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      24 Sep

    Am I not the only one who thinks that the Heartless doll in the toy story world is creepy af. The 5 yr old me playing this would shit his pants if he saw that.

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      24 Sep
    The Transcendent Key

    Ugggh, it's so frustrating not being able to come online here on a daily basis like I'd usually do! Sorry about that, ladies and gents! But I have been keeping up with the latest KHIII insanity, and it is beautiful! <3


Coverage: Kingdom Hearts III at TGS 2018

Welcome to our live coverage of the Tokyo Game Show 2018, which will be streaming live from Makuhari Messe, within Japan’s Chiba prefecture!

The Tokyo Game Show often consists of exciting promotion and insights into the development of many prominent games in Japan. It takes place between September 20th to September 23rd, 2018.

This year, it will include a Kingdom Hearts III Stage Event that will be streamed from Niconico (Nicovideo.jp) and YouTube between 12:50 and 1:40 PM JST! Kingdom Hearts voice actors Miyu Iruno (the voice of Sora), Megumi Toyoguchi (the voice of Aqua), and comedian Akira Kawashima (as the host) have been confirmed to show up at the event!

Follow KH13’s coverage here and across our social media for more news relating to what TGS 2018 has in store for Kingdom Hearts III and more!

Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

Square Enix Presents Main Stage Livestream

September 23, 2018 from 13:00 JST - 13:40 JST (12:00 AM EDT - 12:40 AM EDT

<3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3

PlayStation LineUp Tour

September 10, 2018 (6:30 PM JST) The Playstation LineUp Tour will be starting!
September 10, 2018 (6:30 PM JST) The PlayStation LineUp Tour has begun!
September 10, 2018 (6:35 PM JST) Big Hero 6 trailer being shown now!
September 10, 2018 (6:37 PM JST) Kingdom Hearts VR confirmed!

Tokyo Game Show 2018
September 11, 2018 (7:30 PM JST) Square Enix releases floor plan for the show!
September 11, 2018 (11:42 PM JST) Square Enix releases floor plan for download on IOS and Android!
September 12, 2018 (8:45 PM JST) TGS to premiere Kingdom Hearts III LINE TsumTsum with Miyu Iruno and Meyumi Toyoguchi!
September 12, 2018 (10:16 AM PST) Official Kingdom Hearts Instagram account hits 200,000 followers!
September 12, 2018 (6:08 PM PST) New retweet campaign to win an autograph from Miyu Iruno!
September 17, 2018 (10:00 PM PST) Square Enix releases the Kingdom Hearts III extended TGS trailer!
September 17, 2018 (10:15 PM PST) The Kingdom Hearts III box art has been revealed!
September 17th, 2018 (10:39 PM PST) Nomura confirms that there will be no more Kingdom Hearts trailers coming out of TGS, but there will be additional info!
September 19, 2018 (3:29 PM EST) Square Enix Presents, PlayStation stage, and Dengeki VS Famitsu will be live streaming Kingdom Hearts III presentations from Tokyo Game Show.


<3 <3 <3

-Big Hero 6 trailer shown at Playstation Lineup Tour Japan!
-Kingdom Hearts VR Experience revealed at the PlayStation LineUp Tour in Japan!
-Kingdom Hearts Concert Tour 2018 coming to PlayStation VR as revealed at the PlayStation LineUp Tour in Japan!
-Utada Hikaru to perform Kingdom Hearts III song Chikai live for the first time!
-Dengeki and Famitsu showcasing Kingdom Hearts III demo live at TGS 2018!
-Kingdom Hearts III presentation announced for the Tokyo Game Show 2018 with playable demo and t-shirts!
-UPDATE: Release month for Kingdom Hearts II: Halloween Town Sora Bring Arts revealed!
-Release of the extended version of the Kingdom Hearts III Big Hero 6 trailer!
-Kingdom Hearts III Box Art revealed!
-Square Enix e-store adds new merchandise following TGS!
-Tetsuya Nomura promises more Kingdom Hearts info at TGS 2018!
-Square Enix is holding a campaign on their e-store in commemoration of Kingdom Hearts III's release!
-Kingdom Hearts III presentation announced for TGS 2018 with playable demo and t-shirts!
-Kingdom Hearts III Limited Edition PS4 Slim and Top Cover announced at TGS 2018!
-UPDATE: Kingdom Hearts III Sora Guardian Form Funko Pop NYCC Exclusive available at Wal-Mart on October 9th!
-PlayStation Access live-streaming all 4 days of EGX 2018!
-Kingdom Hearts III opening theme listed on ASCAP!
-Kingdom Hearts III Main Stage Event shows off new Keyblade Transformation and character footage!
-Nomura shares new details for Kingdom Hearts III in live Q&A during Square Enix Presents at the Tokyo Game Show 2018!
-Kingdom Hearts & Tokyo Skytree Tower of Light and Darkness Event announced!

Kingdom Hearts III - Big Hero 6 Trailer (Japanese - Closed Captions)

<3 <3 <3

Kingdom Hearts VR Experience

<3 <3 <3

Kingdom Hearts III - Big Hero 6 Extended Trailer (Japanese - Closed Captions)
<3 <3 <3

Kingdom Hearts III - Big Hero 6 Trailer Screenshots
<3 <3 <3


Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Screenshots

<3 <3 <3


Kingdom Hearts III - Big Hero 6 Extended Trailer Screenshots

<3 <3 <3


Kingdom Hearts III TGS2018 Live Event Footage

<3 <3 <3

Kingdom Hearts III TGS2018 Playstation Live Event Footage

<3 <3 <3

Square Enix have confirmed on Twitter today that Kingdom Hearts III will be playable at this years New York Comic-Con taking place in New York City from October 4 - October 7.

While nothing has been directly said about what will be at New York Comic-Con, fans are expecting to get a taste of the Mt.Olympus and Toy Box Premium Showcase demos that have been making their way around the world at all kinds of different events.

Our very own xionskeyblade and KHWaterBlock will be representing KH13 at the event!
Keep an eye on this space as we will update as more information becomes available!

Are you going to attend New York Comic-Con this year and get a chance to play Kingdom Hearts III? Let us know in the comments below!

Welcome to KH13’s trailer analysis for the two brand new trailers debuted for Kingdom Hearts III at Tokyo Game Show 2018. With so much new content to look at, let’s waste no time and get right into it.

The first trailer we received was a short glimpse into the world of Big Hero 6, finally showing us what was previously confirmed way back in 2015. Although a lot of what we see in this short trailer is expanded upon in the full version, there are still some interesting things to pick out.

In the first scene we see Sora, Donald and Goofy fighting Heartless on the San Fransokyo Bridge, before seeing GoGo being launched into the air. Baymax and Hiro arrive and introduce themselves as Big Hero 6, so this clearly marks the start of the world and the first time that everyone properly meets.

Posted Image

This is also the first time we get to see the Big Hero 6 Keyblade and it’s full of callbacks to the film. The blade is made up of nanobots which played a big role in the film, whilst the handle is that of Hiro’s bot fighter shown at the start of the movie. Rather than a metal chain, this Keyblade is connected with Honey Lemon’s signature chem-balls, with the keychain itself being Baymax’s personality chip made by Tadashi.

Posted Image

Several quick shots of the Big Hero 6 team are then shown to us, with Wasabi and Honey Lemon being attacked by what looks like Bug Blox, the main threat from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, but more on this later. GoGo is also talking about what it means to be a team and how they need to delegate, presumably talking to Hiro who acts as the team leader.

Posted Image

The scene quickly changes to one from the Monsters Inc world, with Randall telling Sora and the gang to not leave without saying goodbye. The shock from Sora seems to imply that they’ve already met at this point and that Randall is a threat, so this clearly isn’t friendly.

Posted Image

Sora is then seen with Rapunzel and Flynn in the Tangled world, fighting against Marluxia’s Nobodies who seem like they’ve just been introduced. The animation on Flynn is particularly cartoony, which is great to see. A quick shot of Young Xehanort saying he has more to observe in the Toy Story world is then shown before moving on to the first lot of gameplay.

Posted Image

Before any real gameplay details are shown, we also get to see that the partner for this world is none other than Baymax himself. We get our first look at the Keyblade transformation for the Big Hero 6 Keyblade in this first bit of gameplay. This transformation turns Sora’s clothes into a greenish colour, similar to the Frozen world’s transformation, which seems to indicate agility.

Posted Image

This transformation is called Nano Arms and it switches between different forms including a sword and a hammer. Sora also uses a projectile attack with it, where it turns into a large hand and shoots a large ball of energy. The enemy that the gang is fighting here is brand new and has never been seen before, although we do get to see it play a bigger role in the extended trailer. As a side-note, the health and magic bars shown in this trailer clearly show that Big Hero 6 is an end-game world.

Posted Image

New gameplay is then shown of Sora and Baymax on top of the San Fransokyo rooftops, which implies that the whole of the city will be explorable from top to bottom.

Posted Image

We then see Sora running through a night-time area, which is very reminiscent of the docks from the movie. We also get shown the shotlock for the Big Hero 6 Keyblade, which has Sora shooting out a stream of nano-bots at the enemy.

Posted Image
This trailer also gives us a proper look at how Gummi Ships are going to function in the game, with customisation being confirmed. The level of customisation on offer here is pretty impressive, with all of the ships looking very distinct. Some of the notable references here include a ship shaped like a Moogle’s head and a ship based on the racing karts from Wreck It Ralph’s Sugar Rush world.

Posted Image

Gummi Ship gameplay seems to be very similar to Kingdom Hearts II’s version of it, with some sections showing the same score counter as was seen there. However, we also get to see sections of Gummi Ship gameplay that feature a mini-map and full freedom of movement, which seems to tease a focus on space exploration that we’ve never really seen before in Kingdom Hearts. There also seems to be a level counter that changes throughout the trailer, which might indicate that the Gummi Ship has an individual level counter that be increased through exploration.

Posted Image

The rest of the trailer is quick flashes of story scenes that are all expanded upon greatly for the extended trailer, which is where we’ll dive into them more. The one scene that isn’t featured in the extended trailer is the opening scene where Vanitas is shown with Xemnas on the Keyblade graveyard saying “Only when your hopes have been broken by battle upon battle can the key to Kingdom Hearts be claimed”. This clearly shows that Kingdom Hearts III is going to make us all miserable, with Sora being put through his paces like never before.

Posted Image

That’s everything for the short TGS 2018 trailer, so let’s move onto the real meat of this analysis with the recently released extended version!

Before we look at the trailer though, we have to mention that as well as this massive load of gameplay and story information to dissect, we were also finally shown the Kingdom Hearts III box art and it is absolutely gorgeous. This piece, drawn by Nomura himself, has the Destiny Trio, Seasalt Trio, Wayfinder Trio as well as Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Namine all together on one building, facing a clock tower that counts up to thirteen. This art is full of little details that really make it shine, such as the Darkling statue holding what looks like Lux, and a little cat statue that heavily resembles Nomura’s own cat Deshi.

Posted Image

Nomura has previously stated that all of the cover arts from the Remixes all the way to Kingdom Hearts III would have something that ties them all together and we finally know what that is. Across each cover art, the sky has been a different colour, such as having a sunset in 1.5 and nighttime in 2.8. In the Kingdom Hearts III box art, the sky is a mixture of all of these colours, forming one sky. This is a clear reference to the famous quote, “One sky, one destiny”, but it also really makes the cover art stand out.

The new extended trailer for Kingdom Hearts III starts by showing us a scene all too familiar- the chess match between Young Xehanort and Young Eraqus. Both characters have had updated looks, which results in them both looking a little older.

Posted Image

The true focus here is the chess board, which once again features Sora surrounded by enemies. We can’t see who it is, but several of the light side of the board have been taken out, which makes it look like it’s just Sora left in play. This is presumably all symbolism for the final battle, but it’s a scary possibility for Sora to be left on his own. Eraqus doesn’t take Sora being on his own as the end though, as he continues his turn before the scene changes.

Posted Image

We then see Sora, Donald, Goofy and Big Hero 6 about to take on the Heartless that they were previously fighting on the San Fransokyo bridge. Whether this is a repeated boss fight or just a new type of Heartless isn’t clear as they treat this Heartless like a pretty big threat. Sora then affectionately refers to himself, Donald and Goofy as “Keyblade Hero 3”, which is pretty cute.

Posted Image

More Big Hero 6 gameplay is then shown to us, starting off with Sora running up the side of a building. It seems like movement has been tweaked since the E3 demo as Sora now seems like he can angle himself slightly without completely changing directions. The wall shine that was very present in previous gameplay also seems to have calmed down a lot, only appearing at the bottom of the building. Sora is also attacking some new sentry Heartless that seem to stick to walls.

Posted Image

Sora and Baymax are then seen using a link attack, Intercept Jet, which has Sora riding Baymax and attacking alongside him. Sora is also seen using the finisher from the Nano Arms Keyblade Transformation, which has him jumping into a big ball of nanobots and firing them out in several spikes, causing area of effect damage.

Posted Image

We also get to see a first glimpse of the world boss battle against Dark Baymax, who is seen with a lot of bars of health whilst being chased by Sora and Baymax. Dark Baymax is being assisted by Bug Blox, which make several appearances throughout this trailer most notably in the next scene.

Posted Image

Sora is seen facing a massive fist made out of red Bug Blox, whilst also being trapped in a square made out of them. The massive fist attacks him and disperses in a similar way to the Devil’s Wave from 0.2 Birth By Sleep.

Posted Image

A new minigame is also shown in this gameplay section, which features Sora running, grinding and diving through glowing rings across the city. We’ve never seen something like this in previous Kingdom Hearts games, so it’s nice to see some focus on movement for once.

Posted Image

After this slice of gameplay we get back into some story cutscenes. The first shows Sora, Baymax, GoGo and Hiro sitting on top of the San Fransokyo Bridge eating chocolate ice cream. Hiro is talking about Tadashi and his impact on the world and how he lives on in Baymax, which is very reminiscent of how Roxas lives on in Sora even if he’s not present.

Posted Image

This whole section purposefully mirrors scenes with Roxas and the Twilight gang which is made clear when Sora starts to picture them over the Big Hero 6 gang. This is our first true look at Roxas in the new engine and he looks incredible. Sora then looks on in confusion, which presumably means he still hasn’t found a way to return Roxas for good. Perhaps this scene is part of what causes him to try and find a way.

Posted Image

The next scene shows Riku and Mickey in an area that is almost definitely the Realm of Darkness before they meet Aqua. Although their conversation about being stronger doesn’t really reveal much, the fact that Riku’s hair is different from how we’ve previously seen it makes it seem as if this is before he returns from the realm of darkness and presumably gets a haircut. Although nothing is set in stone, it’s getting a bit easier to piece together certain aspects of Kingdom Hearts III’s story.

Posted Image

Poor Ienzo. In the next story cutscene we see Sora, Donald and Goofy in the Gummi Ship getting some sort of video call from Ienzo, although none of them seem very happy about it, instead wanting to talk to Riku. This is a very cute exchange, but it also gives us our first ever Unreal Engine look at Jiminy Cricket, who can be seen besides Sora. Considering he hasn’t been seen or mentioned yet, it’s good to see confirmation that he’s actually in the game. Now we just wait for Pluto!

Posted Image
The next three scenes of this trailer don’t do much more than just showing off the Disney worlds. We get to see the new pollen Heartless in the Tangled world, a conversation between Sora and Anna about saving Elsa and most interestingly of all, the appearance of Davy Jones in the Pirates world. Nothing much to analyse here, but it’s nice that the focus isn’t just on massive story beats.

Posted Image

We also finally get an extended look at Sora finding the Master’s Defender on the shores of Destiny Island. Just like in the original reveal trailer, Sora picks it up with some confusion, but we now also get to see that Goofy sees him with the Keyblade and tells him “May your heart be your guiding key”.

Posted Image

Sora takes this rather literally, but it could be just the thing that he needs to find Ventus and maybe even Aqua, as it was with this Keyblade that Aqua stored him away, especially when we’ve seen him use his Keyblade to guide him over several games now.

Posted Image

Thanks to the E3 2018 trailers, we already knew that Luxord was looking for the Black Box in the Pirates of the Caribbean world, but here he confirms his intentions once more and says that “No one knows what’s in the chest we’re looking for”. We still don’t know why they’re looking in the Pirates world, but some secrets have to be saved for the full game.

Posted Image

A very interesting scene comes from a conversation between Sora and Larxene in the Frozen world, who reveals that Organisation XIII have already found all of their vessels. Whether or not this is a lie is up to the player’s interpretation, but Sora, Donald and Goofy’s reactions seem to imply that it is true. It’s also interesting to note that the world behind them is frozen (heh) in time, although why this is happening isn’t clear.

Posted Image

Hayner, Pence and Olette make another appearance in the trailer, in which they say they’re going to help Sora find Roxas. They stand outside the abandoned mansion, which means that this scene probably takes place just before they find the computer in the basement, which was shown in an E3 trailer. It seems like Sora has two options for restoring Roxas, one following his data self and the other giving into the darkness.

Posted Image

Following all of that story excitement, we get some more Pirates of the Caribbean gameplay, featuring a ship boss fight against the Kraken. This could be the end boss fight of the world, which would make sense considering how this scene is taking place in the middle of a rainstorm at night. Something strange about this gameplay is that a meter appears in the top left for another ship, which probably holds Will, Elizabeth and the other Pirates characters.

Posted Image

Some on-foot gameplay is also shown from the Pirates world, which shows us the finisher for the Storm Flag Keyblade transformation. This stylish finisher summons some Kraken arms from the ground and deals damage to all enemies surrounding Sora, and it’s definitely one of the cooler finishers so far. This clip also shows the return of the Gambler Nobodies, which is a nice reference to Luxord being the Organisation member for this world.

Posted Image

The ‘Goofy Curling’ gameplay we previously saw during the Frozen reveal trailer also makes a return in this extended trailer, but this time in an area from Olympus. The background makes it look like Thebes, but we’ve never seen this specific area in past trailers. Sora, Donald and Goofy seem to be chasing after a specific, pudding-shaped Heartless, who also makes an appearance during the photo mode mini-game. Much like Mushrooms before him, this Heartless is probably used to signify some world mini-games.

Posted Image

We also finally get to see that Kingdom Hearts III will indeed include a photo mode, the staple of this console generation! This looks like a fantastic inclusion, and it’s going to make sure the game has plenty of content for years to come. The same pudding Heartless makes an appearance here, and it seems like he’s even posing for the photo! Looking at the UI for this photo mode shows that Sora can take change between front and back cameras, and even change his expression for the photo.

Posted Image

The final gameplay section for this trailer shows a boss battle against a massive ice wolf Heartless, with Marshmallow giving Sora a hand. We get to see the link attack between them, called Avalanche Breath, and we also see them freeze and shatter a massive ball of darkness. This might even be the final boss battle of the world, especially when considering the amount of health the boss has and the fact that Marshmallow probably joins your party quite late into the world.

Posted Image

Xemnas and Xigbar are then seen having a conversation in Twilight Town about one of the vessels following their path and how they’ll destroy them if they don’t follow it. It’s not very clear who they’re actually talking about here, but the camera pans to Sora which heavily implies that they mean him.

Posted Image

This trailer also finally shows us the return of everyone’s favourite dancing enthusiast- Demyx. He is seen here talking to Vexen about someone’s plan, and the background looks extremely similar to how Radiant Gardens was laid out, which hopefully means that it’ll be making an appearance in the game. The appearance of Vexen here and Ansem later has caused many people to speculate that certain members of the Organisation here are actually undercover and working against Xehanort, with the evidence being that Ansem is shown to be alive and that both Vexen and Ienzo were seen to have good relationships with him. The mention of a ‘plan’ gives this theory some credence, although we’ll have to wait to see if it pans out.

Posted Image

The short trailer that we got earlier this week teased a new character being ‘norted’ and the extended cut finally shows us who- Data Riku. Since there have been so many different versions of Riku, it’s hard to pin down which is which but considering this Riku wears an organisation coat and appears in a world that is rife with Bug Blox (the enemy from Re:coded), it’s undoubtedly him and not Riku Replica. The fact that he says “We’ve always been trying to one-up each other” makes it seem like he’s sees it as a bit of a joke, so this Riku may not be truly malicious- only time will tell.

Posted Image

Easily one of the most interesting scenes in the trailer comes with Vanitas sitting above Ventus’ still comatose body in the Land of Departure. Vanitas asks “What am I going to do with you brother?”, but it’s not really clear when this actually takes place and how Vanitas changed the Land of Departure back from Castle Oblivion. It’s pretty clear that Ventus is in pretty big trouble by this point and isn’t especially safe, but that’s also further explored in another scene in the trailer.

Posted Image

One of Kingdom Hearts III’s biggest mysteries at the moment surrounds Aqua and her seeming transformation into one of Xehanort’s vessels, and this is something we get to see a little of in this trailer. Aqua is pictured in the Realm of Darkness holding Mickey’s new Keyblade and lamenting that she has nothing but despair. This seems to be during her fight with Mickey and Riku, which is one they presumably lose. This also gives us our first good look at her outfit, which has her with tattered clothes and red parts of her body, which is actually similar to Vanitas.

Posted Image

A tease from what looks like the final battle at the Keyblade Graveyard is also shown, with Sora, Donald and Mickey watching on as we get to see our first ever look at Master Xehanort, who looks awesome in this engine. Birth By Sleep had several scenes in the Keyblade Graveyard, which means this might not be the final battle, but the mention of “today we join the other Keyblade wielders and make our mark on fate” by Master Xehanort makes it seem like this is the final scene.

Posted Image

Continuing on with the trailer, we also see what looks like a flashback to Aqua being turned into a vessel, as we see her fighting Ansem and his guardian. She doesn’t seem to be doing so well, so it’s likely this is what defeats her.

Posted Image

The rest of the trailer is mostly made up of quick cuts of the most dramatic scenes, but a lot of them are worth looking at deeper. The first is a cute scene between Lea and Kairi in the training area, with Kairi doing Lea’s signature little catchphrase and using it against him. He doesn’t look too amused.

Posted Image

We then see Demyx carrying a body into the Radiant Garden lab computer room to Ienzo. The figure looks like they’re either wrapped in a blanket, or like they’re wearing a white lab coat, but without more of the scene we can’t really tell. I’m placing my bets on it being one of the previous Organisation members.

Posted Image

The next quick scene also shows Ansem the Wise, alive and well, comforting Ienzo. Considering their close relationship, this is sure to be a touching scene.

Posted Image

Speaking of touching scenes, this trailer also shows Lea and Saix meeting one another on the Twilight Town clock tower. This is definitely Lea and not Axel, as you can see he doesn’t have his teardrops, although the continued wearing of that black coat doesn’t help matters. Lea’s shocked expression possibly means that this is their first meeting, and considering they’re on opposite sides now it’s sure to end badly.

Posted Image

Terra makes his first Kingdom Hearts III appearance in this trailer too, although it’s far too zoomed in to make out any kind of detail. All this tells us is that he’ll be making some kind of appearance in the story, presumably in the final battle.

Posted Image

Presumably continuing on from a scene earlier in the extended trailer, we also see Vanitas seemingly about to take out Aqua for good. The scene takes place in Land of Departure, in the same room where Ventus is laid to rest, which means the possibilities here are pretty open. Vanitas could be about to split Aqua into light and dark, turn her into a vessel, or even use her to try and awaken Ventus. Vanitas is in the exact same pose he was in when he tried to kill Aqua in Birth by Sleep, which could be purposeful as he tries to draw Ventus out of his sleep.

Posted Image

As was previously teased in the opening cinematic for 0.2, the next quick cut shows Sora reaching into the water and grabbing Aqua’s hand. With Sora in his new outfit, does this mean that he’s really going to rescue Aqua? This could possibly support the idea that ‘Aqua-nort’ is actually the darkness from her heart separated from her, or simply that Sora has rescued her from the darkness in her heart.

Posted Image

The scenes of Sora rescuing the Wayfinder trio don’t stop there though, as we then get to see Sora standing above Ventus’ Dive to the Heart. Besides being an amazing shot, it almost looks like Sora is about to unlock the heart, hinting that he’s finally learnt the power of waking that Riku did during Dream Drop Distance.

Posted Image

In Sora’s final scene in the trailer we get a beautiful shot of him and Kairi sat on their tree on Destiny Islands, hopefully sharing a moment before or after the final battle. With a previous trailer showing Riku sat on the beach during sunset, it’s possible that the gang comes back here for a moment of respite before the final battle. Either way, this could finally be when we see the pair share the long awaited paopu fruit.

Posted Image

Lea gets just as emotional as us in the penultimate shot of the trailer, as he is seen crying in the same training area as before. It’s not clear what he could be crying about, but it could be related to his memories of Roxas or even Xion.

Posted Image

Speaking of Roxas, he appears in the final shot of the trailer, wielding Oblivion and Oathkeeper and getting ready for battle. The fact that he’s in his Organisation coat makes it more likely that this is a flashback of some sort, but it’s also possible that he’s collected from data. This leaves his fate pretty open for the full game, but it’s still pretty good to see him.

Posted Image

Whew! That’s everything I spotted in the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III but let me know if I’ve missed anything. This is easily the best look at the game we’ve had so far, and it’s hard to imagine that Square can top it.

Did you see anything I missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Kingdom Hearts III was featured in Playstation Japan's Live Event this morning where Miyu Irino and Tai Yasue were guest starring.

In the event, Miyu Irino and the host played 2 different demos showcasing Toy Box and Arendelle. Miyu's demo, the Toy Box world was in fact the extended Kingdom Hearts III Premiere Event demo where it surpassed the Giga Mech segment in the E3 one. He explored most of Galaxy Toys while skipping cutscenes, and eventually made it to the boss at the end of the demo. This boss was exclusive to the Premiere Event attendees all the way back in May.
The video below contains the final cutscene and then the boss fight that was previously kept secret until now!

The second demo was the Trinity Sled sequence in Arendelle. It features Sora, Donald, and Goofy sliding down the snowy mountain on Goofy's shield. As you slide down the mountain you collect health and munny orbs while avoiding the flying heartless. We have edited the gameplay sequence out for you to watch below!

To commemorate the release of the anticipated Kingdom Hearts III, an event called the Kingdom Hearts & Tokyo Skytree Tower of Light and Darkness was announced!
It will take place from Tuesday January 8, 2019 through Sunday March 3, 2019.

Taking place in the Tembo Galleria 450 meters above ground, the tower will be decorated with Disney worlds from the Kingdom Hearts series, as well as the characters!

There will be original content being displayed in the Skytree Round Theater inside the tower, using 255° out of 360° of the huge screen compromising of window glasses of about 110 meters wide and 2 meters high.

The event plans to sell exclusive cafe menu and original goods collaborating with this event. A promotional poster was shown off in regards to this event, which you can view below!

Skytree Light and Darkness

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A live Q&A recently took place during Square Enix Presents at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 between Nomura and the Japanese voice actors of both Sora (Miyu Irino) and Aqua (Megumi Toyoguchi) with host Akira Kawashima.

Nomura answered several questions including if this instalment of the series will be the last, if online play was a possibility, if Kingdom Hearts III will have a secret movie and more. Miyu Irino also answered a question about the difficulties of voicing both Sora and Vanitas.

You can read the entire Q&A below, translated thanks to Audrey on twitter:

MC: Nomura-San; like Aqua has turned to darkness, yeah?

Nomura: Yeah it’s really too bad she fell to the darkness. I can’t tell much more otherwise it’ll be a spoiler but yeah, it’s quite unfortunate.

Irino: I was asked if this was the end of Kingdom Hearts, what is the verdict, Nomura-San?

Nomura: This is not the end of Kingdom Hearts, just the Dark Seeker arc. Sora’s story will continue after this, but first, Kingdom Hearts III!

MC: Terra, Aqua, and Ventus as well as Xehanort- we want to know their ages.

Nomura: We didn’t really have set ages. Terra is around 20, Aqua is about 18, Ventus is 16, and Xehanort is uh...Young Xehanort is 18-20, Master Xehanort is like 80 or something.

MC: Was it difficult to voice both Sora and Vanitas?

Irino: At first it was hard to voice Sora in the beginning, but I was able to get used to voicing him over the years. For Vanitas, it wasn’t that bad but just having another mindset. My voice kind of changed as I aged, so I had to adjust my voice to fit the characters.

MC: Will there be an online game play option, Nomura?

Nomura: We haven’t included it in Kingdom Hearts III, but the idea was talked about during production. We just want to finish Kingdom Hearts III first, then we’ll think about other options.

MC: Will there be a KH3 secret movie?

Nomura: Yes, yes there will be. I don’t want to say spoilers, but it’ll be kind of a different type of presentation, such as a DLC with a secret movie or something...maybe.

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During the Main Stage Event featuring Miyu Irino and Megumi Toyoguchi, there was new footage of the game being shown extended footage from the E3 2018 and TGS2018 trailers.

It featured Sora fighting heartless in Caribbean, Toy Box, Arendelle, and Monstropolis with never before seen gameplay, including a finisher for the Blizzard Blades keyblade transformation. A new gameplay scene using the Merry-Go-Round attraction flow during a boss fight with the Ice Titan and Lava Titan was also shown as well as an extended clip of the boss fight with Marshmallow.
Finally, an extended clip of Aqua and Sora was shown.

You can watch the new footage below!

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The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) recently listed on their website a song which goes by the name "Face my Fears", also known as "OPENING THEME (KINGDOM HEARTS 3)". The website also credits Utada Hikaru, Skrillex and Boyd Jason "Poo Bear" as writers.


Both "Chikai" and "Don't Think Twice" are also listed on ASCAP as Kingdom Hearts III's ending themes.



It is also interesting to notice how Skrillex already expressed his interest towards the Kingdom Hearts videogame in the past, but he also shown his appreciation for Utada Hikaru's work on his Twitter handle:



Tokyo Games Show 2018 is on its second day already, and Kingdom Hearts III has already established a major presence there! Square Enix's booth features different activities like the Premium Showcase demo of Kingdom Hearts III, to the exclusive merchandise showcase of action figures or various goodies.



The booth also displayed the fully colored Nomura's artwork for Kingdom Hearts' 15th Anniversary, which was originally a monocromatic version. This version also appears to be slightly different from the original one, were Sora looked to be petting an unidentified animal (now absent). The artwork has been displayed in a molded form, in front of various characters' frames:



Along with playing demo, fans can also enjoy taking pictures with real Kingdom Keys in front of the giant backdrop of Kingdom Hearts III's box cover art.

Dnf1P aUwAcUlns

DnghW9 UwAUKL3s


Frames depicting various scenes/characters from the series and similar decorative elements can also be found around the booth:



One of the main things on which many fans had the chance to take a look at, were the items and merchandise that were exclusively showcased at TGS for the first time. Among those, an Axel Bring Arts Prototype was shown along with previously announced figures like Toy Box Sora, Donald, and Goofy, and Halloween/Christmas Town Sora, and the now finished Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts Kairi was also shown. Signed Yoko Shimomura CDs (Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection - Melodies & Memories -, Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 & 2.5 ReMIX- Original Soundtrack BOX, Kingdom Hearts Concert -First Breath- Album) are available for purchase.





A Sora drawing was also displayed on the booth, and many fan hinted to the similarity to the main menu art of Sora from 1 and 2, leading to speculations whether this will be the welcoming menu art when starting Kingdom Hearts III.


Two different limited edition PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro were also displayed.

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Square Enix North America Merchandise's Twitter account recently announced the availability of three unique merchandise articles, a leather wallet, a bifold and a key case, which are now eligible for pre-order on Square Enix's e-Store.

All those three items are available in both red and black colors, and a 10% discount will be applied for every pre-order before 9/29. Check below for all the links and the prices, which are listed on the respective Square Enix's e-Store web pages.

Leather WalletBifoldKey Case

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