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  1. Status Updates

Community Status Updates


Yusaku Fujicookie

...I do like the changes though, aside from the fact that going turn 1 is OP again. I just hope that extra deck space will recieve an upgrade.
Feb 17 2017 07:38 AM
  • CriticalAssension's Photo
    Only real downside I see is that...a lot of decks that rely on the extra deck are gonna be pretty crappy now; otherwise I like the new Ruleset and Summoning method as it makes the game a lot more strategic and complex imo. Can't tell if I prefer the Pendulum Zones being in the S/T zones or not.
    Feb 17 2017 10:10 AM
  • Yusaku Fujicookie's Photo
    Yusaku Fujicookie
    Yeah, but maybe we will receive an extra deck upgrade. I agree that it makes the game more complex. I like the pend zone nerf,
    Feb 17 2017 10:16 AM
  • Yusaku Fujicookie's Photo
    Yusaku Fujicookie
    Since before pends deck in addion to a full backrow pends could also use the pends zone effect.
    Feb 17 2017 10:17 AM