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Toggle %s Kingdom Hearts series

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Kingdom Hearts III

Discuss Kingdom Hearts III, the upcoming Kingdom Hearts title for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

1,853 topics
34,997 replies
what improvements are you e... - last post by Geotrix

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

Discuss Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, the HD collection of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Birth by Sleep Final Mix & Re:coded for PlayStation 3.

1,065 topics
17,962 replies
Anti form in drive menu in... - last post by Ratchet

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

Discuss Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, the HD collection of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Re:Chain of Memories & 358/2 Days for PlayStation 3.

2,537 topics
37,930 replies
Did you get Ultima weapon w... - last post by Firaga Sensei

General & Other Titles

Discuss topics relating to the Kingdom Hearts series in general, or concerning games that don't fit into the other forums-- Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance] & Kingdom Hearts χ.

12,177 topics
170,450 replies
The History of Kingdom Hear... - last post by Roxasman1231

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Introduce Yourself

Are you new to KH13.com? Introduce yourself to our community and meet our other members here!

1,789 topics
25,384 replies
How did you find KH13.com? - last post by littleTSUBAME


  1. Poll of the Day

Questions, feedback and announcements relating to KH13.com.

1,888 topics
50,751 replies
Are you going to watch play... - last post by Geotrix

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Video Games

  1. Final Fantasy series,
  2. Pokémon series

Discuss any video games or video game consoles here.

5,804 topics
75,281 replies
Why Doesn't Square Enix... - last post by Roxasman1231


Discuss mainstream movies, music, literature, anime, manga, television and sports.

4,027 topics
40,570 replies
Sharktopus vs Pteracuda...w... - last post by Think Pink

Real Life & Personal

News & issues relating to the real world, or personal announcements, discussions, help & advice. If you have a serious topic to discuss, it goes here.

5,538 topics
86,433 replies
The Unpopular Opinions Thread - last post by Flaming Lea

Toggle %s Creativity

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Creative Media

Fan-made drawings or computer-generated images, songs, AMVs, GMVs, fan-made trailers, fan fictions, poems, song lyrics or stories, etc, all Kingdom Hearts related or otherwise.

4,859 topics
44,292 replies
Fairy Tail - last post by kingdomlanelover


Create and participate in quality roleplays, Kingdom Hearts related or otherwise.

2,290 topics
344,073 replies
Kingdom Hearts: Decolor Cen... - last post by Javelin434

Toggle %s Fun & Games

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Forum Games

Create and participate in any forum games here. Remember to have fun!

777 topics
196,507 replies
Avoid the Moderators! - last post by Bearanort


The fun and games section. Discuss anything or just be silly. This is your chance to make a thread about anything at all!

18,610 topics
214,506 replies
Kingdom Hearts in "The... - last post by devereauxr

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      22 Jul
    Golden Fighter

    Okay, the heatwave here is bordering on the insane! I just took a shower, and I'm already sweating! My God, I wish a cold breeze would come through already. I can't take this heat! D:

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      22 Jul

    I think it's sad that being fans of KH that we will be happy with even little bits of info regarding KH3. But it's been over a year now and not even showing a little bit of early in game gameplay is a bit sad really, I know its early in development but at this stage we should atleast be getting more. But hey its Square Enix so what can you do, just my opinion plus I know a lot of FF fans have had to deal with this with FFXV.

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