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  1. Undead Pirates


The contents of this section come from http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Undead_Pirates.


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Aaron, May 16 2011 10:29 PM

Razorwind Keyblade, May 13 2011 05:59 PM

Undead Pirates
Kingdom Hearts II


Undead Pirates are minor antoginists in Kingdom Hearts II. The Undead Pirates are a crew of pirates that are on Captain Barbossa's ship, the Black Pearl. The Undead Pirates helped Barbossa mutiny Jack Sparrow, and steal the Aztec gold of Isla de Muerta. After Barbossa died, the Undead Pirates allied with Luxord during Sora's second visit. Luxord, granted there immortality back because of their alliance with him. The Undead Pirates are mainly field enemies as you explore Port Royal. The Undead Pirates usually are seen alongside Captain Barbossa in Port Royal. They aid Barbossa during the destruction of the Interceptor and the capture of Elizabeth Swann. During Sora's second visit, they have more of a insignificant role then they did in the first visit. The Undead Pirates don't talk that much and little is known about them. The Undead Pirates have three different forms (A,B,C). Each form has it's own unique design and arsenal of weapons.