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  1. Lady Tremaine


The contents of this section come from http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Lady_Tremaine_.


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Kingdom Sora, May 12 2011 05:27 PM

Lady Tremaine Birth by Sleep During Terra’s story; Lady Tremaine is seen in the back of the ballroom talking to her two daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, when Cinderella is dancing with the Prince and she notices that the lady that the Prince is dancing with looks familiar. Later, while Aqua story starts, Lady Tremaine was seen walking out of the ball room and Aqua sensed darkness in her heart. Next, Lady Tremaine is heard through the door talking to Grand Duke. After Aqua falls off the top of the stairs, she asks how did she get into the house and told the Grand Duke that she only has two daughters. After the Duke doesn’t listen and Cinderella comes down the steps, she tries to stall the Duke and saying she’s an imaginative child. The Grand Duke walks toward Cinderella and she trips him, making him drop the slipper and shatter on the floor. Though Cinderella takes out the other slipper, showing her a perfect fit. Anastasia and Drizella protest on how she is not royal material, she says that Cinderella will be put in her place. After Aqua heard from the Grand Duke that Cinderella was attacked by a monster in the forest, she is seen with Cursed Coach and she is laughing while bombs are aiming for Aqua. She says “This is what happens when you go against my wishes.” And then gets blown up by a pumpkin bomb of her own creation.