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  1. Kingdom Hearts III will be playable at PAX West 2018

    Square Enix have confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III will be playable at this years PAX West (Penny Arcade Expo) taking place in Seattle from August 31st to September 3rd.

    In a press release sent out today, Square confirmed that attendees of PAX will get a chance to try the Kingdom Hearts III demo for themselves.

    Advance tickets for the demo will be given out at Square's booth every day at 10:00am Pacific each day, so make sure to get there early for a chance to play!

    The press release also confirmed that attendees will be playing the same Toybox and Rock Titan boss battle demo that has appeared at other recent game events.

    Will you be able to attend PAX and get a chance to play Kingdom Hearts III this year? Let us know in the comments below!

    Update[August 30, 2018]: Come by the Square Enix booth to demo Kingdom Hearts III! Worlds, Toy Box and Olympus, will be available to play. Get a free Kingdom Hearts III phone holder for playing the demo! The Shooting Star and Infinity Badge keyblades will be on display at PAX West as well!

    Posted ImagePosted Image

    Posted Image

  2. Kingdom Hearts: My Friends Are Ear With Me Earring Set is now available for preorder

    The Kingdom Hearts: My Friends Are Ear With Me Earring Set is an officially licensed Disney merchandise which is now available for pre-order. The set will cost $21.99 (USD), and will feature 5 kind of differently shaped earrings, resembling some of the most known symbols from the Kingdom Hearts saga. The estimated shipping time is set for September 2018.

    The stocks are limited, and only 6 are available to pre-order.

    large 16

    Are you going to preorder this Earring Set? Let us know in the comment section below!

  3. Interview: KH13 Interviews the Italian Kingdom Hearts YouTuber, Everglow, on His Most Recent Project Kingdom Hearts Timeline

    Everglow, the man behind the Kingdom Hearts Timeline, sat down with KH13’s Yoshirai and Xionskeyblade for an exclusive interview! Everglow started his project in April, and since then it’s been receiving much attention from the Kingdom Hearts community. Everglow was twelve years old when he first became a fan of Kingdom Hearts.

    “I saw these Disney characters fighting alongside this cheerful kid with a giant key in his hands and giant shoes on his feet. The moment I saw all that unusual stuff on that video game magazine, I told myself ‘this must be mine!’. Probably the greatest decision of my life.”

    Posted Image

    Everglow’s decision to create the Kingdom Hearts Timeline sprouted when the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX Collection was announced for the PS4. Since Kingdom Hearts III’s release was approaching, he wanted to do something special to commemorate the game.

    I always wondered what would look like playing the games following their exact order of the events. Of course, the saga has been built throughout the years and all the flashbacks/callbacks we see dislocated in the various titles are there for a proper reason. This project is more of an alternative way to re-experience the whole saga and what I actually discovered is that you do, indeed, have a different feeling when watching it. It lets you see things with a different eye and you actually get references that wouldn't be caught otherwise. I'm pretty proud of the result so far!”

    While working on this project, Everglow explained to us that piecing the timeline together revealed a few Kingdom Hearts elements that he previously didn’t recognize.

    When working on the ending parts of both KH1 and 0.2, I was so focused on delivering the best idea of continuity that I actually had to analyze every single moment and what the characters were saying. Thanks to that, I fully understood the reasons behind the urgency of closing the door to Kingdom Hearts which wasn't, IMO, well explained in the first title. It also gave me a better perception of Mickey and how efficient his plan was. The 358/2 Days portions are being synced with Chain of Memories right now as we speak, and I'm watching the Organization plans with different eyes, now. I managed to understand how members like Zexion, Axel and Saix do have something to hide, and I think most of the fans have forgotten about that. Also, I had a better perception of something else happening towards the end of 0.2, related to Terra and Aqua. I'm not gonna say what it is, yet, but thanks to KH Timeline I managed to figure in my head a very important element of the story which is essential to the lore.”

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    All projects have their challenges. Everglow’s challenge was trying to sync battles maintaining the same music without breaking the flow.

    The console titles of Kingdom Hearts never had an option to disable background music, and music is the most important element when switching multiple characters' perspectives. If you're listening to a certain music while playing as Terra, you must find a workaround to switch to Ventus without risking to break the flow. Therefore, the greatest challenge was working on the Keyblade Graveyard battles in Birth by Sleep and the final bosses in KH1 and 0.2. I did find a workaround for them and I'm pretty happy about how the Keyblade Graveyard episode turned out, but the KH1 and 0.2 final battles have been a real challenge, requiring a lot of time and dedication. I can't wait for you to watch it, it's really entertaining. Also, the x/Back Cover/Union Cross parts weren't easy to deal with, especially if you realize that's what people are most confused about and are desperately looking for some explanations. Can't really blame them, some story elements of the x saga have been told pretty badly, so watching them in the right order is really refreshing.”

    Posted Image

    We asked for his reactions to Aqua’s reveal as one of Xehanort’s vessels. After all, the Kingdom Hearts III trailer released at E3 this year.

    I think the game explicitly wants you to feel more empathy towards Aqua, rather than her friends. After all, she's the only one you keep playing with and her endless research for a way to save her friends does have an impact on the player. On a side note of your question, I may also point out how the KH Timeline project kind of lets you feel even more Aqua's suffering, as she's basically been there the longest by now, way before than Sora. Therefore, you still care about her and, at first, you see Sora as a "stranger"? Not sure how to explain, but it's something I noticed when working on the KH1 episodes. The way I fragmented Aqua's story (pun intended!) gives us a different perception of her fate. We've never forgotten about her–instead, we've been alongside her for more than 30 episodes by now. As for the greatest climax throughout the whole saga... it's hard to say. But the moment I read your question I had a flash of Master Xehanort first speech after he took over Terra's body. That camera angle and his smile hit me real hard when I played that part the first time, listening to the speech we all know by memory from KH1 final battle, and when Rage Awakened started to play, the same music you learned to both love and hate because of that "Enigmatic Soldier" we all struggled to defeat a few years earlier... yes, that's probably the moment that had the greatest impact on me.”

    Posted Image

    His favorite episode so far in the timeline is Episode 30: Destiny Is Never Left To Chance.

    Watching Terra, Ventus and Aqua fighting at the same time always gives chills, no matter how many times you watch it!”

    Considering the amount of attention and growth the Kingdom Hearts franchise has had this year we asked Everglow what he had to say to all the new fans out there and his supporters!

    For old fans, take the remaining months to re-live the saga for the grand finale. May it be through your own console or through this project of mine, take the most fun out of the few months ahead. To new fans, my first advice would be: don't be scared from the amount of titles you see around! Catching up with the series is easier than expected. They may haven't been presented the best way, but with the HD collections now out for a single console you have no excuses! Begin your own journey with Sora. After completing the HD collections, feel free to play the Nintendo DS versions of 358/2 Days and Re:coded for catching all the details missing in the HD movies. Having such a special game like Kingdom Hearts close to you is something that every gamer should experience.”

    Posted Image

    You can find Everglow on Twitter and YouTube.

    Check out Everglow's most recent Kingdom Hearts Timeline episode here!

  4. GameStop Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark offering Monsters' Inc. Keyblade yoyo transformation replica as a pre-order bonus

    Many retailers have began offering exclusive bonuses for pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts III from them. GameStop have jumped on the bandwagon and are now offering an exclusive replica of Monsters Inc Smile Gear Keyblade transformation in certain European territories.

    Pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts III from GameStop Sweden, Finland, Norway or Denmark will bag you your very own replica yoyo! (While stocks last!)

    Posted Image

    The bonus has also been spotted on GameStop Ireland, though only the picture is there and it does NOT say you will receive one with your order. Please be aware of this when placing your order!

    What pre-order bonus do you want the most? Let us know in the comments below!

    UPDATE [August 21, 2018]: The Kingdom Hearts III Smile Gear yo-yo pre-order bonus is also available at Game.uk!

  5. Kingdom Hearts III is going to be present at Gamescom 2018

    Kingdom Hearts III is going to be part of Square Enix's Lineup for Gamescom 2018, which will be hosted in Cologne (Germany) from August 21th to 25th.

    Gamescom attendees will be able to access to two playable demos on a huge floor space of over 1.500 square meters in hall 9.1 (booths B31/41 and C30/40), featuring a boss battle against the Rock Titan from Hercules and the Toy Box world from Toy Story alongside Woody and Buzz. Visitors can also take part in prime picture opportunities including a giant Keyblade and becoming a real life toy in a replica of Andy’s room from the Disney-Pixar classic Toy Story.

    Will you be able to attend Gamescom and try the Kingdom Hearts III demo yourself? Let us know in the comments!

  6. New Kingdom Hearts Halloween costumes and props available at Spirit Halloween and Spencers Online

    Various new Kingdom Hearts costumes and props have surfaced on the Spirit Halloween and Spencers Online websites. There are adult and children variations available for some of the costumes.

    Spencers are selling Keyblade props, these are; Mickey's Kingdom Key D, Pumpkinhead and, exclusively at Spencers, Oblivion.

    Spirit Halloween have both props and costumes available. Both props are also available at Spencers, these are; the Kingdom Key D and Pumpkinhead. Also available from Spirit Halloween are costumes; King Mickey's Organisation XIII robe - available in both adult and children sizes, an adult sized Kingdom Hearts II Riku outfit which includes a wig (pants and shoes sold seperately) and finally, a children's Kingdom Hearts II Sora outfit (Keyblade sold seperately).

    1 2 3 4 5

    1 2

    1 2 3 4 5

    1 2

    1 2 3



    All the Keyblade props and children's outfits are retailing at $39.99, while the adult costumes are retailing at $49.99.

    Are you excited to dress up as a Kingdom Hearts character? Which Keyblade/outfit combo will you get? Let us know in the comments below!

  7. Everglow gets close to the end of Kingdom Hearts in KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE series Episode 42-49!

    Everglow has released episodes 42-49 in his KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE series!

    This time around we get to see Sora, Donald and Goofy explore the worlds of Atlantica, Peter Pan and the 100 Acre Woods .

    Alongside Sora's adventures, we get to see Aqua's continued journey through the realm of darkness, where she comes across an important ally and continues fighting the darkness.
    Everglow's KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE series is an in-depth chronological recap of the entire Kingdom Hearts series; masterfully compiled to give you all the knowledge you need in the run up to Kingdom Hearts III.

    You can find Everglow on Twitter and YouTube.

    You can watch the episodes below:

  8. Kingdom Hearts July Merch Roundup; Hoodies, minimates and more!

    Welcome to KH13’s roundup for Kingdom Hearts merchandise revealed during the month of July! Pictures, links, and descriptions for each piece of new merchandise revealed during July are available below!

    KH3 Hot Topic Tee Heartless Sweater Hot Topic Hot Topic Heartless Sweater Back Hot Topic Heartless Hoodie Front Back Heartless Hoodie Hot Topic KH3 Hot Topic Hoodie

    Hot Topic have once again introduced several new items this month, including a plain black tee featuring the Kingdom Hearts III logo embossed on it for $20.90.

    Also from Hot Topic, both a girls hoodie and a girls sweater are available for $44.90 and $42.90 respectively. Both feature the Heartless emblem on the front and the phrase "Heartless" on the back.

    Finally Hot Topic are also selling a Kingdom Hearts III logo hoodie for $39.90. The hoodie has the same design as the black tee, with the Kingdom Hearts III logo featured prominently on the front.

    PDP Keyblade Prop 2 PDP Keyblade Prop heroshot original keyblade.1 Kh Kb orig quarter back view2 Kh Kb orig quarter closeup handle2 Kh Kb orig quarter front view2 Kh Kb orig side view2

    Amazon have revealed a Kingdom Hearts PDP full-size Kingdom Key replicathat can be pre-ordered for $39.99 for a release on October 1st. This replica is a much more affordable alternative to the already released Proplica Kingdom Key.

    Loungefly Wallet and Bag

    Loungefly unveiled a brand new Sora-inspired bag and a new wallet at San Diego Comic Con 2018. No release date or price was given as of yet. The bag is heavily inspired by Sora's new outfit in Kingdom Hearts III whilst the wallet looks less Sora-centric.

    AitaKuji Canvas 1 AitaKuji Canvas 2

    AitaiKuji also revealed a collection of exclusive canvases, which can be ordered from their site for $50.00 each. There are three designs, with each one being based on art from Kingdom Hearts games, including one of Ventus, Terra and Aqua and two of Sora and characters from Kingdom Hearts II.

    Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 1 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 2 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 3 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 4 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 5 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 6 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 7 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 8 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 9 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 10 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 11 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 12 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 13 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 14 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 15 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 16 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 17 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 18 Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Toys Minimates 19

    The collection of Kingdom Hearts minimates by Diamond Toys that we previously reportedon are now available for sale for $9.99 each! Characters include Sora, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Tron and Space Paranoid variations of Sora, Donald and Goofy.

    Toy Story Sora Minimate Toy Story Goofy Minimate Toy Story Donald Minimate

    Diamond Toys have also revealed a new line of Kingdom Hearts minimates based on the upcoming Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts III. The line includes variations of Sora, Donald and Goofy in their Toy Story appearance. They can be pre-ordered for $9.99 each and will be out in February 2019.

    That concludes our Kingdom Hearts merch round-up for July! Which piece of merch is your favourite? Do you plan on buying any? Let us know in the comments below!

  9. Riku Nendoroid by Good Smile Company has been revealed

    Following the reveal of the Sora Nendoroid figure (releasing December 2018), and a tease about more Kingdom Hearts figures coming soon, a Riku Nendoroid has been revealed!

    The following picture has been published on the "WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 28" website gallery, which provides some sneak peaks of figures that will be on display at the Wonder Festival taking place in Chiba, Japan, on July 29, 2018.

    Posted Image

    Thanks to @churroz for the tip!

    UPDATE (July 28, 2018): A new photo of Riku with Soul Eater has also been revealed. You can view it in the gallery below.


    Thanks to @retro_oo for the tip!

    Have you pre-ordered the Sora Nendoroid yet? Are you looking to add Riku to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

  10. Banpresto's monthly lottery Ichiban Kuji to feature Kingdom Hearts themed prizes

    The toy company Banpresto, also known for releasing various figures and merchandising for Bandai Namco, hosts a monthly lottery called Ichiban Kuji. People can partecipate to the lottery purchasing tickets, and the prizes lineup coming for December will feature Kingdom Hearts themed ones. The cost of each ticket is of 680¥ (yen). You can see the released and translated lineup down below:

    A: Sora&King Mickey statue

    B: King Mickey plushie

    C: Blanket with hood

    D: Keyblade pen

    E: Hand towel

    F: Glass cup

    G: Charm collection

    Last Award: King Mickey plushie (III ver.)

    Double chance prize: Sora&King Mickey statue

    Will you be able to buy a ticket and try your luck in this Japanese lottery? Let us know in the comment section below!

  11. Kingdom Hearts Sora Nendoroid figure available for pre-order; releasing in December 2018

    A Kingdom Hearts Sora Nendoroid figure is being released by Good Smile Company! This chibi-style figure includes interchangeable Keyblades, several swappable heads with different facial expressions, a paopu fruit accessory, and a posing stand. Among the Keyblades included are the Kingdom Key and the Pumpkinhead. Additionally, one of the promotional images shows the figure holding a Kingdom Key and shooting a beam of light into a Keyhole, though it is unclear whether this Keyhole is able to be attached to all Keyblades, or if it is part of a second Kingdom Key as a single piece.

    Sora Nendoroid 1 Sora Nendoroid 2 Sora Nendoroid 3 Sora Nendoroid 4 Sora Nendoroid 5 Sora Nendoroid 6

    The Kingdom Hearts Sora Nendoroid figure is available for pre-order from Aitai☆Kuji for $40 USD. Each order comes with a free gift, though there are no details on this gift at this time. This figure is scheduled to release in December 2018.

    What are your thoughts on this new Sora figure? Would you like to see more Kingdom Hearts Nendoroid figures? Let us know in the comments below!

    [UPDATE]: @gsc_enon hinted on Twitter the intention of releasing new Kingdom Hearts Nendoroid figures in the future!

  12. EB Games offering light-up Heartless keychain as an exclusive pre-order bonus for Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition

    Pre-order bonuses are nothing new to Kingdom Hearts III, with special Keyblade skins and fabric posters being among the incentives already revealed. EB Games Australia have now joined the fray, offering their own bonus - a light-up Heartless keychain.

    To receive this awesome keychain, you must pre-order Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition from the EB Games online store or pre-order the same edition in-store. This pre-order bonus is currently exclusive to Australian fans, you can see a picture below:

    Posted Image

    Has this changed your mind on where you want to order your copy of Kingdom Hearts III?
    What's your favourite pre-order bonus revealed so far? Let us know in the comments!

  13. Unhooded Organization 13 Mickey Mouse Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure available exclusively through Box Lunch as a SDCC exclusive

    Box Lunch has listed a Funko Pop! Unhooded Organization 13 Mickey Mouse Vinyl Figure as a Limited Edition 2018 Summer Convention Exclusive on their website. The vinyl is available for purchase right now for $15 and you can view its appearance in the image below.

    Posted Image

    Get in quick as it is an exclusive to Box Lunch and will be the only Kingdom Hearts themed Funko Pop! Vinyl available for SDCC!

    Will you be grabbing this exclusive Pop! Vinyl? Let us know in the comments!

  14. New Play Arts variants unveiled at SDCC, Kingdom Hearts costumes found in Dissidia data mine

    Today marks the beginning of SDCC which will be running from 19th-22nd July. SDCC has already shown love to Kingdom Hearts by showing off recently announced Bring Arts and the playable Kingdom Hearts III demo being present.

    The reveals don't end there; Square Enix Merchandise have shown off 2 new Bring Arts - Cloud Strife Another Form and Sephiroth Another Form (These names are subject to change). Although they are technically Final Fantasy Bring Arts, these new variants are adorned with their Kingdom Hearts attire. You can check both of these out below:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    This isn't the only news of Kingdom Hearts in a Final Fantasy setting; in a recent data mine by Reddit user u/DeathChaos25, many new and/or unused files were found. This was then elaborated on by r/Dissidia moderator u/Tanuji who stated that Kingdom Hearts Cloud and Kingdom Hearts Squall both had outfits in the code.

    Although it's uncertain whether we will see these costumes come to fruition in DFFNT, it's definitely nice to see Kingdom Hearts pushing it's way into other Square Enix titles.

    What do you think of the new information? Are you going to get any of the new Bring Arts when they release? Let us know in the comments below!

  15. K.uno releasing new Kingdom Hearts jewellery for U-TREASURE line

    K.uno are releasing two new pieces of Kingdom Hearts jewellery in their U-TREASURE line; including a bracelet based on Roxas' necklace and a sea salt ice cream necklace. You can see both items in the gallery below!

    U Treasure Roxas U Treasure Roxas Pendant 2 U Treasure Sea Salt Ice Cream Pendant U Treasure Sea Salt Ice Cream Pendant

    The first item is a necklace featuring a sea salt ice cream pendant. The necklace also features the ice cream stick on the back of the necklace, with text inscribed in it.

    U-TREASURE will also be releasing a bracelet featuring Roxas' symbol and a smaller charm with Sora's crown symbol featuring on the back of the bracelet.

    Both items will be releasing on July 28th and can be pre-ordered for 12,800 yen, which is about $130. You can pre-order the jewellery from AitaiKuji or directly from U-TREASURE.

    K.uno has released several pieces of Kingdom Hearts inspired jewellery in the past, including necklaces, watches and wedding rings.

    Will you be buying the newest U-TREASURE jewellery? Let us know in the comments below!

  16. PDP Pixel Pals Kingdom Hearts Sora available for pre-order via Amazon and GameStop

    A new officially licensed PDP Pixel Pals Kingdom Hearts Sora has been revealed via the Official Pixel Pals Instagram and is available for pre-order for $14.99 on Amazon and GameStop.

    It features a light up pixel-art rendition of Sora from Kingdom hearts III holding the Kingdom Key and is expected to release on October 1, 2018. You can view the item in the gallery below.

    71VnEEhwidL. AC 81qub0u UgL. AC 81vqL8yPSvL. AC 878 056 Na sora front Off Web front On Web

    Interested in pre-ordering this merchandise? Let us know in the comments!

    Thanks @churroz for the tip!

  17. [UPDATED] GameStop holding poll for Kingdom Hearts III pre-order bonus; Toy Story fabric poster available at GameStop and EBGames Canada

    Earlier today GameStop posted a poll on their Twitter account calling all fans to vote for their preferred Kingdom Hearts III pre-order bonus. This bonus will be exclusive to GameStop and the Square Enix store.

    The bonus will be 1 of 3 cloth poster variants. Each variant contains Sora, Donald and Goofy standing by a keyhole featuring a character from a specific world - Woody from Toy Story world ToyBox, Sully and Mike from Monsters' Inc. world Monstropolis and Olaf from Frozen world Arendelle.

    Posted Image

    You can vote by replying to GameStop's tweet with the appropriate hashtag - #KH3ToyBox for Toy Story, #KH3Monstropolis for Monsters' Inc. and #KH3Arendelle for Frozen.

    Be sure to act quick to ensure your favourite is chosen!

    UPDATE: [Aug 1, 2018]: GameStop has announced the winner. The fans have chosen the Toy Box fabric poster for the GameStop-exclusive pre-order bonus for Kingdom Hearts III. Thanks to all that voted!

    Posted Image

    UPDATE [Aug 10, 2018]: EBGames Canada are also offering the Toy Story fabric poster as a pre-order bonus for the standard and Deluxe versions of Kingdom Hearts III (for both PS4 and XBox One) while stocks last!

    2 1

  18. Sea Salt Ice-cream bath salt from Village Vanguard!

    Village Vanguard has created an original product for Kingdom Hearts, a Sea Salt Ice-cream bath salt!

    20520969  1

    The product will be retailing for 500 yen (est. $4.50 USD) and will be released on July 21, 2018 JST. The illustration art from Kingdom Hearts II is shown on the wrapper. Certain Japanese bath salts are similar to bath bombs. The bath salt looks just like the ice-cream and should not be eaten.

    In addition to the bath salt, there will be a Keyblade as an added bonus. There are 5 Keyblades and 1 secret keyblade!


    Get your Sea Salt Ice-cream here!

  19. Limited KH pin and lanyard set available at San Diego Comic Con

    A new limited edition Kingdom Hearts pin and lanyard set has been revealed for sale exclusively at San Diego Comic Con - taking place from July 19th - 22nd, as posted by Disney Pins Blog. The set will retail at $15 and be very limited, having only 400 available.

    Posted Image

    The lanyard features art from the box of Kingdom Hearts II and is adorned with 3 pins - Mickey wearing an Organisation XIII coat, Sora in his Kingdom Hearts II attire and a Heartless logo.

    Are you going to be at SDCC and grab a lanyard set? Let us know in the comments below!

  20. Everglow continues retelling of Kingdom Hearts and A Fragmentary Passage in KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE series episodes 35-41!

    Everglow has released episodes 35-41 in his KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE series!

    This time around we see Sora meeting Leon and Yuffie in Traverse Town before switching perspective to Aqua - who is still stuck in the Realm of Darkness. We see Sora finally meet Donald and Goofy before embarking on their adventure.

    On their travels; Sora, Donald and Goofy travel to Wonderland, Deep Jungle, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah and finally, Monstro, all while Aqua traverses the Dark World learning more about Terra's fate - and slowly losing herself to darkness.

    Everglow's KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE series is an in-depth chronological recap of the entire Kingdom Hearts series; masterfully compiled to give you all the knowledge you need in the run up to Kingdom Hearts III.

    You can find Everglow on Twitter and YouTube.

    You can watch the episodes here:

    Be sure to subscribe to Everglow for the latest episodes!

  21. Kingdom Hearts III featured in the lastest PlayStation Magazine UK issue

    Kingdom Hearts III has recently been featured in the last PlayStation Magazine UK, showing different screenshots from the previous E3 Trailers. You can check these images down below:

    Image from IOS (1) Image from IOS (2) Image from IOS (3) Image from IOS (4) Image from IOS Image from IOS (1) Image from IOS (3) Image from IOS (4)

    Kingdom Hearts III releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan, and January 29, 2019 to the rest of the world. You can now watch the latest Frozen trailer, Square Enix E3 Showcase trailer, and Pirates of the Caribbean trailer!

  22. Kingdom Hearts June Merchandise Roundup; Figures, backpacks, and more!

    Welcome to KH13’s roundup for Kingdom Hearts merchandise revealed during the month of June! Pictures, links, and descriptions for each piece of new merchandise revealed during June are available below!

    KH Crew Sweater 1 KH Crew Sweater 2 KH2 Blue Mug KH Sora Tactical Backpack KH2 Logo Collar Pin KH Stud Earring Set KH Icons Backpack

    Hot Topic introduced several items this month, including a Kingdom Hearts “Heart” plus-sized crew sweater, available for $36.90. As the name suggests, the design is mainly themed around the series’ heart icon, which is prominently featured on the breast, right sleeve, and back, alongside other Kingdom Hearts symbols. The “Heart” design was previously featured by Hot Topic on a girls’ pullover hoodie for $44.90.

    A blue Kingdom Hearts mug is available for $12.90. Using the box art for Kingdom Hearts II, the mug features King Mickey and the Kingdom Hearts II logo on one side, while the other side includes Sora, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, and Roxas.

    Looking to rock Sora's style? A Kingdom Hearts tactical backpack is available for $59.90, and is directly inspired by the colors and design of Sora’s Kingdom Hearts II outfit!

    If you're looking for something more subtle, a Kingdom Hearts stud earring set is available for $10.90. It includes four different varieties of studs; Heartless emblems, Kingdom Key Ds, black faceted gems, and Mickey Mouse emblems.

    In other jewelry-related news, a Kingdom Hearts logo collar pin set is available for $12.90, featuring the Kingdom Hearts II logo as the pin design, and connected by three silver-tone chains.

    A Kingdom Hearts icons backpack is available for $34.90. Its print features an assortment of icons from the series, scattered thoroughly across the backpack's entire print.

    Lastly from Hot Topic, the store is now carrying the Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Proplica! This fan-favorite item is a full-scale Kingdom Key, featuring various lights and sounds which imitate the series’ magic spells, as well as a light in the tip of the blade which projects a keyhole! The Kingdom Key Proplica is available now for $200.90!

    Posted Image

    Bandai’s Kingdom Hearts gacha capsule Keyblade keychain set is available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store. A box of 12 can be pre-ordered for $119.99, and features two of each of the following Keyblades: Kingdom Key, Three Wishes, Crabclaw, Oathkeeper, Oblivion, and Ultima Weapon (KH1 version). The set is scheduled to release in September.

    Posted Image

    Big Bad Toy Store also has a Kingdom Hearts Sora-inspired rucksack available for pre-order for $44.99. This item is scheduled to release in August.

    KH Vinimates Final Form Sora Kingdom Hearts Select Space Paranoids KH Minimates Tron Light Cycle KH Vinimates Halloween Town Sora KH Vinimates Halloween Town Donald KH Vinimates Halloween Town Goofy

    From Diamond Select Toys, the new Kingdom Hearts Vinimates Final Form Sora figure is available for $10.90, exclusively at Hot Topic.

    Speaking of Diamond Select Toys, they now have many different Kingdom Hearts available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store!

    The Kingdom Hearts Select figure line now features a Space Paranoids set for $64.99, available in December. Its contents include Space Paranoids Sora, Space Paranoids Donald, Space Paranoids Goofy, Tron, Sark, Black Coat Mickey, a Shadow, and an Assassin.

    A Kingdom Hearts Minimates Tron light cycle deluxe set is available for pre-order for $13.99, releaseing in November. It includes Space Paranoids Sora as well as a light cycle.

    Three Kingdom Hearts Vinimates Halloween Town figures are also available for pre-order. These include Halloween Town Sora, Halloween Town Donald, and Halloween Town Goofy. Each of these figures is being sold separately for $9.99, and will be available in November.

    Which pieces of merchandise are your favorite from this month? Are there any items that you are looking to pre-order? Let us know in the comments below!

  23. PopCurated hints to new Kingdom Hearts Funko Keychains and POP! Vinyls

    According to Popcurated's tweets, Funko is going to release more Kingdom Hearts merchandise, specifically some new Keychains and POP! Vinyls Kingdom Hearts III inspired. The keychains in questions of Sora and Sora Monster Inc. will be released by the end of the year. For the POP! Vinyls of Sora, Donald and Goofy Monster form, however, there are no release date information.

    Posted ImagePosted Image

    This reinforces and almost confirms the previous rumors concerning Kingdom Hearts III Mickey, Riku, Soldier Heartless, and Vanitas and also Kingdom Hearts III versions of Sora, Donald, Goofy, and “Sora Mons” (most likely being Sora’s Monster’s Inc. form).

    Are you going to buy any of this merchandise as soon as it's available? Let us know in the comments!

  24. NEW EPISODES: Everglow's KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE- Kingdom Hearts and A Fragmentary Passage

    Episodes 32-34 of Everglow's KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINEseries have been released!

    KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE is an episodic look at the events of the Kingdom Hearts series, compiled chronologically. Featuring important scenes and gameplay from all games, Everglow works hard towards having a "perfect road to the final chapter of the Xehanort Saga".

    The latest episodes move on from Birth By Sleep and move forward to the beginning of both the original Kingdom Hearts and the recent Kingdom Hearts 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage which are both in the same time period.

    You can view the latest episodes of KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE here!

  25. USgamer interviews Tetsuya Nomura on Kingdom Hearts III development, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gummi Ship system and much more

    Tetsuya Nomura, director and creator of the Kingdom Hearts saga, recently got interviewed by USgamer.neton Kingdom Hearts III development, the choosing of Pirates of the Caribbeans as a Kingdom Hearts III world, and the comeback of the Gummi Ship system. Nomura also offered some insights and personal hints on how the relationship between Square Enix and Disney went on in the previous years, just like his recent statements in the last Multiplayer.it interview. The interview is completely available, and you can read it down below:

    Kingdom Hearts 3 finally brings the Dark Seeker Saga to a close after more than 15 years. Tell me what it means to you to finally finish this story. Are you happy? Are you a little sad that it's finally coming to an end?

    Nomura: Yes. It does come to an end, but I'm not fully swayed to one emotion. I'm not really happy, I'm not really sad. Although I do feel a little sad when I think some characters will probably never appear ever again. Once I think about that, it makes me a little sad. But other than that I'm just more relieved that I was able to tell the full story.

    Pixar films feature prominently in Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm curious to know why they get more emphasis here, but not as much emphasis in, for example, Kingdom Hearts 2. Was it because the PS2 wasn't powerful enough to give you the results you wanted?

    Nomura: I've always wanted to have a Pixar world within Kingdom Hearts, it's just that Disney has always returned to me and said that it will be difficult to make it happen. I assume that there were some reasons within Disney that did not allow us to do this, but I don't know what they were. But I do think that that situation probably changed this time and that we are allowed to do it. It just so happened that we were able to negotiate with Disney and Pixar to have it in on our title this time.

    Seeing Goofy in the Monsters Inc. world, he has a very interesting design. I'm curious what were your intentions were in that regard? Can you tell me a little about that?

    Nomura: For Pixar world, the desires that [the Monsters Inc. and Toy Story teams] had for their titles were really strong. We had a lot of guidelines to abide by in terms of how they appear. Comparing the two worlds, Monster's Inc. had more guidelines that we had to follow, and were a little more clear cut in the details. The coloration, for example, or whether a character only had one eye. When we took a look at those guidelines and figured out what we had to do, we felt that Donald should look this way and then Goofy should look this way. We also had a lot of input from the Pixar team that worked on Monsters Inc. We did pretty much follow their guidelines as well as their feedback for those characters.

    The Gummi Ship is returning in Kingdom Hearts 3, which I think is interesting. I'm curious why you decided to bring it back? What you think it can add to Kingdom Hearts 3. Is it to tie it more into the previous games?

    Nomura: In Kingdom Hearts numbered titles, the Gummi Ship has always been there to travel between the worlds. Gummi Ships are part of the basics of Kingdom Hearts, and as a numbered title in the series, I thought it was necessary to have it in there to complete the package. This is something that [Hironobu Sakaguchi] told me once, which is that Final Fantasy is a title that just has everything in it.
    I wanted to bring that to Kingdom Hearts. In Kingdom Hearts there's the shooting game, there's the RPG, there's the adventure game. It has action, command battles, and everything. There's customization with Gummi Ships, and they bring with them the shooter aspect and the travel aspect. It's just a part of Kingdom Hearts. That's why I thought it was necessary to have it in the title.

    At the end of one of the Kingdom Hearts trailer, Aqua definitely has Xehanort's eyes. We think that signifies that she was corrupted by the realm of darkness since the events of Birth by Sleep. Could you elaborate on that and can you speak a little bit on what we can expect from Aqua in Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Nomura: I do know that she is a popular character among her fans. I'm sure many are shocked to see [her eyes]. People were more shocked than I expected that they would be. I can't really go into much detail about her because I will just spoil everything, but something does happen in Kingdom Hearts 3 that make her seem like how she is right now in the trailer. I think all I can say is that the player is the only one that can save her from him.

    I think it's interesting that you brought back Pirates of the Caribbean, especially since it contrasts sharply with the animated characters. Like, you have Johnny Depp, then you have all the other characters. Why did you bring back Pirates, and why did you choose Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 in particular? Is it because that game is end of the trilogy much like this one?

    Nomura: For Kingdom Hearts, it's been a while since we released on a console. Now a lot of developers are creating photorealistic games, and I think that's more mainstream nowadays. I wanted to prove Kingdom Hearts is able to do a more realistic game as well. I also was very interested to see how realistic we could get it. That's why I wanted to have some live action film-based world.
    I also thought that the matchup between a very photorealistic character and Sora, Donald, and Goofy would be very interesting to see, which is why we decided to have that world. As for why we selected The World's End, it was because of its story line.

    The second and the third movie are connected and the second movie doesn't really have an ending because it takes you to the third movie. It didn't really make sense to go with that one because it doesn't really have a clear ending with that film. We decided to go with the third film which had a clear ending. You mentioned skipping the previous generation of consoles. Was it always your intention to finish Kingdom Hearts 2, explore some side stories, look at different things, and then finally return to the final story much further down the line?

    Nomura: It's not like I had a specific order in mind. It was more like we released it in order of conception or idea. Also because it took us a long time to prepare for Kingdom Hearts 3. If you can take a look at what we have already revealed, you can tell that it is a pretty crazy title that we have created. We did have to have a lot of prep time for it. That just a bit longer than our other spin-off titles.
    Disney has changed tremendously since 2006. Obviously Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, totally different style of animation. How your relationship with Disney and its properties evolved over the past 10 years or so in the context of Kingdom Hearts?

    Nomura: I can say that it has actually been increasingly difficult to get approvals from Disney. That's mainly because in the past Kingdom Hearts titles, the creator wasn't around anymore or the team that used to create those titles wasn't there anymore. There was just this one person that we would just have to go to and they would approve it and we'd be fine and good to go. But because we've been featuring recent titles, they still have existing teams for existing creators that are still working in Disney and still working on a certain title.
    That feedback process just has been a little bit more difficult than before. And each team would have a different set of rules and guidelines and they would say different things, or they would look at different things. It's just been a little different that how it used to be because Kingdom Hearts is a bigger title than it was before. I think that whenever we would bring our previous titles, a lot of people at Disney, and this is my assumption, but I do assume that they probably didn't know what Kingdom Hearts was. They'd go, "What's Kingdom Hearts? I have no idea." But now that it's become a bigger title, a lot more people have been involved in than before. In that sense the relationship with Disney has changed quite a bit. Emotional changes I don't really know if there has been any changes emotionally for me. But at least physically I can say those were the changes that we had with Disney.

    You mentioned that Monsters Inc. had many more guidelines than Toy Story. Was that the one that had perhaps the most guidelines or was there one that had even more?

    Nomura: Frozen had the most.

    I imagine if you want part of a level to be behind the Monsters Inc. factory, you could ask them what they think that would look like. You could ask them to try and provide some suggestions or fill in some of their vision. Whereas for Aladdin, for instance, that's not possible anymore. Being able to quiz those people. So is that also helpful in some respects?

    Nomura: Since you mention Aladdin, I'll just use Aladdin as an example. Since there isn't anyone that we could ask about adding more areas to Aladdin, it was actually easier because we could just create them on our own. But speaking of advantages, because all these films were made in CG, we weren't able to use the character models as is. But we were able to receive a lot of different assets that we could actually base references on them to create, and I think we were able do it a bit easier than we were able to do with our past titles, as well as create something with higher quality because the original title was in CG.

    Final Fantasy characters have always been a big part of Kingdom Hearts, but it was always fun to watch them interact with Disney characters in interesting ways and of course it brought together Disney fans and Square fans. But it appears Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be using Final Fantasy. I'm curious to know why you went in that direction? Is it because you wanted to focus on the core cast, because it's their final game?
    Nomura: I can't disclose too much about the Final Fantasy characters or whether or not they'll be in Kingdom Hearts 3, because I can only speak to what's been shown. But the reason you haven't been shown any Final Fantasy characters is that there are so many original characters that need to resolve their own problems and issues. And because their issues and problems are very difficult, there just hasn't been that much space to fit Final Fantasy characters so far." When you look back on the first Kingdom Hearts, Sora was still a new character, so we kind of had the Final Fantasy characters as supporting characters. But now that it's been 15 years, the original characters are more polished than they were before, so I don't think think they need the Final Fantasy characters help as much as they did before. [...] Also, when we first released Kingdom Hearts, there weren't that many other titles that brought together the Final Fantasy characters. I actually think that Kingdom Hearts may have been the first to do that. But nowadays, there are an abundance of titles that do that, so I don't see the value of having that kind of feature in the game anymore. But that doesn't mean that I'm saying that there won't be any Final Fantasy characters. Please look forward to future information.

    Kingdom Hearts III releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan, and January 29, 2019 to the rest of the world. You can now watch the latest Frozen trailer, Square Enix E3 Showcase trailer, and Pirates of the Caribbean trailer!

    What do you think about Nomura's statements on Final Fantasy characters into Kingdom Hearts III? Do you think they will be likely to appear or not? Let us know in the comments!