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    It's honestly very pleasant when you keep your mind off of the negative things for once. It's like as long as you keep on trying to be or do good, the negative things won't matter. :)

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    its day 4 and best buy STILL hasnt got my deluxe edition FFXV that i preordered OVER A MONTH AGO #BoycottBestBuy

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Square Enix Japan's E-Store has restocked several silver charm necklaces based on the Kingdom Hearts series, featuring designs of a Wayfinder, Kairi's good luck charm, Sora's crown, Roxas's zipper, and the Kingdom Key. These particular designs were released years ago but have long been out of stock. Most of these silver charm necklaces are priced at 9,270 yen, with the exception of the Wayfinder necklace, which is priced at 13,390 yen.

You can find pictures of these necklaces below. Thanks to Twitter user @aibo_ac7 for the tip!

Kairi Kingdom Key Roxas Sora wayfinder

Which is your favorite design? Let us know in the comments!

Square Enix has recently chosen to pay homage to the Kingdom Hearts series in an interesting and humorous way. Within Final Fantasy XV, your party will come across many locked doors, and each character will typically have a few remarks about the situation. One of these exchanges is a reference to the Keyblade and its unique abilities. A video clip (courtesy of YouTube user Jaxtaroo) and a transcript of the conversation can be seen below. For those concerned about spoilers, the clip only includes the conversation, so there aren't any important story or gameplay details to skip through. We have, however, decided to put these pieces of information behind spoiler tags nonetheless.



Video clip:


Would you like Square Enix to make more references to Kingdom Hearts like this in the future? Let us know in the comments!

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX have been confirmed to appear at Jump Festa 2017, which will be taking place at December 17 and 18, 2016, in Tokyo, Japan. Both games will have trailers at the event, but neither will have a stage show or a demo on the show floor. The following screenshots were shared with the lineup:

khhd Fcp 01 khhd Fcp 02 khhd Fcp khhd Fcp 03 khhd1 2 01 khhd1 2 02 khhd1 2 03 khhd1 2 04 khhd1 2 05 khhd1 2 06 khhd1 2

As Jump Festa approaches, we here at KH13 will be counting down daily on our social media pages, which you can check out below.


KH13 Facebook

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In addition to counting down on our social media pages, we will also be posting any news/content on there so make sure to follow us on all our social media pages, as well as staying tuned here on KH13 for any news and updates for Kingdom Hearts!

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue releases on the PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 12, 2017, and worldwide on January 24, 2017. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX releases on the PS4 in Japan on March 9, 2017, North America on March 28, 2017, and in Europe and Australia on March 31, 2017.

Final Fantasy XV has been released worldwide, and it seems that Square Enix has taken this opportunity to get the word out on Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. Several Final Fantasy fans have pointed out that an advertisement slip for the next entry in the Kingdom Hearts series has been included alongside Final Fantasy XV's health and safety information. This advertisement was also spotted within copies of World of Final Fantasy earlier this year.

Below, you can see examples of this advertising slip in Italian thanks to Everglow and in English/French thanks to Tumblr user soralechance!

NA 1 NA 2 NA 3 Italian

Interestingly, some copies of the game include an older advertisement, which still lists the inaccurate release window of "December 2016", rather than the updated "January 12th/24th 2016" release date. This is likely due to the specific date that each copy of the game was packaged.

Did you pick up Final Fantasy XV, and what are your thoughts about the included advertisement? Let us know in the comments!

On its pre-order listing for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Amazon Germany has revealed in its description for the game that the cinematic feature Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover is 80 minutes long.

This would make Back Cover the shortest cinematic in the series thus far, with the cinematics for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days at 2 hours & 50 minutes long and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded at approximately 3 hours long.

What do you think about the length of Back Cover? Let us know in the comments!

Square Enix Japan have started running a paid advertisement on Twitter (visible only to people in Japan and USA) for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, leading up to its Japanese release for PS4 on January 12, 2017. The ad details that the game contains three stories that lead to Kingdom Hearts III. Pre-orders are available on PlayStation Store, Amazon and other retailers.

The ad uses the following promotional image:

Posted Image

Comment below to let us know if you plan to purchase a physical or digital copy of the game!

Following on from the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue spread featured in the previous Famitsu Weekly issue, which focused on Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-, this week's issue includes 3 spreads on Kingdom Hearts HD Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. Similarly to Dengeki PlayStation, these spreads also feature new screenshots from these two stories, and the KH HD DDD world icons for Traverse Town, Country of Musketeers, La Cité des Cloches, Symphony of Sorcery, The Grid, and Prankster's Paradise.

The feature also advertises the pre-order bonuses that are available for KH HD 2.8 FCP in Japan, and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ for smartphone.

You can see the spreads below. Translations for the entire spread are available thanks to Catherine Mueller (nichiei.translations@gmail.com).

(Under Back Cover info)

Reservation Special for Tetsuya Nomura's Illustrations

When you reserve your package of [KH2.8], you'll receive one original mini acrylic stand. Also, if you use Amazon.co.jp and preorder a download, you'll receive a theme to use on your PS4.


Follow-Up report
This production holds three stories that are deeply related to the next game in the numbered series. We'll go into detail about two of them in this issue!

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD
The truth that sinks into the worlds closed by sleep

[Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue] (hereon known as KH2.8) can be enjoyed with three products in one, including all-new content. We'll first introduce the Nintendo 3DS game released in March 2012 as a remake.

Axel, who was formerly a member of the Nobodies in Organization XIII, once fought against the protagonist, Sora. He now appears as a human named “Lea.”

Traverse Town
This is the town where all adventurers begin their journeys. Sora and Riku meet the characters of [The World Ends With You] at the start of their travels.

Country of Musketeers
A world based on the film “The Three Musketeers.” Join up with Mickey and the others as they train to be Musketeers, and fight to serve Princess Minnie!

La Cite des Cloches
A world based on “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Quasimodo has closed his heart, and has never stepped out into the world beyond the Cathedral bell tower. His encounter with Sora and Riku will change him.

Symphony of Sorcery
A world based on the motif of “Fantasia,” when Mickey was still an apprentice under Yen Sid. Save Mickey from the darkness overflowing from the sheet music.

Seven Worlds with Incredible Individuality
The stage of this game is the “seven sleeping worlds.” Here, you will find seven different worlds, mostly with Disney motifs. You can enjoy an entirely different experience in each place.

A young man with silver hair, and Vanitas, who was formerly defeated. The silver-haired man appears before Sora and Riku many times, and he throws words at them that seem to hold deep meaning.

The Grid
A world based on “Tron Legacy.” Sora hoped to meet his friend Tron again, but now he is being controlled as “Rinzler.”

Prankster's Paradise
A world based on “Pinocchio.” Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who received life from a fairy. He was lured away by a man in a black coat, then stepped foot into a suspicious amusement park.


A variety of powers will help them both

In this game, you control both Sora and Riku, and you travel the worlds introduced on the previous page. The battles are full of incredible and refreshing action that the [KH] series specializes in. You can get involved in raising and strengthening “Dream Eaters,” and the appeal is in the huge amount of fun you can have with this content.

When you're playing as Sora, Riku is asleep. When the drop gauge in the bottom right corner becomes zero, Sora will fall asleep, and you'll switch controls over to Riku. Using this method, you'll proceed through the game playing as both characters. In the HD mix, the time between drops has been lengthened to twenty minutes, and it's easier to concentrate.

When you change characters, the points you've earned during your adventure disappear and are exchanged for various rewards. Sora and Riku are building each other up even while they're separated.

In the worlds of sleep, there are magical beings called “Dream Eaters” that feed on dreams. There are ones who will fight alongside you named “Spirits,” as well as ones that will attack you, the “Nightmares.” Defeat the Nightmares and gather materials to give birth to new Spirits.

Wanda-nyan (Spirit), NEW! Ponda-nyan (Spirit), and Wanda-nyan (Nightmare)

You can raise Spirit parameters through touching them. In the HD version, the touchpad is more intuitive, and the types of Spirits have increased!

You can use quick movements as well as timed attacks. With these, you can slide on handrails, swing around on poles, and other movements in a wide array of attacks.

This is an action you can use to work with items in the field, enemies, and so on. What you can do and how you can use it will differ between the worlds. You used the bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS to control it by touch, and you could see the results on the top screen, but on the PS4 it's been modified to use just one screen.

This is a tool you can use when the Spirits walking with you have filled their gauges. Join forces with the Spirits, and you can execute a large number of attacks.

On the PS4, by changing the command tabs on the bottom left and using shortcuts, you can execute link attacks more quickly.

Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover

This will be a brand-new theatrical production shedding light on the happenings on the other side of the story of the PC game [KHx] as well as the smartphone application game, [KH Unchained X]. The main characers will be the “Foretellers,” who gather Keyblade wielders and run “unions.” We'll learn more about their discord, as well as the mysteries of their world, in this must-see feature.

Master of Masters
He is the leader of the Foretellers, and he passed on the Book of Prophecies. He does a lot of odd things, and nobody knows what he's thinking.

The Master of Masters has eyes that can see the future, and with that power, he created the Book of Prophecies. He handed down the Book to five of the six Foretellers.

The leader of the Ursus union. He is obsessed with power, and he sometimes acts recklessly in order to maintain his self-righteousness.

All of the Foretellers are Keyblade wielders. During Sora's story, the Keyblade was said to be a legendary weapon that chooses its wielder.

The leader of the Leopardos union. He is individualistic and a lone wolf, and sometimes he shows a cool-headed side.

The leader of the Vulpes union. She is the closest in age to the other Keyblade wielders, so she approaches them as a friend at times, too.

The leader of the Anguis union. She is a noble person, and she believes their Master holds all of the truths.

The leader of the Unicornis union. He is the reliable, steady type, and he is sometimes told that he's too serious.

14976134 10154774179698035 396371361 O 15183828 10154774179883035 986646974 O 15183848 10154774179703035 1908260264 O 15205722 10154774178263035 49859110 O 15205749 10154774179573035 1597507048 O 15205750 10154774179873035 241409703 O 15205833 10154774179513035 801278045 O 15215855 10154774179228035 148930659 O 15216082 10154774178703035 1328829381 O 15216109 10154774176803035 781422045 O 15224638 10154774177223035 1085470578 O 15224733 10154774178498035 1303374354 O 15224742 10154774178203035 1565028966 O 15224761 10154774177023035 1102335808 O 15225340 10154774178913035 571168491 O 15231494 10154774177938035 1290758390 O 15231633 10154774178573035 1386947588 O 15231728 10154774178998035 1426257455 O 15233712 10154774179593035 977554595 O

The newest Dengeki PlayStation issue features a 4-page spread on Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, showcasing Sora and Riku renders and cutscene and gameplay screenshots from Kingdom Hearts HD Dream Drop Distance; some scenes and gameplay images from Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage- that were recently released in a Famitsu Weekly feature; and recently published renders of Aqua, Mickey, the five Foretellers, and the Master of Masters.
Some new screenshots from the Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover are also included in this feature.

You can view screenshots of the article at the bottom of the page. Translations of the article were provided thanks to Catherine Mueller (nichiei.translations@gmail.com) and can be found underneath the cut.


15182335 10154774114953035 426436422 O 15182339 10154774115093035 1679882970 O 15182381 10154774114938035 1300388326 O 15182444 10154774114583035 559442636 O 15182590 10154774114278035 376647887 O 15183920 10154774115188035 1943332334 O 15184066 10154774114088035 1055029702 O 15184085 10154774114458035 1668904135 O 15205628 10154774114823035 1598929365 O 15216003 10154774115128035 980719473 O 15225283 10154774115223035 792340391 O 15225379 10154774114723035 808658863 O 15231545 10154774115298035 1546185639 O 15231635 10154774118578035 963966054 O 15233559 10154774114333035 1328296576 O

Square Enix's Press Site has released new renders of the principal characters of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue as well as high quality screenshots that were previously seen in Famitsu Weekly as well as Jump magazine. Below, you can see high-quality images of Aqua, Mickey, and the Foretellers as well as these screenshots featuring Aqua, Ventus, and Terra.

Aqua Mickey Aced Gula Ava Invi Ira Master Of Masters

01 FIX 03 FIX 3D Cut Fa FIX 10 FIX OPA master.00004627 FIX

What do you think of the quality of these new renders? Let us know in the comments!

A spread on Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is included in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. A preview, which can be seen below, depicts new renders of the five Foretellers with their Keyblades and the Master of Masters.

Posted Image

Translations of this spread have been provided thanks to Catherine Mueller (nichiei.translations@gmail.com). You can find them below.

[KH] Series' Oldest Story!!

Yamanaka: It's an important episode in the [KH] series! The theatrical production [KhxBC] focuses on the Foretellers!! A compilation of three productions that tie to III!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue Gula, Ava, Invi, Master of Masters, Aced, Ira

Present: The plan to unite the WJ/VJ documents!! WJ 50 and 51 will occur in succession!!

--Details for entry: On the back of the postcard, fill out your address, zip code, name, and phone number, and mail it in to the location below. Don't forget to send out both this issue and the previous issue's cards!
--Address: Shuueisha Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 50 & 51 [KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue] Present Hitotsubashi 2-5-10 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan 119-0163
--Deadline: Final day for postmark is 12/16/2016 PS4's [KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue] as A PRESENT FOR 280 PEOPLE BY LOTTERY!! Sent out on the day of the release!

*You cannot send out just this issue's ticket. In order to apply, you must send out last issue and this issue. *The information of participants will not be used for anything outside of sending the game. *The postcards will be destroyed after the lottery. *All winners chosen will be chosen by a lottery system. *Winners will be announced upon sending the presents. *In accordance to protocol, those who win this drawing will not be eligible for all future drawings from this magazine. Other contests follow the same rules.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue will release in Japan on January 12, 2017, and around the world on January 24, 2017.

What kind of news are you expecting from this issue of V Jump magazine? Let us know in the comments!