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Matthew Dickendasher

What if Sora got possessed by Xehanort during the final battle. That would create Soranort along with the X blade he will wield it. That would be an ultimate boss fight for Sora and the other keyblade wielders. That would be awesome. Let me know what you guys think.
Jul 09 2018 09:27 AM
  • Awesome Sauce's Photo
    Awesome Sauce
    But would you play as Soranort or another character?
    Jul 09 2018 09:45 AM
  • KeybladeMasterBalo's Photo
    I've been JUST thinking about this possibility, while having a sequence where you fight as Riku, Donald, Goofy, Kairi, Mickey and Lea to bring back Sora to his senses. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!
    Jul 09 2018 11:44 AM
  • Matthew Dickendasher's Photo
    Matthew Dickendasher
    Sora and Master Xehanort will battle in their own station of awakening. The way Ventus vs Vanitas final fight in birth by sleep.
    Jul 09 2018 06:51 PM