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  1. Original Keyblades Concept

Original Keyblades Concept

Keyblades Kingdom Hearts Original Characters Fanmade Keyblade


Fanmade Keyblade designs by me, Iman Nazeerudin @ExusiaSword

Original Keyblades Concept

You know how several years ago we all used to create original characters for fanfictions and all?
Last year I decided to revamp a set of Keyblades that I made for 6 characters and gave upgrades to them Birth by Sleep-style.
Coincidentally the 6 are based on the 3 weapon choices you have to select in the Awakening sequence.

Wizard's Poetry -> Poet's Sorcery
The default based on writing literature, while it's upgrade is based on an illuminating candle. Staff-based.

Aurora Silk -> Corona Silk
Both are based on phenomenons that occur in the sky and have the pixie motif. Shield-based.

Gazing Tiger -> Gazing Ogre
Based on cruel ninja weaponry, going from the one of the shortest Keyblade to the largest in the set. Sword-based.

Aero Spark -> Storm Wave
Both are based on the unicorn motif and bear the element of thunder. Sword-based.

Gambit Game -> Throne of Games
Derived from the Gambler job class in Final Fantasy. Staff-based.

Arrowhead -> Falcon Eyes
Designed after archery and bearing the bird of prey motif. Shield-based.