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Kingdom Hearts χ News

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Square Enix has posted a new video on their official Twitter page for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ which shows Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ running smoothly on an iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S is a pretty old phone, having been originally released in October 2011 which is a very good sign for those with old iOS & Android smartphones and tablets hoping to play the game. You can view the video below.

Square Enix has uploaded several new promotional videos to the Japanese Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ website, showcasing the new gameplay system of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. These clips take place in a variety of different worlds and show off the core mechanics of the games, such as conversations, medals, raid boss battles, and touch screen functions. All the gameplay videos can be watched below:

The game is scheduled to be released next week in Japan for iOS & Android devices for free with optional in-app-purchases. Will you be playing the Japanese release of KHUχ?

The official press release Twitter account for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, run by series director Tetsuya Nomura, has revealed that the game may release next week in Japan. Thanks goes to misomilk from Tumblr for the translation!

And so, a message from the KHUχ team. Today, we safely passed our Platformer tests. If things keep going favorably, we might be able to release the app next week! For those who haven't pre-reg'd (pre-registered), please do so soon so you can get your hands on some wallpapers!

There you have it! Assuming the final tests go well, those in Japan may be playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ next week. An actual date has not been set, but we will be sure to report when an actual release date is announced. What do you suppose this news means for the eventual North American release? Let us know in the comments!

In a previous article, we reported that Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Kingdom Hearts series, was interviewed by Ruliweb and claimed that there were no plans to release Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX on the PlayStation 4. However, as we and others further investigated this interview, one paragraph stuck out. Using Google Translate, rumors were spread about worlds like Pride Lands and Halloween Town not returning in Kingdom Hearts III. However, thanks to Jess from Tumblr and Amber from Tumblr, we have translated a section of the interview that will clear things up:

Nomura: Any map used in the first two [numbered] Kingdom Hearts games will not appear in Kingdom Hearts III.

To clarify, Nomura states that maps used in the previous games will not return. This does not rule out movies that we have seen before, as evidenced by the return of the Hercules world seen in the E3 2015 trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. We have never ventured in the areas around Mount Olympus, but we have been in the Coliseum, a "Town Near Thebes", and the Underworld from the Hercules movie. While it is likely that Halloween Town and other such worlds from movies featured in previous games will not return, simply because of the lack of new maps/areas, it does not rule them out completely.

With this new information, which new areas from worlds we have visited in the series would you like to see in Kingdom Hearts III? Let us know in the comments!

The official cover for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel has been revealed on Amazon. With Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel being released on September 22, 2015 it finally has a cover released to the public. The novel for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is set to be the second novel in the Kingdom Hearts series released in English. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is also the second game in the Kingdom Hearts series in which Sora continues his travels from Kingdom Hearts. Below you can read a description of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel and view the cover.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy have defeated Ansem and restored the world. But beyond the dark door--a door that had to be closed--Riku and King Mickey remain. And so the trio sets off again on a journey to find Riku and the king. As they progress through Castle Oblivion and encounter agents from the mysterious Organization XIII along the way, Sora and his friends begin to lose their memories. What does it mean to hold something dear? And in the end, what path will Sora choose?

Posted Image

Are you interested in getting Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel? Let us know in the comments below!

Update: Yen Press have added Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel to their official website. There is some extra information which includes: it will have 600 pages and is sized at 5-1/2″ by 8-1/4″.

Square Enix has announced the new Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Flood plush toy that was revealed earlier this year will be released in Japan on September 26, 2015. The Flood plush toy will cost 4,940 Yen.

They also announced the Kingdom Hearts Shadow plush toy will be released on October 30, 2015. The Shadow plush toy will cost 3,300 Yen. The Shadow plush toy was released in December 2012, but we are unsure why it's being re-released now.

Note: The Japanese Square Enix online store will not ship outside of Japan.

You can view pictures of these two plush toys below. Thanks go to @aibo_ac7 for the tip.


1 2 3 4 5 6 ITEM IMAGE2 FREE ITEM117

On the official Disney Games Japan website, new screenshots of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ were posted and shared. As the game is reaching the final stages of development and being prepared to release in September, more and more screenshots are shared to show it's current progress in development. Along with the new screenshots shared on the official Disney Games Japan website, the official Twitter account for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, @KHUX_PR, have also shared new screenshots. You can view them below thanks to @bKvEBVAvUq for the tip.


1439977828884 1439977828884 (1) 1439977828884 (2) 1439977828884 (3)

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] has finished tonight's maintenance which includes some of the routine maintenance additions. This includes new cards which consist of King Mickey (SR), Hayner, Pence, Olette (SR+), Namine (SR), and Sora, Donald, and Goofy in their Atlantica forms (SR+). Aside from the usual additions, some new additions were implemented into the game such as Watermelon Heartless, which are now appearing in the game as well as Watermelon treasure chests. As players go to the treasure chests and defeat Heartless, they will be rewarded depending on what ranks they get throughout this limited time event for Watermelon Heartless. You can read translations from the maintenance update below thanks to KH13 member HikariM.

Jackpot Prize Cards in the raise draw
<3 <3 <3

The Jackpot Prize Cards have appeared in the normal raise draw!
From 8/20 Thursday no later than 23:59 JST!
Usually only available from the “limited time [SR+] Raise Draw”
Jackpot Card Sora [ SR+] will also appear from the normal raise draw.
Starting from 8/21 00:00 JST (Friday) the Jackpot [Limited SR+]raise draw will return to the limited raise draw.

Watermelon event chests

<3 <3 <3


Rewards for the Watermelon chests

<3 <3 <3


LV33 Watermelon Heartless Rewards

<3 <3 <3


LV555 Watermelon Heartless Rewards

<3 <3 <3


LV666 Watermelon Heartless Rewards

<3 <3 <3


Limited [SR+] Raise Draw/New Attack Card List

<3 <3 <3

Limited [SR+] Raise Draw/New Attack Card List

Limited SR+ Raise Draw has Appeared! They will be available at special prices once a day. [SR] Cards and above have the special ability (Circle Sword) The new [Sora] Card has the [Combo Plus EX] ※1

◆About Limited [SR+] Raise Draw ◆

Implementation Period: 8/20 (Thursday) maintenance till after 9/3 (Thursday) until the next maintenance starts

Degree of Rarity: [SR+]6.0 %/ [SR] 14.0%/[R+] 80.05

Type: -> [SR+] Fixed Number: -> Bonus Content:
[SR+ ] 1 Card Confirm! Draw : 11 cards and 1 confirmed [SR+], Fairy Godmother [R +] × 1 Munny × 200
[SR+] 2 Card Confirm! Draw : 11 cards and 2 confirmed [SR+], Fairy Godmother [SR] × 1 Munny × 300
[SR+] 6 Card Confirm! Draw: 11 cards and 6 confirmed [SR+], Fairy Godmother [SR +] × 1 and Yen Sid [SR +] × 1 Munny × 600

Necessary Charge Munny:
[SR+ ] 1 Card Confirm! Draw : Once a day 1,000 Charge Munny !! ※ Normal 2,000 charge Munny
[SR+ ] 2 Card Confirm! Draw: Once a day 3,000 Charge Munny !! ※ Normal 4,000 charge Munny
[SR+] 6 Card Confirm!: Draw Once a day 6,000 Charge Munny !! ※ Normal 8,000 charge Munny

*For more information on which cards are in the paid raise draw check the "Card list" in the Raise Draw screen.

Along with new additions in the game, a new story update was posted. The story update consists of following the previous story mission which is located in Daybreak Town and will be implemented into the game during the next maintenance update on September 3rd. With the story update also comes an update on the levels for each Keyblade in the game increasing. From the Keyblades, an exception to the level upgrade is made for the "Moogle of Glory" Keyblade which is a Keyblade exclusively provided at the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] 2nd anniversary event. Lastly, an update was provided regarding the postcards from the 2nd anniversary event. It is scheduled that the postcards will be delivered to those who won during the 2nd anniversary next week, on August 27th. You can read translations of each update below.

Story development update

<3 <3 <3

Development Team Communication # 11

Now, we will introduce the update scheduled for September. Everyone, we hope you continue to enjoy Kingdom Hearts X.

Main Story Development!

A main story developing in Daybreak town is scheduled to be added in maintenance on Thursday, 9/3.

Upper Limit Level Release for the Keyblades

In late September, we plan to release the upper limit levels of all the Keyblades. However, this does not include the Keyblade “Moogle of Glory.”

Dispatch of 2nd Anniversary Rewards!

Rewards for the winners of the 2nd Anniversary event, post cards are sealed to be delivered by mail and scheduled to be out one by one starting from 8/27.

Messages have been sent out regarding shipping to all who won.

As of 8/20 have your forwarding address inputted, for those who have not yet inputted (their address), please check for a Square Enix Bridge message.

You may also view images from the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] maintenance update below.

7ChZNj5Cl 7CBaNdjxf 7CnqN1sur 7CqZNTLpR 7CnwNoRqH 7CZFN75mJT 7CEIN7oOye 7CEpNY5T0 7CEON7kni2 7CEGNpSvj 7ChBN7Hzpz 7CM6N7HIgd 7CvsN7Hsvi 7Cv6NMdXL

Within the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly, the upcoming iOS & Android title, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ was featured. In the recent issue of Famitsu Weekly they discuss more on the game mechanics and how the game will work in terms of the battle system, and strengthening your player in the game. Below you can view screenshots of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ in Famitsu Weekly thanks to @RedMakuzawa for the tip. You can read translations of the Famitsu Weekly scan below thanks to goldpanner.

Presenting the first title in the Kingdom Hearts (hereon KH) series developed for smartphone, to begin service in September!

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

*Screens are from a work in progress.

See the history that led up to the very first event in the timeline of the KH series, the 'Keyblade War', in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. Service is planned to begin in September and is currently accepting pre-registrations, so we will tell you about the basic gameplay and the flow of the game, as well as new information our writer has ascertained from an actual play!


[Pre-registration information is on the official site! http://www.square-en....jp/kingdom/uc]

> When you start a game, you create an avatar and select the Union you will align with. It's possible to change it after that, but to switch Unions you need jewels (=in-game currency).


Daybreak town serves as the home base for the Keyblade Wielders such as the player. Here you can customise your Keyblade, check the rankings, get medals at the shop, and speak with party members. Align yourself with huge parties of up to 30 people and you can work together to face the giant Raid Bosses. You should join parties that match your own play style.

> Party guidelines on things such as frequency of play etc. vary. It's okay to create your own party and recruit members, and it's also ok to to look at recruitments and participate in them.


> You can exchange information with your party members in a chat, where you can also use stickers such as

> There's also a feature called the 'Avatar Board', where you can gain avatar abilities and outfits using the avatar coins you obtain from clearing stages etc.

[GAMA DATA: Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (Key) | Maker: Square Enix | Service to run: Estimated to begin September | Price: Free to play (in-app purchases) | Genre: RPG | Cero: ---- | Creators: Director Tetsuya Nomura, Producer Hironori Okayama]


As mentioned, battles are fought using the medals you have set to your Keyblade. Medals have set statuses such as rare abilities, type affinities, cost, abilities, and skills, and you can raise their rarity by putting special medals into them after maximising their levels through synthesis. You should nurture your favourite medals and use them for a long time.

> Raise the rarity of a medal and the properties will change, of course, and its appearance may also change.

> The level of a medal can be raised by synthesising it with other medals. Munny (money) is also necessary for synthesis and evolution.



> Strengthen your Keyblade with the materials obtained as rewards from quests. Pass certain levels to unlock more slots to put your medals in.


> In battles, tap to perform a single attack with the Keyblade, and flick to execute an area attack. You can also utilise strong abilities held by medals.


Progress through the game by clearing quests. Each quest is cleared by defeating a set target enemy. They all only take a short amount of time to do, and being able to pick it up and play in any small moment of free time is nice. Also, each quest has three set challenges, and if you fulfil them you will receive a reward. This is something extra to enjoy that extends playability.

> Your avatar moves to where you touch on the screen. When your avatar touches a glowing point, you can get material items that correspond to the place.


> Choose the quest you want to try from from the lineup at the bottom of the screen. You can see the content of the challenges and the affinities of the target enemy, so you should prepare accordingly each time.


> You will receive the challenge rewards when you clear the quest. You may also obtain titles.


> Raid Bosses appear suddenly and interrupt your progression through the quest. You won't be able to continue the quest until it is defeated or until it disappears after a certain amount of time!

> There are many merits in defeating them. Work together with your party members and aim to defeat it!

[Impressions you didn't ask for: smooth and stress-free! | What surprised me during my play was the overall smoothness, you don't even feel load times. The battles are turn-based with an eye on action, and there's also an element of strategising in deliberately arranging attacks to aim for 'one turn finishes' where you defeat the enemy in one turn. HP fully regenerates after each battle, so you don't have to bother with healing. It's very well thought out!]

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6 screenshot7 screenshot8 screenshot9 screenshot12 screenshot13 screenshot14 screenshot15

The Disney Event Live page for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater has updated with a new Kingdom Hearts III promotional image, as well as more information surrounding the event which will take place prior to D23 Expo Japan 2015 on November 3, 2015. New Kingdom Hearts III information is confirmed to appear at this event.

You can view the promotional images below.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The updates speak of a talk show with special guests, promising that the show will be a special experience for fans of the Kingdom Hearts series. Below is a translation of the new additions provided by KH13 News Team member soraspromise:

Event summary
At D23 Expo Japan, there will be a special event dedicated to Kingdom Hearts.

The main event will have a talk show prepared to talk about the most recent trailer of the Kingdom Hearts series.

They will talk about their emotions and reactions toward Kingdom Hearts and we hope this event will be a special personal experience for Kingdom Hearts fans.

After the main event, pictures and videos can be taken inside the assembly hall. It is possible for to attend the event dressed as Kingdom Hearts series characters. Please read the guidelines for doing so.

November 3, 2015 ( Tuesday )
( 1) 13:00 - JST (12:00AM EDT) to 14:30 - JST (1:30AM EDT) acceptance will start at 12:00 - JST (11:00PM EDT) ~
( 2 ) 16:00 - JST (3:00AM EDT) to 17:30 - JST (4:30AM EDT) acceptance will start at 15:00 - JST (2:00AM EDT) ~

※ There is a possibility for the schedule to change.
※ (1) and (2 ) will be the same content.

Cinema Ikspairi Theater 4
Mail 279-0031
Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture Maihama Ikspairi 1-4
The Walt Disney Company (Japan)

Below the event summary and details, there is also information about a new Sora Play Arts Kai figure.This figure features Sora in his Kingdom Hearts II Final Form Drive outfit and comes with both the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades, as well as a wide variety of exchangeable hands in different positions. The figure will be sold for 9,800 yen exclusively at the event, with only 999 available.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

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