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Kingdom Hearts χ News

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      24 Sep

    Chapter 39 of Apocalyptic War has been posted. Take a look and leave feedback. Our heroes decide to head to Eos where a certain familiar festival is taking place. However, they come across a dark familiar foe who has some dark truths for them.

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Square Enix is releasing a new Sora Bring Arts figure in 2018 as revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2017. The figure includes the Kingdom Key and is based on Sora's new Second Form which was revealed in the Kingdom Hearts III - Orchestra Trailer. Second Form is tied to the Kingdom Key and allows Sora to use abilities and his appearance from Kingdom Hearts II.

Thanks to Twitter user @M-Alloc for finding this and taking photos for it, which can be seen below.

KH3 Second Form Sora Bring Arts - 1 KH3 Second Form Sora Bring Arts - 2 KH3 Second Form Sora Bring Arts - 3 KH3 Second Form Sora Bring Arts - 4 KH3 Second Form Sora Bring Arts - 5 KH3 Second Form Sora Bring Arts - 6 DKXuhJNUMAA4Ej7 DKXuiX6VYAAR1k DKXuj0iU8AAKaz1 DKXulIuUMAA RN4

Kingdom Hearts series creator and director Tetsuya Nomura has previously stated that Second Form is only a tentative name for the time being so the new form will likely get a name change in the future.

What do you guys think of the figure? Will you be buying it as a companion to your Play Arts Kai of Kingdom Hearts III Sora or the upcoming Bring Arts of Sora's Kingdom Hearts III Guardian Form? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: Several new photos of the Second Form Sora Bring Arts figure at TGS2017 (Tokyo Game Show 2017) were released. One of them was released by the official Square Enix USA Twitter account, one was released by the official Japanese Square Enix Events Twitter account, one was released by the official Japanese Square Enix MD Goods Twitter account, and the others were released by @rikunami13 on Twitter. View these photos in the gallery with the other photos above.

The Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] has been updated to version 2.3.0! This version of the game features a new title screen, five new story quests focusing on the new Foretellers, and the addition of the pet system, which unlocks after clearing quest 14. Several other quality of life features have also been added in this new update (refer to the patch notes below).

Version 2.3.0 update notes:


A playthrough of the five story quests is available, courtesy of Everglow, below:

Additionally, a pet system tutorial and an accompanying cutscene have also been provided by Everglow. Take a look!

UPDATE: You can now view our English translated video for this new update here, courtesy of Everglow:

What do you think of the newest update? Are you excited to finally have pets in the game? What are your thoughts on the new story developments? Let us know in the comments below!

The Japanese Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross] Twitter account has revealed that following a delay, the game's version 2.3.0 will be available 9/21 JST accompanying an in-game maintenance update for an, as of yet, an undetermined amount of time. This version update will also implement the new Pet System into the game.

The tweet also revealed the new "start" screen for Version 2.3.0 which features the new Dandelion Union Leaders similar to the recent artwork from series creator, Tetsuya Nomura. You can check it out below, along with newly released images of the Pet System [9/21 JST.

KHUx Version 2.3.0 opEpNv3cB opY7NxELH opYoNfxBI opEINYDVh opYmNsEeS

UPDATE: The maintenance period is scheduled for 0:00 to 7:30 JST on the 9/21.

Update 9/21 JST: Version 2.3.0 Update Notes:


Additionally, 25 new Proud Quests have been added, offering a total of 45 Mirrors, two Power and Magic Gems, and a Speed Gem.
Five new Main Story Quests have also been added--what is the first job of the new Union Leaders?

What do you guys think of the new start screen? Are you excited for the new update? Let us know in the comments below.

Square Enix North America has revealed this month's schedule for the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Tsum Tsum Event in a press release.

Firstly, four Tsum Tsum medals are available for purchase in-game and will include Sora and Riku, Mickey and Friends, Mickey and Minne, and Pooh and Friends. These are currently available from today until Sept 21 PT.

Next, running from Sept 11-24 PT will be new Union χ[Cross] Quests allowing players to earn Special Tsum Tsum Rewards like new avatar parts, Jewels, and more.

Following this will be Limited Time Raid Event which will pit players against the Heartless Tsum Tsum Raid Boss to earn even more Tsum Tsum Avatar items. This will be available Sept 18-24 PT.

And last, be certainly not least, Square Enix has revealed that the pets feature will be coming to the global version of the game late this September. After being recently teased for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], his next big update will allow the player to have a pet which will come in multiple varieties which can be customized and will be able to be equipped with its own medals. To celebrate the new feature, players will receive 3,000 Jewels as a login bonus, which is being touted as "one of the largest giveaways in the game’s history."

Tsum Tsum Medals and Avatar Items

<3 <3 <3

Tsum Tsum Medal - Pooh and Friends Tsum Tsum Medal - Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum Medal - Mickey and Friends Tsum Tsum Medal - Sora and Riku Tsum Tsum Avatar Tsum Tsum Boss 1 Tsum Tsum Boss 2 Tsum Tsum Boss 3 Tsum Tsum KHUX Avatars Tsum Tsum KHUX Shoulder animals Tsum Tsum Login Bonus

Pets Feature Preview

<3 <3 <3

KHUX PetCustom1 KHUX PetCustom2 KHUX PetCustom3 KHUX PetCustom4 KHUX PetScreen1 KHUX PetScreen2 KHUX PetScreen3 KHUX PetScreen4 PetGear

This follows the recent wave of announcements for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]'s 2nd Anniversary where it was revealed that the pets feature will be coming alongside Union Armor avatar sets and an increased LUX Level cap.

So what do you guys think? Will you be pulling for these adorable Tsum Tsums or attempting to get their related avatar parts? Are you excited for the Pets feature? Let us know in the comments below.

Prototypes of Funko Pop! Vinyl Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town Donald Duck and Goofy figures were leaked back in April, and now, they have been officially announced and shown off as a part of the Pop! Disney line of Funko vinyl figures. The Halloween Donald and Halloween Goofy figures will be New York Comic Con 2017 exclusives.

1 2

Check out a video showing off all of the NYCC 2017 exclusive Funko figures, including the Halloween Town Donald and Goofy, below:

Even though they are stated to be exclusive to New York Comic Con, Disney Dan, a reputable source in the Disney/Funko communities, says he is "100% certain they will be shared exclusives." What do you think? Do you think they will be exclusive to NYCC forever, or do you think they will eventually be sold elsewhere as shared exclusives? Are you looking forward to these figures? Let us know down in the comments!

Disney Cast Members in Donald Duck and Goofy Kingdom Hearts costumes were spotted at a Cast Appreciation Party that took place on Thursday, August 31 in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. The party was exclusive to entertainment cast only.

The costumes seem to be the same, if not similar, to the ones worn on Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween event in 2004 at the Magic Kingdom, just prior to the release of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. You can compare the costumes in the albums below.

Thanks to Jorge de Sousa Costa (@jorgecostacom) for the tip. The photos below of Donald and Goofy at the Cast Appreciation Party were taken by Brynée Kitaoka and JV (@borealis.dreams).

Cast Appreciation Party 2017, Epcot

<3 <3 <3

1 2 3 4

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween 2004, Magic Kingdom

<3 <3 <3

1 2 3 4

Kingdom Hearts's other appearances at Disney parks include the sales of an exclusive Organization XIII Mickey Mouse pin, a Kingdom Hearts Re:coded statue and print seal machines at Tokyo Disney Sea, footage of Kingdom Hearts fans at Disneyland Paris in the Inside the Kingdom, with Heart and Favorite Fan Moments promotional videos for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, and a Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Snapchat geofilter.

What do you think of the recent Kingdom Hearts presence at the Disney parks? What are you expecting of it in the future? Let us know in the comments!

Hot Topic has revealed via Instagram that it will be selling a new Kingdom Hearts plushie of Sora in his Halloween Town outfit. The plush is part of the Funko Pop! line of plushies and will be exclusive to Hot Topic as shown on the product label. It is not available to purchase yet but it will cost for $16.90 when it is. Thanks to Twitter user @LuxbeyXIII for providing front and rear pictures of the plush.

Halloween Town Sora Plushie - Hot Topic Halloween Town Sora Plushie - Hot Topic - Front Halloween Town Sora Plushie - Hot Topic - Rear 11014847 Hi 11014847 Av2 11014847 Av1

Halloween Town Sora will join Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as part of the Disney/Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop! plushies which were recently revealed at the New York Toy Fair.

Does this plushie get you excited for Halloween? Will you get this to add to your merch collection? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: Hot Topic has the Halloween Town Sora plushie available for order on their website at a discounted price of $10.90.

On the official Kingdom Hearts Union Cross Twitter account, a tweet was posted with a message from Tetsuya Nomura:

Good evening, this is Tetsuya Nomura. From Unchained χ's existence to Union Cross, two years have passed since the service started. I thank you very much. I'll try to make public as soon as possible a new illustration of the title screen. This time please pay attention to their positions. So, thank you for your consideration.

Translated by Mio-chan.
The tweet can be viewed here.
Another message was left by Tetsuya Nomura and he promises that the main story of Union Cross, will be deeper than χ[chi] and Unchained χ. He hopes that the story will keep fans thinking at every turn each time.
The new artwork from Tetsuya Nomura features Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Blaine, Lauriam, Chirithy and a mysterious figure in a black coat. This image, as well as images from the upcoming v2.3 update set for September 14th JST, can be seen below:

oIs7N7bd0 oI6xNigYI oI6tNdQOq DIukjQFUIAEDCyc


-A Message from the Director-

Long time no see, this is Nomura.
Somehow we are able to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary, and it’s thanks to the fans.
The staff appreciate it too, thank you.
This time I tried very hard to write and draw various things.
I will explain: I did the KH2’s last battle illustration, the KH2 avatar parts and others so I kind of multiplying the number "2" for the 2nd Anniversary Event.
The main story ended with a long KH-ish prologue, so the main part of Union Cross begins at last.
This is what the title displayed on the latest scenario part meant.
It was the beginning of an impact, I believe that Union Cross will be deeper than χ[chi] and Unchained χ.

I think that each new part added will make you even more involved into the story, so please look forward to it.
By the middle of September, there is a little part of the main scenario in preparation along with a large-scale update, so please look forward to it too.
Until then, may your heart be your guiding key.

So you do you think of Nomura's update? Do you like the fact he directly messaged fans of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross]? What do you think of the new artwork? Are you excited of the next big game update? Let us know in the comments.

Executive Disney film producer Roy Conli was recently interviewed by Collider about certain films he's produced, films he's currently producing, the possibility of a Big Hero 6 sequel, and, of course, his involvement in Kingdom Hearts III.

He mentions how he's very impressed with the Kingdom Hearts III team and how they're so focused on quality. He also reiterates that the Big Hero 6 story in the game will be a new one. And he brings up how he's identified as Xehanort now.

View the full quote below:

― Were you guys involved in Kingdom Hearts 3? Did you give a lot of guidance?

Conli: I’m actually working a lot on that, yeah. I’ve been very impressed with that team. They are so focused on quality. One of the things that we really, definitely with the ‘Big Hero 6′ story, we really felt that it was great opportunity to recreate a new story, as opposed to fitting into the story that was there. It gave them an opportunity to be a little more open with their storytelling. We’ve been working on it and really talking about character and how character works within the structure. It’s been a delight, other than the fact that I’m identified as Lord Xehanort now.

― [Laughs] What?

Conli: There’s a villain, apparently, in Kingdom Hearts that has the same goatee that I sport, so I have been aligned with Lord Xehanort, which I’m somewhat proud of.

― Well you don’t seem villainous at all.

Conli: Watch out for those guys.

There's more in this interview than Kingdom Hearts III, so if you're interested, check out the full interview here!

Square Enix revealed their games lineup and as of yet, it does not include any Kingdom Hearts appearances.

Along side this announcement, Square Enix has just revealed the revealed their merchandise lineup for Tokyo Game Show 2017. Among a bunch of Final Fantasy merchandise, Kingdom Hearts fans can find the Kingdom Hearts Concert - First Breath - album available for purchase featuring an autograph from the series' composer Yoko Shimomura. The item will be exclusive for TGS attendants and will be limited to one copy per customer due to limited stocks and will cost 3,500 yen ($31.80 USD).

Also, Square Enix revealed that the new Kingdom Hearts III Sora Guardian Form Bring Arts figure will be available to purchase at the event, which was previously only available on Square Enix's online store. Currently, the price for the figure at the event is unknown.

Square Enix will be open exclusively to the press from 10am to 5pm on Thursday, September 21 and Friday, 22 September JST. They will open to the public from 10am to 5pm Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24.

If you want to check out Square Enix's current TGS music lineup, click here, for its merchandise lineup, click here, and for its games lineup, click here.

Orchestra KHIII Guardian Form Bring Arts figure TGS Signed CDs2 signed CDs 3 Signed CDs booth map DKTH5OPUMAAPbVh DKYMp  UEAAsrMQ Yoko Shimomura autograph

UPDATE 1: Square Enix have released their TGS 2017 Booth Map. According to the map, Square Enix will have six game-centered booths and three other booths selling official merchandise including music. The full booth schedule will be released at a later date.

You can view the booth map below.

booth map

UPDATE 2: Dengeki Online has revealed via its Twitter account that Kingdom Hearts will be receiving more merchandise at TGS 2017. Firstly, a bath towel will be available with the Kingdom Hearts II cover art emblazoned on it. Also, there will be at least fifteen badges with various artworks from the series including in-game and CG renders as well as designs from Tetsuya Nomura.

You can view the items below.

KH badges KH2 bath towel

Will you be attending the Japanese convention? If so, what is your wishlist of merch to pick up while you're there? Or are you simply going to observe the event from the comfort of your home? Let us know in the comments below. And to keep up with all KH13 news content, be sure to follow us on Twitter.