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My Kingdom Hearts Story: Apocalyptic War


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#21 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

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Posted 03 February 2017 - 09:25 PM

Ah yes, I remember these four boys! They definitely turned out to be quite the strong unit! Their brotherly bonds definitely came through, and they became some of the most powerful Keyblade Wielders of my time! Heck, you even included me in your story, and dear old Luxu too! I'm touched! :3


Anyways, this was most interesting! I say, I want to read more! :D

#22 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 03 February 2017 - 11:25 PM

Chapter 8: The Foretold Fate

      The Foretellers were hidden in different houses looking down at the Fountain Square at the now newly formed Supreme Elite. They thought about what they were seeing and before their eyes were the strong Keyblade wielders Gula foresaw long ago come to fruition. They went into the houses and disappeared into the shadows. Later in the room in the clock tower, they happened to all be together with their copies of the Book of Prophecies when Gula found an extra page folded up in back cover. He got curious and opened the page.

      "Hey, did any of you have an extra page in the backs of your copies?" Gula asked. They all looked to the back covers of their copies and see folded up pages as well. They all read what it contains and then they all gasp.

      "But... it this really what the Master saw?" Aced asked.

      "It can't be the same in all our copies," Ira said.

      "No Ira, it is," Invi replied. "I read the same thing. It shocks me too."

      "I don't have a clue as to how we can save them from this and change fate," Gula said. "Unless you have something in mind Ava, it would be a relief if you could do something."

      "I might have something in mind," Ava replied. "I don't know if it will work, but it could help. There's no guarantee though."

      "You understand that when this war comes, everyone will turn against each other," Ira pointed out.

      "Friends will become enemies and rivals become foes," Invi added.

      "So? What about them?" Aced asked. "If what the Master saw comes true, and we know it most likely will, how do we tell the Supreme Elite that they will... slaughter the people they once called friends? They won't kill each other, but wielders of other unions will befriend them. How do we tell them those same friends will be dead by their hands?" The room was silent. None of them thought this through obviously since they just discovered the prophecy, but talking about it more only clarified the gravity of the situation. Finally, Gula spoke up.

      "We tell them what they need to hear," he said turning heads. "We tell them the fate that lies ahead of them and what they face in the war. We tell them they will face dark Keyblade wielders. It is two sided: light and dark. We tell them they will fight Keyblade wielders of darkness and only them."

      "Gula! That's hiding the truth from them!" Ava rebuked him.

      "You think it's any better that we tell them the people they will fight are their friends?" Gula asked in his cool manner. Ava couldn't respond and merely bowed her head looking down.

      "So, we hide the truth from them?" Invi asked.

      "It appears that we have no choice," Ira replied.

      "Then should we ever see them in battle," Aced added "we are to not touch them or be in their sight. Understand?" Everyone in the room nodded in silence. Ava sighed heavily.

      "I hate hiding the truth," she said aloud to no reply.


      The Supreme Elite greeted anyone who came up to them and they praised the Supreme Elite and complimented the title. It flattered the Elites and they thanked them for the compliments. Soon, everyone has went on their way and the square became quiet. Now, the four of them were able to talk to each other alone.

      "So, Supreme Elite huh?" Kidemonas said.

      "We didn't come up with it for sure," Kyrios said.

      "Keyblade wielders from all unions did," Aiton said. "Even those that would be considered our rivals agreed with it."

      "You know what I found amazing?" Polemistis asked. "I did not feel any of the divisions between them. Did you feel any sense of division? I saw the unions united even for a small moment. I wish it could be like that. Maybe that could be how we can beat back the darkness." They all nodded in silence and looked into space. After a few moments, Kyrios spoke up.

      "So, why don't we go through town here and clean up any mess?" Kyrios asked. The other elites nodded and they agreed to split up. They took different areas of the town. Polemistis decided to head to the Waterfront Park. Yes, he hasn't forgotten his time when he was a young child and memories of what he saw came back as he walked through the Boardwalk and taking the road to the park. There, he sees a boy with gray hair, white shirt, black jacket, black gloves, red scarf, dark gray pants, and black boots fighting an Invisible heartless. It was giving him a hard time and he was down, but then he got up and used Ragnarok on it destroying the heartless. He then bent down worn out and in a bit of pain. Polemistis immediately ran up to him and bent down.

      "Hey! Are you alright?" Polemistis asked.

      "I'm okay," the boy said. "I guess I over did it." Polemistis held out his hand and the boy smiled and grabbed it and was helped up.

      "I'm Polemistis," the elite introduced himself.

      "Yeah I remember!" the boy replied "I was there when you fought that large heartless. You're the Supreme Elite, right? I'm Ephemer." Polemistis nodded and smiled.

      "So, you've been gatherin lux too?" Ephemer asked.

      "Yeah, I have with Aiton, Kidemonas, and Kyrios," Polemistis replied.

      "I have been too," Ephemer said. "In fact, I have been searching for answers actually. The lux we've been gathering belongs to this world. The worlds we've been going to are nothing more than illusions from the Book of Prophecies."

      "The Foretellers hope we can go into the Book and wipe away the dark fate the Master foresaw," Polemistis said.

      "Man! You're smart!" Ephemer exclaimed. "I guess you guys have the brains too." Polemistis laughed a little bit and then some more.

      "What's so funny?" Ephemer asked.

      "Not only are you a nice guy," Polemistis answered "but you're funny too!"

      "Hey!" Ephemer protested and they both shared a laugh. They went on destroying heartless in the Waterfront Park. There were more invisibles, but they fought them together and got rid of them along with gummi heartless. The job was done in about twenty minutes and the Elite and union member decided to head back to the Fountain Square where the Supreme Elite agreed to meet up again. Ephemer and Polemistis talked about everything they could think of. Ephemer particularly was asking questions about Polemistis's past and how he obtained the Keyblade and his immense power. He also asked about how he met the rest of the Elite. Polemistis explained everything to him and before they knew it, they were in the Fountain Square. It was actually a bit busy with a few Keyblade wielders walking to and fro. Kyrios, Kidemonas, and Aiton were sitting on the fountain talking to each other. They then turn their attention to Polemistis and Ephemer.

      "Polemistis, who's your friend?" Aiton asked.

      "I'm Ephemer," Ephemer replied. "You guys are the Supreme Elite Kyrios, Kidemonas, and Aiton. Polemistis has told me a lot about you guys." The rest of the Elite nodded and smiled.

      "Well, I better be going," Ephemer said and started walking away. He then turned around to face them again.

      "Oh, it was nice talking to you," he said bowing and then standing back up.

      "Of course. We're friends now," Polemistis said. Ephemer grinned and nodded. He then turned and ran off back to his place. Polemistis sat on the fountain with his brothers and they talked to each other. It seemed like for hours they spoke to each other about everything. The square soon got empty and the sun was starting to set. They all got up from the fountain and bade each other farewell until tomorrow.

      Polemistis was heading back to his place walking down an empty street. Now that he was a union member, he had his own headquarters; everyone had them. Walking through the door, he went through the first floor and up to his room. There he quickly gasped as he saw Master Gula sitting on his bed.

      "Oh! Master Gula!" he said bowing. "I am sorry I haven't reported or have spoken to you."

      "No need to... Supreme Elite," he said with a smile. Polemistis stood back up and smiled.

      "I guess you and the rest of the Foretellers know," Polemistis said.

      "It's fitting for you," Gula replied. He then stood up and went to the window that overlooked much of the town and provided a clear shot to the clock tower. He had a grave expression as he looked out.

      "I came here because there is something you need to know," Gula said. "The Foretellers and I were looking through our copies of the Book of Prophecies when we came across a page folded up in the back covers of our books. Opening it, it foretold that you four, the Supreme Elite, will face a dark fate in the war." Polemistis kept quiet as he listened. "It said 'as the darkness prevails over the light, so shall it prevail over the warrior and he will fall into a dark realm... the one that redeems light will become the victory of darkness and snuff out his light to make him darkness... a dark lord will take a piece of his heart and give it to the master of the earth's elements and make him his own... as he has sought out darkness and unleashed his power of light to destroy it, so will darkness seek his heart out and unleash its power to destroy him completely...' This is what I read." Polemistis kept a stone face and swallowed hard hearing this. He was holding back tears and managed to do so successfully. He then looked down at the floor.

      "I assume the other Foretellers of their respective unions are telling them now," Polemistis said.

      "Yes," Gula replied. "Your fates will happen in the Keyblade War the Master has already foreseen. During that war, you will face dark Keyblade bearers before you are taken by fate. Your sacrifices will be remembered though." Polemistis kept his gaze at the floor and then he finally looked up at Gula who was facing him directly. He nodded and kept silent.

      "I'm sorry Polemistis," Gula said. "I asked Ava to see if she can find a way we can avoid losing you all. We will try to see if we can save you all from this."

      "Thank you Master Gula," Polemistis said. Gula was about to walk past Polemistis when Polemistis gave Gula a hug. Gula was off guard at first, but then he firmly embraced Polemistis and shed a tear. The grief was too much to bear right now for him. This was the young boy that he found on the streets and took in and he is going to lose him. He felt deep sorrow and grief at the reality. Polemistis kept everything in check even though he wanted to weep. He has learned control and is tougher now and so knows how to control his power and his emotions. He lets Gula go and Gula leaves the room and leaves for his own separate headquarters. Polemistis lays down in his bed with much on his mind and finally manages to go to sleep with much to talk about tomorrow.

#23 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

    "The Friendly Neighborhood Webhead"

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Posted 04 February 2017 - 08:37 PM

Ah yes, the sad fate these Four will come across is a grim fate indeed! And well, I thought it was a good thing that the Foretellers didn't say anything else, since then the Supreme Elite would probably be too torn to fight. Better that they face their dark counterparts and give in to their fate...


I'm intrigued to see what's next!

#24 Sarrin


    Enigmatic Dreamur, Creator of Worlds

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Posted 05 February 2017 - 10:26 PM

Wooo things getting intense now ~

#25 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 08:15 PM

Chapter 9: The Dark Elite

      Polemistis was standing in a barren wasteland outside of Daybreak Town. The sky has become completely dark and clouded over and it's storming right now. All around him, he sees warfare all around him. He notices that some of his clothing is in tatters, there is dirt on portions of his clothes, a big bloody cut is on the left side of his face, he is worn out and in some pain as he also has a cut on his side. His shirt was in tatters in one spot and that is where he got a good size cut. Looking around him, he watches the wasteland become a graveyard. He then looks at one person and all noise seems to disappear. This kid looks like him except everything about him is darker. The kid just looks back at Polemistis with a dark stare in the midst of the warfare. Suddenly, Polemistis fell quickly into a black hole and everything went dark.

      Polemistis jumped up out of bed with a gasp and breathing heavily. It was the middle of the night in Daybreak Town and looking out the window, everything was normal and quiet. Polemistis merely put his head into his hands and rest his elbows on his knees as he shook his head.

      "Bad dream?" a voice asked coming from the direction of the window. Polemistis looked up and saw Chirithy there.

      "It was not a great one," Polemistis replied. "I was in this battlefield and it was in a rainstorm. I saw other Keyblade wielders fight each other. I couldn't make them out in clear detail; it was all just dark figures. My clothes were tattered and dirty and I had bloody cuts on my face and side. I then see a kid that looks like me. Everything about him is darker; his hair, his clothing, everything about him was darker. Then, like a trap door, I fall through a black hole and all goes dark. It scared the daylights out of me."

      "Well, it's just a dream," Chirithy said in consolation "and Master Gula did tell you of what the Master foresaw and wrote on paper they found in their books, so just relax for now and get some sleep." Polemistis just nodded and laid back down looking up at the ceiling for a bit and then closing his eyes drifting back to sleep.

      Polemistis woke up to a bright day in Daybreak Town. There were some clouds in the sky, but it was mostly sunny. Chirithy was on the sill and got up as well.

      "Morning!" the little spirit said. "Did you sleep alright?" Polemistis nodded, smiled, and went up to Chirithy and started petting the little guy. The spirit giggled a little and rubbed its head on Polemistis's hand as he petted. Polemistis then picked the little dream eater up.

      "Oh! He he!" the little spirit said and then Polemistis embraced it. He then went out of his room to the Fountain Square to wait for his friends. No one was there so it was perfect alone time for him to think about his dream. Who was that boy? He looked like himself, but it was as though Polemistis was looking at his shadow as everything about that boy was darker. Looking up momentarily, Polemistis sees Aiton coming toward him waving and smiling. They talked a bit together before Kidemonas and Kyrios showed up respectively. They all discussed where to go next and what to do next. Polemistis then changed the subject and became more somber looking down into space.

      "So did your masters tell you our fates," Polemistis asked. He kept his gaze down, but could sense them doing the same thing and nod. "So, who had what fate? I am the warrior that will fall into darkness in case you did not know."

      "I'm the one that redeems light, or rather the guardian of it," Kidemonas said "that will become the symbol of the war. Darkness will prevail over my light and make me one with it."

      "I'm the seeker of light that will have darkness seek out my heart and destroy me," Aiton followed.

      "I'm the master of Earth's elements that will bear a piece of a dark lord's heart," Kyrios said. Polemistis nodded as he listened while keeping his gaze unmoved.

      "Interesting," he said. He finally looked up at his friends. "I guess we live our lives and buy stalling time." They all nodded in agreement and so opened a corridor and went on their way to another world. They come out in a different world than before.

      "I believe this is Olympus Coliseum," Kidemonas said. "Someone from my union said they went to this interesting new world and told me all about it. It looks like this place fits the description." Taking only a few steps though the coliseum gate, they see heartless of all kinds pop out all over the place. The Supreme Elite summoned their Keyblades and went after the heartless and attacked them. It was a pain to get through them all because there were so many and of all species. The slow, but steady progress was necessary as they collected much lux and practiced some advanced attacks and spell. The did get done and they went on into the lobby and then into the arena itself. Nothing was there and it was quiet at first, but then larger heartless such as defenders came into play. They were tough, but the Supreme Elite were not deterred from them. This gave them a chance to use some advanced attacks and spells that they haven't used just yet such as barrage attacks. Once they finished the job, they were left panting a little. They catch their breath and turn around when they notice four dark looking people coming into the arena.

      "Hey, you four Keyblade wielders of light?" one asks.

      "What's it to you?" Kyrios replied. All of the strangers then get maniacal grins on their faces.

      "Well! It looks like we've hit the jackpot!" another said.

      "What's left now is taking care of these fools," a third said.

      "They will be so pleased when they hear we killed a group of Keyblade wielders of light," a fourth followed. They summon their Keyblades, take stance, and then charge. The enemies and Supreme Elite clash and slug it out. They were tough and did not allow the Supreme Elite any room for error. The Elite fought just as hard and made sure not to miss a beat. In order to alleviate the pressure, the Elite use barrage attacks and burst spells. These helped turn the tables enough for the Elite to take the upper hand. X and Dual Disaster attacks were used to beat in these enemies. However, the dark warriors cloaked their Keyblades in a dark aura and started fighting harder trying to put the heat on the Elite. The Supreme Elite started bringing out their true power and covered themselves and their Keyblades in a light aura and hacked away at the enemies. The foes were open for a moment and the Supreme Elite stabbed them through the middle of their bodies. Half of them screamed in pain and the other half were stunned in silence. The Elite pulled their Keyblades out and the dark enemies fell to the ground dead. The Supreme Elite looked at their Keyblades and find them covered in blood in large spots. Looking back at the enemies, they watch the dark warriors' bodies dissipate into light particles and their hearts float up into the sky. Their Keyblades were left behind and the Supreme Elite wanted to take them away and dispose of them. However, when they bent down to pick them up, the Keyblades disappeared in clouds of dark energy. The Elites stood back up and look at the space where their enemies were.

      "Who were those guys?" Aiton asked.

      "I don't know, but they were bad news for sure," Kidemonas replied.

      "I would like to know who they were talking about," Kyrios said.

      "I think we need to head out and forget exploring this world," Polemistis suggested. The rest agreed and they unsummoned their Keyblades and started walking out. Heading back to the coliseum gates, they find three Keyblade wielders there fighting a group of heartless. They appeared to be just fine so the Supreme Elite stayed hidden and watched. There were two males and a female and all were different heights. The tallest male had dark chocolate brown hair, the female had deep undersea blue hair, and the shortest male had slightly dark tan hair. Their Keyblades were strange and the Elites never saw them before. Once the heartless were gone, from the coliseum gates exit, a group of six dark warriors came and surrounded them. They had weapons and hand and were mocking the three. The Supreme Elite ran into the circle and had Keyblades in hand and stood next to the three.

      "Oh so you need some saving!" one warrior mocked "Heh, you'll be dead before you can blink!" Both sides charged and an all out battle broke out. Kyrios and Kidemonas took on one warrior while it was one on one for the rest. They were harder than the group that threatened the Supreme Elite before, but thanks to the previous group, the Supreme Elite held their own. Polemistis and the rest of the Elite were now tired of fighting these guys and when they all got into stalemates, they looked at each other from the corner of their eyes, nodded, and then pushed off of their opponents. Then they stand back to back and point their Keyblades into the sky and summon pillars of light to rain down. Once the pillars disappear, they see no one, but the three Keyblade wielders left.

      "Whoo! Thanks for the help!" the short male said.

      "We would have been in big trouble if you didn't show up," the tall male said.

      "No problem at all!" Polemistis said.

      "Who are you guys?" the female asked.

      "I'm Polemistis!"

      "I'm Kidemonas."

      "I'm Aiton."

      "I'm Kyrios."

      "You guys are the Supreme Elite!" the tall male said "We've heard about you guys before from other Keyblade wielders. I'm Dynami."

      "I'm Tachytito," the short male said.

      "And I'm Mageia," the female said. "It's an honor to meet all of you."

      "So what were those Keyblades of yours?" Kyrios asked.

      "Oh, these?" Tachytito replied holding his up. "Yeah, mine is called the Wayward Wind."

      "This is called the Ends of the Earth," Dynami followed holding his up. Mageia held hers up too.

      "This is called Stormfall," she said. The Supreme Elite were amazed since these are so authentic. "We hope to pass these down since we probably won't survive the coming war."

      "I think you guys will be able to pass them down," Polemistis said. "Who knows? The successor of yours possibly thousands of years from now will surely be as strong as you, if not stronger." The seven of them talked a little more when suddenly, they see four dark corridors open up and four people came out of them with maniacal grins. The three Keyblade wielders and Supreme Elite look and they gasp at what they see.

      "You! I saw you in my dream!" Polemistis exclaimed. He then addressed his friends and the three. "Guys, I had a dream where I was standing in a battlefield all tired and bloody and tattered and I see this boy that looks like me standing a ways from me. This is the guy!" In fact, all four of them looked like the Supreme Elite except they are dark versions with gold eyes.

      "How right you are!" Polemistis's look alike said. "Allow us to introduce ourselves. I'm Polemos."

      "I'm Thanatos," Kidemonas's look alike said.

      "I'm Tromos," Aiton's counterpart followed.

      "And I'm Agrios," Kyrios's look alike finished.

      "How is this possible?" Kyrios asked.

      "Remember that bangle you were given?" Agrios began. "It was supposed to collect dark energy if I'm correct."

      "Instead," Thanatos said "it did something quite different. It gathered the dark energy, but if sent it to your heart where your heart collected it and kept it."

      "The more darkness you defeated," Tromos said "the more it entered and collected in your hearts."

      "You four collected so much dark energy," Polemos continued "that your hearts set it free by excreting it and your constant use of the light. That darkness formed us and now here we stand before you."

      "So just as we are the Supreme Elite," Polemistis said "you four are the..." Polemos chuckled.

      "Correct. We are the Dark Elite," Polemos finished. "We know what the Master foresaw and we know the world will end. We will only give things a... 'push' to put it lightly. We will see you again. Hopefully. Remember this though: don't get in our way. We will need to allow our role to be played for when the darkness prevails and the light expires." Polemistis chuckled and grinned. The Dark Elite then disappeared into dark corridors leaving the Supreme Elite alone with the three. The bangles the Foretellers gave to them gave rise to the Dark Elite and now the dark fate will be sped up.

      "What now Supreme Elite?" Tachytito asked. They remained silent, but Polemistis spoke up.

      "We take down any Keyblade wielders of darkness," he said. "We tell no one, not even the Foretellers. If anyone catches wind of it, chaos will ensue and the dark fate will only come sooner." The Elite agreed and they bade farewell to the three and left Olympus Coliseum in a corridor to head to now farther worlds. They would continue their duties with much on their mind.

#26 Sarrin


    Enigmatic Dreamur, Creator of Worlds

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 08:22 PM

Holy crap the tension

#27 The Transcendent Key

The Transcendent Key

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 10:58 PM

Oh ho, so the Dark Elite were formed from the Supreme Elite using their bangles to guilt their powers, absorbing the darkness to use the light! What a clever thing you did here, my friend! This is definitely intriguing, and I love that the Supreme Elite met Terra, Aqua and Ventus's predecessors! Overall, great chapter! This is definitely a really good story, as to be expected by a good writer such as yourself! :)

#28 KingdomHearts3


    In the final chapter...

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 10:46 PM

Chapter 10: Nikitis

      The Supreme Elite returned to Daybreak Town and discussed how things should change ever since they came across the Dark Elite. If they told the Foretellers, chaos would ensue and it would be a witch hunt and anyone who is suspected of being on the Dark Elite's side would be subject to "enhanced" interrogation or worse. So they kept it quiet and they decided to look for dark Keyblade warriors while also collecting lux. As these months passed, all that would be recorded in a sanctuary to their honor happened. They would also go to distant worlds that few had been able to go to. Since all worlds were one, these other places were so far away. Yet, the Supreme Elite were able to go to them. Few other Keyblade wielders of light were able to as well so rest assured, the Supreme Elite did not go alone. They actually decided to split up and head to these new lands. It was interesting as not many managed to reach these places and their time there was not long as it will be hard getting back.

      Polemistis went to a land called Radiant Garden. He was standing outside what appears to be the Castle Gates. He had in mind these simple things: collect lux, kill any dark warriors, and get back to Daybreak Town meeting up with the rest of the Elite. He walked on and in the meanwhile took in the sights. While he was taking in the sights, he sees someone standing off to the side of the gates. They were leaning against the left side of the gateway. Polemistis felt uncomfortable because he sensed something ominous about this person so he just kept looking forward and kept walking. Just as he was about to cross through the gates, the figure spoke up.

      "I see that you have come from Daybreak Town," they said. It was a male. Polemistis looked at him and all he saw was black clothing. The guy had his head down and arms cross. His hair was spiked up on top of his head. He looked up and Polemistis sees gold eyes on him. He looked like he was about in his mid teens. He had a smirk on his face as he looked at Polemistis.

      "Yeah. What's it to you?" Polemistis responded sharply. The boy now stood up completely.

      "Well, you are Polemistis, one of the Supreme Elite," he said. "You're trying to get in the Dark Elite's way even though they are making sure what happens in the Book comes to fruition. I can't let you stop them." He then raised his hand, summoned his Keyblade, and took a fighting stance. Polemistis did the same and the kid charged and they clashed. He was tough and he had meaning behind every strike. It was hand on hand for a while before they ended up in a stalemate. The boy was pushing hard against Polemistis.

      "I've gotten to know the Dark Elite well," the kid said. "They've become good friends of mine and friends will always defend friends. After the war, once everything settles, it will just be us: the Dark Elite and those that serve them. We will have destiny take its course and then WE will come out on top! The light along with you will die!" He then swung at Polemistis's head and he ducked, but then he swung overhead down onto the kid and forced him to high block. That opened up his chest and so Polemistis kicked him in the stomach forcing the enemy back off and bent over catching his breath.

      "So everyone should die for your benefit, is that right?" Polemistis asked. Then he lost it. "NO! WRONG ANSWER! No one will die because of your own dark intentions! I don't give two Keyblades who your friends with! Especially with MY COUNTERPART! I won't let any of you destroy the World!" The kid got up and immediately started attacking, but Polemistis was ready and they fought hand on hand once again. No magic used whatsoever for that would lessen the emotion and importance of this fight. They end up in a lock with blades pointing to the sky and pushing against each other. Polemistis parried his Keyblade forcing the boy to point his to the ground and then Polemistis slashed the kid across his abdomen opening a huge gash. The kid gasped and then fell onto his knees and then face down and died. His body dissipated into particles and his heart floated to the sky. His Keyblade disappeared in a dark cloud. Polemistis unsummoned his Keyblade and went into the Entry Way toward the town. There in the Central Square, he sees one Keyblade wielder battle a bunch of Darkballs and Possessors. He looked talented and showed off some skill. It was strange for Polemistis because as far away as this world is from Daybreak Town, Keyblade wielders would 99.9% of the time would not find and make it to such a place, but this one apparently did. He uses some impressive spells and attacks and clearly looks strong. Once all of the heartless were gone, Polemistis started walking towards the kid.

      "Hey!" he called out. The kid turned around to face him. "I saw you fight all those heartless. That was awesome."

      "Heh heh, thanks," the boy replied. "Just doing my duty. I'm Nikitis of Ursus by the way. What's your name?"

      "I'm Polemistis of Leopardos," Polemistis answered. Nikitis gasped a little.

      "You mean... THE Polemistis?" he asked. "Like the Supreme Elite Polemistis?"

      "Yeah, that's me."

      "Oh man." Nikitis went on one knee. "I couldn't be more honored to meet you."

      "Hey, stand up," Polemistis said. "I'm just like anyone else: a Keyblade wielder and union member."

      "No you aren't like everyone else," Nikitis responded standing up. "You four are the strongest Keyblade wielders that have ever lived. I bet you four can save the world." Polemistis had to swallow hard. His fate along with his friends came into mind. He couldn't tell Nikitis here or word would spread.

      "We're trying," Polemistis said. "So how about we finish here quickly and then get back to Daybreak Town?" Nikitis nodded and they walked deeper into the town. They defeated any heartless that pop out quickly. Polemistis however has his eyes also looking for any dark warriors. When they get to the Castle Town, they find themselves surrounded by four dark warriors. Polemistis is ready while Nikitis is confused wondering who these people are.

      "Gotcha!" one foe said. "Now we have to kill the rodents that walked into the trap."

      "Who are these guys?!" Nikitis asked.

      "These are dark Keyblade wielders," Polemistis replied. "They are trying to make what will happen in the Book come sooner." Nikitis summoned his Keyblade and took stance. The group attacked and Nikitis and Polemistis were forced to fight two on one. They held their own, but spells had to be used. They even used each other and attacked by flipping over each other and throwing the other toward enemies. It was like they knew what the other would do and it all flowed together. They then used a Faith attack and hit all of their enemies and then used Zantetsuken on all of them killing them without drawing blood. Their bodies disappeared as did their Keyblades. Nikitis then turned to Polemistis and unsummoned his Keyblade.

      "Man, that was awesome," he said. "It felt like we flowed together, like we had something special."

      "Yeah, me too," Polemistis said. They then opened a corridor and left for Daybreak Town and arrived in the Fountain Square. Fortunately, the rest of the Supreme Elite arrived only a moment after. They all gathered and Nikitis introduced himself and they got to know him well. Their time at the fountain was great and they had a good laugh too. Then, Nikitis got up from the fountain.

      "Well, I should be heading out now," he said. "It was great meeting you all and getting to know you." The Supreme Elite nodded in reply.

      "Hey, I was just thinking this," Nikitis said. "I was wondering if I could possibly become one of you. Yeah, I want to join the Supreme Elite." All of the Supreme Elite had their jaws drop at the request. They couldn't say anything nor know what to think. They didn't know what to feel.

      "Uuummm..." Kyrios said. He then looked at his friends and they looked at each other.

      "I think... we will think about it," Polemistis said.

      "Of course. I mean you guys get the final say," Nikitis said. "I completely understand if you need time. I will head out and let you guys think. I had a great time with you guys." The Elites returned the favor and Nikitis walked off. The Elite waited until a bit for him to be out of range where he could hear them talk.

      "Are you kidding me?" Aiton said with distress.

      "You guys know what the answer is, right?" Kidemonas asked.

      "You think just saying no will do us or even him any good?" Kyrios retorted. "If we tell him the truth, it will only make him want to stay with us. He will get ideas he can fight our fates and try to save us. That will cost him his life for sure."

      "We have to try to break it to him and be sensitive," Polemistis said. "We can tell him the truth while persuading him to not try and stop it from happening."

      "Polemistis, how can we escape it?" Aiton asked.

      "I believe that we will have the last word," Polemistis replied. "Fate will not and is not the be all end all. We can find some loophole. I believe we can live on." The four of them then moved onto talking about the distant places they have visited. After that, they bid each other farewell until the next morning.


      Nikitis was walking back to his place when someone spoke to him.

      "So you want to be a Supreme Elite eh?" he said. Nikitis looked toward a corner leading to another street. There he sees a dark looking figure standing by the corner leaning against it. He looks like Polemistis except all is dark about him.

      "Who are you?" Nikitis asked.

      "I'm the other side of Polemistis," he said walking toward Nikitis. "I guess you can connect the dots to this: if they are the Supreme Elite, who am I part of?"

      "The Dark Elite," Nikitis answered. "I know because I sense you are all darkness. If you are the darkness of Polemistis's heart, then your friends are the darknesses of the rest of the Supreme Elite's hearts."

      "Correct mon ami. The name's Polemos," Polemos said. "You really want to be one of the Supreme Elite eh? Well that won't happen."

      "I don't think you get to decide if I will be one," Nikitis responded.

      "No I'm not," Polemos said. "They are... and so is fate." Nikitis now got curious. "Yes, did you know that they are bound for a dark fate? They will all fall into the hands of darkness and darkness will overtake them all in different ways. Polemistis will fall into darkness, Kidemonas will become one will it, Aiton will have darkness destroy him, and Kyrios will take up a piece of a dark heart before death takes him."

      "Why didn't they tell me?" Nikitis asked.

      "You think they would actually want to tell you?"Polemos retorted "There is only room for four see. The Supreme Elite have all spots taken and no one is worthy to them to be their equal. Besides, they will be saving the world even if it costs them their lives. You think they want to share the glory with you? They don't want you to do anything stupid from saving them and spoiling their chance at glory."

      "Wouldn't it be a chance to show unification between all unions though?" Nikitis asked.

      "Heh, they could care less," Polemos smirked. "You think it will change fate? You're dreaming kid. As long as they are the ones with their names remembered, that's what matters to them."

      "So what do I do?" Nikitis asked.

      "Well, if I were you, save yourself," Polemos replied. "Go to Polemistis tomorrow before his friends show up, tell him what you think, then go on your way and join Master Ava."

      "Master Ava?" Nikitis asked.

      "You can handle a little darkness in your heart right?" Polemos replied. "You can become a Dandelion and then rebuild the world. Live on and avoid the war, forget the Supreme Elite, you won't need them. Besides, they'll be long gone. Think about it kid." Polemos disappeared into a dark corridor leaving Nikitis alone. Nikitis then walked into his quarters, up the stairs and into his bedroom. He thought a lot about what Polemos just told him and was already asked by Master Ava to consider being a Dandelion and after thinking for so long, he made his decision. He will become a Dandelion. Speaking of which, he hears a knock on his bedroom door. Walking in is Master Ava.

      "Nikitis?" she said. "You okay?" The kid nodded. "So, have you made your decision?"

      "Yes. Count me in," Nikitis said with determination.

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Holllllllly craaaaaaaaaaap it got reeeaaaaalllll

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Huh, well I'll be darned! This Nikitis seems to be a wild card, and I'm betting that he'll try to do something to stop the fate of the Supreme Elite from happening! Oh, this is getting really good! I'm greatly looking forward to more! :D

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Chapter 11: Rising Tension

      Polemistis woke up the next day feeling refreshed. This time, he got a full night sleep with no dreams whatsoever. It was a dreamless night for him and he was happy it was. Nikitis came into mind though after only a few minutes and he realized that he needed to find him and tell him his answer. Then again, he has a feeling Nikitis probably came to know of the truth already. It wouldn't surprise him if Nikitis approaches him and says he knows already. Well, in the meantime, he had to get himself up and out the door. He steps outside of his quarters and pauses for a bit. He feels rather... tense. Why? He feels a tense aura in Daybreak Town. Even though it was a nice day with some clouds out, it still felt tense in the streets. Could this be a sign that war is approaching? He kept it in mind for now and went to the Fountain Square. He sat at the fountain for a while in the silence listening to the birds and other sounds of nature while listening to the running water. He stared into space and just went into contemplation. He didn't contemplate anything specifically, he just gathered his thoughts together.

      "Polemistis!" a voice called to him. He looks up and to his right and sees Nikitis walking toward him.

      "Nikitis," Polemistis said standing up. Nikitis had a grave expression on his face. Polemistis already had a feeling why. "Listen, I want you-"

      "It's okay. I know already," Nikitis said interrupting. Polemistis froze and breathed in. He knew it.

      "Yeeeaaaahhh..." he said putting his hand behind his head.

      "So you four have dark fates awaiting you, right?" Nikitis asked. He didn't look at Polemistis eye to eye. Polemistis didn't blame him; the Ursus member was somber.

      "Yeah, we do," replied Polemistis in the same demeanor. "I will fall to a dark realm, Kyrios will be taken by a dark master, Aiton will be destroyed, and Kidemonas will become one with darkness. We didn't want to tell you because-"

      "You thought I would try and save you and, therefore, cost me my own life," Nikitis interrupted again finishing the thought. Polemistis merely nodded this time. Nikitis looked up at Polemistis. "I probably would have done something like that as I think about it. I was getting so hopeful about joining the Supreme Elite, I merely tossed aside any dangers there could be. I thought it would be a great symbol of all the Unions unifying together."

      "I would loved to have had that," Polemistis said. "With us being associated with dark fates, it just cannot happen. You know what it would do to us if you lost your life trying to save us? We would never forgive ourselves. I don't want to feel that way in the last moments of my life and I want you to live on. Our lives are not important enough to where people need to sacrifice to save us. You understand?" Nikitis nodded quietly looking down again. He then breathed in and sighed and looked back up again.

      "Well, I guess this is farewell then," he said holding out his hand. Polemistis grabbed it and held it. He smiled and nodded and they let go.

      "May your heart be your guiding key," Polemistis said. Nikitis nodded, smiled a little, and then turned around and walked away. By the time he was out of sight, the rest of the Supreme Elite showed in in the square with Polemistis.

      "Did you tell him?" Kyrios asked. Polemistis nodded.

      "How did he take it?" Aiton asked.

      "He was understanding and we left it on good terms," Polemistis replied.

      "That's a relief," Kidemonas replied. "You what it would have felt like if we saw him die because he wanted to save us?"

      "I explained all of that to him and he understood," Polemistis replied. "He'll be just fine."


      Nikitis was walking down the street with his gaze pointing right in front of him. He thought heavily about what Polemistis told him. He also thought about what Polemos told him as well. He started making connections and started getting thoughts into his head. He felt things he had not felt before. A mix of emotions was flying inside him all over.

      "So he did indeed not want me to save him," Nikitis said out loud to himself. "That's why he didn't want me to join the Supreme Elite. That's why they all didn't want me to join. They wanted me to live on." Nikitis thought about it some more as he walked through the street. He stopped in the middle of an intersection. Few Keyblade wielders were walking through the streets and paid no attention to him. He put his fist to his heart and kept it there. He then looked up with determination and subconsciously made a promise to himself. He wants this promise to be passed down too.


      It has been about seven months since Polemistis started his duties as a union member of Leopardos and the Supreme Elite coming into existence. They have traveled to so many worlds in the Book and to some far away. They also befriended people from all unions. The Supreme Elite discussed these things together as they sat in the Fountain Square. The fountain kind of became their usual spot to talk together about where to go, how much lux to collect, basically just about everything... including their fates. In this case, they spoke about visiting only a few worlds from the Book and then staying in Daybreak Town. They went off to Olympus Coliseum, but this time ended up in the Underworld. There was not much happening and they only looked for the heartless that needed to be defeated and went on their way. They returned to Dwarf Woodlands and Beast's Castle as well speaking to no one and seeing no one. They already agreed that they are to do their business and return back home. With time being of the essence, they only have time to do what they need to do and no more.

      Returning back to Daybreak Town, they walk into the Fountain Square and see two male Keyblade wielder arguing with each other. This makes the Supreme Elite freeze in place.

      "What is the meaning of this?!" Polemistis asked. Chirithy appeared next to the Elite right after he asked that.

      "It's been happening a lot more now," the spirit said. "Keyblade wielders from other unions are now starting to be paranoid of each other and they are now quarreling with each other, accusing the other of stealing lux." The two boys verbally fought for a little more and then they both summoned their Keyblades and took fighting stances. This made the Supreme Elite gasp.

      "Oh no!" Chirithy exclaimed. Polemistis looked at his friends and they just stood their stunned. He rolled his eyes and summoned his Keyblade.

      "For crying out loud, I'll do it," he said frustrated to himself barely audible.

      "What?" his friends said in unison. Polemistis ran toward the two Keyblade wielders. They were about to strike at each other and start fighting when Polemistis raised his Keyblade blocking their strikes and then pushing off of the clash.

      "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Polemistis yelled at both of them. The rest of the Elite and Chirithy running down to meet up.

      "This Keyblade wielder here is stealing lux from our union!" the wielder to Polemistis's left accused.

      "Me?! I believe you're the one stealing from OUR union!" the one to his right fired back.

      "'Stealing lux'?! What kind of bull is that?!" Polemistis asked. "I've never heard of of such nonsense!"

      "Alright, let's all just take it down a notch," Kyrios interjected and suggested. The Keyblade wielder to Polemistis's right then seemed to have noticed and recognized him. He was only focused on his opponent in front of him.

      "Oh Polemistis," he said "I am glad you're here. This rival has been taking lux that we are supposed to collect. If you ask me, he's helping the darkness approach."

      "Oh really?! You want to say that again?!" the other union member shouted. They were about to start fighting again and were about to take fighting stances.

      "Start fighting again and I will put my blade through both of you!" Polemistis screamed. The both of them acquiesced to the threat. They know the Supreme Elite mean business. "Now, calm down both of you. There is no stealing of lux. We're all trying to save the light right? That's all that matters. Now, go... both of you." The two Keyblade wielders just stared at each other, unsummoned their Keyblades, and started walking away. Polemistis huffed in frustration.

      "Unbelievable," he said aggravated.

      "This was one of many occasions," Chirithy said. "They have usually been broken up by other Keyblade wielders, but thank goodness you four showed up or it would have been ugly."

      "Thank you Chirithy," Aiton said. The spirit then disappeared in a poof. "Well now what? You know we could be confronted just like that you know."

      "That would be that rare occasion," Kidemonas replied. "If you ask me, we need to start working faster because I felt a tense aura this morning."

      "I did too," Polemistis said. "I felt the tension in the atmosphere. I think the arguments have become just another sign of the coming war."

      "If that's the case, then we should do what Kidemonas suggested now," Kyrios said. They all agreed and spread out all over Daybreak Town and began collecting lux. It was the afternoon when they saw the argument happen and they collected for hours until at least five in the evening. The sun was starting to set and they Supreme Elite were with a big group of Keyblade wielders of all unions. It was lighter conversation and fun in nature. It was very much needed because the tense atmosphere was getting to the Supreme Elite a little. The union members were starting to leave one by one to head home when Polemistis noticed Master Gula walking toward them.

      "Master Gula!" Polemistis called out with a smile. He pardoned himself from the group and ran to Master Gula.

      "Polemistis," Gula replied with a nod. "What are you doing?"

      "The Supreme Elite and I were just taking some time to ourselves and talking with some friends," Polemistis replied.

      "Did you go out and collect lux?" Polemistis was a little confused.

      "Why... yes master. We always do."

      "I want you to collect more." Gula was starting to sound tense and sharp.

      "We've been collecting them for five straight hours master," Polemistis reasoned.

      "I need you to collect more!" Gula snapped stunning Polemistis and creating an awkward silence in the vicinity. It drew the attention of the group. The union members silently excused themselves and left the Supreme Elite and Foreteller alone. The rest of the Elite remained at the fountain as Polemistis and Gula spoke. Gula looked down, sighed, and shook his head.

      "I'm sorry," he apologized. "I shouldn't have snapped. The Keyblade War approaching is getting to me."

      "It's okay master," Polemistis replied. "I felt the tension since this morning. We realized the signs of the war coming and that's why we collected lux for five hours." Gula nodded and had a half smile.

      "Thank you," he said. His half smile went away. "The stress of your fates has gotten to me as well, especially for you Polemistis." Polemistis put his arm around Gula's shoulders.

      "Hey, the Supreme Elite discussed this together," Polemistis said. "I believe we can and will have the last say and avoid fate. I don't know what that entails, but we will be the ones that decide whether to submit or not. We will find a way to live on past the Keyblade War." Gula looked at Polemistis and smiled and patted Polemistis on the back.

      "I hope the same thing too," he said. He then nodded to all of them and left in silence. The Supreme Elite were quiet for a bit and then looking at each other, without saying a word, they decide to punch out for the night and head home. Polemistis returned to his quarters and sat in his room for a while thinking. There was a lot to think about. War is nigh and the signs are visible and the Supreme Elite have to be ready.

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Ooh, tension is definitely rising! It seems that things are starting to come to the point where war is already inevitable, and the fate of the Supreme Elite will be most cruel! I knew that Nikitis would have wanted to try to help them avoid their fates! And well, the chapter in general was awesome! Great work! :D

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Chapter 12: An Apocalyptic Aura

      Polemistis was fighting in that wasteland amid the storm. He was fighting someone though he couldn't see who they are exactly. All he knows is his life is being threatened and so he strikes across the figures stomach and they fall. For another, he side kicks and then stabs. He got a moments rest before getting locked in battle again. He and this figure fought and the figure was going to slash Polemistis across the stomach, but he moved back just enough. However, the figure made a good sized cut and it started to bleed some. Polemistis then parried the figure's weapon and slashed him across his abdomen. He momentarily locked his Keyblade with another before getting his enemy in a head lock. Then he unwrapped his arm snapping the neck of the figure. Someone else swung at his left from his left and made a cut that began to bleed some. Polemistis stabbed in an uppercut motion and flipped the figure over onto its back. He then sees darkness pool around his feet and he falls as though a trap door opened up. He is faced down falling into darkness and while looking up toward the distant light, darkness overtakes quickly suffocating the life out of him.

      Polemistis jumped up out of bed screaming. After having a dreamless night the previous night, this time, he wakes up in the middle of the night having an even worse nightmare than the last time. Chirithy was sleeping on the window sill and jumped to the ceiling and back when Polemistis screamed.

     "My goodness!" the spirit exclaimed. "You scared the daylights out of me. Are you okay? What's wrong?" Polemistis stared into space breathing heavily he now had more of a sweat. He was now entering a panic and starting losing it.

      "Bad, bad nightmare," Polemistis said as he is now heaving a little. "I was fighting in the war and getting hurt while killing these black, shadowed figures. Then, darkness pools around my feet and I fall like a trap door opened underneath me. I fell into the dark realm and while looking back up toward the light, darkness began surrounding me and suffocating me." Polemistis was about to have a breakdown until Chirithy came over to him and put itself in Polemistis's lap and gave the Elite a hug.

      "It's okay, it's alright," the spirit said. "Calm down. Take deep breaths and calm down." Polemistis followed what Chirithy said and took deep breaths. He started feeling better now.

      "You know what's coming," Chirithy said. "I'm sorry the nightmares plague you, but you have to remember what you said earlier. You will have the last word on whether you submit or not." Polemistis chuckled a bit and then hugged the spirit shedding a tear.

      "I'll miss you," Polemistis said.

      "Me too," Chirithy replied. Both of them then went back to sleep after Polemistis cleaned himself up. He felt a lot more comfortable now that he cleaned himself up a bit and with clean clothes. He went to sleep at peace and relaxed. The next day, he got up and got himself out the door. He only took a step outside when he gasped as he looked up and around. The atmosphere has now gotten darker. The sky is darker now too. This was a major red flag warning because the only way that the atmosphere could be this way is if war is that close. His instincts told him to look around town. He didn't know why, but felt it needed to be done. He went through the streets and they were quiet and unsettling. He was walking by one intersection and passed by a road that went down below a bridge. Looking that way, he gasped and froze. The bridge is gone and there is debris piled below where the bridge was on the street. The Elite moved slowly away and went to the Fountain Square. There he found Aiton there pacing back and forth. He looked up and relief came over him.

      "Oh thank goodness you're here!" he said.

      "I believe you are noticing what I am right?" Polemistis asked. "Have you noticed the atmosphere has looked... darker?"

      "Tell me something I don't know," Aiton replied. Kidemonas and Kyrios came walking to the fountain together with much unease.

      "This isn't good, not good at all," Kidemonas said.

      "So, if you ask me, if anyone is still doubting we have more time, they're crazy," Kyrios said.

      "I had a bad nightmare last night," Polemistis said. "It was worse than last time. We need to get moving... NOW!" The four of them once again decided to split up and gather lux while killing off any possible dark Keyblade wielders. They know there are probably some around and searching them out will be a tough task. Polemistis was collecting lux and defeating heartless at a faster rate than ever. He decided to go into the Moogle shop and take a look around. It took him only a couple seconds in the shop and already he sees a couple dark Keyblade wielders.

      "HEY!" he shouted at them scaring them. They turn and then bolt heading upstairs. Polemistis ran after them and followed them through the warehouse and onto the rooftop. He chased them and cornered them. The two of them turned around and looked like they were worried and then became rather happy in a maniacal sense.

      "Ha ha ha! Sucker!" one of them said.

      "We managed to get you alone and now with the war almost here, it's time to say hello to death!" the other one exclaimed. They summoned their Keyblades as did Polemistis and they clashed. Polemistis had to fight two on one with these guys, but it was him who put the heat on these guys. He didn't want to take long and so he punched and kicked while using his Keyblade to fight. He kicked one enemy while being in a lock with another. They fought for a bit, but then Polemistis stabbed him and then flipped that opponent over while leaving his Keyblade in him. The other opponent that he kicked swung toward Polemistis and all he did was dodge. Finally, the opponent swung down overhead hard enough and Polemistis dodged just enough, punched the opponent in the ribs, and then resummoned his Keyblade and swung putting his blade into the abdomen of the enemy. He fell onto the roof dead and the bodies soon disappeared along with their Keyblades. He was about to leave when a dark corridor opened and out came Polemos. He looked infuriated.

      "So, you four have been killing off my troops?" Polemos asked. "You've been killing off my friends? I see. I won't forgive that. I look forward to seeing you myself and killing you myself in the war. Better watch your back. You may end up with a blade put through it!" He then disappeared in a dark corridor. Polemistis kept his Keyblade in hand a went off to collect more lux. He was in the Boardwalk and just defeated some heartless and collected the lux when a union member confronted him.

      "Hey! You!" he shouted. "Stealing our lux are you?!" Polemistis looked in his direction and raised an eyebrow.

      "Oh you're Polemistis," the member said. "So, decided to steal lux and serve the darkness?"

      "Me? Steal lux and serve darkness?" Polemistis retorted. "Are you kidding me? I am merely doing my job."

      "Yeah right," the union member scoffed. "You're stealing lux for your union. Never thought one of the Supreme Elite would decide to side with darkness."

      "You're out of your mind pal!" Polemistis protested.

      "Am I?" the Keyblade wielder asked. "Then I would be just imagining seeing you collect so much lux. And for what? If you were serving the light, you wouldn't be taking it from other unions!"

      "That's utter bull pal!" Polemistis snapped back.

      "Whether you feel that it is or not doesn't matter," the member said. "Anyone that serves the darkness has only one fate and there is one consequence for traitors to the light." He then summoned his Keyblade and took stance. Polemistis was getting really angry now.

      "Put that thing away," Polemistis demanded tensely. "I am not your enemy, I am your friend. Do NOT make me your enemy."

      "Friend? Please, you were never my friend," the member replied. "Only Kidemonas was my friend. I got to say, I was very disappointed that he befriended the rest of you, so it looks like he needs to learn. I can't have him affiliated with someone like you that has turned to darkness."

      "I'm warning you now pal, you take a swing at me and you'll regret it," Polemistis said through gritted teeth.

      "Threaten me all you want, but you know your crimes," the member said. "Now warrior of darkness, I'll make you pay!" The union member then took a swing overhead down toward Polemistis and he quickly summoned his Keyblade and defended with a high block. They held it for a second and the Keyblade wielder attacked again. Polemistis merely blocked the strikes and swings. He did not want to hurt this Keyblade wielder and he does not want to shed a fellow Keyblade wielder's blood. The Keyblade wielder kept on attacking over and over and Polemistis calmly blocked all the attacks. He then parries one strike and with his free hand, he creates a shockwave that sends the Anguis member flying backwards. He fell onto the pavement and lost grip of his Keyblade. Polemistis stayed where he was and the union member slowly got back up.

      "I am not your enemy, understand?" Polemistis said. "I restrained myself from killing you because I don't want to kill a fellow Keyblade wielder. I have the same goal as you and that is to protect the light and save it. Now, go home." The union member unsummoned his Keyblade and left the Boardwalk. Polemistis sighed and shook his head and unsummoned his Keyblade. This was exactly what Aiton warned them all about: they will be confronted the same way they say the quarrel unfold yesterday. Polemistis then went to the Fountain Square where his friends were. The rest of the Elite did their thing as well before and were about to discuss what the next step is when Polemistis broke what happened to him to them.

      "I knew it would happen," Aiton said.

      "So with an apocalyptic like aura around here now taking its toll, what's left?" Kidemonas asked.

      "I don't know," Kyrios replied. "In fact, I am not sure what else we can do anymore." The four of them stood silently in thought for a bit when Master Ava came walking towards them.

      "Supreme Elite!" she called. They turn and see her coming toward them.

      "Master Ava," they all said in unison bowing.

      "I think I know exactly how you all can avoid fate," she said with joy. "I want you all to join the Dandelions."

      "The what?" Polemistis asked.

      "The Dandelions," Ava replied. "They are a special group of Keyblade wielders from all unions that I choose to avoid fighting in the war. They will flee and go to a world far away. They will stay there and they will rebuild whatever is left behind by the war. I choose only those with the capability of tolerating a bit of darkness in their hearts."

      "So for those you don't choose, they remain to fight and die?" Polemistis asked bluntly. It caught Ava off guard and she was a little more somber in tone.

      "Yes, they will fight," she replied. "Unfortunately, there won't be a winner in the war. All that will become of it is ruin. It's unavoidable and I know you by now are powerless to stop it, but you can rebuild it and live on. So, will you join?" The Supreme Elite thought about it and then looked at each other seriously and somberly. They then nodded at each other.

      "Master Ava," Polemistis began "we are gracious for the offer, but I just fought a Keyblade wielder who called me an enemy."

      "Then he is a warrior of darkness," she interjected rather sharply.

      "Whether he is or not doesn't matter," Polemistis said. "What matters is this, we Supreme Elite have befriended so many people and some of those are probably Dandelions. The rest are probably the ones that will remain and fight. To go and leave everyone behind while the apocalypse happens is something I could never live with nor could the rest of us. It would tear us apart thinking every day, every moment, we abandoned friends to die. Maybe we could have saved them before suffering our fates. I know one thing, we won't leave friends behind even if fate takes us. Well, that could be our sacrifice future generations could always remember. Besides, we will have the final say on fate and we will live on after the war." Master Ava had her mouth open in shock and then she looked like she was going to weep. She kept herself together though and nodded.

      "I see," she replied. "Then I will be sure that your sacrifices and stories are remembered." She then bowed and then walked off quietly. The Supreme Elite were quiet themselves.

      "I think we made the right choice," Polemistis said. His friends merely nodded. "Hey guys, let's make a promise for each other. No matter where we are, we will find a way to come back to each other." His friends nodded with more meaning now and they had a slight smile. Polemistis put his hand out in the middle of them and they put their hands on top of each others. In the meantime, they sat at the fountain and relaxed for a bit. Keyblade wielders came up to them and they sat down with them. There were lots of them and they stood and sat around and at the fountain. It was a great time even with a darker atmosphere.

      "So Supreme Elite, are you all going to join the Dandelions?" one male asked.

      "Yeah, we all are and are hoping you already joined," another male followed.

      "Actually, we won't," Polemistis replied. Gasps rang out from all of the Dandelions.

      "But... why?" a female asked.

      "We thought about everyone we would leave behind," Polemistis replied. "We couldn't bear to abandon the rest to die horrible deaths. We decided we will fight with them so they don't die in such shame." The shock was apparent among the Dandelions. Some actually began to weep.

      "But... we'll lose you," a female Dandelion said.

      "No! You can't fight!" a male Dandelion shouted with a choked up voice and tears in his eye.

      "Hey, it's okay," Polemistis consoled. "Besides, the four of us already have foretold dark fates awaiting us. We can't avoid them, but we can spend our last moments doing some good. Besides, we will have the last say on fate." Polemistis looked out at all the Dandelions. Some have tears in their eyes while others were a little more controlled of their emotions. Polemistis then put his hand to his heart.

      "May your hearts be your guiding key," he said. The Dandelions put their fists to their hearts and nodded remembering these words as their best friends' last.

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Gahhh, it's coming! The foretold coming of fate! I cannot wait to see how this will eventually go down! Such emotion and tension, ahhh, so exciting! Amazing chapter, my friend! Keep up the great work! :D

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This has been absolutely great to read so far keep it up cant wait to see whats next

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Chapter 13: The Keyblade War

      The Dandelions went up to the Supreme Elite and shook their hands and some even gave them hugs. This would be the last time they would ever see the Supreme Elite ever. They so wanted them to join the Dandelions, but understood that leaving behind all these people they called friends to die would eat them up from the inside and so they calmly and gracefully accepted the Supreme Elite's decision to fight. All the Dandelions left and so the Supreme Elite were left alone. It was the late afternoon and the sun was in the west getting ready to set. The Supreme Elite remained quiet as they sat together all of them looking into space. They couldn't really say anything at this point. What could they talk about? Their fates? Why? Nothing is going to change and they know everything they need to know. The war is coming and darkness will take them all. They will find a loophole of some sort; they have to find one. The minutes passed like hours and the four of them remained at the fountain. Then, Polemistis hears footsteps coming towards them. It's Master Gula.

      "Master Gula," Polemistis said. The other Elites looked up at Gula.

      "Supreme Elite, follow me," he said. Then started walking off past them. They looked at each other confused, but then shrugged their shoulders, got up, and followed Gula. They walked up the stairs, went through the Market, headed for the Clock Tower area and went inside an empty house. It was his private quarters. Gula walked inside first ahead of the Elite and then turned around to face them. The Supreme Elite stood a few steps inside the entrance and just looked at Gula.

      "There is something you four need to know," he said grimly. "We Foretellers had learned of a traitor. That would be someone who betrays the light and all of us. I found a passage from a missing page of the Book of Prophecies called the Lost Page. I found this written in it: The one unable to forgive this distastefulness, who thought of fate with pessimism and lost sight of true strength... The one who will misread the truth and step forth into secrecy... This describes the identity of the traitor and it means that the traitor is the one who will end the world. There was someone that we had in mind, but ultimately couldn't stop them. We might have even messed up and missed the mark after all."

      "So then, it seems like it was truly inevitable all along," Polemistis said. "Traitor huh? Maybe we could have hunted for them and defeated them ourselves. That would have surely have stopped the darkness from approaching."

      "That's not all though," Gula said. Then, he went to sit in a chair and looked into space. "I told you all about the last passage of the Book foretelling the war, yes? Well, this is its sister. It read: And with that one swing, the bell that tolls for the end will sound and the final battle will begin at the destined time." The Supreme Elite merely nodded as they listened. Gula turned in his seat and faced them all.

      "Master, you are telling us such sensitive details from the Book," Polemistis said. "Are you sure that it's okay to tell us such things?"

      "As union members, no," Gula replied "but you four have fate written in that Book and you are the Supreme Elite so you should know. Besides, it does nothing telling you now. War is coming and there is nothing we can do about it." The Supreme Elite nodded in reply. Then, they all gasped. Ding... ding... ding... It was a bell... It was the clock tower... Polemistis immediately ran to the window and looked up at the clock: six o'clock.

      "Ah, there it is," Gula said. Polemistis slowly went away from the window.

      "The destined time..." Kyrios said.

      "Indeed," Gula replied. "The time has come. Go, the two sides of light and dark are gathering now. You will fight dark warriors upon that battlefield. Anyone you face will be your enemy. The unions will be gathering together for the battle. I suggest you all return to your union." The Supreme Elite gave the Keyblade warriors salute and walked out of the room. Standing outside of the house, they looked up at the clock tower. It stopped ringing a little while ago and remains quiet. The sky is now darker than ever, but there is still some sunlight. The roads and streets now have much shadow painted all over them and everything has a dark feeling. They stood in the outdoors for a little bit.

      "I guess this is goodbye... for the last time," Polemistis said.

      "Yeah, I guess it is," Aiton replied.

      "Huh, maybe we could have defeated that traitor," Kidemonas said.

      "It wouldn't have made any difference," Kyrios said. "Besides, our counterparts were probably the traitors, but the Foretellers must have never found them. Well, it's too late now. Now, we have to return back to our own unions."

      "Hey guys," Polemistis said "I want us to promise each other something. Even though we will be taken by fate, let's promise each other that we will return to each other one day and no matter where we are, we will find each other." Polemistis put his hand out smiling.

      "I like that," Kyrios said and he put his hand on Polemistis's. Aiton and Kidemonas followed suit and put their hands on the pile too. Then, they gave each other hugs and Kidemonas, Aiton, and Kyrios all walked away into the darkness leaving Polemistis alone. Polemistis stared into space for a little bit and then went back into Gula's quarters.

      "Master Gula?" he called. Gula was sitting on the chair still at the table. He merely looked up. "What about you? Where will you be?"

      "I'll be fighting the darkness too," Gula said. "I will be fighting alongside the light in defeating the dark foes that await us. I probably won't survive this battle like you won't." Polemistis walked over to Gula, who stood up, and embraced him. Gula returned it at first gently, but then tightened it.

      "The young boy I found on the street..." he said with a choked up voice. "Why must he suffer such cruel fate?"

      "I will defy fate," Polemistis replied. "I promise I will. We all promised we will and we'll come back to each other one day." They embraced for a little longer and then let go.

      "We gather in a few days," Gula said. "I suggest you try to get some sleep." Polemistis put his fist to his heart and bowed his head giving the warrior's salute. He then walked out of the quarters and went home. Gula stared out the door feeling such heaviness in his heart.

      "Polemistis... Supreme Elite..." he said almost crying. "Forgive me... forgive us... We couldn't tell you the truth. One day, I hope you can forgive us."


A few days later...

      Different sides gathered together outside of Daybreak Town in the Badlands. Polemistis was with his own. Looking forward, he sees nothing, but the enemy. These are the warriors of darkness that he has been told would be fighting. He was with his fellow Keyblade wielders and was ready for this. He was ready to die along with his comrades or rather, suffer his fate so the deaths of his comrades is not in vain. The two sides summoned their Keyblades and got into stance. Then, they raised them up and charged toward each other and clashed. Polemistis stood with Keyblade in hand and did not move from his spot. He watched as the warfare erupted around him and saw Keyblades clashing. It felt like everything slowed down and the sounds faded some. He watched the war become ever so bloody and gory as Keyblade wielders got slashed and having big gashes opened, lost a limb or a head, and getting tripped up and be killed with a Keyblade swinging down on them like an execution. One Keyblade after another fell into the ground and one heart after another began floating upwards into the black, cloud-filled sky. Polemistis watched the horror unravel before him and then took a deep breath in and out. Just then, thunder and lightning erupted and rain came down. Polemistis merely looked into the sky and watched the storm begin. He then put his hand to his heart.

      "May my heart be my guiding key," he said and then he looked at the war in front of him and ran forward. He just ran until someone saw him and took a swing at him. Polemistis blocked the strike, gave the guy an uppercut, and then stabbed him. The next foe got in close to Polemistis, but then learned the hard way as Polemistis put the enemy in a head lock and violently twisted his arm out of it pulling on the foe's jaw essentially breaking the enemy's neck. Another foe finished off an ally of of the light and then turned their attention toward him and swung at his head. Polemistis bent down and coffee grinder kicked him taking out his legs, stood back up, and swung his Keyblade down like an ax killing the enemy. The scream got to Polemistis a bit and chills went up and down his skin. However, he had to move on or his life would have been ended by someone else. He tried looking around for his friends, but they were nowhere to be seen as expected.

      "I hope they haven't fallen to fate just yet," he said aloud to himself while pointing his Keyblade backwards and stabbing an enemy behind him that was about to attack him. He pulled his Keyblade out and started using some magic on enemies. He used all kinds of spells and even some new attacks that he had been waiting a while to use. They varied so wildly that describing all of them would take too long. He struck down and killed one enemy after another fighting as he was supposed to. A female this time swung at his head and he locked in combat with her. He held her in a stalemate.

      "I'm sorry sweetheart," he said. "I'll be sure to make this painless." He then broke off of the stalemate and used Zantetsuken on her. She froze and then slowly went to the ground dead. No blood was drawn at all so this was a clean kill. Spells had been going off all over the place and the storm only got worse as the war fought on. Polemistis had parts of his clothes in tatters at the edges and he had a bit of dirt on the right side of his face. He fought and killed one foe after another making sure to keep his self imposed rule of a one-two kill. One was he must open them up and then two was he stabbed or slashed them. Fighting any longer than that would only increase his chances of dying at the hands of Keyblade wielders and therefore, fate never taking him. He wouldn't be able to live on either so he had to keep all battles short and to the point.

      He soon came across a Keyblade wielder that looked pretty tough and slightly ominous. He was aggressive in swinging toward Polemistis. In a flash, the foe swung at Polemistis's head. Polemistis had to lean back, but he felt the edge of the blade go across his left cheek. He put his fingers to it and felt a cut begin to bleed. Polemistis responded by swinging overhead down on the foe and work his way forward from there. That didn't do any good and the foe swung at the Elite's body forcing him to jump back. He felt the blade hit his left side and he sees his shirt ripped open and on his bare skin, a decent sized cut that started bleeding. Polemistis got ticked now and started fighting aggressively this time using his spells and attacks. He made sure to use all the new ones to keep the enemy off balance and guessing. The foe guessed wrong once and swung at Polemistis's head, but the Elite parried it, turned around, and then stabbed the enemy in an uppercut motion. He then flipped the foe over onto his back and pulled the blood covered Keyblade out and panted for a few seconds.

      Suddenly, Ultimate Apocalypse disappeared out of his hand like he unsummoned it. The thing is, he never wanted to do that. Just then, dark energy began swirling around him in small mists and then began to swirl around his feet. He knew immediately that his fate is taking place. The dark pool was like an anchor and he couldn't move from where he was. Suddenly, like a trap door opening, he fell into the pool and into darkness. He started floating down upside down head first into the dark realm. Looking back above him, he sees a light in the distance. That's where he just was. Darkness begins to overtake him.

      "I will not let it end this way," he said. He then managed to summon his Keyblade again, though with some trouble, pointed it at where his heart is and stabbed himself. He then let the weapon go and it disappeared and his heart came out of his chest. By now, darkness is really starting to ensnare him. He sends his heart up to the light and watches it go and has a slight smile on his face.

      "I will return to you all... I promise..." Polemistis said. He then closes his eyes smiling and darkness overtakes his body and destroys it.


      Kyrios fought everyone that dare to attack him and anyone that got in his way. He would make sure to fight so as to make everyone's sacrifice not be in vain. He was aware of the rain and storm that rage on. Even so, he decided to make his heart his guiding key swearing to the oath that all Keyblade wielders swore by. He made sure himself to keep all battle short and simple. He even kept a close on his surroundings so as to not be caught unaware. He looked all around and did not go forward so much. He somewhat stayed in the same area after he ran forward and charged into battle. Using the elements, he knocked away many warriors with his spells. One enemy was about to attack him, but he used Eclipse of the Moon and then slashed his back and then stabbed him in the back. Kyrios briefly looks to his right and a fire spell is heading right towards his face. He moves his head in the nick of time and the spell shoots past his head and lands in the ground exploding about seven feet behind him. He slightly covers himself and when he uncovers, he has some dirt on the left side of his face and on his left arm as well as a long thin cut on his forehead that turned red with blood. Kyrios fires a fire spell back in the direction it came from and sees a warrior get hit and sent backwards burning some.

     The moment, a warrior is stabbing right at Kyrios, but he parries the stab off to the right, spins clockwise, and hits the enemy in the head with the hilt of his Keyblade. The enemy is knocked to the ground onto his stomach, but in deciding to put up a fight, he swings at Kyrios's feet while rolling onto his back. Kyrios jumps over and swings back down clashing with the enemy once again. They fight for a bit and then Kyrios disarms the foe and swings down like an ax on wood and puts his blade into the enemy's abdomen. The warrior screams in pain and then lies still shallowly breathing as he begins to die. Kyrios took his blade of Elemental Master out of the warrior and sees the whole edge of the blade covered in blood. He turns around and another foe runs toward him about ready to attack, but Kyrios used Thunder Barrage to pound the enemy and send them backwards a ways. They end up fighting another warrior briefly before getting their body slashed open. Kyrios lands and then sees a female warrior standing nearby facing him ready to fight.

      "Sorry, but it has to be done Kyrios," she said. Clearly as one of the warriors of the dark, she had no choice and those of the darkness clearly knew the Supreme Elite well. They both begin fighting and each held their own. She was pretty skilled and it impressed Kyrios, but he had to end it immediately. She decided to lunge forward and stab him, but he dodged and then used Heaven's Sword against her. She was stunned and then slowly went to the ground and died.

      "I'm sorry too, but it had to be done," Kyrios apologized. No blood was drawn so that made this less painful for him. He then find another dark warrior and so he runs toward him and in acrobatic fashion, does a butterfly kick, but grabbing around the head. The warrior was strong and stayed upright, so Kyrios used his momentum and swung himself around to get on the foe's shoulder while positioning his legs to lock and then twist the enemy's head breaking the neck. Kyrios then jumped off the limp body high above the fray and threw his Keyblade into the soil creating and explosion sending Keyblade bearers all over the place. Kyrios landed on his feet and resummoned his Keyblade.

      Then, he looks up and searches for any of his friends. He expected to not find them, but hoped he would. As he was looking around, he sees a figure wearing a black coat. Everything now seems to slow down and the noise is channeled out. The figure Kyrios was looking at was the dark lord that was foretold to give him a piece of his heart. He was about to put Elemental Master in front of him when it disappeared like he unsummoned it. Darkness pooled around his feet making an anchor and keeping Kyrios in place. The figure then summons a Keyblade with an eye in it and waves his free hand over it. He then prepares the Keyblade and by pointing it up and then forward sending a pink orb toward Kyrios. It's a piece of his heart. Kyrios just stood there and waited for it unable to do anything. Then, the piece enters him and a stunned expression is written on his face. It's as if he got punched in the stomach and it feels tight too. The piece of the heart was taking his own over. The dark figure then disappeared into the battlefield undisturbed and untouched.

      "N-no, I... won't... let it happen," Kyrios managed to say. Meanwhile, dark energy is coming out of him and floating around him. With trouble, he then summoned his own Keyblade and pointed it at where his heart is. He then stabs his chest and lets go of his Keyblade. It disappears as it appeared and his heart comes out of his chest and begins to float up toward the dark sky. Looking up, he smiles slightly.

      "I will come back... to all of you..." he said and then the darkness takes him over completely and he grunts in pain and then he does not feel it anymore. He opens his eyes and they are gold and he then grins maniacally.


      Kidemonas has just struck down an enemy. He then looks around for more enemies and finds another one about ready to attack him. He fights them and then slashes them across the body putting them onto their knees and then slashes their throat. He didn't behead them, but merely just slit their throat killing them. He looked around wanting to know where his friends are.

      "Guys, where are you?" he said to himself. I hope you all haven't fallen just yet. If you have, I will make sure to not leave you all behind." A Keyblade bearer then swung at his head forcing him to duck and when he got back up, he took out the legs forcing the enemy to land on his back and then swung down and beheaded the enemy. Another enemy swings overhead down at Kidemonas. The Elite turned his face away just enough, but the blade created a moderate sized gash on the right side of his head that went from his temple to his jaw. It began to bleed immediately, but not profusely. Kidemonas side kicked the enemy backwards and then used Strike Raid at the foe throwing his Keyblade into the abdomen of the enemy. The foe fell to the ground dead and Kidemonas resummoned his blood cover Keyblade. He then felt someone grab him from behind and put a Keyblade to his neck.

       "Anything left to say before I kill you?" the foe said.

       "Yeah, the joke's on you!" Kidemonas said and then he had his Keyblade disappear and in a split second, the Keyblade came from behind the both of them in a Strike Raid and went into the enemy's back making him scream. His grip on the Elite went limp and he fell over dead. Kidemonas pulled his weapon out of the foe and looked around once again. He started using his power of light to fight through the war in the midst of the dark and rainy storm. It was the only thing that could possibly pierce through the darkness all around him. He went through warrior after warrior using the power of light. If he could do anything, he could use light to fight the darkness.

      When he went through the last warrior, Light's Redemption disappeared from his hand out of the blue. Kidemonas then looked up and around and sees dark energy floating around and coming down toward him. It then begins to enter him and he starts screaming in pain as the darkness enters him and creeps toward his heart.

      "I will not... allow this!" he managed to shout out. He manages to summon his Keyblade again, points it at his heart, stabs his chest and releases his heart. His weapon disappears and his heart begins to float into the sky.

      "I will not lose you," he said. "I will find you all and bring us together." He smiled for a little bit. Then, he screams in more pain as the darkness reaches where he once had a heart and forms a new, dark one. His hair changes to black from dirty blond and his eyes turn gold. His clothes turn black as well. The darkness completely takes over Kidemonas and he resummons his new Keyblade, Darkness's Victory. Looking out into the battlefield, he grins maniacally and goes off into battle.


      Aiton has managed to survive this far without fate or anyone killing him yet. Fighting reverse grip makes it better because it is such a rare skill and very few, if any, fight holding their Keyblade in reverse grip. Aiton is one of the lucky ones. However, luck won't save him from fate. So, he continues to fight anyway. With his speed, it only gives him an upper hand. Striking down a warrior, he looks around for his friends.

      "What are the odds I'm the last one?" he said to himself. "I have a feeling I am. Oh guys, hang on for me if you can. I will follow all of you soon." He then stabs a Keyblade wielder behind him that was going to strike him. He used Unbound Power to unleash all the power he could. Another foe swung at him and Aiton made him miss, but then that foe in a flash swung again. Aiton blocked this time and was a bit amazed how there is someone else that has his speed. The Elite fought this enemy and used everything he knows. Obviously in this war, nothing is off limits. Although Aiton is fast, the foe kept up and countered and blocked every strike and slash Aiton through at him. It was even for a while before Aiton decided he had to make this bloody. He swung at the enemy's left knee and cut off the leg from the knee down. The foe screamed and fell onto his left side. As he was falling, Aiton slashed across the warrior's body creating a deep lethal gash that bled profusely. The warrior passed out on the ground and died there.

      Aiton moved on from there and threw his Keyblade at an enemy and it stabbed the warrior. He then teleported to the now dead enemy and pulled his Keyblade out of foe and jumped into the air. He then fired a strong beam of light toward the ground and it created a large explosion taking out many enemies in the process. He lands back on the earth and looks around and sees a female ally being bullied by a dark foe; she was looking scared and worried as she fought him. Aiton threw his Keyblade at the enemy's head having it enter the side of it killing him instantly. The female ally nods in thanks and Aiton returns the nod. He resummons his Keyblade and is about to head off to fight some more.

      Suddenly, Unbound Power disappeared from his hand unnaturally nor by his command. He then sees darkness floating around him and then it pools around his feet and begins to creep up his legs and cover him. He couldn't move from there and realized that fate has come.

      "I will not submit to fate," he said determined. Then, he resummons his Keyblade, though it took him a second try to do so, points it at his heart and stabs his chest. He then lets go of his weapon, which disappears, and his heart exits his chest and floats into the sky.

      "Now... I'm with you... guys..." he said with a slight smile. The darkness creeps up and covers him inch by inch and soon his face is covered. All of Aiton is covered in darkness and the black figure that is him is now writhing in pain as the darkness begins to tear him apart from the inside. He then screams and the darkness explodes all around leaving nothing behind.

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Oh ho ho, the tragic air of it all! The blood, the gore, the chaos...the tragic poetry! You, my good sir, delivered on making us see the fate of the original Supreme Elite! What an enticing perspective on the Keyblade War, and what gruesome fates! Truly an amazing spectacle! :D

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Part II

Chapter 14: The Bridge to Today
Ancient China, Zhou Dynasty, 750 B.C
      A Keyblade wielder from the Dandelions was walking through the wilderness in this new unknown world. It was nothing like he has ever seen. A faction of the Dandelions decided that they would find a world that is not of the Realm of Light. They knew there was something in the beyond. They most surely were right. Unfortunately, they all seemed to scatter when they arrived. Some were in groups, others were on their own. Even though it seemed like yesterday they were just escaping war and when it started, it apparently had been centuries in this world. What was this place called? Earth, that's right. The thing is, so much is unknown about the landscape and he is in the middle of wilderness among many mountains not knowing where he is. He continued his trek through the mountainous region keeping wary of where he is.
      He was walking through the terrain when he looks up and sees a small light come down from the sky. It was pinkish in color and round like an orb. He squinted to see what this light is. As it fell some more, he realized what this light is. It's a heart! The heart seemed to have gotten closer to him and he held out his hands and caught it as it slowly, but steadily, fell from above.
      "Areti," a voice said to him. It came from the heart. Areti gasped for he knew that voice.
      "Master Polemistis!" Areti exclaimed. "How can it be? I thought you were all doomed for fate?"
      "We made sure to avoid fate," Polemistis replied. "The others have spread out. Areti, take me up a mountain and lock me away so I can sleep."
      "Huh? But why?" Areti asked.
      "I will be awakened one day long after you are gone and dead," Polemistis explained. "I want the one to awaken me to be a Keyblade wielder and not any person. Do you remember the oath taken?"
      "Our oath master?" Areti asked.
      "No, your oath," Polemistis replied. "I came across you one day a few months after I became the Supreme Elite and I asked you to cut your palm with your Keyblade so it would draw blood. I did the same with mine and we grabbed each others hands. My blood is within yours running in your veins. I asked you to take an oath to be a conduit that will pass my blood down from you to the next generation and on so that my descendant will be in my image."
      "What about awaking you?" Areti asked.
      "You took an oath to assimilate to wherever world you enter," the voice replied. "The Keyblade chooses those with a complete piece of their heart that deems them worthy. You will become like the rest of the world, start a family, and through that way, pass down the piece to my descendant. It will split up, but it will unite itself once again and the descendant in my image will inherit it and become a Keyblade wielder. That is how he can unlock me and then will I awaken and return uniting myself with his heart. The others did the same thing with other Dandelions that have shown up in this world. Lock me away on a mountain near the mountains they will each be locked away on."
      "I understand master," Areti said. He then looked up at the mountains and decided to lock away Polemistis first and then lock away the rest of the Supreme Elite until the day their descendants will find them and awaken them.
Ancient Japan, Kofun Period, 350 A.D
      The Emperor Nintoku was in his palace with his close advisers in his room and speaking to them about the current state of affairs. He discussed the current state of the people as well as relations with the next door neighbors in China and Korea, the kingdoms of Jin and Goguryeo respectively. Nintoku was also discussing the military and its current state. Things seem to be going well in the current state of Yamato in Japan.
      "Thank you," Nintoku said. "I now ask for time alone." The advisers bowed and then left the chambers of the emperor. He needed time to think about what he is trying to find and see if indeed they can find it.
      Suddenly, a messenger burst into the room. Nintoku turned around immediately and walked up to him.
      "Your majesty," he said "we found it." Nintoku's eyes widened and chills went up and down his skin.
      "Take me there immediately," he ordered. He was led to his carriage and was led to a dig site. There he got off his carriage and went down into the site. It was in the form of a cave. Walking inside, it grew dark, but then he came into light by torch. He walked with a couple other subjects that were hired to dig and they came into a room and in front of them is a keyhole.
      "I knew this world would have one," he said to himself inaudible to those with him. "Bring me my apprentice immediately!" They all bowed and went off to find the apprentice to the emperor. Then they came back with the boy who is the apprentice. He gasped when he saw the keyhole.
      "I want to be alone with him," the emperor said and everyone except the boy left. They gave the emperor a torch before they left so the room wasn't pitch dark.
      "Earth's keyhole," he said. "Many will want to look for it and unleash the power this world could possess. For centuries, Keyblade wielders have increased and contributed to the power this planet possesses. The Mark of Kye that still remains hidden to this day will unite all Keyblade bearers as one. The four masters that will bear that sigil will become worthy to unlock the power of Earth and make it their own." Nintoku then turns to his apprentice and summons his Keyblade, Royal Radiance.
      "Take this key and become the emperor of all Keyblade bearers," he said. "They are not united as one, but your empire stretches over all the Earth. You are the guardian of the keyhole. You will be the one to protect the power of Earth against the darkness that will want it for itself. Protect it with your life and pass down the power to your successor until the day he meets the four masters that bearer the Mark." The apprentice then nods in confidence ready to accept the duty and he takes the Keyblade.
      "Go forth... Keyblade emperor," Nintoku concluded.

United States, today

      It has been a year since my friends and I destroyed our counterparts, the Dark Elite. What a year it has been! We learned after our battle that people started discovering they possess the Keyblade. They were like sheep without a shepherd and so we decided we needed to teach them the ways of being a Keyblade wielder. So back near home in the northeast United States, we have a school built that can house up to fifty students. It's like a humongous, oversized mansion except it has a large throne room with four thrones that are shaped just like the ones in Land of Departure except they are dark brown. The windows allowed light to come in from above and off to the sides, but no artificial light was used. If it got too dark, there were four large torches in the different corners of the throne room. It was huge like the Land of Departure's throne room. The room had doors that led to the back where the courtyard is. It is open and large for fifty students. The school is on top of a hill. The trees were a bit down the hill, but none blocked the amazing view that one had over the landscape. The towns and small cities were in the distance, but we at the school were alone. Only one path led up the hill from a gate near a street at the bottom of the hill. The school was that large, it had a room the size of Ventus's in Land of Departure for each student. The place is three stories tall. Basically, this place is absolutely huge.

      My friends and I would teach the students Monday through Friday all day. On Saturday, we would only teach the students in the later morning to early afternoon and give the rest of the day and Sunday off to do as they please. We suggested they could go home if they wanted to, but they developed such a loyalty to us that they called the school home and did not want to leave. We on the other hand went home Friday nights, returned Saturday mornings, and then returned home after teaching those days. Whenever we needed, we would ask Axeron, Soraxan, Derron, and Braxon to teach and watch over the students and never have they said no. We have become great friends now as we put the past behind us. In fact, they have become loyal to us and always were helpful. Sometimes, we would have a Foreteller come and teach the students as well as one or two of the seven lights. We haven't had any Mark of Mastery exams yet because it has only been a year and fully mastering the Keyblade yet. Maybe in another year for we already see some that are advanced more than others. In fact, they range in age as young as thirteen to as old as twenty five. Males and females were about equal in number as well. Our time with them has been amazing.

      Outside of this, we have been all over the place. Our fame has grown only more and now that people know that we have two identities, it has been different. we are recognized no matter where. Luckily, we are usually given our privacy and left alone although people will give us a shout out and will wave to us. I mean, the craze over us has been unreal. We have seen posters (posters for crying out loud!) with our images on them. They have our names and have us in awesome poses. They are unbelievably done and we like them. There are even COSTUMES of us. Cosplay costumes have been made and people, teenagers and twenty year old's to be precise, have been buying them. We have been asked multiple times to come to Walt Disney World and be like the characters. We would walk throughout the parks and enjoy ourselves. we would even have meet and greets particularly in the Magic Kingdom. The lines were long and there were families of all kinds with kids of all ages from kindergarten to high school and even some college. There were even family reunions that we came across. We even had greets with high school students on their Disney trips. We were even requested to be interviewed by news organizations; sometimes all of us or one of us. Organizations like Fox News would request to have interviews with us. In fact, we were on every show on Fox News from Fox and Friends to Hannity one time. We were interviewed by video on CNN and NBC too. It made our names known around the country and the world.

      Speaking of the country and the world, so much has changed. We just had an election and the new president has gotten to know Mickey, or King Mickey of Disney Town to be precise. The president and king established diplomatic, economic, and even defense relationships with each other. The nation of Lucis of Eos also got involved. King Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV met the new president as well and established the same relationships as well. In fact, the United States of America, Kingdom of Lucis, and Disney Town established a tri nation pact in which each of these nations established trade, diplomatic relations, and a defense treaty. There are pictures of the two kings and the president at the White House in the Oval Office meeting each other. The president was tough with them when it came to negotiations, but great relationships have been made and the three nations have developed strong relationships. Other nations have taken notice and have attempted to create relations with Disney Town and Lucis, but Noctis made it clear that Lucis will only have relationships with the U.S and Mickey reaffirmed such a bond with contain the U.S, Lucis, and Disney Town. So much has changed and so much has happened in this past year and so much to look forward to in the future.

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Oh wow, what a great transition into the modern age! I especially loved how you made it so that we saw how the Supreme Elite made their way towards the ancestors of the current Supreme Elite! Destiny truly is never left to chance!


And well, everything seems to be in order, so that's fine and dandy! I wonder what'll happen next? :)

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Just holy freaking crap man

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