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His name is Brain..... Firetruuuuuuuuuu-
Sep 21 2017 10:25 AM
  • KeybladeMasterBalo's Photo
    You thing it might be hinting to something? Such as "Brain" being the Master "Brain" of some evil plan? Or that maybe he's going to be the smartalecks of the group?
    Sep 21 2017 03:16 PM
  • KingdomHearts3's Photo
    Are we sure it isn't a mistake and they misspelled it?
    Sep 21 2017 03:24 PM
  • DoDo4869's Photo
    @KeybladeMasterBalo Well maybe... though it would seem a bit obvious to call the mastermind "Brain" xD. He seems a bit shady though...

    @KindomHearts3 I kinda hope so but I doubt it, guess we gotta wait for the next Update :/
    Sep 21 2017 04:17 PM