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I kinda wanna play Dark Souls 3, but I dunno if I'd like the difficult stuff. I played some of it with a friend and it took us an hour to beat the first boss.
Jul 11 2018 09:13 PM
  • Xanjoh's Photo
    Yeah. That's kinda what my friend told me. Is there any lore to it?
    Jul 11 2018 09:39 PM
  • Dave's Photo
    There is, although being the third game in the series, it kind of relies a lot on lore from the first two, especially the first. Still, the trick is to treat it as something of an archeology story, where you're piecing the lore together from what you find and observe, rather than having it really told straight forward. If you're interested, a good youtube channel to watch is VaatiVidya, who does a great job of explaining it all.
    Jul 11 2018 10:20 PM
  • Xanjoh's Photo
    Thanks :) I'll check it out.
    Jul 11 2018 10:31 PM