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Was the possibility of KINGDOM HEARTS games being someday release for the PS3 one of the reasons that made you buy it?(121 members have cast votes)

  1. Yes, of course! It was one of the main reasons that made me buy it! (56 votes [46.28%])

    Percentage of vote: 46.28%

  2. Yes... It crossed my mind, but it wasn't one of the main reasons for which I bought it. (23 votes [19.01%])

    Percentage of vote: 19.01%

  3. Nope... Didn't even cross my mind. (19 votes [15.70%])

    Percentage of vote: 15.70%

  4. I don't really remember... I bought my PS3 a long time ago. (8 votes [6.61%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.61%

  5. Can't really answer since I don't have one... But I can say that the HD collections are making me want to get one! (10 votes [8.26%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.26%

  6. Another option? Tell us below! (5 votes [4.13%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.13%


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      31 Jul
    Yellow Flash

    Game Grumps really need to play more crappy perverted visual novels. I don't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did watching them play Sakura Spirit.

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      31 Jul

    Naruto Ninja Storm Generations is awesome, and I just came across this hilarious easter egg when playing as Karin against Sasuke. XDD

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We are excited to announce that we have launched our new image gallery on KH13. We've finally finished transferring over everything from the old system, and you can now view our close to 20,000 Kingdom Hearts images in a more organized, functional and enjoyable system-- this includes KH articles, event photos, manga scanlations, official artwork, avatars and wallpapers, every press release from the last few years and more. Check it out here!

In order to give you a taste of what our gallery holds, here is every single screenshot released so far for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX:

KH2_5KHII_1381742495 KH2_5Recoded_1381742495 kh2_5_bbs_1381742495

kh2fm01_fix khbbs02 khrecoded01_fix kh2fm_05 khbbs01_fix_nosub kh2fm02_fix_nosub khbbs02_fix kh2fm03_fix_nosub kh2fm04_fix_nosub khbbs03_fix khrecoded03_fix khrecoded02 khrecoded02_fix

KHBbS_battle_01_EN_copy KHBbS_battle_03_EN KHBbS_event_01EN_copy KHBbS_event_02EN_copy KHBbS_event_03EN_copy KHII_battle_01_EN_copy KHII_battle_02_EN_copy KHII_battle_03_EN_copy KHII_event_01_EN_copy KHII_event_02_EN_copy KHII_event_03_EN_copy KHrecoded_event_01EN_copy KHrecoded_event_02EN KHBbS_battle_02_EN_copy


KHRecoded E01 KHRecoded E02 KHRecoded E03 KHRecoded E04 KHRecoded E05 KHRecoded E06 KHRecoded E07 KHRecoded E08 KHRecoded E09 KHRecoded E10 KHRecoded E11 KHRecoded E12 KHRecoded E13 KHRecoded E14 KHRecoded E15 KHRecoded E16 KHRecoded E17

The Kingdom Hearts χ team keeps showering players with new missions and gifts.

Today after a 4 hour maintenance, the Kingdom Hearts χ website announced 2 new Premium Boxes. These special bundles of cards and items are only available by purchasing them with real money. They include 2 new cards that will as usual be granted a special multiplier until the end of the anniversary.The Hall of Fame winners who will receive a postcard signed by Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, have been announced too-- they will also be receiving the new Key Art #15 assist card which features the same image from the postcard.
Three beloved Disney characters have arrived in Daybreak Town to help us celebrate as well. The dynamic engineers Chip and Dale, and his majesty King Mickey! The website also released the image of the SR+ Riku card that every player will receive just by logging into the game this week. A new outfit was released. This time you get to wear King Mickey's clothes from Kingdom Hearts II. A new Heartless has been sighted in the marketplace of Daybreak Town, the Black Misura Stars! Special events, missions and celebration is still scheduled to go all the way until the maintenance of August 14th.

Lastly it was announced that rewards for the top ranking players for the Gummi Block event will receive rewards which include a new avatar outfit that looks like an astronaut and 2 new cards, Key Art #19 and Key Scene #4, both cards feature images from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

You can view images of all the gifts and events below, in our gallery.

Box box1 card Cd dale event mickey New Ene winners outfit outfit cool

Square Enix has announced their line-up for Gamescom 2014, and included in this is Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. The game is now confirmed to appear at the event, which starts on August 13 and runs until August 18, 2014. It's unknown if there will be a new trailer or playable demo at the event, but the latter is likely. Here is Square Enix's press release about the game's appearance there, thanks to JehutyRunner on NeoGAF:

Platform: PlayStation®3 system
Developer: Square Enix
Available: December 5, 2014
KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX is a fully remastered HD compilation of KINGDOM HEARTS II FINAL MIX and KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX. Previously exclusive to Japan, both games will be available for the first time in Europe and PAL territories for the PlayStation®3 system. Theatrical cut-scenes from KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded will also be included in the compilation.

The game is a follow-up to last year’s KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX and will also lead into the highly anticipated KINGDOM HEARTS III.

Square Enix have updated the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded section of the official Japanese website for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. This update includes the previously released group of HD Cinematic Story Videos screenshots from HD 2.5 ReMIX, now in HD 720p. All of these screenshots can be seen below, in our gallery.

kh25 recoded Chr 01 kh25 recoded Chr 02 kh25 recoded Chr 03 kh25 recoded Ss 01 kh25 recoded Ss 02 kh25 recoded Ss 03 kh25 recoded Ss 04 kh25 recoded Ss 05 kh25 recoded Ss 06 kh25 recoded system Img 01 kh25 recoded system Img 02 kh25 recoded system Img 03 kh25 recoded system Img 04 kh25 recoded system Img 05 kh25 recoded system Img 06 kh25 recoded system Img 07 kh25 recoded system Img 08 kh25 recoded system Img 09 kh25 recoded system Img 10 kh25 recoded system Img 11 kh25 recoded system Img 12 kh25 recoded system Img 13 kh25 recoded world Bg kh25 recoded world Img 01 kh25 recoded world Img 02 kh25 recoded world Img 03 kh25 recoded Kv kh25 recoded Hd Chr

The update also includes some small details about the HD Cinematic Story Videos, some old, some new. We have translated these for you below, and bolded the newly announced details.

- The Re:coded HD Cinematic Story Videos will contain about 1 hour of cutscenes that were in the original Kingdom Hearts Re:coded on the Nintendo DS, and 2 hours of new material.
- A "character encyclopedia" is available if you want to learn more about the story.
- A custom PS3 theme will be unlocked after watching!

- Trophies will be earnt for watching!




Posted Image

This box shows how long before the next raid boss arrives.
This box contains the main announcements and news of the game, like mission lists, maintenance times and events.

Posted Image

Use the arrows to select different worlds and press the big red button to enter.

Posted Image

Clicking this icon will automatically return you to game’s initial screen.
Clicking this icon will automatically take you to the world selection screen.
Clicking on your avatars face will bring up your profile, showing your stats and current cards that you are using in your decks.
Your Action Points (AP) and Attack Points (BP) are displayed in this box. Action points are used to battle enemies, open chests and collect materials. They automatically replenish, (1 AP for every 3 minutes). Clicking on the green AP button will allow you to use your potions to replenish your AP faster. Regular Potions replenish 10 AP points and Mega potions replenish all of your AP.
Battle Points are used to attack the Raid Boss; we will talk more about them later.

Clicking on the music note will allow you to set the game’s music volume or even mute it.
Clicking on the button that says High, allows you to increase or decrease the game’s resolution. There are 3 options: Low, Med, and High. If your computer is running the game too slowly, try using Low or Med to increase performance.

Clicking this button opens up the Menu box.

Posted Image

Clicking this button will take you to your Card Album where you can see all the cards that you have collected so far in the game.
Clicking this button will open up a box showing all the items and material you currently have. These can be potions, ether, and materials for the Keyblade upgrades.
This button will take you to the Party menu. In here you can manage your party, view current members and even chat with each other as a team. The party system as a whole will be explained later as a full entry.
This button will take you to the Avatar Customization , where you can personalize your avatar clothes, hair, facial expression, etc.

Posted Image\

This button takes you to the Raid Boss battle menu, where you can join your team to try and vanquish a powerful Heartless. If there is no active raid boss, this button will not appear.
This button, called the Present Box, is where all your rewards will appear. After completing a mission, your rewards will appear here. Click on the button beneath each reward to claim it.
This button opens up your mission list. In here you can check the missions you currently have and the rewards each of them offer. The missions on the left tab don’t have a time limit, they can be fulfilled at any time. The missions on the right tab are special event missions which have a deadline to complete them. look for the date and time in every mission’s tab to find out when the deadline is.
This is your guilt list. Certain Heartless will drop guilt crystals which will give you an attack bonus when fighting the Raid Boss. Completing the guilt list also has its own rewards. You have to find those heartless on your on though, every guilt list is different.
This button shows you the current story missions you can complete and the rewards that you will get after completing them.

Posted Image

This button shows you the ranking of your union for the week so far. Depending on which place your party comes in at the end of the week, you will be awarded special missions for the week to come.
This button shows you the rewards that you can obtain. The first tab shows you the Lux collection rewards, after collecting certain amount of Lux, the rewards will appear in your present box. The second tab shows you the rewards for winning or loosing the daily battle. And the last tab shows you the rewards you can obtain by defeating the raid boss.
This shows the current daily battle. Every day your team will be fighting another team from a different union to see who can collect the most Lux for that day.
This is the time you have left to defeat the boss before it disappears.
This percentage box shows you if you will get a sub-species Raid boss (you want this to happen, because they give out double the Lux) every time a raid boss is defeated the percentage will go up, and once it reaches 100% a sub species raid boss will appear
This shows the keyblade which will be receiving an attack bonus when attacking the raid boss. It changes from time to time.
By clicking these buttons you can attack the raid boss. You have a total of 5 battle points, use them to buy these different multipliers and attack with greater or lesser power.
When you click this button, your team list will open. You can distribute 5 BP points among them by clicking the green button on each of their tabs. Doing this will also increase your own BP.
This will open a box in which you can use your ether, to replenish your BP. Ether give you 1 BP and Mega Ether restores all your BP.

Posted Image

This shows the heartless that are part of the current guilt list. Only the ones listed here will drop guilt crystals. You have to discover which heartless are in the list by yourself, before finding them you will only see ? marks, instead of their pictures.
This is the number of guilt crystals that you have collected from this heartless.
This is the total number of crystals that are required to complete the list.
The total guilt bonus is the attack bonus you will receive when attacking the Raid Boss. This bonus is affected by the multipliers that you buy with your BP.

Posted Image

This shows the target that is required to complete the mission.
This shows how many heartless you must defeat to complete the mission.
This is the reward you will obtain once the mission is complete.
This shows the deadline for this mission.

Posted Image

Another button that takes you to the world selection screen.
Another button that takes you to the raid boss screen.
This button takes you to the deck menu. In here you can choose which cards you want to be using in your decks.
This button takes you to the card synthesis menu. In here you can use cards to level up other cards and become stronger.
This button takes you to the skill menu. In here you can equip skills to your cards so that special effects activate when you are using them during battle.
This button opens the Keyblade upgrades menu, where you can level up your keyblades to make them more powerful.
This button takes you to the Card Draw. In here you can use different tickets and Moogle points to purchase new cards.
This button opens the Moogle Trade. In here you can use Moogle medals, to buy different items. Cards, materials, outfits, potions, ether and other cool stuff is available here.
This open up the Shop. The items in here can only be purchased with real money. Premium boxes and large quantities of potions, ether and other stuff can be bought here.

Posted Image

This buttons are used to create different sets of decks. You can create up to 5.
This shows the Keyblade you are currently using. Use the arrows to switch to a different Keyblade.
This shows the total cost and cost limit of your deck. Each card has a different cost and your deck must be constructed around the total allowed cost. You can increase your total cost by leveling up your avatar.
Clicking this button will automatically create what the game computer deems to be the best possible deck with your current cards.
This is the save button, once you are done changing cards, keyblades or sets, make sure to save your changes by clicking on it. Once you click it a box will appear, click the left button (Hai) to save your changes.
This is the number of cards you currently have and the total number of cards you can hold. If at any time you receive a card and it exceeds the total number of cards that you can hold, that card will not be visible in your card menus. It will go to your backyard and stay there until you make room for it. Do this by synthesizing your cards.

From this point on, in many instances after clicking a button to perform an action you will be asked to confirm it with a pop up box, that looks something like this:
Posted Image
If you are sure you want to proceed with that certain action, click the left side button. In Japanese it says, Hai.
If you are not so sure you want to proceed, click the right side button. In Japanese it says , iie. Which means: NO.
Memorize those button, because you will use them a lot.

Posted Image

This BOX will appear empty until you choose a card and drag it inside it. Once there, it will display the card and its current stats.
These slots are filled with the cards that you want to synthesize into your main card on the left side. The cards used here will be forever lost (just like the time you spent reading or watching Twilight) and will never come back. Drag cards into the slots to fill them up one by one.
Clicking this button will automatically fill the 10 slots with what the game computer deems to be the 10 most worthless cards you possess.
This shows how much munny will it cost to perform the synthesis. It also shows your munny total and how much munny you will have left after the synthesis is completed.
This shows how many limit cuts does the card have left. (This concept will be more fully explained later when we discussed high purity cards).
This button performs the card synthesis, it will ask you to confirm that you are sure you want to do it. Click the left side button (hai) to complete it. When you are using SR or SR+ cards it will ask you to also click a small box confirming that you are really really sure you want to do it.

Posted Image
This slot will be empty until you drag a card into it. Once you do this, it will show the skills currently attached into that card.
This shows the skills you currently have at your disposal. To attach skills into a card just click the button next to them., and then click the left side button (hai).
This tab is used to take away skills from a card.

Posted Image

These are the keyblades you currently have.
Here you can see the different multipliers that each Keyblade has during a battle (we will explain this more deeply when we talk about the battle system).
This is the attack bonus the Keyblade gets when fighting the raid boss (it needs to be the one shown in the raid boss battle screen for the bonus to take effect).
This shows the materials you need to be able to level up or upgrade your Keyblade.
This button will only light up once you have the required materials. When it does just click on it and select the left side button (hai) to perform the upgrade. Upgrading your Keyblade will increase its multipliers and its raid boss bonus. At the moment each Keyblade can reach level +40.

Posted Image

This tab is where you can use your moogle points and exchange them for cards which you can use for synthesis.
You get a free card every day. Click this button to receive it. After receiving your free card, you can click this button to buy 1 card for 200 moogle points.
This button will light up after you receive your free card of the day. Once it lights up, you can use it to buy a bundle of 10 cards for 2000 moogle points.
In this tab you can trade your Bronze, Silver and Gold tickets for new cards.
In this tab you can exchange your raise draw tickets for new cards. You can also buy Raise draw tickets with real money in here.
In this tab you can only redeem and purchase raise draw tickets bought with real money.

Posted Image

Clicking this button will show you the card list. In here you can see all the cards available. And what are the odds of receiving a certain rarity of card depending on the ticket you use. (Good Luck)
Using any of these 3 buttons will spend 1 of your tickets to receive 1 card.
Using any of these buttons will spend up to 10 tickets, in exchange for an equal number of cards.

Posted Image

This is the total number of Raise Draw (black tickets) you currently have.
Click this button to exchange 1 raise draw ticket for a new card.
Click this button if you want to buy a bundle of 11 black tickets with real money. If you do so, you get special things. For example being assured that at least one of your cards will be SR.
Click this button to see the card list and the odds of you receiving a certain rarity of card.

Posted Image

This shows the total of moogle medals you currently have. You can receive moogle medals by completing missions.
This number is the cost of the items in the shop.
Click this red button to purchase the item. It will ask you to confirm your purchase. Click the button on the left side to confirm.
This shows how many times can you buy this item and in some cases when the item will be gone from the Moogle trade.

This button will take you to the Card Medal Trade menu.

Posted Image

This shows the total number of medals you currently have. Gold and silver medals can be exchanged for SR and SR+ cards in here. You can obtain them by completing missions, buying them in the moogle trade or exchanging high purity cards for them.
Click the red buttons to trade 1 medal for 1 card. The right side is for Assist Cards and the left side is for Attack Cards.
Click the blue buttons to see the list of cards you can obtain by trading your medals.
This button takes you to a screen where you can trade high purity cards for Card Medals.
This button takes you back to the moogle trade.

Posted Image

Game currency that you have.
Price of the item.
Click this button to buy a certain item. You will be asked to confirm your purchase.
This shows how many times can you buy the item and when will the item be gone from the shop.

Something that the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II have in common is that they are the only games in the Kingdom Hearts series to receive dubbed localizations for languages other than Japanese and English. Both games were officially released with German and French voices in their home countries, with Kingdom Hearts II also receiving a release with Spanish voices. Since then, all Kingdom Hearts titles have only released with English voice acting in Europe.

A group named DisneyCentral.de have created a petition to try and make a change to this, aiming to convince Square Enix to releases patches for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX with the European dubbed voices from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II included, and more importantly, for Kingdom Hearts III to receive a full dubbed European localization, due to its status as a highly-anticipated blockbuster title.

Square Enix Germany have responded to this petition, and thanks to the team at DisneyCentral.de, we have this in English for you below:

As you've said yourself, we cannot give you many answers yet [regarding dubs]. Sadly, we don't make these decisions on our own and are bound to consulting with other territories and financial requirements. Presumably, we cannot change these requirements for the current HD [1.5] ReMIX (despite fantastic sales figures).

This is connected to us already working on future AAA titles to deliver fans known quality. So we'll try to implement all customer wishes for Kingdom Hearts 3. Including a German dub. Of course I cannot promise you anything yet for which it is way too early and we're not ready yet. But I think [the chance of a localization] doesn't look bad.

Hey everyone. KH13.com will be running a competition to give away two free pre-orders for the English version of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX! Entering the competition is simple. For a chance to win the 1st copy of the game, you must make posts on our forum. The more you post, the better the chance you have of winning! Here's the exact procedure:


1. At the end of each day, everyone in the top 10 of the the list of the day's top posters will receive 1 entry ticket in the competition.

2. You can receive many tickets in the competition! If you're on the top posters list on multiple days, then you will receive multiple entries in the competition. We'll keep a detailed list of entries here. Remember, the more days you appear on the list, the higher your chance of winning! Also, please be aware that the Roleplaying, Forum Games and Random forums are not included, and that we will disqualify anyone who makes "spammy" posts.

3. Out of these 60 tickets, 1 person will be randomly selected as the winner of the 1st HD 2.5 ReMIX pre-order!


1. For the 2nd copy of the game, you must follow us on our Facebook or Twitter, and share our post about this article. As long as you do one of the two following things (or both, which will double your chances of winning), then you'll be in the running to win!

- Like us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/kh13com) and share this post (share publicly so we can see it)
- Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/KH13com) and retweet this post

2. Out of everyone who does this, we'll randomly select 1 person as the winner of the 2nd HD 2.5 ReMIX pre-order! The competition will be much more tight here (we're expecting over 1000 people to enter this way), so we recommend that people also try their best to enter the first competition as well (where your chances are much greater, due to only 60 tickets being available in total). Good luck!


Some extra details:

- Don't cancel any pre-orders that you've already placed. If you have already pre-ordered then we will simply cover the price of the game for you!
- Just under a week from now, on Sunday the 3rd of August, 2014 (at 1AM EST time), the winners of the competition will be announced here. Good luck!

Haley Joel Osment, the English voice actor for Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series, was questioned today by IGN at San Diego Comic-Con International 2014. IGN asked Osment if he had done any voice recording work for Kingdom Hearts III, and this is what Osment had to say. Thanks go to @churroz for the tip and for roxasman1231 for posting it on KH13 first.

Have you done anything for Kingdom Hearts III yet? Anything you can share?

I am not allowed to share-- every time, we've done a couple of installments, I am on paper not allowed to share anything about it. But I know Kingdom Hearts fans are really loyal and dedicated and they will not be disappointed when we get around to whatever is in the future.

The full video is below.


In an interview with Siliconera at San Diego Comic-Con, Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Kingdom Hearts series has revealed that his new Batman design shown off at San Diego Comic-Con International 2014 was actually from a very old cancelled video game project, could have influenced armor design in Kingdom Hearts armor. This quote is below.

The Batman figure, especially its armor, reminds me of the Kingdom Hearts series and the armor Keyblade users wear [in Birth by Sleep].

Actually, to be honest, the project that never got off the ground was done before Kingdom Hearts was conceived. It might be the opposite—the design from that early project influenced Kingdom Hearts and armor design in that series.

Nomura ended the interview by mentioning that he would love for figurines of the lead characters from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep to be created. Could we see Square Enix release these eventually?

There are a lot of Square Enix figures based on your characters. Which figure is your favorite and what characters did you make that you want to see figures of?

I’d love to have figures of the three lead characters from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 is well under way with Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX appearing with the playable demo from E3 2014. Various merchandise is also available for purchase including new Play Arts figures. Square Enix has also revealed their Limited Edition release for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX in North America, Australia & Europe, along with new screenshots of the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded HD Cinematic Story Videos. Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Kingdom Hearts series is also attending to sign autographs on special postcards for those who purchase a qualified Play Arts Kai figure at Square Enix's booth.

As with any other event there is photos of merchandise, demo booths and more. You can view all of our photos concerning the Kingdom Hearts series at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 below, in our gallery thanks to Square Enix & Churro.

Postcard BtRFPJBCIAExN H BtRgR OCIAAL0XK BtRgR9ICUAAwuS BtRgRo0CQAAOzfa BtRgSDJCMAAlryk BtRWB5uCQAA4vQW BtRWB6qCYAEjU09 BtRWCAvCQAAonEs BtVBJqRCIAABePF BtWIcaaCEAAqx8H BtWIjXECIAAiZUa BtXSxBYCYAErKEl BtXT LKCcAE5uOz BtXUL1aCAAEPavZ BtUtW4XCIAAjiu1 BtVm8rBCQAAVojN BtVqJv0CUAAOG4O BtVr N8CMAEw7ic BtVr YGCUAA3j P BtVsJINCYAAgRXS BtVsJLFCUAAPvN4 1235007 10152225549776006 9076350946791592969 N 10393768 10152225550361006 4074326276586807732 N 10525791 10152225549811006 468995456483176834 N BtavlVTCYAELxhA BtbdTbACMAAFcif Btbn0KqCEAAX2Ju Btbzmj8CUAEmwqs BtZxju0IIAA1v2V Btf46CLCEAAu YH BtgweX3CEAAk6Rt BthOtvFCEAASiyL Btj ZlGCIAALHJH BtkbF6GCMAI0 SA BtlETBZIAAAibwB Btll3I8CYAAhiJD BtlmPt2CcAA0fh1