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I finally got a PS4 and got HD2.8!
Aug 03 2017 07:28 PM
  • KingdomHearts3's Photo
    Your majesty, you do not need to rush. I am sure you have been busy with all of the royal affairs including Niflheim and Ardyn Izunia.
    Aug 03 2017 08:22 PM
  • PrinceNoctis's Photo
    Yeh Ardyn done murder my waifu. He need to get a beating lol. I'm taking my time don't worry. I'm actually enjoying playing as Terra in BBS (which I did not expect). Almost done with his story then Aqua and then I move on to 2.8 :)
    Aug 03 2017 08:26 PM
  • KingdomHearts3's Photo
    I just started playing a bit of 0.2. Oh my gosh! The graphics are better seeing it on a tv screen than on my computer!
    Aug 03 2017 09:19 PM