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  1. Kingdom Hearts III Second Form Sora Bring Arts Figure coming 2018

    Square Enix is releasing a new Sora Bring Arts figure in 2018 as revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2017. The figure includes the Kingdom Key and is based on Sora's new Second Form which was revealed in Kingdom Hearts III - Orchestra Trailer. Second Form is tied to the Kingdom Key and allows Sora to use abilities and his appearance from Kingdom Hearts II.

    Thanks to Twitter user @M-Alloc for finding this and taking photos for it, which can be seen below.

    KH3 Second Form Sora Bring Arts - 1 KH3 Second Form Sora Bring Arts - 2 KH3 Second Form Sora Bring Arts - 3

    Series creator and director Tetsuya Nomura has previously stated that Second Form is only a tentative name for the time being so the new form will likely get a name change in the future.

    What do you guys think of the figure? Will you be buying it as a companion to your Play Arts Kai of Kingdom Hearts III Sora? Let us know in the comments below

    • Yesterday, 10:36 PM
    • by Axeken
  2. Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town Donald and Goofy Funko Pop! Vinyl figures announced as NYCC 2017 exclusives

    Prototypes of Funko Pop! Vinyl Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town Donald Duck and Goofy figures were leaked back in April, and now, they have been officially announced and shown off as a part of the Pop! Disney line of Funko vinyl figures. The Halloween Donald and Halloween Goofy figures will be New York Comic Con 2017 exclusives.

    1 2

    Check out a video showing off all of the NYCC 2017 exclusive Funko figures, including the Halloween Town Donald and Goofy, below:

    Even though they are stated to be exclusive to New York Comic Con, Disney Dan, a reputable source in the Disney/Funko communities, says he is "100% certain they will be shared exclusives." What do you think? Do you think they will be exclusive to NYCC forever, or do you think they will eventually be sold elsewhere as shared exclusives? Are you looking forward to these figures? Let us know down in the comments!

  3. Donald Duck and Goofy make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts attire at Cast Appreciation Party at Epcot

    Disney Cast Members in Donald Duck and Goofy Kingdom Hearts costumes were spotted at a Cast Appreciation Party that took place on Thursday, August 31 in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. The party was exclusive to entertainment cast only.

    The costumes seem to be the same, if not similar, to the ones worn on Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween event in 2004 at the Magic Kingdom, just prior to the release of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. You can compare the costumes in the albums below.

    Thanks to Jorge de Sousa Costa (@jorgecostacom) for the tip. The photos below of Donald and Goofy at the Cast Appreciation Party were taken by Brynée Kitaoka and JV (@borealis.dreams).

    Cast Appreciation Party 2017, Epcot

    <3 <3 <3

    1 2 3 4

    Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween 2004, Magic Kingdom

    <3 <3 <3

    1 2 3 4

    Kingdom Hearts's other appearances at Disney parks include the sales of an exclusive Organization XIII Mickey Mouse pin, a Kingdom Hearts Re:coded statue and print seal machines at Tokyo Disney Sea, footage of Kingdom Hearts fans at Disneyland Paris in the Inside the Kingdom, with Heart and Favorite Fan Moments promotional videos for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, and a Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Snapchat geofilter.

    What do you think of the recent Kingdom Hearts presence at the Disney parks? What are you expecting of it in the future? Let us know in the comments!

  4. Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town Sora Funko Pop! plushie coming to Hot Topic

    Hot Topic has revealed via Instagram that it will be selling a new Kingdom Hearts plushie of Sora in his Halloween Town outfit. The plush is part of the Funko Pop! line of plushies and will be exclusive to Hot Topic as shown on the product label. It is not available to purchase yet but it will cost for $16.90 when it is. Thanks to Twitter user @LuxbeyXIII for providing front and rear pictures of the plush.

    Halloween Town Sora Plushie - Hot Topic Halloween Town Sora Plushie - Hot Topic - Front Halloween Town Sora Plushie - Hot Topic - Rear 11014847 Hi 11014847 Av2 11014847 Av1

    Halloween Town Sora will join Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as part of the Disney/Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop! plushies which were recently revealed at the New York Toy Fair.

    Does this plushie get you excited for Halloween? Will you get this to add to your merch collection? Let us know in the comments below.

    UPDATE: Hot Topic has the Halloween Town Sora plushie available for order on their website at a discounted price of $10.90.

    • Sep 07 2017 01:34 PM
    • by Axeken
  5. Kingdom Hearts Concert - First Breath - album signed by Yoko Shimomura coming to Tokyo Game Show 2017 along with other merchandise

    Square Enix revealed their games lineup and as of yet, it does not include any Kingdom Hearts appearances.

    Along side this announcement, Square Enix has just revealed the revealed their merchandise lineup for Tokyo Game Show 2017. Among a bunch of Final Fantasy merchandise, Kingdom Hearts fans can find the Kingdom Hearts Concert - First Breath - album available for purchase featuring an autograph from the series' composer Yoko Shimomura. The item will be exclusive for TGS attendants and will be limited to one copy per customer due to limited stocks and will cost 3,500 yen ($31.80 USD).

    Also, Square Enix revealed that the new Kingdom Hearts III Sora Guardian Form Bring Arts figure will be available to purchase at the event, which was previously only available on Square Enix's online store. Currently, the price for the figure at the event is unknown.

    Square Enix will be open exclusively to the press from 10am to 5pm on Thursday, September 21 and Friday, 22 September JST. They will open to the public from 10am to 5pm Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24.

    If you want to check out Square Enix's current TGS music lineup, click here, for its merchandise lineup, click here, and for its games lineup, click here.

    Orchestra KHIII Guardian Form Bring Arts figure TGS Signed CDs2 signed CDs 3 Signed CDs booth map

    Update: Square Enix have released their TGS 2017 Booth Map. According to the map, Square Enix will have six game-centered booths and three other booths selling official merchandise including music. The full booth schedule will be released at a later date.

    You can view the booth map below.

    booth map

    Update 2: Dengeki Online has revealed via its twitter account that Kingdom Hearts will be receiving more merchandise at TGS 2017. Firstly, a bath towel will be available with the Kingdom Hearts II cover art emblazoned on it. Also, there will be at least fifteen badges with various artworks from the series including in-game and CG renders as well as designs from Tetsuya Nomura.

    You can view the items below.

    KH badges KH2 bath towel

    Will you be attending the Japanese convention? If so, what is your wishlist of merch to pick up while you're there? Or are you simply going to observe the event from the comfort of your home? Let us know in the comments below. And to keep up with all KH13 news content, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

    • Sep 14 2017 07:24 PM
    • by Axeken
  6. Kingdom Hearts and Disney mouse pads by Ingrem have been released for purchase on Gain Garage

    Dtimes has recently revealed that Disney and Kingdom Hearts mouse pads, manufactured by Ingrem, have been made available to purchase on Gain Garage. There are two Kingdom Hearts mouse pads and two Disney mouse pads, making four mouse pads in total.

    The Kingdom Hearts mouse pads feature the two designs of a Sora and Mickey Mouse silhouette design and a Sora stained glass design. Both are on black colored mouse pads. The Disney mouse pads have two designs that feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse. One of them is on a black colored mouse pad and one of them is on a red colored mouse pad.

    You can purchase the Sora and Mickey silhouette mouse pad here, the Sora stained glass mouse pad here, the Mickey and Minnie red mouse pad here, and the Mickey and Minnie black mouse pad here. They are available for 1,922 yen ($17.57 USD) each.

    Check out photos of the mouse pads in the gallery below:

    1 2 3 5 4 7 6 10 9 8

  7. Kingdom Hearts plates now available to buy from 7net

    The Japanese site 7net is now selling Kingdom Hearts plates in celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the series. These plates are small, come in a set of 9, and have a wooden box to hold them in. The designs on the plates include Sora, Donald, Goofy, King Mickey, the key logo, the heart logo, Mickey's logo, the crown, and the 15th Anniversary logo.

    The set is now available to buy for ¥5,400 ($49.52 USD). You can view the set below. If you would like to order them, click here.


    These plates were first revealed back in June, along with various other products for the Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary. Many of those other products are also releasing today, which include memo pads, smartphone cases, tumbler glasses, and a stainless steel bottle. Check out those products here.

    Would you guys buy this plate set? Let us know in the comments below.

    • Aug 23 2017 03:11 PM
    • by Leamax
  8. Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection releasing October 7, 2017; pre-orders now available

    CaféReo has revealed various Kingdom Hearts badges in a collection that's appropriately named the "Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection." They are in the iconic stained glass designs, and they will be releasing in October 2017 for Japan. Each individual badge will be available to purchase for 600 yen ($5.46 USD), and you can purchase all 13 of the badges in a box set for 7,800 yen ($70.93 USD).

    When it launches, it will be available to purchase at the official online CaféReo Partner Shop, nationwide anime goods and hobby shops, mass retailers, and major online shops.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ITEM IMAGE2

    The badges are approximately 75 x 75mm each.

    Recently, Kingdom Hearts acrylic charms and badges have been announced for pre-order on AmiAmi. You can check those out here.

    Thanks to @aibo_ac7 on Twitter for the tip!

    UPDATE: The Kingdom Hearts Badge Collection is now available to pre-order on the official Japanese Square Enix e-Store for 8,424 yen ($77.12 USD). It'll be released on October 7, 2017.

  9. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Kingdom Hearts costumes by Rubie's Japan Costume Collection up for pre-order; arriving late August 2017

    Rubie's Japan Costume Collection have recently advertised the arrival of two costumes inspired by Kingdom Hearts. The first is Mickey Mouse in his "King Mickey" attire, and the second is a Donald Duck costume inspired by his recurring Kingdom Hearts outfit. Both costumes have been advertised as "female versions."

    They are planned for a late August arrival.

    Pre-orders for the King Mickey costume are available here.

    Pre-orders for the Donald Duck costume are available here.

    Advertised information about the costumes can be found below, along with pictures. Translations are courtesy of KH13 staff members Mio-chan and soraspromise.

    37074 5 37074_KingdomHearts_Mickey_ol 37074 37074 2 37074 1 37075_Kingdom Hearts_Donald_ol 37075 2 37075

    King Mickey female version:

    Price: 9,050 yen (tax included)

    Top length 65cm
    Shoulder width 40cm
    Width 48cm
    Sleeve length 30cm
    Pants length 72cm
    Waist (rubber) 64~90cm
    Inseam 40cm
    Glove length 18cm.

    Mickey Mouse’s costume from the popular game « Kingdom Hearts » makes its appearance.

    In Kingdom Hearts, Mickey is a kind king with a strong sense of justice.

    You can casually wear this clothing to catch the attention with its fantasy details.

    Its big zippers are the focus.

    The set includes: a top, pants, a headband, and gloves.

    Donald Kingdom Hearts female version:

    Price: 9,698 yen (tax included)

    Top length 57cm (total length 75cm)
    Shoulder width 54cm
    Width 53cm
    Sleeve length 35cm
    Pants length 43cm
    Waist (rubber) 64~90cm
    Hat circumference 54 x length 43cm

    Donald Duck’s costume from the popular game « Kingdom Hearts ».

    In Kingdom Hearts, Donald is a cute wizard with a short-temper ☆

    The cute and comfy pants is a form that is true to the world of the game.

    The set includes: a top, pants and a hat.

    Recently, Sora and Kairi costumes have been announced for pre-order from Spencer's and their sister brand Spirit Halloween, due to be shipped on or before September 15, 2017.

    Will you be pre-ordering these costumes? Or would you rather make them yourselves? Let us know in the comments below!

  10. Shinji Hashimoto talks fan feedback, possibility of future community events, and Kingdom Hearts III with KHIsland

    KHIsland, in conjunction with FFDream, Finaland, Gamergen, and Gamersflag, have conducted an interview with Kingdom Hearts series executive producer Shinji Hashimoto at MAGIC 2017. During the interview, Hashimoto talked about topics such as the relationship between Disney, whether Marvel Entertainment could have an impact on Kingdom Hearts III, the possibility of adding multiplayer mode in the upcoming game, and communication with fans.

    Below you can read extracts of the interview related to Kingdom Hearts. The full interview can be read here in French.

    Translations have been provided by KH13 staff member Mio–chan.

    ― Will the partnership between Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment have an impact on Kingdom Hearts 3? Will we find bits of the Marvel Universe in it, just like the Disney worlds that already exist in the previous titles of the series?

    Hashimoto: It’s not on the agenda for the moment. However, we may consider it in the future.

    ― Would it be possible to add a multiplayer mode in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Hashimoto: You should ask this question to Mr. Nomura, he will be most likely to answer this.

    ― Why is this so difficult to communicate and give concrete and precise information on Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 to the fans?

    Hashimoto: You must know that for each future titles (i.e. FFVII Remake, KH3 etc), there is an established development planning. So we must first consult it to check on the progress of the game, to be able to convey the most interesting and relevant information to the public. To give you an example, many events will take place this year. There is Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary event, Final Fantasy VII’s 20th Anniversary event as well as Kingdom Hearts’ 15th Anniversary event. Knowing this, it is obvious that fans are expecting a lot and we wish to show more in order to celebrate all of these events. Regarding Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary, we have many events planned in Japan, Final Fantasy XV’s DLCs, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Remaster and the new extension of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood. We wish we could give as much information as possible but it is imperative that we have control on the calendar in order, so that we can reveal relevant information at the precise time.

    ― Recently, you organized a special event to celebrate Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary in Japan. Can we hope for a similar event in France?

    Hashimoto: Outside Japan, we have two agencies: one in the USA in Los Angeles, and another one in the UK in London, who are in charge to plan and promote these kind of events. Moreover, we already gave concerts pretty much everywhere in the world on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts: The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour -. It is just an example, but our British and American teams are considering organizing similar events.

    ― Can you tell us about the relationship you have with Disney for the development of Kingdom Hearts 3? Do they have a great influence, can they force you to do certain things or on the contrary block some ideas?

    Hashimoto: First of all, Disney has its own policy and own rules for the management of its movies, video games, and merchandise, etc. We try and at the same time must respect them as far as possible. Otherwise, they give us free reign most of the time. They allow us to create anything we want and Disney generally accepts our ideas, to the extent that it appeals to the fans who support us in our approaches and our ideas.

    ― You have produced a lot of Western licenses in recent years: Hitman, Deus Ex, and Tomb Raider etc. Are western licenses as important as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, or do they only allow Square Enix developed games to last?

    Hashimoto: For Mr. Matsuda (CEO of Square Enix), we must constantly renew and create new games and new licenses. Concerning Final Fantasy, we also seek to innovate while remaining in the spirit of the series. The President is always trying to give us new challenges.

    ― Following the reveal of The Avengers Project by Crystal Dynamics, can we hope to see future games based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this time developed by the Japanese teams?

    Hashimoto: This partnership is similar to the one we already have with Disney for Kingdom Hearts. Firstly, it is necessary to successfully launch and implement the new licence. If the latter is a success, then perhaps we will follow on. We will wait and see what it is going to do before we do anything else.

    ― You stated that you listen a lot to the fans’ opinions, what are your sources and how do you use those opinions?

    Hashimoto: Nowadays, it is easy to establish a direct contact with the fans thanks to the social media and we can almost answer instantly to many critics. It is also much easier to fix what is wrong in a game via updates. Critics are important and we try to take them into account to satisfy as many people as we can.

    Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) recently took place on February 18, 2017. It was during this event that Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura showed off a screenshot of Sora in his Power Form battling a Heartless in the city of Thebes in Olympus Coliseum. Nomura was also interviewed at the event by FFDream and Famitsu.

    What do you think about Shinji Hashimoto’s answers regarding Kingdom Hearts III? Let us know in the comments below!

  11. Monogram Direct to release Series 3 of Kingdom Hearts 3D Foam Keyrings in December 2017

    Monogram Direct has revealed more Kingdom Hearts 3D Form rings on their website. Series 3 will contain Halloween Town Sora, Organization XIII Roxas, Axel (with chakrams), Terra, Aqua, Naminé, Xion, Halloween Town Donald Duck, Halloween Town Goofy, the Earthshaker Keyblade, and Rainfell Keyblade. Monogram Direct revealed Series 2 back in March. The Series 3 set will be available December 2017. You can view the set below:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Which one(s) would you want to have? Tell us in the comments below.

    • Aug 06 2017 11:14 PM
    • by Leamax
  12. U-TREASURE announces more Kingdom Hearts jewelry, including character necklaces and logo ring; releasing August 14

    U-TREASURE, a collection of custom-made pop culture-based jewelry from the Japanese brand K.uno, has announced the release of three new Kingdom Hearts character necklaces and a ring. On August 14th, the brand will be releasing necklaces featuring King Mickey, Donald, Goofy in their Kingdom Hearts attire, and a ring featuring the Kingdom Hearts logo.

    U-treasure have previously released a variety of Kingdom Hearts jewelry, including an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and six necklaces most recently on June 21, 2017.

    The merchandise will be sold at U-TREASURE Pop Up Shop (in Shinjuku), U-TREASURE online shop, and the K.uno Sapporo store, Yokohama Motomachi store, Nagoya · Sakae, Kanazawa store, Shizuoka store, and Umeda store, Kobe. The sales will start on August 14th at the U-TREASURE Pop Up Store and Fukuoka store. They will be successively developed in other stores starting September 6th.

    You can find pictures of the products below.

    1 2 3 5 4 7 6 4589424830586 main L 4589424830715 main L 4589424830722 main L 4589424830548 main L 4589424830562 main L 4589424830708 main L 4589424830555 1 sub1 L 4589424830579 1 sub1 L 4589424830531 1 sub1 L 4589424830562 1 sub1 L 4589424830708 1 sub1 L 4589424830586 1 sub1 L (1) 4589424830722 1 sub1 L 4589424830548 1 sub1 L 4589424830715 1 sub1 L

    You can read descriptions of each product below, provided by Famitsu. Translations are courtesy of staff member Lady Aleister.

    King Mickey Necklace

    If you want to feel like a reliable king, we recommend Mickey! With his brave appearance and keyblade in hand, he is 48,000 yen (In K18 yellow, pink, and white gold) and 12,000 yen (In silver).

    Donald Duck Necklace

    Donald has traveled with Sora and Goofy on many adventures. He is reproduced with a brave look in his eyes, and his magic wand in hand! Donald is 48,000 yen (In K18 yellow, pink, and white Gold), and 12,000 yen (In silver).

    Goofy Necklace

    Goofy has traveled with Donald and Sora on many adventures. He is faithfully reproduced with a brave look, holding onto his shield! Goofy is 48,000 yen (In K18 yellow, pink, and white gold), and 12,000 yen (In silver).

    Kingdom Hearts ring

    With the official title of “Kingdom Hearts”, this ring highlights a delicate design and expresses the two dimensional logo in three dimensions. The outline of the letters is uneven, and its difference in level and heart motif adds depth to the ring. This gorgeous ring is 180,000 yen (In platinum 950), 130,000 yen (In K18 yellow, pink, and white gold), and 15,000 yen (In silver)!

    UPDATE: King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy necklaces are now available for pre-order on Seven Net. Each necklace is 12,000 yen (silver) and 28,000 yen (K18 yellow, pink). The release date is set for October 27, 2017. You can pre-order them here.

    Thanks to @yohirooo for the tip!

  13. Kingdom Hearts Sora and Kairi costumes, wigs, and Keyblades on pre-order at Spencer's and Spirit Halloween; releasing September 15, 2017

    A number of officially licensed Kingdom Hearts products are now available for pre-order at Spencer's Online store as well as on its sister brand store, Spirit Halloween. Among these are Sora and Kairi Kingdom Hearts II wigs, costumes, and default Keyblades: the Kingdom Key and Destiny's Embrace respectively.

    These items are expected to ship on or before September 15, 2017. Shipping is only available to the United States, Canada, and overseas military APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

    Spencer's and Spirit Halloween also have other Kingdom Hearts merchandise currently in stock. They are listed below with prices and links for purchasing.

    You can find pictures of all the merchandise below:

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

    You can find descriptions of the new Spirit Halloween Kingdom Hearts merchandise below, along with pre-order links.

    Thanks to Churro for the tip!

    Adult Sora Costume Deluxe - Kingdom Hearts


    Team up with Goofy and Donald to fight against the Heartless and find Riku and Kairi when you dress up in this Sora costume! This officially licensed Sora costume features his signature outfit and shoes to make you ready for your next major journey across worlds.

    • Officially licensed
    • Exclusively at Spirit
    • Includes:
      • Jacket
      • Top
      • Pants
      • Pair of fingerless gloves
      • Pair of bootcovers
    • Material: Polyester, polyurethane
    • Velcro closure
    • Care: Spot clean
    • Imported
    • Note: Wig and keyblade prop sold separately
    Pre-oder it at Spirit Halloween.

    Adult Kairi Costume Deluxe - Kingdom Hearts


    Join Sora and the others as they journey through the worlds when you dress up as Kairi! Show your appreciation for the Kingdom Hearts series and make Halloween all the more fun as you wear her signature pink dress and black pouch. Wield her signature keyblade (sold separately) to fight alongside Sora and protect your friends!
    • Officially licensed
    • Exclusively at Spirit
    • Includes:
      • Dress
      • Detachable belt and pouch
      • 3 bracelets
    • Material: Polyester, polyurethane
    • Velcro closure
    • Care: Spot clean
    • Imported
    • Note: Keyblade prop sold separately
    Pre-order it at Spencer's.
    Pre-order it at Spirit Halloween.

    Sora Wig - Disney Kingdom Hearts


    Getting Sora's signature spikes is a piece of cake with this perfectly pointed wig. No Kingdom Hearts look will be the same without it! Grab your keyblade and serve King Mickey just like a true keyblade master with this officially licensed wig.
    • Officially licnesed [sp]
    • Length: About 8"
    • Material: Synthetic fiber
    • Care: Hand wash with cool water and mild shampoo
    • Imported
    Pre-order it at Spencer's.
    Pre-order it at Spirit Halloween.

    Kairi Wig - Disney Kingdom Hearts


    Grab a keyblade and charge into battle as Kairi! Her red locks are a must for any Kingdom Hearts inspired costume, and this officially licensed wig is sure to do the trick. Brush up on your fighting skills; you have some heartless to take down!

    • Officially licensed
    • Length: About 13"
    • Material: Synthetic fiber
    • Care: Hand wash with cool water and mild shampoo; air dry
    • Imported
    Pre-order it at Spencer's.
    Pre-order it at Spirit Halloween.

    Sora Kingdom Key Keyblade - Disney Kingdom Hearts


    The most iconic keyblade of them all, Sora's signature weapon can now be yours! Details like the King Mickey chain will have you feeling powered up and ready to take down the Heartless once and for all. The cosplay-quality key is the perfect way to finish off your Sora costume!
    • Officially licensed
    • Dimensions: 32" L
    • Material: Polyvinyl chloride
    • Care: Spot clean
    • Imported
    Pre-order it at Spencer's.
    Pre-order it at Spirit Halloween.

    Kairi Destiny's Embrace Keyblade - Disney Kingdom Hearts


    Take on the Heartless head on with Kairi's keyblade! Straight from the Realm of Light, the floral design boasts keychain details and a metallic gold-tone finish that are sure to make you a keyblade master in no time. It's a must-have for your Kingdom Hearts inspired look!
    • Officially licensed
    • Dimensions: 32" L
    • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
    • Care: Spot clean
    • Imported
    Pre-order it at Spencer's.
    Pre-order it at Spirit Halloween.

    Let us know if you'll be purchasing any of these in the comments below!

  14. Chuck Terceira answers fan questions about the Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts figures; they're planned to release in holiday 2017

    Earlier this year, Diamond Select Toys revealed, for the first time, the prototypes for their Kingdom Hearts figures at the New York Toy Fair. And later, they showed off improved versions at C2E2 2017 and at SDCC17. They've also been made available for pre-order. Recently, Kingdom Hearts figures for their Vinimates line have been shown off as well.

    Diamond Select Toys president Chuck Terceira, also known as DSTChuck, answered various fan questions about their figures and upcoming figures, which include things like Star Trek, Kill Bill, and of course, Kingdom Hearts, as a part of their Ask DST series. Check out the Kingdom Hearts questions asked, as well as the answers, below:

    Jeremiah J.: Hello, I am very excited about the Kingdom Hearts figures. I placed a pre-order for the two sets as soon as they were announced this morning. I have a few questions:

    1) It was revealed that there would be more figures in the first series. What happened to the rest? The missing figures that were previously revealed were: Roxas, Maleficent, Jafar with Abu and Iago, and Creeper Plant Heartless.

    2) What are our chances of getting a Beast figure (from Beauty and the Beast)? He was included in that game in his purple cowl.

    Besides people, myself included, have been asking for a Marvel Select Beast for a long time. I want Beast however I can get him! Joking aside, you could make the end all beat all version of Disney’s Beast. It would be an epic figure.

    DSTChuck: 1) The situation of which characters we can do and from which games is constantly evolving. As we go along, we will get more characters OK’d, or get clarity on what is allowed. What we showed at Toy Fair was mostly to show what we were doing and to gauge interest.

    2) For now, the Beast is not planned, but we’d love to include him!

    Huston: 5. Kingdom Hearts looks amazing! When will these beauties be released?

    DSTChuck: 5) Glad you like them! Our plan is to have one series out for holiday 2017 and several series in 2018.

    Check out the entire Ask DST #363 here!

  15. Kingdom Hearts no-show socks now available at Hot Topic

    Five pairs of no-show Kingdom Hearts socks have recently been made available to purchase at Hot Topic. The socks feature the characters Sora, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, as well as the iconic Kingdom Hearts heart emblem. You can purchase them for $14.90 USD (currently $11.92 USD because of a 20% off select sale) on the official Hot Topic website or in Hot Topic stores.

    1 2

    These socks have the sock size 9 - 11, and they fit the men's shoe size 5 - 8 and the women's shoe size 5 - 10. They're made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex, and should be washed on cold and dried on low heat.

  16. Official Kingdom Hearts theme for LINE messenger is now available for purchase

    Square Enix just released today an official Kingdom Hearts theme for LINE messenger. The theme is now available for 150 LINE points ($2.99.) You can take a look at the screenshots below to see how the theme will look like on your LINE app with it.

    line1 line3 line2

  17. Kingdom Hearts Funko Mystery Minis figurines have been revealed

    On Instagram, @funkofinderz has posted an abundance of photos of different Funko brand figures that have been revealed at Funko Fundays 2017. Among these photos, are a couple photos of Kingdom Hearts vinyl figurines under the Funko line "Mystery Minis." These figurines include Sora, Sora (Halloween Town outfit), Sora (Space Paranoids outfit), Riku, Riku (black coat), Kairi, Roxas, Roxas (black coat), Axel, Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse (black coat), Donald Duck, Donald Duck (Halloween Town outfit), Donald Duck (Space Paranoids outfit), Goofy, Goofy (Halloween Town outfit), Goofy (Space Paranoids outfit), Chip & Dale, Pete, a Soldier Heartless, and a Large Body Heartless.

    Check out the photos in the gallery below:

    1 2 3

    This is the first time Kingdom Hearts has appeared in Funko's "Mystery Minis" line of figurines. Previously, Kingdom Hearts has been a part of the Funko Pop! Vinyl line of figures, but only Disney characters from the series have been featured. This is first time Kingdom Hearts original characters, such as Sora and Riku, would be featured as Funko figures or figurines.

    UPDATE: Disney Dan has confirmed this to be, in fact, true! Also, view another photo of the Kingdom Hearts Mystery Minis at the Funko Fundays 2017 event, provided by Disney Dan.

    Thanks to KHInsider for the tip!

  18. Monogram Direct to sell San Diego Comic Con exclusive Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Key Ring set

    Monogram Direct is currently selling a San Diego Comic Con exclusive Kingdom Hearts Keyblade pewter Key Ring set at their booth, (#3645), at the convention. Included in the pin set are the Kingdom Key, Way to the Dawn, Fenrir, and Circle of Life Keyblades. It's the first time Fenrir and Circle of Life key rings have been in Pearl. Also, the Kingdom Key is exclusively silver and gold and the Way to the Dawn is exclusively black.

    Each set is listed at $40.00 USD, but only 500 sets will be produced and will only be sold during San Diego Comic Con.

    Posted Image

    Thanks to Action Figure Insider for the tip!

    UPDATE: The SDCC exclusive Keyblade Key Ring set by Monogram Direct is now available to purchase online! You can purchase it on BoxLunch here.

    1 3 2

  19. Kingdom Hearts confirmed for D23 Expo Japan 2018

    The official Japanese Disney website has confirmed that Kingdom Hearts will be making an appearance at D23 Expo Japan 2018, held from February 10, 2018 through the 12th. The listing confirms Kingdom Hearts, calling it the "Kingdom Hearts Fan Event," which is currently just a tentative title.

    Kingdom Hearts had made an appearance at D23 Expo Japan in 2015, showing off a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. This event was called the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater.

    What do you expect out of the Kingdom Hearts appearance at D23 Expo Japan 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

    • Jul 18 2017 10:15 PM
    • by Jake
  20. Kingdom Hearts clear file set and Chain of Memories keychains available for pre-order; releasing August 12th and September 23rd, 2017

    Along with the Kingdom Hearts BOND, AIR, and COMING mugs and bags coming to the Japanese Square Enix E-Store, two Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories keychains featuring Sora and Riku will also be releasing on September 23, 2017. The keychains are priced at 1,944 yen ($17.28 USD) each, and feature the Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary logo on the back. You can pre-order and know more about the Sora keychain here, and the Riku keychain here.

    A clear file set featuring the box cover images of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue are also coming to the E-Store on August 12, 2017, priced at 1,296 yen ($11.52 USD). Each file features the Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary logo on the back. You can pre-order and know more about the file set here.

    You can see pictures of the merchandise below.

    Screen Shot 2017 07 16 At 21.58.24 Screen Shot 2017 07 16 At 21.58.39 Screen Shot 2017 07 16 At 21.58.51 Screen Shot 2017 07 16 At 21.59.08 Screen Shot 2017 07 16 At 21.59.17 Screen Shot 2017 07 16 At 21.59.29

  21. Kingdom Hearts BOND, AIR, and COMING mugs and bags are available for pre-order; releasing September 23, 2017

    Kingdom Hearts mugs and bags are now available to pre-order through the Japanese Square Enix E-Store. They will be releasing on September 23, 2017.

    The artwork on them, titled "BOND", "AIR", and "COMING" was first used for special acrylic stands that were originally pre-order bonuses for whoever in Japan pre-ordered a physical copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and were later made available for the public to purchase on the Square Enix E-Store.

    Now, this artwork is being featured on three different mugs and three different bags. You can pre-order the BOND mug here, the AIR mug here, and the COMING mug here. You can also pre-order the BOND bag here, the AIR bag here, and the COMING bag here.

    You can view photos of the mugs and bags in the gallery below:

    1 3 2 4 5 6 7

  22. Kingdom Hearts acrylic charms and badges available for pre-order

    Kingdom Hearts acrylic charms and badges are now available for pre-order on AmiAmi. The acrylic charms are available with a 8 piece set and the badges are available with a 12 piece set. The 8 piece set comes with Sora, Xemnas, Axel, Saïx, Demyx, Ventus, Terra, and Aqua acrylic charms, while the 12 piece set comes with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Sora, Roxas, Riku (Data-Riku), Ventus, Goofy, Terra, Isa, Lea, Vanitas, and Aqua badges.

    Both the acrylic charms and the badges can be pre-ordered/purchased for 5,184 yen ($46.06 USD). They also have a release date for October 17th, but that date is still TBD (to be determined). View an image of the acrylic charms and an image of the badges in the gallery below:

    Acrylic Charms Badges DF9V0x0UMAAGIdg DF9VxFcUwAI2Eg0 DF9VzB6UwAE4LeH

    Thanks to @aibo_ac7 on Twitter for the tip!

    UPDATE: The acrylic charms and badges were shown off at Wonder Festival 2017 (Summer) in Japan at the Ensky booth! View photos of them there, provided by @cafegirlinfo on Twitter, in the gallery with the other photos above.

  23. Kingdom Hearts Vinimates by Diamond Select Toys to release in Fall 2017

    Diamond Select Toys will be soon releasing four Kingdom Hearts vinyl figures from their Vinimates line. The 4-inch Kingdom Hearts II Sora Vinimate was first put on display at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) 2017. It is expected to release this fall, along with figures of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy (displayed below), priced at $10 USD each.

    1 2 3 4 5 DGGUVssWsAE2q6p

    Vinimates are a line of 4-inch vinyl figures designed in the Minimates block-figure style, featuring characters from popular media. You can find more about and shop for Vinimates here.

    Thanks to GameSpot for the tip!

    Will you be purchasing these Kingdom Hearts Vinimates? Let us know in the comments!

    UPDATE 1: Diamond Select Toys' Kingdom Hearts Sora, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy Vinimates were shown off at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) 2017. Check out photos of them there, provided by @churroz on Twitter, below:

    A B

    UPDATE 2: The Donald and Goofy Vinimates are now available to pre-order on AmiAmi! The listing price for both of them is 2,160 yen ($19.61 USD), but AmiAmi's 25% off price is 1,620 yen ($14.71 USD). You can pre-order the Donald Vinimates figure here, and the Goofy Vinimates figure here.

    Thanks to @churroz on Twitter for the tip!

    UPDATE 3: The Sora Vinimates figure is now available for pre-order on AmiAmi. The listing price is 2,160 yen ($19.61 USD) and will be available on February 18. You can pre-order the Sora Vinimates figure here.

    Thanks to @aibo_ac7 for the tip!

  24. Kingdom Hearts 2018 wall calendar available for pre-order; releasing July 15, 2017

    A 16 month Kingdom Hearts themed wall calendar for 2018 has now been made available for pre-order on Amazon. You can pre-order it for 949 yen ($8.49 USD), and it will be released in July 2017.

    The front of the calendar has the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep artwork for Ventus, Terra, Aqua, and Mickey, as well as the Kingdom Hearts logo. Purchasing the calendar will also provide you with bonus downloadable wallpaper.

    1 2 3 4

    Thanks to @aibo_ac7 on Twitter for the tip!

    UPDATE 1: The calendar is now available for pre-order in the United States! You can pre-order it on Amazon here. It will be releasing in the US on July 15, 2017.

    Thanks to WakingDawn96 for the tip!

    UPDATE 2: A high quality image of the cover of the calendar has been provided! View it in the gallery above.

    Thanks to @photonblaze!

    UPDATE 3: A few images of the inside of the calendar have been provided! View them with the other image in the gallery above.

    Thanks to @KHWorldWeb on Twitter for the tip!

  25. Square Enix Europe now have Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai and and Bring Arts figures available for pre-order

    Square Enix Europe have updated their online store to include a couple of Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai and Bring Arts figures that are now available for pre-order at a 10% discount. These include Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts Sora, Kingdom Hearts II Riku Static Arts, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- Aqua Play Arts Kai, Kingdom Hearts II Organization XIII Roxas Play Arts Kai, Kingdom Hearts II Riku Play Arts Kai and Kingdom Hearts II Halloween Town Sora Play Arts Kai. These figures will be available on August 2017. The prices can be found below:

    Posted Image

    Is anyone going to get any of these? Which one(s) do you want to buy? Let us know in the comments below.

    • Jun 22 2017 01:34 PM
    • by Leamax