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I have a Harry Potter question? I was reading the fifth book again and I was wondering why were Hermione and Ron in Sirius Black house? I even watched the movie again for that but I can't find the line why they were there is it because they are so involed with Harry but I don't see why they should be there
Jul 15 2017 04:37 AM
  • AwesomeKHfan's Photo
    I mean who send Hermione and Ron a message?
    Jul 15 2017 05:49 AM
  • TheKingdomkid's Photo
    Well Ron's Parents are members of the Order of the Phoenix so it makes scenes why he was their, Hermione probably because she's Hermione and probably went along with the Weasleys
    Jul 15 2017 06:29 AM
  • Hoshiko Hikari's Photo
    Hoshiko Hikari
    Sorry ignore my earlier comment. I was thinking of book 7, not book 5!
    Jul 15 2017 01:40 PM