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I just beat Julius with Way to Dawn and no balloons!
Jul 06 2018 02:21 PM
  • Matthew Dickendasher's Photo
    Matthew Dickendasher
    Yeah I had done the portal trails and got the unbound keyblade but it still was easy I quite for a while. Until I got on again refreshed and finally be that sucker.
    Jul 06 2018 11:08 PM
  • Matthew Dickendasher's Photo
    Matthew Dickendasher
    I had to use balloonra and ballonga plus triple magic attacks and diagrams burst! My strategy was first to run for my life and keep attacking with magic than! I finally figured out the strategy to be that included lot of curegas and keep dodging blocking and attacking! If you think Julius on critcal was hard get a loads of failing on the lingering will boss from kingdom hearts 2 final mix!
    Jul 06 2018 11:18 PM
  • Xanjoh's Photo
    My first time beating him I just used Balloonga and Curaga. Worked pretty well.
    Jul 06 2018 11:38 PM