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Tyranto Rex

I really hope Hercules isn't the only traditionally animated movie featured in KH3. Like I understand them really wanting to do cgi films due to them wanting to show off the graphics, but what better why to do that then showing what you can do with converting the 2d films into 3d?
Aug 20 2018 07:49 AM
  • Awesome Sauce's Photo
    Awesome Sauce
    But didn't they already do that with most of the films featured in earlier games?
    Aug 20 2018 10:51 AM
  • John Horton's Photo
    John Horton
    Me too i wished Hercules isn't the Only Traditional Animated Movie in Kh3 i wished there was at least 2-3 More 2D Disney Worlds in the Game (I know Treasure Planet isn't going to be in the game since we already have a Pirate World and i don't think it won't work with the Gummi Ship might as well be saved for the Next saga) maybe (The Princess and the Frog, Atlantis and The Jungle Book)
    Aug 20 2018 04:08 PM
  • Tyranto Rex's Photo
    Tyranto Rex
    +Awesome Sauce There is still plenty they did not do. I don't want to do all the math but there's about 56 total so far and only a handful of those are cgi. They just did a lot of the more popular ones granted. +KeybladeMasterBalo +John Horton Those are probably the most likely. I think all of those would look beautiful too.
    Aug 20 2018 07:39 PM