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Prideful and insecure, How contrary. You mock people Because you want attention. Well you shall not get it! You do good deeds But you receive what you see as minor thanks. Does nothing satisfy you? What is up with you, Oh heart of mine?
Aug 11 2018 01:51 AM

Power Jusho

is there a release date for the riku bring arts from the SE store?
Aug 11 2018 12:35 AM
  • -Justin-'s Photo
    Still says August 2018, and mine's still in the pre-order status. I guess it'll change anytime XD
    Aug 11 2018 11:04 PM

Tyranto Rex

I hate when I see a cringy comment on something and I really want to say something but decide against it for my mental health
Aug 11 2018 12:21 AM


Hi guys I’m from the future and I have some bad news. KH3 will be delayed another 6 years
Aug 10 2018 06:18 PM


Just got all the enemy cards for KHReCom. This took me somewhat 10 hours.
Aug 10 2018 05:40 PM


Changed my profile pic in memory of Mario's late brother.
Aug 10 2018 02:18 PM

ocean's rage

i tell ya, theres a guy in octopath traveller that looks like young xehanort
Aug 10 2018 01:52 PM


First time that I actually preordered and payed a game almost half a year in advance... Now all i have to do is not die until release date
Aug 10 2018 12:45 PM


I'm unsure what is harder. Fighting the Lingering Will on hard mode, fighting the data replicas of the Organization on level 1, doing a level 1 run with only the Kingdom Key or...collecting those enemies cards of KHReCom. I guess I'll go for the last
Aug 09 2018 03:51 PM
  • VocaloidLover13's Photo
    I know it is just tedious though.
    Aug 09 2018 03:52 PM
  • Yuya Sakaki's Photo
    Yuya Sakaki
    See, the first 3 things have actual skill involved. The last is pure RNG. xD
    Aug 12 2018 08:24 AM
  • VocaloidLover13's Photo
    Exactly xD
    Aug 12 2018 09:23 AM


Less than 2 weeks until gamescom and I'm only halfway done with my cosplay. That's gonna be close...
Aug 09 2018 03:31 PM
  • Mystics Apprentice's Photo
    Mystics Apprentice
    Yikes, good luck with it. Who are you cosplaying as?
    Aug 09 2018 07:18 PM
  • Merilly's Photo
    Thank you! Too many firsts this time. xD I'm cosplaying as Kairi, though as a Red Mage. My friend is doing Aqua as a Black Mage and another Naminé as a White Mage.
    Aug 09 2018 07:33 PM


The fact that we can level up Keyblades means we can whack Mr. Xehanort with a giant hammer and a set of Yo-Yo's at the end of the game. And shove the Pirates flag transformation up his ass.
Aug 09 2018 02:55 PM


To mark the occasion of Simon getting into smash I did a remix of his theme from Bloodlines. It can be found here. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/114663-theme-of-simon-belmontbloodlines-version-castlevania-bloodlines-pokemon-bw2-remi/
Aug 09 2018 02:44 PM


I watched two horror movies last night and I didn't even flinch
Aug 09 2018 02:22 PM


I have reached Dragon King Alucard in Xenoblade and I'm shocked I got half way down its health on my first try XD I'm lv 76 and I only had one person with a Spike gem... To the GEM MAN!
Aug 09 2018 10:05 AM
  • EchoFox23*'s Photo
    I didn't bother with Colony 6 cause I was way into the plot XD
    Aug 09 2018 10:06 AM