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      03 Jul

    am i SERIOUSLY the only one who REALLY wants previous fire emblem games to be remade for the 3ds? seriously, its FE's perfect platform! XD plus, id love to support old FE games that i didnt get to play when they were in production.

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      03 Jul

    So if I were to make a game and be the only one to play it... would it technically be a rare game? ._.

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Utada Hikaru, known for her works in the Kingdom Hearts series such as Hikari and Passion has posted via her website that she is currently working on a new album. Along with the announcement of her new album in the works, she recently just had a new born child. While still having her son, she decided to return into the world of music and began creating her new album. Below you can read a translation by Google of what she said on her website about this great news below.

There is a notice to everyone.

Well, this time,

A baby was born in!

Drinking your milk is well. Sleep very gentle boy.

and supported me were a lot of people, people who have snuggled up, again to the father and mother, I want to say thank you.

During pregnancy, I had created a new album. Still it's likely to take a little time to complete, and in looking forward to get down to continue, and we want to deliver quickly to everyone. I have waited a little more!

July 3, 2015

Hikaru Utada

With this news, we would like to congratulate her on the new born child and take a look back at the amazing work she has done in the Kingdom Hearts series. Congratulations!

The official cover for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel has been revealed on Amazon. With Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel being released on September 22, 2015 it finally has a cover released to the public. The novel for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is set to be the second novel in the Kingdom Hearts series released in English. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is also the second game in the Kingdom Hearts series in which Sora continues his travels from Kingdom Hearts. Below you can read a description of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel and view the cover.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy have defeated Ansem and restored the world. But beyond the dark door--a door that had to be closed--Riku and King Mickey remain. And so the trio sets off again on a journey to find Riku and the king. As they progress through Castle Oblivion and encounter agents from the mysterious Organization XIII along the way, Sora and his friends begin to lose their memories. What does it mean to hold something dear? And in the end, what path will Sora choose?

Posted Image

Are you interested in getting Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel? Let us know in the comments below!

Let's take a look at some of the new heartless seen in the E3 2015 Kingdom Hearts III trailer!

The first batch of new heartless seen in the trailer are heartless that pop out of a river.

Posted Image

They seem to have a shield of water around them when they first appear, and as you attack them, the shield goes away. It is also interesting to note that Sora uses what looks like Fire magic to attack these heartless, so there may be a bit of elemental strategy involved with these heartless in particular. Additionally, much like the elemental heartless from KH1, it does not appear that these heartless are specific to any world. They could very well spawn near any body of water, and not just this river in the Olympus world.

Posted Image

The next wave of new heartless is a bit different in that it does seem like a heartless specific to the Olympus world.

Posted Image

You'll notice that these heartless are wearing what look like Spartan helmets. Seeing as Hercules is set in Greece, this makes total sense. It looks as though these heartless may be specific to the Olympus world. Other than this, they have wings to help them fly, and they attack much like the Air Soldiers in KH1.

The next new heartless in the trailer resemble Minotaurs, which are prominent in Greek mythology. They have humanoid features on their upper halves, but their feet have hooves, and when they gather together for a group attack, they lower their heads to reveal their helmets which don bull faces/horns.

Posted Image

The new Tangled world also introduces a new brand of heartless. They represent dandelion plants. These heartless actually have two forms: A dandelion puff, and a more basic flower-like form. There was a segment in the trailer that showed the puff form releasing the puffs from itself to sprout new heartless. It is unclear whether or not this heartless is specific to the Tangled world, but it very well may be.

Posted Image

One heartless in particular has has taken our notice. In Twilight Town, a Heartless has a bow & arrow, a quiver on its back and a red squiggly hat that resembles Merida's thick ginger hair from the 2012 Disney film, Brave. We have some screenshots of this you can check out below thanks to TheGamersJoint, and to KH13 member SoraFanatic for the tip.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Could a Brave world be next revealed for Kingdom Hearts III? Would you like to see a Brave world in Kingdom Hearts III? Let us know in the comments below.

Multiplayer, an Italian website got the opportunity to interview Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Kingdom Hearts series and asked him questions. During the interview they mainly discuss Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2015 as well as the future for Kingdom Hearts III. Multiplayer also asked Nomura if Kingdom Hearts III will appear at the Tokyo Game Show 2015. He stated that he cannot say for sure, giving the possibility of Kingdom Hearts III news at the Tokyo Game Show 2015. Below you can read a translation of the interview thanks to KH13 Archives Team member Everglow.

Q: Kingdom Hearts III has been officially announced two years ago, what has changed in the game development since E3 2013?

Nomura: That trailer was actually a prototype running on a different graphic engine. The "definitive" version is what was shown at this year's E3, with a lot of graphic features greatly improved like special effects and maps size.

Q: How is going to be the game in terms of structure? Can we expect a better integration between technical elements?

Nomura: Even if the structure is not comparable to open world titles, it is definitely a lot bigger and more sophisticated than the previous Kingdom Hearts titles. To begin with, loading times will be reduced; in the previous games, when reaching the end of a specific area, a black transition screen used to show up so it could load the next area. Now, everything is much more fluid and integrated, as we can see in the trailer when Sora jumps off the mountain. There will be much more interaction with the scenario. For instance, when using magic, the area surrounding Sora - like grass and other elements - will be influenced by the air movements.

Q: Usually, how do you choose the worlds to be implemented in Kingdom Hearts?

Nomura: In some cases we receive suggestions from Disney themselves, but the priority is given to the staff since they have to implement the game mechanics and the world itself, along with all the difficulties and adaptations. However, we have such a big list of worlds and elements to choose... it gives us headache. [laughs]

Q: Alright... how long do we have to wait for new info or gameplay? will there be something at the Tokyo Game Show?

Nomura: I can't say that, but we'll show new worlds very soon. We'll be at D23 and there will be new info.

Would you like Kingdom Hearts III to appear at the Tokyo Game Show 2015? Let us know in the comments below!

Kingdom Hearts III has appeared in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine with the latest screenshots of the game as well as an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series. We're currently working to get this interview translated and once we have we'll let you know. You can enjoy the article below thanks to RPGSite.net and @RedMakuzawa.


A new Famitsu article concerning the Kingdom Hearts series is now available, revealing two new screenshots of Kingdom Hearts III not seen in the previous E3 trailer. A render of Sora in his Kingdom Hearts III clothes was also shown. The article discusses both Kingdom Hearts III & Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. You can view the new screenshots and render below.

fdhsj Z tkrz

SnapCrab NoName 2015 6 24 16 5 19 No 00

SnapCrab NoName 2015 6 24 16 4 52 No 00

PlayStation Access has posted a new video concerning Kingdom Hearts III. The video focuses on 8 aspects of Kingdom Hearts III, and discusses each one. The hosts of the video have interviewed Tetsuya Nomura, and they discuss the questions they asked him and expand on his responses, while describing their own personal desires for the game. This video is very interesting, seeing as we learn many things that suggest the game is quite far into development. You can view the video below, plus a complete list of the discussion topics.

Q1. The world selection process is discussed. The video explains that Square Enix have the unique permission to view screenings of Disney movies before they come out.

Q2. There are Final Fantasy characters Nomura would love to put in, but he cannot comment on it.

Q3. Development is smooth, but they don't feel comfortable estimating a percentage. The key gameplay mechanics and ideas they want to put in the game are finalized, so the full development stage is underway.

Q4. The PS4 hardware allows for lots of shaders, lighting techniques, larger maps, and a more responsive environment.

Q5. AI is really improved in combat, both for party members and enemies. One improvement, for example, is how enemies can team up and work together.

Q6. There is a possibility of including side quests. The team is working on lots of stuff, and they are having loads of fun.

Q7. The next topic is about character development and a leveling system. Nomura feels Kingdom Hearts II was simple and easy, and Kingdom Hearts III builds on this by giving other components the ability to be leveled up, such as Keyblades.

Q8. Discussion about the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In a recent interview for Dengeki PlayStation magazine, Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Kingdom Hearts series, has stated that almost all worlds apart from the Olympus world in Kingdom Hearts III will be new. Although considered obvious from the trailer, this seemingly confirms for the first time that Olympus is indeed one of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts III.

The other notable point from this is re-confirmation that the majority of the worlds we visit in Kingdom Hearts III will be new to the series. With that in mind, what worlds yet to be seen in the Kingdom Hearts series do you think will be visited by Sora and company? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks go to @htmk73 for the interview summary, and to goldpanner for English translations of Nomura's comments, which can be read below.

[Asked about the battle gameplay of KH3]

Nomura: The battle gameplay returns to commands such as 'attack' and 'magic' rather than deck commands. I thought that king of gameplay styles had the royal right to be used in a numbered Kingdom Hearts title.

[Asked about worlds]

Nomura: I can't speak in detail, but apart from Olympus Coliseum, nearly all the worlds are new.

[About Sora's movement in the trailer]

Nomura: For this title we are implementing free running so Sora's mobility isn't ordinary (laughs). Most things can be overcome with jumping and free running, and you can charging up walls and such

In the latest issues of Famitsu Weekly and Dengeki PlayStation, Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series has talked about the plot for Kingdom Hearts III. Nomura confirmed he is still deciding on the ending and Secret Movie for the game, and also re-confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III will finish the fight with Xehanort, but will not be the end of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Thanks to @htmk73 for the interview summary, and to goldpanner for translating this interview summary into English, Nomura's comments can be read below:

[Asked about the game scenario]

Nomura: Since KH3 was to settle the final confrontation with Xehanort the general framework was already decided, but it's not the end of the KH series.

Nomura: I'm worrying over how to bring KH3 to a close. I have already decided on my plans for the directions of the characters fans care about. I don't want to make something too short that only settles the main dispute.

[Asked about the development stage]

Nomura: It's moving along steadily. I'm currently deciding what to do about the ending and secret movies and such.

What do you expect for the end of Kingdom Hearts III, and the future of the series? Will the game's Secret Movie provide a hint at a future title, or will it just bring more closure to the game's plot? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series has revealed in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine that they have decided upon a release date for Kingdom Hearts III but they cannot announce it yet. Since Dengeki PlayStation is a Japanese magazine, this is likely in reference to the Japanese release date of the game.

Thanks go to @htmk73 for the find, to @xenosaga7 for the tip, and to goldpanner for an English translation of the interview summary:

[Asked about a release date]

Nomura: We've reached an agreement, but I still can't say anything. I plan to give new information at the Kingdom Hearts Fan Event that will be held on the 3rd of November.

Do you think they'll reveal the release date for Kingdom Hearts III at an upcoming event such as D23 Expo Japan 2015, where the game is confirmed to be featured? Let us know in the comments below.