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Alpha Baymax

Sonic Boom Sonic is clearly going to represent the third style of gameplay for Sonic Forces.
Mar 20 2017 04:06 PM
  • Hero of Light XIV's Photo
    Hero of Light XIV
    Basically there's too many different directions for this to go in for there to be a "clear" answer yet. But hey, maybe they are just BS-ing us again and "Boom Sonic" is actually the "new" character they're talking about, their excuse being "we've technically never marketed him as a separate character before, for a while he was just 'Sonic in another franchise', so we weren't technically lying".
    Mar 21 2017 07:45 PM
  • Hero of Light XIV's Photo
    Hero of Light XIV
    That said, I wouldn't exactly be disappointed in the prospect of a Boom Sonic as a third playable Sonic, though some would probably find it as grounds to complain that Sega's just looking for more excuses to not play as anyone other than just Sonic these days.
    Mar 21 2017 07:46 PM
  • Hero of Light XIV's Photo
    Hero of Light XIV
    Another popular fan theory is that the new character/possible third Sonic could be Adventure/Dreamcast Sonic, and as much as I would like that, I do feel that Boom Sonic would have a slightly better chance than Adventure Sonic would since one is more relevant than the other.
    Mar 21 2017 08:14 PM