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  1. Sora's voice actor (Haley Joel Osment) sidesteps a question on Kingdom Hearts III

    Haley Joel Osment, the English voice actor for Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series, was questioned today by IGN at San Diego Comic-Con International 2014. IGN asked Osment if he had done any voice recording work for Kingdom Hearts III, and this is what Osment had to say. Thanks go to @churroz for the tip and for roxasman1231 for posting it on KH13 first.

    Have you done anything for Kingdom Hearts III yet? Anything you can share?

    I am not allowed to share-- every time, we've done a couple of installments, I am on paper not allowed to share anything about it. But I know Kingdom Hearts fans are really loyal and dedicated and they will not be disappointed when we get around to whatever is in the future.

    The full video is below.


  2. Square Enix Germany comments on petition for European localization of Kingdom Hearts III

    Something that the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II have in common is that they are the only games in the Kingdom Hearts series to receive dubbed localizations for languages other than Japanese and English. Both games were officially released with German and French voices in their home countries, with Kingdom Hearts II also receiving a release with Spanish voices. Since then, all Kingdom Hearts titles have only released with English voice acting in Europe.

    A group named SaveDisney.de have created a petition to try and make a change to this, aiming to convince Square Enix to releases patches for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX with the European dubbed voices from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II included, and more importantly, for Kingdom Hearts III to receive a full dubbed European localization, due to its status as a highly-anticipated blockbuster title.

    Square Enix Germany have responded to this petition, and thanks to the team at SaveDisney.de, we have this in English for you below:

    As you've said yourself, we cannot give you many answers yet [regarding dubs]. Sadly, we don't make these decisions on our own and are bound to consulting with other territories and financial requirements. Presumably, we cannot change these requirements for the current HD [1.5] ReMIX (despite fantastic sales figures).

    This is connected to us already working on future AAA titles to deliver fans known quality. So we'll try to implement all customer wishes for Kingdom Hearts 3. Including a German dub. Of course I cannot promise you anything yet for which it is way too early and we're not ready yet. But I think [the chance of a localization] doesn't look bad.