "Well you don't want to try me bud. I can be as much of an assassin as anyone."
      "You should've worn the costume then," Noct insisted.
      "Uh no thanks," I replied. "I'll pass. Besides, I am looking out for anyone who shouldn't be here." Just then, I see the rest of the group come up from behind Noctis.
      "Yeah, Gladio told us everything," Adrian said. "He held us back for a while because of it." I sighed like when anime characters sigh.
      "Can we just get this over with and look for anyone we need to?" I asked. My friends agreed and we split in two groups. The Lucians went on their way and we went on ours. We were walking through the different places of Lestallum when we came upon the EXINERIS Industries front gate.
      "So this is the power plant keeping everything up and running," Jack said. It was cool seeing the power plant. I turn around to look and see where we could go, but then I gasped. A familiar person is walking towards us.
      "Looking for me?" a male said. He looked familiar. Wait a minute! I know who that is! My friends turned around too and spotted the male.
      "Hey! You're that Nox guy!" I said to him.
      "That's right," Nox said. "I have been waiting to meet you guys again. I most certainly have been waiting for this moment." Adrian changed out of his costume with light energy and went into his Lucian outfit. We all summoned our Keyblades and took stances.
      "Now I fulfill what my ancestor so long ago promised would happen!" Nox shouted. He started taking in dark energy and then fired black chains at us that wrapped around our arms and legs in a flash and lifted us in the air. We couldn't do anything. We couldn't move because of the chains. While we were picked up in the air, Nox started walking toward us.
      "I have told you before my name is Nox," he said, "but that was meant to give me cover. I go by a different name. I am Nikitis, at your service." We gasped.
      "Wait a minute! You mean the Nikitis that wanted to join the Supreme Elite?!" I asked.
      "He did," Nikitis replied. "You see, he wanted to join them, but then was turned down by them. They told him they didn't want to be the reason he lost his life. He accepted that explanation, but then realized how selfish they were. It was none other than to gain glory. They sacrificed so they could gain glory and sanctuaries with statues of them. Nikitis turned away from the light after he became a Dandelion, but he kept the darkness from taking him over. He promised that one day, he would get revenge on the Supreme Elite."
      "No! That's not true!" I protested. "They didn't want Nikitis to die because of them! They knew he could rebuild the Realm of Light and live on!"
      "Nonsense! They did it for one purpose and that was to immortalize themselves," Nikitis replied in anger and hatred.
      "Polemos must have convinced him then," I said. "Polemos has deceived and wrought chaos and ruin. You can't trust him!" My pleading did nothing to change him.
      "He gave my ancestor the truth," Nikitis retorted. "I waited for my chance to fulfill the promise he made and now I finally am able to. Revenge is mine!" He then had the chains turn into dark energy that completely covered our arms and legs and with his free hand, Nikitis had the dark energy move up our arms and onto our bodies. It was choking the life out of us. I couldn't hold onto my Keyblade and I dropped it and it disappeared. I felt the darkness crawl up my neck and slowly cover my face. It was about to completely cover my face when it suddenly disappeared and I fell to the ground. I got up and see Noctis and his friends in their regular clothing with weapons in hand and in fighting stance. Nikitis was enraged now.
      "I will not have you interfere!" he said and he used his dark power again firing it at the Lucians. They tried to block it and I in response broke through and fired light magic at Nikitis. The first orb hit him, but he blocked the second one. He charges at me and we are engaged in combat. His strikes are strong, passionate, and tough. I felt the pure determination and hatred toward us. When I blocked a strike, I jump side kicked turning into a jump back kick in the air and sent him backwards a ways. He lost control of his Keyblade as he fell. He got up and was panting.
      "Fine, you win for now," he said. "We'll finish this another time. However, savor this because someone is waiting for you at the Magic Kingdom." He grinned maniacally and disappeared into a dark corridor. I knew who that someone was. I turn to my friends and Lucians with worry on my face as well as theirs.
      "We need to head to Magic Kingdom," I said worried. I opened a corridor and we quickly go into it scared at what awaits us in Walt Disney World.

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Chapter 40: Light in the Darkness

      We raced through the corridor with our hearts in our feet wondering what this could be especially since this is on Earth. If something bad happens on Earth, all seven billion people will experience it including our families. The Lucians were by our side thank goodness so that is a plus. After we come out of the corridor, we find ourselves in the middle of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Things seemed to have been going well. I was starting to think that Nikitis told us to come here so we would fall into a trap. However, I look up towards the castle and chills went up and down my skin and I froze. Everyone else noticed I stopped and did not know why.

      "Ben, what's wrong?" Noctis asked.

      "Look up at the castle," I said with eyes slightly enlarged and heavy breathing. They all did and they froze too. The castle was not looking as... peachy. It looks darker in a sense almost hauntingly grim. Plus, in the sky above it, dark clouds gathered over it and slowly grew in size and darkness. They are currently a slightly dark grey that is slowly getting darker moving towards black.

      "Uh... anyone else think the castle isn't looking too... peachy?" Prompto asked scared.

      "The hell is going on?" Gladiolus said. Just then behind us, the seven lights appeared with Ephemer, Skuld, Blaine, and Strelitzia, the Emperor's guard.

      "Oh thank God you guys are here!" I said.

      "Yen Sid told us to co- ah!" Sora said before he shrieked in fright. He too saw what my friends, the Lucians, and I saw. I noticed that guests are noticing too the situation and people are starting to get nervous.

      "Why is the castle looking dark?" Riku asked. No one answered.

      "Ah! There you are!" a voice said. We look around to see where it came from and coming from our left is Luxu walking to the middle of the street with the thirteen darknesses. Master Xehanort, Vanitas, the Dark Elite, the Foreshadowers, Ronnie, and Nick all were there. Guests moved out of the way and made room for the two sides.

      "What have you done?!" I demanded.

      "Why it is very simple," Luxu replied. "While you four decided to split from your ancestor, I decided to take action. Did you not know all this time that the six kingdoms have hearts of their own? They do indeed have their own pure lights fed daily by the light all these people bring. The light the kingdoms have grew stronger every day and became purer and stronger than the seven lights here when you seven fought against the thirteen darkness. I had Nikitis look for all of these lights while I kept everyone else busy everywhere else so as not to have interference. You're decision to split from your ancestors and your refusal to come out of the shadows and take up the mantle again only provided an opportunity." The four of us were shaking our heads as we heard all of this.

      "No, this isn't possible," I replied.

      "Oh it was indeed," Luxu said. "Invictus had his own try to contain us, but unfortunately for him, he did not realize that it is more than just containment. You seven did the same thing and the Foretellers were nowhere to be found as they hid in shame for their deception. With no opposition, there is nothing to stand in our way. One by one, we obtained them. I think it is time you see them." He then raised his hand up and orbs of light circled around him and then lined up in between us and Luxu. Looking at them, I see slight images in the lights. Six of them had castles in the lights from every park in the world; Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disney, all of them. The seventh though I did not understand. It had a silhouette of a person, a man to be precise.

      "This seventh light is from the lamp at Disneyland," Luxu said. "When Walt Disney died, his light was placed in that lamp and it never ceases to shine. Now it shines by pure electricity alone and let's just say it isn't as bright."

      "So you mean to tell me..." Adrian said unable to finish.

      "Yes, with these lights belonging to me, there is no light to keep the darkness at bay," Luxu said. "And without the light of the kingdoms, let's just say she isn't looking so good." He turns and points at the castle. All of us immediately gasped as the castle looked now deathly and the light and brightness associated with it is gone now. The clouds now grew more and were darker and covered more area.

      "And now, with the light of this world taken away, darkness now covers all!" Luxu proclaimed and so he summoned No Name, pointed it up to the sky, and the clouds turned black into darkness and it spread throughout the sky blocking out the sun completely turning day into night in a heartbeat. The darkness spread quickly and from what I sense, it is spreading all over the world. The shadow by how quickly it has moved possibly has already covered Earth completely plunging the planet into perpetual darkness. The people now were panicking and this time, order was falling apart. Earth is covered in darkness to the point light cannot be seen at all; day has turned into night.

      "I suggest you tell your scientists that they should add a third eclipse to the list," Luxu taunted. "You might as well call this the geological eclipse."

      "What are you going to do now?" Shane inquired.

      "Oh you already know where this is going, yes?" Luxu replied. That was true, we did know. "I will be holding on to these lights, but in order for them to be used, you will have to fight them and defeat the thirteen."

      "But then that means..." Jack said.

      "Yes, I accomplish what Master Xehanort here couldn't," Luxu said. "But if I were you, I would be more concerned about your world very soon to be destroyed and everything you love taken away from you." Luxu then rounded up the lights and he and the darknesses left Earth in dark corridors. What could we do? I tried firing light into the sky to see if I can break through. It did nothing and the darkness remained. The park is now grim in appearance and the castle looks deathly now. It may be lit up, but in a grim way. We have no clue what to do. People are scared and unsure of themselves and what is to come.

      "Now what?" Noctis asked.

      "What the hell do we do now?" Gladio demanded. I wanted to answer, but I didn't know how. Chaos is erupting now and the people are close to rioting and making the Magic Kingdom known as the most chaotic and violent place on Earth. We are losing them and the world is now falling into chaos as well. Unfortunately, this is not a quick fix and it has been about an hour to two hours. Suddenly, I hear music and I look and see light beams going off over the castle. I realized that it's the nighttime fireworks show Happily Ever After starting up. All of us including the crowd looked in the direction of Cinderella Castle confused. The clock shows it's the middle of the afternoon even with the perpetual night. Happily Ever After replaced Wishes: A Magic Gathering of Disney Dreams on May 12th, 2017 and it starts at around 9:30 to 10 pm at night near the park closing. According to the clocks on Main Street, it's about 2:40 pm in the afternoon! There is no way the park employees could have done this.

      "The park employees could not have done this," I said.

      "If that's so, then why is a fireworks show going off right in the middle of this insanity?" Prompto asked.

      "I don't know, but I can't help but think this kingdom has something like a consciousness of its own," Ignis said. I thought about that suggestion and I watched the castle and as the show went on, the castle now started looking better like it is undergoing a revival. It is like the light is being revived. Or rather with darkness encroaching...

      "Wait a minute," I said, "this isn't the park management at all. The Magic Kingdom is fighting back."

      "How is it doing that?" Sora asked.

      "It needs light from the park guests," I said. A cast member then whispers into my ear that all parks around the globe have their own fireworks shows under way the same time Happily Ever After started. I realized that it is all around the world the parks are fighting back against the dark eclipse. We all watched the show go on and it then gets to the Triumph part of the show. Mufasa from The Lion King is shown in the beginning saying "You are more than what you have become. Remember who you are." It got me thinking about me and who I am and have become.

      "You know guys," I said to my friends Adrian, Shane, and Jack only, "I was just thinking about what we just heard. I have been thinking about who I am and who I have become and I guess this could be related to us overall. We are the Supreme Elite. For better or for worse, we cannot deny who we are and we have to embrace who we are meant to be." The show then reaches the finale part where the original score is sung in choir. I begin singing along and motion my comrades to do the same. They catch on and soon, the park guests sing along as well with us in unison. As the final blast of fireworks go off with the final note sung, we all sing to our loudest and as the fireworks go off, the darkness is appearing to be destroyed above the castle. After the last fireworks explode, light goes up the castle and brightens it up emphasizing the natural colors of the castle making the white whiter and blue bluer; bringing life back to the castle. Then, light shoots up into the sky from the tip of the tallest spire and the darkness is pierced through and starts disappearing.. Daylight returns and it's all bright; everyone is cheering around us as the light of the parks and lamp has been restored.

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Chapter 41: Tales of the Past and Forebodings of the Future

      The darkness that covered our world disappeared and regular daylight returned. Everyone in the Magic Kingdom was celebrating and order returned. The park guests returned back to their own thing making that Fastpass+ or dining reservation or to hit the quick service for food. I looked at Cinderella Castle and it is now looking normal and not so grim and haunting like before. The rest of us then just stood in the middle of Main Street in silence for a bit. Adrian then finally spoke up.

      "Well now we have to prepare," he said.

      "Prepare?" I asked.

      "Yeah. Prepare for the coming war," he replied.

      "Now?" Shane asked.

      "Yeah because now we know exactly what has been happening behind our backs," Adrian replied. "We need to now start getting people behind us. It's going to have to be beyond Keyblade wielders." This got us all thinking for a bit and then Jack came up with an idea.

      "Hey, why don't the four of us split up?" Jack suggested. "We could get people to come to the cause if we split up."

      "I like that idea," I said. "I think I will go with the Lucians to Lucis and see if I can get the support of the Lucian empire."

      "I'll stick with the seven lights," Shane said. "There are probably tons upon tons of Keyblade wielders that are somewhere in the Realm of Light. I'll go with them to find them."

      "I'm going to look around our world," Jack said. "As shocking as it sounds, there are probably Keyblade wielders here including non Keyblade wielders that could help us."

      "Alright, let's do it," I said.

      "We'd be more than willing to help," Sora said.

      "Yeah and I sure can help since I'm in a position to do so," Noctis followed.

      "Don't forget Yen Sid and me!" Mickey said. "We can help too."

      "And maybe you can include us as well," a familiar voice said. We look towards Cinderella Castle and walking toward us are the Foretellers. That voice came from Ira.

      "We are still in charge of unions you know," Invi said. "Even with the evil we kept quiet and the time we hid from the public, we still lead the unions."

      "Our predecessors failed once," Aced said with forcefulness, "and we will not repeat what they did. Do you trust us?" There was silence for a brief moment and then I smiled.

      "Absolutely... master," I said with a bow. It caught Aced a little off guard, but he smiled and nodded. I did trust them now. It took a while obviously, but now, it became necessary. Besides, what kind of person would I be if I reconciled with them, but couldn't trust them especially in this junction? Yes there are plenty of reasons not to trust them, but they did make me a master along with my friends. I could also imagine how they did not want to hurt us and, like their ancestors of yore, decided against remembering the tragedy. They learned now and know they can do better than what their predecessors did before.

      We all opened our own corridors and went through them to our own destinations. I went to Lucis, Adrian went with the Foretellers and the Keyblade Emperor's guard, Shane went with the seven, Jack went into the rest of Earth starting with Disneyland. I walked with Noctis, Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto through the corridor. I spoke with them about what to do to get help.

      "So Noct, do you not have a council?" I asked.

      "Yeah we do just like your Congress," he said. "You know, I may have to speak with your president."

      "Wait, what? Why?" I asked shocked.

      "Well the Kingdom of Lucis and the United States do have diplomatic relations along with Disney Town," Ignis said.

      "Just think about how large this war will be," Gladio said. "It has been called the Apocalyptic War. Last time I checked, an apocalypse means everyone's involved."

      "Yeah, you can't just expect everyone else except you to get involved," Prompto followed. "Noct's going to have to put his king pants and crown on and make a surprise visit to your world." We then came out of the corridor in front of the Citadel entrance stairs. I changed into my Lucian outfit and we went into the Citadel. I had to wait for a bit before Noctis called for the council to meet. When they did, I was escorted inside the chamber and saw the council members seated. There was obviously the spot at the head where Noctis was seated as per royal protocol. Straight across is an empty spot where I know I will be standing addressing the six council members and the king. All eyes were on me and so I stepped forward and walked up to the conference table and looked around me at the council.

      "Lords and ladies," I began, "I am honored to have been given the opportunity by His Majesty, King Noctis Lucis Caelum, to speak before you. You all know the Starscourge plagued this star, this world, in ancient times. Solheim turned on Ifrit and the rest of the six spurning what they were given from the Astrals. Ifrit was angered and wished to punish Solheim for their ungratefulness only to start the Great War of Old and with such a war came the darkness of the Starscourge and the ruin of Eos. I am here to tell you this plague had its roots from somewhere else. You see, the Keyblade War had already been underway for a millennia and a half and darkness snuffed out the light of the Realm of Light. That darkness covered all of the Realm of Light and when Ifrit turned on Solheim and when the Great War of Old began, it opened a gateway for the darkness of the Realm of Light to spread to another realm and threaten another world. It morphed, adapted, and took on the dark characteristics the war and this world possessed. The darkness became one with a very familiar disease and became the Starscourge. It has returned before and His Majesty destroyed it saving Eos from darkness."

      "However, today, the darkness returns. It comes back because of the desire of one individual to complete a weapon no man can obtain, the χ-blade. The χ-blade is the counterpart to Kingdom Hearts, the source of the power of light. However, this individual, Luxu, wishes to use this to finish what his ancestor was foretold to do and what Master Xehanort failed to do: complete the χ-blade and take over all worlds. He has people from the darkness doing his bidding including those from the remnants of Niflheim. That is why you have seen attacked in the Lucian Empire and on Tenebrae and Accordo. Luxu has great power and vast numbers of those willing to do his bidding and he foretold all will clash in the Apocalyptic War. The Keyblade War and Great War of Old will appear to be like child's play compared to what the Apocalyptic War has in store. Lords and ladies, I urge you to please join with the Supreme Elite, the seven lights, and the five unions of light and together, we can defeat this common enemy and save what we love and cherish." The room was dead silent to the point a pin dropping would be heard throughout the room. Noctis appeared to be waiting for a response from the council and since none came from them, he spoke up.

      "Council, as someone who had to lose his life to save Eos from the Starscourge," Noctis said, "I believe we really have to support this. I will be going to Washington D.C within the next week or so to visit our ally on Earth and tell him about this. We do have a good relationship and it would be a smart thing to speak with him. This war will affect our nation and other nations on Eos and the many nations on Earth. This affects everyone and we have to fight it. As the Keyblade is a stronger weapon than any weapon we possess, it would only help the cause if we joined. Now for a vote; all in favor?" There are six council members with Noctis the tie breaker should there be a tie. All of them raised their hands. The resolution passed unanimously 7-0. All council members stood up and shook my hand as they walked out and smiled at me looking ready to support the cause. Noctis and I were the only ones left.

      "You know I am glad they all left," he said. He then showed me his right hand. I looked at it and I gasped with my jaw dropping. It was the Ring of the Lucii.

      "But... how? It was destroyed after you sacrificed yourself," I said.

      "Well I learned that there was a reason behind Hades allowing to show up when Luna and I were together in Heaven," he explained. "The past kings allowed Hades to make his deal with me because they knew I would return to Lucis. They already knew darkness was once again on the horizon and with no heir to the Lucian throne, something had to be done so here I am. They gave me the ring so the connection between me and them still exists and I could call upon them when needed."

      "Hey, you said 'call upon' the kings?" I asked.

      "Y-yeah, why?" he replied uneasily.

      "Didn't you also have the ability to call upon the astrals?"

      "Yeah and I still can." The dots were now being put together. "Oh no. You've got to be kidding me. Are you serious?"

      "Think about it Noctis," I reasoned. "We need as much help as possible. We need the astrals to help and we will need the power of the crystal. The latter is where you come in and the former is where I come in."

      "Uh... okay then," Noctis said trying to process this. We went out of the room and went to the throne room. Sitting above the throne is the crystal.

      "Okay, I am going to unlock it and then you obtain its power," I said.

      "Uh you know who's in there right?" he asked.

      "Yeah, but I will not be bothering him," I replied. "All I need is for you to obtain the power of the crystal. That's all I am unlocking here. Besides, this is the heart of Eos right? Eos has a keyhole and this is it." I summoned Ultimate Apocalypse and pointed it at the crystal. I fired a beam of light at it and the crystal became a lighter blue and glowed brighter. Then suddenly, the crystal blasted in brightness and I covered my eyes. I kept my eyes closed and then it felt like I was floating down.

      "Gather strength O Elite One," an extremely deep voice sad. I knew it was Bahamut. I felt myself standing and the falling floating stopped. I opened my eyes, and looked up and found myself standing on Bahamut's palm and looking at the astral himself. He looked and sounded exactly as I have seen him in the game.

      "The Elite One comes to ask of power to stand against the darkness," Bahamut said. "As the Chosen One once learned the tales of the past and hopes for the future, so shall the Elite One that he may realize the path predestined by the light. Only then shall the Supreme Elite understand the path." I felt like I was right in the middle of Final Fantasy XV, but not time to be hyping about that stuff now.

      "I have wondered about my ancestry as have my friends," I said. "There are four Keyblade wielders who once claimed to be the true successors to my predecessor and my friends' predecessors by blood. Tell me, what is our ancestry? Who are we?" Bahamut then showed me my roots and everything he explained was shown in live action images.

      "The Supreme Elite's origins manifest from the predecessors of their image," Bahamut said. "The predecessors fought in the war of the Keyblade falling to predestined dark fate. The hearts lived and were cast into slumber until their successors in their image arise. The four bound by the blood of the predecessors became the successors immediate and the new Supreme Elite. They went forth as the successors immediate to the Supreme Elite. For it was their duty to keep the spirit alive. Only when the successors in the original image of the four shall the four bound by oath be relieved of their deontological destiny and the successors in the original image arise as the true Elite." The images then vanished and it was just me and Bahamut. I had a lot to think about. However, I have questions about the future.

      "On Earth, the Emperor's Pillar had murals," I said. "On one, it showed a very vague prophecy in regards to the Apocalyptic War."

      "The dark one will be the forger of the counterpart of the Light," Bahamut said. I realized he was talked about the χ-blade and Kingdom Hearts. "The light of the six kingdoms and of the heart shall be forged with thirteen darknesses. The Supreme Elite will clash with the dark one who wields the counterpart. The Supreme Elite shall defeat the dark one changing the allegiance of the counterpart. The Light shall choose among the Elite the bearer of its counterpart and defeat the darkness. However, he must become one with the Light at the cost of the sacrifice for this fight is to save all." I looked down feeling like I had just been sucker punched in the stomach. One of the four of us will have to become one with Kingdom Hearts. That means we become a part of it. It either means we lose our hearts to Kingdom Hearts or we become one with it body and heart and soul. In other words, I am alive, but I am greater than I already am. I don't know. I know that one of us will be stripped from us. It felt like I have had my heart snatched from me and now I cannot feel anything.

      Bahamut then took his hand from underneath me and I began falling.

      "Now Elite One, return to the star and enter into reflection," he told me, "and gather power for the final battle." Everything around me then flashed white and I found myself standing next to Noctis in the throne room.

      "Oh thank God you're back!" Noctis said. I saw his friends with him and they all came up to me swiftly.

      "Is something wrong?" Noctis then asked. I immediately started tearing up and weeping.

      "Do not expect one of the four of us to come back," I managed to say giving him a preview of what's to come.

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Oh my God, what a rollercoaster ride of emotions, suspension and hype! God, I'm so happy that I caught up to your story man, it's reaching the boiling point! I can't wait to see how everything will turn out in the war! Gahhh, so much hype!!!!! :D


But wow, the fact that one of the Supreme Elite will have to sacrifice themselves is a big red flag! D:

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Chapter 42: Power of Kings

      "What? What does that even means?" Noctis asked confused. I couldn't say anything and I just shook my head and just embraced Noctis tightly. He had his usual reaction to something like this. He isn't one that gets all that mushy, but he eventually embraced me tightly too. It was the same one he gave Ignis once.

      "Alright, alright," he said gently, "just calm down and tell me what happened." I let go of him and wiped away my tears and gathered myself together.

      "Well, I learned that the four guys Axeron, Soraxan, Derron, and Braxon were all part of a lineage carrying my ancestor's legacy," I explained. "They were the temporary Supreme Elite until the original four returned again. In other words, the four of us are the return of the original. This Apocalyptic War does break out and the χ-blade is forged. Luxu will because of the war send every world into darkness. Noctis, you remember how you as the True King of Lucis had to sacrifice yourself to save Eos from darkness, yes? Well, in this case, one of the four of us will be chosen by Kingdom Hearts to wield its counterpart and then purge all darkness. However... that person... has to become... one with Kingdom Hearts." I started getting choked up again here.

      "One with Kingdom Hearts," Noctis repeated in thought.

      "It means that we do not see one of the Supreme Elite again," Ignis said grimly with eyes cast down in despair. Prompto and Gladiolus had small gasps and were unable to say anything for they were at a loss.

      "Noctis, this is what is bound to happen: I lose you all or one of my brothers is taken from me," I said once again starting to lose my composure and begin to sob again. Noct and his friends gathered around me to comfort me. I could lose one of my best friends that I have loved like a brother or I could be the one that loses my friends and my family. They say parents or rather families will never recover from losing a child; how could I tell my family this? Presenting them the possibility that they could lose me would ruin them for the rest of their lives. Not a day would go by when they have not wept whether slightly or broke down and sobbed. Nary a day will go by when they have not shed one tear. The possibility that I could be taken away from my family for all time rips me to pieces. The possibility that one of my brothers would be taken away from me for all time does the same thing. I used Noct's shoulder and wept for a bit. The Lucians remained silent just standing by letting me weep. I finally picked myself up together and wiped away the tears.

      "No, it has to be done," I said. "If not us, who? The seven are not the ones. It's us four who have to do it." The Lucians agreed.

      "So what's the plan now?" Prompto asked.

      "We need help to fight this," I replied. "The astrals already know they will have to get involved. Bahamut clearly knew that I would be showing up to see him so he already knew that they would have to get involved. I guess I can meet with the Crownsguard and the Kingsglaive and rally them to the cause."

      "I will bring you to them," Noctis said. Ignis went off to find Cor and to tell him to gather the Crownsguard and Prompto and Gladio went off too.  Noctis and I walk out the main entrance of the citadel and see to my right Crownsgaurd troops and to my left are the Kingsglaive. There were countless in number. Basically, this is the army of Lucis that defended itself from the days of Niflheim's advances. I knew I had to speak loudly so all could hear. They were already at attention facing me in dead silence.

      "Crownsguard and Kingsglaive," I said, "I am honored to stand in front of you and address you. I thank King Noctis and his own Crownsguard for gathering you all together to listen to what I have to say. As you know, you have been loyal in protecting your homeland and your king from the snares of Niflheim. Today, a new darkness arises threatening Lucis and all of Eos lead by one individual who seeks to plunge all worlds into darkness again wielding the χ-blade, the counterpart to a mighty power called Kingdom Hearts. A great war called the Apocalyptic War is coming and in order to fight the darkness, all peoples from every world need to fight and unite for one common cause. That purpose is to save the light, restore all worlds, and destroy the darkness. I ask you as defenders of Lucis to join the fight and defeat Luxu with me. Fight with the Supreme Elite and we can save the world. For hearth and home!" Every soldier roared in jubilation and repeated the battle cry. I knew it would relate to them and get them going. I smiled and nodded.

      "Nice job. You really are a Lucian after all," Noctis said. "If you aren't a real Lucian, you wouldn't be able to connect with them the way you did. True Lucians connect to the Crownsguard and Kingsglaive." Afterwards, the two sets of soldiers went to prepare for the Apocalyptic War while Noctis and I went to the throne room.

      "So we have the astrals, the crystal surely, the Kingsglaive and Crownsguard, what are we missing?" I asked.

      "Uh... maybe... this is your answer," Noctis said and he raised his right hand showing me the Ring of the Lucii.

      "Oh yeah, the power of the kings of Lucis," I said. "You could possibly have persuade them to offer their power to help."

      "Actually, I don't think that would work," he said. I was confused. "The reason why I say that is I have a feeling since all this prophecy stuff revolves around you and one of you guys would be sacrificing yourselves like I did, your case would be the strongest."

      "Okay so what are you saying?" I asked in reply. He took off the ring deliberately and then held it up towards me. I realized what he was referring to and what I had to do.

      "Oh no. No Noct, I am not Lucian royalty, I am not even of Lucian blood, I am a Keyblade wielder. I'm not worthy and so I would pay the price dearly for putting on the ring."

      "Polemistis, you have to if you want to gain their trust and obtain their power. Besides, you may not know what could happen."

      "And you do?"

      "Well we can only find out." I took the ring though reluctantly. I held the ring in my left hand and positioned my right hand so I could put it on the middle finger. I looked up at Noctis and he nodded clearly looking confident I will come out successful. I nodded, took a deep breath in, and quickly put on the ring. It glowed and then an intense burning ensued. I started screaming in pain as magical flames of magenta color appeared around my hand and started scarring me around my hand and then it worked its way up my arm onto my body slowly, but noticeably. I kept on screaming as it was pure agony. I could hear the doors barge open and was able to recognize the voices.

      "The hell is going on?!" Gladio shouted. A different voice gasped. It was female.

      "Noctis! What have you done?!" Luna shouted. "He cannot wear the ring!"

      "He has to try!" Noctis shouted back. "He needs their power! Come on Ben! You can do this!" Meanwhile here I am burning more and scarring more. I started looking like the way Noctis did after he destroyed Ardyn's soul just before he too dissipated into the afterlife. Then, the pain went away and then immediately after the pain went away, the Mark of Kye appeared on my chest and my Keyblade appeared in my right hand. The scarring went away and disappeared and everything around me went darker like the lights were turned off. I could tell I was still in the throne room, but no Noctis or anyone with me. I am breathing catching my breath and looked up to see a spirit of a king of Lucis looking back at me. Then more of them stand around me in a circle.

      "What mortal dares to put on the Ring of the Lucii?" a deep voice said. It was one of the kings.

      "It is I, Polemistis of the Supreme Elite," I replied using my Elite name.

      "What mortal is this that wears the ring?" the king asked. "He is of no royal blood nor even of Lucian blood."

      "Kings of Lucis, I put on this ring so I can request your power," I replied. "Darkness is befalling the world and the light. I need you to offer your power to the current king of Lucis. You gave him this ring because you foresaw darkness rising to destroy all light."

      "Yet one not of royal blood wears the ring and demands our power," the king said. "You cannot command us to give our power; only the one of royal blood can."

      "Then judge me to see if I am worthy," I responded. This is the only way I can obtain their power for Noctis.

      "So let it be done," the king acquiesced. "You seem to be one of sacrifice; fighting so others may live. You fight for the future."

      "See who I am," I said and I raise my Keyblade and stand tall showing the Mark of Kye.

      "Wielder of the key and marked with the sigil," the deceased king observed. "You have intrigued us Supreme Elite."

      "A prophecy foretells one of us to wield the χ-blade, the counterpart to Kingdom Hearts," I said. "Kingdom Hearts will choose one of us to take up the counterpart and purge the darkness from the light. In doing so, that wielder will become one with Kingdom Hearts sacrificing himself as the True King once did for Lucis." There was silence for a few moments.

      "You sacrifice for all so all may not sacrifice," the king said. "You have been judged. May your request be granted unto you." All the spirits of the kings then turned into light vapor and rushed into the ring. Then, everything around me went back to normal and I was standing with the Noct, Luna, and company. They all had a look of anxiety when they saw me.

      "Well? What happened?" Noctis asked me first. I merely smiled and then took off the ring with no problem.

      "Put it on," I said handing the ring to him. He looked confused, but then put it on. When it slipped on all the way, a blue pulse was emitted from the ring and Noct gasped.

      King of Lucis, by the intercession of the wielder of the key, you have been granted our power, a voice of the deceased king said. Only Noct and I heard it. Go and wield our power for the light. Noct and I looked at each other knowing what the other was thinking. We smiled at each other.

      "What? What's happening?" Prompto asked trying to understand.

      "The kings of Lucis have answered Polemistis's request," Luna said. "Noctis has their power now."

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Holy crud, the pieces are gathering, the board is almost set! All the plays are in motion, and all the back up plans are being put together! Wow, what excitement! This truly is gonna be a battle for the ages! I can't wait to read more! :D

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Chapter 43: The Search for Hidden Treasure

      "So it appears Polemistis has successfully requested the power of the kings of old," Ignis observed.

      "Now what? Where are you off to now?" Prompto asked.

      "Well, the quest to get help is not over yet," I replied. "I will have to meet back up with my friends and talk about the next plan of action and where to go next."

      "In the meantime, we have to prep the troops right?" Gladio said.

      "Of course," Noct replied. "We also will have to be careful of the Nifs and any remnants of them trying to undermine the whole thing."

      "And you will have us to be your eyes and ears," a mysterious voice said. We all turn toward the doors and see multiple people come in. They all look older and are dressed in rather dark looking clothing like the Kingsglaive, but with Land of Departure patterns. I look down at their hands and see what they are holding.

      "You're Keyblade wielders," I said. Their Keyblades clearly have the influence of the glaives of kings past in their designs and patterns.

      "Yes we are," an older male Keyblade wielder said. "Our lineage came from a faction of Dandelions who fled to here during the Keyblade War. They saw the Great War of Old and witnessed its end. Since then, Keyblade wielders have lived in secret coexistence with people of Eos living in all continents and nations. However, whenever darkness gathered to disrupt the order of this world in secret, we came to destroy it so as to keep the order safe. Now we come out of hiding to make ourselves known to the King of Lucis and to ally ourselves with the True King." He held out his hand to shake Noct's. Noctis was at first hesitant, but nodded and grabbed the Keyblade wielders hand. The Keyblade wielder nodded in return and then looked at me.

      "Master Polemistis," he said, "you and the Supreme Elite have had your story passed down for generations. You four have been used as models for us. We will gladly ally ourselves with you. However, there are Keyblade wielders and those who do not wield the Keyblade who have decided to side with Luxu. Those Keyblade wielders come from our own. As one concerned for you four, be careful of who you encounter and always have a hint of suspicion. You may end up finding out that the individual that appears to be helping you is leading you to a trap. As the Master of Masters once told your master's predecessor, trust no one but yourself." I nodded in understanding. The only people I trust are my friends, family, and any allies that I know well and have been vetted. Even though the Keyblade Emperor has been rather a mysterious force and has been somewhat pulling strings and watching from the sidelines observing, he has a lineage going back to ancient Japan and so is fulfilling a duty. I trust the Lucians because we became friends and Noct has openly supported me. Now, the next step in gathering forces to fight the darkness.

      I bade farewell to the Lucians and Keyblade wielders and went off to the Mysterious Tower in a corridor. I come out and there are my friends with the seven. We all go up to Yen Sid's office and meet with him. We stand the four of us across in front of the desk. The seven stand behind us lined up across from left to right just like us four.

      "I see you have come back with some success, correct?" Yen Sid asked. We all nodded in the affirmative.

      "Very good. I have also communicated with Keyblade masters and have persuaded them to join the cause," he continued. "However, I sense dark forces from every world gathering together. Those who wield a Keyblade and those who do not are gathering together and it concerns me much."

      "Yen Sid, do you think the four of us as we are are ready?" I asked. He observed us Supreme Elite, bowed his head and closed his eyes in meditation, and after a minute, opened his eyes and looked at us.

      "You miss one thing," he replied. "I know not exactly what it is, but I suggest you seek an audience with the Keyblade Emperor and he should be able to discern." I was a little surprised hearing his reply, but then again, better to be safe then sorry and know now than later. We bowed, thanked him, acknowledged the seven, and left the office. We opened a light corridor and left for the Emperor's Pillar. We come out in front of the throne. He had Ephemer, Skuld, Blaine, and Strelitzia with him along with some other armored Keyblade warriors. The former turned and noticed us and stepped off to the sides of the throne.

      "Ah, I see you have returned," Invictus said. "I have had these four here go out and gather together Keyblade wielders and non Keyblade wielders. However, for everyone else in this world, you will need to find a way to have this world addressed for the Apocalyptic War will affect everyone here."

      "Before we ask you this, will this world fall back into darkness again?" Shane asked.

      "Yes, it will," Invictus replied disheartened. "It will be like the Keyblade War, but much worse. Darkness will cover all worlds and then expand to snuff out light. Which is why I now must ask you this," -he motioned to have his guard and the Keyblade warriors to give them time alone- "is there something that you need to tell us Polemistis?" I gulped hardly knowing what he was referring to. I looked down and started getting choked up.

      "Ben, what is it? You can tell us," Jack said putting a hand on my shoulder.

      "I am glad the seven, Yen Sid, and everyone else are not here for this," I croaked. "When I went to Lucis, I wanted to unlock the power that exists with the heart of Lucis. You know, the crystal that keeps the world alive. I saw light flash brightly and found myself in the crystal on Bahamut's hand. He was the astral that told Noctis of his fate. He told me about our lineage. Those four that lead our academy now, Soraxan, Derron, Braxon, and Axeron, were the descendants of a blood line that were the temporary Supreme Elite that would hold the fort until we came along. Anyway, I asked Bahamut about Invictus's prophecy and he..." I started losing it. Jack put his arm around my shoulder. I managed to get myself together again.

      "I'm sorry," I said sniffling. "Bahamut told me that one of the four of us will take up the χ-blade and purge the darkness from the light. The thing is, whomever that is has to become one with Kingdom Hearts."

      "'Become one'? What do you mean?" Adrian asked me.

      "Noctis had to sacrifice himself to save Eos," I analogized. "This is like it. Whichever the four of us wields the χ-blade to purge the darkness, they are the one that will sacrifice themselves."

      "So you mean, one of us will not be seen again?" Shane asked. I nodded and started losing it again. My friends were silent with Jack shedding a tear while Shane and Adrian tried to keep straight faces, but looking choked up and swallowing hard.

      "No, it has to be done," I said wiping my tears. "If not for us, then who? It is not the seven lights, not the Foretellers, not Invictus, it's us."

      "Correct," Invictus said. "While it hurts me hearing this and understanding what my predecessor foresaw, I too realized that you four are the ones foretold to save the light and one of you sacrificing for all."

      "Now Yen Sid said we are lacking one thing," I said.

      "Yes you are," the emperor said. "Remember Earth's keyhole? It has been long foretold that those who possess the sigil will be the ones who unlock it and obtain the great power of Earth. That sigil is the Mark of Kye. As you first united all Keyblade wielders under one authority, now you unlock the power of Earth and unite all of Earth together light against darkness."

      "But where is it?" Adrian asked.

      "I showed you before," the emperor said. "The Daisen Kofun in Japan is the supposed tomb of Nintoku, but remember, he made it clear that it was to be hidden by making it his supposed burial place. The Keyhole was no coincidence at all. It is heavily guarded by the Imperial Household Agency. They know what is there, but claim it is a burial site of an emperor so as to keep trespassers away."

      "Perfect place for Luxu to try and infiltrate," I said.

      "Indeed it is," the emperor said.

      "So, on to Japan?" I asked. The emperor nodded. We are going to Japan now.

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Oh snap, I had been waiting for this! Dang, the stakes are higher than ever, and I can just feel the tension seeping off of everyone! Off to Japan to find Earth's Keyhole, then! I can't wait! :D

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Chapter 44: The Imperial Regalia

      Luxu was in the Keyblade Graveyard looking out at all the Keyblades that stuck out of the ground. He was alone for now as the thirteen have gone out to every world in the Realm of Light, Earth, and Eos to gather soldiers for the final battle. The only things that made sound are his coat that rustled in the breeze and the wind that blew the dust across the landscape and through the Keyblades. Luxu could not help, but smirk at the sight.

      "You cannot protect the light to save it," he said out loud. "You must take control of it and the darkness. Then you can save the light." He also thought how foolish the first Foretellers were in their efforts to save the light or rather, delay the inevitable. Foolish how they never understood that their roles intertwine with each other and give the idea of a traitor and they turn against each other. The end result? What he sees before him. Millions of Keyblades in the ground as gravestones for all the fallen marking the fate of all that fought in that war. Now a second one to determine the fate of the universe once and for all is approaching and he will be sure that he obtains the prize he seeks. The seven and thirteen will fight again and the χ-blade will be forged again and then the Supreme Elite must be defeated for good.

      Nikitis came out of a dark corridor behind him all of a sudden. Luxu did not turn at all to see him. He knew who it was.

      "Luxu, are you sure leaving the Supreme Elite be for now is okay?" he asked.

      "Yes of course," Luxu replied.

      "You know they are after Earth's Keyhole right?" Nikitis said. "They will obtain the power of Earth and challenge you." Luxu kept nodding.

      "What about the seven lights? Those people they constantly are around will surely try to undermine everything."

      "It's not those seven you should be concerned about," Luxu said. Nikitis thought about it and then it hit him.

      "You mean... those seven lights?" he asked.

      "They are the ones we should be concerned about," Luxu replied. "They are the ones who will have to clash with the thirteen. If they do not, then we will have to get the original seven to fight them. However, I find the latter unlikely and the former will fight them."

      "And what about me and my revenge?" Nikitis demanded.

      "Find them in the war and pick them off one by one," Luxu suggested. "Otherwise, strengthen yourself so you can fight them at once. Or is that too difficult for you?" Nikitis gritted his teeth. He recalled being humiliated in Lucis by them and the Lucians and he despised the fact Luxu brought it up. Then again, he kind of needed to be reminded of who he would face.

      "Yes master, I can handle them," he replied calmly. He then went off and left the world in a dark corridor leaving Luxu to himself again.

      "Once I obtain the χ-blade, it does not matter if the Elite have opened Earth's keyhole," he said. "The power will be mine."


      We left the pillar with the Keyblade Emperor heading off to Japan. In order to have a chance, it seems we need to unlock Earth's power in order to get it. It seems simple enough to do. As we walked through the corridor, this idea came to mind.

      "Hey guys, I just thought of something," I said. "I would imagine we would have to start in Tokyo and since there are plenty of people there, I think it would be best not to walk around dressed as we are." My friends knew what I meant, but Invictus needed clarification.

      "Why? What happened to you?" he asked.

      "I was in New York City with my family when someone with a gun on the side of Luxu attacked us," I replied. "I managed to take care of him and protect my family." Invictus's masked head drooped.

      "If only I knew where you were I would have had someone protect you from the shadows," he said.

      "Hey look, that was when I separated from Polemistis," I said. "It turned out at least someone knew my face so it isn't foolproof completely, but on the bright side, if I still my predecessor, I would have been attack from many more people." Invictus faced up and turned his head to face me and nodded reassured. We came out of the corridor and into a suburb just outside Tokyo. We then had light cover us and my friends and I turned into our regular selves. Looking at Invictus, he had the same spiked brown hair with blond highlights in fade style. His clothes were like those from the era before the Keyblade War, but with a darker feel and appearance to them mixed with royal designs. The colors were a mix of black, gold, red, and silver. It made me think of Ventus's clothes and Sora's KH3 clothes combined. It was amazing to see what he is without the armor. My friends and I all were. He noticed us gaze and looked right at us. His sharp eyes were of green and blue and they pierced into one's soul. Yes, he was about twenty years old just as I remember first seeing his face.

      "Yes, I never showed you what I am like without my armor, have I?" he asked with a smirk. We merely shook out heads looking up and down his clothing. He merely chuckled, smiled, and nodded. We look forward and see the city of Tokyo with Mount Fuji in the background.

      "Follow me," Invictus said. We followed him and went into the city. It was as crazy as depicted on TV programs. It was something else too. Though it kind of is being like in New York City except it's a bit more dense since we are on an island. I did not know where Invictus was taking us, but I trusted him as did my friends. The emperor took us to an alley that led into a courtyard that was twenty feet wide and forty feet across. We see other people here and see they are holding Keyblades themselves. I am stunned at the sight.

      "What is this place?" Adrian asked.

      "This is a boarding house," Invictus replied.

      "Boarding house?" Shane echoed back.

      "With the Apocalyptic War getting closer, Keyblade wielders are gathering in different places and here is one of them," the emperor replied. "We should be fine here for tonight and then it is off to Osaka." Luckily the courtyard and rooms above are not worn down or anything like that so it was okay for the night. The next morning, we got up, got ready, and went off into the city of Tokyo. We actually had to leave the city before going into a corridor, which brought us to the outskirts of Osaka.

      "Okay, now that we are here, be aware," Invictus said. "I sense the keyhole is near and you know anyone who is a henchmen of Luxu will be near." The four of us nodded and we went into Osaka. We followed wherever Invictus went for he knew how to get to the kofun where Earth's keyhole is. In fact, I too can feel the power coming from the keyhole and I know my friends feel it as well. We are walking for a while all while I try to keep a wary eye for anyone who could be watching us or could be a threat to us. I move up to walk beside Invictus and he begins to speak with me.

      "We are almost there," he said and then after about ten minutes, we get to a place where there is gravel on the ground. We look forward and see low fence and a gate. We walk up to the gate and stop.

      "We are just past the public relations firm for the Daisen Park," Invictus said. "Past this fence and gate is the platform where one can view the tomb of Nintoku."

      "Isn't this place off limits?" Jack asked.

      "Indeed, so we will have to do what needs to be done," Invictus said. He then took us to the public relations firm and we went inside and he spoke to someone there. He said something we could not here and the person went wide eyed, looked at us, then back at him, nodded and went off to grab a park official. He came out and spoke to us all. Thankfully, he managed to speak English just fine.

      "I can bring you there, but only once for today," he said. We nodded in understanding. We go through the two sets of gates when no one was around and then quickly head to the platform. There, the kofun was visible and a boat with the official was there. We climbed over the rail and went into the boat. He then took us across the moat to the shore where we got off.

      "Do not take long. This area is off limits and I cannot be seen here," he warned.

      "Five minutes maximum," Shane said.

      "Try to make it back in three," the official replied. We understood well the circumstances and went off into the woods that cover the tomb. We just walk straight and come upon something stunning. Although it cannot be seen from above, there is a gate that opens to the inside of the tomb!

      "Wow..." my friends and I say in shocked unison.

      "Yes, we have arrived. We look around the area. There is a stone with a small, rectangular slot in it off to the right side of a larger stone that had a circular hole in it facing the door. The stone gate had Japanese writing on the left door and ancient Keyblade wielder writing (like from the Book of Prophecies) on the right door. In the middle of the two is a stone circle in the door with a comma shaped slot in it attached to the left door. I look at the stone with the circular hole and realized that the comma slot and circular hole stone are at the same height and are directly lined up from each other. There are two large pillars that appear to be adamantite that are on the left and right of the entrance too. Plus, just over the center of the gates is a piece of adamantite as well.

      "What is this?" I asked Invictus.

      "This is precisely why it is off limits," Invictus replied. "This is how the gate is to be opened. The Japanese royal regalia are needed to open up the gate. The mirror, the sword, and the jewel will together open up this gate. The sword goes into the rectangular slot there and from there, a light beam from crystal at the bottom of the stone will shine toward the crystal at the upper left corner of the gate. Then, it will reflect to the pillar of adamantite here on the left, then to the one on the right, hit the one above the center of the doors, hit where the mirror would be, and then be directed to the jewel here. That will open the doors."

      "How could we possibly get those?" Jack asked. "There is no way the government can just hand them over."

      "We will discuss that later," Invictus said. "We are out of time now." We rushed back to the shore where we left the boat and he looked anxious. When he saw us, he looked slightly relieved and had us rush. He took us back to the platform where we climbed back onto the dock and left the area. We come out into the city of Osaka after putting some distance between us and the kofun.

      "Okay, so now that we are away from the kofun, now what?" Adrian asked. Invictus was about to open his mouth when suddenly, a male started screaming and I look and a Japanese male about in his mid to late twenties came charging at us. We all moved out of the way and he came at me. I realized immediately he is fighting me and he is using karate. I had no choice, but to use my martial arts and what I have come to know. My friends and Invictus were also attacked by others too and we all are fighting using martial arts. Invictus somewhat surprisingly knew some, but a majority was passed down from Dandelions who escaped the Keyblade War. I find myself fighting in a stalemate. I could tell this guy was Luxu's henchmen and he grunted and yelled whenever he punched or kicked; he truly wanted me hurt if not worse. I had to do something so when he kicked, I coffee grinder kicked him to ground putting him on his back and then kicked him in the face. Luckily, my friends fended off their own enemies in similar fashion and so with that done, we ran off into the city of Osaka just to get away. After a few minutes of running through crowds, we stop to get a breather.

      "Whew, think we lost them," I said. Then we hear gunshots and people start running and screaming. We knew they were for us, but from where? We look behind us and see three more Japanese guys with one holding a gun and the other two with katanas.

      "GO!" Invictus screamed and we run off while pushing through people trying to not get shot. The two guys with katanas screamed at each other to get going and started sprinting after us. My friends, Invictus, and I keep going through the city moving past people sometimes knocking them to the side just to save our skins. The two guys with katanas kept going after us.

      We find a way to get close to the Osaka castle and head there into the woods surrounding the castle. It seems like we lost them, but then we gasp and see the guy with the gun in front of us. Then surrounding us are the two guys with katanas and now another two guys with sharp spears. Us Elite change into our Elite forms and summon our Keyblades and Invictus changes into his armor and summons his Keyblade as well.

      "We can't let you get to the keyhole," the guy with the gun said. "We won't allow Luxu to be threatened and defeated. That's why it's time for you to go." He pointed the gun at my head and was about to fire when he screamed and fell to the ground dead. I look and see he has a Keyblade sticking out of his back. Then it disappears and the rest have fireballs fired at them multiple times. Two were left and were chased off by the ammo heading their way. We look to where the projectiles came from and see a teenage boy with dark brown-black hair with light skin. He looked like an American teenage boy who survived the apocalypse as he had the rough and tumble look about him and seemed to be about eighteen years old.

      "You guys are the Supreme Elite right? And Keyblade Emperor too?" he asked.

      "Yeah, who are you?" I asked.

      "I'm Matthew, a descendant of a Dandelion," he replied. It widened our eyes.

      "You're here for the regalia aren't you?" he asked.

      "What's it to you?" I said.

      "If you want to get it, you will need my help," he said. "I can help you get to the keyhole." I was rather unsure.

      "How do we know you can be trusted?" Invictus asked.

      "I just killed the guys that have been creating chaos around here for months," he said. "They were about to kill you." Fair enough. It piqued our interest as to why so long. It seems we have an unexpected ally who could help us get the regalia.

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An excellent chapter as always, old friend! Things are definitely gearing up for the final battle! And it's awesome that we finally got to glimpse Invictus without his armor! But I wonder about Matthew, though...I hope he isn't trying to con the Supreme Elite!