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I still can't really warm up to KH3's theme song Oath/Chikai. The rhythm, the lyrics and the general atmosphere really bother me. Luckily, it's only one song, but I dislike all the trailers throwing it in at some point now.
Jun 20 2018 11:05 PM
  • TheKingdomkid's Photo
    Yeah I agree that it is being a little over used. This is also different from how the music that Utada usually sings as well, the whole album is actually different from how she normally sings like how the songs are more slow and has some what of a more darker tone. Kingdom Hearts 3 being the end of the Saga and also going to have the darkest story of the games it could work
    Jun 21 2018 11:16 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    It could work, but despite everything dark, it will hopefully still be KH and that always had this underlying hope. I still think there might be a better suited version for the opening,because this kinda kills the suspense for me a little. It's not even dreadfully dark but rather melancholic and thus a little boring for me. Sounds more like a love song about losing someone dear than the intro to the final clash in the Xehanort saga. But it's okay if people like this tone.
    Jun 22 2018 02:17 AM
  • Merilly's Photo
    I'm not trying to ruin it for everyone who enjoys this type of music. But it's interesting that you say that not only this song is different compared to what she usually sings but the entire album. I'm not exactly a fan, despite thinking she's a good singer overall, so that's good to know. Makes me think it may not have been requested to be this gloomy.
    Jun 22 2018 02:19 AM