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  1. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] officially released in Latin America

    After the release of Version 2.3.1 in the global version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, the @SquareEnixUSA Twitter account has announced that the game is now officially available in Latin American regions as of September 28th, 2017.

    The game can be downloaded for iOS for Latin American regions here and on Google Play here, though it is only available in the English language.

    Promotional images shown on the Latin American iOS page can be viewed below:

    DK2qxy0UMAAFG C 392x696bb 392x696bb (1) 392x696bb (2) 392x696bb (3)

  2. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Version 2.3.1 brings pets feature, increased daily login reward and more

    The new version 2.3.1 of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] has gone live and has brought with it a great number of changes.

    Firstly, the greatly anticipated pets feature has arrived which lets the player take a cute companion with them on their adventure which can have its appearance and name customised. They also provide a gameplay benefit in that they give a new attack slot to each Keyblade which can be improved by using medals to increase your pet's strength. The Pet System will unlock on the Home Screen after clearing Story Quest 14.

    Pets 1 Pets 2 Pets 3 Pets 4

    For more information on pets, full details can be seen below.


    Besides the new pets system, there are other relatively big changes to the game. Firstly, the daily login jewels reward has been inreased, something fans of the game have been clamoring for. The Medal storage capacity by 100 for all players and has added support for iOS Game Center achievements and a 'come back' incentive quests which will trigger after a player has not logged in for 60+ days. There are also many quest changes in the early part of the game and many more other changes. For a full list, see below.


    Playing Card (Male), Alice in Black (Female), Gingerbread Boy (Male), & Gingerbread Girl (Female) will also be returning avatar boards for 1500 jewels. More information can be seen here.

    So what do you guys think? Are you excited by all the new change? What excites you the most. Let us know in the comments below.

    • Sep 28 2017 11:52 AM
    • by Axeken
  3. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] Version 2.3.0 releases in Japan with new features and story quests

    The Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] has been updated to version 2.3.0! This version of the game features a new title screen, five new story quests focusing on the new Foretellers, and the addition of the pet system, which unlocks after clearing quest 14. Several other quality of life features have also been added in this new update (refer to the patch notes below).

    Version 2.3.0 update notes:


    A playthrough of the five story quests is available, courtesy of Everglow, below:

    Additionally, a pet system tutorial and an accompanying cutscene have also been provided by Everglow. Take a look!

    UPDATE: You can now view our English translated video for this new update here, courtesy of Everglow:

    What do you think of the newest update? Are you excited to finally have pets in the game? What are your thoughts on the new story developments? Let us know in the comments below!

  4. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] Version 2.3.0 dated in Japan; new Start Screen revealed; Pet System added

    The Japanese Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] Twitter account has revealed that following a delay, the game's version 2.3.0 will be available 9/21 JST accompanying an in-game maintenance update for an, as of yet, an undetermined amount of time. This version update will also implement the new Pet System into the game.

    The tweet also revealed the new "start" screen for Version 2.3.0 which features the new Dandelion Union Leaders similar to the recent artwork from series creator, Tetsuya Nomura. You can check it out below, along with newly released images of the Pet System [9/21 JST.

    KHUx Version 2.3.0 opEpNv3cB opY7NxELH opYoNfxBI opEINYDVh opYmNsEeS

    UPDATE: The maintenance period is scheduled for 0:00 to 7:30 JST on the 9/21.

    Update 9/21 JST: Version 2.3.0 Update Notes:


    Additionally, 25 new Proud Quests have been added, offering a total of 45 Mirrors, two Power and Magic Gems, and a Speed Gem.
    Five new Main Story Quests have also been added--what is the first job of the new Union Leaders?

    What do you guys think of the new start screen? Are you excited for the new update? Let us know in the comments below.

    • Sep 22 2017 01:29 PM
    • by Axeken
  5. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Tsum Tsum Event detailed; Pets previewed in press release

    Square Enix North America has revealed this month's schedule for the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Tsum Tsum Event in a press release.

    Firstly, four Tsum Tsum medals are available for purchase in-game and will include Sora and Riku, Mickey and Friends, Mickey and Minne, and Pooh and Friends. These are currently available from today until Sept 21 PT.

    Next, running from Sept 11-24 PT will be new Union χ[Cross] Quests allowing players to earn Special Tsum Tsum Rewards like new avatar parts, Jewels, and more.

    Following this will be Limited Time Raid Event which will pit players against the Heartless Tsum Tsum Raid Boss to earn even more Tsum Tsum Avatar items. This will be available Sept 18-24 PT.

    And last, be certainly not least, Square Enix has revealed that the pets feature will be coming to the global version of the game late this September. After being recently teased for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], his next big update will allow the player to have a pet which will come in multiple varieties which can be customized and will be able to be equipped with its own medals. To celebrate the new feature, players will receive 3,000 Jewels as a login bonus, which is being touted as "one of the largest giveaways in the game’s history."

    Tsum Tsum Medals and Avatar Items

    <3 <3 <3

    Tsum Tsum Medal - Pooh and Friends Tsum Tsum Medal - Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum Medal - Mickey and Friends Tsum Tsum Medal - Sora and Riku Tsum Tsum Avatar Tsum Tsum Boss 1 Tsum Tsum Boss 2 Tsum Tsum Boss 3 Tsum Tsum KHUX Avatars Tsum Tsum KHUX Shoulder animals Tsum Tsum Login Bonus

    Pets Feature Preview

    <3 <3 <3

    KHUX PetCustom1 KHUX PetCustom2 KHUX PetCustom3 KHUX PetCustom4 KHUX PetScreen1 KHUX PetScreen2 KHUX PetScreen3 KHUX PetScreen4 PetGear

    This follows the recent wave of announcements for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]'s 2nd Anniversary where it was revealed that the pets feature will be coming alongside Union Armor avatar sets and an increased LUX Level cap.

    So what do you guys think? Will you be pulling for these adorable Tsum Tsums or attempting to get their related avatar parts? Are you excited for the Pets feature? Let us know in the comments below.

    • Sep 16 2017 09:15 AM
    • by Axeken
  6. Message and new Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] artwork from Tetsuya Nomura

    On the official Kingdom Hearts Union Cross Twitter account, a tweet was posted with a message from Tetsuya Nomura:

    Good evening, this is Tetsuya Nomura. From Unchained χ's existence to Union Cross, two years have passed since the service started. I thank you very much. I'll try to make public as soon as possible a new illustration of the title screen. This time please pay attention to their positions. So, thank you for your consideration.

    Translated by Mio-chan.
    The tweet can be viewed here.
    Another message was left by Tetsuya Nomura and he promises that the main story of Union Cross, will be deeper than χ[chi] and Unchained χ. He hopes that the story will keep fans thinking at every turn each time.
    The new artwork from Tetsuya Nomura features Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Blaine, Lauriam, Chirithy and a mysterious figure in a black coat. This image, as well as images from the upcoming v2.3 update set for September 14th JST, can be seen below:

    oIs7N7bd0 oI6xNigYI oI6tNdQOq DIukjQFUIAEDCyc


    -A Message from the Director-

    Long time no see, this is Nomura.
    Somehow we are able to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary, and it’s thanks to the fans.
    The staff appreciate it too, thank you.
    This time I tried very hard to write and draw various things.
    I will explain: I did the KH2’s last battle illustration, the KH2 avatar parts and others so I kind of multiplying the number "2" for the 2nd Anniversary Event.
    The main story ended with a long KH-ish prologue, so the main part of Union Cross begins at last.
    This is what the title displayed on the latest scenario part meant.
    It was the beginning of an impact, I believe that Union Cross will be deeper than χ[chi] and Unchained χ.

    I think that each new part added will make you even more involved into the story, so please look forward to it.
    By the middle of September, there is a little part of the main scenario in preparation along with a large-scale update, so please look forward to it too.
    Until then, may your heart be your guiding key.

    So you do you think of Nomura's update? Do you like the fact he directly messaged fans of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross]? What do you think of the new artwork? Are you excited of the next big game update? Let us know in the comments.

  7. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Japan 2nd Anniversary Update Detailed

    The Japanese Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] twitter account recently revealed the upcoming features coming to the game. First, a new EX Medal is coming in the form of "KH2 Sora & Riku Illustrated EX Medal" drawn by Tetsuya Nomura himself. The medal is an illustration of the scene before Sora and Riku defeat Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II.
    Secondly, Foreteller Master Ava is getting her own medal called "Ava HD EX Medal." This will make Master Ava the first Foreteller to get their own medal.
    Next, there a campaign competition to win a PlayStation 4 Pro with Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue.
    Also, there is a new challenge event for Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] "Worlds Memorial" as well as new 2nd Anniversary Union Cross challenge with Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald and Goofy as prize medals.
    Finally, Sora and Kairi are making their way as Avatar Boards for male and female avatars respectively. Further information can be found in the in-game notices. Thank you to Mio-Chan and Lady Aleister for translating the information.

    KHUX 2nd Anniversary - All KHUX 2nd Anniversary - Sora+Riku KHUX 2nd Anniversary - Ava KHUX 2nd Anniversary - Sora+Kairi Avatars KHUX 2nd Anniversary - Win KHUX 2nd Anniversary - Banner KHUX 2nd Anniversary - Union Cross

    This news follows a week of teasers from the game itself including a new pet update, a raised level cap and more.

    What do you guys think of these recent updates for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]? Are you playing it? Which medal are you most excited for? Do you think all these features will come to the global version? Let us know in the comments below.

    If you want to keep updated on the latest from both the Japanese and Global versions Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], be sure to follow KH13's KHUX twitter.

    • Aug 31 2017 10:14 AM
    • by Axeken
  8. Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] teases new information for upcoming updates

    The second anniversary for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] is almost here! Currently, the game is featuring "countdown quests" to prepare for the celebration, and during these quests, a new pet feature was teased. While there isn't much information currently available for this new feature, a variety of pets will be available starting in mid-September! Thanks to Mio-chan and Lady Aleister for helping out with the translations.

    It isn't currently known how these pets will be obtained, nor if they will be purely cosmetic or provide in-game benefits.

    Posted Image

    Update 8/27 PT: The second countdown quest teases that a "2nd Anniversary Commemoration Cup" will be held starting September 18th JST, and with it the Union Armor sets last seen in Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]'s 3rd Anniversary event will arrive!

    Update 8/28 PT: Players will be able to customize and strengthen their pets! Options shown include Head, Ears, Body, Feet, Tail, and Accessories.

    Update 8/29 PT: Also coming in September, players will be able to increase their level past the previous level cap of 300!

    Update 8/30 PT: Coming 9/1 is a new EX Medal? Who will it be?

    This feature is one of many "large-scale updates" coming to the game in the weeks ahead. Be sure to follow our coverage of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] to find out what will be included next!

    Are you excited to have pets accompany you on your adventures? What other features do you want to see added to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

  9. [SPOILERS] The Five Union Leaders - Union χ JP

    As of August 24th at 15:00 JST, five new Main Story Quests have been added to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, involving Strelitzia and introducing with a twist a face that fans of the Kingdom Hearts series may already be familiar with.

    Untranslated footage can be viewed below, courtesy of Everglow.

    Update: Translated footage is now available and can be viewed below, courtesy of Everglow.

  10. Fifth Union Leader Introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] JP

    As of August 10th at 15:00 JST, ten new story quests have been added to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross]. These quests focus on a trip to the beach with the player and their friends and include the reveal of the anticipated fifth Union Leader--a girl, Strelitzia, whose fate has begun to move.

    Footage and translations will be made available as soon as possible.

    UPDATE 1: Untranslated footage, courtesy of Everglow, can be viewed below:

    UPDATE 2: Translated footage is now available, courtesy of Everglow. It can be viewed below:

  11. Every character's story will be settled in Kingdom Hearts III; the world Young Xehanort and Eraqus are at is an original world; Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] 5th Union leader reveal in early August

    A Kingdom Hearts III feature will be included in the upcoming Weekly Famitsu issue, and earlier today, Esoteru posted a summary of its highlights online. Since then, more leaks have released from Hachima. Some parts of this have already been covered in the aforementioned highlights summary, but now, we have the information in more detail and new information as well.

    Check out the first half, translated by Katie Armstrong, below:

    • Tetsuya Nomura would like for you to wait for the next report, which will be some time in 2018.
    • There was some last-minute post-editing on the D23 and the Orchestral Concert PVs; Nomura wanted to tie things back to something with the word "dive," thinking back to the original concept of KH.
    • There were some strong feelings about the Toy Story world, because Nomura wanted to include it in KH2. Nomura's been negotiating for it since the first KH game. He met with John Lasseter when he came to Japan and told him about every element he wanted to include.
    • The Toy Story world does not take place during the original story, but picks up somewhere after Toy Story 2 and is consistent with the timeline of the movies.
    • This isn’t in the PV, but there is a scene where Sora is mistaken for an action figure of a game character by Rex.
    • Sora and company’s Toy Story world looks were designed by art directors who interacted to combine designs; the first team’s design was similar to action figures while the other group tried to match the aesthetic of Toy Story. The two had to come together and discuss and convince one another to arrive at the final design.
    • The staff was surprised at how easy it was to reproduce the graphic appearance of the original films. The looks of other worlds and gimmicks and such have been difficult for this game.
    • The Toy Story world’s percentage [of completeness] and quality was high enough to be seen earlier, but based on our PR plans it wasn’t shown until now. When they announced the Big Hero 6 world, Nomura could only show one illustration because it was a somewhat sudden request, so this time Nomura wanted to show video.
    • Production on the Big Hero 6 world is going well, though the matter of the last selected world is still ahead of them.
    • Multiple battle commands are displayed in the PV because there is always a choice in what to do in battle, there’s some tactical fun in assembling combos of your choosing. It might seem tough, but I want to reassure you that you can pull off some fancy techniques with the right button combinations.
    Check out the second half, translated by News Team member Dengojin, below:
    • Each world will have it's own guest party members and they will have their unique collaboration commands, since it is a new system it will be introduced in details later.
    • Riding a robot to fight was an early idea sent at the beginning of the development to the dev team, each floor of the toy shop will have it's own gimmick.
    • The toy shop will be the main area in the Toy Story world you can enjoy other gimmicks with various toys sold there.
    • There is surprise in the future.*
    • The world where Young Eraqus and Xehanort is an original world. Also he mentions that KH3 will have less Disney worlds than KH2 in numbers, but they will be richer and more playable.
    • There are so many characters, so the story is dark and he is not planning it to end it all at once.
    • Each character story must be settled. This will involve members from the former Organization XIII.
    • Nomura is not directing anything else beside the announced titles, but he is involved with many.
    • Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] fifth Union leader chapter has been written and it will be released early August.
    • Nomura would like to give us more information about Kingdom Hearts III battle later.
    *Pretty vague, maybe referring to the Toy Story world to be full of surprises?

    Toy Story is the latest world revealed for Kingdom Hearts III through the trailer unveiled last week at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. The Weekly Famitsu feature, which will recap the event and include an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, will be published on July 20 in Japan. Stay tuned with us for updates and translations!

    UPDATE 1: The Weekly Famitsu issue has been released! Check out full scans of it, as well as full translations, here.

  12. "Special surprise" coming to Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] to celebrate D23 Expo 2017

    Using the official Twitter account for English updates of Kingdom Hearts Union χ%5Bcross%5D, Square Enix tweeted out that a 'special surprise' will be coming to players of Kingdom Hearts Union χ%5Bcross%5D to celebrate D23 Expo 2017, which occurs from July 14th through the 16th. You can check out the tweet below.

    We have a special surprise coming for KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [CROSS] to celebrate D23 this weekend! Stay tuned for more details! #D23Expo

    We'll update with more details regarding the special surprise for players as soon as they are available.

    What do you think the special surprise is? Let us know in the comments below!

    • Jul 16 2017 10:17 PM
    • by Jake
  13. New Story Quests Added to Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] JP

    Fifteen new story quests were added to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] following maintenance on July 8th (JST). These quests further progress the story taking place in Enchanted Dominion. Can the player protect Aurora from the evil clutches of Maleficent? Both untranslated and translated footage have been made available and can be viewed below, courtesy of Everglow.



    Where will we go in the next update? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  14. Enchanted Dominion added to Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] in 15 new story quests

    Fifteen new story quests have been added to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross]! Ten of these new quests mark the first appearance of Enchanted Dominion within the game. This is particularly interesting due to Enchanted Dominion's involvement in the secret ending for the original Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. You can view an translated playthrough of the fifteen new quests below, courtesy of Everglow.

    Are you excited to finally explore the long-awaited Enchanted Dominion? Let us know in the comments below!

  15. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] smartphone case announced; available from CaféReo and Square Enix Japan

    Square Enix and CaféReo have teamed up and announced a Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] styled smartphone case. The “notebook type smartphone case” features the Kingdom Hearts crown with a slot to store a credit card or something similarly shaped. The case will cost 4,800 Yen (around $43.00 USD) and is planned to be released by the end of June 2017, but is limited to Japan. To buy and import the case, or simply find more product details, click here.

    KHUX smartphone cover 1 KHUX smartphone cover 2 KHUX smartphone cover 3 KHUX smartphone cover 4

    Also, if you missed it, Square Enix and 7Net are also releasing smartphone cases, as well as a range of other merchandise for the 15th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts.

    UPDATE 1: Square Enix Japan is now accepting pre-orders for the case. It's available for 5,184 yen ($46.00 USD) and will be available for Japan on August 5, 2017.

    UPDATE 2: Square Enix NA is now accepting pre-orders for the case. It's available for $39.99 USD and will be available for NA on November 30, 2017.

    • Jul 16 2017 11:39 PM
    • by Axeken
  16. 4th leader introduced to Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] with five new story quests

    Five new story quests have been added to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]. These exciting quests focus on a few of the Dandelions, the children who survived the Keyblade War. Particularly, the identity of the fourth Union leader is revealed in this critical installment. An untranslated playthrough of these quests can be seen below, courtesy of Everglow. A translated version will be available soon!

    Are you excited to see more information about the Dandelions? What type of person might the fourth Union leader be? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

    UPDATE: Thanks to KH13 Archives Team member Everglow, the new story update is now available with English translations for your viewing pleasure. You can check it out below.

  17. The Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] launch trailer has been released

    The launch trailer for Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] has been released. The trailer can be viewed below:

    For those of you who don't know, Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] is an updated version/rebranding of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[chi] which includes multiplayer gameplay and new story updates.

    If you'd like to see more details of the Union χ[Cross] update, click here.

  18. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] update arriving to global Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[chi]

    After launching in the Japanese version of the game last month, the anticipated Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] update to the global version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[chi] is set to go live after today's eight-hour maintenance--just in time for the game's first anniversary!

    The app can currently be updated via the Google Play Store or on the iTunes App Store, but note that maintenance is not scheduled to end until 4 AM PT on April 5th. In the meantime, some things to look forward to as mentioned in the update notes listed on both app store pages include:

    • added the "Union Cross" multiplayer feature--team up with up to six of your Party members or six other players in your Union to clear these special quests!
    • added the Medal Traits feature--fusing two duplicate medals of the same rarity will unlock a passive ability, such as Ground Enemy Defense -20%
    • Increased Buff/Debuff limit to 7 tiers
    • edited the App icon
    • changed the title, title screen, and opening movie
    • added the Theater Mode feature to
    • improved UI
    • various issue fixes
    UPDATE: The game's update notes have been released. Details can be viewed below.

    ■Image Updates
    ・Design of the app icon has been updated.
    ・The opening cutscene has been updated.
    ・The title screen has been updated.
    ・The BGM for the title, home, and UI screens have been updated.
    ■New Content and Features
    ・Multiplayer mode "Union Cross" has been added.
    ・Theater Mode has been added.
    ・Medal Traits have been added.
    ・New facial expressions and skin colors have been added.
    ・Tutorial Quests have been added.
    ・The Beginner's Deal is now a permanent feature.
    ■System and Parameter Updates
    ・Strength buffs (including attribute-based strength) can now be stacked up to 7 times (previously 3).
    ・Defense debuffs (including attribute-based defense) can now be stacked up to 7 times (previously 3).
    ・You will now be able to reduce the cost of Medals up to 20 (previously 10) using ★6 Cid Medals.
    ・You will now be able to recruit players that belong to a party.
    ・Game data will now be downloaded after a player completes the tutorial (Quests 1 through 6).
    ・The ability to unlock Special Attack Bonus on a Medal will now be achieved upon completing the Quest 34 (previously 200). 
    ※ If you had completed Quest 34 before the update, the Special Attack Bonus feature will be unlocked once the application has been updated.
    ■UI Updates
    ・"Union Cross" has been added to the Quests page.
    ・The Special Attack Bonus tier will now be displayed as a number in addition to the previously used icon.
    ・The Medal filter feature has been expanded.
    ・The Medal will now display the Special Attack Bonus tier upon being pulled.
    ・Added shortcuts to the Keyblade selection screen.
    ■Battle Speed Adjustments
    ・You will now be able to act immediately after the text “PLAYER TURN” appears when engaging an enemy.
    ・Increased the speed of the jump attack animation when battling raid bosses.

    Set to launch alongside the Union χ[Cross] update are event campaigns to celebrate the game's first anniversary, as well as the game's first premium draw guaranteeing a 3-dotted Premium within five draws.

    Additionally, a new teaser for the Union χ[Cross] update can be viewed below.

    The official @kh_ux_na Twitter account has shared some previews of upcoming content in the Union χ[Cross] update, which can be viewed below.

    C8sp9j3UAAoPgcW C8nNoeDXsAAyvRS C8sp2VXUAAALeAr C8iWBXcXgAEpUEa C8sp5W VwAElDo oPeVN7HmUW oPePNTgis oPMIN7llJi oPwMN7o8Z1 oPeLNqGcg oPeyN5APW oPMpNrwua oPeVN7HmUW ojHyN5xYq oP8CNnuct oP8JNuuPk oP8tNXU9K oPWtNd8K5 oPeoNhbWe oP8TNhxk3 oP8zNCgMn

  19. Disney Tsum Tsum event coming to Kingdom Hearts Union χ to celebrate the Kingdom Hearts 15th anniversary

    Today marks the 15h anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series. To celebrate this occasion, Square Enix has announced special Tsum Tsum events for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] which will feature the following bonuses for these events.

    <3 Special login bonus avatar <3

    People who log in during this event period, will receive a Tsum Tsum headband!


    Login Period : April 14 - May 1

    <3 Raid boss event & The Union χ Multiplayer event <3

    New raid event quest "The Heartless Tsum stack" will be featured during the event and players can collect Raid Coins and Cross Coins to exchange them for Tsum Tsum avatar items from the Multiplayer event.




    Event Period : From April 17 - April 23

    <3 New 10 medal draws <3

    New raid event quest "The Heartless Tsum stack" will be featured during the event and players can collect Raid Coins and Cross Coins to exchange them for Tsum Tsum avatar items from the Multiplayer event!

    These 10 draws will offer 4 Tsum Tsum medals: each draw will give you a guaranteed Tsum Tsum medal. The first draw is free.


    Event Period : April 16 - April 30

  20. New story quests added to Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ

    With the launch of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] in Japan, five new main story quests have been added. The newest story update introduces the concept of "Union Cross", and the characters within say that it would be good for the player character to do missions with their fellow Keyblade wielders. You can view an untranslated video of the new quests below, courtesy of Everglow. A translated version of this video will be available soon.

    UPDATE: The translated video of the new quests by Everglow is now out! Watch the video below:

    Are you excited for the launch of the multiplayer update? Let us know in the comments below!

  21. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] now released in Japan; Update notes now available

    The major update coming to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is now available in Japan! Featuring new story elements, multiplayer gameplay, and other additional features, Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] is available as a new update for the original application of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ.

    Check out the notes for this new major update that has released in Japan. Thanks goes to Discord user WinterHartz for translating these notes.

    New Update [22/03/2017] - Stated in Japanese Google Play Store

    - Addition of Multiplayer Mode (Union Cross)
    - Addition of Awakened Abilities for Medals (AKA Traits)
    - Introduction of Buff and Debuff going for up to 7 tiers.
    - Change of Application Icon
    - Change of Opening Movie, Title Name and Title Opening Screen
    - Addition of Theater Mode
    - Change in UI Interface
    - Other minor fixes

    Title opening screen music

    <3 <3 <3

    Title opening screen

    <3 <3 <3

    Image uploaded from IOS

    App Icon

    <3 <3 <3


    App Store Promotional Screenshots

    <3 <3 <3

    screen696x696 screen696x696 (1) screen696x696 (2) screen696x696 (3) screen696x696 (4)

    • Mar 23 2017 08:53 PM
    • by Jake
  22. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] releasing in Japan on March 23, 2017

    Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ will be updating to Kingdom Hearts Union χ in Japan on March 23, 2017. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] is the newest updating coming to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ which features multiplayer gameplay, new story updates, and other different gameplay features.

    In addition to the release of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] in Japan, fans can also receive a new wallpaper for their Android or iPhone devices. Check out the different wallpaper designs below. You can download the wallpapers directly here.

    01 IP 1080 1920 02 IP 1080 1920 03 IP 1080 1920 05 IP 1080 1920 main

    In case you missed it, you can check out the Japanese teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] below with English translated subtitles.

    Trailer text: Let us meet again here tomorrow

    First Dialogue:

    Ava: You are one of the 5 chosen by Dandelion. You 5 have to become a foreseers, lead a union and guide everyone.

    Second Dialogue:

    Master of Masters: There is no need for memories of the calamity in the next era. Here and in other worlds, I want you to experience a time without calamity.

    Ava : Is that really possible ?

    Master of Masters: Don't worry I can do it. First take care of these 5.

    Third dialogue :

    Skuld: Am I the second one ?

    Ephemera : Skuld ? Is that you ?

    Skuld: More importantly, I wonder who are the 3 others.

    Ephemera: I was sceptical when Lady Ava told me to come here so I didn't even think who would come here too.

    Skuld: Ah ! Someone is coming

    Fourth dialogue :

    Skuld: You are the third one.

    Ephemera: Did Lady Ava send you ?

    Ventus: Yes, she told me to come here once everything is over.

    Ephemera: My name is Ephemera, nice to meet ya.

    The trailer concludes with a handshake between Ventus and Ephemera.

    The English update for Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] will be arriving sometime in April.

    • Mar 23 2017 08:58 PM
    • by Jake
  23. Interview from Famitsu with Tetsuya Nomura discussing Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - and Kingdom Hearts Union χ

    Famitsu has posted an article that has an interview with the Kingdom Hearts series' Director Tetsuya Nomura discussing the recent Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour -, Kingdom Hearts III information, and Kingdom Hearts Union χ. You can read the interview below, translated by goldpanner.

    KH3 news somewhere along the World Tour...
    On March 10th 2017, the Kingdom Hearts (hereon KH) orchestra concert tour Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- kicked off at the Tokyo International Forum. After the very first show in Tokyo, we were able to get a little time with director of the KH series, Tetsuya Nomura. Here is a mini-interview with him where we asked about interesting parts of the concert and things to come.
    —Did you have any orders regarding the choice of music for the concert?
    Nomura: (Ms Yoko) Shimomura was the one who made the setlist for the show this time. I might have tweaked some things, but the setlist stayed basically the same. I had the order of some things changed based on the performances by the voice actors and such, that was about it. The setlists for both the wind concert last summer and this concert were made at the same time, and we treated them both like two halves of one whole, so I thought about how their structure should match. The way both the last concert ended with and this one began with Hikari was one way it was structured to reflect that.
    —So, on the whole, you were mainly in charge of the videos and the dramatic readings, right?
    Nomura: Yes. We only just barely got it ready on time, but we made it (dry laughter). For the acting guidance of the dramatic readings, we asked external sound supervisor Mr (Yoji) Shimizu, just like with the games. This concert counts as one of the works in the series, after all. Overseas, we will play recordings of Ms Toyoguchi and Ms Uchida's voices, with subtitles on the videos.
    —Our interest was piqued by how the video that played during Kairi's reading was the only one done in live-action.
    Nomura: Kairi is speaking pretty specifically about events happening during KH3, so we didn't have any cinematics that really worked. So, we matched it to a live-action video that fit the vibe. There are pieces of imagery that link to the content of what she is saying, for example, how it shows a scene of a sunset at the part where she says, "He stares at my face."
    —On the first day, we were surprised when you came on between performances and blessed us with your talk. During the trailer that played, the hall went pretty wild when Ventus came on screen.
    Nomura: Well, the first day is special (laughs). It was perfect timing with the announcement planned at an event overseas, so I decided to have it debut at the concert that was happening a few hours earlier. Of the five new Union Leaders, the remaining two will be revealed from April on. I've finished writing the story for the 4th and am about to start on stuff for the 5th, so please look forward to it.
    There was also an announcement that information about KH3 would be revealed during the world tour.
    Nomura: We announced that KH Unchained χ will become KH Union Cross right after the release of KH -HD 1.5+2.5 -ReMix-, so we have touched a little on KH3. Please wait for more information on this.

    • Mar 23 2017 09:01 PM
    • by neil98
  24. First Kingdom Hearts Union χ trailer available with English subititles

    Thanks to @Vidxad on Twitter, you can now view the first Japanese Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] trailer with English subtitles. Check it out below:

  25. Interview: Mickey & Brooms Coming to the North American version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

    With the announcement of a multiplayer function and Kingdom Hearts Union χ, more news for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ , (soon to be rebranded as Union χ) arrives!

    On March 11th, 2017, EvangelKaltz was able to meet and interview Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Producer, Hironori Okayama, Co-Director Hiroyuki Ito, and the North America Operation's Producer of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, Steven Nguyen at PAX East. During this interview, the men confirmed that they are looking to bring the highly-anticipated Mickey & Broom medals into the North American port of the game, as well as raise the "power level" of medals to be on par with that of Japan's Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. They also stated that they are looking to improve communications between the team and players.

    The interview can be viewed below, thanks to player Pigginatti:

    UPDATE: During PAX East 2017, The NOVA Project on YouTube asks Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Producer, Hironori Okayama, about Mickey & Brooms and directly confronts him with a joke "WANTED: Mickey & Brooms" sign. Okayama laughs and replies with a "Soon." View the funny moment in the video below: