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My first pull from the Axel EX banner and I get Xion EX medal I think my luck hit an all time high but now it's gonna go down from here
Jan 30 2018 01:08 AM
  • TheKingdomkid's Photo
    I understand that but I enjoy the game a lot and have a blast playing it. The RNG is really BS, although at some point they are gonna add into it someway where you can see what the percentage is of you getting medals in banners because of some policy that Apple has for all of their apps that have those kinds of things in it
    Jan 30 2018 12:17 PM
  • Tails's Photo
    I see. Well I'm glad that you're enjoying the game. But for me, I just can't get into it because of ehat I said before. I hate games that rely on pure luck/RNG instead of skill. It ruins the experience and fun for me. I'm fine with games having a little bit of RNG like Fire Emblem but not when it fully relies on it
    Jan 30 2018 12:41 PM
  • TheKingdomkid's Photo
    Yeah believe me I know what you mean
    Jan 30 2018 01:15 PM