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Sorry about another annoying dating topic. But it's important. Me and my a crush are so incompatible it would be the worst type of a relationship:The rare black hole relationship. This is when you are with a person no even polar opposite, just everything is entirely different. And black hole relationship have zero success because like time and space they make great friends, but mix together and you get a disaster. Truly impossible, and quite frankly a task no person could handle. But my c...
Aug 22 2016 01:13 PM
  • tsumigami's Photo
    i can't wait for next sentence to complete.
    Aug 22 2016 01:55 PM
  • EternalReckoning's Photo
    Sorry to hear it mate, but try not to get yourself down too much these things happen as rough as they are. Same thing happened to me earlier this year and I got so caught up in it that I put off someone who was actually into me.
    What I'd recommend is that you hold your head high and forget about it as best you can, theres no use stressing over something you cant help, itll all work itself out eventually you'll see :)
    Aug 22 2016 02:50 PM
  • xXMikey1stXx's Photo
    Well it wasn't meant here like I said copy and paste, but thanks for the support
    Aug 23 2016 12:43 PM