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Just had a dream that there were some KH3 trailer leak at Gamescom xD. It was recorded with a phone and then I spent much time trying to find it again. When I finally did to watch it again, I wake up though. I don't remember what was in the trailer I dreamt...just some random KH things I guess
Aug 20 2018 10:14 AM
  • KeybladeMasterBalo's Photo
    You better be a foreteller Vocaloid! On a serious note tho, I think Gamescom would be a good move to have that BH6 trailer shown, I mean, it's a nice enough event and the BH6 stuff has been announced for so long that I prefer to have bigger events such as TGS to suprise with only new stuff.
    Aug 20 2018 10:52 AM
  • VocaloidLover13's Photo
    I really hope too
    Either way my body is still not ready for more hype XD Guess I'll not take it if they release something in the next few days.
    But I'll keep my hopes to a minimum anyways
    Aug 20 2018 12:57 PM
  • ITzDarthLordRevan's Photo
    I'm still recovering from the metaphorical heart attack that was caused by the trailers at E3. Honestly, my heart AND body aren't even ready for the actual release of the game. XD
    Aug 21 2018 03:52 AM