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X-Dimensions (The Roleplay)


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#261 kingdomhearts45



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Posted Yesterday, 10:51 AM

"Hmph. You don't have to tell us twice..." Boruto said. He might be similar to Sasuke, but Boruto now thought that Sasuke was much cooler than that grumpy old stiff.
"You said that he was your dad's rival though, right? Is your dad strong too?" Boruto asked.

Gohan nodded to Boruto. "You bet. The strongest guy I know. Though..." He let his head down slightly. "He sacrificed himself...For my mistakes 3 years ago..." He said in a depressing tone. "And it was all for nothing. He's dead now because of my actions that I now regret..."

Haru put her hand on the mourning Saiyan for comfort, but he seemed to be already smiling. "But it's okay." He raised his head. "Knowing him, he's fine with it. That's just how my dad is."
Gon smiled along with him. He could almost feel the relation between Gohan's father and his own.
"Come on, we're burning daylight! To the stadium!" Gohan exclaimed.

(If you want, you guys can do your "auditions" which is basically showing off your character's skills to confirm their participation in the tournament. The sign up desk is outside.)

#262 Stardustblade358



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Posted Yesterday, 04:48 PM

Barnaby and Kotetsu followed the group to the stadium, where right outside by the entrance there were the sign ups. "Should we use our hero names, or our actual names? Don't want my identity out there, you know." Kotetsu hummed. "That would be a valid question. But remember we are in a whole other dimension. Even if they know your name, I doubt that we would stick around long enough it to make a difference, or that such rumors would reach our home." Barnaby said, Kotetsu nodded. "Good point. Have to make sure." Kotetsu said cheerfully as he and Barnaby signed up for the event. "Thank you very much. If you would please go ahead inside for the auditions. We have to make sure that all of our potential participants are physically able to participate." The lady at the counter said, the two of them nodding and turning to the rest. "We'll see you guys inside!" Kotetsu cheered, waving before entering the building with Barnaby. They were led to the arena outside, where everyone was with different personel showing off their skills for the auditions. "Alright! Basically all you have to do is to show us that you are physically able to participate! Show off your skills to us!" The man said cheerfully. Barnaby and Kotetsu looked at each other and then looked around. The arena was full of equipment for the participants to use for the auditions, the bleachers slowly beginning to fill up with early spectators here and there. "Right." Barnaby smiled, Kotetsu nodding with him. The two focused, and activated their Hundred Power, their eyes glowing a bright blue. Barnaby took a step, dashing at inhuman speeds as he jumped so fast it people could only see a blur of light from his suit following his movements as he jumped from one side of the arena to the other with little effort and long struts, jumping on the bleachers and on the highest parts of the building before landing back on the ground. He aimed to a single soccer ball that stood innocently on the floor and kicked it high into the sky, the soccer ball flying out into the stratosphere...it wasn't going to come back down. Ever. Barnaby then proceeded to go ahead to one of the punching bags, kicking the living crap out of it so hard that he ended up kicking the whole machine across the area and into the nearest wall, crashing it. Barnaby decided that was enough, turning to see Kotetsu do his stuff. Kotetsu showed off some combat moves, before picking up a bunch of heavy weights with a single hand, holding them high into the air with barely any effort. As he did that, he walked to another, non busted punching back, and threw a single punch, sending that machine flying and crashing right next to the one Barnaby had broken. Kotetsu smiled, now beginning to juggle the weights as he looked at the judge. "Well? Think we can participate?" Kotetsu said with a small smirk, much to the judge's dismay, who was already pale after seeing their obviously show off display. "I think you guys will manage." The Judge said. Kotetsu dropped the weights, smiling as he high fived Barnaby. Then again, they were only this strong when activating their Hundred powers. But they were sure that they would be more than capable of handling themselves without it as they usually did. With an hour of recharge, they had to be careful when to use it after all.

#263 Ultimus Grid

Ultimus Grid

    Mecha-Noise Thrasher

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Posted Today, 02:28 AM

The trio were up next to the desk.  Bobobo goes up first, signs his name, and hands his sheet to the receptionist.  "Let's see here...Bobobo-Bobo-bobo?   Kind of lengthy, but it works.  Now you have to demonstrate a portion of your prowess inside."  They stated.  Bobobo begins walking into the building.  "I'm next!"  Don Patch shouts while running up. 


"I don't recall seeing you before.  Mind telling me what you are?"  The man says.  "I could tell you, but then I'd have to destroy you."  Don Patch answers with a deadly stare.  The receptionist begins to be afraid from hearing that statement.  "Just kidding!"  Don Patch jokes as he grabs a sheet.  He scribbles here and there before handing it back.  On the sheet was a drawing of Don Patch standing proudly on a mountain of bodies while holding a trophy full of money with a line stating:  "The future guaranteed champion Don Patch!!!!!"  The receptionist was speechless for a minute before finally saying:  "Uh, you're free to go?"  Don Patch happily marches forward to show his stuff.


Jelly goes up and signs with a pink pen covered with the "lucky nu" symbol.  His name is on the sheet, but the symbol is everywhere along with it.  The receptionist doesn't say anything and points to where Jelly needs to go. 


The trio arrive in the arena full of equipment.  There was all sorts of machines and the like to determine someone's eligibility to enter.  "It's time to put on a good show!"  Bobobo shouted eagerly.  He ran all over the arena grabbing a 10ft pole, four 300lb weight bands, 8 150lb weights, two cinderblocks, a punching bag, and a pillow.  He places the pillow on top of the bag and straps on one band on each limb.  He picks up the cinderblocks and throws them up quite high.  He proceeds to do that with the weights too.  Bobobo picks up the pole with both hands and starts running towards the stacked items.  He jumps up and lands on them with the pole.  The cinderblocks  then stack onto Bobobo's feet and the weights soon after.  He starts moving up onto the very tip of the pole and balances on it with one hand.  Now he's doing push-ups on the pole all the while keeping the items on his feet in place.  On the twentieth push the weights and blocks get launched into the sky again.  Bobobo jumps off the pole, shakes the ground a foot around him for a bit upon landing, and catches the falling items with some effort.  "Can I compete in the tourney now?"  Bobobo asks the closest judge.  They were a bit perplexed on what they just saw.  "I b-believe you can sir."  They answered.  "Great!"  Bobobo replied while dropping the items and taking off the weight bands.


"That was cool and all, but the future champ, which is me, will blow the crowd away!"  Don Patch decrees.  He hops onto an exercising bike and starts peddling.  At first he's going at a casual pace.  But he soon peddles faster with every second.  Don Patch moves so fast that the bike breaks off the stand(?).  He drags it into the ground to carve an image.  He twists and turns until he finished making himself giving a thumbs up with a confident smile.  Don Patch stops and quickly does the same himself.  He then asks:  "So, am I in it?"  A couple of judges stared at each other until one of them responds:  "Um, sure."  "Works for me!"  Don Patch says as he gets off the bike.


Jelly took a look around the audience.  He was amazed that there was so many people here.  He knew exactly what to do next.  "Okay, here I go!"  Jelly turns for a bit to bring out dozens of packaged trays.  "Free Jelly sets for everyone in the crowd!"  Jelly runs up to the first row and hands over some sets.  "Sir!  You can't serve food while attempting to participate in this tournament!  You may do so afterwards but not now."  One of the judges shouts towards Jelly.  He puts down the tray sets he had left and slouches his way back.  He stands in front of a punching bag.  Jelly figures punching it would be enough to let him join.  He winds up his right arm and throws a might punch.  But the bag doesn't even move an inch.  "What?"  A confused Jelly Jiggler asked aloud.  He decides to throw another punch.  Still no budge.  Now he throws a flurry of punches to get the bag to move.  But not a single one managed to do so.  Enraged, Jelly picks up a 500lb weight and slams it onto the punching bag.  He lifts up the weight and slams it down again.  Next, he jumps and body-slams the weight further down on the bag.  Slowly calming down, Jelly asks:  "Can I participate?"  "Yes!"  One of the judges quickly answers.  Jelly picks up the weight and rolls it back to where he found it.

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