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My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War


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#41 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 05 March 2017 - 11:43 PM

Chapter 15: A New Challenge

      My friends and I were at the school having a class with the students. We have been back from our time in Walt Disney World for a week. We were asked to do a meet and greet at the Magic Kingdom for a few hours in the morning, afternoon and evening with time in between and take part in the Festival of Fantasy Parade. We were on one of the floats with the characters waving and all excited. That was nice and now we are back north with the students and having our sessions with them.

      There are different sessions: combat, attack, magic, terminology, and miscellaneous. The combat session is teaching them fighting and countering strikes and swings. This is done with the students paired up with each other. The magic session is teaching them spells and how to fire them and summon them. This is like target practice where we set up targets and teach the students to aim their spell and fire. It's always a work in progress for them. The attack session is teaching them how to use different attacks like the arcanums, raids, blitzes and all kinds of attacks. The terminology session is teaching them the names of creatures and enemies as well as names of attacks, spells, and Keyblades. The miscellaneous sessions are when we teach them about the mysterious elements of what we know. Basically, we teach them about the legends of the Keyblade War, Keyblade, Kingdom Hearts, and so many other mysterious things. We also tell them about our stories and what is happening now and contribute it to how as Keyblade wielders, they need to be ready always and their duties would include things like whatever we tell them. We may or may not have one of these as it depends on our moods.

      We are watching the students pair up and fight in the middle of our combat session. It was a gorgeous late afternoon as the sun we just in the west. My friends and I had our arms folded and watched the students fight one on one with each other. We were observing how they fought in battle. We instructed that anyone who sees an opening to trip the other up and point their Keyblade at them declaring a match. Here and there, students would either get tripped up by their partner or do so themselves. We would go over to correct whatever they messed up and told them to do it again. They are dressed in clothes like my friends and I, but with less grandeur. The clothes also looked like they could be found in a store as well.

      I was watching a fourteen year old boy named Max paired with a sixteen year old boy named Daniel. They were fighting together and neither looked like they were giving in. Of course they both looked like they have much to learn, but they are looking sharp and confident. Max had his Keyblade parried and he went to strike overhead and down while Daniel swung at his feet taking out his legs. Max fell onto his back with a thud and Daniel pointed his Keyblade at Max.

      "Aw man!" Max exclaimed.

      "Set and match," Daniel said with a smirk. Max huffed and stood back up.

      "Max, you went to swing overhead and took too long," I pointed out and went to demonstrate using my Keyblade. "Instead of swinging overhead after a parry, just swing back across his head. That single extra moment cost you and every moment you aren't doing something makes you vulnerable."

      "Yes master," Ma replied. The two of them then set themselves up for a match and went at it again.

      "Master Polemistis? I have a question," a female voice called to me. I turn to see and it's another student Jessica with Madeline. They are both seventeen years old. I nodded and went over to them.

      "So, Madeline went to strike at my legs and I blocked it," she explained "but I don't know what to do. My instinct was to push off and then swing across her body, but I don't know."

      "Well that's not bad," I said and I then went and demonstrated. "You could do that. Another thing you could do is push off, turn around and then swing across at the head. It flows more and you don't have to pause for a moment to let your momentum carry you the other way."

      "Thank you master," she said bowing and returning back to her match. I watched then some some other matches and asked if anyone needed help and they all assured they were okay. I asked my friends how things are going from their side of things. They held their thumbs up and then gave some advice to whomever they were watching. At the end, we decided to halt everyone and have everyone stand off to the side toward the building and facing away from it. We had the students then randomly pair up one on one at our discretion. We Elites discussed and then chose the first match.

      "Wyatt and Ryan, you guys go first," Adrian called out. "After that, let's have Elena and Larena fight." Wyatt and Ryan went up and stood apart from each other on different sides. They took stance and waited for a command. They both had determination and focus in their eyes and faces. I was impressed by it and was excited to see what they would offer.

      "Ready? Begin!" Shane commanded and the two guys ran toward each other and clashed. I felt the power in their strikes. No magic was used since this is still the combat session and we are practicing just hand on hand for now. Tomorrow we will have both hand on hand and magic. It was great what I saw. They both had a strong sense of will and I felt the other wanting it more than the other. I was curious to see who would come out on top. After about five minutes of fighting, Wyatt trips up Ryan and points his Keyblade at Ryan.

      "So close!" Ryan shouted. Wyatt was panting and a smile grew on his face.

      "Well done Wyatt!" Jack congratulated him. Wyatt helped Ryan up. Ryan had a smile on his face and they shook hands and gave each other a brief embrace.

      "Wyatt, that was impressive of you," I said to him grabbing his attention. He had a smile as he panted. "I hope to see you grow more."

      "Thank you master," Wyatt replied. Wyatt had white skin and dark brown hair. It was styled like mine: cut on the sides, but longer on top and the bangs and front portion spiked up. He had brown eyes and was about a few inches shorter than me. He is a built kid nineteen years old with plenty of muscle like myself and possesses a Keyblade that is found in the Keyblade Graveyard. It is shaped like mine, but has a square exterior blade, but round interior blade. It fits him and he is a talented Keyblade wielder with much potential. We went through the matches and it was late in the day. Since it's late spring, the sun sets later and even though it's five o'clock, the sun had a few hours of daylight left and was in the west. We Elite decided to wrap things up and ended the sessions for today sending them off to do their own thing. Some practiced, others socialized, and others some wanted to learn more about some of the mysteries we have taught them.

      My family parked the car at the gate entrance. They wanted to visit and see how I am and what things are like. Mom, dad, and my sister walked up the path up the hill to the school. It was not a real steep hill, but it was a walk. They decided to go around to the back and see who if anyone is there. They take a look and find the students walking around and doing their own thing whether it is practicing or socializing. My family just stood at the edge of the courtyard and looked at everything amazed. Just then, an older male of about twenty two years of age was talking to some other students when he noticed my family.

      "Huh? Who are you?" he asked them.

      "We're Ben's family," mom replied. The students know my two identities so they already know who is being talked about. About nine other students started to gather around.

      "Are you all Keyblade wielders?" the student asked.

      "No," mom replied.

      "Then you're not welcome here," the student said sounding a bit hostile.

      "I believe we have a right to see our son," dad fired back firmly.

      "People who aren't Keyblade wielders aren't welcome here," the male student said with much hostility. The other students started saying the same things and started pressing on against my family. Dad immediately got in front of mom and my sister out of protective instinct. I came out from the building after speaking with a student, look to my left, and see my family. Immediately, I am happy to see them and wondering what the commotion is.

      "Mom! Dad!" I called to them and rushed to them. They saw me and their faces lit up and we hugged and kissed. The students stood still in their place. Then I turn to the students.

      "What's all this about?" I asked.

      "Master, these non Keyblade wielders were trespassing," one older male student told me.

      "Mark, they are my family," I replied with authority and some aggravation. "They along with the other masters' families are entitled to show up."

      "They aren't Keyblade wielders," Mark replied. "You told us that people who do not wield a Keyblade are to be driven away. This place can't have anyone show up."

      "Our families are an exception," I said. "If we switched roles and it was your family, would you allow them to show up? Would you be okay with them visiting?"

      "Yes master," Mark replied deflated.

      "You may be right about the policy," I continued "but may I remind you that it was through our families that the Keyblade's power had been passed down to us. I suggest you give them the respect and honor they are due. Besides, aren't they the people I taught you to protect?"

      "Yes master," all the students replied bowing. I sent them all away and they went inside to the throne room. I turned back to my family.

      "Sorry about that," I said apologizing and my family and I started talking. They asked questions about what happens here and I took them to look around both the courtyard with the view of the valley and inside the school. They were amazed with everything. The students that noticed us bowed whenever we passed by and others gave the Keyblade warrior's salute. I said goodbye to my family and they went home.

      The next day, we got to it in the morning with the magic. It was practicing spells and firing them. This was a trickier thing for some, but most had the spells down. It was teaching them more advanced material that took them time to get. I was observing the students practice when I hear behind me corridors open and close and look behind me and see two armor Keyblade wielders walking toward me. They gave the warrior's salute and I nodded in reply.

      "Master Polemistis," one of them said "we just received word from Mr. Iger that trouble is brewing in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World."

      "We were just there a week ago," I complained. "Alright then. We'll go and see for ourselves." The warriors saluted and left in a light corridor. I still have the Mark of Kye so that glowed and when I touched it, it glowed more. I close my eyes and with my heart, I call out Keyblade wielders names since all Keyblade wielders submit to my authority now. I see a corridor open and out came Axeron, Soraxan, Derron, and Braxon, our subordinates and friends. They also requested to be our apprentices and we accepted. Seeing them made me smile and we embraced. My friends and I left the students to practice and also greeted the four.

      "You summoned us master?" Axeron asked.

      "Yes. I just got word trouble in Walt Disney World is brewing," I replied. "We will most likely end up having to be there a while and it might end up taking us down a road." My friends complained about being there just like I did when they heard this, but I reassured them. "I will need you guys to take over and run the place for us for a while."

      "Yes Supreme Elite," Axeron replied. They all then gave the warrior's salute. I caught them up on what they are doing so they know where to pick up from and my friends and I went in a corridor and went to the Magic Kingdom.

      We step out into the entrance to the park just past security and enter into the park. We are waved at and had shout outs and all we did was wave in return and smiled while looking around for the trouble. Well, we started walking past the Emporium on Main Street USA when heartless popped out and started scaring people. We summoned our Keyblades and got right to work to clear them out. Clearly, this is the trouble and so we decided to look through the park and clear out any heartless. We came across them eight times in large groups, but we managed and after clearing them out in Tomorrowland, we decided to give Main Street one more look. After defeating the few heartless left there, we are about to leave when I get a bad feeling and freeze.

      "Ben? What's wrong?" Adrian asked concerned. Seeing me like this gets them concerned and worried.

      "Bad feeling, dark presence," I said. I look down Main Street toward the train station and see four people walking our way. They were all in armor with faces covered.

      "Well, well, well, if it isn't the heroes," one said mockingly. "People of this land, pay attention!" The guests around stopped what they were doing and paid attention.

      "We are here to tell you the truth," another armored individual said. "These four heroes are not what you think they are."

      "That's right, they are murderers," a third individual said while looking at us. The guests mumbled to themselves in confusion. Meanwhile, my anger was rising slowly, but surely as did my friends.

      "You see, their ancestors thought they were fighting darkness," a fourth explained. "The people their thought were of the darkness were their friends. During that Keyblade War, so many people they considered friends were killed by their ancestors. They fell one by one because of them." He pointed a finger at us. Now we are really getting angry. The people were still confused and talked louder this time.

      "Yes, all they did was slaughter those they considered friends," the warrior who called us out said. "Now their descendants you see before you carry on such a horrible legacy and in the recent Keyblade War, they do the same again. They must be stopped and we will defeat them." They summoned their Keyblades and took stance. The people sounded skeptical and the enemies started chaos by firing spells at them and making the guests scream and run away.

      "Disbelief will result in deathly consequences," the warrior said. "Now you four can face the cold taste of death."

      "Shut up!" I shouted at them and we summoned our Keyblades and clashed with them. The match was even for a bit, but then we took control and started driving them back and end up in a lock.

      "You'll regret insulting us!" I shouted at my enemy and then I punch and kick him a few times before swinging at his neck and slitting it. My friends slashed their enemy or stabbed them through a weak spot in their armor. All of them fell dead and their bodies dissolved into particles, their Keyblades disappeared in dark energy, and their hearts floated up to Kingdom Hearts. We unsummoned our Keyblades and panted some.

      "We have some work to do," I said. It looks like this will be another challenge to unravel and defeat the darkness as it appears to be encroaching again.

#42 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

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Posted 06 March 2017 - 09:59 PM

Excellent! Most excellent! I loved the in depth walkthrough on how the school where Ben and the others teach Keyblade Wielding works! I imagined it all playing out in my head as an awesome cutscene! Very well done! I can't wait for more! :D

#43 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 12 March 2017 - 06:44 PM

Chapter 16: Old Friends

      So now that it's clear there is once again a new enemy, we have to go and split up and head to the worlds. If there is this enemy in our world, it will probably be in other worlds too. So now that we have fixed the problem in the Magic Kingdom, we open a corridor for ourselves and go on to our world. I enter mine and end up in Halloween Town.

      "I believe I haven't finished what I wanted to do here," I said to myself. Last time I was here, I had a bad experience and wanted to leave immediately. I never changed my clothing for this world and remained in my Elite clothing. I walked to the Town Square and see it's all quiet. I look around a bit and I see Sora in his Halloween gear.

      "Sora!" I call to him. He turns and when he sees me, he smiles baring his fangs and runs up to me.

      "Ben!" he exclaims as he approached me. "I'm glad your here. I was told of another threat popping up."

      "Keyblade wielders of darkness?" I asked. Sora nodded. "I thought so. That was what I found in the Magic Kingdom. That's why we split up and here I am now."

      "Hey, I have heard about Mickey and what he has done on Earth," Sora mentioned with a smile. "You have to show me around your world some day."

      "I think I will once all of this is over," I replied. He already met my family and became well acquainted with them when we were all in the Magic Kingdom before I fought the Dark Elite with my friends. Hehas yet to see outside of Walt Disney World.

      "So what do you want to do now?" he asked.

      "We go through and find any of the same threat," I replied. "I want every warrior of darkness to have their head on a stake and you will be helping me."

      "Cool. Lead the way," Sora replied. I used my magic to have dark energy cover me and my black coat is on me with the hood down. Sora noticed and he looked a little disappointed.

      "Aw c'mon Ben!" he said. "You can do better than that! We're in Halloween Town! You can be scarier than that."

      "Sorry. Scary isn't my thing," I replied.

      "Even I'm scarier than you," he said.

      "Oh you don't say?" I replied sarcastically. The last time I saw him in this world, he scared the crap out of me as he acted as though he was an actual vampire about to bite me.

      "What's that supposed to mean?!" he protested clearly not understanding my reference. I merely rolled my eyes. "Whatever. Anyway, why don't you try something scarier?"

      "Alright, here goes nothing," I replied. I thought about what I could be that's scary and so dark energy wrapped itself completely around me and when it cleared, I had black hair, gold eyes, and black clothing.

      "Gahhh!" Sora screamed and jumped back. "Okay, I did not mean be Polemos! Try something a little less scary!" Well that reaction right there explained my dark counterpart completely. He was indeed scary and was vicious. He was pure darkness purer than Ronnie or Nick. So I thought about it again and this time I think I got something.

      "Okay, how about this?" I asked and so dark energy wrapped itself around me again and now I am wearing the vampire clothing from Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. My face is as pale as a ghost and black eye make up and eye shadow is put around my eyes.

      "Woah!" Sora said amazed with a smile. "That's perfect! I guess I rubbed off on you huh? Ha ha! Well? Smile for me!" I gave him a grin and he bent down to look at my teeth.

      "There they are!" he said "Nice fangs!"

      "Thanks," I replied smiling. "Shall we?" Sora nodded and we went to see Jack Skellington. We found him in Dr. Finkelstein's lab talking with the doc.

      "Hey Jack!" Sora said. Skellington turned toward us. It's eerie seeing these two in real life, but I got used to it.

      "Sora! So good to see you!" Jack said. "You brought Polemistis with you too! And he is such a fright to see. Such an honor to meet you." He bowed as he greeted me.

      "Same to you," I replied. "Pleasure to meet you doctor."

      "LIkewise young man," the doc replied. "How can we help you?"

      "We have an issue," I explained. "See, there is a new enemy. It's dark Keyblade wielders and they are trying to undermine worlds so they could be taken over and sent into darkness."

      "You know, we have been planning a massive Halloween event for a month now," Jack said "and we have noticed some unusually scary residents here. I have asked the mayor if he knew who they were and he had no clue. When the mayor tried to confront one, he was scared to the point that anything I try to scare him with, he would blow off." That must be a sign.

      "Not only that, these rats have been causing trouble around here," Finkelstein followed. "You think you could find them and stop them?"

      "Leave it to us," Sora said.

      "I'll come too. I want to see just who these guys are," Jack said. Sora and I nodded and we headed out of the lab. There was nothing in the square so we headed for the Graveyard. There, we found a couple figures dressed up. One was dressed as a zombie and the other a savage vampire. They saw us and had crazed expressions on their faces.

      "AH! Human!" the zombie said in a deep partially gurgled voice and was licking his lips. He was a male that looked like he was in his early twenties.

      "Close, but not exactly," I replied.

      "No, you are both boys... humans..." the vampire hissed. He looked like my age and had all spiked hair. He had skin a shade paler than mine and my skin in this costume is as pale as death. He also had blood dripping down the sides of his mouth and fangs that were a bit larger than mine. Both these guys were Keyblade wielders which somewhat surprised me.

      "What do you think human tastes like?" the zombie asked licking his lips again.

      "You may want their flesh," the vampire said "but I am curious about the blood that runs through them." He then hissed while baring his fangs. I raised my eyebrows and Sora got nervous.

      "Uh Ben?" Sora said "I don't think our costumes are working."

      "Clearly," I replied. "Now it appears that they look like found their meal and drink." We summoned our Keyblades and took stance and Jack got ready with his Halloween magic.

      "Once we kill them, I will have my thirst quenched," the vampire hissed. "You then can have your meal."

      "I'm all in for that!" the zombie replied and they summoned their Keyblades. Their Keyblades took on the attributes of each of them. The zombie had zombie attributes on his Keyblade and the vampire had vampire attributes on his. Both sides then clashed with me fighting the vampire and Sora fighting the zombie. It was pure hand on hand combat between the four of us. Jack helped create openings by using his magic. It helped and we were able to put our enemies on the defensive. They managed to hold up though and forced both sides into a stalemate. The vampire and I ended up in a lock trying to push against the other.

      "I know what you have done Polemistis," the vampire hissed. "At your hands and the hands of the rest of you, blood was spilled; so much blood because of you killing those you called friends. How I wish I was there to gather it together so not a drop was lost. Because you have killed so many, your blood will be mine! I have wondered how rich the blood of the Elite is and now I will taste it soon." He then hissed again and went on the attack. He was more violent this time and truly after my blood. He wanted me dead and then he would bite me and drink my blood. I wish this was a dream, but it isn't. I fought all the more using magic at any chance I get.

      I manage to disarm him and stab him in the chest putting my Keyblade through his heart. He was stunned and shock is expressed in his face.

      "To kill a vampire, one must stab the heart," I said with a smile showing my fangs. I pull the blade out and yes, there was indeed blood on it. This proves these two guys are not true Halloween creatures, but rather, Keyblade wielders who took on the appearance and consciousness of them. I see Sora and Jack finishing up the zombie and Sora eventually stabbed the Keyblade wielder through the stomach and then pull it out of him. Both Keyblade wielders have their hands over their wounds and then fall to the ground dead. Their bodies dissipate and their Keyblades disappear in black energy. Their hearts float up into the dark sky and disappear.

      "Well, that takes care of them," Sora said.

      "I don't think we have found the root causes of these troublemakers," Jack said.

      "You're right, I don't think so either," I said. We walked on and when we reach the Boneyard, we see a figure with its back turned toward us. It looks like they are cloaked. The three of us remain silent and just watch the figure. It turns around and we realized that it's a grim reaper. Underneath the hood, there is just a black void. It then raises a skeletal hand and summons its scythe.

      "What kind of enemy is this?" Sora asked summoning his Keyblade again.

      "Sora, I think this enemy is part of something larger," I replied. "I don't know who is the head of this fish, but we'll find out eventually." I summon my Keyblade and Sora and I charge. Jack is about to get involved, but we raised our hands and motioned him to stay back. The reaper was tough and strong. His scythe was huge and could take our heads off in one swing. Every time he did so, we ducked and tried to swing at the body- but there is nothing.

      "Great! What do we do?!" Sora shouted as we blocked a swing.

      "We'll have to use light!" I shouted in reply. "That's the only way this darkness is destroyed." We push off and gather light energy together and jump back far away from the reaper. Pointing our Keyblades to the sky, bolts of light come down and enter our Keyblades. We then point them at the reaper and fire huge beams of light at him. They join up and then consume the dark figure. Once the light disappears, the figure is left behind and he begins to dissipate in dark energy and disappear.

     "We did it!" Sora exclaimed.

     "I wonder what that was," I said.

     "Well, whatever it was, we did it together!" he replied excited and he put his arm around my shoulders and smiled. I did the same and smiled. It was great to be with an old friend.

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#44 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

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Posted 12 March 2017 - 09:38 PM

Awesome, back to Halloween Town! I loved that Ben took on a scarier appearance, and Sora was fanboying over it! xD  And them working together along with Jack in order to defeat the Dark Keyblade Wielders was an awesome battle! Epic stuff! Great chapter as always man, I can't wait for more! :D

#45 Sarrin


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Posted 14 March 2017 - 04:00 AM

This has was a good read look forward to whats next

#46 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 19 March 2017 - 08:08 PM

Chapter 17: Charged and Sentenced

      Sora, Jack Skellington, and I went back to Dr. Finkelstein's lab and told him what happened and how we stopped the trouble brewing in the town. He was all giddy the problem had been solved.

      "Why thank you boys!" he said "Now we can properly get ready for Halloween."

      "This Halloween will be the best all because of you guys," Jack followed. "I am so grateful you were here."

      "No problem," I replied. "It's what we do." Sora and I then said our goodbyes and then walked out of the lab into the square. We went to the Halloween Town Entrance and were about to leave town when we heard someone behind us.

      "Trick or treat!" they said. Again? Can't they take a break? I merely rolled my eyes and looked at Sora. He looked as though he knew what I was thinking. We kept our backs toward them

      "You want a treat? Here it is then," I said and then using my magic subtly, I turned my eyes and Sora's eyes blood red and had blood stream down from the sides of our mouths. We then turn around swiftly, looked at the three rascals and with maniacal looks in our eyes, we hissed at them. Lock had a pumpkin in hand and was about to thrown it until all three saw us and froze still screaming. The pumpkin exploded sending them backwards and then they turned and high-tailed it out of there.

      "Run for your lives!" Barrel screamed.

      "You said you would throw that at them when they turned!" Shock shouted at Lock.

      "Yeah, but I didn't know we'd see real vampires instead!" Lock shouted back. "Just run!" They ran out of sight and Sora and I laughed as the magic I used on our faces disappeared and the blood red eyes and streams on our mouths reverted back and disappeared respectively.

      "Those classic morons," I just said. "Well Sora, I think I need to get out of this. Don't need it anymore." Dark magic wrapped itself around me and I turned back to my Elite form. Sora remained in his vampire form.

      "It's great being with such a good friend," I said and we put our arms around each other.

      "I couldn't agree more," he replied. "Hey, I'm thirsty. Got anything to drink?" He started laughing.

      "Hey! Watch it smart alec," I quipped back laughing too. It was a little ribbing. It felt good. We opened our own corridors, bade farewell until later when we would meet up again, and left Halloween Town. I wanted to head to an important world in my opinion. When I came out of the corridor, I found myself in Atlantis. I was standing at the port and saw all of the citizens go to and fro with their catches, boats, nets, and other things. The Atlanteans notice my presence there and word gets out and so they start calling out to me hello in Atlantean. I still find it strange that the language is not much different than the tongue Keyblade wielders of ancient times from as early as prehistoric times up to the Keyblade War. Makes me wonder because Atlantis was a civilization that, according to legend in my world, existed tens of thousands of years before the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. It makes me wonder and ask questions.

      I changed into clothing that is common for an Atlantean boy my age and had a bit of the blue face paint on my right cheek. I my clothing was like the usual male Atlantean attire. I had no shirt, just a sky blue cloth with dark blue edge strapped from my right hip, went over my left shoulder, and then back to my right hip in my back. It was connected to my shorts, which were Kingdom Hearts blue with Atlantean blue letters and designs. There was some darker blue trimming along the edges. I had a gold strap just above my left ankle and a silver one above my right. There was blue paint in Atlantean design over my right shoulder. I looked down at myself seeing my muscular upper body and my lower body and thought I did a good job seeing as how I never wore Atlantean clothing before.

      Now that I goggled at my attire for long enough, I went off to see Milo and Kida, the king and queen of Atlantis. I walk through the streets and end up seeing Shane in his Atlantean attire. I wave to get is attention and run up to him and we embrace. Letting go, I look at his clothes up and down.

      "Wow, nice outfit," I said.

      "You too muscle boy," he quipped. I chuckled a little bit and just flexed a little. Yes, my six pack, biceps and all upper body muscles are visible as day. Shane's clothes are like mine except he has two straps over his shoulder and he had light red on his clothes. He has Atlantean face paint across his eyes and some just above the center of his chest. We went on and before we knew it, we came across Jack and Adrian and caught up with them. Jack was bare chested and had face paint on the right side of his face and an Atlantean emblem on his left shoulder. His shorts went to the calves and were a balance of Atlantean blue, grey, and black with Atlantean sigils and letters on them. Adrian wore tunic like cloth and had a bit of face paint just below his eyes, but most of it was on his arms. His clothes were light and scarlet red with blue trimmings. We caught up to speed on what has happened on our journeys so far. Shane went to Radiant Garden, Adrian went to Wonderland, and Jack went outside of Olympus Coliseum to Mt. Olympus and Thebes. They all experienced the same things as I did.

      "So you guys have also been constantly hearing these accusations as well," I said.

      "Yeah, and every time, these people try to make us look bad," Adrian replied.

      "Well, no one really has bought on and believed them," Shane said.

      "At least not yet," Jack followed. "When people doubt, these dark Keyblade wielders attack them."

      "Have you faced anything else dark?" I asked.

      "Yeah, I strangely faced a swordsman that looked like Leon," Shane replied. "He called me out and told me that someone of the light like me needs to die. Well, it didn't go over well for him."

      "I faced someone that was all dressed in black and had an obsession of black cards," Adrian replied. "He was rather strange and attacked me for not playing his 'game'. I guess he lost it after all."

      "I faced a dark Greek warrior who called me a true villain of the gods," Jack said. "He said I should die as one especially because of the crimes I committed so long ago. I made sure that he dies as that so called villain."

      "I guess we keep going still and try to think it as nothing more than regular enemies," I suggest. My friends nod and we go up to the castle to see the king and queen. We come to the door and the guards bow and then the doors open. We see Milo and Kida sitting at their throne and were talking with each other. They look in our direction and see us walk in.

      "My goodness! The Supreme Elite are here!" Kida exclaimed. "It's so wonderful to see you all again!" She quickly got up and gave us all hugs. Milo got up too and was smiling.

      "It's great to see you guys again," he said. The four of us bowed going on one knee.

      "Your majesties," I said and then we stand up fully.

      "So what brings you to Atlantis?" Kida asked.

      "There are dark Keyblade wielders that have been going from one world to another," I explained. "They have been causing trouble and are trying to undermine the stability of worlds. This place is no exception."

      "What about these dark creatures?" Milo asked. "Have they been caused by them?"

      "No, they are not," I replied. "We can get rid of them easily as can the guards of Atlantis. However, these dark Keyblade warriors are somewhere here in this world and are lurking. I don't know where, but that's why we are here: to find and defeat them."

      "Go! Get the guard to be on watch!" Kida ordered a guard. "Have them stationed everywhere and keep watch for anything suspicious!" She then turned her attention to us. "I'll help you defeat them." Milo was taken aback by the statement.

      "Kida! You can't!" he said "I mean, you're the queen! What would happen if you were captured by these warriors?"

      "I'll be alright," she assured. "I am the queen as you said and it's my responsibility to protect my people."

      "Alright then. I'll try to keep an eye out as well and help myself," Milo said. He then had someone grab him an Atlantean sword and bring it to him. We all then left the castle and went into the streets of the city. We remained together because the last thing we need is to be split up and have half of us captured. As we walked through the streets, Kida and Milo pointed out different things and explained what they are. Basically, as we looked for any dark Keyblade warriors, Milo and Kida gave us a tour of the sites. It was pretty cool and we had Atlanteans call out to us all hello with some saying so in Atlantean and others in English. As we walked through the streets, we came across a few groups of heartless that took on the characteristics of this world. Some were crystalized and others just had the letters and facial paintings on them. There were at most a couple dozen and fighting them gave us an exercise, but nothing too extreme. We eventually made it to the dock and there we were confronted by six dark Keyblade warriors. There were three females and three males and all were as young looking as seventeen and as old as mid twenties. They were speaking in Atlantean when they called us out.

      "Ah, it's the Supreme Elite and their majesties," the oldest male said in Atlantean.

      "Who are you and what do you want?" I asked in Atlantean.

      "We are merely people who are pointing out your crimes," the oldest female replied. "You four murdered many people long ago."

      "They were enemies of darkness!" Adrian shouted.

      "They were people you called friends," the male answered back calmly.

      "You liar!" Jack shouted. "You people from the dark lie! We would not ever kill our friends!"

      "Quit your lies or you'll regret it!" Shane threatened.

      "Hmph, just as I expected from criminals," the female smirked.

      "Same thing here," the male replied. "As punishment for your crimes, your sentences are death." The six of them summoned their Keyblades and then took stances. My friends and I summoned our Keyblades, Kida got her spear ready, and Milo got his sword ready as well. We took stances and then charged toward the group and they charged toward us. We clash with the group; I took on the oldest male and my friends, Kida, and Milo split up the other five and they all fought. It was tough because they had passion in their fight. They really believe killing us is the right thing to do? What is the truth if they truly believe our predecessors really have done what these people claim they did? I put the questions aside and we just fought. I used my attacks to open up my enemy and I had no desire whatsoever to make this last longer than it needs to. So I used Eclipse of the Moon to open him up and then I stabbed him through his back. He screamed and he stayed still breathing in heavily while blood is coming from his mouth.

      "If you want the truth... the Foretellers will tell you," he said in plain English. I pulled my Keyblade out of him and he fell to the ground dead. My friends finished off their enemies and then killed the enemies Milo and Kida were fighting.

      "It's over," Milo said panting.

      "Thank you for your help," Kida said. "I will be sure to keep the guards watchful." We nodded and bade farewell and the royals left leaving my friends and I alone. I ended up thinking a lot about these accusations.

      "Guys, I've been thinking a lot about these accusations," I said to them. "I felt meaning in that guy I fought. He seemed to have meant everything. He told me to go to the Foretellers to find out the truth."

      "We were told the same thing in similar ways," Adrian said.

      "I am rather concerned about these accusations too," Jack said.

      "What do you want to to bud?" Shane asked. I paused for a while and then I looked at my friends.

      "I think we need to go to the Mysterious Tower and talk with them," I said. I then reverted to my regular Elite form and touched the Mark of Kye on me. It glowed for a second.

      "We will need the seven lights and our apprentices there too," I continued. My friends nodded and reverted back to their regular Elite forms. We opened a corridor and walked through going on our way to the Mysterious Tower to find out the truth.

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Oh my God, it's happening! The Supreme Elite will find out the truth from the Foretellers! Oh, I bet that's not gonna be a pretty pleasant conversation! I can't wait to see what happens! Great chapter as always, man! :D


Atlantis, one of my favorite Disney films, and one I hope makes it as a world in Kingdom Hearts III! :D

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This was really a great chapter, look forward to plenty more

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Chapter 18: Master, Tell Me the Truth!

      The four of us were all reverted to our Elite forms and walked into a corridor. These accusations of us being murderers and killing our friends from long ago really started to affect me. I thought about it as the four of us walked through the corridor.

      "You have a lot on your mind," a familiar voice said. I look to my right and see Polemistis walking next to me.

      "Hmph, yeah, I do," I reply somberly. "These accusations against me as well as you are getting to me a little. They are saying that you murdered people you called friends long ago. I try to deny it thinking you fought Keyblade wielders of darkness, but it's starting to get to me."

      "Mhm. Well, I will reassure you then," Polemistis replied. "I did indeed fought Keyblade wielders of darkness then. Master Gula told us then that we will be fighting them in the fated land. Our fates were in a page hidden in the back covers of their books. It's amazing what you learn after you've been asleep for as long as I was." I merely chuckled at the last statement.

      "You know, there are a few things I would like to tell you," he said. "After I set my heart free and left my body to fall to darkness and destroy it, my heart, or me if you will, left the Realm of Light and went into space. I was not sure where I would go, but I let my heart be my guiding key and it made its way to Earth. I saw how unusual of a world it was and how different and also how special. It was not yet touched by darkness, but behind me I could see that the darkness was indeed encroaching slowly yet noticeably. So going through the atmosphere of this world, I realized that I am in a different time period. I was not sure what time exactly, but I could tell hundreds upon hundreds of years have passed on the world while the Keyblade War felt like it began yesterday. I came down from the sky and saw nothing, but forest. I had to fall slowly and then I saw a Dandelion named Areti. I went to him and told him to hide me away so I can sleep. I told him to assimilate into this world and start his own life here. The reason why is because I came across him one day during my lux collecting and we got to know each other well. I told him then to cut the palm of his hand with his Keyblade to where blood would be drawn. I did the same thing and we grabbed hands. I told him the reason I wanted him to cut his hand is because the blood from me runs in him and he will pass down not only the blood of mine, but the power of the Keyblade all the way down to my descendant. He will look exactly like me and awaken me and then I will return."

      "So that's why I am a Keyblade wielder naturally and why I look like you," I said. "What about my friends?"

      "Well, we all did this one time when we happened to have split up for the day," Polemistis replied. It made sense as to why my friends and I look like our ancestors. Actually, we truly are our ancestors reborn and in the flesh while having identities of our own.

      "So were there always four Supreme Elite?" I asked.

      "Well what you saw in that chapel was not the whole story," Polemistis replied. "Yes there were four of us, but at one point, we almost had five." My eyes widened at the suggestion.

      "Five?!" I exclaimed.

      "Oh yes," Polemistis replied. "You know that we each came from different unions. Well, I came across a person in Radiant Garden named Nikitis. He was from the Ursus union. Yes, he was a great Keyblade wielder and had much potential. The five of us were one day hanging around in the Fountain Square of Daybreak Town and he had to leave, but before he left, he asked if he could join us as an Elite. We were stunned, that I could tell you, and had to think about it. Now this was long after the four of us found out our fates so we had to find out how to tell him the truth and say no. However, he figured it out and he seemed to understand. If he joined us, he would have tried to rescue us and lose his life or worse, have a whole separate fate written on the page. He joined the Dandelions in the end I assume. I wish that we could have said yes. It would have united all the unions and maybe dissipate the divisions we've had then, but we couldn't take him down with us in fate so what happened has become history." He then put his arm around my shoulders and smiled warmly. "Hey, I would say things worked out after all." I smiled and nodded. Looking at my friends, I see they too were talking to their ancestors too. I could tell it was the same content.

      "Well Polemistis," I said "let's see what Master Gula and the Foretellers have to say about this. I am sure that they will say the same thing." I hoped they do so. No, what am I saying? Of course they will! I mean, Master Xehanort said it was a war between Keyblade wielders of light and darkness so Gula and the Foretellers will surely say the same thing. We kept on walking and we stepped out of the corridor onto the front lawn of the Mysterious Tower. There, the seven lights, our apprentices, and the Union members Ephemer and Skuld were all there. It surprised me to see the latter because it had been forever. We all greeted them and embraced some and shook the hands of others. I addressed Ephemer and Skuld.

      "Well, long time no see!" I said. "Where have you guys been?"

      "Well, it's been a little... crazy," Ephemer said. Skuld elbowed him slightly in that pause. I wondered what seemed to be the matter, but now wasn't the time so I put the thought away.

      "Yeah, the Keyblade warriors thing has us running all over the place," Skuld followed up. "We have heard you four have been called criminals and we are your accomplices. We don't understand to be honest."

      "Well, we'll find out soon enough," I replied. All of us went into the tower and went up the stairs up to Yen Sid's office. There, Yen Sid was at his desk and in the room as well were the Foretellers, Lea, Donald, and Goofy. The latter three came up to us Elite and greeted us and shook our hands. The Foretellers however stood by Yen Sid's desk and smiled warmly and nodded when we addressed them. Then, we all lined up with us Elite in front of the desk, the seven lights behind us and the apprentices in the back. Donald, Goofy, and Lea were off to our left side while the Foretellers were off to the sides of the desk lined up from left to right respectively: Ava, Ira, Gula, Invi, and Aced.

      "Hello Master Yen Sid and Foretellers," the four of us said bowing. The masters nodded in acknowledgment.

      "What brings you all here today?" Yen Sid asked. "Certainly it is not the threat that has arisen. I sense that you already have been dealing with it." We stand up fully and nod in reply.

      "Sa bo nim, we came here to see you, but more importantly, the Foretellers as well," I started. I sensed my ancestors were standing beside me again as the masters nodded at them in acknowledgment. "You see, as we have been going around worlds and defeating this darkness, dark Keyblade wielders have been accusing us of being murderers."

      "Please explain," Yen Sid said.

      "Well, whenever we fight our enemy whomever it may be," I explain "we are accused of killing people we called friends during the Keyblade War." I am doing all the talking because Adrian whispered to me, as we went up the stairs, that he wants me to do the talking for he wanted to listen. "Our ancestors you see beside us in spirit have been accused of fighting and killing people they called friends during the Keyblade War. We believe these enemies are lying to us because Polemistis said Master Gula told them who they would be fighting and I remember Master Xehanort saying the war was fought between warriors of darkness and light." Yen Sid was nodding in thought while the Foretellers were white as ghosts and tense looking. A couple of them were looking down and off to the side into space.

      "We came here wondering if it is indeed a lie that has gone around," I finished.

      "I believe it is false testimony," Yen Sid said "but I would think the Foretellers here would know truly as I was not there in that ancient era." The four of us looked at the Foretellers and waited for an answer. There was nothing for a few seconds.

      "Well? They are wrong, correct Master Gula?" I asked. Gula was one of the two looking down and off to the side. He said nothing for a few seconds and then opened his mouth.

      "They may... be right..." he said. Gasps were heard from behind us. My friends were utterly stunned and became white as sheets while their mouths opened in shock. Immediately, I felt like I got hit in the stomach and I felt the blood leave my face. I was stunned at the response.

      "W-w-what?" I stuttered. Gula managed to look at me. "What do you mean they are right?" Gula said nothing.

      "Wait... you mean to tell us... that what they have said... it was all true?" Polemistis asked. Still no answer from the Foretellers. I began to lose it the more I thought about it.

      "Master, tell me the truth!" I scream at Gula. He remains still, but then he breathes in and begins to speak.

      "That war was not entirely a war between light and dark," he said.

      "Our ancestors learned of a traitor one day and immediately got concerned about who it was," Ira explained. "They had to be sure who it could be and started investigating."

      "Instead, they started quarreling amongst themselves," Ava said. "Aced was thought of to be the traitor and Ava, Invi, and Gula all turned against him. That turned out false."

      "Gula possessed a lost page and tried to follow it finding the traitor," Aced said. "He thought it was Aced and tried to defeat him, but it became an ugly situation."

      "By then they committed to merely trying to gather as much lux as possible," Invi followed up. "It was all they can do to buy time and delay what would be coming. Meanwhile, unions started becoming hostile toward each other."

      "Soon, the bell that would toll for the start of war rang," Gula finished. "All the unions gathered together in the fated land and there, Keyblade wielders fought each other." I immediately began feeling light headed and started collapsing. My friends caught me and tried helping me up. I felt sick just hearing this. I managed to get back on my feet. My ancestors were looking shattered and looked down into space with shock written on their faces. I meanwhile began feeling anger and rage boiling up inside me.

      "They did not tell you, Supreme Elite," Gula said also addressing my ancestors. "They couldn't tell you."

      "Why didn't you tell us then?" I asked uneasily and keeping my anger from being noticed, although I did a poor job of doing so. Gula looked down in despair. I then looked at all the Foretellers and nodded.

      "You all wanted to use us to clean up your mess that you refused to be accountable for and hoped we would never know the truth, didn't you?" I asked. They kept silent with the same gazes as before. I looked at each one of them waiting for an answer and yet I received none. Meanwhile, our ancestors returned back to us in sorrow and pain. I could feel it completely on top of mine. The silence in the air was heavy and thick as the entire room was in absolute disbelief. After not receiving an answer, I just looked down and shook my head.

      "I have to go home," I said and began to turn to leave.

      "Ben, wait!" Gula called and he went to grab my forearm, but just before his hand made contact with me, I snapped my arm up and in a grabbing motion, I began choking Gula and started raising him off of the floor. Everyone was now more aware and either said "no," "oh my gosh," and so on. I began breathing heavily and rage swelled up in me. I then slowly looked up at the Foreteller floating in the air having the life choked out of him.

      "You betrayed me," I said with rage. "You all betrayed ALL OF US! You used as pawns so we could clean up the mess you created and never know that upon that barren soil, people DIED because of you!" I then let go of Gula and he fell to the floor onto all fours and start coughing and managed to stand back up looking at me the whole time.

      "I never thought that the person that my ancestor," I said "no, that I called master would, along with the other masters, be the reason my ancestors died along with millions of other people. Never have I and my friends ever thought that Polemistis's, Kyrios's, Kidemonas's, and Aiton's lives would be cut short along with millions of others all because of five people." The Foretellers just looked down in shame. They were about to say something in defense, but then had nothing. I turned to leave and like the Red Sea parting, everyone behind my friends and I cleared a way and let us through. I walk out the door and down the stairs with my friends with the seven, union members, Lea, Donald, and Goofy following behind.

      Our apprentices remained in the room with Yen Sid and the Foretellers. They were in thought at what they heard.

      "So, it seems that you five betrayed them," Axeron said.

      "You know you too are guilty of wronging them," Aced replied.

      "We NEVER hid anything from them," Axeron replied. "We made our purposes quite clear. We realized our mistakes and asked for their forgiveness. We never lied to them and hid the truth from them. Can you all say the same?" The Foretellers looked down in despair as they cannot. The apprentices then walked out of the room leaving Yen Sid with the Foretellers.

      My friends and I were outside in the front lawn looking into space stunned, confused, hurt, and angry.

      "I don't know what to say..." Adrian said. He usually would give wisdom since he is the oldest among us, but him not knowing what to think really shows the gravity of the situation.

      "I don't want to believe it," Shane said. "I really don't, but I do."

      "So what does this mean for us?" Jack asked me.

      "I don't know pal..." I replied.

      "Hey, you shouldn't get so down," Sora said trying to comfort us. "I mean, your predecessors didn't know and you didn't either and probably for a good reason."

      "Yeah, they didn't want to hurt you or betray you all in any way," Riku followed. I started nodding and slowly turned around. I am angry and hurt and this only flared it.

      "Oh yes of course," I said in a sarcastic way. Now I completely faced him. "You would know that first hand of course. Isn't that right, TRAITOR?!" At saying "traitor," I snapped my right hand up and like what I did to Gula, I put my hand in a grabbing position and started choking Riku while raising him off the ground. Everyone had the same reaction as before.

      "You would know what it's like to betray someone close to you, wouldn't you ANSEM?!" I shouted at Riku bringing up the time he betrayed Sora and his entire home and helped bring ruin to the worlds. Riku was grabbing his throat and struggling.

      "No Ben please!" Sora pleaded. "Riku learned his mistakes! He paid me back by saving me from Master Xehanort and the Realm of LIght by locking himself in the Realm of Darkness! He did what he thought he deserved." I held Riku for a couple moments and then dropped him. He landed on all fours and gasped and coughed for air. He then got his breathing under control and stood up.

      "Yes, I did betray Sora and Kairi," Riku said. "I did indeed become Ansem. I regret what I did then, but Sora kept looking for me when I came out of the Realm of Darkness and I learned from my mistakes. I apologized for what I did and paid him back by saving him during our Mark of Mastery test. The Foretellers didn't want to hurt you by telling you the truth."

      "They should have told my ancestors then," I said. Riku couldn't reply as that was the consensus among them and they knew they couldn't deter me from my hurt.

      "Master Polemistis," I heard someone call. I look and see Axeron, Soraxan, Derron, and Braxon walk toward us from the tower. "I understand that you all are hurt and rightfully hurt. So I want to tell you all this to remember: may your heart be your guiding key. Whatever you all decide to do now, we your apprentices will support you completely." They then give the warrior's salute. I weakly smile and nod. The four of them open a corridor and leave the world.

      "I think we need to go home and need to each have alone time," I said. My friends all agreed on the idea and we each opened our own corridors and left the world.

      The seven lights, Donald, Goofy, and Lea were now the ones left.

      "Oooooohhhhhhh..." Goofy said.

      "Aaaahhhhh..." Donald followed.

      "I feel bad for them," Aqua said.

      "What do we do now?" Ventus asked.

      "Nothing perhaps," Mickey said. "We let them be until they are ready."

      "Man, I gotta tell you," Lea said "I feel like we have been used as well in this whole thing."

      "Maybe we were," Kairi said. "I think we all were used. I guess now it makes sense why they were so angry and hurt."

      "What do you guys-" Terra said to Ephemer and Skuld, but he stopped seeing as how they aren't there anymore. Everyone started looking around.

      "Oh great, they're gone," Terra said.

      "Where do you think they went now?"Sora asked. No one answered as they have no clue where the union members went off to.


      Ephemer and Skuld went up floor after floor of the Emperor's Pillar past the catacombs and when they reached the roof, they go up to the throne with the armored Keyblade wielder there holding a Royal Radiance Keyblade.

      "You're Majesty," Ephemer said and they both bowed. "The Supreme Elite have been told the truth." The armored emperor breathed in and out deeply.

      "So it has begun already," he said.

      "What now your Majesty?" Skuld asked.

      "This is only the beginning," the emperor replied. "Things will now take their course as they have been set in motion. I have an overall idea of where it all could go, but as to how, I am not certain."


      Nox walked through the dark room up to the throne with the black coated Keyblade wielder holding the original No Name Keyblade.

      "Master, they have been told the truth," he said. The figure chuckled.

      "Perfect," he said. "Now we can begin at last to start making fate go forward. Go and make sure to have the kingdoms on Earth searched. Also, make sure to make allies on that world. And don't forget, make sure to keep them... busy." Nox nodded. Now he gets his chance to finally exact the revenge on the four of them he has so longed for.

      "Are you ready Ronnie and Nick?" Nox said to the darkness. Ronnie and Nick stepped out into the dim light. They both had gold eyes and black highlighted hair with dark auras around them. They both smiled maniacally at the request.

      "Yes Nox," they replied in unison.

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Oh God, this chapter was tense, and I could feel the hurt Ben and the others were feeling! If I had been told a truth like that, that would have probably been my reaction as well! And also, I liked the clever way you titled this chapter! A great reference to Birth By Sleep! And wow man, listening to the Case Of The Foretellers while reading this chapter definitely enhanced the overall experience for me! What amazing epicness! The way you connected events of the games with your own events is well done! Great work man, I can't wait for more! :D

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Chapter 19: Distancing

      I walked out of my corridor onto my driveway at my place still in my Elite form. I didn't want to go to the school. I merely wanted nothing to do with a Keyblade or anyone related to it. I walk up the driveway into the house through the garage.

      "Hello? Mom? Dad?" I called. I see mom walking into the kitchen from the dining room and hear dad coming down the stairs.

      "Oh Ben, you're home," mom said. She came up to me and gave me a hug and kiss. "I thought you would be at the academy." Dad walking through the kitchen as well.

      "Hi buddy," he said. "I'm surprised you're home. So what's up?" My sister was at school as it was about eleven in the morning.

      "Mom, dad, I need to tell you both something important," I said and we sat down at the dinner table. I explained everything that just happened between myself, my friends, and the Foretellers. My parents kept quiet the whole time and just listened. I explained to them how the Foretellers's predecessors kept a secret from my ancestor (which I explained how he is quickly) and they kept that secret from my friends and I too as well as everyone they met in the Magic Kingdom. I expressed to them my feelings of hurt and betrayal and tried to hold back my tears and keep myself together. Mom and dad nodded as they listened and when I finished, there was a bit of silence between us. Finally, dad spoke up breaking the lull.

      "So your relatives were tricked into believing they were fighting people who served darkness," dad said "and then the very people who came from the original group kept that from you guys until you learned it yourselves."

      "Yeah, that's exactly it," I said slightly choked up. "Mom, dad, I feel absolutely... I don't know..." I started losing it a little and mom came over to me and gave me a hug.

      "Alright, alright," she said gently and in her motherly way. Then she let go and sat back in her chair.

      "I don't know what to do now," I said. "I mean, if I am merely nothing more than a tool, then... I don't know."

      "Well, I think you should pray about it," mom said. "Ben, you are no tool. I know my boy and he is brave, strong, and light-filled. You need to make a decision here and whatever you choose to do, we will support you." I wiped away the tears, blew my nose, and got myself together.

      "You're right, you're right," I said. "I'll go someplace where I can pray about this. Thank you. Love you." I gave them hugs and kisses and then left the house and opened a corridor and left. I knew a perfect place I could go to: the church, and not just any.

      Coming out of the corridor, I found myself in the La Cite des Cloches in front of Notre Dame. I look around and see people go to and fro doing their business. I look up the cathedral and go inside. Walking through the doors, I take a few steps in and look to the pews and see faithful Catholics spread dotting the pews. It must be Eucharistic Adoration and some have come to the cathedral to pray. I walk up the center aisle to the third pew from the front on the right side, genuflect, step sideways, kneel onto a kneeler (there were no seats, just kneelers), make the Sign of the Cross, fold my hands and pray. I close my eyes and let my soul do the talking. I needed to be enlightened by God. I had no idea what to do. I thought I was doing what I was supposed to do and that is to destroy the darkness and save the light. Instead, I learn I am nothing more than a pawn to correct the mistakes, rather the crimes, of five people. I felt Polemistis himself in my heart feel heavy because he clearly is still feeling sorrow from the discovery. He thinks he was killing Keyblade wielders of darkness, but learns thousands of years later that he murdered his friends and the person he called master is part of the reason that millions of Keyblade wielders died miserable deaths. It tore him apart as it tears me apart that I am now just a means to clean up their mess and sweep any responsibility of their under the rug.

      I open my eyes and look up at the sanctuary and remain in prayer. Then, I feel a hand on my right shoulder, look up and see the archdeacon with a gentle smile on his face. He nodded when I saw him and I smiled and felt so glad to see him. I stood up and shook his hand and he embraced me. I step out into the aisle, genuflect making the Sign of the Cross, and then we quietly leave the pews to the other side of the cathedral walking slowly.

      "My son, it is good to see you here," he said to me.

      "Likewise father," I replied. "Can we talk alone? I would like confession." He nods and we walk to a door that leads to a space in which the priest resides. He closes the door and we sit down.

      "In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti," he said in Latin.

      "Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been six months since my last confession," I replied while making the Sign of the Cross. I then proceed to tell him first my sins and then proceed to tell him what I learned recently from the Foretellers. I told the Archdeacon everything that they told me and how I was merely used to fix the wrongs of theirs and to possibly cover up this scandal in the end. I kept my emotions in check as I told him everything and he in the meantime listened the whole time with an unchanging expression and nodding as he listened. After I finished, there was a pause and the archdeacon was nodding a bit before he spoke up.

      "My son, what they did was wrong," he said. "They have sinned against God terribly and it is between them and the Lord. You are right in feeling hurt and sorrow. They betrayed you and your trust as well as your relative's. I only suggest you to consider this: whether to forgive them or not. That is between you and the Lord as well as it is your soul that you should consider. You do not need to reconcile though as forgiving and reconciling are two very different things. If they are truly sorry for their sins and ask for your forgiveness, forgive them. It is up to you to decide whether or not to reconcile with them. You are not in sin if you decide not to reconcile with them." I nodded and listened to everything he said.

      "For your penance, go to the cemetery and pray for the departed," he said. "Maybe it will give some consolation. Now I ask you pray a good act of contrition." I prayed the Act of Contrition I knew from home. After I finished, the archdeacon gave me the Absolution.

      "Dominus noster Jesus Christus te absolvat;" he said in Latin "et ego auctoritate ipsius te absolvo ab omni vinculo excommunicationis et interdicti in quantum possum et tu indiges. Deinde, ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen." I made the Sign of the Cross as he spoke and blessed with the Sign of the Cross. I looked up and smiled at him.

      "Go in peace my son," he said.

      "Thank you father," I replied. I get up and he tells me one more thing.

      "This evening, I will be praying the night prayer with other priests," he said. "You are more than welcome to join. I believe God will be pleased with your sincere repentance and give you His mercy."

      "I will be more than happy to do that father," I replied. Then I bade him farewell until the evening and left the room. I walked toward the cathedral doors and exit the cathedral and go on my way to the cemetery. I pass the townsfolk and they wave or nod in greeting and I return the favor. I felt very comforted by this. I need to be around normal people even though they are part of a different world. One that came to be because of Keyblade wielders that lived on Earth. I made it to the bridge and found heartless all over the place. I sighed, summoned my Keyblade and just took all of them out without the use of magic. I didn't feel like using magic anyway. After they were gone, I went on my way through the outskirts and then I approached the gate and came upon the cemetery.

      The atmosphere around me was exactly like I saw in HD3D and no different than when I was last here. I made the Sign of the Cross and slowly walked forward through the cemetery looking at all the graves around me. I stop at one where it had a stone slab over it with an image of a person in front of a headstone and kneeled down and put the tips of my fingers on the edge of the slab and lightly touched the edge. I prayed over the person that is lying before me.

      "At least you did not die by the hands of someone else," I said somberly. I then got up and continued to pray for the rest of the dead lying in the cemetery. Then I went through the catacombs and came out in the Old Graveyard. I continued to pray for all the dearly departed that are laid to rest here stopping by a common grave and bending down to pray for them. I slowly walk through the graveyard and then finally managed to come to the end of the cemetery. I then turned around and went back the way I came walking back toward the catacombs, through the other cemetery, through the outskirts, and onto the bridge heading back toward the city of Paris.

      I make it to the town outskirts where people were going about their business, but not in as great of numbers, when someone called out to me from behind.

      "You there! Stop!" they ordered. I freeze and look behind me and freeze. I see a man in judge's attire. To be precise, the attire I have seen Judge Claude Frollo and his son Judge Jean Claude Frollo have worn.

      "Judge Frollo?" I say confused. "How can you be here?" I see the man walking toward me with some soldiers and guards next to him. There is something rather different about Judge Frollo. He looks like Claude Frollo, but there are noticeable differences.

      "I am the judge of Paris," he said. "After my brother and nephew died, I was called to take their places." I was trying to put the pieces together and then it came to me.

      "Wait a minute," I said. "You're Judge Jehan Frollo! Claude Frollo's brother!" Jehan Frollo was not there when Claude Frollo was killed and Jean Claude Frollo followed. I have heard of him, but he was never talked about in this world.

      "At your service," he responded. "Now then, I will be asking the questions. I learned of my brother's and nephew's deaths because of some gypsies. The vermin murdered my brother and nephew for doing God's Will. How I was angered at hearing such news. Now I look for the three of them that killed them both. Have you any idea whom I may be referring to and where they are?" I start getting warm and sweating bullets. I slowly move backwards while they move forward slowly.

      "N-n-no, I do not," I said. Jehan Frollo now had suspicion and curiosity on his face.

      "Hm, you know, you look like you are one of the three behind the death of my nephew," he said. I merely kept walking away slowly.

      "Arrest him!" he ordered. The guards ran up to seize me and I turned and high tailed it out of there. The guards were running after me on foot and two were on horseback. I ran as hard as possible trying to get back to the cathedral. Reaching the bridge, I saw the horseman had made it there before me. I was surrounding on both sides. I looked back and forth between the two sides and then I teleport using lightning. The soldiers covered themselves and then they see I am gone.

      "Hggrrrgh, I know where he is," Jehan Frollo said.

      I teleported to town and I looked around to see where the soldiers are. I then hear slight sounds coming from them and then I run to the cathedral I look behind and see the soldiers coming from a corner and they catch me and come after me. I run to the cathedral and manage to make it to the doors. I open them and slam them shut.

      "Sanctuary! Father I need sanctuary!" I shout. Luckily none of the parishioners were in the church. The archdeacon opened the door quickly and ran to me.

      "My son! What is it?!" he asked. "Why do you need sanctuary?"

      "Father, Jehan Frollo learned I am the third person that was there that time his nephew fell and died," I said with panic. "He is trying to arrest me and surely put me in prison and then..." I swallowed hard knowing that I will be burned at the stake. The archdeacon was awestruck with the statement.

      "Jehan... Frollo..." he said. "He is just as bad as his brother. Do not worry, I will protect you." The doors to the church swung open and the judge and his guards came in.

      "There, seize him and bring him to the Palace of Justice," he ordered.

      "You WILL NOT touch him!" the archdeacon shouted at them causing them to freeze. "I highly suggest you respect the sanctity of the church or you will be like your brother and nephew." The judge had anger on his face and gritted his teeth.

      "He will be arrested," the judge said. "Arrest him!" The guards were about to step forward, but then a man stepped in front of me. Phoebus!

      "I highly suggest you all respect the law of sanctuary," he said. "Or would you rather I have the king's army come in and arrest all of you?" The judge growled and then turned and left the church. Phoebus turned toward me and smiled.

      "Phoebus, thanks," I said.

      "Of course," he replied. "Unfortunately, you can't leave the cathedral now. I will try to have something done to keep Frollo from arresting you." I nodded in thanks and then he left the church.

      "I absolved you from any sin before the nephew was gone," the priest told me. "You are innocent. If he executes you, it will be murder on his part. I am afraid though you must stay here." I nodded and he went off into the church. I decided to walk up to the roof of the cathedral and there, I looked out to the view of Paris and decided to just think.

      "Hey there," I heard someone next to me say. I look and see and it's Quasimodo. "Is something wrong?"

      "Hi Quasimodo," I replied. "I have a lot on my mind. I have Jehan Frollo trying to get me and arrest me. I have to stay here."

      "Oh well, I'm sorry it is that way," Quasimodo replied.

      "He's after you and Esmerelda as well, but primarily me," I said. "I was there when Jean Claude Frollo fell from the cathedral just like your master. I did what the archdeacon said I should do as I was executing God's Judgment. Now Frollo wants his revenge."

      "Oh, well, I will help in any way I can," the hunchback said. I nodded in thanks and he turned and went back into the bell tower. He then rang the bells for the hour.

      That evening, I used my magic and covered myself in my black coat and put my hood up. The bells were rang again by Quasimodo and the archdeacon proceeded with two other priests wearing Franciscan habits with hoods up and I fell in line praying with them as seen in the film first singing the Confiteor (I confess in latin) with the organ just as it was sung in the film. There was some light coming down from the windows enough to light some of the church, but there was shadow along the side of the church. I felt at peace as I prayed with the priests and felt relieved. It felt right and necessary.

      The next day, I woke up from my sleep in Quasimodo's quarters in the bell tower and I went down into the nave and then went to pray at the sanctuary saying good morning to Jesus. After I did so, I saw Quasimodo come down from the stairs looking for me and I approached him and we talked a little. Just then, Esmerelda came rushing in all worried.

      "Quasimodo! Guys! Phoebus has been captured!" she said. "Frollo has captured him and wants Polemistis to come out and face him." I am stunned in silence, but I breath in and out.

      "Let's go then," I say and we rush out into town and see Phoebus imprisoned in a cage with Jehan Frollo and his men surrounding the cage.

      "Ah, there you are gypsy," Jehan said to me irking me since I am a Roman Catholic. "See him here? He will be executed tonight for treason. Unless you give yourself up to me." He was looking right at me. I sucked it up and stepped forward.

      "Let him go," I said putting my arms forward. The gypsy and hunchback protested, but the guards already let the captain go and put me in cuffs and led me to a prison. The rest of my allies already went back to the cathedral to get help from the archdeacon. Latter that day at sunset after I was tried and convicted of murdering a public official, I was led from the prison to the square. I looked at the guards next to me and they don't look back and their eyes were covered. Then, one of them looks at me and takes off his helmet. I gasp at the sight.

      "Polemistis, you have also been found guilty of mass murder," the dark Keyblade wielder said. "You have been sentenced to death for that crime as well. What a pity how the mighty have fallen." I couldn't resist their grip of me and I was led to the square and then bound to the stake in a setup like Esmerelda's in the film. I try to summon my Keyblade, but it won't work. I can't do magic either.

      "Oh the rope binding you prevents you from using your magic and Keyblade," the same Keyblade wielder said. "Now you get to lose not only your powers, but everything you love all because of your crimes." He then walked off the platform laughing. Jehan then walked up the steps to the platform and glared at me.

      "You stand now ready to face the fires of Hell," he said. "Gypsies like yourself are to be burned and your witchcraft is also reason why. Now I have my revenge against you and once you are gone, they will be next." I knew who he was talking about. I saw them in the grasp of the other soldiers. Then he puts the torch to the firewood and lights it all on fire. Meanwhile, I am powerless to do anything as the fire grows slowly yet noticeably and the smoke increases. I merely look up into the sky and shed a tear that here and now, I will die.

      "God, into your hands, I commend my spirit," I said with sorrow and some weeping. I begin coughing as the smoke has started to enter into my lungs as I am suffering smoke inhalation. Suddenly, I hear someone land on the platform and look at them. They break the chains and unbind me from the stake. I widen my eyes at seeing the person.

      "NOCTIS?!" I shout. "How are you-?!"

      "Hang on!" he said. I grabbed onto him and he warped us to the top of the cathedral where Quasimodo had the cauldron of copper. There we see Quasimodo and his stone friends with the very same cauldron. The hunchback must have used the distraction to slip from the guards grasp and climb up the cathedral.

      "Out of the way!" he shouted. We moved and he poured the molten liquid and it flowed onto the floor and then it poured into the streets of the square blocking anyone from entering the cathedral.

      "Noctis, why are you here?" I asked him inside the bell tower in the room where Quasi placed the gypsy in the film.

      "I heard what happened with the Foretellers," he said. "I also had a bad feeling you were in trouble so my heart led me here."

      "Thank you," I said. We then walk out into the open and we see Jehan there coming through the door from the nave with sword in hand and enraged.

      "I will not be stopped by that same trick," he growled. Noctis and I then turned and ran and he came after us. We made it back to the center of the roof and were standing next to each other near the railing. Jehan had his focus on me.

      "I will destroy you gypsy for your murder of my brother and nephew," he said. "I will also destroy your gypsy friend too." He then swung his sword and I summoned my Keyblade and blocked the strike. The judge fought both myself and the Lucian on the roof and clearly has better skills than his relatives. He got Noctis to stand on the railing and I am on the other side of Frollo. The judge then took his cape and covered Noct's head and swung it down causing Noct to fall just like his brother did to Quasimodo. Noct fell and caught grasp of a ledge of the cathedral and hung on to the cape and pulled the judge down as well who is hanging at the bottom. He holds onto a ledge knowing the Lucian would let go of him and then finds a way to climb back up. Meanwhile, I grab onto Noct's hand and hold on. Frollo manages to climb back up onto a gargoyle and swings again. I have to fight him with my left hand as I held onto Noct with my right. It was tough and Frollo put my blade into the wall or even the gargoyle he stood on. Soon, he disarmed me and I slid a bit as Noct was still struggling to grab something. Frollo laughed in a maniacal way and raised his sword above his head.

      "And He shall smite the wicked and send them into the fires of Hell!" he shouted. Just then, like in the film, the gargoyle begins to give way and the judge tripped up and ended up hanging on to the head of it. Putting my Keyblade into the gargoyle weakened it. The judge held on for dear life as he was about to fall. Then, the gargoyle roared making the judge scream and then it gave way causing the judge to fall into the fiery molten copper and thereby fulfilling what he blasphemed just like his brother and nephew. Noctis wasn't able to grab anything and I was already beginning to fall myself. If he threw his sword to warp, he would have caused me to slip and fall into the copper myself. Just then, I feel three people grab me and I look to see it's my allies. They all pull Noct and I up onto the roof. Down below, the dark Keyblade wielders are being killed by warriors of light and Frollo's soldiers are arrested.

      "Thank you," I said.

      "Of course, we couldn't let you guys die," Esmerelda said. The hunchback and captain agreed too. Then they turned and went into the church to speak to the priest leaving myself and the Lucian alone. I turn to him.

      "Thank you Noctis," I said and we bumped wrists.

      "Hey, I have some place I want to take you," he said. "I think you'll like it."

      "Thanks, but I don't know," I said unsure if I want to go to any other world.

      "I insist," he replied. "Besides, your friends will be there." A corridor then opens for us.

      "Where are we going?" I asked as we walked toward the corridor.

      "A place I have wanted you guys to see for a while," he said with a smile. I knew exactly where we were going now.

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Wow, what a heartfelt chapter! I can't even begin to imagine the pain Ben and his friends must be feeling! And OMG, yet another Frollo!? The Frollo family lineage is bad to the core! xD

But yes, this was an awesome chapter! Can't wait to see what's next! :D

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Chapter 20: Kingdom of Lucis

      We walked through the corridor heading toward the place Noctis wanted to take me for a while. It was quiet between us in the beginning, but then I finally spoke up.

      "So... Noctis," I said "how long have you wanted to take us there?"

      "Well, for a while now," he replied. "It was when we were helping you fight the Dark Elite. After visiting your world, I immediately thought you guys should be shown my world." I nodded and then we step out into Noctis's world.

      "Welcome to Insomnia, the Crown City of Lucis," he said. I looked up and around and it's everything Final Fantasy XV had depicted. We were in the courtyard in front of the palace gates. I could tell we were just outside the palace. I could only look upward as I could not believe the majesty of the place. Majesty is the word to describe Insomnia for obvious reasons. We took a few steps forward and then stopped. Noctis merely looked at me with a slight smile on his face as he saw my awestruck gaze.

      "Noctis..." I was able to say. I didn't know what to say. I was literally speechless.

      "Nice to see someone surprised," he said. "Let's go. The rest of you are with Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto." I looked at Noct and nodded and we walked forward walking into the palace entrance. There gathered around are Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio talking with my friends. They all turn their attention towards us.

      "Greetings Master," Ignis said bowing. I realized that he was referring to me since I am a Keyblade master.

      "Hi guys," I said to everyone and then turn my attention toward my friends.

      "So when did you guys get here?" I asked them.

      "Well we actually all went home and told our families what the Foretellers told us," Adrian replied. "I merely decided to head to Twilight Town and sat up on the clock tower and was alone for a while. Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw Gladiolus there and well, here I am."

      "I actually went to the Keyblade Graveyard," Jack said. "I decided that on our behalf, it would be the right thing to do to... apologize... for the errors of our predecessors. I merely bent down at different Keyblades and just apologized or merely kept quiet. I look behind me and see Prompto all skittish."

      "I wasn't skittish! I was... a little nervous. That's all," Prompto said in protest.

      "Oh come on, you were scared stiff," Gladio replied.

      "Anyway, Prompto invited me to follow him and here I am," Jack finished.

      "I went to Destiny Islands," Shane said. "Sora and company didn't know I was there. In fact, I didn't want them to know. I wanted alone time. I just stood at the shore and just looked out in thought. I wanted to try and clear things up in my head. I saw Ignis walk up next to me and before I knew it, I am standing here talking to you."

      "And speaking of being here," Ignis interjected. "I think it would be proper if we showed you around the city. What say you Noct?"

      "Sounds good specs," Noct replied. He then put an arm around my shoulders. "I'll show Polemistis here around. Why don't you guys split up like you were before?"

      "I'm all for that," Prompto replied.

      "Same here," Gladio followed.

      "Shall we give the tour then?" Ignis asked. We all nodded and split up the way we did before. While Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto showed my friends the city, Noctis showed me around the palace. It was quiet amazing with all the hallways and rooms. The place was absolutely huge. I don't think any castle on Earth could match the size of the royal palace. Not even Versailles could hold a candle to this. It really is like a city within a castle. The architecture and artwork is exactly as depicted in Final Fantasy XV. It looked almost completely realistic in the game, but seeing it in real life gives it a whole new meaning. We passed by butlers, maids, and servants throughout the palace. They bowed to Noctis and greeted me as well using the same royal greeting. It made me wonder why because I am no citizen nor am royalty. Sure I am one of the Supreme Elite, but that's merely a title given to my ancestors thousands of years ago by... the very same people they killed. I almost got choked up thinking about this, but I had to forget it came to mind or I'd embarrass myself.

      Noctis pointed out the different places within the castle and the different rooms. He told me so much that it's hard to remember it all. He told me all about the different rooms in the castle and of the different inhabitants and what they must do. He talked all about the Kingsglaive, the guard that he directly commands. They protect the king and the city of Insomnia. When the king falls, their powers fail and cannot fight the way they are supposed to as they failed to protect the life of the monarch and of the city they are sworn to defend. He then talked about the King's Shield and their job as the personal bodyguards to the royal family. It was all so fascinating even though I already knew about it. Noctis telling the stories made it more interesting.

      Finally, we walk through a pair of very large doors and enter the throne room. It was all exactly as I have seen.

      "Wow..." I said awestruck.

      "Yup," Noctis replied. "I figured you'd get a kick out of this." We both walked into the center of the room and then stopped as I looked up and around. Then I turn my gaze toward above the throne and saw the crystal, the heart of the world.

      "That's the crystal, the heart of Eos," I said.

      "Yessir, that's what keeps this world alive," Noct replied. "My job is to make sure it stays safe." I look at Noctis and see him walking toward the right staircase and went up the stairs. He then reaches the throne, steps in front, and then sits on the throne somewhat in the same position like in the Final Fantasy Versus XIII poster of him except his legs were not crossed. I then remembered a very important detail.

      "Oh, so then, you're really King Noctis Lucis Caelum..." I said. He just nodded. I then give the Keyblade warrior's salute, go on one knee, and bow.

      "Stop the formalities," he said waving his hand in a brushing motion. "You know me when it comes to that formal stuff. Besides, it should be the other way around. I may be the king, but you have more king in you than me." I then stood back up

      "Noct, you know fully well that's bull crap," I said. "You were the True King and still are. I think you are where you should be."

      "My husband doesn't like when people have manners towards him," a female voice said. It was coming from behind me so I turned and I gasp as I see walking in Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, the queen of Lucis and oracle.

      "Luna! Er, uh... Queen Lunafreya!" I said correcting myself. I bowed to her the same way I bowed to Noctis. She bowed her head and we both rose. Her features were gentle and her smile was gentle. Everything about her was gentle like a ballerina and yet she was strong and tough.

      "My husband doesn't like when people show manners," she teased.

      "That's not true! I just... don't like all the formalities. It makes me all antsy," he protested. I merely chuckled some as did Luna.

      "It's a pleasure to meet you Master Polemistis," she said. I nodded, grabbed her hand, and kissed the top of it. With someone like Luna, you BETTER be a gentlemen or you'll turn her off. At least, that's how I viewed it.

      "Noctis? I was wondering, why was I given a royal greeting by the servants?" I asked.

      "Well, you are royalty now," he replied. "In fact, all of you guys are."

      "But I'm from Earth," I said. "I'm a natural-born American citizen like the rest of us Elite and I have no Lucian blood running in my veins."

      "Clearly, you've forgotten what I, King Noctis Lucis Caelum XIV, can do," he said. He then sat upright in the throne. "Remember when I went to Earth and saw your leader? I met the President of the United States, remember? I actually talked about making you guys royalty of the Lucian line. Well, I learned in your Constitution that something like that is illegal. Luna also warned me against doing that saying the astrals may not take to it kindly. However, the president did allow me to make you guys citizens of Lucis while keeping your United States citizenship. Even though I can't make you guys part of the Lucian line, you are still the Supreme Elite and so I told everyone to greet you like you all are part of the line of kings." I was just stunned at hearing all of this. Noctis wanted to make my friends and I part of the Lucian line of kings. He wanted to make us part of the Lucis Caelum lineage and make us heirs to the crown! Just that intention alone blew me away. Sure it's illegal under the U.S Constitution, but Noct still made us Lucian citizens.

      "Noct... I... I don't know what to say..." I said stunned. "I mean, after seeing you with that cat before purging the scourge, I knew you had a soft side, but then to hear you do this..."

      "Noctis can be very thoughtful," Luna told me. "He was actually more thoughtful toward you four than me."

      "No! I mean... I'm thoughtful toward you," Noct said defensively. She chuckled and went up to the throne to sit with him.

      "Noct, I can't thank you enough for the thoughts," I said.

      "Ah, it's nothing," he replied. "Your president in those negotiations was tough, but he was a nice guy. Mickey was there too and I like him; he's a cool guy. Well now that you're all official Lucians, you guys need to dress like us." I looked at my clothes.

      "What? What's wrong with these?" I asked.

      "They aren't from here and you'll stick out like a sore thumb," he replied. "I have some clothes for you. I think they'll fit you okay." Servants came up, bowed to the king and queen, and then led me off to change into my Lucian outfit. I guess now that my friends and I are official Lucians, now we need to dress like them. I guess we are now becoming Lucians.


      The Foretellers went to Twilight Town to the clock tower and sat up there. The fallout from revealing the truth was not pretty. Yen Sid asked them about the truth and they opened up. He too looked distress at learning the truth. Although he was forgiving, he told them that they need to go to a place in solitude and reflect on what they did and their decision to keep quiet the truth. They decided here at the clock tower. The Keyblade Graveyard would only fuel their guilt and no other world had a true quiet place to think. The only thing the five of them heard from the tower was the small breeze. All of them sat looking into space somberly. They felt awful at what transpired.

      "I feel just awful," Ava said.

      "Were we right in keeping it quiet?" Invi asked.

      "We weren't right at all," Ira replied. "We were wrong not telling them the truth. It only turned out that we were keeping it from more than just them."

      "Now that everyone knows, they lost trust in us," Aced followed up.

      "I don't think so," Gula said. "You know, I remember learning that my ancestor prayed that Polemistis could one day forgive him and the rest of our ancestors. They didn't tell the first Supreme Elite the truth and instructed the successors to not tell the truth either. Only those that succeeded them could know. I guess the chicken flew the coop in the end."

      "Perhaps we give them time to think," Ira suggested. "Maybe in time, they will come to forgive us. As for reconciling... I am not sure if they will reconcile with us."

      "I hope they will," Ava said. They all got up, left the clock tower, and decided to walk around town. There was no one walking through the commons so it was quiet. Just then, a voice spoke up; a very... familiar voice. All the Foretellers freeze looking around for where the voice is coming from.

      "Oh how the Foretellers betrayed the Supreme Elite!" the voice mockingly said. "How could they cover up such a scandal?!"

      "They are just like their forebearers," a second familiar voice. "They cover up their misdeeds and their crimes."

      "What are they to do now that no one trusts them?" a third familiar voice asked.

      "Well, why don't we just ask them?" a fourth familiar voice said. The Foretellers then turn, look up onto the roof of a building and lo and behold, there standing on top is the Dark Elite. Dark auras cover them all as they stand with their arms crossed and maniacal grins on their deathly pale faces.

      "The Dark Elite?" Aced said. "But... how can this be?"

      "How are you here?!" Invi demanded.

      "Why we are just here doing our duty," Polemos replied. "Seeing the truth come out is most comical and wonderful. Now the plans he has can go forward."

      "Plans? Who are you in league with?" Ava asked them. The Dark Elite merely chuckled and disappeared into dark corridors. The Foretellers did not understand how the Dark Elite are here. All they understand is this is not a good sign. If the Dark Elite are here in the Realm of Light, who else could be here too? More importantly, who are they working with?

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Yowza, the Dark Elite are back! This is bad! I'm sure the Foretellers are gonna be all worried now! Wow, and it was so nice of Noctis to make Ben and friends citizens of Lucis and have them be treated like royalty, that's badass!

Also, congrats for over 1000 views on your story, man! Keep up the great work! :D

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Chapter 21: Becoming a Lucian

      I was taken to Noct's room and there, I was placed in the middle of the room. Meanwhile, the maids and butler grabbed clothes and helped me undress from what I am wearing now. As I have one piece taken off, it's replaced with a Lucian version of it. I realized about half way through my dressing, I was putting on one of Noct's old outfits. I have my small jacket with a train that goes down to the half way point of my calves and t-shirt taken off and then I had a black t-shirt put on and then a black jacket with a collar put on and zipped up completely. My fingerless gloves were taken off and then black gloves placed on. I then had my shoes taken off and then my hakama pants after and then had black pants put on and then black boots. I seemed to have had everything put on and so the butler and maids take me in front of a mirror and looking at my reflection, I see me dressed in Noctis's Final Fantasy Versus 13 outfit. I guess the outfit I remember Noctis wearing in Versus 13 was one of multiple ones and it seems he decided not to wear this a while ago. I just took it all in as the maids and butler stood by.

      "Is it okay Master Polemistis?" the maid asked.

      "It's perfect," I replied still looking at my reflection. I then turn to face them.

      "Then I believe we shall go before his majesty and show him," she replied. I nodded and then we walk out of his room and walk back to the throne room doors. The maid told me to wait just before the doors for a second and so the doors opened wide and she walked in. Noctis and Luna were sitting together at the throne still.

      "Your majesty," the maid said. "I present to you the new citizen of Lucis, Master Polemistis of the Supreme Elite." She then stepped aside and I figured that was my cue so I take a small breath in and walk through the doors and stand in the middle of the throne room.

      "Your majesty," I said bowing and then standing upright.

      "Wow, you look better than I do in those," Noctis complimented. "I came across these after you guys fought the Dark Elite and figured that they were best worn on someone else. I then realized the outfit would be best suited for you since I never wore it. Now, you're a real Lucian. He then got up from the throne along with Luna and they walked down the stairs on opposite sides and walked toward me. He then held out his hand and smiled slightly. I smiled slightly as well and shook his hand. Luna gave me a nod which I returned.

      "Hey, so why don't you and I walk and talk some?" the king suggested. "I think now that you are one of us, you learn what it's like to be a Lucian."

      "I think that's a great idea," I replied. We bade Luna farewell until later and she went off to do her thing. Meanwhile, Noctis and I walked throughout the castle and parts we did not get to. This was a perfect time for asking Noct some questions and important ones at that.

      "So Noct, I am curious about the Lucis Caelum line," I said. "Mind telling me about it?"

      "Oh yeah! I never told you about the royal line," he said. I already had a general idea about the line of Lucian kings and queens and the Ring of the Lucii that all of them had to wear before it was destroyed. Noctis though told me about stories that I never knew about the royal line in regards to specific monarchs. He didn't know their names, but knew their stories. He even explained to me the Lucis these ancestors of his knew hundreds of years ago in what I consider the Middle Ages in Earth's timeline. He explained the Royal Arms and the use for each one of them and their separate short stories including his father's sword. Noctis even briefly talked about his grandfather, Mors Lucis Caelum. He explained all of this to me as we walked throughout the castle and actually went to his room. Arriving there, we were silent for a bit. Now, I had my chance to ask him an important question.

      "Noctis," I said. He turned to look at me. "I know what you and your friends did to save Insomnia, Lucis, and all of Eos. I know you are the True King and I know that you gave up your life to fulfill your purpose. I know everything that happened. There is one thing I don't know and want you to explain: how are you and Luna here? Why did Jack, or Aiton rather, find you as one of Hades's pawns?" Noctis looked down and off to the side. He then turned toward the windows and took a few steps toward them. He then answered me without turning around.

      "After I gave up my life, I found myself in the afterlife with Luna," he explained. "We were together at last for all eternity and couldn't be happier. Time didn't seem existent when we were together. We sat in that very same throne room we were just in with the crystal in the afterlife, just the two of us. Then, the doors open and we see a figure with gray skin, orange eyes, and blue fire for hair and wearing a black tunic with a skull on it walk in. He told us that Lucis and Eos are in danger as a darkness that is worse than the Starscourge is approaching and told us he could have us return to Lucis, turn the clock back on all of our ages, and restore Ignis's sight. However, there was a catch. I had to go with him and Luna returns to Insomnia. He also conditioned that I had to accept darkness into my heart and do what he said. I accepted the terms and I went with him to the Underworld while Luna returned to Insomnia. The rest is history as Aiton saved me and I learned that I was merely a tool that would never get my freedom." He then turned around and faced me.

      "So that's it," he finished. "That's why we're here. That's why Ignis has his sight and why we all look like ourselves when it all started."

      "Wow," I said. "So Hades wanted to use the situation in Lucis and in the Realm of Light to get you to fall in line with his plans. He has been trying to lead a coalition to taking over the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and you accepting the darkness will allow him to send you there and take over the kingdom. Heh, what goes around, comes around eh? I haven't forgotten the time you told me about your training with Gladio years ago. You said your father gave you a role model when you were struggling and frustrated."

      "Oh yeah," he said. "Here, take a look." He then brought me over and showed me an engraving from the times from the early days of Lucis's founding. To put it in Earth's timeline, this looked like it came from the ancient days of the Roman Empire. It had a picture of a boy that looked like me and had a sword that looked like my Keyblade.

      "Hey, is this the thing you said your father showed you?" I asked.

      "Yeah, this is you, or rather, your predecessor," Noct replied. "My father told me that before Lucis came to be, there was an ancient kingdom named Solheim. Dad told me that towards the end of Solheim's days, people learned and told the story of a warrior of light that held a sword shaped like a key. The warrior was described in detail and someone decided to create an image what he looked like. Dad told me the story went on to say that one day, that warrior will go on to purge a darkness deeper than the scourge that plagues our star and save all of the light." I looked at the image of me for a bit.

      "Hmph, it is just a fairy tale," I said. "I don't think I will be that guy. Besides, I don't do anything alone. I have my friends standing with me and my family to support me. The four of us are brothers and we have each other." I heard Noctis chuckle a bit

      "Heh, you sound kind of like us," he said with a smile. "So dad told me that I should take on after this warrior and use him as a role model. I eventually learned his name and then realized who he was. That's when I heard of the Supreme Elite and who they are. You guys are pretty cool." I just smiled and nodded.

      "Thanks Noctis," I said and we bumped wrists. We then went down and met up with my friends and Noct's friends in a dining hall. I jumped at seeing them for they were wearing Lucian clothes similar to mine.

      "I see you guys were also given the memo," I said. "With that, nice outfits."

      "Same with you," Shane replied. "You look good in that." I nodded.

      "I like these clothes," Jack said. "Thanks for all the hospitality."

      "But of course," Ignis said. "It is our pleasure."

      "Got to make you walk and talk like us," Gladio said.

      "Yeah, and those clothes on you look awesome," Prompto followed.

      "Well, you guys think we should go back home?" I asked my friends.

      "Hey, stay a while," Noctis persuaded.

      "Master, I agree with his majesty," Ignis said. "You have had a rough few days with the Foretellers telling you the truth and you were nearly burned at the stake recently by a corrupt judge."

      "Iggy's right," Prompto followed. "You guys have been through a lot. Stay a while with us."

      "Wouldn't be fun seeing you guys just hitch outta here after moving around," Gladio said. The four of us looked at each other and nodded.

      "Alright, we'll stay for a little longer," Adrian said.

      "Whoo hoo! Sleepover!" Prompto cheered. Gladio just rolled his eyes and Ignis sighed and shook his head. Us Elite just chuckled.

      We had our dinner in the grand dining hall and were served some of the best food Lucis had to offer. There was still sunlight, but it was starting to set. After being shown our own rooms for the night, we went off and each did our own thing. I decided to walk around the city of Insomnia. I exited the citadel and went through the streets of the Crown City just to look around. People walked to and fro going about their own business. I merely looked around and watched as life in the Crown City. People were dressed in fashion that is similar to back home on Earth. The people acted not much different than people back in my world although a bit kinder. It was like I was in my own world except I am not. As I walked, some people waved at me and others called me out saying hello. I returned the greetings with a smile on my face. It was nice and it was amazing.

      I then decided to find a very specific place. I went back to the citadel and I looked around and finally found the Crownsguard room where they train. I just looked around a bit strolling slowly.

      "I see you found the Crownsguard room," a voice from behind me said. I look behind me and it's Noctis again.

      "Yeah, I wanted to see where this was," I replied.

      "This was where I trained under Gladio for so long," Noctis said. "It was tough and I couldn't get it and gave up a few times. He still kept on helping me and, well, got me to where I am now."

      "I believe it is a little surprising the Keyblade did not choose you to be honest," I said to him.

      "Nah, as someone who is the True King, I definitely won't be a Keyblade wielder," Noct replied. "Well, I did make you a Lucian. Now, you have to fight like one." I stood facing him completely as he was standing on the opposite side of the room. He summoned his Sword of the Father and took stance.

      "C'mon, summon your Keyblade," he said. I summoned Ultimate Apocalypse and took stance as well.

      "Show me what you got!" Noct said. He used Warp Strike and I used Blitz Raid and we clashed. We push off separating ourselves and then go at it again. Seeing as how we don't have all the space in the world in this room, we have to be careful not to get carried away. Noctis was tough all the way around. He was exactly as I remembered him last time. We fought a while back when I was doubting my abilities. He did not like me doubting myself and fought me to prove to him that I don't doubt myself. Now I had to prove I can fight like a Lucian.

      We fought hand on hand only. Any magic we used for for warping and teleporting. We used it often when fighting each other. Sometimes, we would warp and teleport (he warps, I teleport) and fight like what Noctis did when fighting Ardyn. Soon, we got into a stalemate when I parry and back kick Noctis send him sliding backwards. He bent over and panted some.

      "Man, you're good," he said. "I think you've proven you can fight like a Lucian." I stood up completely from my stance and unsummoned my Keyblade. Noctis manages to stand up, unsummon his sword and we walk toward each other in the center of the room and grab hands.

      "Good match," he said.

      "Same with you," I replied. It was a fine day. Even though I wanted to go home, I am glad we are staying for the night. It was time well spent as now us Supreme Elite have become Lucians.

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Whoa, what an awesome chapter! I really loved it, and good God, that bit of backstory about Noctis and Hades coming to them to offer them another chance at life was surprising! But, as Hades is always someone who plays dirty, it was logical that he wouldn't keep his end of the bargain! Wow! And also, the Supreme Elite as Lucians are pretty awesome! And I loved the story of Solheim as well! :3


Great work, as always, man! :D

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Chapter 22: Rage Awakened

      I woke up the next day to a bright day. It was possibly around nine o'clock in the morning. I get up, clean myself up, put my Lucian clothes on (the servants were good in cleaning them last night and returning them), and went out of my room. I look to see the king and queen, but unsurprisingly, Noctis is still asleep with Luna not there anymore. I see the sheets all folded where she was. I merely rolled my eyes at seeing him still asleep and went off downstairs. I walk into the dining hall and see Luna eating breakfast all alone with a butler by her side. She noticed me and looked up and smiled.

      "Good morning Master Polemistis," she greeted me.

      "Please, call me Ben," I replied. "Good morning your majesty." She had a look of confusion.

      "Ben? I beg your pardon, but I thought your name is Polemistis," she inquired.

      "Well, you see, I really have two identities," I said and then I went on to explain my ancestor and what he did to remain alive for thousands of years. I then explained my story and how I came across the Keyblade and where. I also explained my friends too and their first names too. Lunafreya had fascination and intrigue on her face as I told the story. Meanwhile, I had my breakfast given to me. It was of eggs and toast with butter with bacon. Luna and I talked about multiple things. She asked me about the Keyblade because she knew only a little bit about it. I asked her about her duties as oracle and about her family and she explained how the position of oracle came to be. It was a good conversation with her. My friends came in as Luna and I were talking.

      "Morning your majesty," Shane said. All of them bowed at the same time.

      "Good morning, Adrian, Shane, and Jack," she said nodding acknowledging them. They walked to their chairs and sat down and their plates with their breakfast was handed to them. Luna began talking to them about the same stuff she discussed with me and they explained summing up what I told her. She then changed topic.

      "Goodness, is my husband still in bed?" she asked.

      "Yup, he still is," I responded. I then hear footsteps and in comes Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto.

      "Morning your majesty, masters," Ignis said.

      "'Sup guys?" Prompto said.

      "Is his majesty still getting his beauty sleep?" Gladio asked.

      "Yeah, yeah," I replied. I then snapped my fingers and then had an idea. "I just had a great idea. He needs to be woken up right?"

      "Oh yeah, I see where you're going," Gladio said.

      "Um... I am not sure if this is exactly a good idea," Ignis said.

      "What?" Prompto asked. Gladio just looked at him. "Ooooohh... yeah let's do it!" The Lucians and I went to Noct's room quietly and we slowly and quietly crept in. He was still asleep. We all quietly grabbed the corners of the bed and got into position.

      "NOCTIS! WAKE UP!" we all screamed and then pulled up sending Noctis into the air. He was screaming and flailing while in the air.

      "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" he shouted.

      "C'mon sleeping beauty, time to seize the day," Gladio said.

      "I believe his majesty has royal affairs to tend to," Ignis said. "And her majesty is waiting in the dining hall for you."

      "Yeah! Can't keep everyone waiting you know," Prompto followed. Noct sighed.

      "Alright, alright," he said. "I'm up now. By the way, who is the wise guy that came up with scaring the hell out of me?" I merely smiled and laughed. Noct looked at me and just smirked and shook his head. He then went off to get dressed and get ready for the day. I decided to step outside of the citadel for a bit and just take the day in. I walk down floor after floor and then out of the doors and onto the steps. I walk down some and stop and just breath it all in and look around.

      "Hey Ben," I hear someone in front of me say. I look down the steps and my mouth opens in shock as I see Sora walking up the steps wearing not his KH3 clothes, but Lucian clothing. I could tell what he is wearing is based on Noctis's outfit.

      "Sora?" I said. "How are you here? Why are you here?"

      "I had a feeling that you were not entirely okay so I came here," Sora said. "I'm your friend and I don't leave friends behind." I smiled and gave Sora a hug.

      "Thanks bud," I said. I let go and then look behind me to see Noctis walking down the steps. He wasn't wearing his royal robes, but was wearing his regular clothing.

      "Sora? I'm surprised you're here," Noct said. Sora waved at the king.

      "Hi Noct!" he said gleefully. "I figured I might as well stop by and say hello to you guys. Ben was also on my mind as well and I figured I might as well see how he is."

      "Meanwhile, you fools set up a trap for all of you!" a voice said. We look down the steps and see a mixture of dark Keyblade wielders with keys in hand and Lucians with nasty looking swords in hand. They were standing at the base of the stairs. There were about thirteen of them with some wearing dark armor and some wearing only dark clothes.

      "Who are you?!" Sora shouted.

      "Us? We're merely here just executed justice for a certain someone here," a Keyblade wielder said and then he looked at me. Immediately, rage and other negative emotions started running through me. A woman in armor then stepped in front of us.

      "I don't think you boys should be fighting guys like these," she said. It was Aranea.

      "Aranea?" I said. She turned and looked at me.

      "Hey handsome, are these guys bullying you?" she asked.

      "Heh, they are making my blood boil," I replied.

      "In order to take care of business, it needs to be just you all and us," a Lucian said. Then, like in the Kingdom Hearts series, a barrier surrounded us and blocked off the doors.

      "Noct!" Ignis called. When they tried to run to us, they hit the barrier and were pushed back.

      "What the hell?" Gladio exclaimed.

      "It's some sort of barrier," Prompto said. Luna was with them.

      "Be careful Noctis!" she called to him.

      "Got it!" he responded. Sora and I summoned our Keyblades and Noctis summoned his armiger with all thirteen weapons floating and rotating around him. Aranea got into stance with her sword in hand and the three of us stood next to her. All the dark Keyblade wielders and Lucians lined up in a row next to each other and both sides charged. I ended up taking on three people composing of two Keyblade wielders and a Lucian, Aranea faced two Lucians and a Keyblade wielder, Sora faced three Keyblade wielders, and Noctis faced three Lucians and a Keyblade wielder. He had to use his armiger to fight all three of them at the same time. The rest of us fighting one-on-three have to fight to the death to stay alive because Lucians are tough fighters and aligning with Keyblade wielders only makes it tougher. In my case, I didn't care. My rage and anger at the mere reminder of what I have learned came back into mind and I fought with sheer aggressiveness putting them all on their heals. I used my magic and hand-on-hand combat all at the same time mixing it up going back and forth. I fight one with my Keyblade and then hit the other with magic. They don't know what to expect as I keep it unpredictable. Then in one motion, I spin and slash through all of their abdomens putting my blade halfway into their bodies. They all freeze and then fall to the ground dead. I head over to Sora's side and help finish off his enemies. Noctis and Aranea partner up and finish off their enemies as well.

      All the enemies disintegrate into dark energy and their heart float up to Kingdom Hearts. We are all breathing for breath as the barrier comes down and Noct's friends, his wife, and my friends all come running toward us from the citadel.

      "You guys okay?" Jack asked us all.

      "Yeah, no problem," Sora replied. "How about you Ben?" I said nothing as I was still calming down. They all noticed.

      "Ben? You okay?" Gladio asked. I still said nothing for a moment and then replied.

      "Yeah, I'm fine," I replied.

      "You sure?" Sora asked.

      "I said I am fine!" I snapped. Everyone grew silent. I sighed.

      "I'm sorry," I said. "What they said before, it just brought back the bad memories on what the Foretellers told us."

      "We felt bad too because we felt used too," Sora said. "We were just as part of it as you were so we know how you feel." I smirked.

      "Maybe not because my ancestor learned he murdered people he called friends because of their deceit," I replied.

      "He may not understand that, but at least give him credit where it's due," Noctis said. I nodded and we all turned to go back inside the citedel, but then we hear some strange sound like a creature roaring. I look behind and I see a maralith, the very same creature Noctis and company fought in Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. It looked exactly like the creature in Brotherhood. We all gasped at seeing the thing.

      "A daemon?" Noct said.

      "How the hell is it here?" Aranea asked.

      "I don't know, but I can tell it's after us," I said. The creature shrieked and hissed as it slithered up closer to us and bared its swords. All of us, the Lucians and us Elite, summoned out weapons and surrounded the daemon. It shrieked again and then started attacking starting with me. It was fast and I had to fight just as fast especially since it had six swords. It lunged toward me and I merely teleported behind it just above head level and threw my Keyblade at its head hitting it. It jolted and then screeched again. Soon, it started going after Noctis and then everyone started attacking everyone. When it got overwhelmed by attacks, it spun around creating a swirl with its tail and hitting all of us just so it can create room for itself and then attack again.

      It lunged toward Luna and was about to kill her when Noctis and Gladio sliced off two arms. It stopped what it was doing and was screeching again in pain. Aranea struck it across the middle of its back and Adrian struck it across its back making it scream. My friends then jumped and sliced off the last arms making it reel in pain like in the anime. I then stepped in front of it and then stabbed it right in the middle of the body just above where the abdomen turns into snake tail. It screamed in pain and there my anger flared. I then grit my teeth and then twist my Keyblade ninety degrees counterclockwise where the creature was screaming more. I then turn it one hundred eighty degrees the other way where now it is sounding somewhat like it is crying in bursts.

      "Ben! Stop! It's done now!" Adrian called out to me.

      "It's finished! End it now!" Ignis shouted too.

      "Stop Ben! Can't you tell it's had enough?!" Sora pleaded. I did not listen. My rage was my only thing I paid attention to. I turned my Keyblade ninety degrees to its initial position and pulled it out and then I jump up and behead the thing silencing it forever. I was gasping for breath looking at the beheading remains. Sora slowly walked towards me trying to see if I am okay. I then grit my teeth again and scream to the heavens while creating a humongous column of fire that consumed the daemon and burn it while turning it back into darkness. After the fire dissipates, I turn around to see Sora walking toward me. I immediately lose it there and embrace him tightly as I wept heavily. All that the Foretellers told us, all the harm we have done, all of the people we have hurt in the process, all the betrayal we have endured, all of the people we have lost... I mean, I just lost it there sobbing.

      "S-s-s-sora, why?" I managed to say while sobbing. Sora kept quiet and just embraced me.

      "It's alright, it's okay," he said softly. I continued to weep bitterly until I finally pulled myself together, wiped away my tears and cleared my throat. I then walked up to the group.

      "I think it's time we go home," I said to my friends.

      "That's a good idea," Shane said. We bade the Lucians farewell and then went in a corridor to go back home.

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Posted 03 May 2017 - 08:42 PM

Gahhh, the tension! The betrayal! The sheer madness of it all! Brilliantly done, and the choice of words for the chapter title was a stroke of genius! :3


Wow, when Ben gets mad, he really gets mad! This was awesome stuff! Can't wait for more! :D

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I agree with TranscendentKey, this was masterfully done

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Chapter 23: A Time for Understanding

      When we left Lucis, Sora left at the same time as well. The four of us walked through our corridor in silence. I had much to think about. Truly, I had not fully recovered from what the Foretellers told me. I was betrayed by my very own master. My ancestor called Gula a friend. He trusted him and now, millennia later, he learns that he was set up and not a warrior, but a murderer. Polemistis murdered people he once called friends. It is the same with the rest of them; they were also betrayed by their own masters. They called their masters friends. To make this all worse, the Foretellers kept this all quiet and hoped we would fix the mess they made without knowing so their treachery would be covered up and never brought to light. It made me question my role in the Keyblade War and then fighting the Dark Elite. Was I really the bad guy after all? Am I the one in the wrong? Am I really the one bringing about the chaos and ruin? Are my brothers doing the same as well? Am I really no different than Polemos? All these questions were rushing through my head and making me feel anger and stress. I still kept quiet until we got back to our world. We walk out onto the courtyard in the rear of the academy. It was later in the day as it was around four in the afternoon. We stood in silence in the courtyard.

      "Well... what do we do now?" Jack asked.

      "I think we all need to just live our lives for now," Adrian suggested. The rest of us nodded in silence and then went home to our own homes with our own families.

      The next day, we came to the school and started the class sessions as usual. We went through the normal routine as per usual. However, I had a rough time keeping concentration here and there and it affected my teaching. By the end of the day after we finished all the class sessions, everyone had their time to socialize and practice and such. I decided to sit at the edge of the courtyard pavement facing the valley before me and just think. I was looking into space subconsciously hearing the conversations behind me. I could not sit in one of the thrones in the throne room as I am now. I hear the conversation dying a little bit as people went inside into the throne room and in half an hour, it was quiet. It felt like a mere few minutes though. I didn't keep track of time at all since I have too much on my mind. Then, I hear someone approach me on my left side.

      "Master Polemistis?" a male voice said. I look left and up and see Wyatt there.

      "Oh Wyatt," I said. "You dyed the top of your hair. It looks nice and fitting for you." He has hair spiked up in front and on top of his head and before it all dark brown, but now the bangs and top are dyed blond at the tips. He smiled and nodded at the compliment.

      "Thanks. I figured it would fit a Keyblade wielder's style," he said. I half smiled and then looked back down into space with a frown again.

      "Is something wrong?" Wyatt asked. He then sat down next to me on my left. I paused and then spoke.

      "It's nothing. Just a lot going on," I replied.

      "You can tell me," Wyatt insisted.

      "Okay, but you have to keep this between us. Do you promise?" I said. He did the Keyblade warrior's salute in reply showing his loyalty and oath. I nodded and then began.

      "You guys and girls might have been wondering why we have been gone for so long," I explained. "Well, we had to fight dark Keyblade wielders that were causing trouble again. While beating them back, we have been constantly accused of murder. Going to our masters, the Foretellers, we asked them what the meaning of these accusations is and if they are correct." I swallowed hard. "They said that it is true. their ancestors were looking for a traitor and quarreled with each other. Their tension erupted into the war. They told my ancestors that they will be fighting dark Keyblade wielders hiding the truth from them."

      "And... what was the truth?" Wyatt asked.

      "The truth was the people my ancestors fought were the people they called friends," I replied with a lump in my throat. "The people that gave them the title Supreme Elite, some may have been killed because of them. The people that were saved from darkness by my ancestors were killed by them. All of this before our ancestors fell to fate and came to Earth to sleep until we awoke them."

      "So why are you angry at the Foretellers now?" Wyatt asked.

      "They had the secret passed down to them," I replied. "Though there were successors to the Foretellers, the successors became the descendants by blood of the original Foretellers. The secret of the deceit of their ancestors was passed down to them and they kept it quiet hoping all of this would pass and we Supreme Elite fix it all and so the scandal could be covered up and swept under the rug. They used not just us, but the seven lights, the Lucians, Yen Sid, and any who helped us to cover up their ancient scandal."

      "Oh..." Wyatt said nodding looking down into space.

      "Now I am questioning myself," I said. Wyatt snapped his gaze toward me.

      "What?" he said.

      "I am wondering Wyatt so many things about myself," I said. "Am I really the bad guy in all of this? My duty is to protect the light from the darkness, but am I really just promoting and protecting a dark secret? Was I on the right side in the Keyblade War fought a couple years ago? Are Shane, Jack, and Adrian doing the same thing in the meantime? Am I any different than my dark counterpart? Now, we have the Mark of Kye and all Keyblade wielders respond to our call in this world, but now with all that we have discovered in the picture... I question us." Wyatt huffed a bit and shook his head.

      "Huh," he huffed. "You know what? I am rather angry at hearing you say that stuff." He then got up and went to the school. I looked at him from the ground.

      "What? What does that mean?" I ask standing up. Wyatt stops in his tracks and turns around to face me.

      "I must admit, I find it insulting that you are comparing yourself to Polemos," Wyatt said with frustration. "You two were COMPLETELY different! He did everything he could to kill you and the rest of you Elite so the Dark Elite could take over all of the light and plunge everyone into darkness. He killed and destroyed everything in his path INCLUDING PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD! And you are going to sit there and compare yourself to him?! It's disgusting to see you do that and hear that trash."

      "I killed people too you know!" I shouted. "I just learned I was a mere puppet along with the rest of us Elite and instead of protecting light, it seems that I am serving to hide for good a dark intention and secret. My job was to protect the light, but it turns out I am serving a dark purpose all along! What's the difference between that and Polemos?!"

      "Polemos served a darkness because he wanted power," Wyatt calmly said. "You fought back against him because you swore to protect the least among us. Yeah, you told us that promise you made back then and said you keep now." I had no response to this. He's right, I did make that promise. All us Elite made that promise. I held that child and promised him to protect him when the four of us were in Epcot. I got choked up here and had a rough time holding back tears. Wyatt walked up to me.

      "I know you guys were used," he said. "I get all of that stuff. But just because you learned of the wrong thing they did just recently doesn't make everything you did before you knew bad. Master Polemistis always did what he could to protect the light and I know that's what he always does." He then smiled warmly and I felt a bit better.

      "Thanks Wyatt," I said smiling. Wyatt held out his hand and I grabbed it with mine and we held it.

      "I don't know what you guys plan on doing now, but whatever it is, I'll support you guys," Wyatt followed up. I nodded and pulled him into a hug. I then let go and he gives the warrior's salute and goes inside. I breath in deeply and out wondering what's next.


Months later...

      It has been months since I had that conversation with Wyatt in May. A new school year for my sister has been under way and it's November now. We had a trip to Walt Disney World planned and booked with our resort and dining reservations all booked as were our Fastpass+ choices as well. It was the second day and we decided to go to Magic Kingdom. Walking into the park, I smiled warmly looking around with my family at Main Street U.S.A with all the Christmas decorations up for the holiday season. Just then, a flash came and I saw the Keyblade War briefly and I froze in place. The vision disappeared and I stood in the middle of the street standing still like a statue feeling trauma at being reminded. My family noticed and called to my until I heard my mother's voice.

      "Ben!" she called. I looked at her as she approached. "Be at peace. Let it go now. We're here as a family. Let's just enjoy this time together." I nodded and then followed after my family. We did everything planned for the morning and afternoon and now it's later where the sun is in the west. We decided to sit at the train station; I decided to look out over Main Street and just think. I stood at the rail and looked out. It was nice wearing some normal clothes for a change after almost constantly being in my Elite form. I stand looking out when someone to my right speaks to me.

      "So it seems you have been struggling," an adult male said. I look to my right and there is Mr. Iger.

      "Oh Mr. Iger," I said. "Good to see you."

      "Likewise," he replied. "Yen Sid told me all about what has happened in regards to the original Supreme Elite and the Foretellers. I know of their secret and have been told you four have been struggling." I nodded in silence.

      "Mr. Iger, I have struggled," I said. "I've questioned our roles and places and whether we have done the right thing. I just recently thought about my ancestor and how his life was cut short."

      "Well Ben, you have to make a decision now," Mr. Iger said. "You need to do the thing that is right for all of you and will bring peace to all of you."

      "Thank you Mr. Iger," I said. He nodded and then left the station and went out of the park. I then see to my left Polemistis.

      "How are you now?" I asked him.

      "I think I am better now," he replied. "I still feel the scars though, but that's a burden I'll bear with the rest of us." I nodded.

      "You know, you had your life cut short quickly," I said. He nodded in understanding.

      "Yes I did," he said "but thanks to you guys finding us, we live on and grow with you."

      "I have just wished that you had a chance to live your own lives," I said. Then I had an epiphany at that moment on what I need to do with my friends. Polemistis looked at me with confusion.

      "What are you saying?" he asked. I merely looked at him and slightly smiled and then his eyes widened a little and he started shaking his head.

      "Oh no, you can't be thinking..." he said. I started nodding.

      "Oh yes, it's the right thing," I replied. My mind has been made up and now I have to discuss this with my family and friends.

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