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  1. Riku


The contents of this section come from http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Riku.


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Role Ally
Keyblade Master
Origin Kingdom Hearts
Home World Destiny Islands
Katakana リク
Romaji Riku
English Voice
David Gallagher
Ty Panitz (Young Riku)
Japanese Voice
Mamoru Miyano
Eiji Shima (Young Riku)
"Consume the darkness, return it to light."

Riku is the deuteragonist of the Kingdom Hearts series. He is a Keyblade master that has the power of light and darkness, and is always ready to sacrifice himself to protect his friends. Riku's name is derived from the Japanese word for "land" ( Riku?).


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep


Terra chooses a young Riku as his successor.

During the events of Birth by Sleep, Riku was a five year old boy who lived on Destiny Islands, along with Sora. They have always trained and pushed each other to make one another stronger. When Terra visits their home world, Riku says that Master Xehanort has already passed by Destiny Islands, which preoccupies Terra. Terra has a vision of Riku's future self, making him choose Riku as his successor, and submits him to the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony, but asks to keep this conversation as a secret to keep the world's order.

Kingdom Hearts

Riku appears as a cool and collected 15-year-old. He and his best friends, Sora and Kairi, live on the Destiny Islands. The three spend their days constructing a raft and gathering supplies, so that they might one day set out and search for other worlds. He and Sora share a fierce but good natured rivalry, competing over who is stronger in battle, among other things.

However, things take a drastic turn on the night before their journey. Because Riku had opened the door in the Secret Place at an unspecified time, the Heartless, beings of darkness, invade the islands, seeking out the world's heart. Both afraid that a storm would destroy the raft, Kairi and Sora set out for the island. Sora finds Riku first. However, while Sora is concerned for his friend's safety, Riku is only obsessed with finally escaping the islands. Darkness surrounds the two, and Riku disappears into it, while Sora gains the Keyblade.

Riku eventually ends up in Hollow Bastion via the Corridor of Darkness, separated from his friends. There, he is found by Maleficent who offers him shelter and protection. However, seeing the potential in him, Maleficent begins to corrupt Riku's mind by convincing him that Sora had replaced him and Kairi with Donald Duck and Goofy. She claims tha


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MasterNahi, Jul 06 2012 06:34 PM

I agree. I kinda saw it coming, tho. He's one of my two favorite KH characters.

KH_fan101, May 30 2012 10:11 PM


zorrolord90, Apr 09 2012 10:14 PM

I'm glad that Riku is a Keyblade Master, I mean after everything that Riku has been thew,he deserved it.