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Community Status Updates


Master Eraqus

"Ventus in the events of Chi is stupid, Nomura is pulling stuff out of his butt." *knocks on skull* Me whispering: "It's called a mystery genius..."
Mar 11 2017 12:03 PM
  • Master Eraqus's Photo
    Master Eraqus
    When there's a mystery/something that doesn't make sense initially, it's obviously gonna get explained later, such as seeing Xehanort as an old man in BBS or finding out that there was a 14th member in the Organisation or seeing that Ventus looks like Roxas.
    Mar 11 2017 01:44 PM
  • Master Eraqus's Photo
    Master Eraqus
    So, we're obviously gonna get a reason for Ventus in Union Cross, we just don't know yet. Why do you think they kept Ven hidden until revealing him at the end? They know it doesn't make sense (initially) but there's obviously a reason for that.
    Mar 11 2017 01:45 PM