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      27 Nov

    Finished Undertale last night. Not the best game ever (as some would try to make you believe) but very fun with tons of clever jokes and secrets. Totally worth playing.

  • Photo
      27 Nov
    Elbow Juice

    Doing a BBS lvl 1 Crit playthrough as Ventus. Got to Castle of Dreams and have already grinded out 70% of the abilities

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  • Photo
      27 Nov
    James Lutz

    Game Awards Show, Playstation Experience, and Jump Festa. There's still a few chances for certain games to make an appearance before the year is done. :D

The writer and artist of the Kingdom Hearts manga, Shiro Amano, has informed us today via an official statement on Twitter, that the manga series has come to a close. Shiro Amano confirmed he will no longer be creating any further manga's based on the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise. A translation of Amano's tweet can be read below thanks to Katie Armstrong (karmstrong0932@gmail.com):

So sad. Because the Kingdom Hearts manga has ended, tweets related to [KH] will probably also end. Feel free to unfollow me because of this. Thank you all so much.

The Kingdom Hearts manga began twelve years ago in 2003 and told the stories of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts II. The final manga and tenth volume of Kingdom Hearts II was released in Japan in August. The manga is well known for its humor, additional story elements, and slight alterations in plot to the franchises' original games. The manga that have yet to be released in English will still be published by Yen Press in the US.

What are your thoughts on the Kingdom Hearts manga ending? Do you have a favorite section with in the manga you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

A new mysterious item known as a ‘strength bundle’ can be obtained at the beginning of December in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ which allows players access to brand new six-star strength medals to be used in combat. The medals' abilities will be increased dramatically and will unlock the sixth level of the medals' true power.

You will be able to equip a full deck of six star medals to the Keyblade from the 19th November 20:00 (JST) and Square Enix will also begin to add villain and darkness ‘reverse’ medals, which include the Wicked Witch disguise medal. These medals can be used alongside the more powerful silver and gold ‘upright medals’.

In preparation for the new ‘strength bundle’ the deck cost for the Keyblades increased dramatically, with the addition of a special avatar board. The bonuses on the board can be obtained through collecting jewels in daily challenges and as a usual login bonus. In addition, Cid medals will be given out more frequently with campaigns and events.

There is a chance to obtain more synthesis medals, sold medals and progression medals. These can be obtained through purchasing the 3000 jewel prize draw and the 1400 jewel draw available once per week. (Players who bought these will already have these medals unlocked.) These can be also be gained through the ‘All Daily Quests Open Until Sunday’ bonus and brand new quests that allow you to obtain a Cid medal everyday.

It appears we are going to receive the most exciting story update yet! In this monthly update, Unchained χ will tell Olympus Coliseum's final chapter by introducing familiar Disney characters and the Underworld to the story. The story will also begin to introduce the mysterious character Ephemera from Japan’s web based counterpart [Chi].

Thanks to KH13 News Team member Kayla Copeland (nichiei.translations@gmail.com) for full translations of the original article. The translations and images from the article can be found below:

KHUx Development News #2

Thank you for always using [KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained x]!
To all of you who explore every nook and cranny of the contents of this game, we would like to introduce to you a new update related to medal growth.

-New “Power” Strength Bundle! (Starting sometime in the first ten days of December onward)

Along with the added content for continuing the main quest in December, a mystery item, “Strength Bundle,” will be obtainable.
Once you've got the Strength Bundle, you can open new strength for your medals--up to six stars.
By combining the same medals, you'll unlock the sixth level of ability strength for medal growth, and your abilities will drastically be strengthened.
*We suggest that you strength the abilities of your favorite medals.

-”Two Types of Medals” --Their true strength is unleashed! ( Starting sometime in the first ten days of December onward)

Hereafter, “Villains” and “Darkness” characters' “reversal medals” will be added in order.
“Keyblade Abilities” that draw out one's true power will be unleashed from the silver and gold “Upright Medals” that make up most of the current medals, as well as from the black “Reversal medals.”

-Now you can equip five six-star medals in your deck! (Starting 11/19 at 8pm)

Because of the deck cost limitations up to this point, you could create a deck mixed with six and five-star medals, but in preparation for the “Strength Bundle,” a new “Special Avatar Board” will be added to let you equip a deck of all six-star medals by expending jewels.

By obtaining jewels by logging in and completing the daily jewel challenges, you can dominate the “Special Avatar Board.”
In addition, we'd like to inform you that upcoming campaigns and events will make the “Cid” card, which lowers medal costs, easier to get.
Use these features to make an even stronger deck than before.

-Development of an accelerating story! (From the end of November onward)

In the latter half of November, we plan to add on to the main story as is necessary.
You'll get the concluding episode of Olympus Coliseum!
And who is the mysterious new character who appeared in Daybreak Town?

-A new quest added to help medal growth! (Starting 11/19 at 8pm)

In order to add six-star medals to your deck, even more synthesis medals are needed.
If you purchase the “1400 Jewel” bonus available once a week, in addition to the “Total Jewel 3000” bonus and the “All Daily Quests Open Until Sunday” bonus, a new special quest that allows you to obtain synthesis medals, sold medals, and progression medals all at once, as well as a new quest that allows you to get Cid every day, will be unlocked.
*Players who have already bought it this week will already have it unlocked.
Use these special quests to perfect your deck.

Please look forward to what's to come for [KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained x]!

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Are you looking forward to the upcoming updates of Unchained χ? Let us know in the comments section below!

On November 3rd, Square Enix & Disney held an event dedicated to the Kingdom Hearts series called the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater. Throughout the event, new footage relating to the Kingdom Hearts series was shown to everyone who attended the event, along with a few extra surprises. While those who couldn't attend the event cannot view any of the footage from the event, Square Enix released a few screenshots from the new footage, along with fans sharing their impressions on all the events that took place at the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater.

Below you can check out all articles, screenshots, and fan impressions from the event.


<3 <3 <3

- New images featuring attraction flow for Kingdom Hearts III, Riku and Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and Beast's Castle in Kingdom Hearts χ
- New Kingdom Hearts III trailer shown at D23 Expo Japan 2015
- New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue trailer shown at D23 Expo Japan 2015
- Beast's Castle Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], and "Mickey Code Together" Event for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
- Famitsu: Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater summary


<3 <3 <3

Square Enix officially released screenshots from the new footage shown at the event, which can be seen below.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Kingdom Hearts III no watermark Kingdom Hearts HD Dream Drop Distance no watermark Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep no watermark

Fan Impressions

<3 <3 <3

Thanks to @kh_primavera, and translations by News Team member Rin, you can check out fan impressions on the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater.

KH Theater - General Outline:
Opening (CM videos of products that have been released)
Greetings from Disney Japan, Justin Scarpone
Greetings from Executive Producer Shinji Hashimoto
Piano performance by Yoko Shimomura and Hiroyuki Nakayama
Live performance of: [Dearly] Beloved, The Other Promise, Musique pour la tristesse de Xion
Short talk by Shimomura and Nakayama
Tetsuya Nomura presenting the latest information
KH HD 2.8 new information: Ven, Aqua, and Terra’s voice actors appear in a guest movie
KH3 new information: Sora, Kairi, and Riku’s voice actors appear in a guest movie
New KH3 trailer presented (mainly battle scenes)
Limited KH3 making video presented
King Mickey in KH attire appears as a special guest
Mr. Justin, Mr. Hashimoto, Ms. Shimomura, Mr. Nomura, and King Mickey photo session
Ending (video with each character’s lines and Hikaru Utada’s “Hikari” BGM)

Latest Information
KHx - new world,“Beast Castle (from 11/5)
KHUx - new stronger medals and avatars (from 11/3 18:00)
KH HD 2.8 - latest trailer. King Mickey, Riku, Kairi, and Yen Sid must find Ven, Terra, and Aqua in order to gather the 7 Guardians of Light. From there, King Mickey says he met Aqua in the Ream of Darkness when he was there. Afterwards, battle scene with Aqua was presented.
KH3 - latest trailer. Starts with the conversation between young Xehanort and young Eraqus previously released. There’s more to the convo this time than before (I feel like there were things I’d never heard before, like creating Kingdom Hearts out of competing lights…)

After that, Sora’s battle scenes began to run. Worlds presented: Tangled, Twilight Town, Mysterious Tower, etc. Sora used BBS’s action system (shotlock command) and KH3D’s action system (free-flow action).

About the new attraction flow: some of it is my own impression, but it kinda looked like it was based on Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster.

There was one scene that showed the detailed motions of feet being soaked in a river.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s new abilities were also shown (footage of the 3 of them sitting on Goofy’s shield and attacking was presented).

Limited making movie - Olympus Coliseum (in production) was shown. In KH2 it was a world of spirits, in KH3, I’m not super positive, but it’s probably going to be made with heaven as the main. (Olympus Coliseum’s appearance in KH3 is unknown to begin with.)

Also, a 3D Daybreak Town (in production) was shown. (Whether this world will be in KH3 or not is unknown.)

The new Nobody’s bottom half looked like flower petals, and it used to a sickle to attack. (I remember Nomura said that people who have played KH will know who this Nobody is.)

Some Heartless that look like advanced forms of Yellow Opera were also shown.

Thanks to KH13 News Team member Kayla Copeland (nichiei.translations@gmail.com), you can read fan impressions from FF-Reunion.net.

KH: [D23EJ] Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater Report!

Today from Maihama Ikspiari, we have a report of the [Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater]. The event programs are as follows:

-Greetings from the higher-ups at Disney, Justin Scarpone and Mr. Hashimoto
-Yoko Shimomura and Hiroyuki Nakayama held a piano performance (Songs: Dearly Beloved, The Other Promise, Musique pour la tristesse de Xion)
-Comments from the voice actors: Megumi Toyoguchi, Ryotaro Okiayu, Koki Uchiyama, Miyu Irino, Risa Uchida, and Mamoru Miyano
-New trailers for KH0.2BbS, KhxBackCover, and KH3, no new worlds shown. New heartless appeared, KH3 creation process opened to public.

[KH Premuim Theater Opening]

-After entering the theater, we were given wristbands. Mr. Hashimoto was also at the theater entrance. Inside the KH Premium Theater before the event began, the screen had the [KINGDOM HEARTS Premium Theater] logo!

-There was a keyblade in front of the screen. Then there was an announcement. No recording the trailers, taking any video, or any photography was allowed during the event. According to the event's twitter, this was all in order not to ruin things for the second round of guests, and the ban would be lifted at 17:00.

-First, Tetsuya Nomura opened, and Nakamura said, “I'll speak while looking at the cue cards.” It was revealed that on 11/5, Beast's Castle would be a new world for KHx, and that from 18:00, the “Mickey Coordinate” event would start, with a KH2 Mickey present on 11/4 at 4:00!

-[Below are excerpts from the voice actor's comments about the PV]

Toyoguchi: Aqua's last line “we're connected” did not go well, and we had to do a lot of takes for it. My heart was starting to break. Recording for 2.8 isn't finished yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Okiayu: The first time I met Uchiyama, I met him with the same way Terra felt: “He's Ven!” The line that left a lasting impression on me was what I said to Otsuka, “What did you do to his heart?!”

Uchiyama: In regards to Roxas, despite not being able to feel that my own world was real, I felt at that time (as a middle school student) that just like me, Roxas was real. In regards to Ven, I went on to give out such cheerfulness that I don't really have. At first, recording felt more like playing around than work.

-A new trailer for [KH0.2BbS]! The King, Riku, and Kairi stand before YenSid. He says, “The fight with Xehanort is near. We must assemble the seven wielders of light to protect the seven hearts of pure light. In order to do that, it is indispensable that we call back the three keyblade wielders who were lost to the tragedies of long ago: Ventus, Terra, and Aqua.” Then, the King says to Riku and Kairi, “I met (?) in the Realm of Darkness.” (Picture: Aqua from behind in the Realm of Darkness)

-The [KhxBackCover] trailer was the team's logos on stained glass with voices only. A man said, “Lost (?? couldn't hear the dialogue) piece missing from the Foretellers will enter.” A woman said, “Someone has the full story of the Foretellers, and the person who has that is the traitor?” A second man said, “The darkness is indeed on the move. I can't think that there is a traitor among us.” A second woman said, “We're not for sure that there's a traitor among us, right?” The first man says, “The missing piece of the story tell us of the traitor.”

-[KHDDD] trailer came next. It was the scene where Xehanort explains things in the dream world. The King and Riku take hands and the trailer said, “Someday, with your strength...” There was the scene with Tron falling, and the scene with Riku confronting Ansem (“Ansem! You've become a part of my heart...”). There was also the scene where Sora takes Namine's hand, only to have her face turn into Xion, as well as Riku fighting the person in the black coat. It showed Sora fighting Braig (“Our hearts are connected--that's my strength!”). The modeling for KHDDD was really pretty! It seems just like a remake, perhaps because it was taken from the 3DS to the PS4 in HD.

-There was a new trailer for [KH3]. It was the full scene from the beginning of KH3 with young Eraqus and Xehanort! [The music was a piano version of [The 13th Side].)

X: Do you know about the Keyblade war?
E: Of course.
X: Long ago, when keyblade wielders tried to steal away the light.
E: I've heard it again and again from the Master.
X: I wonder what they wanted to do, using the light they stole to summon Kingdom Hearts.
E: Who knows...I can't understand the reason why the fight happened in the first place.
X: Have you heard of the Lost Masters? They started the Keyblade war.
E: Never heard of it, where did you hear that from?
X: No, was it for their sake, I wonder...
E: I don't get it.
X: You know the truth, right?
E: About what?
X: That at that time, light was defeated by the darkness. I guess you as a candidate for Master wouldn't know.
E: I guess.
X: You can see it with your own eyes. It's already decided, the end of the world.
E: It'd be boring if the end was already decided. If the darkness is supposed to win, I'll rewrite the ending.
X: You're pretty confident. But aren't you at a disadvantage?
E: Light is different from darkness, because it's not just something you can see. We won't know until the end.
X: I'm looking forward to it.

-There was a KH3 trailer (music: Rage Awakened). Sora, Donald and Goofy battled Heartless that looked like dandelions in front of Rapunzel's tower, then it cut to a new part with new Nobodies that look like flowers with about eight legs?, that would separate and lift into the air while spinning (I saw this during the making video, but the keyblade looked like Marluxia). Nomura said this about the new Nobodies: “These nobodies will make you imagine someone specific. People with good intuition might get it.” It showed a new weapon for Sora. In an area that looked like a valley, Sora was able to lock on to about 10 Heartless (the lock on speed is very fast, about 1.5 seconds!) and teleport around while attacking. It was really cool!

-There was a new attraction flow for [KH3]! It showed a vehicle kind of like a space ship?, where all three had a launching pad. It was called “Shooting ride.” After invoking AF, it turns into FPS mode and you can attack the enemies! (When it turns to FPS mode, the outline of goggles appears on the screen, giving you the image of playing a FPS game with goggles on)

-While fighting Heartless in [KH3], there were points where Sora would fall into the river and scream as he slid down. The river looked really pretty! It seems the Heartless can also chase you down the river. When attacking the Heartless that resemble bells (the ones well known in the KH series), they can affect the environment around you, and they can attack that way.

-There was a [KH2 Making] video presentation by Nomura! He said, “We're developing each of the worlds. Since the developers are still working, we can't show you any new worlds, but I was able to bring this in-production (making) video here today.” When the new Nobodies (shaped like flowers? They resemble Marluxia) attack, they rain down red flower petals. (The drawing below is simplified, but this is the basic idea)

-What Nomura showed us next in the [KH3 making] video was a 3D version of Daybreak Town that hasn't been used in KH so far, but they might use it in KH3 or something. I understand that the movement of light makes the buildings move.

-Next in the [KH3 making] video was a making of [Olympus]. Olympus is set up in the heavens, and it looks very divine, with the buildings reflected on the floor it was very pretty! There were buildings in the clouds, and between the clouds were the buildings of Olympus hidden away, making it a very mysterious location! Perhaps because of the use of light, the shading makes it look very three-dimensional!

-The other parts of the [KH3 making] were shots of different Heartless with no backgrounds (Heartless with hats, bell-shaped Heartless' effects) showing their movements, etc. Nomura said, “There will be other Heartless, but they are spoilers so I can't show them. Just by looking at them you'll be able to figure out the worlds.”

-There was a [0.2BbS] making video. It was a great display of running around in the darkness and Aqua fighting off Heartless!

-In [KH3], Sora, Donald, and Goofy can ride Goofy's shield. Riding the shield like that lets you fly! Also, there's going to be a large snake-like enemy to fight.

-At the end, there was a special PV they showed us called “King Mickey Scene Mash-Up]! Just when I was thinking how it was cool just to hear the music full of the King...King Mickey came out on stage, as well as Nomura and Shimomura, and they walked around the theater greeting guests! They were shaking hands and giving hi-fives!

-Everyone involved got on stage: King Mickey, Nomura, Shimomura, and Hashimoto looked full of energy!

-The last PV was a mash-up of scenes from each game. Sora, Roxas, Namine, Xion, Riku, Axel, Kairi, Aqua, Terra, Ven...and so on were in the last scene and climax, showing their goodbyes, reunions, and connections in their hearts... Everything was connected in fragments, and it was beautiful and left an impression. It made my heart feel warm...and I cried.

-It was a wonderful KH event! There were a lot of clips, and I'm surprised at the quality! It seems some of the trailers were ones only shown at this theater, but I hope they release the other trailers soon!

Lastly, you can check out tweets from the event, thanks to KH13 News Team member Kayla Copeland (nichiei.translations@gmail.com) for the translations, and thanks to @aibo_ac7 for the original tweets.


With the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater passing by, as well as all of the D23 Expo Japan event, there are 2 major events left of 2015: Jump Festa 2016 and PlayStation Experience 2015. While Kingdom Hearts has not been confirmed for any of these events yet, there is a small chance of Kingdom Hearts appearing at these events. If any Kingdom Hearts news appears as these events are starting, we will let you know!

After the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater event, held on November 3rd, 2015, Famitsu Weekly published an article detailing almost every aspect of the special D23 event. Take the time to read about the new details from Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and read special messages from the Japanese voice actors of the series! Thanks to News Team member Rin for the translations!

To celebrate the opening of Disney’s Fan Event “D23 Expo Japan 2015,” a “Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater” was held on November 3, 2015, at Tokyo Disney Resort’s Cinema Ikspiari.

Another super-duper Disney Resort KH event

As previously reported, the “Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater” event took place on November 3, 2015, to celebrate the opening of Disney’s Fan Event, “D23 Expo Japan 2015.” The Theater event took place at Tokyo Disney Resort’s Cinema Ikspiari, located in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture.

Among other things during this rather lively event, Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura introduced recent footage and developments, composer Yoko Shimomura gave a piano performance, and voice actors shared video messages.

What follows is a report of this “Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater.” Please note that photographs are few, but words are aplenty.

Opening the event was a retrospective on the [Kingdom Hearts] series done through promotional videos for each title. Afterwards, Walt Disney Company Asia and Disney Interactive Asia’s senior vice president and general manager, Justin Scarpone, appeared on stage to share that the Kingdom Hearts series has shipped 21 million units worldwide and is one of the most successful games in Disney’s long history. “I hope you’ll enjoy to the very end this special experience meant just for Kingdom Hearts fans,” Scarpone said at the start of the event.

Following Scarpone, Kingdom Hearts series executive producer, Shinji Hashimoto, took the stage. Hashimoto expressed his gratitude for an event such as this that allows him to meet with fans directly. He also introduced the series’ smartphone application released in September, Kingdom Hearts: Unchainedχ[chi], and urged fans to give it a try. “Today, we will be able to share new information, so please look forward to it,” he said.

Piano performance by Yoko Shimomura and Hiroyuki Nakayama

First on the program for this event was a piano performance by Kingdom Hearts series composer Yoko Shimomura and pianist Hiroyuki Nakayama. Three songs––“Dearly Beloved,” “The Other Promise,” and “Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion”––were performed. Shimomura and Nakayama, each with their own pianos, played new arrangements in a piano duet form. Audience members listened quietly and attentively.
Following the performance was a talk given by Shimomura and Nakayama. They first met during auditions for the Kingdom Hearts piano arrangement album [recording] and have known each other for a rather long time. The pair got along quite well during the talk. However, at their very first recording session that started at midnight and took 4 hours, Shimomura kept saying, “One more time,” and wouldn’t give the OK, “so I cried in the bathroom” (Nakayama). In the end, Nakayama persisted and lived up to Shimomura’s demands, and in reminiscence, “it was because of that trial that we have a day like today” (Nakayama). Music is an indispensable element of the Kingdom Hearts series, so let’s all look forward to what Shimomura and Nakayama will be doing next.

Director Tetsuya Nomura also appears

Following the piano performance were the eagerly awaited developments. Since this event was called a “Premium Theater,” information was revealed through footage. Series director Tetsuya Nomura appeared on stage and explained the content himself.

For PC browser game Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], Beast Castle [appeared] as a new world beginning November 5. For the smartphone application Kingdom Hearts Unchainedχ[chi], beginning at 6:00pm on November 3, a new event called “Coordinate with Mickey" began]. In addition, those who [have been logging in] from November 4 at 4:00am and on, have each received a “King Mickey KHII Ver (★5)” medal.

New information on Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts III revealed

The next segment was the presentation of the latest Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue PV. “I met Aqua in the Realm of Darkness” (King Mickey); “Someone has the complete Book of Prophecies, and that person’s the traitor” (Mysterious Figure) and other dialogue followed in rapid succession and stirred up anticipation! Before the PV, a video message from Megumi Toyoguchi (voice of Aqua), Ryoutarou Okiayu (voice of Terra), and Kouki Uchiyama (voice of Ventus and Roxas) was shared. You can read their comments below.

Megumi Toyoguchi (Aqua)

I think the very first scene that I recorded as Aqua was the one together with Maleficient, and it was my first experience having a conversation with a Disney character. Disney character acting is “big” acting, so I remember that, at the beginning, the feeling of distance between the [Disney] character’s acting and me, and the difference in the scale of the acting, was a really tough game. But as you gradually continue, once you can create your character, you’ll know how much to “give,” and it becomes very fun to do.

One particularly memorable line is, when I said the final line as Aqua, “We’re connected” (English: “There’s always a way.”), I couldn’t really get it done right. I recorded it over and over so many times, and there must have been dozens of takes (bitter smile). I recorded so many times that I felt my heart was going to break into pieces, but at the very last moment, I got an OK, and I felt incredibly relieved. I’d never done so many takes, so that was memorable for me.

The Kingdom Hearts series are commonly played games, so I was very happy to have been able to take part in it. Prior to [Kingdom Hearts], I played Paine in FFX-2, but playing a character in Kingdom Hearts is different emotionally, so I was very happy about that. Actually, I’ve been playing [Birth by Sleep], but I haven’t finished Aqua’s story yet. Finishing it would bring sadness… even though I have gotten to the end. But, since there’s a sequel coming out, I think I can “beat the last boss.” That’s my mindset.

Within the 3 works is a new episode, and a new Kingdom Hearts is coming out, so I think you all are extremely excited about that, but I think I’m the one who’s most excited (laugh). I think I’m the very first to want to play it… should I play from the beginning, or should I play alongside Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep’s chronology? I haven’t begun recording (for KH 0.2 Bbs) yet, but I’m very excited to know how I’ll get to play Aqua, so I hope you all are excited as well.

Ryoutarou Okiayu (Terra)

I first performed in a promotional trailer, and after that, there wasn’t any news about recording lines for the actual title, so I thought, “So I didn’t get picked, huh?” I became quite anxious (laugh). Finally, I got to do the recording, and for the longest time it was just me alone… As you all well know, Terra goes on a journey to find Ven, but I couldn’t really meet Uchiyama-kun (voice of Ven) myself. The opportunity didn’t present itself, I suppose. When the time finally came, I thought, “Oh! So he’s Ven.” I put myself in Terra’s state of my mind and glanced at Uchiyama-kun (laugh).

For me, the most memorable line was saying to Mr. Chikao Ootsuka, “What did you do to his heart!?” That line was used in the trailer, right? That was a foreshadowing of what would happen in the game.

While recording, I thought about whether the story of these three people’s journey would continue after [Birth by Sleep]. When I was recording, I pictured the three of us being friends in the past, and at the time, I was able to fall into an illusion where I felt I was in a never-ending story.

To all of you KH fans, I think you’re waiting for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue that will be released next year. I hear that the Birth by Sleep team will be able to talk a little about what happens from [Birth by Sleep] and on, so I’d like you to be excited. “Terra, what happened to him?” “We want Aqua to break out of that place.” “I wonder what happened to Ven… I wonder where Uchiyama-kun went?” (laugh). Along those lines, right? Please look forward to the next title.

Kouki Uchiyama (Ventus & Roxas)

About Roxas, should I say [he’s] life-sized…. this character called Roxas cannot feel that the world he lives in is real, and he doubts whether this is the real world. At that time when I was a middle school student, somehow I also thought the same. It hit home for me, or, it was a very real feeling for me. I injected the thoughts I had at that time into my lines, and in that way, I remember [the recording] being rather easy.

For Ven, I brought out cheerfulness and the strength to invigorate others. I don’t have those traits. Normally, I’m more quiet. It felt like I was adding things on top of what I didn’t have.

I don’t usually get involved with a single work from a series that is this long. I was young back then, so when I would get involved with a project and thought, “Okay, I’ll do it,” it wasn’t really work, but…. it’s kind of hard to say, but I remember, when I went to the studio, I thought of it as going in to play around, and then I said my lines. During KHII, I recorded lines together with Roxas’s friends, Hayner, Pence, and Olette (their voice actors). It felt like going to school, and I felt excited going into the studio. Time’s passed since then, and once again I’m in the same series, but as a different character in a different title. I’ve played various roles, and made so many memories...call it a life in 1 work or something. The series will probably continue on, I think, and I’m excited how I’ll be able to stay involved. I don’t want [my part] to end just yet.

The series will probably go on, huh. No one’s told me anything, so I’m looking forward to the future as all of you are. I ask for your continued support in the KH series.

Making of Kingdom Hearts III” also shown

Following on the heels of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue were the latest developments on Kingdom Hearts III. This segment also began with video messages from voice actors.

Miyu Irino (Sora)

In these last dozen years or so, there have been parts where Sora and I have grown together, and parts where Sora and I have grown in different places. I wonder if these parts that have changed, together with the parts that haven’t, are how Sora has changed in the span of 15 years.

I’ve worked on the Kingdom Hearts series together with Mamoru Miyano, who plays Riku, and Risa Uchida, who plays Kairi, since we were all teens, and I can feel our incredibly strong bond, as if they’re really my childhood friends.

Before I was involved with Kingdom Hearts, I had a general sense of Disney’s Donald and Goofy, but now, when I see them at Disneyland or in movies, I feel something different in these characters. Like, they’re my friends. I feel really proud.

I really like the story of Roxas’s existence, and the scene in the second half of II where he and Sora melt together has left a great impression on me. I feel a closeness to him as well.

One memorable thing was singing “Under the Sea” in the Little Mermaid world. I was really happy that I didn’t sing it as karaoke, but rather, as my own song.

The memories of doing recording as a middle school student are linked with the memories of my middle school days, and I feel that [Kingdom Hearts] is a special work. Also, when I go abroad, people know me as doing voice acting for Kingdom Hearts, and I can sense the globalness even more.
There are more works coming for Kingdom Hearts, and there are plenty of works already available to look back on. I hope you’ll enjoy those until the sequel is here.

Risa Uchida (Kairi)

In the world of Kingdom Hearts, Kairi is light. I’ve performed my role with this in mind, but how to capture this light is different between now and before. To continue to stay in the light, one must be incredibly strong; I had felt that when I became an adult. Kairi, who has been able to stay in the light, is a wonderful child, and there are so many things I can learn from her.

Xion didn’t have a sense of self at the beginning, and gradually she was able to think for herself… representing this course of change was especially difficult. The anxiety of, “I’m just a nobody, aren’t I? I’m just a tool,” is something that I think everyone feels at one point, so I don’t think Xion is unusual in this regard. I thought it’d be great if I could embrace loneliness, anxiety and perform my role…. in the end, I felt quite sad, after all.

Sora is a beloved person who goes beyond romantic love and friendship. To Sora, Kairi is [his] light, but I think to Kairi, Sora is also her light. Kairi views Riku differently from Sora; I think she sees [Riku] as more of a big brother. In II, when Kairi grows into a person who can wield her Keyblade and fight, I can’t help but think that it must be because she’s watched Riku from behind. They cherish one another, and the three who are growing together are extremely special and amazing. I admire them very much.

When I accepted the audition, I had done a lot of stage work and thought that voice acting wasn’t my skill, so I wasn’t sure if I should challenge myself and try out. I had all this anxiety, but I received the script and fell in love with the world of Kingdom Hearts. I really wanted to enter into this world no matter what, and my passion grew. I thought, “Being able to be a part of this world is a once-in-a-lifetime and thrilling chance.” I want to keep growing more and more together with Kairi, so I want to thank you for your continued support.

Mamoru Miyano (Riku)

The Riku in Kingdom Hearts up until now has had to fight a long battle against the darkness within him. He’s atoned for it, and he’s mustered up the courage to fight against it. Growing into light’s existence has been his salvation, I think. The reality of overcoming this experience and fighting with his Keyblade in hand has been a big change, so I wanted to perform my role with all of that in mind.

There aren’t many jobs that I can participate in that have spanned as long as Kingdom Hearts has. [Kingdom Hearts] is a work that’s been with me every step in my entire acting life, so Riku’s existence is special. He’s growing, and I think I’ve also been growing a little bit, too. There’s a lot of deep emotion in [Riku’s] transformation.

To Riku, Sora is forever radiant, and his admiration for Sora has never changed. It’s been said that, because of Kairi, Riku was able to connect with Sora, so [Sora] is a special existence, isn’t he?

The time that I received the Kingdom Hearts role was around the same time that I began my voice acting career. I was young, but being able to act alongside my senior, Miyu Irino-kun, inside the studio was fun. I learned a lot, and that time was invaluable. This is my own whimsical thought, but I think Irino-kun and I are connected by a strong bond, like Sora and Riku are.

I want to cherish the Kingdom Hearts series together with all of you, and I ask for your continued support from here on out.

For the latest Kingdom Hearts III footage, an event-exclusive movie was revealed, featuring the full version of the conversation between two people playing what looks like a chess match (the one that begins with “Have you heard of the Ancient Keyblade War?”). Both seem to know something, but they do not utter it. They are friends, but they also appear to be rivals… their relationship is quite palpable.

In the action footage, new Heartless, a Nobody wielding a sickle, and a scene where [Sora] unleashes a Birth By Sleep shotlock-like attack from an attraction flow (a special technique that can be triggered under certain conditions), among other things, were present. New battle scenes were packed with action.

Tetsuya Nomura once again took to the stage and presented another event-exclusive PV, a rare movie of the making of Kingdom Hearts. “During development, we proceed by working on each world, and we’re moving into worlds that we cannot, at this moment, show you. I can’t present any new worlds today, so in place of that, I’ve brought some in-production footage that we normally do not make public” (Nomura).

90% of Kingdom Hearts development is done at the Osaka Studio, and 10% done in Tokyo. The contents revealed in today’s footage are from the Tokyo Studio. In this PV, we saw once again the figure of the Nobody wielding the sickle from the latest trailer. “This is the Nobody that was also in the new KHIII trailer. As to what this Nobody is, I’m sure there are fans who are aware” (Nomura). Is this connected to Marluxia!?

Other things were also introduced in this PV, such as a new location in Olympus, the heaven map; and development footage of Aqua being controlled on KH 0.2 BbS’s map. Effects have been made more splendid and lighting processing has been increased, making the appearance even richer.

Kingdom Hearts III will have attraction flows and weapon transformations, and party member coordination is being strengthened, so I hope you’ll look forward to these” (Nomura).

King Mickey appears!

Just as we were taking in all of these updates, there was another special movie! This footage featured King Mickey and his activities from titles to date. Once the movie had ended, the King himself appeared on stage! The audience cheered as King Mickey came to the scene! King Mickey, along with Tetsuya Nomura and Yoko Shimomura, left their seats and began to interact with fans. There were curtains and all, and the auditorium turned into an uproar.

There was much excitement accompanying King Mickey as he made his departure. Hashimoto made his appearance once again and said to the audience, “It is thanks to you, the fans, that [Kingdom Hearts] has been able to continue for 13 years after its release. We’ll be doing our best from here on out, so we appreciate your continued support.” The event concluded with thunderous applause from the fans.

What did you think about what the voice actors had to say? Let us know in the comments!

While the information from the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater event for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts III has been kept pretty quiet so far, we've got some new information from the D23 event about both Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ and Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]!

Below are translations from the latest Famitsu article, which detail the Mickey Code Together event, and the new Beast's Castle world!


In the smart phone app game Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, which tells us about the events of the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts story, from 18:00 (JST) on 11/3, the event [Mickey Code Together] began.

If you gather event coins during the event, you can obtain [King Mickey KHII Ver] avatars, as well as strength-boosting medals. Also! In order to cheer you on your quest in [Mickey Code Together], logging in on 11/4 after 4:00 (JST) will land you a free medal! Let's take the opportunity to get all of the Mickey items!

For Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], we have confirmation of a new world: Beast's Castle!

In the PC browser game, Kingdom Hearts X, a new world will be added at last, “Beast's Castle.” The world is based on the Disney film, Beauty and the Beast, and the story development will be something worth watching. “Beast's Castle” will be available after maintenance finishes on 11/5 (JST). Please look forward to it!

You can view images from inside Beast's Castle, and the Mickey Code Together outfit below:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

What do you guys think about these new additions to the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] universe?

Alongside new Kingdom Hearts III footage, attendees of the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater event were also treated to a Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue trailer. Though the trailer is not yet available to the public, we have a few details from attendees who shared their thoughts on Twitter.

<3 <3 <3

What we know so far:

  • All Foretellers' parts had voice acting in the trailer
  • Yen Sid speaks to Riku, Kairi and Mickey about the seven guardians of pure light and why they must protect the Princesses of Heart.
  • Ven, Aqua, Terra also come up in this conversation
  • Mickey tells Riku and Kairi about his recent visit to the Realm of Darkness
More impressions will be added as we receive and translate them. Thank you for your patience.

Attendees of the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater event at D23 Expo Japan were given the chance to watch new Kingdom Hearts III footage. Though the trailer won't be released to the public for a while, we have some details given by attendees on Twitter.

<3 <3 <3
What we know so far:

  • The world based on Tangled makes a reappearance, with a new flower Heartless
  • A new Nobody is shown, confirming their return as an enemy in Kingdom Hearts III.
  • The conversation between young Eraqus and young Xehanort is expanded upon from what we've seen previously at E3 2015 and Tokyo Game Show 2015 (Later revealed that this conversation is in the event-exclusive trailer).
  • Sora locks on to 10 Heartless at once within 1.5 seconds and begins to attack at lightning speeds for a temporary period of time!
  • The speedy action of the KH3 trailer surprised some.
  • New abilities of Sora, Donald, and Goofy were revealed. Footage of 3 people riding on Goofy's shield and attacking.
  • Character movements in battle scene are detailed. Especially Sora's legs in the river.
  • There was a river Sora fell into while fighting heartless.
  • Towards the end of the trailer, there is a scene with Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ven, Aqua, Terra, Namine, Roxas and Lea. This is the scene that made many fans emotional.
Thanks to KH13 user ZeroKitteh for compiling a list of notable moments from the trailer. A sketch of this new nobody can be found below thanks to Twitter user @aibo_ac7. This nobody seems to have possible ties to Marluxia:

Posted Image

More impressions will added as we receive and translate them. Thank you for your patience.

Famitsu has updated their site following the presentation at D23 Expo Japan with a series of images and descriptions including a new attraction flow attack for Kingdom Hearts III. This new attack is based on Disney attraction named "Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster". You can find the image below:

Posted Image

In the section including Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, a new image shows Riku, Kairi and King Mickey standing before Yen Sid in the Mysterious Tower in Birth by Sleep 0.2 -A Fragmentary Passage-:

Posted Image

Here's a screenshot of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD with Sora surrounded by all his friends:

Posted Image

Last but not least, Beast's Castle was announced as a new world in Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. However, it remains uncertain if Beast's Castle will be added to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ in the near future.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Translations will be added as soon as they are available.

Do you believe "Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster" may lead to a possible Toy Story world? Let us know in the comments!

To kick off D23 Expo Japan 2015, Disney and Square Enix are hosting a special event called the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater. This is a private event in Japan, in which we expect some huge news for Kingdom Hearts III! Because we do not expect a livestream of the event, official or otherwise, we will be using this article to provide live updates in addition to articles covering any big announcements that come up. The doors will open at 10:00pm EST (7:00pm PT) and the event begins at 11:00pm EST (8:00pm PT). Make sure to stay tuned here, on KH13.com, and our social media pages for all Kingdom Hearts news from the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater!


<3 <3 <3

New images featuring attraction flow for Kingdom Hearts III, Riku and Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and Beast's Castle in Kingdom Hearts χ
New Kingdom Hearts III trailer shown at D23 Expo Japan 2015
New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue trailer shown at D23 Expo Japan 2015

Live Updates

<3 <3 <3

4:06PM (USA EST): Pictures of the D23 Expo building posted!
10:00PM (USA EST): The doors for the theater have opened and people are heading in now!
10:09PM (USA EST): Fans have entered the theater!
10:16PM (USA EST): Hashimoto, executive producer of the Kingdom Hearts series, was spotted at the front of the theater!
10:26PM (USA EST): Rules of the theater announced. No video allowed.
11:00PM (USA EST): The event has begun! Information can't be released till 3AM (USA EST)
12:30AM (USA EST): The first showing has ended. Embargo ends at 3AM (USA EST).
12:45AM (USA EST): Photos of King Mickey surface!
12:48AM (USA EST): One attendee describes the Premium Theater event as having "really emotional scenes"!
1:56AM (USA EST): Attendees of the event are having a hard time keeping quiet during this social media embargo, saying "So many things I want to share, but I gotta hold it in!"
1:58AM (USA EST): Another fan tweets "Axel's words always make me cry." Could Axel be making an appearance in this new trailer?
3AM (USA EST): Two new screenshots shown! Buzz Lightyear Aero Blaster attraction flow, and Riku and Kairi as they appear in KH0.2!
3AM (USA EST): No release date for KH3 or KH2.8.
3AM (USA EST): Beast's Castle world coming to Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]!
3:30AM (USA EST): A new nobody was revealed during the trailer! Look like someone we know?
3:45AM (USA EST): Nomura-san showed off a 3D model of Daybreak Town in KH3 graphics!
3:50AM (USA EST): The 3D model of Daybreak Town, as well as new areas of Mount Olympus were from a "Making of KH3" video that will stay exclusive to attendees of the event.
3:50AM (USA EST): All of the union leaders in KHχ were voiced in the KH2.8 trailer!
4:00AM (USA EST): The KH3 trailer ended with Sora, Roxas, Namine, Xion, Riku, Axel, Kairi, Aqua, Terra, and Ven sharing a nice moment!


<3 <3 <3

logo Kh 02 1NEX7A4l CRlT8yTUsAAjC T D23 Expo Japan Venue 1 D23 Expo Japan Venue 2 Final Form Sora Play Arts Kai Kingdom Key D replica Premium Theater logo Premium Theater logo 2 Premium Theater piano and Kingdom Key D replica Pattern Premium Theater rules Final Form Sora Play Arts Kai close up Kingdom Hearts plushes for sale Outside of the cinema Outside of the cinema 2 mickey1 mickey3 mickey2 mickey4 kkd1 kkd2 PAKKKKKKK PAKKKKKKK King Mickey and Tetsuya Nomura Tetsuya Nomura with fans nobodydrawing.jpg large

Images of the final versions of the Kingdom Hearts II Riku and Kingdom Hearts II Halloween Town Sora Play Arts Kai figures have finally been released. With these images the tentative release date has been given as February 2016 with pre-orders beginning November 2, 2015. Previously, the prototypes of these two figures have made appearances at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Tokyo Game Show 2015, and New York Comic-Con 2015. Thanks go to Twitter user @anime_yokaku for the tip. You can view photos of these figures below.

Kh2 Ht sora play arts Kai riku Kh2 play arts Kai rikufigure1 rikufigure3 rikufigure2 rikufigure4 rikufigure5 rikufigure6 rikufigure7 rikufigure8 rikufigure9 sorafigure1 sorafigure2 sorafigure3 sorafigure4 sorafigure5 sorafigure8 sorafigure7 sorafigure6

Update 1: The official Square Enix Japan online store has given an official release date for the figures, which is February 13, 2016.

Update 2: The official Square Enix North American Store has updated their site with pre-orders for both the Sora and Riku figures. The release date for these figures in North America is March 12th, 2016 and the cost for both figures is $120.00 USD.