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Even though it bothers me that some people seem like they're against video games, I just realized that it's useless worrying about it because there will always be people like that in the world and there is nothing I can do about it.
Dec 07 2017 09:16 AM
  • Merilly's Photo
    There will always be people who will be against something, no matter what it is. There are people who hate the shooter genre and those who dislike JRPGs. People who are against dogs or those who are against collecting something like stamps. I wouldn't let it bother you because you can always be sure there are people who love all these things, including video games. As you said, worrying about it is useless because arguing about preferences and taste is difficult. It would be boring if we...
    Dec 07 2017 07:57 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    all like the same stuff after all. If your professor is against video games I'd just let him have that because he's missing out on a form of art. There are countless others with that status who actually enjoy analyzing them. One of my professors made a whole course about them and their influence on popular culture and the value they can provide if handled well.
    Dec 07 2017 08:00 PM
  • Zeldablade7's Photo
    that's interesting
    Dec 07 2017 08:19 PM